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Wife goes wild


My name is Shenaaz, I am 38-year-old muslim woman married
to a hindu man and I am from Bangalore. My marriage dates
19 years ago to Nundoo, out of which, I have one son studying
with the help of my brother in U. K. I was from a village and
my parents believed that the girls should be married once
they finished school.

After the wedding I moved to Bangalore to stay with Nundoo
and his family, . Nundoo is now 42-year-old, his father
62 and mother 58-year and Vishal, his nephew 23-year-old.
Vishal is orphan of both parents, his parents (Nundoo's
brother) died in a bus accident while going on a pilgrimage
tour, he was then 19 year old.

From my wedding, it seemed to me that Nundoo was more interested
in what my father was willing to give dowry than I was. He
got 1 lakhs (which was a lot of money at that time) and 10 acres
of good farming land in our village. Nundoo was then a fresh
university graduate with lots of ambition, so he sold the
land and used most of the dowry to set a Music centre and is
now a well-known figure in Bangalore.

The business grew and now we have 6 outlets and, because
of that, he often travels overseas to buy his equipment
and CDs. Sex life with him was no complaint but very occasional
as he always stayed late in his shops to supervise his recording
etc. When he was fit he could fuck me and make me 3/4 times
in one night. With time he was more interested in his business
and our son than me. I turned into to be only furniture in
the house. I was completely neglected though I strongly
believe that I was the key to his success today. Though he
likes to say proudly that "his" business is
a total success. (forgetting whose money he used to start
up with).

Life in his house was hell as well, his mother was a real pest
though his father seemed to be quite comprehensible, but
he has always been scared to show any compassion to me (though
he is retired army officer!). When Vishal move in with after
the accident, we soon became good friends, I was then 33
year old and him only 19, we got along very well hated as he
also hated his Ajee (Grandma).

As that time he was finishing school, I was his best friend.
Anyway, at that time, I was only seeing as a boy and him seeing
as a friend. We used to spend ours chatting and he would often
even sleep with me.

It all started one night, Nundoo phone to say that he was
extending his stay for another 3 days. I was furious, I had
just finished my periods and it had been nearly 2 months
that he did not touch me, I was boiling down there but nothing
could help me I was frustrated.

At about 9 p. m., Vishal reached home, he was slightly drunk
as he had been out with his friends, the in-laws were still
watching tv, he went to his room and changed in his lungi
after a wash.

I was sitting on the balcony reading Femina, he came to my
room with flask of whisky hidden in newspaper, as he saw
me he sensed that there was something wrong, and asked me
what was the matter. I could not reply to him though we were

I told him that I had a headache and that's it. He poured
2 drinks as every now and then we could have a couple of liquor
quiet in the room without the in-laws knowing. As I was so
furious, I nearly gulped that first drink at one shot. Vishal
was leaning against the handrailing of the balcony facing

This was the first time I saw him as a man; he looked very similar
to Nundoo but had broader shoulders and was of slightly
bigger built. I started seducing him then, I asked him if
he would not mind doing me a head & shoulder massage
after I had my shower. I left my glass on the floor and asked
him to pour me another one while I have a quick shower.

I peeped outside, hearing no TV sound I knew that the in-laws
were already in bed. I Had my shower and came out wearing
a nightie that I knew was too large for me, I came to the balcony.
I could see that Vishal was surprised to see in this outfit
(as I always slept in petticoat and blouse) I sat down on
my rocking chair and had my drink as quickly I had the first
one. I asked Vishal to carry his massage as I knew he was good
at it, he took a stool and sat behind me, closing my eyes awaiting
his male hand on my body I realised that I was already semi-drunk.
As he put his hand, of my shoulder, I realised that his hands
were trembling, meaning he too, was aroused somehow. I
open my eyes to see myself and realised that the one strap
had gone off my shoulder and more than half of size 34-C breast
left was exposed.

His massage was magic, while having the massage we carried
having the liquor, I was even more drunk than earlier. I
suggested him to massage my back and he asked to change seats.
I was on the stool and he took my on the chair. I was now facing
the street, he was behind he again, I realised that all that
Ali, Vishal friend who was our direct neighbour was also
on his balcony and had witnessed all our scene. .

This turned me on enormously. I was enjoying to show off
my body and being watching watched. Ali was Vishal's
school friend and he was used to coming to our house at any
time. I took courage and pulled both straps of nightie to
bare my back completely, Vishal's hands pulled back
for a minute, he was shocked. He then started his massageing.
From where Ali was, he could see my full nakedness. Eventually,
I told Vishal that was enough, Vishal finished his drink
and I was back in the chair again.

Few minutes later, I pretended to sleep, if Nundoo came
back seeing sleeping on my chair, he would go to bed without
with me, he would not even bothering to wake me up. I wanted
to know what would Vishal do. Half an hour later, still waiting
patiently with closed eyes, Vishal came up to me and pulled
me out of my chair and carried to bed.

What a romantic and caring attitude, I thought to myself.
As lay on bed, my clothes were in disarray, the one strap
was completely off my shoulder and my hem of the nightie
was up to above my knee. But Vishal did not make any move to
rearrange anything, he put the main light off, and came
to bed next to me (By the way him sleeping with me was never
found indecent even Nundoo was aware of that).

I was confused; I asked myself questions like whether I
was now too old?, whether I was not sexy anymore?, whether
I did not turn man on anymore?. Then I thought, may be that's
why Nundoo did not want me any more. All kinds of thoughts
was coming to my mind, I was tossing and turning in bed, always
thinking that my sex life was over. I told myself Vishal
nearly had me naked but did not make any further move to fuck
me. I should be ugly now, I thought.

All that time Vishal was under the impression that I was
sleeping and that I was having a bad dream. He pushed me to
wake me up. I pretended to be in full sleep and did not answer
him. But all the time, I was secretly watching him with a
half open eye. He eventuality pulled me towards him and
rested my headed on his arm and I mumbled to him "Nundoo"
( to make sure that he thought I was really sleeping/ drunk).
He kept quite, I turned towards him and pulled myself over
his bare chest and which I laid my face.

Both of my breasts were complete out of my dress and were
pressing against his broad chest. We were both quiet, my
face was next to him, I was feeling his heavy breathing all
the way on my neck and nape. Then I felt Vishal right on my
left arm, slowly caressing me, as if he was a sleeping a baby.
Eventually, I felt his hand on my large white breast (I wear
38 C size bras, I am of fair complexion and have large brown
aureoles and my nipples are my weakness) as ho touched my
left nipple it went hard.

It was too much for him, he open his lungi with the other hand
and started stroking his penis which was soft in the beginning.
Soon it was as hard as a steel rod. All the time I had been watching
him, it was too much for me, I was now horribly wet. I was proud
that this young man was masturbating after seeing me.
It reassured me about myself. Still pretending to be sleeping,
I mumbled to him "Nundoo, chodo na mujhe. . "
(Nundoo, please fuck me) and pulled up my nightie, he must
have been shocked. There was no movement for a few minutes,
I was still in the same posture legs spread and my vagina
was wet and waiting for "Nundoo". (still pretending
that I was under the impression that I was with my husband).
He did nothing. I was again confused and all my earlier thoughts
were coming back to my mind. Again my age, my sexiness. Then
Vishal raised from the bed and came on top of me, holding
his erect tool in his hand, he stared at me for a while. He
seemed to be confused too.

He then started stroking his cock against my clit. I realised
that he was checking if I was really sleeping or not. He then
pushed his penis slowly inside me. Once fully in, he waited
(my dear readers at that moment of time nobody can know how
happy I was being wanted and fucked by someone else besides
my uncaring husband-I was really proud of myself). He started
going to and fro inside my love tunnel, he was much bigger
than my husband.

Vishal soon became too violent; he was churning me down
there. His thrust were deeper and his cock thicker. I opened
my eyes told him "jara dhirey dhirey" (Please
slow down). He did not slow down. But he stopped, he was scared.
He apologetically said to me "chachi. . mujhe. . maaf
karne. . hum se gultee ho gaya. . . " (chachi. . Please
forgive me. it's my mistake). I put a finger over his
lips to stop him talking and my hand searched for his cock
and pushed it in me.

All that time I watched him eyes in eyes. And we said no word.
He started pumping again this more passionately, kissing
me deeply, in my mouth biting my lips and fondling my breasts
vigorously. We finished half an hour later, we were both
completely drenched with sweat then I lay back in his arms
and till the morning we did not mutter a word.

At five a. m., he turned to me kiss me on intensely lips and
quietly went to his room. As I lay alone in bed, I thought
to myself of these years was a waste without a cock with a
husband and promised myself to stop wasting the rest of
my life.

The next day, Vishal from to work VERY early and he spent
the whole afternoon flirting with me, teasing me till eventually
he took me to bed and fucked me 5 times till 4 am in the morning.
The next day Nundoo arrived. As usual, as soon as he left
the suitcase at home he headed to his office and was home
back late. He came back and had dinner and came to me in bed,
from the way he was behaving, I knew he wanted sex. I could
not say no, after a few minutes he was fucking me in his usual
brutal manner.

He did not believe in foreplay, he would not even ask or feel
me before shoving his OLD cock in me. All the time he was on
top me, I was comparing him with Vishal. He was lesser by
all means, his shoulders seemed too small, the way he kissed
was now not the same.

He was just fucking and I was not enjoying it at all. I kept
on wishing that Vishal would be the one on top. He was over
in 5 mins. ( as usual- he could never make last since the last
few years ). He turned to his side and soon he was snoring.
I had not come, and I could do was to toss in bed in anger.
At 1 am, I could not hold it anymore. I wanted revenge he could
not give what I wanted, I decided to get from his nephew.
So, I went to V's room and asked him to join in the bathroom
(as our rooms was next to each other, I usually make noise
if I am enjoying sex).

I went in first and I hiked my petticoat up to my waist. I leaned
on the wash hand basin as he entered, he smiled at my posture.
He was soon penetrating me roughly. It was marvellous him
taking in such an unusual place and time. It was also a sexy
scene for both of us doing that facing the mirror. After
a good 25 mins, he came in me. I tip toed back to bed next to

The few months that followed, we became very close, sharing
our feelings and confiding our wildest fantasies. Vishal
told me that he had fucked many women in his life before and
he was told that mature married women were the best fuck
and he never believed it until now. I was really proud when
I heard that from him. He seemed to be happy to have me when
he wanted, and it was the same for me too.

During this conversation, he was trying to convince me
that I was keeping myself like an "old auntie".
According to him, as long someone is still young at heart,
she should dress and behave like young people.

He advised me to change my style of dressing and have a nice
haircut that would definitely change me. I initially did
not want to listen to him as I thought that I was the mother
of a growing and a housewife to a businessman. Why should
be worried about my looks?

In any case, I rarely went out except for the occasional
poojas and weddings, Nundoo never had time to take me out,
if he find time free, he would prefer to his parents to his
sister in Bombay than spend the to spend this time with me.
Furthermore, he had never complimented the way I dressed.
For him a wife was a woman with hole to be used in bed and a caretaker
to look after the house that's it, nothing more.

After serious thought, I gave in to Vishal advice, He took
me to one of his hairdresser friend and I had a nice short
haircut. I went shopping bought myself some western outfits
(I used to wear dresses / blouse in summer especially when
the in-laws were in Bombay) and some new cholies.

The last shopping was for underwear, I loved them but lost
interest since Nundoo did not even fuck me with light on.
I bought myself some nice lacy bras and panties. I came back
home with 4 full packets (you should have seen my mother-in-laws
face seeing me walk in with these).

That evening, when Vishal was back, he was happy seeing
all these, and asked me to try one by one and you should guess
how the evening finished. Vishal told me that he found that
his Ajja (Grandpa)always discreetly looked at me with
intent and he suggested that we try something as a game.
I waited for Wednesday, knowing that my mother in law would
be going for her weekly Doctors visit to play the game. The
driver took her in the morning, the Dhabi ( Laundry man)
had already picked up the clothes for washing, I knew at
least for 3 hours there would be nobody but my father-in-law
and myself at home. I opened my wardrobe and chose a deep
plunging neckline top, I went to the lounge where he was
reading the morning paper.

I requested his help to move a cabinet to take an earring
that had fallen beneath. He unwillingly agreed to help
and followed me. The cabinet was a low heavy wooden one.
To move it, we had to bend down, as I did so, as he was opposite
of me, he was have a few view of my ripe whitish breasts, I
had intentionally worn a demi-cup which could hardly contain
my large breast.

Few minutes later, I found what I was looking for. I decided
to prolong his pleasure and suggest him to bring a broom
as I was going to a wet cloth to clean the dusty floor. To my
amusement, he willingly rushed to the store and came back
with it and even swept the floor for me. I went on my knees
and swept the floor with the cloth. from where he was standing
he could see my tits hanging almost freely again.

Once, the cabinet was in place, I started complaining of
a sudden back ache. The old man who have never ever cared
for me told that he could apply some ointment that could
relieve me of the pain. And said "aap mainenge tab.
. . . " (if you agree). I told him that'it's
not not a problem as after all he was my "father-in-law".
I went to my room and he walked with a bottle with his hand,
I lay on my tummy and pulled up my top up to my neck.

He started his application but his shivering were betray
him. His hands went every wear on my back, under the straps
of my bras working on every inch of my back. As he was finishing,
I complimented him for his massage and asked he could do
my neck as well as I often felt pain there. He wasted no time
to start the massage (without answering). Without hinting
him I turned over, I was now facing him, much to my amusement,
he was sweating, his bald forehead were damp and had a bulge
in my trousers.

Now in this new position, he had a full view on my big breast,
my bras were were definitely too small for my tits and the
brown aureoles surrounding my nipples were half out for
his full enjoyment. I was enjoying this too, but not at all
sexually. He finished. He told me each I needed a massage
I should tell him he would happy to do it as in any case it was
his duty to look after my "well being" (what
a joke). I agreed to have a massage once a week while his wife
would be away so as not arouse any "suspicion".
After lunch, when he retired to his room, I peeped through
glass light over his door, there was the old bastard masturbating
himself. I made full use of this situation and I saw him changed.
To my greatest delight, over an issue between his wife and
me, he walked in, slapped his wife and asked her to apologise
to me.

From that day even my mother-in-law started to fair to me.
I continue to let him massage me until now but it has never
gone any further than fondling my breast. I don't abuse
of the situation but I am happy to eventually having been
able to change their attitude, all that was thanks to Vishal.
Vishal and I talked a lot, he admitted that his friends were
aware of what's happening between and me (I usually
gave him huge love bites) and confessed that that all of
them showed much interest in me. This made feel very proud
about myself being (being at my age wanted by young men).
He told me that one of them, Ali, was the one who the most interested
and always asked him questions about me and he has openly
admitted to have secretly fantasising about fucking me,
all alone or together with Vishal.

But then I thought it could not be true that they all wanted
to fuck me. I thought that may be Vishal was just trying to
comfort me by telling that I was still sexy. He knew I was
complexed about my body and age. When I told him that I did
not believe him, he laughed and said "if you want proof,
I will give you proof one day". This did not go further
but in our lovemaking we started mentioning names, him
telling whom he wanted in our acts and me doing the same.
It was another turn in our relationship being so close to
share such intimate feeling.

Sex was even better. But on my side, I truly wanted to be fucked
by them, it was challenge to my womanhood for me. I wanted
to know more cocks, more males and have more sexual experience.
I did not want to miss anything before I turn old and undesirable.
I wanted to live my life so the fullest now. I had already
started fucking around, so what the hell.

A few months later, my sister-in-laws from Bombay lost
his father-in-law. Nundoo took his parents over and I knew
for once, we had the place to ourselves. This coincided
with the arrival of Vishal old friend on holidays. I did
want to let Vishal be all the time out with his friends leaving
alone at home, therefore I convinced to invite him in for
those few days to stay with us.

Sailesh was a charming character, full of life and a good
joker. Ali was also spending nearly all of the time in the
evening with us. That week, I wanted every dream of mine
to come true. I wanted to get fucked and used by all of them.
I wanted to be their slut for this week only. While I prayed
I asked God to forget that one week of my life.

I took out all my sexiest dresses, deep cut cholies, and
bras to be worn for these 6 nights. Amazingly and to my satisfaction
the guys' attention were riveted on me. They were all
seductively flirting with me. The second night, the guys
bought some pizzas, so there was no cooking to be made, we
sat down chatting. Sailesh suggested that we play poker,
Ali then said that it would be a good idea to gamble at home.
To which, Vishal suggested that we play Strip Poker, and
asked me if I was against.
I knew that strip poker meant that you lose a piece of your
garment each time you would lose a hand. I was thrilled by
this idea, as it would give to opportunity to see the guys'
reaction on seeing my body. I said okay, but told them even
if I lose I would not strip fully naked.

The guys were all excited as well and all went to get additional
clothing so as to prolong the game. I was wearing a sari and
choli, I got a shawl and a cardigan, The game started, the
boys had a bottle of brandy to accompany the game. It was
agreed that the first one out would have to clean up the place.
The game was really exciting, Sailesh had lost his top,
Vishal was winning, Ali was ready in his trousers and me
in petticoat and cholie only. The next round I lost again
and my petticoat was gone, I stood up to remove the petticoat
and I realised that my thick bush of black pubic hair were
straining out of my skimpy lacy panties.

I had lost again, I was asked to remove my cholie. As I did
that I had 3 pairs of eyes watching me hungrily. I unbuttoning
the front buttons one by one intentionally as if really
stripping as a stripper and eventually got rid of the cholie.
The black bra I was wearing was a demi-cup in lace, there
were more breasts out of it than in it. I blushed when the
remark " Chachiji. . jaante hain aap. . aap to bahot
sexy. . hain " ( chachiji. . do you that you are really
sexy. . ) came from Sailesh.

Soon Vishal won the game and the 2 boys were fully naked,
it was a really sexy scene, I was amidst 3 young men half my
age in only bra/panties and 2 of them were fully naked. All
of them had erections, I did comment anything, I did know
how to really look at them in face but I observed their organs
passionately. Sailesh was about the same size as Vishal
and Ali had no foreskin and was slightly bigger.

As agreed in the beginning, since I was the first out, I had
to clean the mess but Sailesh volunteered to help and said
to make feel comfortable would also not put any clothes.
Whilst the other boys were already in their shorts.

Coming out of the kitchen, at the doorway I turn slightly
to allow Sailesh in, as he walked his huge cock brushed my
tummy, it was simply an electrifying feeling. He looked
at me, smiled and looked down at his cock he said to me "
Chaciji. . aap ki vaajhe hi se. . mera lund. . aissi. . khara
hoo wah hein. . " ( chachiji. . its because of you that
my cock is standing like that). We retired to bed without
anything happening.

That night, Vishal admitted that he had never seen me that
horny in bed before. I came 3 times before he could come once.
I confessed that this evening happening that had made me
so horny and I would have loved to fuck them all. The next
day, Vishal suggested that I prepare some traditional
dish for Sailesh.

I was busy frying some "puri" ( small pancakes
fried in oil) when Ali came slowly behind and surprised
me. I got scared and the spoon I was holding was thrown in
the air, splashing boiling oil on me. Some drops of oil landed
on my nape causing me to shriek in pain.

Ali was dumfounded. He quickly filled a pot of cold tap water
and splashed on my breast. I reassured him that it was superficial
but he was all apologetic and I myself knew that this was
all by accident. He asked to go and lie down on the couch as
he was going to get some burn ointment from his house. I listened
to his advise and rested on the couch in the lounge.

He came in and asked me without any further thought to open
my blouse. That day since it was hot and that cholie was a
tight one, I had not worn any bras. As I open my cholie, I could
see that Ali was shocked, he looked at intently as if asking
for guidance. I told to go ahead and do what he wanted. He
poured the cold lotion on my nape and started smoothing
it down to my breast. The cold lotion and his warm hands caused
my nipples to go erect.

I really wanted to know how he found me. I shyly asked him
if he found me attractive. He nodded "yes".
He blushed and coming closer to me said "chachiji.
. us raat. . jab se. . aap ki thaan ko dekha. . tab rose. . sone
se pehle. . aap se sex karte hoowe dream karta. . houn. . aur
masturbate karta houn. . (chachiji. . . since I saw your
tits on the balcony the other night. . each night before
going to bed.

I fantasized about making love to and masturbate ) he confessed.
I looked at him, pulled him on my breast, but he he was looking
away. I pulled him closer and asked him if he had a condom.
He said "NO" but he could get one in 2 mins. When
he came, my legs were spread wide open waiting for him. We
fucked right there on the couch.

That night, I felt bad; I had to tell Vishal what happened.
Especially that I did not fuck a stranger but his best friend.
But I did not know to how to proceed. I eventually manage
to break the ice, Vishal was shocked, he was angry, he kept
quiet and turned to his side. But he stayed in bed with me.
At four in the morning, we both still up, I was cursing myself
for having fucked around as Vishal had taken good care of
me so long and he was good in bed as well. I was fearing to lose
what I already had.

All of a sudden, Vishal turned to me and put his head lovingly
on my tummy and said that he was sorry for his initial reaction.
He had spent the night thinking about this issue and thought
that as a woman I had the right to do whatever I wanted with
my body, but, it was hard for him to digest that.

I explained to him that we were not attached anyhow, we were
good friends who enjoyed fucking each other. He agreed
to that and said he was glad that at least I had been honest
to him. He then started asking him if I enjoyed it, I honest
said "yes"( for I came 2 twice with Ali). As I
was describing him the scene, he started kissing all over
and went down to my pussy and started licking me.

I carried on telling him in better details the whole act
and eventually turned round and took my doggie style. He
had not given such hard and deep thrust as he did that night.
I realise that though he was a very liberal gentleman but
he was jealous but deep inside did not mind sharing me to
keep me happy. He wanted honesty from a woman. He is the kind
of a man every woman would dream of having.

The night before the family was due it happened to my birthday,
I was turning 38, the boys decided to take me out for dinner
to nice posh restaurant. I remembered having had an evening
gown given to me by a Malaysian friend of Nundoo whilst visiting
us. The dress was navy blue held with laces, I took it out
asked Vishal mind if I wore that. Vishal said he should see
me wearing it first.

I realised that firstly that a bra could not be worn underneath
and also that more than half of my breast would be fully exposed.
Vishal nodded, I wanted to the sexy queen of the night therefore
I went for it. At the restaurant, to my greatest satisfaction,
I was the star attraction. All the guys who passed had to
have a look at me. It was great feeling turning all these
guys on, from the angle Sailesh was facing he could at most
times have a full view of my breast including my nipples.
We reached round about midnight in a merry mood, I went straight
to my couch and Ali and Vishal joined me on either side, Sailesh
went to get a bottle of champagne from the fridge. Vishal
was horny, but the guys were still around. Ali was quiet
as since we fucked, we never talked about it. I know that
deep inside he was not sure what Vishal would think about

As I opened the bottle, the champagne fell all over me. Vishal
just said "champagne is served. . guys". I was
hoping that he meant that guys could taste the champagne
off my body. He started licking my shoulders. Ali, seeing
him, did not know what to do. He looked at me and I looked at
him, both puzzled, though I wanted them to join in. Then
he gazed at Vishal. Vishal knew what he wanted and said "why
are you wasting champagne? I said it's served"
Ali immediately started kissing my left shoulder, Sailesh
was even hornier, he did not waste any time. He raised my
dress and licked all the way up my thighs. It was really incredibly
pleasurable having 3 boys doing me. We were soon fully naked
and Vishal was the first one to have me, while I was giving
a blowjob to Sailesh and playing with Ali cock with hand.
That night I was a piece of meat for the boys, they penetrated
in every imaginable position even sodomised me. (which
was new to me but found very pleasurable) They took me by
turn or all together. At one stage, I had Vishal and Ali in
me while I was sucking Sailesh's big cock. It was soon
6am. I had not realised time passing we had not slept yet.
The boys decided not go to work, as they wanted to rest. By
that time, each had me at least 3 times.

We slept and woke at 10 am when the Dhabi (laundry man) came
to pick the laundry. After his departure, Sailesh was up,
he took me right on the kitchen table while finishing, he
shouted to the guys "nashta taiyaar hai…"
(breakfast is ready), it all started again. At 4pm, while
going to the bus station, I could hardly walk, my pussy was
sore, my limbs tired and my back was paining, for in that
one night, the boys had me 7 times each and I came 26 times.
That is till now the greatest day of my life.

After that event, Sailesh was back to his studies. Ali left
to take a new job in Bombay. While he was still around, we
have numerous occasions for threesome, which we enjoyed
thoroughly, but I never fucked alone again. It is marvellous
waking up with 2 lovers, one of each side, being pampered,
lusted for at the age of 38 by 2 young man.

Vishal's attitude towards me changed after I had fucked
friends in front him. He insisits now that I dress always
sexy and even started to exhibit me publicly, obviously
with my consent and in places that I am not known by anybody.
In the beginning, I was revolted by the idea of showing off
my ample body to hungry eyes but I discovered that each my
guys watched me, Vishal would fuck with a blend of anger,
jealous and vigour.

I soon started enjoying this new game, at first, he made
me exposed my cleavage cleavage with supposedly "inadvertently"
opened buttons or plunging necklines while shopping or
when we went out. But soon, he wanted more of me.

It was Divali (festival of light), in India, everybody
goes on holidays, the first activities then is the "Spring
cleaning", buying of new clothes and preparation
of cakes. The cleaning was over, the cakes were cooked,
the shopping was still to be done and we still had 4 days before
the festival.

Vishal had received a special bonus at work, with my hubby
permission, he took me out for shopping. He asked me to wear
a demi cup bra and some lacy near transparent panties. I
got dressed in a Saree and my "now" usual revealing
blouses and met him at his office.

I was introduced to his colleagues as being her friend but
by the looks I was showered with, I was very sure that they
knew that I was his mistress not his friend. Nevertheless,
it did not bother me at all that they knew about it for they
were unknown people to me. As it was lunch time, the guys
i. e, Kishan, David and Sanjay volunteered to join us shopping.
As we entered the already crowded lift, I moved in one corner
and the guys followed me. We were more than 15 persons in
the lift our bodies came in contact; David, Sanjay and Vishal
were facing me. My cleavage was prominently displayed
and since David was short, his face was right in front on
my ample cleavage, his eyes were transfixed on y sweating
tits and I saw Vishal taking notice of that. He smiled and
tapped David on his head and and said

"enjoying the view man"

David was visibly embarrassed and was blushing.

Vishal seemed to be enjoying himself and added

"You are seeing the tips of the iceberg. . wait till
you see the iceberg itself"

Hearing this conversation, Kishan turned towards us and
I feel my gaze on my over-exposed breasts. I was the centre
of attraction of the 4 guys and I could already feel juice
flowing from my pussy. I did not move, smiled and let myself
be their object of desire.

He pulled my "palloo" ( end of a saree that wraps
around the boobs) and showec them my cleavage and asked.
"Your views on the view, guys"

"Terrific". said the guys in a unison.

As we reached the ground floor, Sanjay and Kishan parted
us but David did not want to leave us. I looked at Vishal to
approve his presence and he smiled naughtily and we both
knew what we had in mind……to be continued

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