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What do you think?


What do you want?


What is it that you want??????

Do you want me to beg?

Do you want me to lay on my back & say not a word, just letting you do as you please?

Do you want to know that just the sound of your voice makes me wet?

Do you want to kiss me leaving me wanting more?

Do you want to tease my pussy with your mouth, your fingers, leaving me writhing with need?

Do you want me sucking your cock, your balls, teasing your asshole with my tongue?

Do you want to force me to take your cock in my ass?

Do you want to hear me cry out asking you to stop, but telling your more please sir?

Do you want me to cum so much that I am exhausted but you demand more?

Do you want me to fear you when you wrap your hands around my throat?

Tell me what you want sir so that I can give you all I have & more!

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Of course I want you to beg. Begging is an acknowledgment that you want pleasure and that I am able to provide it to you fully and completely. If you beg. So beg. Say please....

Of course there are times that I just want you to lay there powerless,,,,, I watch your nipples harden as I do what I do to you. I watch you begin to tremble as I do what I do to you. Your breathing begins to deepen, as I do what I do to you. Your skin begins to flush as I do what I do to you. Your legs are beginning to shake, as I do what I do you. Sssshhhhh, I whisper, not yet.

My hand is between your thighs, it is over the oven of your pussy. Your heat is so high, it warms my hands. I touch you closer and your juice begins to trail down my palms..... ssssshhhh I whisper, not yet.