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I would like you to know that I made myself cum like 10 times
to this story, very very hot!!! I love lesbian sex, and this
was like my fantasy come true. I would love to have some sexy
female to be my slave!!! THANK YOU!!


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nastygirl1019, 22 F

You have surpassed the track record...

I am so glad you appreciated the work here.

I hope u are successful in your lusts and ambitions. I sympathize
with your feelings, though mine r directed in an altogether
direction, but the passion is none the less as intense with
me as with you I suspect.

But then what would I know about you, all I can express here
is what I feel. That said I appreciate your contribution
and I am glad it made you want to tell us about it.

May you feelings go with you...

Kind Regards DrabJuggler


I too would like some sexy female 2 b my slave (in a consensual
arrangement, of course... but then wouldn't we all?)


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