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When my wife turned 42, she became a "Cover Girl"


When my wife was approached one afternoon at the campground
and asked her if she would considering posing for one of
their upcoming magazine covers, we were both taken back.
It was quite an honor of course but it also presented Laura
and I a real challenge.

We had managed to keep our nudism lifestyle a secret for
a few years now. Well Laura did tell her closest girl friend
but our friends and families had no idea what Laura and I
did during our summer weekends. So what kind of risk would
we be taking if she was on the cover of the magazine?

As soon as the two men asked her, my wife turned to see what
I thought about the idea. I can understand why they were
asking Laura even though she was now in her early forties
but you would never have guessed that fact if you saw her.
And I mean if you saw her without a stitch of clothing on,
she definitely didn't look her age.

The two men then explained they were from the National Naturalist
Society so their magazine was distributed nationwide
as well as in twenty six other Countries. Immediately I
felt very honored and so did Laura, that she had even been
asked in the first place. They also explained that, in that
particular upcoming issue, it was going to be featuring
middle aged nudist with other photos and personal stories.

"So when the people running this campground sent
us your photo, we were all very impressed, " one of
the men said to us. We had remembered a while back when one
of the owners of the nudist campground Laura and I if she
would pose for a picture and we thought it might be a fun thing
to do. So Laura fixed up her hair and put on a little makeup
before they posed her for a couple of quick pictures. But
we had no idea they were going to send them off to the National

My wife kept glancing back at me more than she was looking
at the two men who had approached us with the idea. And I kept
looking at my pretty wife standing there naked in front
of them and quite honestly I was feeling proud of Laura.
She certainly had the body with very full and very pointed
breasts. I use to joke to her and told my wife quite often
that her breasts looked like perfect cones with pink dots
on the end of each of them.

"So her face would be on the magazine cover as well
as her body?" I asked the two men. "Yes that is
right. Our professional photographer would pose Laura
showing only her best assets, " One of the men explained.
"So nothing would be hidden?" I asked them.
They explained that if Laura agreed to this photo shoot
and magazine cover, her entire body in its natural state
as well as her face, would be shown.

That meant not only my wife's face but also her breasts
as well as her vaginal area would be seen by maybe millions
of other people. . Neither Laura or I had no issues walking
around naked at the campground and thus everyone could
look at our bodies. But then we were also looking at their
bodies as well as their reproductive organs too. We had
decided rather early that we both liked that feeling of
being totally free when we weren't' t wearing

"The photo shoot would take place at a place we use
just outside of Chicago, so you wouldn't have to travel
far, " One of the men said. Like I said, Laura was forty
two at the time and quite stunning so I told her I thought
she should do it. Laura than smiled at me and then back at
the two men and said she agreed to pose for their magazine

A few weeks later Laura and I got up early, got ready and drove
to the address we had been given and pulled our car in. There
were already several cars on the sight which was rather
remote and out in the country. One of the men we had already
met spotted Laura and I and rushed up to our car to welcome

"We are still setting up so why don't you two just
get some coffee and tea and give us a few more minutes. A rather
attractive younger woman in my twenties escorted my wife
and I over to a tent where they had refreshments waiting.
I remember I asked the young woman if she was a nudist too
and she quickly shook her head no. "I just work for
the company setting up the photo shoot, " She said
as she smiled at Laura and at me.

So Laura and I just hung around under the tent and watched
a bunch of people carrying equipment from the vans away
down a long path. "But I think it is quite exciting"
The young woman said to my wife and I. We told her normally
nudism isn't this exciting before she said she would
be just too nervous to take off all of her clothes in front
of strangers.

My wife told the young woman, exposing your body is not a
sexual thing as much as it is a natural sort of thing. "I'm
still not sure I could do it, " She said before she
left my wife and I in the tent sipping our coffee. After about
fifteen more minutes had passed, Bob the man who had first
approached us returned and said they were nearly ready
for Laura, down by the pond.

So Laura and I held hands and followed Bob down the path until
we saw the pond and about a half a dozen other people all waiting
for her. A makeup lady had Laura first sit down and brushed
her face with some powder to smooth out her complexion.
But my wife didn't need much powder because her skin
always looked perfect.

Bob then returned and told Laura if she felt more comfortable
she could walk away and remove her clothes in private. I
sensed my wife was a bit nervous so I told her that sounded
like a good idea. She agreed and walked with me a ways away,
to make her feel more comfortable and more relaxed.

"This feels kind of strange, " Laura said as
she removed her top first and handed it to me. I told her not
to worry and just pretend she was back at our nudist campground
where she was always comfortable being naked. "I
know, but it's still sort of different here, "
Laura said as she then handed me her shorts. Laura hesitated
for a few seconds before she then unhooked her bra and handed
it to me to hold. My wife's cone shaped breasts looked
incredible and I knew everyone was going to feel the same
way when they saw them.

"Ok give me your panties, so we can get this started
and then it will be over in no time at all" I said to her
as she reached down and wiggled out of her panties. "You
look sensational, " I told Laura as we shared a quick
kiss before we headed back for her photo shoot. Laura's
cone shaped breasts always bounce a little bit when she
walks and as soon as we got close to everyone again, everyone
turned and looked at my wife 's exposed body and smiled.

So I stepped back and let Bob take Laura and put her into position,
thinking this was going to take a minute or two tops. But
that was not going to happen as several men looked at my wife's
body and made comments about this and about that. "She
has to look natural but we need just a little more color on
her nipples, " one of them said.

Bob agreed and called for the makeup woman to come back over
and brighten Laura's nipples just a little bit. "Sorry,
I have to touch you, " the woman said to my wife as she
dabbed her finger tip in some reddish blush and slowly began
to draw a circle around each of Laura's pink nipples.

Laura just stood there standing up straight and looked
back at me as the woman applied some color to her nipples.
And the longer the woman worked on my wife, the more Laura
began to blush while her nipples continued to swell. "Should
we wait until her nipples go down or do we think they look
better swollen?" One of the man asked Bob. And the
whole time Laura just kept standing there blushing in front
of everyone.

I then realized the young woman who had served us coffee
was now standing by me watching all these people rushing
around my naked wife. "Does she get aroused? "
The young woman asked me. I told her sometimes Laura gets
aroused just like everybody else. The young woman said
she would get very aroused if she was in Laura's place,
right now.

But the truth was the first few times my wife and I visited
the nudist camp ground we spent as much time in the camper
having sex as we did outside. And within that first year,
Laura felt some attraction for one of the men and he seemed
to feel the same way towards her. And we even discussed it
but decided not to mix nudism and sex together, so nothing
came of it.

My wife also keeps her vaginal area trimmed but not too close
so she lost that natural kind of her look between her legs.
But as Bob and the other peopled at my wife standing there
ready to be posed, Bob told her to run her fingers though
her pubic hair to fluff it up a little more.

"Ok, I think she is now set, " Bob told everyone
as they all moved back except for the photographer who greeted
my wife and moved her into her first pose. Laura was standing
in front of the pond, near a tree as she moved her one leg forward,
just a bit before he took her picture. He then moved her next
to a fallen tree and had her lean back sort of like she was
falling and took another few photos of her.

"Ok now I want you to keep your legs together but push
your pubic bone forward just a little bit so that becomes
the emphasis of this next photo, " He said to her.
Everyone one was totally silent watching my naked wife
posing for the photographer.

Her nipples had not gone down but that didn't seem to
bother Bob or anybody else. They then handed Laura a straw
hat and had her put it on and looked down smiling once the
photographer was in front of her on his knees aiming the
camera back up at her.

" That may be the best one yet, " He told her as
Laura's eyes were bright and shiny. He then took a few
with Laura in different poses but all of them still showed
her face, her breasts and her dark hair over her vagina."Ok,
let's take a break but don't get dressed yet, "
Bob said as my wife so walked back to me and the young woman.
Laura stood by me and sipped a soda still completely naked
of course and watched them all scrambling around some more.

And then a man around our age came walking down the path as
we all watched as he undressed after shaking Bob's
hand. He was a good looking man and was in really good shape
as he stood there and let the photographer pose him next.
The man looked quite impressive down to every detail of
his body.

Bob then turned to Laura and me and motioned for her to come
back to take some photos with her and the man. "Just
pretend you are a happy couple at a nudist camp, "
Bob said to him and Laura before he handed my wife a beach
ball to hold. Laura glanced back at me for a second before
she took the ball and posed next to the man as if they knew
each other when they hadn't even met yet.

"Ok I need you both to smile and look like a happy couple
again just out having fun, " The photographer told
them as he moved to his right and then to his left looking
for just the right angle. He stopped when he got what he wanted
but then told my wife" Can you move the ball away from
you as if your keeping it from him. It is covering up too much
of your body."

Laura and the man posed and pretended to be having fun for
the next fifteen minutes and at times were very close to
one another but never touched. "This was great. Just
fantastic, " Bob said once it was over.

It was only then that Laura got to introduce herself to the
man she had just been posing naked with. "Hi, I'm
Derek, " He said to her smiling while they stood next
to each other chatting for a few minutes. The fact that they
were both naked didn't feel like a big deal because
being naked isn't a big deal to a nudist. "Well nice meeting you too, " I heard my wife
tell Derek before she walked back over to me and slipped
her panties back on. She then hooked her bra in place and
finished getting dressed before we left. It was very exciting
and a very unusual experience for both of us.

But we had no idea what was about to happen when the magazine
came out and Laura was on the cover. It was two months later
when a friend of ours called Laura and in a roundabout way
mentioned that her husband had brought home a magazine
with a woman that looked a lot like Laura on the cover.

"She looks just like you. Well I mean her face looks
just like yours" Betsy said to my wife. Laura asked
Betsy where Tom got the magazine and was told at an adult
book store."I mean when Tom saw it, he grabbed one
and brought it home to show me, " Betsy added. Laura
didn't admit to our friends it was really her on the
cover but she made me rush down to the nearest adult bookstore
that night to see if I could find one and bring it home.

I didn't even know where an adult book store was so I
looked them up and found one that was a few miles away. I was
nervous when I walked in although no one knew who I was. And
then I spotted a rack of magazines and rushed over to it.
I stopped immediately when I spotted my own wife smiling
on the cover of the Naturalist Magazine and her picture
showed her smiling pretty face, her cone shaped breasts
and her dark curly haired pussy. She had this big smile on
her pretty face as she stood near the pond with her breasts
sticking out in their usual cone shaped points and her dark
trimmed pussy there for everyone to admire.

The word spread like wild fire and before a full day had passed
at least six of our long time close friends had called about
the magazine. It sounded like Tom told one and they told
another and everyone rushed to get a copy for themselves.
Suddenly Laura's magazine photo was the biggest news
within our group of friends.

But when Laura and I sat down and looked through the magazine,
they had also used several of her photos when she was with
Derek. Just seeing my wife naked next to a handsome man who
was also naked, did send a few shivers down my spine even
if the pictures were all done very professionally. The
phone never stopped ringing and our lives were turning
to a living hell.

Even though Laura and I were not ashamed of her pictures
or that fact we enjoyed being nudist, we had to do something
that gave us back our control. So we called all of our friends,
those that had seen Laura's nude pictures and a few
that had not and invited them all to our house for a party
on Saturday night.

We were about to share with our friends, our private aspect
of who we were as a couple. The buzz at our party was going
strong , right from the start although none of our friends
mentioned the magazine to Laura or to me. We had the bar set
up and everyone mingled and chatted like they did at any
other party we had ever all been at. And I might add Laura
was her usual graceful, charming self as she smiled and
chatted with all of our friends like she knew nothing about
the magazine cover.

And then a little past nine Laura and I held hands and told
everyone we had an announcement. "Some of you might
not understand this and some of you might be shocked, but
Laura and I are nudist, " I said first. There was an
instant hush in our home as everyone looked at my wife and
I but no one said a single word or made a single sound.

"And we enjoy spending our weekends as nudist surrounded
by other nudist of all ages. . So for all of you that saw the
magazine, we want you to know that woman on the cover who
looked like Laura was in fact Laura, " I said and shut
up. My wife and I kept our smiles and just stood facing all
of our friends. It took the tension a few seconds to break
before everyone rushed up to us and thanked us for telling
them the truth and telling her how terrific she looked on
the magazine cover.

Betsy surprised me the most when she told us she thought
it was great and thought about trying that her some day.
And of course the men all gathered around my wife smiling
now that they had seen her naked body. Laura and I were suddenly
in the middle of a group of very excited middle aged friends.
Of course all of the women wanted to also know who the sexy
handsome man was with her in the magazine. And a couple of
them said they would have posed without their clothes just
to be near him.

So the mood changed as soon as we had come clean and in fact
one of our male friends asked Laura if she would autograph
his magazine. He then rushed out and got it before my wife
took a pen and signed her name for him. I can't imagine
what John was thinking when he stood next Laura and watched
her sign a naked photo of herself. "You look really
good, " John told her after she had signed it for him.

And it's hard to describe but there was a real under
current in the air as everyone milled around with their
heads spinning. It was rather a sexy feeling or so it felt
to me. "How often do you two go to this place and take
off your clothes?" One friend asked us. My wife giggled
and told him every chance we got. "That is just so incredible"
he said back.

Of course my wife was now even more popular with our male
friends although the women didn't seem to mind that
their husband's had now seen a picture of Laura's
body. I remember at one point my wife was chatting with Betsy
and a couple other women when she asked them if they really
wanted try it to, we could turn our party into a nudist party.
I remember hearing Betsy clear across the room say"
You mean right now? Like tonight?"

All that seemed to do was add even more energy, some of it
rather tense, to our party. Suddenly several of our friends
were talking to each other and all I heard was "No or
Maybe, but not tonight." Laura and I remained behind
the bar listening to all the chatting and as well as some
bickering going on between couples.

But no one stepped forward and said they wanted to try it.
That is until there was just Laura and I, along with Tom and
Betsy and Karen and Rick left at the party. All six of us were
at our bar, chatting as the party had begun to definitely
wind down. "We need to leave soon, " Rick said
to us first. And then Tom and Betsy said they should be going
soon as well. So Laura and both thanked them for coming to
our party and for understanding about our nudism.

They all agreed it different but not necessarily for them.
"As long as you two like it, that is all that is really
important, isn't it?" Tom said to my wife and
I. And I somehow got the sense the four of them might be more
interested than they were admitting. I mean everyone else
had left but they were still hanging around as if they hadn't
completely ruled out the idea.

So I looked at our friends and asked them one more time, if
they wanted to give it a try and see how they liked it or didn't
like it. Both Tom and Rick were good looking men as were their
wives Betsy and Karen. It was Rick that turned to the rest
of them and asked them what they thought about the idea.
I would have guessed it would have been Tom who took the lead.

Betsy and Karen both agreed they were not sure about taking
off their clothes, just yet. "Are you going to if we
do?" One of them asked Laura. The chit chat went on
for another thirty minutes before Rick and Karen decided
to leave. But they thanked us over and over for a wonderful
party and some very interesting conversation. "Maybe
some other night" Rick said before they left.

Laura and I both turned to Betsy and Tom who remained standing
at our bar. And it was not surprising that Tom and Betsy were
the last two there because over the years there had been
some flirting that went back and forth at other parties.
Nothing over the top but more like an unspoken chemistry
that developed.

Betsy nervously looked at Laura and said, "I'm
not saying yes but if I did say yes, how would we do this?"
Laura told her that her and Betsy could just go into our bedroom
and undress if that would be easier for her. And that Tom
and I could use one of our other bedrooms. "And then
all four of us would meet back at the bar, completely naked"
Betsy said with a squeak in her voice.

Tom then asked me if I ever get an erection because he knew
he might get one. I told him I don't usually get an erection
but if it happens, then it happens and there is nothing you
can do about it. Tom and Betsy then spent the next couple
of minutes glancing at each other, trying to figure out
if they would really do this or not. Tom asked his wife what
she thought. Betsy then said she wasn't sure and asked
him what he thought. And then went on for another a long time.

It took them some time before they got down to how they each
really felt. "I might be willing to give it a try"
Betsy finally said to her husband. Tom said he might be willing
to try it too. "So should we or not?" Tom asked
Betsy one more time. Laura and I had both gotten nervous
just listening to two of our closest friends talking about
showing us their bodies while we showed them our bodies
at the same time.

I heard Betsy tell my wife she couldn't believe she
was doing this when the two girls walked off to use our bedroom
to strip. Tom followed me into one of our other bedrooms
where he watched me strip first before he took off his clothes
too. Like I said before Tom was a good looking man with a really
good body so I knew my wife was going to enjoy seeing him like
that for the first time. While I was also anxious to see Betsy's
curvy body too.

Tom had an erection almost immediately but I didn't
comment on it and just walked in front of him back to our bar
where we had left our drinks. Standing there in our home
naked with a really good friend was kind of strange but only
because I knew him and Betsy so well. And I could tell Tom
was very uncomfortable being naked but hoped he might get
use to it and even enjoy it after a few minutes. Tom and I had
just shared a toast when Betsy called out asking us if we
were both naked. "Yes we are at the bar, " I said
back to her.

Laura walked in first with her big cone shaped breasts and
dark haired pussy in plain sight for Tom to look at. And Betsy
walked in right after her also completely naked with her
petite sexy body that I had to stare at for at least a few seconds.
Betsy's' breasts had more rounded a bit smaller
than my wife's but not by much. And her vagina had a small
patch of lighter color pubic hair covering it.

"I never thought I would be doing this, " Betsy
said still blushing. Laura and I laughed and told her we
didn't think we would be doing this with the two of them
either. It took about ten minutes before they seemed to
settle down and although still felt uncomfortable, their
real personalities finally returned.

Tom was standing by Laura looking at her body constantly.
And instead of his erection going down, it had stiffened
even more. I don't know if it really bothered Betsy
but at one point she walked behind the bar and stood by me.
"Still kind of weird" Betsy said looking at
my cock and balls while I looked at her breast and her pussy.
And for some reason I also felt my own dick beginning to fill
with blood being so close to her. I guess being outdoors
in the sunlight was not as sexual as being indoors naked
at night with two good friends.

Tom seemed very happy standing next to Laura and at one point
he asked us if we had ever done anything more with people
at the camp ground. Laura glanced at me for a quick second
before she told Tom there was one man she had some chemistry
with but we decided to not do more than just be friends with

"Boy that takes will power because I am feeling some
heat , right now, " Betsy giggled and said to my wife.
Both Tom and I both had full blown erections in no time at
all. Not really knowing where Laura's head was at,
I still asked the three of them what they were really thinking
as we stood naked next to each other and all of us were obviously
aroused. Laura's nipples had gotten hard and so had

Laura immediately looked at me before she replied "Are
you talking about what I think you're talking about?"
Tom jumped in and said he was thinking the same thing and
then asked Betsy what she thought. Betsy had this nervous
look on her face when she asked her husband, " You
mean you and Laura together and Sam and me together too"?
My wife then asked if she could talk to me alone for a few minutes.
Tom said that sounded like a really good idea so he and Betsy
could talk too.

Neither of us had ever been romantic with anyone else since
we got married a long time ago. And we were pretty sure that
had never happened to Tom and Betsy either. In other words,
this would be a really huge step for all of us. "Ok how
do you really feel"? Laura asked me first. I wanted
to be honest with Laura so I told her I was interesting in
trying it. She looked rather surprised but just for a moment
before she admitted she felt the same way too.

We all agreed to shut the bedroom doors to make it more private
for each couple. . And we agreed that if it didn't work
because one of us changed their mind, no one would feel hurt.
"We are all really good friends, so it is worth at least
a try, " I said before Laura walked off holding Tom's
hand and shut our bedroom door. Betsy looked at me with her
cute face and smiled before I took her hand and shut our bedroom

We all really the same yet we are all different in small ways.
So holding Betsy and kissing her while our naked bodies
touched felt different at first but I also got use to it very
quickly. Betsy was a very warm woman and as her breasts crushed
up against my chest, she made me even hotter. She got rather
excited rather quickly once my hard dick had slipped between
her legs and was rubbing against her vaginal lips.

A couple of times I thought about Laura and wondered how
her and Tom were doing but I mostly concentrated on Betsy.
Betsy and I had remained standing and embracing as we kissed
for about five minutes before she turned down the bed for
us. "Are you ready?" She asked me with a big smile
across her face. "I sure am" I told her as I watched
Betsy's' cute sexy little body crawl onto the

Once we were both laying down, nature pretty much took over.
We touched, we explored each other to the point Betsy and
I had no secrets left. I really liked how she used her warm
hand to stroke my throbbing shaft. And she laid there smiling
when my fingers played with her slippery pussy. Let's
just say we were both super hot.

I remember I started with her mouth and then kissed and nibbled
on her all the way down her body until I reached her curly
hair and wet outer lips. And when I got to her pussy, Betsy
spread her legs for me and laid back knowing what was about
to happen to her. She tasted and smelled really good and
before long, her breathing changed and her head of steam
was going strong.

I just my tongue moving on her pussy as Betsy gasped and whimpered
more often. I was excited to be part of her orgasm when it
finally hit her. I know how special that is to share this
moment with my wife, when Laura climaxes so I knew Betsy
would be just a special.

Betsy lasted less than five minutes before she whimpered
and moans got stronger. I was going to help her cum as she
laid on her back and tensed up. Her love button had popped
up and was the center of my focus as Betsy really began to
loose it. Betsy had been really good friend for a really
long time but now she was going to share something, maybe
the most special thing with me.

I kept licking her juices as Betsy squirmed a bit more until
she went spastic in front of me. "Oh God" she
said when her climax hit her. Her body had tensed up so much
that when the tension popped, it really popped all at once.
Her orgasm was incredible to see and to be part of.

When Betsy finally calmed down a little she smiled at me
and told her that was really, really a lot of fun. "Glad
you had that much fun, " I told her before Betsy took
hold of my shaft and began to tease it very slowly with her
warm mouth and tongue. She had me gasping in much less time

"Are you ready?"I asked her after I had pushed
her away because I couldn't take any more. "Well
we are both going to find out in a few seconds, " Betsy
said as she laid on her back, ready to be mounted by me for
the first time. Like I said Betsy is a rather petite woman
but once my hard cock began to slip into her vagina, she took
all of me with ease.

"Oh boy. You feel really good, " She said before
we began to fuck each other. And just about then we both heard
Laura whimpering really loud from the other bedroom even
though both doors were shut. "I think they are doing
the same thing we are doing right now" I said to Betsy
while my dick remained deep inside of her tight pussy. "It
sure sounds like they are, " She said smiling back
at me. But the talking phase was now over and Betsy and I just
wanted to fuck each other for real.

She was the perfect combination of tight, wet and hot all
at the same time. And with each thrust of my cock Betsy became
more alive and more excited which was what was also happening
to me too. With our organs crashing into each other's
the heat went up and so did the sexual stress we both were

Betsy had always been a fun person with an outgoing personality
but now knowing her sexually, she was even wilder. "Come
baby, fuck me, nice had hard" She kept telling me as
my cock picked up speed near the end. My dick was literally
slamming into her before my tank began to overflow. And
I am pretty sure Betsy felt every one of my spasms as my cum
shot out into her pussy with spurt after spurt which I could
no longer control.

We both held each other, kissing and tried our best to calm
down after an experience like the one we had just shared.
Finally I pulled my dick out of Betsy and told her that was
a lot of fun. She smiled back at me and said "It sure
was." We both used our guest bathroom to clean ourselves
before Betsy and I turned the corner to see if Laura and her
husband were finished so she could go and get her clothes
out of our bedroom.

But when we made the turn, we saw the bedroom had opened up
and Tom was still fucking Laura on the bed. "Should
we watch for a minute" Betsy whispered to me. I smiled
and nodded my head yes so, we just stood in the hallway and
watched our spouses fucking each other like two crazy people.
Toms thick dick was inside of Laura and her outer lips were
clinging to his shaft like a couple of suction cups.

I don't know if they realized Betsy and I were watching
them fucking but after a minute or so Betsy grabbed my hand
and led me back downstairs. She then told me she didn't
want to watch that any longer. So I made us each one last drink
and we chatted while both naked but no longer having any
secrets between us. After all Betsy and I had just fucked
each other and you can't get more personal than that.

Laura and Tom joined us a few minutes later both smiled and
both blushing at the same time. "We heard you two"
Tom said to his wife and I. I told him Betsy and I watched the
two of them which caused my wife to gasp before her face turned
red. Laura's big pointed breasts had a few reddish
marks on them and her pussy looked swollen from the work
out it had just gotten from Tom's dick.

It was an odd few moments before we all agreed it was something
that just happened and we shouldn't let it wreck out
long standing friendship. Tom and Betsy finished their
last drinks, quickly both went back upstairs to get dressed
and left our house around two in the morning.

My wife and I shut off the lights, locked the doors and we
both went and took showers before we met back on our bed at
about the same time. "Do you have any regrets?"
I asked Laura. She said she didn't but wasn't sure
she wanted to do that again. I agreed before we kissed and
rebonded with each other like the loving couple we were
and would always be. I loved feeling the inside of Laura's
pussy once she had been filled with Tom's cum. It only
made me hotter than ever before.

Two weeks later Tom and Betsy rented a camper at the nude
campground close to ours. They claimed they had talked
about it and wanted to give nudism a try which thrilled Laura
and I because we would have some close friend to hang out
for the weekend.

And yes, we swapped spouses again so Betsy and I fucked both
nights as did Laura and Tom. After that the four of us all
talked and decided we needed to keep control of this new
option we had all discovered. So we agreed at home, we would
behave but at the campground, well that was time for a different
kind of friendship and

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Another hot one. Thanks!


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a very well written story about who are nudists and who end swapping and having great fun


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way kewl, loved it.
I would love to find a campground to spend weekends at close to me. keep em cumming


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I like the ending. A time and a place for everything


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Laura and Betsy should of had fun when they were in the bed-room together .. At least a little time of fun...

I also think the Laura - the young Women - the make up women should of played together and had some women time ..

I also think that Tom and the Laura husband while them two men were in the bed room .. I think one way you could of taken card of Tom's hard on was to suck him off ..

I am a bi-sexual male that enjoy's having a guy's hard cock in his mouth or up his ass ..