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Wife's fantacy


My wife, Karen and I have been married for 8 years. I am 35
and Karen is a little younger at 32. Although neither of
us were virgins when we married, we equally didn’t
have a great deal of experience, with Karen having slept
with only one previous partner and me only two.

About my wife; I know these stories all start by saying how
your wife has model-type looks and huge breasts. Well I’m
sorry if this is a disappointment but she is actually very
petite with equally small breasts. Although an impartial
observer would probably describe Karen as having average-to-good
looks, I think she’s gorgeous. But of course I am extremely
biased and love her, very much.

Our sex-life up until the start of this, had been satisfying,
but with hindsight, was not very adventurous. Anyway back
to what happened.

One night as we were cuddled-up in bed, just after having
had sex, Karen turned to me and asked “Do you have any
sexual fantasies you dream about fulfilling?”

Well I was kind of shocked because Karen has never wanted
to discuss anything like that before. “Yeah, I guess
so” I replied.

“Like what” she asked.

I immediately started worrying…. what do I say….
would she be offended if I said anything she didn’t
like. I was cornered. So I decided to answer with something
vague “Oh I don’t know just something to make
it a bit different occasionally” I replied and then
continued “How about you, there’s obviously
something on your mind”

Karen blushed so I knew I was right, seizing the upper hand
I carried on “C’mon tell me what it is you fantasise

“Well there is one thing I’ve wanted to do for
a long time, but you have to promise that you won’t
think badly of me” she replied.

“Of course I won’t, I love you” I replied,
definitely intrigued.

“Well I sometimes wish for something, well, rougher”
she said looking a little nervous.

“Like what, less foreplay, more spontaneous”
I asked.

“No more than that”

“What then………….go on tell
me it all”

“OK, well I’d like you to take me against my will”

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. “What
do you mean, you?”

"Well to give you the whole story, my fantasy is be
to be surprised and over-whelmed by a stranger, and then
forced into it” Karen said “Obviously I wouldn’t
really want it to be a stranger, I want you”

“Do you mean wear a mask or something and then ravage
you” I asked not really sure about what I was hearing.

“No you were closer the first time, I want to be attacked,
fight back but ultimately be forced to submit and then be
taken, again and again”

“You want to me to attack you and you” I asked,
somewhat stunned.

“Yes I guess you could put it like that”

“Just how far would you want to take this”

“All the way, I trust you not to really hurt me”

“You want me to hurt you” I said in total disbelief

“I want you to control me and force me. I’m not
into pain so just something mild, so that I believe that
you would hurt me if I didn’t do what you want”
she continued “I want it to be realistic but I trust
you to not go too far”

“I’m not sure I could do that, I love you and I
certainly don’t want to hurt you”

“I know you love me, and I love you too. What we have
is very special and very loving but I guess I would like to
experience the danger and I find the idea of being used for
sex a real turn-on” Karen explained.

“I don’t like the idea of it….Suppose
I did do it, and you change your mind and don’t like
it. How would you feel about me afterwards and how would
it affect our relationship”

“Look, I know you love me, and I know you would only
be doing this for me. How could I hold anything against you
when you’re doing it for me? I promise nothing will
change how I feel about you, please do it for me”

“But what if I hurt you”

“I trust you”

“What if you change your mind and hate what I am doing”

“I won’t and if I do, it’ll be my fault”

I thought for a moment, “What about a safe word or something
– that way I’d know you don’t like it anymore
and I can stop”

“No, I thought about that and I think that would ruin
it. I want to know that once it starts I am completely helpless.
It won’t be the same if I have an easy way out. There
will be no sense of danger that way”.

“I just don’t know about this. What about if
you don’t like the experience and you get back here
angry with me. How is it going to affect our lives and relationship?”

“I promise you that anything you do will be fine with
me. It is MY fantasy and you would be doing it at my request,
therefore it is entirely my fault if I don’t like it.”
Karen replied, “What if I also promise you that when
we get back, the first thing I will do is to make love to you,
to prove that nothing has changed”

“I’m still not sure about the idea”

“Please, pretty please, do it for me” Karen

“I’ll think about it” I said trying to
avoid the subject for the time being.

“Thank you, I love you so much”


For the rest of the week Karen kept asking me about it. I was
also a little disturbed to find that some part of idea turned
me on. I put that down to the fact that sex with Karen always
turns me on.

Eventually after a couple more days of heavy pressure from
Karen, I finally relented and agreed to do it.

Karen suggested that we rent a secluded country cottage
for a long weekend. That way we could make as much noise as
we wanted without attracting any attention.

“I’ll get there before you and check us in. My
husband will be away on business. And you will be some criminal
who is on the run and needs a place to hide-out for a couple
of days” Karen explained.

“You’ve been thinking about this a lot, haven’t
you……….I bet you already have a place
in mind” I replied.

“Actually, yes I do” she said looking a bit sheepish
and fetching a brochure for me to look at.

“OK, book it” I said, resigned to the inevitable.

Karen gave me a big kiss, we decided on a date and then Karen
phoned them to book it.

That night Karen seduced me in bed saying how pleased she
was and how the idea turned her on.


So, it was all arranged; Karen would get there on the Friday
at 3pm collect the keys, go to the shops to stock-up on food
and drink, get unpacked and wait for me. I was to leave work
as usual, go home to change and then get to the cottage sometime
after dark - in character.


Over the next few weeks I started surfing the web and reading
erotic stories to get some new ideas for the weekend. I also
started buying a few items for some of the activities I had
in mind. I was determined to do this properly for Karen and
give her a weekend to remember.

I spend some time thinking about my character, what was
he like, what he would wear and what else he would have with

I decided that I would play a bank robber, that I had just
done a job and needed a quiet place to lay-low.

If I was robbing bank then I would have a ski mask to hide my
identity and I would need a weapon. A gun was out of the question
so it would have to be a knife and I would probably have some
duck tape to tie-up the bank staff.

I then thought about my “victim” she was a married
thirty something used to living for long periods on her
own, in a remote area:

She would probably be into the country-life, horse riding,
walking etc. The idea of a riding crop came to me. This would
be something she might have around the house and it also
fitted with some of the ideas I had.

Being on her own for long periods, she would of course, have
a good supply of sex toys (I know what you’re thinking,
but hey this was my contribution to the fantasy).

I also thought about how to make the whole thing last a weekend
but still make it the intense experience for Karen that
she wanted:

If my character was going to be with Karen for a whole weekend
I would have to think about how to “hide” my identity
from her, if this was real he wouldn’t want to be recognized
after the event.

Karen wanted to be taken repeatedly. Now I’m only
a mortal man and well 2 or 3 times a day is my limit. So I needed
some back-up – so the toys were a good idea.

And lastly, I thought about myself and what I wanted, given
that I effectively had a blank cheque for the weekend, whether
Karen realised it or not.

I kept all my plans and purchases as a surprise for Karen
despite her constant probing.


The weekend finally arrived. On the Friday morning I double-checked
that Karen still wanted to go through with this, which she
said she did.

“If this does go horribly wrong, are you absolutely
sure that you can put it behind us and still love me when this
is over” I asked.

“It starts when I get to the cottage and ends when I
get back here, everything that happens in between is my
responsibility” Karen replied “I love you
and I promise to show you how much when we get back here on
Monday, whatever happens”

“Then for my last deed as your husband until Monday
afternoon, I hope you have a great weekend, I love you and
I’ll see you when we meet back here”. I gave Karen
a long hug and kiss goodbye and went to work.

As is typical when you have plans, I had to work late that
day. I finally finished around 6pm and drove home. I changed
into my outfit, leaving the ski-mask, knife (especially
blunted) and duck tape on the passenger seat, and put my
stash of purchases in the back of the car.

Karen had packed my clothes with hers so I had everything
I needed. I finally left the house at about 8pm and set-off
on the drive to the cottage. In the Friday traffic the journey
took a little longer than I expected, and I eventually pulled-up
at the cottage just before 9pm.

The cottage was set way back on its own from the main road.
A dirt-track ran from the main road through a wooded area
and then along some fields up to the cottage, and must have
been at least 500-600 yards long. I had to drive along very
carefully so as not to damage the car on the extremely rough
track in the dark.

I parked next to the garage and took a walk up to a window and
looked in. The cottage was larger than I expected and looked
like a small converted barn or something. There were low,
thick wooden beams below a tall roof space and a large fireplace.
I could see Karen sitting on the sofa watching TV.

I put on the ski mask grabbed the knife and tape and walked
to the front door. This was it.


I knocked on the door and waited ready to pounce. Karen came
to the door and opened it.

As she opened the door I pushed inside and lunged at her grabbing
her by her wrist. In a quick move, Karen slapped me hard across
the face, broke free and ran upstairs. I followed swiftly
after her, a little surprised by the slap. She ran into what
looked like a bedroom and tried to close the door but I pushed
through, grabbed her and threw her to the bed, jumping on
top of her.

I slapped her across the face (hoping that I didn’t
do it too hard) “Stop struggling bitch, if I have to
hurt you I will” I said in an aggressive tone.

It took a bit of struggling but I got her onto her stomach
and managed to tape her hands behind her back.

“Listen, I am going to stay here for a couple of days
and then I’ll leave. Behave and you won’t get
hurt, misbehave and you’ll wish you hadn’t,
got it?”

“Fuck off” was her response (did my Karen really
say that?).

I flipped her over but wasn’t careful enough. All
too quickly she brought her knee up and caught me squarely
in the groin. I slapped her hard; any thoughts about taking
this easy were now briefly removed from my mind.

“You’ll pay for that bitch” I said grabbing
her and eventually managing to tape her legs together.

With her hands and legs bound, I retreated from the room
to allow my balls time to recover from the assault. I went
down stairs and after a brief sit down went unload the car.
I hid all my purchases in the small store room just off the

The low beams gave me an idea, and fortunately, I had brought
some rope with me.

I went back upstairs. Karen had managed to get to her feet
but couldn’t do much since her legs were tied at the

I put her over my shoulder and took her down stairs and into
the lounge. I put her face down on the sofa, keeping one knee
on her back to keep her still.

I then reached for the first pair of manacles I had brought
with me and attached one her left wrist. Putting her arms
over her head I quickly attached the other manacle to her
right wrist.

I then tied one end of the rope to the chain between the manacles
and stood her up underneath one of the beams. Karen struggled
a bit but it was fairly easy to loop the rope over the beam
and then pull hard enough so that her hands were held high
above her head.

I then tied-off the rope on the beam and left her there for
a while.

After about 10 minutes, I got a pair of scissors from the
kitchen and started cutting away all her clothes until
she stood there naked. All throughout this Karen had been
cursing at me but now I had her exactly where I wanted her.

I went out to the store room and retrieved the second of my
purchases, the riding crop.

“OK bitch, I said you would regret kneeing me”
I said showing her the crop. I could see the uncertainty
in her eyes.

I walked to her side and then gave her a flick of the crop across
her buttocks. She gave a yelp.

I then proceeded to give her a dozen more strokes becoming
a little more forceful with each one.

When I finished, Karen immediately started cursing at
me again.

“Would you like another dozen strokes, bitch”
I asked

“NO, no more” she pleaded

“Then I suggest you change your attitude to me, you
will address me as Sir while I’m here”

“Asshole more like” she snapped back

I immediately gave another hard stroke with the crop, making
her yelp in pain and surprise.

“Try again”

“Yes Sir” she replied

“That’s better. Now I need a drink, let’s
see what you have in your fridge” I said walking into
the kitchen.

I returned with a beer and sat on sofa watching her. I finished
my beer and then fetched the spreader bar that I had purchased
specifically for this part, and attached it to her ankles
after cutting away the tape. With her legs spread wider
Karen could only just stand on tip toes to avoid hanging
by her hands.

With the scissors I then very carefully started to trim
her pussy hair.

“What are you doing you pervert” Karen shouted
at me.

I picked-up the crop and gave her two quick, hard swats.
“You don’t learn do you bitch, watch your mouth”

With my electric shaver I then tackled the shorter hairs
and after a few minutes had completed the task, leaving
Karen with a completely bald pussy.

“Oh you liked that did you” I said, sliding my
fingers along her newly shaven slit and feeling how wet
she was. I pushed two fingers inside her and fucked her with
them rubbing on her clit with my thumb. Karen was obviously
very turned on and responded almost immediately. “So
you want to come, do you?”

“Yess” Karen gasped.

“Too bad” I said stopping and walking away.

“Bastard” she replied. That earned her another
swat with the crop.

I sat and watched TV for a few minutes, by this time Karen’s
legs were trembling with the strain of standing on tip-toes
for so long.

I then asked her “would you like to be let down?”

“Yes please”

“Yes please, WHO”

“Yes please, Sir”

I then loosened the rope, helped her to kneel down and then
tied it off so that her hands were still held above her head.
I stripped off my clothes and walked in front of her, aiming
my cock at her mouth.

It is extremely rare for Karen to give me oral and even then
she will only do it briefly, normally stopping at the first
taste of pre-cum. She has steadfastly refused to continue
it anywhere near to conclusion. Little did she know, but
tonight would be different. Karen had begged me to do all
this, she wanted it rough and she wanted to be forced to do
things against her will, so I figured that this was fair

“If I feel any teeth it’ll be curtains for you
– I’ve already killed one person today, so its
up to you if it stays at one, understand bitch” Karen
nodded her head.

I pushed my cock to her lips and she eventually opened up,
letting me slide it in. My cock had been oozing pre-cum and
Karen got an immediate taste. She quickly pulled back making
a face like she was going to throw up.

"Suck it” I ordered, pulling her back by her
hair. “And make it good or there’ll be another
dozen lashes for you”

Karen started, slowly at first but gradually picking up.
As she did I let go of her head and after a minute or so it seemed
to me as though she was enjoying it. She moaned as she bobbed
her head up and down on my shaft. I was going to come quick
and I knew she wouldn’t want to swallow so I put both
hands on her head and held her tightly by her hair, tilting
her head up further so that I could look into her eyes.

I was positive Karen would still be expecting me to stop
soon, and then fuck her (as we would do usually whenever
she did this). I looked down at her sucking on me and said
“Get ready to swallow it bitch”.

Karen’s eyes flew wide open and she tried to pull back,
but my grip on her hair prevented her from moving. A gave
two more thrusts and then my cock erupted its load, springing
into her mouth and over her tongue, giving Karen her first
taste of cum.

She jerked as the first salty stream hit the back of her throat.
Karen’s eyes bulged even wider, pleading with me
to let her go but I kept a tight hold, as my cock continued
to fill her mouth. It must have been quite a big load too because
we hadn’t had sex for three days.

Holding her head tilted upward as I did, also prevented
my cum from leaking out of her mouth, effectively forcing
Karen to swallow it. When I had finished and I was sure that
she had swallowed it all, I pulled my cock from Karen’s
mouth and wiped it onto her face. “Not bad bitch”
I said.

Karen coughed and snapped “Fuck you, asshole”.

“I don’t think so bitch…..… but
I may fuck you later……….Oh, and was it
my imagination or did I sense a little reluctance to swallow
just then……...I’ll bet you don’t
do that for your husband, do you…….what a disappointment
you must be to him” I said, wondering if had I gone too
far with that comment.


I left Karen and went to get another beer from the fridge,
and some more things from the store room.

“I don’t see why I should still wear this mask”
I said grabbing the duck tape and the two specially prepared
foam pads.

“It would be in your best interests not to struggle
for this” I said as I put the pads over her eyes and sealed
them in place with the tape. “That’s better”
I said taking off the mask. “I can’t have you
identifying me to the cops, now can I”

“Time to stand again” I said pulling on the rope
and helping her up not making her stretch quite so high this

“But my arms”

“Hurting are they”



“You bastard”

“That’s another two swats you just got yourself”
I said and then gave her two good strikes with the crop.

I got myself another beer and left Karen standing for about
an hour, as I watched TV and then cooked a pizza.

Watching Karen standing there naked and tied-up got me
ready for action again and I wanted to try out her newly shaved

I stood up and started to caress her breasts from behind.

“Get your hands off me” Karen said, a little

A trailed my hands down her body to her pussy, which was dripping
wet as I expected. My now erect cock was ready for action
so I grabbed her by the hips and thrust into her from behind”

I soft “Yessss” escaped Karen’s lips,
as I started a slow rhythm.

“So my little bitch likes it” I teased “Just get it over with” Karen replied pushing
back at me.

Normally I would have made this last but I switched back
into character and just gave it to her hard and fast. Karen
moaned in orgasm after only 10 to 20 strokes and her knees
buckled pulling down on her bound arms. I kept going through
her orgasm and fucked her as hard as I could, erupting soon
after into her well lubricated pussy.

After she got her breath back Karen lifted her head “Is
that all you’ve got” in a taunting manner.

“No, but you’ll find that out, my little bitch”

I went to check on the pizza in the kitchen and finish my beer.
Karen was clearly getting tired standing there with my
cum running down her legs, and her arms above her head. “Please
let me down” she said pleadingly.

“OK bitch I’ll let you down but you have to understand
some rules here. First and most importantly for you, if
you remove the blindfold, you die. I am not having you identify
me to the cops. I’ve killed once already today, so
killing you as well isn’t going to worry me. Do you

“Yes, I understand” she replied.

I removed the spreader bar and replaced it with a pair of
manacles which had a short chain between them. The manacles
allowed Karen some freedom of movement so that she could
shuffle along as I lead her to the sofa and sat her down.

I gave Karen some of the pizza and a glass of wine and then
cleared up.

About 11pm I started to feel tired and decided that it was
time for bed.

“OK bitch time for bed…..well for me at least”

I got Karen to lie down stretched out on the sofa and then
tied the chains to the sofa legs at each end, with some rope.
In this position she had a little slack but was kept stretched
along the length of it. I put a blanket over her and went to


The next morning was a beautifully crisp, bright day. I
went down stairs to find Karen already awake, still lying
as I left her, on the sofa.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked mockingly.

“What do you think, bastard”

“I think it’s a lovely day and that after breakfast
we should have some exercise”

“Fuck you” she snapped

“Now you’re getting the idea” I replied.

I made us both some coffee and toast and then cleared up.

“I had a little rummage through your things last night”
I said “You sure have a good collection of toys”
I said

“What do you mean” she asked

“Your have a rather extensive collection of sex toys,
my horny little bitch”

Karen looked surprised, she obviously hadn’t thought
that I would get anything like that, since we don’t
possess any at home. Little did she know.

“I’m going out for a walk and you’re going
to get some exercise too” I said.

I retrieved my prize purchase from the store room. The shop
owner called it a Sybian (or something like that).

To describe it, if you picture a small barrel cut in half
length-wise, that would describe its shape. It was made
of metal and had a fake cock sticking out of it, about half-way
along the rounded length. The overall effect was like a
horses saddle with the cock-shaped device sticking upward.
The electric mechanism inside, both vibrates the cock
and moves it. The machine came with a number of different
sized, cock-shaped attachments. It was already fitted
one that was about 7 inches long (surprisingly it wasn’t
the largest option). It also had a little thing that stuck
out near the base of the cock, obviously designed to stimulate
the clitoris.

I took it into the lounge, placed on the carpet, plugged
it in and then applied a generous amount of KY jelly to the

“OK then time for your morning workout” I said
going over to Karen. I readjusted her manacles so that her
hands were behind her back and after allowing her a visit
to the toilet, walked her over to the machine.

I trailed my finger down to her slit teasing her a little
and in no time Karen was dripping wet, obviously highly
turned-on by this.

“Now I’m going to carefully lower you down into
a kneeling position” I said lowering her. However
because Karen is so petite I had to carefully lower her pussy
onto the vibrator before her knees hit the ground. I did
it slowly so as not to hurt her but it was still a fairly swift
penetration earning a gasp from her as it entered.

When she was on her knees, even kneeling as high as she could,
the vibrator was over three-quarters of the way inside
her. In this position, even a small dip from her would drive
it all the way to the base and there was no way for her to lift
herself clear of it. I went around the front and adjusted
the clitoris stimulator so that it was firmly pressed against
her clit.

I then switched the machine on, on its lowest setting. The
effect on Karen was immediate. She tried to raise herself
off it but had no where to go. “You sick pervert do you
get off on this” Karen snapped.

“I found it in your house and as appealing as it is to
watch you, I’m going to have my walk”

I then quietly retrieved my video camera, set it up on its
tripod facing Karen and switched it on.

Before leaving, I turned the dial up to about mid-way “Have
fun” I said as I went out of the door.

I went to the side window and looked in. Karen leaned forward
and backward for a few times obviously starting to enjoy
the effect of the vibrator. Slowly she started to ride it
clearly getting REALLY excited... after about two minutes
her knees buckled driving her down its full length and she
slumped forward gasping out loud.

After about a minute, Karen rose back up on her knees, I guess
trying to avoid the intense stimulation. She was breathing
heavily but in this position the machine gently massaged
her both inside and directly on her clit. It only took a couple
of minutes before her head fell back and she slowly started
to rock back and forth. Her motions gradually became quicker
and more energetic before she again collapsed down hard
onto it. This second orgasm was clearly bigger than the
first, and I could clearly hear Karen’s moans and
gasps from outside the window.

I looked at my watch. Only 10 minutes had gone by so I decided
to leave her with our new toy for a while.

I went for a walk around the neighbouring fields and woods
returning about 30 minutes later.

I looked through the window and Karen was in the throws of
yet another orgasm, I wondered just how many she had had
while I was away, this was going to be one hell of a video.

I entered the cottage very quietly, stripped-off and sat
watching her. I watched her have another two orgasms over
the course of the next fifteen minutes. She had now been
on that machine for about an hour.

Karen was breathing hard and sweating profusely and clearly
starting to reach her limit.

“So are you having fun” I asked. Karen’s
head snapped around obviously shocked that I was there.

“How long have you been there” she shouted.

“Long enough”

“Turn this thing off, now”

“Soon” I replied.

“You bastard”

“You want me to be a bastard, OK then” I said walking
over and turning the dial up to high.

“Oh god, oh fuck, not again” she panted

With that I stood in front of her and pushed my cock into her

Initially she tried to struggle but then the machine clearly
started working its magic again. Karen stopped struggling
and started sucking madly on my cock.

I let go of her head and Karen carried on bouncing on the machine
and sucking me at the same time. Karen was lost in lust, moaning
loudly around my cock.

I was close to coming and finally grabbed her head and pumped
my load into her mouth. To my great surprise Karen made no
attempt to pull away, there was an initial moment of shock
when she once again had a mouthful of cum but then she swallowed
and kept sucking. I was starting to soften in her mouth when
Karen let loose a stifled scream around my cock. She collapsed
forward, her head leaning against my groin and trembled
all over.

“No more, please no more” she pleaded when I
removed my cock from her mouth.

I turned off the machine, helped Karen up onto her feet and
then over to the sofa.

“Oh my god, I’ve never come so much in my entire
life” she said, lying down, still panting hard. About
10 minutes later she drifted off to sleep.


I spent most of the afternoon watching the football on the
TV while Karen slept and then made us a late lunch. Karen
of course had to eat it with her blindfold on.

I enjoyed seeing Karen eat both blindfolded and naked with
the occasional spillage falling into her lap or onto her

Before the weekend I decided that part of the “rough
and degrading” experience for Karen would be to force
her to spend the weekend naked and to deny her the opportunity
to wash or generally clean herself up, including after
sex. The only exception was using the toilet; with a screwdriver
I had removed the latch from the toilet door, preventing
her from locking herself in. I only allowed Karen to wash
her hands, and the blindfold had to remain in place the whole

“Messy bitch” I said to Karen when she remarked
about spilling some beans down her front.

“Asshole” she snapped back.

“You just don’t learn do you bitch” I replied
getting up and stripping off my clothes.

I pulled Karen out of her chair and pushed her over the table.
The little that was left of her lunch was now smeared over
her breasts and stomach.

Karen was fighting and cursing me as I easily held her down
and guided my length into her.

As much as Karen was fighting me on the surface, she couldn’t
disguise her soft moan as I pushed into her. I was soon into
a rhythm with Karen pushing back to meet my strokes.

"Oh you like that, you little slut?"

"You want more, don't you slut. Well you're
gonna get more than you can handle before I leave here”

I was thoroughly enjoying having this power over my wife
and using her body. She seemed to be enjoying it too based
on the movement of her hips as she met each thrust into her
smooth body. Lifting myself slightly and pushing down
on her back, I thrust into her tightness and her body went
rigid. She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her
loins. I could feel her cum flood out, as my cock was bathed
in her sweet flow. I ploughed her roughly and then exploded
deep inside her pussy, spraying her insides. Her inner
muscles seemed to milk every last drop from my spurting

As I waited for my shaft to soften in her tight pussy, I looked
down at her beautiful body and considered what other pleasures
I should give and take from her, later that night.


I decided to try some new things with Karen that evening,
so I retrieved another batch of my purchases from the store
room. I then had Karen stand underneath the beam again and
proceeded to tie her hands high above her so that she could
just stand flat footed beneath them.

“OK my little slut, time for me to try out some more
items of your toy collection”

“Let me go, you perverted bastard” Karen replied
although she had been suspiciously compliant when I was
tying her up.

I started with a smallish vibrator rubbing it slowly over
her nipples making them stand-out like bullets, and then
slowly started up and around her inner thighs.

Karen was soon opening her legs to allow me better access.

I gently touched her aroused clit with the end of the vibrator.
Karen jumped at the sensation, encouraged I slowly moved
the lubricated vibrator back and forth over the clit. "Don't
stop, " said Karen.

"I’m in charge here, but don’t worry I
had no intention of stopping just yet” I reply.

I angled it to enter her pussy and increased the vibration.

“Yesssss” cried Karen moving her hips to meet
it. Now pushing it in, pulling it out, again, again.

“That’s it!!! Harder, Harder!!!” Karen
pleaded. Karen was getting close thrusting her hips back
and forth with my strokes. I

Just then I pulled it out and stopped.

“NOooo, don’t stop, not now” Karen shouted
at me.

“Does my little slut want more” I teased

“What do you think asshole?”

“Then beg for it” I said


“Beg for it” I repeated

“Please” she replied

“Not good enough” I replied

“Pretty please”

“Tell me you’re my slut and you want me to fuck
you, however I want”

“I’m your slut, and I want you to fuck me however
you want” Karen replied.

“OK then slut” I said picking up the larger vibrator.
I couldn’t resist this one in the shop. It was black,
about 12 inches long and extremely thick around. I didn’t
know if she could take it, but she was going to try.

I applied some lubricant, switched it on and held it against
her. After a minute it was clear that Karen was starting
to get worked up again. I pressed it against her opening,
careful not to force it in too fast. Karen gave a loud gasp
as the end slipped in.

I held it still for a while and then I slid it into her in small
increments, letting her pussy adjust. She made sexy little
moans and gasps as I pushed it deeper and deeper into her.

From my vantage point I marvelled at the way her pussy adjusted
to the girth of this pink translucent monster. As I mouthed
her swollen button, I watched with erotic glee as the vein-like
textured shaft caused her pussy lips to stretch and move,
in and out. It was just so damned big!

This erotic scene was causing my cock to rise and beg for
action but I didn't want to finish this yet. So I set
about establishing a rhythm and concentrated on fucking
my helpless wife. She let her head fall back and started
to moan loudly as I double teamed her with my tongue and the
toy. Her hips moved instinctively, increasing the thrills
that were flooding her senses. I sucked harder, and toggled
her clit relentlessly while sliding the big dong in and

Soon she'd had enough. In a space of a few moments she
reached her peak, and she came hard - crying out and shuddering
on top of me. I kept lapping at her until she pleaded with
me to stop. She was over-stimulated, but satisfied.

However, I wanted her to come some more. As tired as her pussy
might have been, I somehow knew she wouldn’t want
it any other way. I gave her a minute to recover and fetched
two nipple clamps from the table. Without warning I attached
the first to her left nipple. “Ahhhh, take it off,
take it off” Karen screamed followed by another “Ahhh”
as I attached the second. Karen thrashed wildly trying
to shake them off, but there was no way she could.

Karen continued her pleas as I trailed the vibrator along
her slit and then entered her again.

“You just told me you were my slut and begged me to fuck
you however I wanted, remember” I said.

Karen’s pleas soon turned to moans as I started fucking
her with the toy. After very little time Karen screamed
out again in orgasm only this time I didn’t stop and
fucked her through it, and one more orgasm before stopping.
By this time Karen’s knees had buckled and she was
half-hanging by her hands on the chains.

“Oh God, Oh my god” Karen kept repeating under
her breath.

While Karen got her breath back I started liberally applying
KY jelly to my cock and then circled behind her.

Pushing her cheeks apart I rubbed the head of my cock against
her hole.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing”
Karen said anxiously. “NO, not that””
she pleaded as I pushed the head inside. Karen continued
to whimper and plead as I held still with just the head inside

I reached around to her breasts and removed both clamps,
dropping them to the floor. “Ahhh” Karen cried
as the blood flooded back into her abused nipples.

With Karen distracted by the pain coursing through her
nipples I slid my hard shaft all of the way inside her. It
was so slippery I was able to bury myself fully into her with
one thrust.

I started to slowly stoke my self in and out. The initial
discomfort clearly gone, Karen’s moans got louder
fast. She started working her ass against me, meeting my
thrusts with her own. I pumped away into her, harder and
harder as she squealed. It was such a beautiful sight, watching
my cock disappear into her ass. That sweet pink hole swallowed
my cock greedily and her muscles seemed to pull me back in
with each thrust.

I continued to pound her tight little ass when I felt her
body begin to shake. Her muscles pulsed around me as she
exploded into another orgasm. I was so turned on at this
point that I started fucking her even harder, my balls slapping
into her ass cheeks. After a few more strokes, I felt my balls
tighten and I released my cum deep inside her ass.

I was drained. I pulled out and watched my cum leak from her
hole. Exhausted, I sat on the couch.

After a couple of minutes, I released Karen from the beam
and allowed her to sit down. Nothing much was said after
that, and I was wondering if I may have gone too far.

That night, I again tied Karen to the sofa and when upstairs
to bed.


The next morning Karen seemed to be her normal self (If you
could consider this situation to be in any way normal).
We had breakfast pretty much the same as the previous day.

After I cleared up I retrieved the Sybian machine from the
store room and exchanged the vibrator attachment for the
largest one it came with and lubed it up ready.

“OK my little slut, you know the morning routine,
time for your exercise” I said pushing her over the
table. I took a smaller vibrator and worked her pussy with
it for a couple of minutes to make sure she would be ready
for the larger one on the machine.

Stopping before she came, I took her over to the machine
and took a little more time and care lowering her onto it,
with her hands chained behind her back again.

In her upright position she must have had about 7 inches
already inside her and although it wasn’t as big as
the vibrator I had used the previous evening, it was still
stretching her widely. I again switched the machine on
to about half-way and left her there.

As with the previous day I had set the video camera and watched
her through the window. I took her very little time to have
her first orgasm and I wondered how many she would have while
I was gone.

It was about 40 minutes before I returned, coming back along
the path at the back of the house. I went into the cottage
and Karen was panting heavily and covered in sweat.

“How is the work-out going” I asked

“Get me off this thing you bastard” Karen replied

“There’s that attitude of yours again. You
just earned yourself a bit more time on it”

“I’ll get you for this”

I briefly wondered if I should allow her off it, but when
Karen started getting worked-up again, I decided to stick
with it.

I got myself a coffee, stripped off and then went to get one
of my other purchases from the store room, a butt plug.

“I have something that should help you” I said
moving behind her. I gave it a generous coating of KY and
reached down to her ass.

“What the hell……No” Karen gasped.

I eventually zeroed-in on my target and pushed it home.
Karen froze and gave a loud gasp. I then moved around to her
front and attached both nipple clamps eliciting another
loud “Ahhhh” from Karen.

“Now ride it, my little slut” I ordered as I turned
up the machine to its highest setting before sitting down.

I sat and watched Karen ride it though another three orgasms.
Each time she came her knees would buckle and she would slump
down hard on the vibrator. Of course after she had finished
coming, that position only served to get her going again,
she would then rise up to try to avoid it, but it would eventually
get the better of her, and then she would respond, riding
it until she came. So she was stuck in this never-ending
cycle completely at my mercy.

Karen could of course have deliberately fallen over sideways,
to get off the machine but either she never thought of it
or she liked being put through the ordeal. I suspected the
latter. It was a hell of a turn-on watching Karen get fucked like
this, by a machine that didn’t tire and wouldn’t
stop when it got too much for her.

“No, no more” Karen pleaded after her next orgasm.

By this point my cock was straining for relief. “I’ll
stop it after you swallow my cum” I replied, offering
my cock.

“Bastard” Karen responded but took my cock
without hesitation. Having come so many times this weekend
already I knew I would last a little longer than the previous
day. Sure enough while trying to get me off, Karen had another
orgasm, gasping hard around my cock as she did.

Eventually I felt my cum starting to rise. “Get ready,
if you spill it you stay on there for another hour”
I warned

Karen locked her lips around my cock and I erupted into her
mouth. I’m not sure how much I came but she swallowed
the lot and kept sucking.

I pulled away and knelt in front of her. Karen was starting
to ride the machine again. I removed the nipple clamps gaining
a gasp from Karen and started to massage her breasts.

“Come my little slut, have one last orgasm for me”
I said.

Karen started riding it harder and soon screamed out another
orgasm. I then took pity on her and turned off the machine.

I helped Karen up but I think her legs had gone numb. She had
been on the machine for well over an hour, so I carried her
to the sofa and laid her down, releasing her hands and removing
the butt plug.

I covered her with a blanket. Karen said nothing and fell
asleep after about 5 minutes. I left her and she slept for
about three hours.


That evening after dinner Karen said “Do you realise
I haven’t been outside or had a breath of fresh air
since Friday evening”

“So you would like to get some fresh air” I replied,
thinking of the possibilities.

Karen immediately realised she had said the wrong thing
and tried get herself out of it. “No …..I was
just making conversation”

“No you’re right, you should get some fresh
air” I responded looking out of the window.

The sun was starting to go down and it was only another hour
or so before dark. The ground was very wet and muddy from
the rain earlier that afternoon. I thought it would be a
fair bet that nobody would be walking around this area at
this time of day.

I put my boots on and put the manacles back on Karen so that
her hands were behind her back and then removed the ones
from her ankles.

I also attached a rope around her waist, so that it would
serve like a dog’s lead.

“OK, off we go” I said pulling Karen along.

“But we can’t…..I can’t go out like
this” Karen said anxiously.

I had a bit of a struggle getting Karen out of the house. I
started-off down the grassy path dragging Karen behind
me, cursing me, and telling me that this wasn't funny.

At the rate we were going this was going to be slow progress
so I let go of the rope and told Karen to stay there a moment.

I walked back the 20 or so yards to the cottage and fetched
the riding crop.

The air was a little cool but not overly so. It was however
already having a visible effect on Karen's nipples,
which were hardening nicely.

This time when Karen resisted my attempts to lead her along
the path I gave her a swift crack across the buttocks with
the crop, eliciting a sharp yelp from her.

"This walk can be pleasant and invigorating or painful.
It’s up to you" I told her.

"Sadistic bastard" she replied

That earned her another swat with the crop "Move it
bitch" I added dragging her along a bit more easily

I took Karen deliberately through some areas of long wet
grass and heavy mud, and on until we came to the wooded area
I had visited that morning.

Karen was walking slowly because of all the twigs and stones
on the ground but that all added to the experience, because
it gave me a reason to use the crop.

We finally made it to my intended destination, which was
a large fallen tree in a clearing.

I pushed Karen forward so that she was bent over it, with
the rough, dirty, wet bark on her stomach and breasts.

"No not here" Karen pleaded.

"Did I give you a choice in this? I don't think
so" I replied, as I started to finger her pussy from

"I didn't realise you needed it so badly"
I teased, referring to the ease with which my fingers entered
her soaking wet pussy.

'Fuck you" Karen replied.

"Wrong again, you mean fuck YOU" I said pushing
my cock into her.

As I fucked Karen, I made a point of pushing and pulling on
her body so that her breasts were rubbed across the rough
bark. Despite her protests it was apparent that Karen was
very turned on with the rough fucking I was giving her.

"Sshh, you'll frighten the animals" I

Asshole" Karen snapped back.

"Good idea" I replied, removing my cock and
pressing it to her little rosebud.


"Oh yes, my little slut" I replied and pushed

Karen gave a gasp and arched her back upwards.

I began with a slow rhythm, sliding my whole length in and
out. After a minute Karen was pushing back meeting my thrusts
and moaning loudly. "Tell me you like it" I said.

"OK, I like it" Karen grudgingly admitted.

"Tell me you want me to fuck your ass"

"I want you to fuck my ass" Karen said, in between

I ploughed into her hard and fast rubbing her tits against
the tree as I did. Just as Karen cried out in orgasm I pumped
my load into her ass.

We both stayed still for a moment recovering from the intensity
of it and then I withdrew and fastened my trousers again.

“OK slut time to go home” I said pulling her upright.

On the way back I found a few more wet and muddy areas for her
to walk through and then took her to the patio area at the
back of the cottage. “You can’t go into the cottage
like that. You’ll make a mess of the place” I

“You took me out into the mud” Karen replied

“Well we’ll have to clean you up a bit”
I said reaching for the garden hose and turning on the tap.
The water was freezing cold and Karen jumped back as the
cold water splashed over her feet.

“That’s freezing” Karen complained.

When I had got the worst of it off her legs I sprayed some over
her top half and cleaned her off. Karen of course was screaming
at me to stop and cursing at me the whole time.

When I took her inside Karen was shivering. I put a blanket
around her and sat her in front of the fire.

I got us something to eat and drink and around 11:00 I was
starting to fall asleep in my chair. So I decided it was time
for bed.

As I was tying Karen to the sofa as usual, she cursed at me

“OK, I was going to let you get a good night’s
sleep” I said “but you seem to need more discipline”.

When I had tied her stretched out along the sofa, I retrieved
my last two purchases, a vibrating egg and a flat vibrator
that you wear over the clitoris. I switched on the egg and
pushed it into Karen’s pussy. I then stuck a small
strip of duck tape across her outer lips to stop it coming
out, before finally fitting the vibrator over her clitoris,
securing it there with the straps and then switching it

“Have a good night, try to get some sleep” I said
switching off the lights and retiring to bed.

“You can’t leave me like this all night”
Karen pleaded “Oh don’t worry I don’t
think the batteries will last more than a few hours. Good
night” I replied


The next morning it was time for us to leave. Karen obviously
hadn’t slept much the previous night and cursed me
in the morning.

After breakfast I packed our things and put them in my car.
When I was ready to leave I took Karen out to the car and put
her on the back seat. I locked-up the cottage and got into
the car.

I drove down the muddy driveway from the cottage about 400-500
yards and then stopped in the wooded area, just short of
the main road where we couldn’t be seen. I got Karen
out of the car and bent her over the front bonnet. I took her
roughly from behind. As usual it didn’t take Karen
long to respond to this treatment and after a few minutes
she let out a stifled cry as she came.

I pulled her back up and pushed her to her knees in the mud
and offered her my cock. After a little of Karen’s
oral ministrations I was soon ready to come. Before I shot
my load, I pulled out of her mouth and fired it all over her

When I finished, Karen’s face was covered, there
was cum in her hair and there was also some dripping down
over her neck and breasts.

I helped her to her feet, freed her hands from the manacles
and stood back admiring my handy-work. Karen looked a mess
and would certainly never like being seen like this. Not
only was she naked, and covered in my cum but her stomach
was filthy from leaning over my dirty car and her legs and
feet were covered in the mud she had been kneeling in. She
was perfect for what I had in mind for her.

“OK my little slut, time for you to go back your husband
and show him your new tricks” I said getting back into
the car.

“What, you can’t leave me here” Karen

“Wait until you hear me go and then you can uncover
your eyes. The cottage is only a few hundred yards away.
You’ll find the key to the other set of manacles on
top of your car. Good bye” I finished, getting into
the car and driving off.

I stopped a few yards further on and looked back. Karen had
managed to remove the blindfold and was rubbing her eyes.
I sped off to return the cottage keys and then drive home.

Little did Karen know what awaited her. I had packed all
her things as well as mine. On top of her car were the keys
to the manacles as well as the keys to her car. She had no means
of entry to the cottage and no clothes.

I guessed it would take Karen about 10 minutes to walk back
to the cottage in the chains, about another 10 minutes to
unlock herself, realise the extent of her predicament
and then start driving home. So I figured I had about a 20
minute head-start.


I drove home quickly stopping only briefly to return the
keys and buy some roses for Karen.

When I arrived home I took the space on our drive nearest
the door, so that Karen would have to park a little further
away and walk around my car, in full view of anyone who happened
to be in the street.

Once in the house I unpacked all our things and then set-up
the video camera on the window-sill over-looking our front
door and driveway and hit record.

I put the roses in a vase at the foot of the stairs with an “I
Love You” card. Inside the card I had written “I
hope the weekend was everything you wanted it to be and that
you can forgive me if I went too far. Come upstairs, I have
a nice warm bath waiting for you. I love you…….”
I then went up to run a bath and wait.

I looked out of our bedroom window and saw Karen pulling
into the driveway about 5 minutes later. She sat in the car
for a couple of minutes, clearly waiting for people to disappear,
and then made a quick dash into the house.

There was a period a quiet and then a rustling sound as Karen
was opening the card. Then Karen came upstairs and into
the bathroom.

“Hello dear” I greeted her.

“HELLO” Karen said then punching me in the stomach
(not very hard).

I ushered her into the bath and then handed her a glass of

“I can’t believe you left me like that”
she said

“Sorry love, I couldn’t resist it” I said
trying not to laugh.

“I had to drive all the way home like this. Do you have
any idea of the looks and comments I got” Karen said.

I couldn’t help laughing.

“Bastard” she added.

I left Karen to soak and went down stairs. About an hour later
Karen joined me dressed in her sweats.

“Thank you” she said cuddling up to me

“Did you enjoy it then” I asked

“Yes” she said shyly.

“Was it what you expected?”

“NO. Definitely not”

“Oh……. Wasn’t it what you wanted”
I asked, a little worried


“Are you sure”

“Yes. I just wasn’t prepared for you to be….
so different.”

“Wasn’t that the idea?”


“I’m a bit confused, why don’t you just
tell what you thought of it all”

“OK where do I start” Karen said “Well
firstly I can’t believe that the man that I’ve
loved and slept with for all these years was the same man
that did all those things to me. It was what I asked for, but
I guess inwardly I still expected a slightly rougher version
of what we normally do”

“Oh so I guess I got it wrong big-time”

“No, let me finish. Normally I would never have done
some of the things we did, but what surprised me was that
I was SO turned on by being forced to do them. Just when I thought
you had started something too extreme, I realized I was
starting to like it” Karen added.

Karen was going bright red “I came so many times over
the last few days. I just seemed to be permanently turned-on,
I was also seeing a new side of you, a side that dominated
and excited me”.

“So are we OK” I asked

”Yes of course we are. Actually I was hoping we might
do it again sometime.” She replied “I also have
a confession. I said that it wouldn’t change things
between us and I think it has…….I don’t
want to go back entirely to what we had before. I want us to
somehow keep some of the excitement and other things in
our normal life”

“I’m sure we can do that” I replied

“I do love you” said Karen kissing me on the cheek
“Thank you so much for doing it for me”

“I love you too and it was definitely MY pleasure”
I responded.

“Yeah you certainly got your pleasure OK” she
replied with a sly grin.

“Now” said Karen moving back to look at me “It
is only fair that I fulfil one of your fantasies. Tell me
what you would like – and if I can, I’ll do it for

“You mean apart from having you and Jennifer Lopez
in the same bed”

“Yes apart from that” Karen replied, rolling
her eyes.

I thought about it for a little while and then replied “Well
I also enjoyed our weekend away and particularly having
that power over you. I guess my fantasy would slightly different
though. I would like the power but also have you doing things

“Like a paid whore or sex slave” Karen asked

“Yeah I guess so”

“OK, I’ll do it” Karen said without thinking
about it.

“I mean EVERYTHING I say”

“No problem” replied Karen “I’ll
be your fully paid-up whore for a weekend. Whenever you
want it”

“You don’t have to” I said

“You don’t get it do you. I liked the HAVING TO.......”
Karen said “In fact the man that left me this morning
ordered me to show my husband my new tricks, so I guess I ought
to do just that” Karen added, sliding onto the floor
and crawling between my legs. She unfastened my trousers
and pulled them, and my pants off me.

“This is the first of my new tricks” Karen said
as she leaned over and sucked the head of my cock into her
mouth. This gave me a serious thrill, to have Karen voluntarily
take my dick in her mouth. Karen held eye contact with me
and started to suck harder, as if inspired and wanting to
impress me with her new found talent.

A couple of minutes later, my body tensed and I filled her
mouth with my cum. Karen did her best to swallow as much as
she could but a little dripped down her chin and onto her
pink top. She sat up and looked at me with glazed eyes and
a satisfied look on her face. She wiped her chin with her
fingers and licked them clean looking me squarely in the
eye as she did. “What do you think of my new trick”
she asked with a devilish grin.

I began to tell her what an incredible blowjob that was.
Karen just smiled and jokingly commented that she needed
to change her shirt now.

I told Karen to get comfortable on the couch and I would put
a movie on. As she got comfortable, I put in the tape I had
made over the weekend.

“You taped it” Karen said in disbelief, as the
image of her riding the Sybian came into view. “Oh
my god” Karen said in disbelief.

We watched the first half hour and then Karen started to
get fidgety. She put her head in my lap and started giving
my cock the kiss of life. It wasn’t long before I was
erect again.

“So you liked being my little slut, did you?”
I asked

“Uh huh” Karen mumbled around my cock.

“OK then, slut, ride me like you did that machine”
I commanded.

Karen looked up, clearly trying to decide how to react to
this “Yes Sir” she replied, and then straddled
me, steadily driving her pussy down over me.

Karen started to ride me hard and fast. After a couple of
minutes I asked “So does my little slut like to be given

“Yes, especially when they involve this” Karen
replied still riding me.

“OK then. Now stop, take me in your ass and then ride
me until I come” I instructed.

Karen looked a little unsure about this, hesitated for
a moment but then lifted herself up and then guided my cock
between the cheeks of her ass. She slowly pushed down. “Urgh”
was the only sound Karen made as the head popped inside.
She held still for a moment and then continued her descent.

Karen fucked me like she has never done before, I came first
unloading inside her ass and then Karen came immediately
after. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as she
came. She was hanging on to my shoulders for support and
had a look of shock in her eyes as she rode the tiny spasms
of her orgasm.

Karen just stayed there impaled on my shrinking cock, breathing
hard and looking straight at me, as if trying to work out
how she felt about it.

She then leaned forward and gave me a long lingering kiss.
“I can’t believe I just did that” She said
“There is no way I would have even considered doing
this a week ago. Things have definitely changed”.

“I love you” I whispered

“I love you too” Karen replied.

With Love,


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Didn't like this because of all the punctuations.
Very hard to read and make sense of.


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The most beautiful story I have read in a long time. I so much
wanted it to never end. Keep writing, you have the talents.


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how to turn a wife into submissive in one long weekend


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i really enjoyed this one! pleaase gine us more!


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Nice story, but why all the funny characters? They get in
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Really enjoyed the story. Was a little short of breath a
few times, but managed to take things into hand and survive.
The punctuation may be that you are not using a standard
american keyboard configuration, and the uploading is
seeing different symbols. But even this distraction did
not stop the excitement from flowing from the page.


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Really hot! Having the freedom and power to do that without
fear of being arested in really erotic. I had a constant
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very well written