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What did the pigs do?



Well I really stepped on my dick this time. I don't know
what the fuck I was thinking about - giving half a joint to
some high school teeny-bopper. Last night was when it started.
I had decided to do Australian for dinner, The OutBack,
as they have an excellent dish with chicken and shrimp on
a bed of Fetticini Alfredo. I was thinking that and a couple
of Fosters ought to just about make the start of a great evening.
So I tapped out the joint I had just smoked half of; put the
roach into my cigarette pack and headed out the front door
for a leisurely walk to the restaurant. About an hour and
a half later, I had finished an excellent dinner; the service
was great and as usual I over tipped - what the hell, they
are all college kids working their way through school.
I am now wandering the maze of the Taco Bell parking lot on
my way back home, when...

"Hey! Mister."

I turn and find a not unattractive lady racing across the
parking lot towards me. She arrives a bit out of breath.

"Ah...You come here a lot, don't you?"


I answer.

"Well...I was your bus boy...I mean girl and the waiter
and I were wondering...Well, I mean, you always seem so...are
you just naturally high all the time or do you always have
a couple of bong hits before coming to dinner?"

I suppose the fear showed in my manner or maybe my eyes as
she immediately backs away a bit and apologizes, but then
I start to laugh, take the cigarettes out of my pocket; light
one, finally fish the roach out of the pack and hand it to

"It's a natural high, miss."

I tell her. She starts to giggle, looking at the roach in
her hand and says, "Thanks, Mister."

I hadn't walked half way back to the condo when the paranoia
sets in. Fucking stupid; just fucking dumb!
Later the paranoia eased somewhat as I spend a very enjoyable
evening masturbating and having fantasies about the women
I watched fucking and sucking everything in sight on my
big screen TV.

That was last week. This morning as I was completing my morning
run at about 06:thirty a.m.; I am startled by a car horn.
I immediately jump to the sidewalk and notice a new model
car, that has passed me on the opposite side of the street,
begin to back up toward me. It stops right across the street
from me, the passenger door opens and out comes my "bus
girl, " as she put it.

She crosses the street and stops about three feet away.

"Boy! I've been looking for you everywhere.
I was hoping you would have come back for dinner again before
now. Why are you up so early?"

It's damn hot in Las Vegas during the summer and although
the temperature does abate somewhat in mid-August; I still
confine my running to the early morning.

"It's a little rough running during the heat
of the day around here." I reply.

"Hey...Yea, you're right. I'm sorry, it's
just that..."

"Yea, I know, you don't often see old stoners
out running, trying to act like they're twenty years
younger than they are."

"No, it's not that, I just figured that...well,
you know, the natural high. It's not often that stoners

"Shit, my entire high school football team either
got stoned or drunk after every game." I reply.

"Yea, it's the same here. Hey, I was wondering
if you had any more of that natural high you had the other
evening? I could sure use some more of that. The little bit
that you gave me really got my friend and I, like really high...I
mean I'll pay for it."

"Yea and twenty minutes later you'll be trading
me into Las Vegas" finest to get you and your friend
off the hook for some previous infraction of the law. I can
see the headlines now - Large dope bust in Green Valley.
Is that your friend in the car?"

"No, it's not like that at, like I don't
even know your name or where you live, so how can I rat on you?"
She asks.

"My name is Willy, what's yours?

"Karen Wilson."

Just then her friend honks the horn and yells, "Hey,
Karen, come on; we're late!"

Karen looks back at me and says, "I've got to go
Willy. Can I meet you this afternoon, say at the park up by
the Mormon Church and we can talk some more?"

I thought for a second and the horn sounded again.

"No, " I said, "I'll meet you up at
the top of the hill, right over there. What time?"

She runs across the street she calling back, "One
o'clock, OK?"

She was looking back at me over the top of the car as I yell,

Then she's into the car, slamming the door and the vehicle
speeds away.

As I walk back toward the entrance to the complex, the paranoia
comes back again - big time paranoia. What the fuck did I
do that for. I had almost forgotten about the first incident
and now I agree to meet her about a hundred yards from my own
condo. Exceptionally smart, Willy.

I am fairly new here; having lived in Las Vegas now for just
a little over a year. Las Vegas - Wow!
What a place, the original adult Disneyland. To be honest,
I really don't live in Las Vegas but in one of it's
suburbs; which most of the residents call Green Valley.
I moved up here about six months after my family was wiped
out in an automobile accident on one of Orange County's
many freeways. No one's fault - shit happens - I guess?

After the accident I just had to get out; away from our friends,
our neighbourhood, away from just about everything. I
have a military friend in Las Vegas who convinced me to move
away from Southern California. So I sold everything; packed
the rest and drove North on I-fifteen to Las Vegas. I bought
a small, twelve year old, two bedroom condo in a upper-middle
class development where the landscaping is rather lush
for the desert.

Anyway, while going through the shit, shower and shaving
routine, I attempt to devise a plan so that I can get my pink
ass out of this self-made jam. The paranoia starts escalating
about noon as I still hadn't come up with any good ideas.
I was now thinking that if I didn't show up she might
rat on me for not getting her more dope. So I went to the freezer,
where I keep my smokable dope, and got out an ounce or so;
what we used to call a three finger lid. At twelve-thirty
I start walking through the complex to see if I can spy any
unusual activity. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary,
I arrive at the meeting place about ten minutes early.

I sit with my back to the wall of one of the complexes"
condos, noticing that at least we won't be able to be
seen from the street. Through the trees, I catch a glimpse
of Karen crossing the street about a half a block from where
I'm sitting. For the first time I really take a good
look at her and notice that she appears quite tall, but it
might be because she is so skinny. Her legs look like tooth
picks - not much of a figure. She is wearing, what looks like,
a man's shirt with a blue "T" shirt on underneath
and a pair of fairly short, cut-off jeans.

She has on a pair of girl's tennis shoes and her hair,
which both of the times I've seen her before has been
done up on the top of her head, is now undone and flowing behind
her, hippie like, as she hurries across the street. Her
hair is brown but much of it has been bleached by the sun or
the bottle. I've never been good at telling the difference.

She casually walks up the hill toward the condo complex
about a hundred feet or so to my right. She sees me sitting
against the wall, waves and starts toward me. As she gets
closer I see that she is not wearing a "T" shirt
at all but one of those tube tops that just cover her breasts,
which look incredibly small.

She is also wearing more make up than I have seen or noticed
from our previous meetings. She sits about three feet away
and leans back against the wall. We sit like that, not talking,
for a couple of minutes or so. Finally...

"I didn't mean to hassle you this morning, honest,
and I've never been busted and my dad is not the chief
of police. I just want to buy some of the dope that you gave
me the other night. That is if you have any more..."

She starts.

"Well, I'm a little paranoid about all that has
happened...I don't mind selling you a little dope.
I'm just concerned about covering my ass." I

"That's cool. I understand. I haven't told
anyone where I got the stuff you gave me the other night,

"How about your girl friend, you know; the one you
shared it with...or the girl who drove this morning, how
did you explain stopping?" I ask.

"They are both the same girl. Her name is Monica. She
is my best friend. I told her I got the joint from a customer
at the restaurant who was real baked...

"Well that's a fact."

I interrupt.

"And this morning I told her that you were a family
friend and I had to give you a message from my dad."

We talked for about a half hour, some about her, some about
me. I learned that she is a high school senior and has a boy
friend. She learned that I am fairly new in town and no longer
have any family. We shared some stories about the "evil
weed" and laughed at each others jokes.

I started to feel comfortable about the time she started
discussing her grades and her college ambitions. She stressed
that she doesn't get stoned twenty-four hours a day.
I told her that I usually get stoned once a day, at least.
And she asked how I could get up early to run.

I laughed and said that it was sometimes real hard. It was
about that time that I asked her to come to my place and we
could do the deal.

"Now who should be paranoid?" she asks.

"Probably you." I laugh.

She laughs and says, "Where to, Willy?"

I get up, explaining that I live at the back of the complex
and we head off through the trees towards my place. As we're
walking up the hill from the community pool towards my patio,
I notice that her shorts don't quite cover all of her
ass and that some of her cheeks show with every step. Ah!

What the fuck, if I'm going to sell her dope, what's
the harm in having fantasies about fucking her brains out
Probably twenty to life, all expenses paid by the state.

I close the sliding glass door and ask her if she would like
to hear some music.

She says OK and asks if I have any Hootie and the Blowfish.
I say no and put on some Neil Young. She is eying the hemp filled
baggie that is laying on the coffee table.

"Have a seat." I say.

She keeps looking at the lid on the table and blurts out,
"Ah..I don't have enough cash to buy all that.
I mean I don't think that I've ever seen so much

She sits down next to me on the couch.

"Well, how much do you want?" I ask.

"I only brought twenty bucks..."

She lets the rest hang.

I pull some papers out of my pocket, open the baggie and begin
to roll a joint; asking her if she wants to get high. She nods
and I light up, take a large drag and hand her the joint. As
she is taking a "hit, " I wander into the kitchen
and get another sandwich bag.

We pass the joint back and forth as I take dope out of the baggie
on the table and put it into the new bag. Both of us are getting
pretty stoned about now and she mentions that she still
doesn't have enough money to buy what I am offering.
I tell her it's no problem as I grow my own in one of those
growing contraptions that you hide in the closet. She laughs
and says that some of her friends had tried growing it in
their back yards but nothing came of it. The joint is now
rather small and Karen complains about not bringing her
bong. Rather boldly I offer to be her bong and she asks how
I'm going to do that. I take a deep drag of what's
left of the joint and motion her closer. I hoarsely tell
her to open her mouth and then place my mouth over hers and
exhale. She starts to inhale the smoke I'm blowing
into her mouth. Both of our eyes are wide open and suddenly
hers open even wider. She backs away and exhales in a loud...
Oh Wow!
I exhale the rest, get up and wander into the kitchen again.
I yell back into the front room, "You want a diet Pepsi?"

Not hearing a response I peer into the front room and see
her leaning back on the couch with her head thrown back,
eyes closed and her legs slightly spread. Her jeans are
not quite covering her crotch and I can see that she is wearing
white panties. I begin to feel a stirring between my legs
- "Oh Jesus" - I'm getting a hard-on.

I pour a couple of glasses of Pepsi and head back for the front
room. She hasn't moved. I say, "Here's your
Pepsi, Karen."

She opens her eyes, takes the glass and gulps down a couple
of swallows. I ask if she wants another hit and she only nods.
I relight the roach, take a big hit and move over to her. She
leans her head back and opens her mouth. I once again cover
her mouth with mine and exhale. This time her eyes remain
closed and as I finish exhaling; I allow my tongue to start
exploring her lips and teeth. Her eyes open real wide but
then close as she starts to exhale through her nose. I continue
my exploration of her mouth with my tongue and her tongue
now comes to meet mine. I break the kiss and say, "That
was nice. Want another one?"

"I don't think I can take another hit...I don't
think I've ever been this stoned."

"No, another one of these."

I say as I lean toward her and again cover her mouth with mine.
Her mouth opens as my tongue slips between her lips. We are
kissing rather energetically when her arms come up around
my neck. I slip my arm around her waist and rest my other hand
on her bare thigh. She moves her thighs apart a bit and I feel
a tugging on my shorts as my hard-on begins to grow again.
The kiss continues as I move my hand up the left side of her
body stopping on her belly and rubbing it with a back and
forth movement. Her shirt is unbuttoned to just above her
belly button and I proceed to unbutton the rest; sliding
my hand onto her bare belly. I continue rubbing; stop kissing
her mouth and begin to lick her neck, right up to her ear then
start frenching her ear. She hasn't made a sound so
I slip my hand up and cup her left breast. Karen has really
been short changed in the breast department but I can feel
a very prominent nipple through her tube top. I move my mouth
back to hers and this time she kisses me with abandon, all
tongue, lips and teeth. I drag her tube top down to around
her belly button and start to roll one nipple, then the other,
between my index finger and thumb.

I break the kiss and cover her left nipple with my mouth and
begin sucking and licking as I slide my free hand down her
belly and into the waist band of her shorts She sucks in her
belly, which causes my boner to throb and makes me believe
that I am not alone in my desire. I slip my fingers into her
panties and continue towards her cunt until I run into a
tuft of pubic hair. I stop my hand at the top of her mound,
which is not very prominent, and squeeze and rub in a circular
motion. I was concentrating so much on her nipples and mound
that I totally freak out as her left hand moves onto my hard-on.
Once found, Karen immediately starts to rub it from my balls
to it's tip. I remove my hand from her shorts, unbutton
her jeans, slide the zipper down and replace my hand down
the front of her shorts and into her panties. After rubbing
her mound for a bit, I slip my finger down deeper into her
crotch and inside her. I start to finger fuck her slowly.
I go back to kissing her mouth and am met by a very active tongue
as her hand increases the tempo on my cock.

God, does this feel good. If she keeps this up for a little
longer I'm going to cum in my pants; so I remove my hand
from her pants and slip partially off the couch onto the
floor on my knees. This removes her hand from my cock. I look
up at her face; her eyes are still closed and she is breathing
just a bit deeply. I stare at her nipples, which are about
the size of quarters and much darker than her skin. They
are like cones on her almost non-existent tits. I hold her
by the hips and French her belly button, then take a hold
of each side of her shorts and tug them down her skinny legs.
Her panties come with them and after getting them off her
feet, I drop them on the floor next to me. My tongue leaves
her belly button and starts licking towards her cunt. I
run my tongue through her pubic hair and see that it is the
same colour as the hair on her head - a deep brown. I spread
her legs a little more and begin taking large mouths full
of her thighs as I place both hands on her mound and rub back
and forth in opposite directions, trying to create some
friction. I spread the lips of her pussy and lick up and down
her slit. She doesn't move or make a sound. I lick up
and search for her clitoris; as I slide a finger, then two
into her and start finger fucking her again. She is not as
tight as I had imagined and would easily take my cock. I am
almost positive that she isn't a virgin. After finding
and lubricating her clitoris, I replace my fingers with
my tongue and tongue fuck her rather briskly. After a few
moments of no reaction, I remove my face from her cunt and
ask, "Are you always this quiet when you're making
love? Do you want me to stop?"

Her eyes open and she looks at me for a moment or two and then
says, "Oh! No. Please don't stop. What you're
doing feels good...real good. My boy friend has never done
this - all he does is finger me and then stick it in me. I like
what you're doing - don't stop."

I lower my head and lick from her cunt to her clit. I do it again
with my eyes locked on hers and ask, "You sure?"

"Oh! Yes I'm sure. Lick me, please."

I now bury my tongue in her cunt, fucking it in and out of her
as fast as I can.

I place a thumb on her mound and rub it up and down the top of
her slit trying to stimulate her clitoris. My tongue is
tired so I replace it with my fingers and begin sucking large
mouths full of her thighs into my mouth. I am now finger fucking
her like crazy, moving to the side of her I move my mouth to
the top of her mound, sucking as much of her mound into my
mouth as I can. With my other hand I spread her pussy lips,
sucking on her clitoris. After a minute or so of this I remove
my mouth from her clit and ask, "Are you getting close
to cuming? I want you to cum, Karen. Come on help me get you
off, Karen. I want you to cum, baby."

I go back to licking her clit, never stopping my fingers
from fucking in and out of her cunt.

Her hips start to move and it becomes more difficult for
me to keep my tongue zeroed in on her clit so I suck as much
of her mound into my mouth as I can and kept on sucking. I feel
her orgasm first in her thighs as she starts to spread them,
then close them in a cadence that she no longer controls.
I keep fingering her rapidly. I take my mouth off her clit
and whisper, "Come on Karen, get off baby."

She is breathing very rapidly and her hips are coming off
the couch as she pushes back against the fingers that I am
sliding rapidly in and out of her cunt. With her hips up off
the couch she reaches down with both hands and pulls my head
back to her pussy. I take as much of her mound in my mouth as
I can and suck.

"Oh God. Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh!"

She doesn't quite scream.

The pressure of her hands on my head subsides and I slowly
start licking my way to her navel, then to her breasts, sucking
one nipple then the other. I finally reach her mouth and
kiss her open mouthed for a few minutes before saying; "Well,
how was that?"

"That was wonderful - no shit - the best I've ever
had with anyone. My boy friend says that he won't do
that because it smells and he'd get too much hair in
his mouth. I laugh as I pull a couple of her pubes from my mouth;
get up off the floor and sit next to her on the couch.

"Your boy friend is a fool, then."

Look who's talking, the guy who is going to spend the
next century in the slammer.

Karen slides closer to me on the couch and kisses me on the
lips, "Thanks, " she says, "that was
real super, the best ever. No kidding. Do you want to...?"

"Fuck, " I fill in the blank.

She only nods back in response. Unfortunately, my hard-on
has totally deflated and is now as limp as a dish rag. So I
continue, "We should have done that a little while
ago as I'm not quite up to the task right now."

Karen slides her hand under my "T" shirt and
starts to gently rub my belly, seemingly heading toward
my cock with every passing second.

She soon has her hand in my pants, wrapping her fingers around
my cock stroking me slowly. And while I am starting to get
hard; it is not the tremendous hard-on that I had earlier.
She kisses me and my fingers are now playing with her nipples.
She takes her hand out of my pants and with both hands unbuttons,
then unzips them and pushes them down around my ankles.
I kick them aside. After a while, with not much improvement
in my non-turgid member, I break our kiss and say, "Why
don't we take a break for a few minutes, sometimes old
men have a hard time getting it up."

I lean forward, pick up the roach and light it again.

She giggles and says, "My boy friend also has that
problem when he gets too drunk. I can sometimes work on him
all night it seems and he never gets hard."

"I know the feeling."

I say as I pass her the roach and begin to roll another number.
She has leaned back against the couch with her eyes closed,
holding the roach out towards me. I take the roach and throw
it in the ash tray. I light up the number, take a deep hit and
stare at her almost nude body.

"Do you ever masturbate?" I ask.

Her eyes flash open and for the first time she appears to
have some modesty. She closes her legs a bit and puts her
hands over her bush.

"Do you?"

"Yea, all the time. I love to play with myself and usually
do it when I'm watching porno flicks or looking at magazines
filled with nude women. I was thinking that if you don't
mind I could stare at you and play with myself and when I get
hard we could..."

"Fuck." she said.


I lean back against the end of the couch and slowly stroke
my cock. I don't normally masturbate this way so I look
around and find her panties. I pick them up off the floor,
cover my cock with them and begin to rub the fabric up and
down my shaft. I tell her not to worry that I won't cum
on her panties and she says it's OK as her boyfriend
would often clean off his cock with them after fucking her.
After a few moments she asks me if I want her to do anything
and I say, "Yea, play with yourself, Karen."

She moves to the other end of the couch, now we are facing
each other, and starts rubbing her mound with one hand and
her belly with the other. I take my "T" shirt
off and continue to gaze at her masturbating.

"Play with your nipples." She does.

One hand in her bush and the other rolling one nipple then
the other between her fingers. I'm starting to get
hard - real hard.

"Do you ever finger yourself?" I ask.

She nods and I tell her to finger herself and when her fingers
are real wet to bring them over to me as I want to suck and lick

After only a couple of plunges into her cunt she gets up,
and crosses the length of the couch and holds out her hand
for me to lick. I tell her to take her panties off my cock and
when she does she says, "Oh! Yea!" and starts
to move onto her back, down at the end of the couch.

"No, sit on it, Karen."

I tell her, holding my cock straight up from my belly. She
slowing moves over me, with a puzzled look on her face. I
put one hand on her ass, guide her over my cock and tell her
to lower her cunt a bit. The head of my cock comes into contact
with her pubes and I rub my cock up and down the length of her
slit. I put my cock into the entrance of her cunt and tell
her to lower herself on to my lap. She is very wet and I slide
about half the way in. I take a hold of her hips and rock them
back and forth as I bury myself in her cunt. Oh, is she nice
and very warm.

"God! That feels good."

She nods and says, "Oh. Yes, it does."

I tell her to lean forward a bit, put her hands up by my shoulders
and rock back and forth.

"Rub your pussy against my pubic bone."

I tell her. I am dying to start pumping my cock in and out of
her but know that if I do; I'll be finished in just a few
minutes. So I just lay there watching her rock back and forth
while my hands play with her nipples, slide up and down her
thighs and squeeze her very firm ass. I pull off her blouse
and push the tube top up over her head and throw them both
on the floor. We were now both nude, except for our shoes.

Her rocking becomes somewhat intense so I slow her down
with my hands on her hips and tell her to lean back with one
hand behind her and use the other to rub her mound and clit.
She does so and is soon rocking again. I reach out and begin
to pinch her nipples. They are swollen and again look like
small nose cones. She is starting to breath more rapidly
and even though she is not causing much friction on my cock,
I can't stand the wait any longer. I have got to cum.
I reach up with both hands and pull her shoulders down to
me, mash my mouth to hers and slide my hands to her ass. I take
a cheek in each hand and start fucking her with everything
I have, lifting her off me with each thrust. I break the kiss
and start babbling incoherently. It comes quickly, about
three or four spurts of seamen.
I keep on pumping until I feel myself start to deflate. We
lay still, breathing heavily as my dick shrinks out of her.

"Did you cum?"

Karen asks.

"Yea, I think you could say that."

"So did I. That's the first time I ever
know, fucking. God, was it great. You know, I wasn't
sure when you started talking about playing with
you were some pervert or something but I've never had
an orgasm like that, even by myself."

"I think we're about to dribble on the couch,
so why don't you roll off me and I'll go get a wash
cloth or something." I say.

"Where did you put my panties?"

Karen asks.

"No, I'll get us wash cloth."

I say as I disengage from her and walk off toward the bathroom.
I come back in just a few minutes and she already has her panties
on and is pulling on her shorts. I'm wiping my dick with
the wash cloth.

She looks up from the couch and says, "Shit, Willy.
I couldn't wait. Its almost five and I have to get home
or I'll catch hell for being out so late."

With that she jumps up off the couch, comes up to me and plants
a great big kiss on my lips and says, "Thanks."

She backs away grabs her tube top, slips it over her head
and begins putting her blouse on. I feel rather stupid and
embarrassed standing there bare ass in my tennis shoes.
She fishes a twenty dollar bill out of her pocket and puts
it on the table.

"Why don't you take both, Karen?" I ask.

She shakes her head from side to side and says, "I can't
do that, Willy. It's way too much for how much I'm
paying. Even with this I'm ripping you off."

With that she picks up the smaller of the two baggies, walks
over, gives me another big kiss and heads to the door.

"I don't think you ought to go out like that, Willy,
it might cause the neighbours to gossip."

She laughs, opens the sliding glass door and is gone. I wander
over to door, realising that the whole time we were getting
it on - the drapes were open. Oh!
Well, shit happens.

"Rippin" me off - Yea Right!"

I know I'm going crazy, if I'm not already. It is
now Friday night. I've spent the last three days, or
is it four, looking for a high school girl. When you're
pushing fifty, that's not real smart. I've gone
to The OutBack the last two nights. That's where I met
her. She was busing the table I was having dinner at. She
thought I was stoned. I was. I sold her some dope - marijuana
- a real intelligent move. What am I going to do?
Ask my waiter, "Uh, does Karen work tonight? You know
the teeny-bopper I sold the dope to. I'm sure you know
her, she's the one who fucks the brains out of old men
like me."

On the positive side at least the city's finest haven't
been knocking on the front door asking if Willy Tamarack
lives here. I haven't been stoned in the last two days
- a real rare occurrence, since my retirement.

It's now late August and still very hot in the community
of Green Valley, Nevada. I've got my Nachamichi stereo
system cranked up, not real loud though as I don't want
the neighbours to complain to the association. I just recently
bought one of those Soney 100 disk CD units and can listen
to random disks until hell freezes over, but have programed
it for the group - Buffalo Springfield. I'm contemplating
rolling a joint as there is no way I can go back to The OutBack
- for the third night in a row - when I hear a light knocking
on the sliding glass door that leads out to my small patio.
I get up and cross the front room and pull the drapes to see
who, if anyone, is on the patio.

Karen is standing a couple of feet from the door and when
she hears the drapes move she turns and waves. I open the

"Hi Willy, surprised?"

She walks by me into the front room. I close the sliding glass
door and this time remember to pull the drapes closed. I
turn to greet her and find her holding out her hand, "Here, "
she says.

I hold out my hand and she drops a roll of bills into it.

"What's this for?" I ask.

"It's for the stuff I got from you the other day.
I told you that you were giving me way too much stuff for the
money I had. So I sold most of it and now I'm paying you

"You didn't have to do that, " I said, "and
selling it might not be such a great idea. If you get busted..."

"Don't worry, it's cool, I only sold it to
good friends. Like I said, don't worry."

"You on your way to work?"

"Yea, kind of..."

She is dressed in a white blouse, just like the one she wore
the other day, but it is buttoned up to her neck and without
the tube top. She has on a blue skirt that stops just above
her knees and what looks like the same white tennis shoes
that she wore the other day. Her hair is done up on the top
of her head like it was when she was working and on her way
to school. I ask if she would like to sit down and she moves
to the couch and sits at one end. I count the money in my hand
- it comes to $100 in twenties. I drop it on the coffee table
and tell her it is too much. She said that it wasn't,
that she has another fifty in her purse and still has about
an eighth of an ounce left. I meander toward the kitchen
asking her if she wants something to drink. She said that
what she had the other day was OK, so I pour a diet Pepsi into
two glasses, put in a couple of cubes of ice and walk back
into the front room. I handed her a glass and sat at the other
end of the couch.

"What time do you have to be at work?" I ask.

"You want to get stoned?" She asked.

"Sure." I reply.

She starts digging trough her purse and comes out with a
small bong and a baggie with a very small amount of hemp in
it. She starts packing some of the hemp into the bowl of her
pipe and says, "I broke up with my boy friend."

She doesn't say any more and lights the pipe, taking
a large drag of smoke into her lungs. She moves down the couch
towards me and hands me the pipe. I take a small hit off the
bong and hand it back to her. I ask her is she wants me to get
some more dope as I didn't think hers would last that
long and she agrees. I get up, go to the kitchen and rustle
around in the freezer to find my dope. I bring back the remains
of the baggie that I had shown her the other day and throw
it on the table; asking her, "Why?"

"Cause he was an asshole and always treated me like
shit, " she pauses and takes another hit on the pipe,
hands it to me and then blurts out, "I told my mom I had
to work tonight and I also told her that I was spending the
night at Monica's house, so I don't have to be home
"till tomorrow sometime."

As that hung in the air, I packed her pipe with some of my dope
and light the bowl. She continued with, "I really
don't have to work tonight and all I have to do is call
Monica and give'er your number and she'll cover
for me."

I exhale slowly, pass her the pipe and ask, "Does this
mean that I'm your new boy friend?"

She bursts out laughing, losing a whole lung full of smoke
in the process and says, "We'd look pretty odd
at the Senior Prom together and I plan on going to the Senior
Prom. Plus I think my parents would shoot you."

"Definitely not a good ending for me."

"No. Well what do you say about me spending the night?
We could discuss all the ins and outs of having a relationship,
get super stoned and well...Let me tell you, Willy, I sold
most of the dope I bought from you by the next afternoon.
And for the last two days I have been sitting in my room trying
to work up the courage to come over here and talk to you. I've
also been playing with myself like crazy, thinking of what
we did the other day."

I raise my head and start to say something and instead take
another hit off the pipe as she continues.

"Don't say anything yet. Let me finish. I know
you probably see women your own age. I plan on seeing guys
my own age. I don't think that should prevent us from
seeing each other every once and a while. What do you say?
Do I stay or do you want me to split?"

"You like omelets for breakfast?" I ask.

She is talking to Monica, her best friend, on the kitchen
phone. I'm still sitting on the couch. The bong bowl
is empty and I'm now fairly stoned. She hangs up the
phone, walks back into the front room and sits down next
to me on the couch.

"Monica says it's no problem. She's staying
home tonight and will give me a call if my parents call her
house. I'm going to meet her tomorrow in Fox Ridge park
at one o'clock. So everything is cool. you
mind playing some Hootie and the Blowfish?" she asks.

"I told you the other day that I don't have any
Hootie and the whatever."

I replied.

"Yea, that's cool. I brought some CDs with me.
I hope you don't mind."

She says as she pulls three or four CDs out of her purse.

I get up off the couch and head toward the wall unit that holds
my Nachamichi and big screen Soney TV. As I'm putting
her CDs into the Soney disc changer, I can hear her taking
a hit off the bong. I get Hootie going and feel her standing
behind me. I turn. She stands about five foot five or six
and probably doesn't weight more than a hundred pounds.
She squeaks out, "Open you mouth."

She covers my mouth with hers and exhales. I suck as much
smoke out of her lungs as I can. Her arms encircle my neck
and she is now passionately frenching me. I wrap my arms
around her waist and begin to kiss back as I slide my hands
down her back until I have a hand on each of her ass cheeks
and begin to grind a little against her stomach. My cock
begins to grow down the leg of my shorts and I encourage it
by clenching and unclenching my ass. I lift her a bit and
try to rub my hardening cock against her pussy. I ask her
if she wants to go into the bedroom and she says, "Yea."

I tell her that I don't think I can wait until we get there.
She moves one of her hands down my side and slides it in between
our bodies and gently squeezes my cock.

"It's real hard now, isn't it?" She

I agree, move her over to the couch and tell her to raise her
skirt up around her waist. I lift her up so her ass is sitting
on the back of the couch. She is wearing a tiny pair of black
panties that just barely cover her brown bush. I lift her
a bit and tell her to pull her panties down; when she gets
them to mid thigh I lower her to the couch back and pull them
off, tossing them on the floor.

I start to get to my knees in front of her and she says, "No,
We can do that later."

So I tell her to undo my shorts. My cock is making quite a tent
in my boxer shorts and I tell her to pull my shorts down. After
she gets them over my cock; I pull them all the way off. I start
kissing her and rubbing my dick against her knees and thighs.
She spreads her legs and I rub my hard-on against her pubic

"Put it in me."

She whispers, breaking our kiss.

"You put it in." I say.

She reaches between us, takes a hold of my cock and guides
it into her cunt. I only allow the head of my dick to penetrate
her, put one hand on her ass and with the other, move the head
of my dick up and down her slit; sticking the head of my cock
into her cunt every few moments.

"You're really wet."

I whisper.

"I wasn't kidding, I've been playing with
myself like crazy and have been wet almost all day."

She replies. I tell her to wrap her legs around my waist.
After she gets her legs around me I put the head of my dick
in her cunt, grab a cheek of her ass with each hand, lift her
up off the couch and lower her onto my cock. I am now buried
in a very warm, wet, young lady. I lower her back to the couch
and fuck in and out of her slowly.

"Shit, you feel good, Karen."

"Yea, faster." she replies.

I'm having some difficulty getting the correct leverage
to really begin pumping myself in and out of her and after
a few minutes I pull out of her.

"No, not yet."

She almost screams. I lift her off the back of the couch and
tell her to turn around; then pull her skirt up to the middle
of her back, and tell her to bend over the back of the couch.
Her ass is definitely her best asset, almost like the halves
of a large cantaloupe squeezed together.

I just had to lick and suck on it.

"I want to eat your ass, Karen, and then I'm going
to fuck you silly, young lady."

I drop to my knees, take a cheek in each hand and squeeze them
together. I start licking the deep crack that I have made
with her cheeks, digging my tongue between her ass cheeks
as far as I can. She lets out a loud moan or maybe she said something;
I don't know or care at this point. My dick is still hard
as shit and I'm licking the crack of her ass like there
is no tomorrow. I put a thumb on each side of her crack, spread
the cheeks of her ass and lick from her cunt to her asshole.
She is now moaning every time my tongue makes the trip from
her hole to her anus. I've just got to fuck her
I quickly stand and place the length of my dick in the crack
of her ass and sliding it up and down. Oh!
Shit does this feel good. I couldn't stand it any longer.
I lower my cock to her cunt and situate the head right over
the opening. I grab her hips with both hands and pull her
onto my cock and start fucking her like a wild man. She starts
screaming incoherent words and sounds but I just keep on
fucking as fast as I can. My balls are slapping the couch
and I've pushed her over the top of the couch so her arms
are stretched out in front of her trying to prevent herself
from being shoved on to the floor in front of the couch. And
then it's on me. I start to yell fuck over and over. I
can smell her. She smells like sex - a funky sex smell - very
hot sex. I erupt into her belly; spurt [color
black]after spurt and keep
fucking until I am totally spent and start to go soft. I keep
fucking. My soft penis slips out of her and I reach forward,
pull her up against me and begin to kiss her neck and cheek.

"You sure we're only going to do this every once
and a while, Karen?"

"Yea, like maybe three or four times every day - Oh!
God you turn me on. I can't count the number of times
you made me cum. Let's do it again."

Yea, let's do it again maybe next year - shit my knees
are so weak I don't think I can stand on my own.

A while later we are in the shower, soaping each other down.
If I hadn't been so spent I'm sure I would have let
her talk me into using the sunken tub instead of the shower.
I told her we could have dessert in the tub and she agreed
to use the shower. While drying off we talked about what
we would have for dinner. She had the munchies and just wanted
to graze but I felt we should eat something substantial.
We agreed on hamburgers. I gave her one of my "T"
shirts and she wandered out to find the rest of her clothes.

I followed and put my shorts and shirt back on. She slipped
her panties on and asked if she could hang her skirt and blouse
in the closet. After getting that out of the way I gave her
the tour of the condo, even showing her my growing contraption.
She was really stoked and asked how much dope it would grow.
I told her that in a little over a year it had produced close
to three pounds of the stuff we had smoked earlier.

All during dinner we talked about dope. She was really interested
in buying some more dope and selling it. I was a little hesitant
but finally agreed that I could sell her about an ounce every
month or so as long as I didn't start running out. Shit!

Running out?
I had close to five pounds in the freezer. She thought that
would be OK. We washed the dishes together and ended up on
the couch sharing bong hits, listening to the Counting

"When do we get dessert?" She asks.

"Any time you want it, young lady."

She jumps up off the couch, grabs my hand and starts to pull
me toward the bathroom. Once there, I tell her to strip and
turn the water on to fill the tub. I get the temperature about
right and look up at her across the tub. She is standing there
completely nude with her hands covering her pussy. Her
breasts are hardly bumps which make her nipples appear
rather large. They are much darker than her skin colour.
Her nipples are about the size of quarters and are more like
small nose cones with almost no areolae - they are just about
all nipple. I notice for the first time that she wears a one
piece bathing suit as her legs and shoulders are much darker
than the skin from her breasts to her pussy.

"Show me your pussy, Karen."

She drops her hands to her side and my eyes feast on the brown
curly growth at the junction of her legs. She clears her
throat and whispers, "Take your clothes off, I want
to see your dick."

I stand and drop my shorts and boxers, then take my shirt
off. We are both nude and my cock is beginning to grow. I flex
it a couple of times and it continues to get harder.

"Get in the tub."

She steps into the water and mentions that it is a little
warm so as I get in, I adjust the hot water a bit. We are sitting
across the tub from each other just staring. The water level
is up to above our navels. I slowly move across the tub and
suck one of her nipples into my mouth - then the other one.
I tell her she has very nice nipples and she said she wished
that she had some tits to go with them. We both laugh. I slowly
lick my way to her belly button and begin to ream it out with
my tongue. I tell her to sit on the edge of the tub - and after
doing so says that the tile is cold so I get out, get a towel
and she sits on the towel at the edge of the tub. I move back
into the tub and spread her legs and just stare at her cunt.
Her mound is fairly well covered with deep brown pubic hair
but her lips are visible as there is not as much hair covering
her gash. She asks me if I like to look at her and by way of an
answer I raise up and give her a long open mouthed kiss. I
whisper, "I love to look at you, especially naked."

I slowly kiss my way to her cunt, push her legs up to her chest
and begin to lick and suck her from asshole to clitoris.
I tongue fuck her very slowly, rubbing my nose in her slit.
She squeaks, "Faster, Willy."

I pick up the pace a bit and then slide my thumb into her cunt
and continue sucking and licking her clit. She is now almost
chanting, "Yees - Yeees, Willy!"

I remove my thumb from her cunt and she screams, "No,

"Roll over on your stomach, Karen...that's
it. Now lift up a bit - good."

I slip the palm of my right hand under her pubic bone and cup
her mons, slide my thumb into her cunt and begin to thumb
fuck her, squeezing her mound with my palm. I move a little
to the left side of her body and start to lick the crack of
her ass, working my tongue into the crack to find her asshole.
I use my left hand to spread her cheeks and now see the bud
of her anus. It is surrounded by very short follicles of
brown hair and I start to lick all around the hair. She has
started chanting again although this time I can't
tell what she is saying, if anything, but the tempo is getting
faster and her hips are starting to jerk a bit. I throw caution
to the wind; find her asshole with my tongue and push the
tip into her. I continue to work my tongue in and out of her
ass, increasing the tempo of my thumb fucking. I am now working
quite a bit of tongue into her asshole and there is no mistaking
what I hear.

"Oooh! God...Willy, I'm cumming. Oooh, shit,
I'm really cumming."

I start pumping everything I've got in her as fast as
I can. Her hips are jerking spasmodically. I have stopped
reaming her asshole; am now just pumping my thumb in and
out of her cunt and trying to rub my thumb and fingers together
through her pubic bone.

She is screaming softly, "Aaaah...Aaaah! Oooh...Yea!"

Her jerking slows and changes to a grinding; trapping my
hand between her mound and the towel covered tile. The grinding
stops and I pull my thumb out of her cunt. She remains lying,
stomach down, on the tile, not moving at all. I get out of
the tub and wander out to the front room. I fill up the bong
and bring it along with the lighter and our Pepsis back to
the bathroom. Karen is now sitting up in the tub, her hair
is down around her shoulders.

"I hope you brought the bong..." but lets it
trail off when she sees me taking a big hit.

I slide back into the tub; the water is not nearly as warm
as it used to be. We pass the bong back and forth for a while
neither of us saying a word. I turn on the hot water and allow
the tub to fill a bit. She starts the conversation by saying,
"You like to talk while we're making it, don't

Almost an accusation. I agree and she continues, "I
almost never talk even after it's over."

I told her that I find it often turns people on to kind of cheer
each other on while they are trying to get each other off.
Does that make sense?
Not much does when you are as stoned as we are. She giggles
and then starts laughing and says, "Well, Willy,
it definitely turns me on. Like I don't know any of the
girls at school who talk about sex...I mean like the sex
we have. It's always like the sex I used to have."

The bong now is just about empty and I'm stirring around
the remains to get one last hit.

I toke up the last hit of the bong and motion her to cross the
tub to me. Our mouths come together and I exhale into her.
Her hands are on my knees as she kneels in the tub. After we
both exhale, I ask her, "Are you ready for your dessert,

She nods her head and looking down through the water at my
cock, says, "I have only done this once...I'm
not sure it'll be very good for you."

"Don't worry, Karen. A friend of mine once told
me to describe the worst sex I had ever had, after a few moments
of silence, he said fucking fantastic."

My dick is starting to get hard just anticipating her sucking
and licking it. I pulled myself up on the edge of the tub,
found the tile to be cool but not uncomfortable and decided
to forget the towel that was on the other side of the tub.

"Why don't you just lick it like an ice cream cone."

I offer and after a few moments of hesitation she starts
to clear my pubic hair away from my dick. It is already half
hard and I start to clench the cheeks of my ass to pump more
blood to it.

She now has my cock in her left hand and is supporting herself
with her right hand. She lowers her head and licks me from
the base of my dick to it's tip.

"Oh! Yeaaa."

I moan, "Don't stop, do that again."

She lowers herself a bit and presses my cock up against my
stomach and begins to lick me up and down - big, long, slow
licks. Oh!
Shit, does this feel good. I tell her to lick right below
the head of my dick and her tongue immediately moves there
and begins wiggling about. My hips are starting to move
and she looks up at me and says, "Is this OK?"

I manage to croak out, "Fucking fantastic, "
she smiles and goes back to licking the length of my cock
- up and down.

I am dying to have her start sucking my cock, but her tongue
feels so good that I don't want it to stop either. Such
a dilemma. Yea, I know, it's a tough job...She is now
holding my dick away from my belly and licking all around
the head. I groan, "Suck it, Karen."

She doesn't hesitate at all but kisses the tip and slides
her lips down my shaft. She takes about half of my cock in
her mouth - shit, is her mouth wet and almost as warm as her
cunt - and just sucks on it.

I put a hand on her head and pump my hips toward her face. She
slowly pulls her lips almost all the way off of my dick and
then slowly slides them down until she is taking more of
my dick in her mouth than she did the first time. All I can
say is, "Suck it, " and I am saying it over and

Her head is bobbing in my lap as her lips slid up and down my
cock. She starts to pick up the tempo and her head is bobbing
faster and faster; my hips are coming off the edge of the
tub and I am starting to force more of my cock into her mouth
as I continue to hold her head in my hand. She forces her head
out of my crotch; licks the length of my dick and says, "I
think this is fun for both of us, don't you?"

Instead of answering I lower my lips to hers and kiss her
deeply. I pull her up by the arms so that we are both standing,
my hard-on sandwiched between us.

"Let's go to the bedroom." I say.

After drying off, entering the bedroom and lying on the
bed; I motion her to join me. I tell her to get on her knees
with her ass over my face. I turn her around, place my hands
on her hips and raise my mouth to her pussy. As I start to lick
and suck on her cunt, I tell her to suck my cock. She moans,
"Oh! Yea, " and lowers her head to my crotch.

As I work my tongue into her cunt, fucking her with it, she
is licking my shaft from the tip to my balls. I put a hand on
each of the cheeks of her ass and really begin to fuck her
with my tongue. She stops licking, gobbles up my cock, sliding
her mouth and lips up and down my shaft in cadence with my
tongue fucking. Every few seconds, I urge her on with a,
"Faster, Karen, faster."

My hips are now coming off the bed quite regularly and I am
getting close to cumming, so I roll us over on to our sides
and put a hand back on her head, fucking her mouth with my
cock and her cunt with my tongue. I am going crazy and start
yelling, "Suck it, baby; suck it, baby, " over
and over.

Finally I explode, "Here it cums, Karen, suck it,
suck...Uuuuh...fuck, suck it, baby!"

I know the first spurt was in
her mouth but she pushes her head away from my crotch and
gurgles, "OH!'re cumming."

I push her head back to my crotch and she takes my cock back
in her mouth and starts sucking. My cock is starting to soften
but she keeps on sucking it and then rolls away from me on
to her back.

"God, I think I came too but there was so much of your
cum in my mouth I couldn't swallow."

I sit up and lean down to kiss her. Her lips are glossy with
my seamen and there is also cum on her neck and one of her cheeks.
I give her a long French kiss and then ask her, "How
was dessert, sweet one?"

"Fucking fantastic, Willy."

We lay in bed for a long while and just talked about life and
other nonsensical topics until we both fell asleep.

Morning came early to me, as usual, and I went about my business
as if Karen hadn't spent the night. I was back from running
and working the weights when she peered through the curtains.
I quickly put the weights up and enter the front room.

"Do you have a toothbrush I can borrow?" She

I tell her to use mine and follow her to the bathroom. As she
was brushing her teeth, I told her that maybe I should buy
another one. She said that was a good idea through a mouthful
of toothpaste and toothbrush. After finishing her oral
hygiene she wraps her arms around my neck and tells me I need
a shower. She enters the shower as I take off my clothes.
When I enter the shower she wastes no time washing my private
parts and then drops to her knees and begins to lick and suck
my cock. At first I didn't think I was going to respond
- I think she had the same feeling as she stopped sucking
for a bit and just licked it, then asked, "Can I lick
your balls, Willy?"

Before I could answer and as though she had already made
up her mind; she starts pumping my dick with her hand and
licking my scrotum. Now, I start getting hard; harder and
harder by the second. Her mouth is back on my cock, her head
bobbing in front of me. As I lean back against the shower
wall and just let the pleasure flow over me; she's up
and kissing me and says, "Fuck me, Willy, now!"

I take her by the hand and lead her to the toilet where I sit
on the seat and tell her to straddle me. She feels very wet
and warm as she caused our mating by lowering herself onto
my cock. She immediately starts using her legs to raise
and lower herself on my cock. She is really working up a sweat
and I alternate between kissing her mouth and sucking her
nipples which are now very prominent and turgid. I finally
can't stand it any longer and pick her up and carry her
to the bedroom, drop her on the bed, crawl between her legs
and fill her with my cock. Her legs come up around my hips
and I'm fucking her in earnest - hard deep strokes that
cause her to moan and groan with every thrust. I start to
chant incoherent words and phrases - fucking her faster
and faster.

Willy, I'm going to cum, " she screams and I'm
not far behind as she eggs me on with "Faster, Willy,

We're both muttering incoherently when I begin to
pump cum in her cunt. After becoming soft, I roll off of her
and say, "Shit, Karen, you're going to kill me
doing this."

She laughs, "Yea, sure, Willy."

We had a leisurely breakfast and almost before we knew it
she had to leave. We had decided that neither of us would
call the other and that we would set the next time we would
see each other during the previous. If the next date didn't
work out she would leave a note on the patio. That seemed
reasonable to me. I told her that I was going to visit my parents
after Labor day as the beaches of Southern California clear
out then and the South swells are still pretty good. I asked
her if she would look after the growing contraption and
keep it full of water. She asked if she could bring a friend
over to get stoned. I wasn't too hot on that idea but
when she said that she'd keep her friend out of the growing
room, I acquiesced. I gave her a full "three finger
lid" this time and she promised to have it sold by the
time I returned from surfing.

I walked her to the sliding glass doors and she gave me a short
kiss and was gone; walking across the grass and away from
the condo. I wondered if I had really fucked myself, letting
her care for the hemp. Too late now, she had a key!

It's about a quarter after six in the morning, several
days after Labor day. It's been light for a little over
an hour and I'm parked on a residential street about
two blocks up from Launada Bay in Palos Verdes Estates,
California. What the fuck am I doing here?
Well, the house down the street is the home of my high school
girl friend, her husband and children. At least that's
what a friend of mine told me about eight years ago when he
and I last went surfing at the Bay.

I was born and raised in Southern California. And except
for the twenty some years I spent in the military and going
to college; I have lived in Southern California my entire
life. Until very recently I still lived there, in Orange
County; where, after retiring from the military, I was
flying as a first officer for a commuter airline out of John
Wayne Airport and surfing. I can't remember when I
haven't surfed. My parents still live in Southern
California; in Orange County. I am visiting them to keep
in touch and surf - mostly to surf. While driving down to
my parents, from my new home in Southern Nevada, I have this
amazing day dream; really it was a fantasy and my high school
girl friend is the star attraction. Now I just can't
get her out of my mind. It's been almost thirty years
since we have talked or seen each other.

After arriving at my parents, I do a surf check at Salt Creek
and find it very disappointing. The next morning it is even
worse, almost flat. So I head north to the "Hill, "
as we used to call it, when the family lived in the South Bay.

Making plans as I go, I tell myself. Really all I'm doing
is thinking about how we, my high school girl friend and
I, parted. We had been going together since grammar school
and now had to spend almost a year apart, a school year that
is - so it was only several months at a time but at that age,
time is so important.

We had been very sexually active in our later years of high
school and when I went away to school we came up with this
great idea to take pictures of each other. Yea, you guessed
it, with daddy's polaroid and yea, we were naked. To
make a long story short, her parents found them.

Her dad met me at the door one evening, with a gun, and told
me in no uncertain terms that I was never to see his daughter
again. A truly frightening experience for a sophomore
in college. I never saw her again and while at school the
following semester a friend of mine sent me the clipping
announcing her wedding plans for the following Summer.
She was marrying the brother of her best friend, a guy several
years older than us - a guy who, she had shared with me, she
thought was a dork. Oh!
Well, you win a few and lose a few.

I've been winning a few lately. I've been seeing
a very nice young lady back in Las Vegas. Young is right,
she's a senior in high school and on top of fucking our
brains out as often as possible I also sell her some dope
- maryjane, hemp, marijuana - every once in a while. Probably
not too intelligent for a man who is almost fifty years old
- but what the fuck - you only go around once.

Anyway this is the third day I've been waiting down
the street from my former girl friend's home and so
far I haven't seen squat. I am about ready to call it
quits - it's about nine o'clock or so - when out
of the drive way comes a silver BMW, turns toward where I'm
parked and drives by. I get a good look at the driver and a
chill comes over me. It is Connie. The hair is a bit longer
and more frizzy than I remember. It also appears to be a shade
or two darker but it still has those tinges of the Summer
sun in it. She's wearing dark glasses and appears to
be alone. I start up the bug, pull a "U" turn and
proceed to follow.

Now what?
I really don't have a plan or a clue. Maybe she'll
pull into a Circle K or a Seven-Eleven and I can fake a chance
meeting. Am I fucking smart or what?
Don't bet on it.

She passes up several Circle Ks and Seven-Elevens as we
head into the heart of the South Bay. Suddenly, it seems
to me, as I am amazed at all the changes in the neighbourhood;
she turns into a strip mall parking lot and parks her car
in front of a bakery. I pull the bug into a slot a couple of
spaces down from her.

In the rear view mirror I watch her as she heads into the bakery.
I wait for exactly three minutes, according to my wrist
watch, then get out of the car and head for the bakery door.
She is sitting at a table with her back to the door, taking
a sip of coffee, when I enter the bakery. She doesn't
turn to see who just entered the bakery, so far so good. I
stroll up to the counter, browsing at the donuts and pastries
behind the glass. I can almost feel her eyes burning holes
in the back of my "T" shirt.

Shit, maybe she hasn't noticed me as she is thinking
about her own life and problems - worrying about her husband,
the kids, or whatever. I am now afraid that I will hear the
bakery door open and close as she leaves the bakery and I
am forced to chase after her again. As I said earlier though,
I've been winning a few lately and my luck must be continuing
as I hear: "Willy...Willy Tamarack..."

I turn with a start and just stare open mouthed at her.

"Well, shit...Connie...I'm sorry I don't
know you last name."

I move to the table and put my hands on the back if the chair
across from her.

"Long time...hasn't it. How's life?"
I ask.

"Couldn't be better. Sit down and have a cup of

Secretly I was hoping that she would say life had been real
shitty and that she constantly thought about me but I guess
my luck doesn't go that far. I pull out the chair, sit
down and just stare. We exchange pleasantries. I ask the
usual inane questions about family - her parents, her husband
and children; realising that by asking the questions she
will become aware that I have been thinking about her and
attempting to keep up with her life. She returns the compliment
by saying how sorry she was to hear about the death of my family
in the automobile accident. I wonder how she knew but then
she is getting up, looking at her watch and saying she has
an appointment and has to run. My heart sinks as she moves
to the door. She turns as she opens the door and asks; "Remember
that place we used to have lunch and then walk down to the
beach and sunbathe? They have built a small park there on
top of the cliff. I'll treat, if you can make it about

I nod dumbly and watch her get in her car an

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