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Wife's Best Friend


Wouldn't you just know it! I'd planned a weekend
long fishing trip with my buddy Jeff, and since it was going
to be a three day weekend, all the better! My wife Terry knew
about my fishing trip ahead of time, and yet she still invited
her friend Lisa .... well the story goes something like
this ... Terry hadn't seen Lisa in like a dozen years,
and they were old college roommates. Lisa had been the matron
of honor at our wedding, and so THAT'S WHY, Terry was
now insisting I cancel my trip, because she just felt like
I should be there too, when her friend Lisa arrived! Personally,
I just didn't see the point. I mean come on, even IF I
was involved in greeting her and saying hello. Even IF I
was involved in their conversation. Eventually they'd
be talking about old college days and things like that,
then there'd probably be shopping and lunches and
stuff, none of which I would be involved in!

Of course logic didn't work however, and Terry was
insisting that I could always go fishing with Jeff, but
Lisa visiting was a once in a long time thing, and who knows
how long it would be, before "we'd" get
to see her again! SO all of that's the story of "how"
my weekend fishing trip got canceled, and then we now move
on to the rest of the story, as they say!

Canceling my weekend fishing trip is just like anything
else in life. First your pissed off, and then you calm down,
and eventually of course, you get over it and move on! The
getting over it and moving on part was easier than normal
for me, and being perfectly honest about "why"
it was easier, would be to say the reason was Lisa herself!
At the very least I would get to see her again, and IF the years
had been good to her, well the last time I did see her several
years ago at our wedding Lisa was a "babe" meaning
she was HOT! Back then she was younger of course, but my own
wife Terry had definitely aged well, so why not her friend
too! The last pictures I had of Lisa in my mind went something
like this: About five seven or so with long tanned legs that
just went straight up to heaven! Medium length, dark brunette
hair and pretty green eyes, a pretty face, and a beautiful

Ahhh, but of course I know you'd like to know the rest,
and since I didn't of course know her exact measurements
back then or now, I'd just have to guess! I could cock
my head and think, and base my guesses on my knowledge of
my own wife's body and measurements! SO guessing Lisa's,
I'd have to go with somewhere in the very close vicinity
of: 36C-26-36, or there abouts, very close to! That was
just guessing mind you, but I bet I would be damn close, as
I've said a couple of times now! Anyway, the bottom
line was that essentially I didn't have a hope or prayer
of getting out of staying home and playing the good hubby,
and host, so why fight it, and why not hopefully, at least
get to spend a little time with a hot babe, who just happened
to be a close friend of my wife's anyway? Whatever!

It was two hours before Lisa was due at our house. Just two
hours, and I swear that's true! Terry gets a phone call
that her mother is in the hospital in Austin (about three
hours away from us) and that she needs to be there! They weren't
sure if it was life-threatening or not, but since Terry
was the only one of her mothers three kids close enough to
go, of course SHE was the one called! Terry tried reaching
Lisa on her cell phone, but it just kept on ringing, no answer!
This was before the days of voice-mail, and it Lisa had the
stereo turned up in her rental car, then chances are she
just didn't hear her cell phone ringing! Terry tried
a couple more times as she packed her bags and got ready to
go, but still no answer, so she gave me instructions, as
well as a message to pass on to her friend!

Terry told me she'd try and call from the road, as well
as once she did get to Austin. She also told me to tell Lisa
that hopefully this wouldn't be more than a day or two
thing, and then she gave me the old "I told you so"
about me canceling my fishing trip! Now I'd be home
to play host for a couple of days, so Lisa could stay with
us, and then Terry would be back home again, and she could
see her old friend! OK, OK, so she MIGHT have been right in
making my cancel my fishing trip, but still .... Didn't
mean I had to like it! Lisa actually arrived less than an
hour and a half after Terry left, and when I went to answer
the front door, I had to take a step back, and it took all I
had not to just stare and whistle! Not that I was ever in the
habit of whistling at pretty women! Earlier, when I said
I hoped the years had been good to her, man had they, as they'd
actually showered her with love!

Starting at her head, she had that tan face that meant she'd
spent a lot of time out in the sun, and not at some expensive
tanning salon. Not just her face however, as her entire
body (that I could see) was just a deeply and richly tanned
as her face. TO even set her tan off even more, she was wearing
a white shirt, cotton, and the kind that has this real low
"V" in the front that kind of crosses over down
lower, almost to her damn belly button! The amount of "cleavage"
she was show left little to the imagination anyway, but
as if that wasn't enough, from both the large dark circles
and small hard "bumps" that plainly showed
through the transparent material, you could easily tell,
she wasn't wearing a bra under her shirt! She also had
on a pair of matching white shorts, and then just a simple
pair of sandals, and man-o-man, did she look hot!

I could easily tell she'd gotten a bit older, but even
knowing her current age (37, I still would have only guessed
her in her very early thirties, at the very most! Whatever,
but in my mind at least I was already moving her from just
the "babe" status, into the "damn hot
babe" status, and I might even had added the word awesome
to all that as well! All of that was just in my mind however,
as in reality all I did was smile at her, tell her how glad
I was she was here, and step aside, to invite her in! As soon
as Lisa was in the door however, she gave me this huge smile
of her own, and then demanded to know if this was the way I
treated all my long lost friends? Before I could even answer
her however, she already had her arms around my neck, and
her body tight up against mine, and we kissing me on the lips!
NO, it wasn't "THAT KIND" of a kiss, but
it was still damn sexy!

Five minutes after she'd arrived I'd told her
the news about Terry. She took it in stride, and even just
sort of shrugged it off with an oh well, we'd see her
in a few days anyway! I was soon to learn that's the way
Lisa seemed to handle pretty much everything in life. Taking
it all in stride, and just casually moving on forward anyway!
The first thing Lisa wanted was a drink, and I don't
mean water either! At least according to her, it was late
enough in the afternoon anyway, and so she insisted I fix
us a pitcher of margaritas, which as she remembered it,
was one of my specialties! I fixed us the drinks, and a few
minutes later we were both seated comfortably on the back
deck, shaded from the late afternoon sun, and talking away!
At least SHE was doing most of the talking! That was one other
thing I suddenly remembered about her, and that was she
could most definitely "TALK"!

As I was saying before, most of the conversation was pretty
one-sided, with Lisa of course doing most of the talking!
At least some of what she was telling me surprised me, mainly
because it seemed to have a lot to do with me! Whether she
was just being overly complimentary or not, Lisa was telling
me that I looked good too. She was even complaining that
men always "aged" better than women anyway,
but then adding that to her at least, I really did look surprisingly
good! She then went on to tell me how lucky my wife Terry was,
and then even added that way back at our wedding, SHE (Lisa)
had been standing there and Watching Terry and I get married,
and all the while she'd been wishing it was her up there
standing next to me, and not her best friend Terry! BY then
we were both on our next glass of margaritas, and so I got
up to make us another pitcher as well.

I was thinking about where to take her out to dinner, as I
stood there making us another pitcher of margaritas, but
after rummaging around in our refrigerator, and then our
freezer, Lisa insisted we had everything we needed, for
a quiet cook-out of our own! I did have to agree with her about
that, and so I took a couple of steaks out of the freezer and
threw them in the microwave to thaw, and then we headed back
out onto the patio, to drink and talk some more! Later, Lisa
went in and changed into her bikini, and then she took a dip
in our pool, as I cooked our steaks! MAN, if I'd thought
she'd looked hot in what she'd been wearing earlier,
now seeing her in her bikini ... Well let's just say
I was glad to be standing behind the grill, so it could hide
my erection! Man -o-man again however, because later when
she same out of that pool dripping wet, I could easily see
her large dark aureoles & super, erect nipples with
through her bikini top!

Damn, I sure needed another drink now, but of course I wasn't
drinking alone either! Lisa had plopped back down in her
chair to sip her drink, and watch me, as I finished cooking
out steaks! Walking over to the table with our food, there
was no way I could hide my erection now, but I hoped she wouldn't
notice. As I walked over to the table however, I could see
her eyes traveling down my body, and landing straight onto
my crotch. All she did was smile, and then as I finally sat
down with her, she said something about how maybe it was
good Terry wasn't here right now anyway, as that meant
she and I could spend some time alone together, something
we'd never done before! I left it at that, not bothering
to respond and then we ate our dinner together, and talked
even more!

By the time dinner was over, we'd finished off our second
pitcher of margaritas, and as I went to make another one,
Lisa announced she wanted to go swimming once again! I was
definitely feeling the effect of all that alcohol by then,
and so I knew Lisa had to be as well. Just as I got back outside
with our fresh drinks, Lisa was standing at the edge of the
pool, back to me, as she suddenly undid her bikini top, and
then tossed it behind her towards me! THEN, as I stood there
mouth open and watching her, she bent over and slipped her
bikini bottoms off, and then tossed them away as well! Now
standing again, and with her bare back and BEAUTIFUL bare
ass facing me, she announced how much she just loved skinny-dipping
at night, and especially under a full moon, like tonight!
She then dove into the pool with a splash, as I still stood
there, mouth open and staring!

Lisa took a lap around our pool, naked of course, and then
pulled up to the edge, head out of the water, and spoke to
me. There was just enough of her bare breasts showing to
be tantalizing, and yet enough was still covered up by the
water and the side of our pool, not to reveal everything!
Lisa was saying something about how it wasn't any fun
skinny-dipping all alone, and I was just about to respond,
when my cell phone rang! Of course it was Terry calling,
and after telling me her mom was going to be OK, she then asked
all the usual questions. Was everything OK at home? Did
Lisa get there OK and was she OK with Terry being gone? Things
like that and more. She then wanted to talk to Lisa herself,
and so I walked over to the side of the pool, to hand Lisa my
cell phone. As I bent down to hand Lisa my phone, she stood
up, her upper half, her beautiful wet tits, coming completely
out of the water!

It wasn't like I could just turn away and not look, and
then by the time she was standing and I'd handed her
the phone, I just felt I'd look stupid if I turned away
then! God, her tits were even more perfect, and beautiful
than I'd imagined. It wasn't like seeing them
through some shirt or in a bikini top, and exposed and bare,
I could see them so clearly now! Her aureoles were just beautiful,
and such perfectly round, silver dollar size ovals around
her very erect nipples! They were dark and smooth, and circled
around her nipples so perfectly, and her nipples were even
more beautiful to stare at and see! They were as big around
as my pinky, and just looking at them then, they looked like
they stood out at least a full inch at least! Water trickled
off of her tits, and some slide down her bare belly, and my
hard cock just jerked inside my pants, as I stood there staring
at her! (Or rather at her tits!)

I never even heard what Lisa was saying to my wife, I was just
so mesmerized by her tits! She even had to clear her voice
to get my attention, when she tried handing me back my cell
phone! When I took my phone back however, she never said
a word, but just flashed that beautiful smile of hers at
me again, and then once again announced that it was lonely,
skinny-dipping all by herself! My first moment of truth
came as she asked me directly to join her in the pool, and
whether it was just alcoholic courage or not, I finally
agreed, but only if she'd turn her back so I could undress!
Naked and in the water with her now, I swam away from her the
first couple of times she came towards me, but eventually
she caught me! Thankfully she caught me from behind, but
she also wouldn't let go, and so eventually she did
mange to work her way around in front of me and face me!

By then I was backed up against the side of the pool with nowhere
to go! Lisa pulled herself tightly up against me, and then
there was just no way she COULDN'T have felt my hard
cock pressing against her body! "You know Terry won't
be back until day after tomorrow at the earliest, and so
that means you and I could have a whole lot of fun together
Steven"! Lisa sort of wiggled against me as she said
it, my hard cock rubbing against her warm body underneath
the water! Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck,
and her hands locked together behind me. Still I know damn
well I could have at least turned my head when she went to
kiss me, and yet I didn't! It was a long, deep kiss with
lots of "tongue", but when it was over I managed
to break free of her grip, just long enough to push myself
up, and out of the water! As I did it however, my hard cock
actually slid right across her face!

I was actually feeling a little wobbly on my legs right then,
and I honestly didn't know if it was more from the alcohol,
or her kiss! I quickly turned and grabbed a towel off of one
of the chairs beside the pool, and then wrapped it around
me, before speaking to her. I know my voice was excited,
and I probably sounded out of breath, but I told her this
wasn't right, not elaborating on what the "this"
was! I then added that especially with Terry out of town
and not knowing about it, and before she could say anything
back to me, I turned and walked away, and then quickly disappeared
inside out house! As I walked away however Lisa was speaking,
and she was saying something about how she knew Terry wouldn't
mind us having a little fun, as after all, she'd done
it with one of her boyfriends before, and if I didn't
believe her, I should just ask her! "SO she owes me
on" were the final words I heard from Lisa!

In my room and alone, I lay on our bed, my hard cock standing
straight up in the air. One side of me wanted to masturbate
right then, while the other side of me pouted, and called
my own self foolish, for leaving a beautiful naked woman
alone in the pool like that, and especially one that wanted
me! Now a few things I haven't mentioned so far in my
story, are the facts that Terry and I were "swingers"
at the time, and not only had we done threesomes with other
men and women, and had foursomes with other couples, but
at least Terry had a few flings of her own, and without me
being there to even watch! I mean I did know she was doing
it, and that was part of the thrill for me of course, but at
the same time, "I'D never done anything alone
or with another person I mean, without her being right there
with us! We'd never even really talked about it or the
possibility of it happening either!

I lay there thinking about all that, and how she'd had
a fling with this guy from her work that I liked to call her
"blow job buddy"! She and her "co-worker"
would park in either his car or hers, and then they kiss and
fool around. He'd play with her big tits (She's
a 38D) and then finger her wet pussy, while she stroked his
hard cock! Eventually she'd go down on him and suck
his hard cock for him! For whatever reason however, the
guy couldn't last more than a couple of minute with
Terry sucking him, before he'd shoot off into her mouth,
and she'd swallow his hot cum! After, he'd get
her all worked up even more, and then send her home to fuck
me, even though HE didn't think I knew anything about
their little meetings! Terry and I BOTH thought it was so
kinky that we let it go on, and besides she did have me to fuck
her when she got back home!

Then there was this time she was on a business trip and some
guy picked her up in the hotel bar! They ended back up in his
room, and she had just enough time to call me on her cell from
his bathroom, before they were in bed together and fucking
like crazy! She did call the next day and tell me most of the
details about their night together, and then the next night
he was in her room, and neither of them even bothered with
the formalities of going out to dinner or having drinks!
They just fucked like mad once again, and then the next day
he was gone, and a day later, she was home with me! Terry knew
she had an open approval from me IF something liked that
happened, but we'd never even discussed the "what
if's" when it came to me having one of those same
opportunities! We'd had FMF threesomes before, and
I had fucked other women, but once again she'd always
been there when it happened!

As I said before, all of this was going through my mind and
more, as I lay there naked on my bed, and my hard cock stood
out so straight, and just throbbed! At once point I did hear
the bedroom door down the hallway close, and so I figured
Lisa had gone to the room I'd put her up in, and that she'd
probably gone to bed! My mind wandered more. Did she wear
anything to bed, or did she sleep naked, like Terry and I
did? If she did wear something, was it some sexy nitie, or
maybe just an old T_shirt, which was exciting in it's
own kinky kind of way? My hard cock throbbed even more! To
the point where it was getting damn hard to ignore it any
longer! I finally decided I needed another drink to calm
my nerves, and so I slipped on a robe, and then quietly slipped
down the hallway, and into our kitchen. I grabbed a bottle
of Scotch, and then went to set it down, so I could go back
to bed!

Just as I turned to leave however, I had second thought,
and I grabbed the bottle, so I could take it with me! I got
half-way down the hallway, and stopped in front of Lisa's
room. The door was shut of course, but I could hear soft music
coming from inside the room. I couldn't see any light
coming out from under the door however, and so I figured
she had to be asleep by now! Why I did it I still don't
know, but I quietly knocked, and then when I didn't
hear an answer, I quietly slipped the door open! I stood
there a minute letting my eyes adjust to the slightly darker
room, and then I walked over to the bed, set my bottle of Scotch
down on the nightstand, and then sat down on the bed next
to what I thought, was a sleeping Lisa! I knew she was either
naked, or maybe just wearing panties, because the covers
were half-way down her body, and her bare back was showing!

Once again, just as I have no idea why I'd even come into
the room in the fist place, or why I'd sat down on that
bed next to her, I slowly reached out, and then slid my hand
softly down her bare back! She stirred as I slid my had under
the covers, and then over her bare ass, discovering that
she was sleeping naked! It was almost like I was in some kind
of trance, and yet I'd be fooling even my own self, if
I said I didn't know what I was doing! Lisa stirred again
as I ran my hand over her warm, soft, yet firm ass cheeks!
Suddenly and before I even knew what was happening she sat
up, and then her arms were around me, and we were kissing!
This time as her tongue snaked around inside my mouth, I
answered back, my own tongue doing a dance of it's own
in her mouth! This kiss was twice as long as the one out in
the pool, and it really didn't end right away either,
as we quickly went from one kiss to the next!

By the second kiss her hand slid down my arm and onto my hand,
and then a second later, she was guiding my hand up to her
bare tit! Her nipples seemed even bigger sitting there
and kissing in the dark, than they had when I'd just
been staring at them! Her aureole was slightly crinkled
as well, and she moaned into my mouth, as I played with her
beautiful full tits, and her hard nipples! Lisa's
hand now slid down my body, across my thigh, and then wrapped
around my hard cock! From that moment on, the only time we
broke contact with each other, was when I stood slightly,
to slip my robe the rest of the way off, so that I could get
naked too! Once my robe was off however, we were in full embrace,
and kissing once again, as once again I played with her hard
nipples, and she stroked my hard cock!

I let this all go on for several more minutes, before lowering
my head to her chest, and starting to slick and suck her nipples
for her! She smelled and tasted so fresh and clean and her
body was so responsive, and her moans so soft but continuous,
that it was all really turning me on! I licked and sucked
on her hard nipples for a while, and then I sort of laid her
back on the bed, lifted one of her legs, and I began to slowly
lick my way from her foot, up her calf and thigh, and towards
her crotch! We both had to sort of shift positions at this
point, and as she scooted back up on the bed, lay back again,
and spread her legs open for me, I slipped around in in between
them, so that now my face was right in her crotch! Her pubic
hair, her "bush" was thick and lush, and yet
trimmed nicely, and also shave in a 'bikini cut"!
Her pubic hairs tickled my nose, and then I breathed in deeply!

The smell of her pussy, her "womanly odor" as
I like to call it, was just wonderful, and as I breathed in,
just her smell alone, made my hard cock twitch underneath
me! I leaned in and took a long lick up the length of her "slit"
letting my tongue slid in between we already soaking wet,
an swollen pussy lips, and then right up to her now exposed,
hard little clit! She was one of those women who have a very
prominent clit, once that sticks right out, just like a
tiny penis! No problem either searching for or trying to
find her clit, as it was large and swollen, sticking out
all hard, and just looked so very inviting! I quickly, discovered
that Lisa is one of those women who seem to love direct stimulation
on her clit, and none of this licking off to the side stuff
either! Oh, and I knew that, because I also discovered how
"vocal" she is as well! She had no problem, telling
me exactly where to lick!

As I licked her pussy, Lisa's ass squired around on
the bed, and so I eventually slid a hand up under her ass cheeks!
I reserved the other hand, so I could keep a couple of fingers
actively sliding in and out of her wet pussy as I licked her!
With one hand under her ass cheeks however, my fingers ended
up right in her crack, and then whether it was my imagination
or not, I at least felt like she was actually squirming around
how, so that my fingers would slide across her puckered
little asshole! At this point sort of figuring what the
hell, my tongue left her swollen clit, and headed back down
through her wet pussy lips, and then even lower! As soon
a s Lisa knew where my tongue was headed, she sort of rolled
over on her side a bit, and then finally all the way over,
and onto her stomach! She then sort of scrunched up a bit,
and shoved her ass up in the air! Already behind her, all
I had to do was move!

I sat partially upright then, and reached out and took hold
of her ass, and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart! As my tongue
slowly slid up the length of her ass crack, and then slowly
back down, I purposely skipped even toughing her asshole!
I did this several times, as her ass squirmed around and
she moaned loudly, and then finally, her breath jagged
with the sound of excitement, she whispered, to me and said:
"Oh God Steven PLEASE"! "Please baby
please, your driving me crazy, so PLEASE lick it, lick it
for me now"! Of course driving her crazy had been my
intentions all along, but now that she literally was begging
me for it, I made a finally skipping lick back up her ass crack,
and this time as I came back down, I stopped my tongue directly
at her asshole, and I began to flick it, and then I started
to sincerely lick it hard! Lisa just went wild, and as I licked
her ass for her ......

I was licking away and listening to her moans of pleasure,
and then she did exactly as I'd expected in this position,
and with me doing what I was doing to her, and she reached
up under herself, and began to rub her hard clit, she began
to masturbate! SO there I am behind her, licking her asshole
for her, as she rubs her hard clit like mad and masturbates!
I don't think this all went on a full five minutes, before
she groaned quite loudly, and then announced even louder
and quite clearly, that she was cumming! At that point my
face was just buried in her ass, and I stuck y tongue directly
into her asshole and wiggled it around! I also reached up
and very quickly jammed tow fingers as deep inside her pussy
as I could, and I guess everything I was doing was "right",
because she then screamed out; "OH GOD YES"!
Oh and then quite literally flooded my hand with her pussy

Her orgasm was intense, I've got to admit that, and
it took a few minutes for her to finally calm back down! Her
ass was still stuck up in the air however, and my cock was
most definitely as hard as a piece of steel, and so I got up
to my knees behind her, and then I guess before SHE even realized
what I was doing, I just rammed my hard cock up and inside
her soaking wet pussy! She grunted and then groaned really
loud, but then she told me that she'd wanted to suck
my hard cock for me first, even as I was about to take my second
plunge into her! My hands tightened their grip on her hips,
and I thrust forward hard, nearly knocking her down onto
her face! As I did it I also told her we'd have plenty
of time for that later, and her only response after that,
was to moan once again, and then tell me how good it felt!
I then began to really fuck her hard!

I guess if there's one thing I've learned about
sex over the years, and one thing I knew even back then! Is
there are times for "making love" and there
are other times for just plain old "fucking",
and THIS was one of those times for fucking! Very quickly
I built up a strong, steady rhythm, and then the only sounds
in the room for a few minutes, were the sounds of her moaning,
and the sounds of my balls and crotch smacking off of her
and her ass! Of course the "silence" if you'd
like to call it that, didn't last long! Lisa is definitely
one of those kinds of women, who loves to talk during sex!
Believe me however, I'm certainly not complaining
about it either! Lisa kept telling me how big and hard my
cock felt in her wet pussy, as well as how good it felt, and
of course to keep on fucking her! I knew I was getting very
close to cumming myself, and so when she finally began to
masturbate herself, I was happy!

Once again she'd reached up under herself and she'd
begun rubbing her hard clit like mad as I fucked her! I could
feel her fingernails grazing off my cock every once in a
while, as I thrust down into her, and it just felt so good!
It was a race at this point, as to who was going to climax first,
and I think I just barely beat her as I cried out I was cumming,
and seconds latter, she cried out too! I quickly yanked
her ass back hard into my crotch, and then held her there,
impaled o my hard cock, and as I began shooting my hot cum
deep inside her wet pussy, I could feel it contracting,
and sucking my cock even deep inside of her! Her orgasm,
and her contracting pussy only heightened my own orgasm,
and together we were so loud cumming, that I was honestly
afraid, even the neighbors next door might hear us! Spasm
after spasm, my ass tightened and I shot my hot cum, deep
inside of her!

Finally, the last few "spurts" and then "dribbles"
from my hard cock, and I could now just barely feel the pulse
of her heartbeat inside her pussy, but it was so hot and wet
now, and so creamy inside, and just felt so damn good! My
crotch was still smashed tightly up against her ass cheeks,
and even as she fell forward onto the bed, I fell with her!
At once point I started to withdraw from her pussy, but she
stopped me, telling me to "please" leave it
in a little longer! Finally I did pull back out of her, and
since this was my fist orgasm, my cock was still quite hard.
I fell to my back onto the bed beside her, my hard cock sticking
up in the air, as both her juices and my cum slid down, and
soaked my crotch! Lisa looked over at me and then down at
my still hard cock, and then as smooth as can be, she rolled
over on her side, slid down my body, and took my still hard
cock into her mouth!

Oh God it felt so good, and at times even a bit too intense,
but Lisa sucked gently, as she cleaned my hard cock up for
me! After a few minuted however, and now with the intensity
of my orgasm gone, Lisa began to really suck my hard cock,
her mouth tightly sliding up and down my hard shaft! I groaned
loudly and my hips jerked hard once, and Lisa suddenly came
back up off my hard cock, and looked up at me and whispered
to me, asking me if I wanted her to stop! "Hell NO!",
I told her, and with a sudden smile, she took my back into
her mouth, and went back to sucking me off!Since I had just
orgasmed, I knew it would take a while before I was ready
to cum a second time. Lisa didn't seem to mind however,
as she just kept right on sucking my hard cock! I guess maybe
because of that, it didn't take me as long as I thought
it would, and suddenly as her head bobbed up and down over
me, it happened!

It actually happened so fast, that I barely had time to warn
her I was going to cum! I did manage to get the words out however,
although it was like a split second, before the first spurt
of hot cum shot out of my cock, and into her mouth! Lisa never
missed a beat however, as her head still continued to bob
up and down over me, and with each hard jerk of my cock, and
each hard spurt, I could literally feel her swallow, and
all the time it was happening, I swear she was even humming!
Finally, and once again, the last few now weak spurts AND
dribbles from my hard cock, Lisa let out this long, low moan,
while still holding my now softening cock in her mouth!
Sometimes I was good for two orgasms, and sometime s three
before I went soft! THe intensity of my last two orgasm had
I guess just been too much, because even WITH My cock still
inside her mouthy, I was very rapidly going flaccid!

Finally, as my cock reached it's softest phase, she
let it slowly slip from her mouth, and then she moved back
up next to me. We kissed, long and deep, and I could taste
my own cum in her mouth! I held her, and at the same time I gently
played with her tits, and her still hard nipple! She in turn
had reached down, and was now holding, and then gently stroking
my soft cock! I could feel myself at least starting to get
hard once again, but I knew it would take some time, before
I was fully erect! SHE could feel it too, and after another
gentle, long kiss she asked me "how long?",
and I knew what she was asking me! "A little while",
I told her, "But maybe sooner if you keep playing
with me like that"! I kind of meant it as a joke, but
she obviously took it more seriously! Good", she
said, and then added, "Cause next time I want it from
behind again, only this time I want you in my ass"!

Now that was once request I certainly wasn't going
to turn down! As I would also find out over the next two days,
there would be more requests I wouldn't turn down as
well! Now that the ice had been broken so to speak, I later
found out how much she loved just running around the house,
as well as our back yard, naked! I also discovered that she
most definitely has a "thing" for having sex
in water, whether it was in the swimming pool, our jacuzzi
bath tub, or my big, stand alone shower! Water just seemed
to get her hot and turn her on for some reason! Once again
however, I' absolutely NOT complaining!

NOW, before I get a bunch of comments about me "CHEATING"
on my wife at the time, let me end my story by telling you this!

When Terry got home, and we finally got naked in bed together,
the first thing I told her was about Lisa and me! Actually,
as we hugged and kissed, held each other, and caressed each
other. As I slowly fingered her wet pussy, and she stroked
my hard, but slightly sore cock, I got maybe one tenth of
the story out, before she stopped me! Terry suddenly slide
right over thee top of me, and off our bed. Then she leaned
over, her big breasts dangling down in front of me, and she
gave me a kiss on the forehead, much as you'd do to calm,
and placate a small child! She then told me she'd be
right back, and that I wasn't to get up or out of bed,
and then she was gone!Terry was gone maybe fifteen minutes
or so, but when she came back, she wasn't alone! I started
to say something, but quickly found a finger pressed to
my lips! Then the next ting I know, both women are down between
my legs, and sharing my cock!

I've had some "double blow jobs" in my life
before, but this one was incredible! They stopped short
of making me cum however, and then Terry watched, as Lisa
mounted me, and started riding my hard cock on top of me!
I say Terry watched, but it actually wasn't for very
long, as soon she was squatting over the top of my head, and
lowering her wet pussy down onto my face! I was the first
to cum inside Lisa of course, but Lisa wasn't long behind
me, as she kept telling me to please stay hard, because she
was so close! A few minutes later, she was climaxing too,
and then after that Terry came, just flooding my face with
her pussy juices! A little while later both women were laying
beside me, me in the middle, arms wrapped around them, and
honestly feeling like a king! That was all just the beginning
of the next few days of fun, and those days were even more
fun, than the couple of days I'd had alone with Lisa!

AND SO .... OW, I can say ......




. .......!

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Awesome story. Really a cock jerker!


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great story dude


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Great story, thanks


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Damn! That was a big one you caught there that weekend.But
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Great story and glad you all had fun. Thanks and keep your
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Loved your story. When my best friend comes to visit I hope
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That was an awesome story. It's got my cock hard as steel
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I started your story and had to take care of something and
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Excelent story makes me go crazy.


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SO HOT!!!!!!! Need more.


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great story i need friends like that

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