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Whoring My Wife.


It started innocently enough. No perverted plans or fantasies,
just maybe a product of the situation that I was in. Maybe
it was destiny or fate, but I promise you I didn’t wake
up that morning and say to myself, ‘I think I’ll whore
my wife out today.’ This morning I did.

Innocent, like I said. We had moved to Florida almost two
years ago. It cost a small fortune, one that we were still
feeling the effects from. Couple with a short stay in the
hospital to find out my heart was fine but my stomach was
churning too much acid, we had accumulated an extensive
collection of bills in our mail sorter.

Granted we could pay everything off in time, but I knew from
experience that we were more likely to just accumulate
more bills. We made decent money, at least for the area.
No one made good money except for doctors and lawyers. I
decided I would get a part-time job, and get everything
caught up or maybe ahead. Then I could go back to trying to
enjoy life and not worrying about paying the bills.

I had looked last year and I knew where the money was to be
made, at least for me. I had done some security work in the
past and knew that all the clubs, hotels and condos would
be hiring for extra staff during spring break. I applied
at three places one day and was offered two jobs. One at a
nice hotel resort and another at a less reputable motel.
For some reason, I liked the seedier location and its promise
of more activity. It also paid much better, although I was
sure I would have to earn it.

Working security during spring break can have its ups and
downs. It’s sort of like being a babysitter to 1800 college
kids. Only a handful were what I would call bad kids. The
rest were just here to have fun. My philosophy was simple.
Try to prevent damage to the motel’s property and keep
the kids out of trouble. Both were easier said than done.

Most of the kids responded to gentle reminders well. Once
you explained some simple facts their minds would process
and they would comply with your wishes. Things like climbing
balconies, an established problem here with several deaths
each year. As motel security I would just walk up to them
and explain that we enjoyed them staying with us, but if
the police drove by and saw them, they would be staying some
place not quite so much fun. Of course, I would never tell
them that if they didn’t comply, I would be the one calling
the police.

I also noticed the ratio of girls to guys. About 70 percent
guys and 30 percent girls. Not a bad ratio if you were a girl,
but for the guys, there just wasn’t enough to go around.
Many a night I would stand in the parking lot and listen to
them howling at the moon like dogs in heat. In addition,
I don’t think an hour went by when I wasn’t asked where
a guy could find “you know, that kind of girl.”

I usually sent them to one of the local strip bars, not knowing
whether they would find what they were looking for or not.
At the least, they would have something to jerk off too later
in the evening. After a week of that, I began to ask these
guys questions. What are you looking for? How much are you
willing to pay and for what? I did some math in my head and
wondered if the “right” woman could make some money
taking care of these kids.

What surprised me the most was how low the standards were
on these guys. Granted they had looked, and probably been
turned down by ever college girl in a tight bikini and for
some, there was more alcohol in their veins than blood.
At a point, they didn’t care anymore about anything except
getting off by means other than their own.

“I don’t care what she looks like as long as she sucks
me off, ” and the other favorite, “I can close my eyes
and see who I want to fuck, but I can’t make my hand feel
like a wet pussy.”

For the ladies reading this story, you hold all the cards.
Any woman, ANY woman, can get laid at spring break. That’s
when I started wondering if ANY woman could make money at
it. The next morning after getting up from work, I sat at
my computer. I printed up a few pictures and then put them
away for my next research project.

It was Thursday night, and while not as hectic as the weekend,
it was still busy. It was about 11 PM when the first kid walked
up to me with “the question.”

I asked them what and how much and then pulled out one of the

“How much if you could get this one?” I asked.

“Shit man look at those tits. Fuck. Shit what’s she
into?” the horny young man asked.

“Making money, “ I replied evenly.

“You think she’d blow me for twenty?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to check. Give me your room
number and I’ll let you know if I can work it out, ” I
told the young man. Within an hour, my research was complete.
No less than ten different guys came up to me to check out
the picture. Each offered between $20 and $100 to be with
the woman in the photo, my wife.

Over the course of the rest of the night, I decided to increase
my research material. Whenever I would show the guys the
pic, I would have them scribble what they wanted and how
much they would pay on the back of the photo. It surprised
even me when I got home and totaled the possible income at
almost a thousand dollars for one night’s work of sucking
and fucking. I went to bed and woke up the next morning. The
morning I did wake up thinking about whoring my wife out.

My problem was how to approach her. We had been married for
almost 15 years. At one point, there was a semi-real, semi-fantasy
of her giving ‘massages’ for money. I remember it was
a hot subject for a few weeks, until the money crisis at that
time passed. But now we weren’t in a real crisis. It was
my desire to pay off all our bills to get some other things
we wanted. She wasn’t that concerned about it. So how
would I get her to want to help?


Cindy was already downstairs when I got up about mid morning.
Her soft blonde curls framing her face as she smiled at me.

“So how was it last night?”

“Not too bad, ” I replied, “but tonight being Friday
it will be out of control.”

“I bet. Be careful you don’t OD on college girl tits, ”
she laughed.

“Not to worry dear. It seems to take two to three girls
just to make up what you have right here, ” I offered.

“Yeah well I bet all those college guys would rather see
those young boobs than mine any day.”

“You might be surprised. Especially since some of the
girls are either being very selective or spending more
time with each other. It doesn’t help that there are a
lot more guys here than girls too.”

“Oh that’s too bad, ” my wife mocked, “all those
needy college guys here to have a good time and they end up
jerking off. Maybe I should go down and show them a good time.”

Cindy was smiling and giggling at the thought. I on the other
hand was amazed at how easy the conversation turned the
way I was hoping.

My next statement had to be calculated to cover all sides.
“All I know is if I were a woman, I’d be getting plenty
of dick and lots of money too.”

Cindy sat quiet for a moment, not watching the TV but looking
at it. I wondered what she was thinking. I knew better than
to try and say anything without her broaching the subject
herself. It felt like forever. How could I tell my wife that
I wanted her to be a whore to all these college guys? How could
I tell her that I thought it would be hot to see her with them
and to know they are paying for her sexual favors?

“So you’re telling me that these guys are willing to
pay for sex?”


“How do you know that?” she asked turning slightly
but not looking at me.

“They’ve talked to me about it. Asking if I knew anyone
that did that. I usually just send them to the strip bar,
but I know they come back alone and still horny as hell, ”
I told her. Figuring to break the seriousness of the conversation
I joked, “ I just hope the motel has enough toilet paper
to handle all the jerking off they must be doing.”

Cindy politely laughed at my comment and turned back to
the TV. The news had come on and as normal there was a Spring
Break report. I would love to buy the cameraperson a drink,
because they caught every good looking guy wandering down
the street or laid out at the beach.

“Yeah like guys like that can’t get laid, ” she muttered.

Time to up the stakes a bit. “Oh, it’s true. I know it
for a fact. You might think that it’s just the nerdy guys,
but mostly they are good looking boys. Like I said, just
not enough girls to go around. They were practically begging
for the chance to find someone to screw. Even if they had
to pay for it. None of them want to go home without some kind
of story to brag about.”

“And they told you they would pay for it?”

“Well, actually, I started a list, out of curiosity.
I had them write down what they wanted and how much they would


“Yeah. You know just something to pass the time. I told
them to let me know what they wanted and I would see what I
could find. Maybe not totally honest, but even though I
wasn’t going to find someone, they were still going without.”

“So where’s this list?” Cindy wanted to know. She
was now turned in her chair and looking right at me.

“I think it’s out in the car, or I might have left it there.
Not sure.”

“Go see if you brought it home. I’m curious too.”

I tried to shrug indifferently and went out to my car. I knew
where the list was without looking but I took my time to make
her wait a bit. I still had no idea where her mind was on the
whole subject. As I said earlier, we had playfully tossed
the idea out before, but never went anywhere with it. I took
the sheet of paper and folded it so the photo on the other
side wouldn’t show through and headed into the house.
I sat on the couch and Cindy moved over next to me to read the
list in my hands. It was an impressive list to say the least.

“Let’s see what these horny boys are offering, ”
she smiled.

The list itself was highlighted by several requests for
blowjobs, ranging in offerings from $10 to $30. Fucking
was listed from $25 to $75 dollars. One young man wanted
to ass fuck for $100. The three that seemed to get most of
Cindy’s attention were the ones that wanted to do a whore
with another person.

One guy said that for him and his roommate together they
would pay $100. Another was for all six guys in a room for
two hours for $300. The last was for six guys that wanted
three hours and were willing to pay $500.

Cindy eyed the list, with several ‘Oh My Gods’.

“Yeah but if you brought them Bertha Fat Ass, they would
tell you to go to hell, I’m sure.”

“I’m sure they would. I showed them a picture I got from
the computer and these are the prices they offered, ”
I told my wife, not mentioning the picture was of her. I also
wondered if I had one of her nude if the prices wouldn’t
go up.

“Well looking at these prices you must have found a picture
of a good looking pretend whore.”

“Oh yes. She is quite beautiful. In fact, it was almost
sad when they would find me and ask if I was able to make it
happen and I had to tell them no. A few of them really were
hoping to see her tits. She has big ones, ” I smiled, “in
the photo.”

“What else did she look like. I’m curious to know what
she looked like to get these kinds of offers. You got the


“Can I see it?”

“Maybe, ” I answered.


“Well you have to understand it was research. I was just
kind of fooling around.” I was nervous as hell. I never
thought about it through this far, but Cindy could really
get mad at me for showing her picture to these guys. I decided
to go for broke and unfolded the paper.

“It’s on the other side of the list.”

It felt like Cindy stared at the photo for hours. Then she
turned the paper over and looked at the list again. Then
back at the photo. My stomach was in knots. The excitement
I had started to feel was gone and fear that I fucked up crept
up as the silence grew.

“So let me see if I have this straight. These guys ask if
you know a whore. You say maybe and then show them my picture.
Then they write down what they want to do with me and for how
much. Is that about it?”

“Yeah. I guess. Pretty much, ” I answered. I knew every
detail of the shoes I was wearing because that was the only
thing I could look at for the moment.

“And they were upset because they wanted to see my tits?”

“Yeah, they really liked the way you looked.”

“So what did you tell them was the reason I wouldn’t
be there?”

“I told them I couldn’t get you on your cell phone and
you must be already busy.”

“So if one of these guys sees me in the store today, he’ll
think I’m out sucking and fucking for money.”

“Oh, jeez, Cindy. I never thought of that. I’m so sorry.
I was just trying to have fun, that’s all.”

“So you think it would be fun to whore your wife out to a
bunch of college guys?”

I couldn’t answer her. Cindy stood up, walked out to her
car, and took off. I had no idea where she went. For all I knew
she went to find a divorce lawyer. I went upstairs and got
cleaned up and got ready to go to my normal job.

It was a couple of hours later that Cindy came home, carrying
a large bag. She didn’t say a word and went straight to
her bedroom. I assumed she was mad at me so I left her alone.
Several minutes later I hear a knock on the door to the bedroom
where I keep my clothes.

“Come in.”

Cindy opened the door and stood there. I turned to look and
could feel my mouth open in surprise. My fairly conservative
wife was standing before me wearing a very tight, bright
red tank top. Her hips and just barely her ass were covered
by an equally tight black leather mini skirt. In fact, it
was so short I could see the tops of her stockings and the
red lacy straps from what must have been a garter belt. On
each foot was a black leather boot ending just below the
knee, each sporting a high spiked heel.

“So you think they would like this? Do you like your wife
in her new whore outfit?”

“Yeah. You look fucking great.”

I then notice her face. Her makeup is overdone, with accents
to her eye shadow and blood red lipstick. I notice her fingernails
are covered in high gloss red too.

“You like my new lipstick. I figured I had better get some
that promises to be smear proof. If it does, maybe we could
sue them. Wouldn’t that be fun telling a court full of
people that I was whoring and their lipstick smeared while
I was sucking college cock?”

“You might have to demonstrate how that happened, ”
I offered feeling my arousal returning.

“Maybe you should take some pictures of me this way, so
they can see what I looked like before I started sucking
and fucking for money. Then if you’re lucky, you can get
some after shots. Or maybe even some during. They would
have a good idea what went wrong then.”

“Yeah, ” is all I can manage to say.

“Actually, I was thinking you could take some of me like
this, and see if my prices go up any tonight. Maybe give them
a bit more to help them decide, ” she tells me with a husky

I grab my digital camera and lead her back to her bedroom.

“Get on the bed. Lay on your side facing me and put your
head on your hand.”

Cindy does as I ask and I snap several pictures from different

“Now on your knees, facing away.”


“Lift the skirt.”

Click, click.

“Stand up and pull the tank top down.”

Click, click, click.

“Back on the bed. On your back. Legs spread. Knees up.”

Click, click, click, click.

“Okay that should be enough for now. I’ll get these
downloaded into the computer and printed out, ” I tell
my sexy wife.

“You know I was thinking. I really would hate to have my
lipstick smear and look like an amateur whore. Maybe we
should test it just to make sure. And if you want, you could
take a few action shots to show the boys too, ” Cindy says
moving off the bed.

She drops to her knees in front of me and tilts her head to
look me in the eye. Her hands work on my pants as I snap a picture
of her upturned face. After dropping my pants and underwear
around my ankles, she grabs my cock and pumps it a few times
before kissing the head. I was already half erect from taking
the hot pictures and now sport a full raging hard on.

“Put just your lips over the tip, but not over the whole
crown. Look up at me.”


“Now let it slide in. Look up.”




This continues until her nose is resting in my pubic hair
and I can feel her chin touching my balls.

“Now let’s see if you can smear that lipstick, ”
I tell her before placing the camera strap around my neck
and holding the sides of her head in my hands.

I glide my cock between her wet shiny red lips repeatedly.
Cindy’s cheeks hollow out as she tries to suck the cum
out of my balls. Her hand assists and she begins to jerk me
off in her mouth while she licks and tongues just the head.


Her other hand reaches down and finds my balls. Once cum
filled and hanging low, they are now shrunk up tight with
my impending explosion of cum. I start to hump Cindy’s
mouth holding one hand on her head.

“Hold your mouth open and jerk me off in your mouth and
on your face.”

I watch through the viewfinder snapping pictures with
one hand and hold Cindy’s face close with the other. She
sticks her tongue out lapping at the underside of my cock
head. When her eyes look up at me, I hold out no longer.

Click, click, click, click, click.

I release her head and continue to take pictures as she licks
me clean and then using her fingers wipes the cum off her
face, licking each finger full off with her lips. I zoom
in and get a wonderful close up of my cum staining her shiny
red lips.

Cindy stands and leans close to whisper in my ear, her tits
still exposed from her pulled down tank top pressing into

“Let me know what time to get there.”

I do the best I can to get through my normal eight hours at
work. I didn’t have much of a chance to discuss everything
with Cindy, but she did tell me to tell her what time to show
up at my part time job. I also had a complete set of all the
photos I had taken that afternoon.

It’s a wonder I didn’t get a speeding ticket that night.
I got to work in record time. Things were pretty much normal
and even at ten o’clock it was still early. I called Cindy
and told her to come on down. I also told her to wear a long
coat over her outfit so she didn’t cause too much notice
to herself. Then I went to find the night manager. As it turned
out, a couple of guys had been kicked out before I got on so
there was a room available. I explained that I just wanted
to use it as a place to get away from the ruckus and sit down
for a few minutes. He handed me the key and I felt my heart
race at how well it was all coming together.

I saw Cindy pull up and I directed her to park her car near
the room. I gave her the key and told her she might need to
straighten it up a bit, as it hadn’t been serviced yet.

“Any potential clients, ” she asked getting out of
the car.

“No, not yet. But it’s still fairly early for a Friday
night, ” I told her.

I notice her take a cooler and a large bag into the room with
her. At least she knew to bring some things with her to kill
the time.

About an hour later I had my first inquiry. It was a young
man I had talked to the night before.

“Hey man, what’s going on tonight? You get lucky yet?”
I asked.

The young man was a bit shorter than I was, maybe five eleven.
He was stocky, but not fat. Like he worked out a bit. He had
been drinking but seemed to have his wits about him still.

“No these bitches are fucked up. Most of the ones here
are from my own school. I couldn’t get them there so not
much chance of getting the here. Too bad you couldn’t
hook us up with that hooker you know.”

“Well you may be in luck. I talked to her a bit ago and she
said she might be able to come out and play tonight. She also
gave me some more photos to show whoever might be interested.”
I handed the young man the photos and watched his face as
he went through the first set of shots. He actually flushed
a bit when he got to the ones showing my whore sucking me off.

“Fuck man. She is fucking hot. God I would give anything
to be that dude.”

“How much is anything? I can give her a call and see if she’s

“Fuck I’d give $50 for a blow job that fucking hot.”

“Stay here for a second. Turn around and face away from
the street, okay. I’ll be right back.”

The young man turned around as I walked off. I punched my
wife’s cell phone number.

“Cindy’s One Girl Whorehouse. This is Cindy, can I
help you?” she answered.

“Cute, you little fucking whore.”

“Oh, so you’ve been serviced here before.”

“As a matter of fact I have. But now I have a young man that
is inquiring about your services. He said he would give
$50 to get a blowjob like the one in the pictures. You should
be able to see him standing looking at the building if you
look out your window.”

“Hang on, Sir.”

“Oh dear. That poor young man. You should send him right
over. I know I can help him just fine. Would you be a dear and
collect for me. I would hate to spoil his mood.”

“Right away, whore, ” I replied with a laugh before
ending the call.

Back to the young man, “You’re in luck. You see that
blue truck over there?”


“Go stand next to it. Put your fifty in the hole on the side
of the bed. Then head over to room 112. She’s waiting for
you now.”

Not another word was spoken. The young man went to the truck
and put the money in and then practically ran to room 112.
I went over and picked up the money, two twenties and a ten.
I slipped them in my shirt pocket, deciding that I would
frame it for Cindy as a reminder of her first job as a whore.

It wasn’t until then that I thought about my sweet loving
wife, with her whore red lips strained around a younger
man’s cock. My moment of jealousy changed to excitement
and pride. I knew she was. What I didn’t know was I wanted
others to know that.

It took longer than I expected, maybe twenty minutes. I
assumed Cindy was enjoying herself. That and it didn’t
hurt to have the young man spread the word about how good
she was at giving head. But of course there could have been
more and I wouldn’t have known.

My phone rang shortly after he left.

“Did you get his money?”

“Yes, like you told me too.”

“Good. Then I am a real whore now. For $50 that young man
shot his load down my throat. He held my head on him so I had
to swallow it all. I can still taste his cum in my mouth even
now. It was so hot and tasty. But be a darling now and find
someone who wants to fuck me now.”

Cindy disconnected before I could say anything, not that
I could think of anything to say. Word spread quickly, as
it wasn’t long before another young man came up to me.
He told me he wanted to get laid, but he only had twenty dollars.
I took his money anyway and sent him straight to my whore’s
room. I didn’t bother calling her this time.

In about fifteen minutes, he too came out. Grinning from
ear to ear. He surprised me by walking back up to me.

“If I go to the ATM and get some more money, can I go again

“Sure if you want, but it’ll have to be more than twenty
this time.”

“That’s cool. Hey did you know that bitch is fucking
married. I was pounding her hard from behind and she said
she bet her husband would love to see my big dick fucking
her hot cunt.”

It went that way for several more hours. A college guy would
approach wanting to get sucked or fucked, I’d take his
money and send him in. Cindy didn’t call me after the first
one and I didn’t call her until later.

It was about three AM and things were winding down. Usually
when it started to get quite, I would head home. Cindy was
in the middle (literally, I found out later) of taking care
of two friends, so I made my last walk around the property.
Another of the young men I had talked to the night before
approached me.

“I hear your friend is in the area. Any chance she might
want to party with us?”

“Depends on what you have in mind.”

“All six of us in our room. She stays till we can’t do
it anymore.”

“How much you willing to spend?”

“I’ve been talking to some of the other guys. I hear
she is the best cocksucker in the world. I also hear she is
kinky as shit, licking guy’s asses, letting them spank
her and titty fuck her, whatever they want. If she lets us
have our way with her, six hundred. I don’t figure we can
last much more than a couple of hours anyway, but it’ll
be fun trying.”

“I’ll make a deal for you. I’m about to get off here.
You let me come party with y’all and we’ll call it $500,
I’ll throw the other bill in myself.”

“Sure that’s cool. We got beer in the room too. We’re
in 349. Just bring her with you when you are ready.”

“See you in a few then.”

As soon as the two guys left the room, I went in.

“Just have a seat baby and get comfortable. I’ll be
right there, ” she called out.

The room smelled of sex. The bed was a complete mess with
cum stains all over the sheets. A few empty beer cans were
lying around and it looked like my whore wife had been having
a hell of a party. And it looked like everyone cummed.

She walked out of the bathroom with just her garter belt
and stockings on. She smiled when she saw me.

“Checking up on your bitch?”

‘Yeah, baby. How you holding out?”

“I haven’t had this much fun in years. I didn’t know
I could cum so much.”

“Think you can handle a little more?”

“I guess I have to if you want me to.”

“Good. Get dressed. We got a party to go to.”

“They aren’t coming here?”

“No. I made a deal with six guys in their room. You have
to take care of them until they can’t go anymore. And I
get to be there too.”

“Oh. Okay baby. But can you do something for me?”

“What’s that?”

“Can you get the video camera out of the closet and put
a fresh tape in and bring it with us? I have a feeling my husband
would like to see what kind of a slut whore he’s married

We walk the short distance to the room. Just before I knock,
Cindy tells me to wait. She pulls her tank top down and pinches
her nipples to get them hard. Then she pulls the top back
up looking down to see if she achieved the desired effect.
Unsatisfied, she pulls the top off and then knocks on the
door herself. As soon as the door opens, my whore wife pops
in the room full of enthusiasm.

“So does anyone here want to fuck?” she asks all of them.

Their response is an equally enthusiastic, “Yeah!”

Cindy wastes no time and climbs in the middle of one of the
two beds, then takes charge.

“Two guys. Naked. One on each side of me. Lay on your back.”

The race was on to see who could strip first and get on the
bed. Once in position, Cindy started earning her keep.
She stroked both boys at the same time. Then she lowered
her mouth to one while still fondling the other one. Then
she would switch. This last for maybe five minutes with
me catching every moment on videotape.

I watch as Cindy stops and reaches under her skirt. She looks
at the guy on her left and acts as if she is about to flip a coin.

“Heads or tails, ” she asks him.


Cindy moves a bit and wiggles her skirted ass at the other
boy. “Guess that means you get tails then. Just remember
pussy only. My ass is exit only. I don’t even let my husband
do that. Although I bet he would do anything to try it.”

If I had been so inclined to admit to being Cindy’s husband,
I could have attested to that fact. I had been trying for
years to get her to let me ass fuck her. She was also right
that I would do just about anything for the opportunity
to slip my hard dick up her tight hole.

Back on the bed, things went pretty smoothly. Cindy gobbled
and sucked the cock in her mouth while the guy behind her
held her hips and pounded her pussy for all it was worth.
Several times I could hear moans and sounds trying to escape
Cindy’s cocksucking lips, but I wasn’t sure if they
were good sounds or bad ones. Not that it much mattered.

After the first round, Cindy had sucked off two cocks and
was filled by the other four. One young man couldn’t get
off in her mouth, a leftover reaction he said from a girlfriend
who he said would not let him cum in her mouth, but loved to
suck his cock. Didn’t matter since it took him all of ten
seconds to unload in Cindy’s well fucked cunt.

I shut the camera off as everyone took a break. Beers were
opened and drained, cigarettes were smoked, and the recycled
beer was pissed away.

I was sitting in a chair sipping on a beer waiting for the
action to start back up. I somehow had gotten used to the
perpetual hard on I was sporting. Cindy apparently noticed
it too and decided to fuck with me.

“What about you? Don’t you want to get off too?”

“These guys paid more than my share. I’ll wait till
they get done, ” I told her.

“Pull it out. I want to see it.”

I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out into the open.

“That’s a nice one there. Tell you what, I’ll make
you a special deal, because I am having so much fun with you
guys tonight, ” she tells me, “What would you give
to ass fuck me right now?”

“How about a hundred dollars?”

“No money is too easy. I was thinking of you showing me
how much you would like to have my ass. What say you lick my
creamy pussy for ten minutes, then you can have my ass.”

It was an odd proposition to say the least. While I had fantasized
about fucking my wife’s pussy full of other men’s cum,
I had never thought about eating her cream pie out. But to
get her ass.


“Come lay on the bed.”

I took my clothes off and laid down on the center of the bed.
Cindy wasted no time in placing her gaping cunt hole over
my mouth. Globs of cum immediately started leaking from
her and dripping on my face. It was a strange sensation but
very erotic at the same time. It didn’t hurt that I was
at eye level at my true intended target.

I licked and sucked her creamy pussy and jumped a bit when
I felt Cindy’s mouth lower to my cock. I had to pull her
off me twice to keep from blowing my load in her mouth. After
ten minutes, the guys started hollering. Cindy rolled
off of me and assumed her position on the bed. Ass high in
the air and face flat on the mattress.

I move in behind her and slip my dick into her now clean pussy
to get it wet. Cindy reaches her hands back and spreads her
cheeks to allow me access to her asshole. I take aim and begin
a slow and gentle push. I don’t want to hurt her and try
to take it easy. Cindy keeps clenching her ass muscles making
it impossible for me to get in. I push a little harder and
she jumps as she begins to yell.

“God damn that fucking hurts. No, we aren’t going to
do that now. You can use my mouth or pussy, but no ass.”

“A deal’s a deal. Hold her down boys.”

The guys grab hold of Cindy’s arms and legs. She is trying
to kick and scream but only the screaming works. We place
her stomach on a stack of pillows to keep her ass up. I tell
one of the guys to find something to shut the whore up and
he shoves a pair of dirty underwear in her mouth before pushing
her head back to the bed and holding it there.

I move back behind my whore wife’s ass. I work up a big glob
of spit and let it dribble into the crack of her ass. With
my left hand, I work a slick finger into her. She is sobbing
and she is still trying to thrash around. My right hand quickly
finds a bare ass cheek.

“Stop it whore. You made the deal now live with it. Once
I get it in it won’t be so bad.”

I slap her again and shove two fingers up her virgin ass.
I spit again and wet my cockhead. I slide it up and down the
crack of her ass and start to push in. I feel her tense and
I slap her ass again. The shock must have caused her to lose
her attention, because her sphincter relaxed and in I went.
She went still for a moment and I just held my position. I
slapped her ass again which caused her to shove back on my
cock a bit.

With each slap the whore took more of my cock until I was buried
balls deep. I made a motion and had the guy holding her head
pull the gag out. I expected her to yell. What I didn’t
expect was what she yelled.

“Oh yeah baby, tear up my ass. Fuck me hard and fast. Somebody
pinch my nipples and rub my clit. Fuck my ass, God damnit.”

My hands gripped her hips as I started fucking her tight
hole. Hands were placed under her and her tits and pussy
were being rubbed. The guys never let her go so she was at
our total mercy. I motioned for the one guy to put his cock
in her mouth. When he did, her head started bouncing up and
down faster than I had ever seen before. She was literally
fucking the guys cock with her mouth.

I was getting close to cumming and wanted to make the most
out of my opportunity. I begin slapping her ass in time with
my strokes.

“Pinch her nipples and clit, guys.”

Cindy pulls her mouth off the cock for a moment to speak.
“Oh fuck yes. I’m gonna fucking cum. Son of a bitch it
feels good having my ass fucked. Spank my nasty whore ass.
Make me cum, please, make me cum.”

Cindy put her mouth back on the cock she was working on. I
could hold out no longer. I pelted both of her ass cheeks
as I rammed in deep and hard. I finally grabbed hold of her
ass and pulled her tight to me. As my cum jetted out and filled
her ass for the first time, I could hear her scream even with
her mouth full of cock. I could also feel her pussy muscles
convulsing in orgasm.

“Here’s a load for your mouth too, whore, ” the young
man fucking her mouth told my wife.

Cindy screamed again, and again I could feel her muscles

It was several hours before we got back home. We showered
and climbed into bed. Cindy snuggled up next to me, her hand
straying into my shorts and feeling my cock begin to stir.

“Honey, I have a confession. I didn’t go out with my
girlfriends last night. I went out whoring. And one of the
guys took my anal cherry. I’m sorry you didn’t get it,
but I would be happy to let you ass fuck me now to make it up
to you. In fact, you can ass fuck your whore anytime you want.”


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Great story!


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One of the better written
stories in a long time. Does Cindy still whore now that she
likes it and you guys are obviously out of debt?


studmufin1985 replies on 8/24/2011 1:40 pm:
It's hard to stop something were both addicted to now!

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Great story! Really well written!


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Entertaining and a very good read. Hope you let her sleep
for days aftewards. LOL


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Great story


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This was hot! Write more adventures!


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pimping is god damn hard work.


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I wish I could be his wife!


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Awesome story!