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Wife Taken By Another Woman


I had suggested to my wife of 15 years a few times during our
marriage that we try adding a 3rd person to our sexual trysts.
Stacey was never receptive to that idea saying she could
never have another man and being with another woman did
not excite her. However, her actions spoke louder than
words. Whenever we watched a porno film, she would get very
aroused when 2 women or a group scene was played out. Her
pussy would become so swollen and wet that she could hardly
control herself. Yet she continued to deny ever wanting
to experience another sexual partner, saying her excitement
was just because of the sex scenes being played out on film.
I had pretty much given up hope on ever seeing her with another
person when it came to sex. My wife works in a gift shop in
an airport, so there are literally thousands of people
she comes in contact with everyday. Anyone from regular
passengers to flight attendants and flight crews to even
famous celebrities frequent her shops. One night while
going through my wife's slacks to get money she had left
in them, I came across a small folded piece of paper. I took
it out and put it on the desk, not thinking anything about
it as I continued looking for the money she wanted me to find.
I found the money and didn't think anymore about the slip
of paper until a few days later as I was sitting at the desk
and I ran across it again. I began to wad up the old cash register
receipt but stopped when I saw writing on the back of it.
I was surprised to see a phone number written on the slip
of paper in what appeared to be a woman's handwriting. It
was a local number too, so I was even more perplexed. I decided
I would try the number and see who answered, my curiosity
getting the best of me. The phone rang several times before
someone picked it up. A woman's voice answered and it sounded
like I had just woken her up. I asked her politely who it was
I was talking to and she said her name was Janice. I got nervous
and quickly told her I had the wrong number and that I was
sorry for bothering her. She was very polite and said it
was ok and we hung up. In my mind, I began wondering and trying
to figure out what this number was for, but was sure it was
just someone who was an associate of my wife's from work,
or a business contact of some sort. I put the number in the
desk drawer and went about my daily life, not giving the
incident much more thought. As my wife was sorting the laundry
a few nights later, I saw her rummaging through her uniform
pants looking for something. I asked her what she was looking
for and she told me it was just a piece of paper she had left
in her pants from work. I didn't think much of it, but watched
as she began to search her pockets a bit more frantically.
I asked her finally what the paper was and she told me it was
a receipt. The light clicked on in my head. "Oh, I found one
in your pants the other night when you had me get the money
out of your pants.", I said, and dug the paper out of the drawer
for her. Her eyes widened as I handed her the receipt, but
I said nothing about the number on the other side. I just
let on like I had never seen it. Stacey was somewhat nervous
as she took the paper from me and put it in her purse. I asked
her what she needed an old receipt for and she quickly told
me it was for a return she had made at work and she needed the
receipt as proof of the item being purchased from her store.
I thought her excuse rather flimsy but said nothing. My
curiosity was getting the better part of me slowly but surely.
What was she up to? I knew I would have to explore this further.
That night, as Stacey layed next to me sleeping soundly,
I thought about the woman on the other end of that receipt.
I slipped out of bed and got the receipt and wrote the number
down on another piece of paper and put it back in my wife's
purse so she wouldn't miss it. The next day, while I was at
my desk at work, I dialed the number once again, my heart
racing with uncertainty as to how I was going to handle the
conversation. My fingers numbly pushed the buttons to
Janice's number and I sat there as I heard the phone ring.
Once again, I heard a soft, drowsy voice on the other end
of the phone. "Hello?", I heard the voice say. I froze immediately.
I began to stammer and tried to find the right words as Janice
said hello again. "Is this Janice?", I asked shakily. She
told me it was. "Do I know you?", she asked. I told her I didn't
think so. She suddenly became very alert and asked me why
I was calling her. I went on to explain to her about me finding
the paper with her phone number in my wife's pocket. I stammered
as I tried to find the words to be polite, yet find out who
this strange woman was and what she wanted with my wife.
Janice listened very politely as I stuttered nervously
and when I was done I asked her why my wife had her number.
She was very straightforward, but yet very polite and discreet.
"I'm sorry, I didn't know Stacey was married.", Janice
said softly. "I was in the store she was working in a couple
of weeks ago and we just struck up a conversation. Your wife
is very attractive and I just gave her my number and told
her if she ever wanted to get together to give me a call, anytime.
She is such a sweetheart." I flinched at the words I heard
come from Janice's mouth. The time had finally come. Another
person had propositioned Stacey, a woman no less. Janice
went on to apologize for any trouble she might have caused
and assured me she would never bother my wife again. I told
her quickly it was perfectly alright. Janice acted surprised
with my reply. "You mean you don't mind?", she asked. I went
on to tell Janice of how I had brought up the idea of having
my wife experience another person sexually, either man
or woman, but of her reluctance to go through with anything
so bold. Janice seemed to understand where I was coming
from as I talked to her. The awkwardness of our conversation
quickly dissipated as I talked to her. She went on to tell
me how she had been so hurt in her pervious marriage and how
one of her co-workers ended up seducing her unexpectedly
after an office party one night. I sat dumbfounded when
I heard Janice ask if I would like to have her try to seduce
Stacey. I didn't know what to say. The moment of truth had
arrived. What was I going to say? To fantasize about it was
one thing, but to actually have someone attracted to my
wife in such a way...well, it was rather unnerving. I didn't
answer right away. Janice could sense my hesitation in
replying. "Look, this is a huge step in a relationship.
Some marriages can handle something like this, some can't.
Only you know if your marriage could ever survive another
sex partner.", she said understandingly. I asked her how
she would go about seducing Stacey. Janice asked me what
Stacey enjoyed, what activities and so forth. I told her
how Stacey liked to shop, (what woman doesn't), and also
how she loves home decorating and rearranging our home
all the time. Janice thought for a few minutes and said she
thought she could find a way to get my wife to spend some time
with her, "to get acquainted", as she put it. Knowing the
moment of truth had arrived, Janice waited for the go ahead
to carry out her plans. I weighed the consequences in my
mind, and finally, after what must have been an eternity,
I told her to "go for it". "Really? You mean it?", Janice
asked..obviously excited about my reply. I assured her
it was ok and I proceeded to give her Stacey's work schedule
and so forth. Janice thanked me for being so supportive
and understanding and adventurous. After we hung up, I
sat at my desk, numb and nervous about what I had just done.
Of course, I told myself, Stacey could always just tell
Janice no and nothing would happen between the 2 of them.
Only time would tell it seemed. Several days went by and
nothing about the receipt or Janice or anything peculiar
came up between Stacey and myself. It was the same schedule,
routine. I began to think that maybe Janice had changed
her mind, or that it was all some sort of sick game or trick.
Then one day my wife came home and told me she had a supervisor's
meeting the next afternoon and that she would be working
late. This in itself wasn't unusual. What was unusual was
the day the meeting was being held and the time of month.
I didn't question her though. I just went along with her
plans and told her not to worry. Inside though, my heart
was pounding like crazy. Was this it? Had Janice made her
move? I wanted so much to call her and find out, but I promised
her I would wait for her call. I was a man of my word. The afternoon
the meeting was being held, I left work early and decided
to see if I could spy on Stacey and see what was going on. I
got to her work and was rather dissapointed to see her car
parked in the lot as usual. Maybe this was a legit meeting,
I thought. I decided to park for awhile though and see if
anything interesting happened. Being it was an airport,
it was very easy for me to blend in with the other passengers
as I stood in front of the terminal waiting for Stacey. I
had been waiting maybe 45 minutes and was ready to give up
when my patience was rewarded. Stacey walked out of the
terminal and with her was another woman. I gasped as I saw
who I thought to be Janice. Janice was a drop dead knockout.
She was about 5'8", had long, teased 80's style blonde hair,
blue eyes and a killer figure. She was wearing a pair of faded
skin tight jeans with a shirt that was tied in a knot above
her belly button. My wife is 5'10" and has long brown hair
that goes to the middle of her back. She has green eyes and
has 38c breasts to top it all off. She was wearing her work
uniform of dress slacks and ruffled white button down blouse.
I could see her panty lines through her slacks as she walked
by and I could tell she was wearing her high cut silk panties,
ones she never wore to work. Both women were laughing and
talking as they walked and Stacey never saw me, even as she
passed within 2 feet of me. I watched as they crossed the
street and went into the parking garage. Stacey followed
Janice to her car, a sporty jet black Camaro convertible.
Janice opened the door for Stacey and then hopped in behind
the wheel. I hurriedly hopped into the car I borrowed from
my co-worker and followed them as they turned out onto the
highway. I could see that the 2 women were talking and enjoying
themselves as they rode. They went into a richer part of
town and I followed from a safe distance. As they turned
down a side street, I dropped back so as not to appear suspicious.
The Camaro turned into a long driveway that was lined with
trees. I pulled up to the curb, a safe distance from the driveway
and hopped out of the car. I looked around to see if anyone
was watching and then I proceeded to walk up the long driveway.
As I got to the house, I saw the car parked in front of the open
garage door. Janice and Stacey were nowhere in sight.I
crept around the back of the house, making sure not to make
any noise. I got to a window and peeked in slowly. Stacey
was sitting facing me on a sofa, drinking some thing that
I was sure had alcohol in it. Janice was showing her a picture
on her fireplace and I strained to hear what was being said.
I watched intently as they sat and talked and joked. Occasionally
Janice would pat Stacey's leg or shoulder as they laughed,
but it seemed innocent enough. Janice kept refilling Stacey's
glass with whatever they were drinking as soon as she emptied
it. Stacey was never one to be good with her booze, and I knew
that if it was indeed alcohol, then Janice must definitely
know what was happening to Stacey by now. Stacey had pulled
her legs under her as she sat on the sofa, and it was obvious
she felt comfortable with Janice. They were talking like
old friends, laughing, joking and having fun. I could hear
music coming from the house too. I looked to see if I could
get a better vantage point and saw the door to the garage
to the side of the living room. I hurriedly snuck into the
garage and was delighted to see the door already opened
a bit. From here, I could hear everything that was being
said and I could see through the crack of the door and not
be seen at all. It was perfect. Janice and Stacey were talking
about everything, from work to shopping to food. Eventually
the conversation turned to relationships and Janice was
telling my wife of her failed marriage and lack of ability
to find another man since then that was to her liking. Stacey
told Janice how she had gotten lucky in finding me the first
time and how I had only been the only man that had even asked
her for a date. For a moment I felt a twinge of regret for the
trap Janice and I had set for her. Here I was, her everything,
and I had gone behind her back and set her up to be unfaithful
to me. I listened as Janice kept telling her how lucky she
was and how she missed the affection of a relationship.
Once again she filled Stacey's glass with the beverage
in the pitcher on the coffee table. Stacey complimented
her on how good the Strawberry Daiquires were, but that
she shouldn't drink anymore as she was beginning to feel
"tipsy". I know when Stacey admits to feeling the effects
of alcohol, then she is really very drunk. It seems to sneak
up on her and by that time her willpower to say no is gone.
Janice encouraged her to drink...telling her she wasn't
driving, so not to worry. Stacey told her that she had to
be getting home soon though, that the supervisors' meetings
didn't last too long. Janice replied softly, "Well, maybe
this supervisor meeting will last longer than you think."
I could see Janice staring deeply into Stacey's eyes as
she said this. Slowly Janice leaned forward and tried to
kiss Stacey's lips. Stacey quickly turned her head, asking
her what she was doing. "Just relax Stacey, please. It's
been such a long time for me.", I heard Janice reply. "You
are such a beautiful woman Stacey. Your husband is so lucky
to have you.", she said softly..her hand beginning to gently
rub Stacey's thigh. "I'm happily married Janice. I'm not
that kind of woman.", I heard Stacey reply. I watched as
Stacey took another long drink from her glass, another
fatal mistake in my opinion. Janice kept rubbing Stacey's
leg gently...drawing light circles on her thigh and squeezing
her gently. "Do you find me attractive Stacey?", I heard
Janice ask softly. Stacey told her quickly she didn't think
of her that way and then leaned forward and poured herself
another full glass of booze. When she leaned over, I'm sure
Janice could look right down Stacey's blouse to her full
chest. Janice said nothing, but just watched as Stacey
began drinking more alcohol. All the time, Janice's hand
never left Stacey's thigh. It was obvious Janice was excited.
Her nipples were pressing hard against her shirt as she
watched Stacey. I watched as Janice slowly traced her long
red fingernail up Stacey's stomach and suddenly flicked
her nipple through her blouse. Stacey gasped in shock and
tried to slap Janice's hand, but missed lazily. Janice
laughed lightly and took it as a game and did it again, seeing
if Stacey could slap her hand away. "Stop it!", Stacey said
sternly. "When you can slap my hand away, then I'll stop
it.", Janice replied teasingly. With that she flicked
Stacey's breast again. Stacey's hands were very slow to
respond and she tried desperately to push Janice's hands
away. Obviously the alcohol she had consumed was now working
to Janice's advantage. Janice's flicks slowly became the point where she was actually tweaking
Stacey's nipples through her blouse and bra. Stacey begged
Janice to stop, but in response, Janice reached up and deliberatly
pinched her Stacey's nipple through her blouse, twisting
sharply.She pulled Stacey's nipple hard and let it snap
back to her chest. Stacey winced in pain and whimpered.
"Please...I'm happily married. I'm not into this type
of thing.", Stacey pleaded. I could see her nipples pushing
hard against her blouse now, Janice obviously achieving
her goal. "Your nipples say otherwise Darling.". I heard
Janice say softly. With that, she reached over and cupped
Stacey's breast and rolled her nipple between her fingers
through her top. I knew Stacey loved having her nipples
played with and that if she was as drunk as I thought she was,
it wouldn't be much longer before Janice had her boobs out
in the open air. Stacey tried desperately to move Janice's
hands away, but as drunk as she was, her hands were no match
for Janice's persuasive hands. She steadily put more pressure
on her fingertips as she teased Stacey. "You love this don't
you? You love it when your husband does this to you don't
you Stacey?", I heard Janice ask. Stacey tried desperately
to make Janice stop..trying to twist away from her. It was
useless. Janice's hand was firmly planted on Stacey's
chest. Relentlessly Janice tugged and twisted Stacey's
nipples. First one, then the other. I began to hear Stacey
murmering something incoherently now as she was slowly
being brought under Janice's spell. With her other hand,
Janice expertly began unbuttoning Stacey's blouse. Before
Stacey realized what was happening, her blouse was open
to her waist. I saw a white, lace silk bra hiding my wife's
swollen boobs. Stacey looked down at her open blouse and
just stammered..."Oh Janice..please." Janice
said nothing. Instead, I watched as her long fingernails
raked across the front of Stacey's bra hard, right across
her swollen nipples. At the same time, she leaned forward
to kiss Stacey again. Stacey turned her head away, but in
doing so, completely exposed her soft, sensitive neck
to Janice's knowing mouth. Janice immediately fastened
her mouth to Stacey's neck, sucking deeply. Stacey gasped
loudly...whimpering and begging for Janice to stop. Her
pleas only further egged on Janice and she continued sucking
and tonguing Stacey's neck passionately. Her hands kept
working Stacey's breasts, alternately raking her boobs
and pinching and twisting her nipples. I could begin to
hear Janice sucking harder on my wife's neck, and I began
to hear Stacey moan lightly. Stacey's hands again tried
to move Janice away, but suddenly, Janice sucked sharply
on Stacey's neck at the same time she pinched her nipples
harder than ever before. "Oh my God..mmmmmmmmmm.", I heard
Stacey gasp, her hands falling heavily to her sides now.
I knew that Janice was slowly making my wife give in totally
to her advances, and she could sense it too. Stacey's head
seemed to move further to the side, further exposing her
neck to her new lover. "What are you doing to me Janice? I'm husband...", I heard Stacey groan pitifully.
"You love this don't you Stacey? You love me doing this to
you don't you Sweetheart?", I heard Janice ask softly before
sucking Stacey's neck deeply again. Stacey's only response
was a moan and I watched as she bit her lip...trying to shake
her head no. Janice unclasped Stacey's bra quickly, pulling
it open to expose my wife's red breasts. I have never seen
my wife's tits so erect and firm in my life. Her nipples were
like red rubies sticking straight out, begging for attention.
Janice trailed her long, wet, hot tongue up to Stacey's
ear and whispered, "I'm going to suck your hot titties babe.
Do you know that?" In response Stacey just nodded weakly.
"Please Janice...I'm begging you..please stop this."
But her defenses were now quickly dropping and I knew Janice
was going to do whateverr she wanted with my wife as soon
as she fastened her mouth on her breasts. Totally open and
defenseless, Stacey's breasts were at Janice's mercy
as she slowly lowered her hot mouth to her swollen nipples.
I watched in awe as Janice slowly drew her long tongue over
first one, then the other nipple, leaving long, wet trails
in the wake. Janice pulled her head away and looked up at
Stacey as she looked down at her. Janice slowly let a long
hot trail of saliva drip from her mouth onto my wife's nipples.
The long, thin stream of saliva going from Janice's mouth
to my wife's nipples looked so sexy. Stacey did nothing.
She just looked down at Janice and I could see the glazed
look in her eyes now. "Do you want me to suck them Stacey?"
Do you want me to suck your gorgeous breasts Babe?", I heard
Janice ask softly, all the while maintaining eye contact
with my wife. Stacey said nothing. Janice slowly lowered
her hot mouth to my wife's chest and sucked her nipple deeply
into her steaming mouth. "Oh fucking shit!!!", I heard
my wife gasp as she felt the heat from Janice's mouth engulf
her boob. Stacey's back arched uncontrollably now...feeding
her lover her breasts. Janice devoured each breast knowingly
and lovingly. From tonguing to sucking to nibbling to biting,
she had Stacey moaning wildly in short order. I watched
as Stacey's hand held Janice to her chest, letting her feast
on her aching boobs. After several minutes of enjoying
my wife's breasts, Janice was able to easily unbutton Stacey's
slacks and she easily slid her hand under her black silk
panties. Stacey's eyes were closed and her moans filled
the air now easily...her fingers running through Janice's
teased hair. It was easy to tell when Janice had reached
my wife's cunt. Stacey groaned loudly and her legs fell
open wide, giving Janice easy access to her dripping twat.
I watched intently now as Janice worked my wife's pussy
under her panties and slacks. As she continued fingering
my wife, I watched as Janice moved back up to Stacey's face.
This time when she pressed her lips to my wife's, Stacey
did not turn away. At first she did nothing, but as she felt
the tip of Janice's tongue circling her lips, she slowly
openend her mouth. Janice immediately took advantage
of the chance and pushed her tongue deeply into my wife's
mouth. Stacey, impaled by Janice's tongue could do nothing
now but let Janice kiss her. Janice wildly moved her tongue
around inside my wife's mouth, plunging it in and out like
a hard little cock. Stacey soon was kissing her back with
total abandon...her arms slowly wrapping around janice.
I knew then that Stacey was totally hers. There was nothing
Janice would not be able to do to her now. I watched as Stacey's
slacks and underwear were quickly peeled off and tossed
across the room. I marveled at the sight of my wife sitting
almost totally naked on this woman's couch, unable to say
not to anything she wanted to do to her. Stacey's bald pussy
was more swollen than I had ever seen it before in my life.
Her lips hung out lazily and I could see her wetness covering
her long slit. Janice untied her top and her naked boobs
spilled out, just inches from Stacey's pouted mouth. Janice
tried to feed a boob to Stacey but to my surprise, Stacey
tried to resist. Expertly, Janice slid 3 fingers deep into
my wife's cunt, burying them deeply. As Stacey opened her
mouth in ecstasy, Janice fed her the gorgeous breast. Soon,
as janice continued to plunge Stacey's pussy with her fingers,
my wife was slurping on Janice's boobs like a newborn baby.
I watched as her tongue circled the nipples, and she alternately
sucked each breast into her hungry mouth, nibbling and
biting too. I heard Janice moan her approval as she fed my
wife her ample chest. I watched as Janice pulled her dripping
fingewrs from my wife's sopping hole. She pushed them into
Stacey's mouth and instructed her to lick them clean. Unbelievably,
my wife sucked and licked her fingers wildly, tasting juices
she had never wanted to taste before. As my wife cleaned
Janice's hand, I watched as Janice dove quickly to my wife's
gaping cunt. I watched as she slid her long tongue deep past
my wife's cunt lips...pushing dseep into her pussy. Immediately
she began licking and sucking my wife's hot pussy...slurping
and moaning as she enjoyed my wife's juices. Stacey spread
her legs open so wide for Janice now, totally hers for the
taking..she slid down on the sofa so Janice could lick deeper.
My wife's hands slowly and softly scratched Janice's bare
back as she ate her wife moaning almost nonstop
now. "Oh God..yessss..pleaseee eat me..lick my hot pussy
Janice.", I heard my wife say uncontrollably now. Janice
obliged without a word and slurped hungrily on Stacey's
pussy, nestling in further. As she licked, Janice took
my wife's hand and placed it against her own, hot pussy,
making her cup her cunt through her tight jeans. Surprisingly,
Stacey did not move her hand. Instead, she unbuttoned and
unzipped Janice's jeans and worked them past her hips.
I was delighted at the sight I beheld. Janice had on a pair
of crotchless red lace panties. Her ass and pussy were gorgeous
and I could see everything. Reluctantly, Stacey began
to caress Janice's goreous ass. In response, Janice licked
and sucked Stacey all that much more. It was as if the 2 women
were feeding off eachother now. the more Janice did to please
Stacey, the more my wife did to satisfy Janice. My wife's
hips were bucking wildly now as she fucked Janice's face..feeding
her sexy cunt to her new bi lover. Suddenly, I watched as
my wife's first orgasm began wracking her body. I heard
her gasp and watched as her back arched off the
the same time, her fingers found Janice's cunt and plunged
deep inside. Janice fatsened her mouth over my wife's clit
and began sucking knowingly...bringing my wife's climax
to fruition. Stacey screamed and grunted as wave after
wave of pleasure wracked her shaking body. After several
minutes, her orgasm began to subside. Sensing this, Janice
reached into the end table drawer and pulled out something
I had only seen in movies. Stacey's eyes were still closed
and before she knew what was happening, Janice was kneeling
between her open legs, a huge, black, thickly veined strap-on
dildo tied around her waist. She began sliding the head
of the rubber cock over my wife's pussy. When Stacey opened
her eyes and looked down, she looked just in time to the huge,
black cock sink deep into her pussy. I watched as her swollen
lips wrapped around the rubber cock and sucked it in deeper
to her love hole. Stacey could do nothing now. She was totally
at janice's mercy and Janice knew it. She began to stroke
my wife's pussy long and slow, letting her feel every inch
of the huge strap-on. I couldn't believe my wife's cunt
was actually taking the whole length of this cock. Janice
held Stacey's hips as she began to fuck her in earnest, ramming
the cock harder and harder into Stacey's cunt. Stacey laid
there, biting her lip as she felt her pussy being stretched
with this humungous cock. Janice's boobs began to bounce
wildly as she fucked my wife. I heard the groans filling
the room and knew both women were totally enjoying this
experience. Stacey was slumped so low on the sofa by now
she was completely exposed to Janice. Janice rammed Stacey's
pussy for several minutes and then pulled out and began
massaging my wife's ass with the head of the dildo. Stacey
gasped and begged her not to try that. But it only encouraged
Janice and I watched as the big head of the dildo slowly began
pushing into Stacey's tight ass. As the head disappeared
into my wife's rectum, I heard her shriek in what i thought
was excruciating pain. Janice took it as the ok to proceed.
before I knew it, Janice was buried in my wife's ass. It was
an amazing sight to behold and i watched as my wife pulled
her legs up to let Janice fuck her tight ass. "Fuck me Janice.
Fuck my slutty, tight ass...pleaseeeee..", I heard her
beg. Smiling, Janice leaned down and kissed my wife passioantely
as she began to move in and out of my wife's ass. My wife easily
began kissing her back now...savoring the fucking she
was getting. I watched as their tongues played together
, tangling wildly. Soon Janice was pounding my wife's ass
as hard as she could. My wife began cumming wildly as she
was rammed like a slut in her ass. As Stacey's orgasm began
to erupt in earnest, Janice pulled the cock out of her ass
and rammed it savagely into her throbbing cunt, driving
my wife over the edge. Stacey began maoning, grunting,
panting and begging to be fucked. She talked like I had never
heard before. Her hips met every thrust from Janice and
I watched as the juices began flowing out of my wife's sopping
cunt with each stroke of Janice's strap-on. After my wife's
orgasm finally subsided, I watched as janice climbed onto
Stacey's lap and pulled the dildo off. She then grabbed
Stacey's head and pulled her roughly to her own dripping
cunt. "Eat me Stacey. Lick my nice wet pussy Baby. I know
you want to make me cum Sweetie.", she purred softly. Obediently,
I watched my wife's tongue probe between Janice's thighs.
Soon Janice was moaning like Stacey when Janice serviced
her twat. Soon Janice was fucking Stacey's face wildly
as Stacey brought her to a shattering orgasm. I heard my
wife sucking wildly on Janice's open cunt as she drank her
sticky cream from her swollen cunt. After Janice groaned
one last time, she collapsed on top of my wife and they kissed
deeply and hugged eachother passionately. I knew that
the women were done, at least for today, so I hurried back
to the car and left before anyone knew I was there. I drove
in shock at what I had just witnessed. When I got back to work
and got my car, I headed straight home to see if my wife had
made it back yet. I walked in to see the answering machine
blinking and I listened as a sultry woman's voice came on.
"I met Stacey today and we "got acquatined", you could say.
I'm so glad you are such an understanding husband. Your
wife is terrific. Oh, next time, please clean up your mess
before you leave hun. Cum has a tendency to stain the natural
woodork. But it's ok, I cleaned it off the garage door before
it did any damage." I stood in stunned silence as I listened
to the message, but erased it quickly. A short while later
i heard my wife pullinto the driveway. She came in and I asked
her how her day was. She looked a little disheveled as she
went to the bedroom. "What a meeting it was today. Nothing
like I ever expected. When we have some time I'll tell you
about it when you won't get so bored." With that she hopped
into the shower and I was left to sit and reminisce about
the afternoon I had just experienced. I know now that our
sex life will never be the same again. it will only get better.

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wow fantastic story, cant wait for more


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Wow this is one hot story, would love to see the tow of them.