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What a day for her!


As I was arriving home my fatigue started to disappear,
it was a really hard day for me, too much to do at the office
and a couple of very important and stressful meetings,
Maria was watching the TV and she didn't notice my entrance,
so I put down my suitcase and walked over to her, Maria then
stood up and put her arms around my neck saying “You look
really in a bad mood, did you have a bad day today?”

I smiled warmly and just answered. "It was one of those
fucking days, but I’m at home now."

Maria grinned up at me warmly while wrapped her arms around
me and said "Well, what do you say if we give that bad
mood a proper treatment?"

The mischievous glint in Maria’s eyes was unmistakable
to me, but a so hard day at work had me a bit too worn out for
the kind of fun she had in mind, so I shook my head after a moment
and said, "Not now, maybe later, right now I really
need to take a shower." [image] Maria never liked to get a NO as answer, so as I padded off
toward the bathroom she decided to try a different approach,
she waited until she heard the water running, then she started
to undress herself and quickly stripped out of her cutoff
shorts and cropped tank down to nothing but her perfectly
tanned skin, she then quietly walked to the bathroom and
peeked around the corner, she could see my silhouette behind
the shower curtain, and heard my soft sighs as the scalding
water hit my skin and caused steam to fill the room.

Maria’s nipples hardened and she felt her pussy tingle
as she thought of just how much she wanted my hands on her,
and not wanting to wait any longer she strolled over and
got in the shower with me, then wrapping her arms around
my waist and pressing her breasts into my back, Maria asked
innocently, "Hummm, do you want to clean me?"

I decided to tease her and asked "You want me to bathe
you? Do you deserve it?"

Maria purred with big eyes, "I can earn it, "
then she dropped to her knees with the water pounding over
her and started kissing and licking my hardening cock,
when she felt she had teased me as much as she could get away
with, she started slowly taking my cock into her mouth,
and the feel of her lips pulling up and down my cock soon had
me close to cum, Maria noticed it, so she paused and stood
on her toes while giving me an passionate kiss, and as my
tongue started exploring her mouth my hand began exploring
her pussy.

I stroked and pulled, pinched and caressed, until Maria's
entire body was shaking, then I stopped my hand I grabbed
her by her hips and shoved my cock as deeply as I could into
her wet pussy, Maria wrapped her legs around my waist, laughing
as I mumbled into her ear that I would go to fuck her all over
the house, and that was what I did, I dragged her from room
to room, fucking her mercilessly in every imaginable position
and on every surface until she came in every one of them.

By the time we got to the last room, the kitchen, Maria was
soaked in sweat, I began backing her up until she felt her
ass hit the countertop behind her, then I picked her up and
sat her on the edge of It and began fucking her slowly, letting
her last orgasm almost fade completely before she could
start to build another, and when she had calmed down and
slowed into a steady rhythm with me, I increased my pace
and adjusted my angle, so my cock was hitting her G-spot
and my pelvic bone was stroking her clit with every thrust,
and obviously it didn't take Maria long to explode
in another orgasm, and when she did it her entire body shook
for over two minutes. [image2] Maria, knowing that was the last room was waiting for my
explosion inside her, noticing that, I kissed her and whispered
into her ear “Not yet, we still have one more place remaining,
so we aren't done yet."

Confused, Maria looked into my eyes questioningly as I
smiled and picked her up again, she wrapped her legs around
my waist as I carried her toward the back door that lead to
an open patio outside the building, she gasped as she realized
where I was headed, but she was enjoying my hard cock too
much to protest, then as we reached the balcony, I threw
open the door and set her down on the wooden deck and backed
her up against the railing as her nipples tightened in the
cool evening air.

As Maria was on the position I wanted her, I knelt on my knees
and began kissing and licking her dripping pussy, she felt
herself building toward another explosive climax, but
then she quickly froze as she heard men's voices shouting,
"Look at that!" and "Oh, baby!"
and "Damn!" Maria turned her head to see that the large majority of the
construction workers across the street had stopped working
and were focused on her, that turned her even more, me too,
and I started working faster on her still pulsing clit,
then I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around and then
I bent her over the railing, so her tits were hanging free
for the men across the street to stare at, so almost immediately
their catcalls increased and they yelled out. "Fuck
her hard, man!" and "Make those tits jiggle
for us!"

To their delight Maria started thrust her back against
my pelvis as my cock was thrusting hard and fast into her,
pushing her up against the railing, the men cheered and
yelled and Maria was clearly enjoying the exhibition we
were putting on, and then she began building toward another
explosive climax, the workers below definitely noticed
and increased their yells with some "That's
it, baby!” and “Moan louder so we can hear you.” and
“Now rub your tits and pussy for us!"

They weren't the only ones who noticed Maria's
enjoyment, I was noticing it too and I started pulling her
hair harder to give more power to my thrusts, Maria was on
the edge of losing all control with the extra heat of the
construction workers' eyes on her, then with one final
thrust against me she moaned loudly, almost screaming,
as her body shook and twisted under a violent wild orgasm,
as the men across the street cheered and screamed obscenities,
I as well was losing my control, so I quickly spun Maria around
and forced her to her knees as I spurted my load all over her
face and hair, and then I finished with my load on her firm

As I finished I grabbed Maria by the arms and pulled her up,
so the workers could see her again on her full nakedness,
they could even see the white juice covering her hair, face
and chest, and they cheered even louder, Maria then waved
a kiss and made a bow for the men, and I put my arm around her
waist and led her inside, once inside she turned around
to look at me and started to ask me something, but I put a finger
to her full lips and said, "The good news, they'll
be working there all week." [image3] The morning after went normal, we took our breakfast and
went to work, as usually we went together by car, but on evening
as I always came home too late Maria take the regular bus,
after it was just a short walk through a small alley to reach
our home.

Six in the evening, the work day was over to Maria and she
had to catch the bus, it was starting to be dark as she wait
at the bus stop, and to help on spend her waiting time she
watched a jogger run by the bus stop listening to ear-phones,
then she almost jumped on her seat caught by surprise as
he put his own finger on his mouth sucking on it, then he blinked
and waved her a kiss, Maria smiled and her tongue licked
her lips as in answer to him.

Then it was him who was surprised by her answer, without
a word he stopped and moved close to her, as he was close enough
Maria pulled his jogging bottoms down and pushed his semi
hard cock onto her lips and licked it, then she opened her
mouth and he shoved it in eagerly, causing her to gag a little
while he groped her tits, she found her top being opened
and his hands and the night air were causing her nipples
to stand to attention.

With her pussy sufficiently wet from all his attention
on her nipples and her sucking on his cock, Maria took his
cock out of her mouth and pulled her panties down to her ankles,
immediately he climbed between her legs and placed his
cock against the opening of her pussy and began to ease his
way in, it took him several attempts to completely bury
his cock into her, but as he did it he picked up his pace driving
the full length of his cock in and out of her, and then the
sound of the wonk from the bus not too far away from the bus
stop made him increase his thrusts and within a couple of
seconds Maria felt the convulsions of his cock as he erupted
inside of her. [image4] As he finished with her pussy he stuffed his cock back into
her mouth and she could taste the mix of his load and her pussy
juices while cleaning it, he then pulled his cock into his
jogging bottoms, waved a kiss to her and went back to his
jogging, as Maria composed herself she noticed that a few
drops had spilled on her skirt, and as she look down at her
leg Maria noticed a man sitting right next to her saying
"Let me get that for you."

Maria didn’t get time to answer to him as he put one hand
on her thigh above the spill, the other on her calf, then
leaned down to lick the spot off her skirt, Maria was speechless
watching him while he was licking the spot until it was gone,
his hand then moved up her calf to her knee and Maria’s
body just slipped into subtle mode as his fingers had moved
just past her skirt fringes, but then the bus pulled up and
the man whispered in her ear "Came and sit in my lap, "
as he stood up and got on the bus.

Maria followed him to the back of the bus, he sat and she sat
on his lap, he grabbed the bottom of her skirt first and hiked
it up to her waist, then he pulled her thong down to her ankles,
Maria stepped out of them and he put them into his jacket
pocket, then the driver pulled away from the stop and she
fell back into his lap, he just pushed her butt down his legs
to his knees and unzipped his pants, then he pulled her back,
lifting her hips so he started to impale her pussy with his
hard cock, and just with the shaking of the bus running,
she was half way to her first orgasm before she got his cock
all the way into her.

He lift Maria up by her hips and pulled her back down, bouncing
her up and down on his cock with just his biceps, Maria then
saw pass the jogger through the window, he glanced up at
her and she didn't know if he could see what she was doing
through the bus window, but by his expression she could
imagine that he could.

Maria was so aroused that she come really fast, the man kept
going for a couple of minutes more, then he lift her all the
way off, and then started to lower her again, but that time
Maria fell the pressure at the entrance of her ass hole,
she whispered ”Fuck” just because she couldn't
think to say anything else as the tip of his cock has already
started to force it's way in, then the bus hits a bump
and his cock was all the way into her ass hole with a simply

Then one of his hands went to her front and she felt his fingers
slipped into her pussy as his thumb pressed against her
clit, she was feeling so good that she almost forgot about
the cock into her ass till the bus hits another bump, then
another bump, each bump was put him all the way in as he kept
fingering her, the ecstasy took over her conscious thoughts
and her body shook under an wild orgasm, feeling it he increased
the thrusts of his cock into her ass, and the more deep he
thrusts the harder Maria orgasmed and that made him cum
too, she could feel his hot cum in her ass, and that thought
extends her orgasm a little longer. [image5] He lifted Maria off his cock as the bus stopped and she could
feel the warm goo dribbling down, she looked over her shoulder
as she stood up and blew him a kiss, it was already her stop
and reluctantly she walked away from him and got off the
bus, then she started making her way back home when two young
guys approached in the dark, empty alley and one said to
her as they walked past the dark row of lightless shops "Quite
a show yesterday at the balcony, we loved it."

Maria blushed as she heard them, but then she smiled as she
remembered the events on night before anyway her pussy
still tingling from the recent fucking and her ass was aching
as she realized she had forgotten to ask back her thong,
then she decided do not care about that and check what the
two guys had on their minds and she responded, "What
show?" her mind thinking that sex on the balcony was
probably not the most discreet place to get it.

"We were working on the building facing yours and
we were watching you and your husband, I presume"
said one then the other said, "You’ve got one hell
of a body, I really loved if you would come with us."

Maria laughed and asked “To come with you? What for? What
do you have in mind?”

The guys looked at each other than to her with a devilish
smile, Maria had just stopped against the wall and curious
about what the two young guys want to do, then suddenly one
grabbed her breasts and almost yelled to the other, "Look
man, she's got no bra under there!"

Maria almost burst in laugh as she teased them “Why need
I wear a bra? Do you think my tits are not firms enough without
a bra on?”

"Bet she isn’t wearing no underwear either!"
hissed the other with a smile, and with that his hand shot
up her skirt and caressed her soaked pussy, "Damn
right she isn’t, and she’s wet as hell!"

Maria couldn’t resist any longer and burst in laugh,
she was trapped between the bodies of these two young guys,
and as she stopped laughing she asked them with a sexy grin
“And so? Now you know, what do you want to do about that?”

One of them came over and laying his head to hers said with
a hoarsely voice "I would love to get a piece of your
hot pussy.”

Maria taped lightly his face and smiled a kind of “why
not?” then she turned to the other one and asked “And
what about you? Do you want me too?"

"Of course, " he replied, "The fucking
you had in front of us has turned me on big time and I want some
of your fine ass."

Maria was amazed with the opportunity of an expected threesome,
even because as being a experimented woman she clearly
noticed the guys didn’t have any practice on sex, probably
it would be their first time, what was such a turn on for her.
[image6] The guys escorted her to a dark area of the alley and Maria
fell immediately on her knees waiting for them, one then
came closer and pushed his hard cock onto her lips, she opened
her mouth and allowed the hardening cock to enter in, he
shoved it in eagerly causing her to gag a little, while the
other one groped her tits and she found her top being opened
and his cold hands starting working on her nipples.

"Deep throat me, " the guy on her mouth begged,
"I've seen it on movies and I bet you could do better
than them!"

Maria had never someone asking that on a so simply way, she
grabbed his buttocks forcing his waist against her, so
he easily could push his cock deep into her throat and she
started bobbing on it, he was almost out of control and grabbed
her head and pushed the full length of his cock the deeply
he could down her throat, Maria gagging on his cock and then
he pulled away of her.

The other guy had lay on the floor and had his trousers pushed
down, his cock pointing hard towards the sky, and he said,
pulling her away from the guy on her mouth "Turn around
and sit on my cock. That position looks very exciting on
the movies, don’t you think so?"

Maria nodded to him while trying not laugh, anyway she was
glad to notice they had started to be more confident with
her and with their own requests, so she willingly turned
around, her open blouse displayed her tits to him as she
pushed her body down onto his already hard cock, and a ",
you're hot..." was all he could muster as his
cock sunk inside her pussy.

Maria closed her eyes as she rocked on the cock inside her,
her eyes suddenly opened as she felt her skirt flick up onto
her back and the other guy began to play with her ass hole
probing it with one finger, Maria looked back at him and
he mumbled something like a “can I take your ass?” she
nodded to him and told him to spit on his cock to lubricate
it first, he spat on his cock a few times for lubrication
as she told him, and then his finger was replaced by his cock
and he pushed it inside her ass, she squirmed around it and
that helped him pushed his cock deeper inside her ass, so
both guys had their cocks fully inside her and she was truly
enjoying her double penetration.

"You're such a hot woman, this is better than
all films we had watched before" one kept repeating
as his hands roamed her breasts while the other was groping
her ass cheeks hard as he pistonned in and out of her hole,
then noticing the guys were close to exploded she asked
them “You’re almost ready, so where do you want to cum,
on my face and tits or inside me?”

They were speechless at first with her question, they really
didn’t know what to answer, then the guy fucking her pussy
said "I think we could cum where you wanted us to cum,
all over your face and tits or inside you, both looks so erotic
on the movies, what do you think?"

Maria thought that they would never forget that evening,
and she wanted to try anything that might increase the chances
to turn it in a memorable evening for them, so she said "I
want you two to cum all over my face and in my mouth."
[image7] True to their words the guys stood up and her head fell immediately
onto one cock and she started sucking it wildly as the other
one wanked himself and rubbed his cock on her face, the guy
she was sucking immediately began to get close to orgasm
and slammed his cock deeply into her throat for a few short
seconds before she pulled it out.

Maria looked deeply into his eyes as she kept her mouth wide
open and her tongue out waiting for them, both were wanking
furiously right before her eyes, then one moaned loudly
and exploded on her face, the first shot landed on her forehead
and in her hair, slowly beginning to trickle down her face,
that was followed by two smaller wads which landed on her
cheek and partly on her tongue, the other one was soon after
and shot a load directly into her open mouth and she swallowed
his cum as another burst landed on her other cheek.

Each of the guys took a turn of having Maria sucking them
clean with cum running down her face and onto her breasts
from her open shirt, and as soon as the second cleaned cock
plopped out her mouth the two guys thanked her, Maria then
asked in a seductive way what was better for them, to masturbate
watching a video or fucking a real woman, they both blushed
and they told her they would never forget that evening and
the hot sexy woman she was, Maria kissed a good bye to both
guys and they ran off down the street laughing.

Maria was left alone on the dark alley to pick herself up,
button up her blouse and wipe the cum from her face, there
was so much it was hard to rub in and formed a white paste on
her hands, she began to walk again down the empty alley,
a little slower as her ass was feeling a little tender and
she could feel some cum running down her legs, anyway as
she reached the door a few whistles and catcalls came from
the workers still on the building, Maria smiled to them
and waved them a kiss before open to door and went inside.

Maria was tired and I wasn't home yet, so she decided
to take a quick shower and then fix some dinner for us, while
in the shower she heard noises out on the yard, so she assumed
I was home and came out of our bathroom, dressed only in a
thin T-shirt and panties, but she was wrong, as she walked
through the balcony to the yard she was immediately surrounded
by six men, six men working on the building in construction,
they all smiled at her, well, really they leered at her.

Maria’s T-shirt clanged to her breasts which were still
damp from her shower, one of them then explained that one
of their work tools had fallen from the building and they
came to pick up the tool and they apologized to enter the
yard without asked, Maria was not naïf, she didn’t saw
any tool around, she knew they were there just to find a place
to peep her at home, Maria then thought that with a so devilish
day why not a good end with them?

And smiling with that thoughts Maria invited them for a
drink, with an angelical expression she explained that
I wasn't there yet and I would be later that day, hearing
that they all looked at each other with a devilish grin and
they sat on the sofa while Maria took s few beers to them,
she noticed they didn’t take their eyes out of her as she
even didn’t get time to change for a more discreet clothes,
and as they waited they made a few catcalls to Maria and some
kind of hidden sexy proposals.

Maria’s mind was running faster and she decided to explore
the situation to the limits then a flash came into her mind
as she realized the more probable was that I had arranged
that meeting for she get some fun, that’s why they could
enter the yard, and Maria smiled to herself as she thought
how she could explore the situation on her favor, so she
stood up and facing the men said “Ok, guys what’s going
on here? What’s the game?”

Astonished they looked speechless at her, Maria was standing
and looking into the eyes of each one and anyone could answer
to her, feeling their discomfort she decided to tease them
even more and asked “Again, what’s the game? Are you
coming here to fuck me or just to take a look when I walk nude
into the house?” [image8] All of them were moving their buttocks on the sofa from the
left to right while looking at each other and trying not
looking at her, thinking she had gone too far away with the
game Maria decided it was time to control the situation,
so she sat on a chair facing them and said. “Well, I don’t
think you just want to peep at my body I think you want to fuck

All of them blushed and one of them could just mumble “Well,
that was in our mind, but just as a dream, we went here basically
to watch you naked.”

As they understood she had discovered their game and was
even starting leading the process, they started to relax
while hearing expectantly as Maria proceeded to describe
to them what she had planned for the evening, and the plan
was that she would be their "fuck toy" for the
evening, then one of them asked what did she mean with “fuck
toy”, Maria laughed and said that means they could do
with her whatever they wanted, the guy insisted by asking
if that means to fuck her in every hole, she winked at him
while saying a yes, then from her left size one questioned
if that means in her ass too, Maria didn’t look at him just
thumbed up, and that made all men feel free from their own
inhibitions and they all loudly commented and even adding
a few nasty suggestions, one even asked her if she didn’t
want to be blindfolded and tied to the bed while they all
fuck her, Maria looked at him serious then said grinning
“Well, I think it would be a great idea, let’s do it.”

To be honest Maria was a little scared, but excited at the
same time, that was an old fantasy of her and just never ever
expected to enact it, she didn’t know anyone of those
men and I was not at home, anyway she knew they just wanted
to fuck her and she wanted to get the most of fun she could
with them.

Maria signed them where the bedroom was and gladly they
grabbed her and laid her into our bedroom, she took a few
tools from a draw and gave to them, it was a blindfold and
a few ropes in tissue, they smiled to her and her T-shirt
and panties were out in a matter of seconds, then they tied
her to the bed, spread eagle, on her back, and one of them
took the blindfold and looked at her waiting for her agreement,
she smiled and nodded and he blindfolded her, so from that
Maria only could hear voices and feel what they want to do
with her, and that almost made her get an orgasm right there.

Then they started laughing and telling her she would be
fucked by all six, they asked her if she had ever had a black
experience or a gang bang, Maria decided to lie to them and
explained that her husband was the only man she had ever
had, but we were a little exhibitionists and that was why
we gave that show to them, they laughed and said that tonight
she would finally experience a real gang bang and a few real
black cocks.

And with that Maria could hear as they began stripping off
their clothes, and then they turned on her, at first it was
total chaos as all the men tried to get a hand on her, hands
were running all over her body rubbing, groping, grabbing
and exploring, Maria never had been so overly stimulated
at one time, she couldn’t see what they were doing with
her she just could feel them, and then two of them climbed
to the top of the bed and took turns stuffing their cocks
into her mouth while the others kept rubbing, groping,
grabbing and exploring her body.

Maria was in full ecstasy, then one of them was more forceful
pushing his cock all the way into the back of her throat,
and at the same time, another knelt between her legs and
began eating her pussy passionately, fingers probed her
pussy and her ass hole at the same time, then two fingers
were shoved into her pussy and one into her ass and both began
finger fuck her at the same rhythm, and with her pussy sufficiently
wet from all the attention and sucking, one of the men climbed
between her legs and placed his cock against the opening
of her pussy, by his size Maria could imagine it was one of
the black man.

Maria was right as he whispered in her ear that he would now
drive a real black cock into her pussy, and with that he began
to ease his way in, it took him several attempts to completely
bury his cock into her pussy as it was very thick, then at
the same time he was forcing his way into her pussy one of
the men began to cum into her mouth, he held her head while
she swallowed all of his cum, as he was sucked dry he climbed
off the and laughed telling her that he would fuck her ass
with it next. [image9] In the meantime, the black man fucking her pussy had picked
up his pace, driving the full length of his cock in and out
of her, and then he told her that he was going to fill her pussy
with his hot sperm, Maria felt the convulsions of his cock
as he erupted inside of her, as he finished cumming he climbed
to the head of the bed and stuffed his slimy cock into her
mouth, so Maria could taste his sperm and her pussy juices
at the same time, and as she sucked him, another man climbed
between her legs and began fucking her.

That process went on for what seemed like an eternity, as
each player took his turn either fucking her mouth or her
pussy, Maria has no idea how many orgasms she reached during
the fuck session, she only knew they were six men, three
of them were blacks, and several had already fuck her in
her mouth and pussy, and by their comments they were still
ready for more, and then she heard someone asking "hey,
mind if we take you as a sandwich?"

Maria almost burst in laugh by the way they asked that, but
she managed to only reply a “no problem”, with that,
her hands and legs were untied and she was rolled onto her
stomach and it didn't take long for them to lube up her
ass with all the fluids they had created, they had enough
cum from all of their fucking to easily slick up her rear,
and then, after a few assaults with their fingers, one of
them asked if she was sure they could have a shot at her ass,
Maria again said a “no problem.”

Once again probably a black man by its thickness, plunged
his cock into her ass, it burned for a little while and then
it started to feel good, his pressure was incredible and
whoever was fucking her ass was really enjoying himself
and he began to groan pretty quickly, and then driving the
full length of his cock inside of her. his sperm erupted
into her ass, and then another man, by its size probably
again a black one, climbed between her legs and drove his
cock deeply into her ass with one big push, he then rolled
the two of them onto his back, so Maria was laying on her back
on top of him and with his cock buried in her ass, he then began
playing with her pussy with one hand and her nipples with
his other, while the rest of the gang joined in, stuffing
their cocks in her face.

Then one of the men said "time for the sandwich"
and climbed between her spread legs, he positioned his
cock against the opening of her pussy and forced his way
in, she felt so tight again, because of the pressure of the
black cock into her ass, pretty soon, both men were rocking
in and out of her, while several cocks were making turns
into her mouth.

With all the commotion and even by being blindfolded Maria
hadn't noticed that I had arrived home, the men noticed
me and looked scared at me, but I put my finger over my lips
signed them to silent and then I waved them to keep going,
while I undressed myself and joined them, and as the man
fucking her pussy finished to spurt his sperm into her,
I took his place, driving my extremely hard cock into her,
as I fucked her I removed in a very slow motion her blindfold,
and as her eyes blinked to readjusted to the lights I looked
down at her and smiled, she smiled back, she leered, and
I kept fucking her while she had her ass impaled on that black
cock, I slowed down every so often just to pace with the man
deeply fucking her ass, and then I too erupted into her pussy
while I could feel the convulsions of the cock in her back
as he erupted inside of her ass hole. [image10] And then Maria changed the position and climbed on all fours,
exposing her bare ass for us, and for the next hour or so,
each of the men included myself took turns fucking her ass
while she was taking turns on our cocks to get them ready
for her ass, and they just kept coming, and cumming and cumming

As they finished they all thanked an exhausted and well
fucked Maria by the incredible evening, and as the left
we sat side by side on the sofa and she apologized to me for
not asking my permission but she didn’t want to lose the
opportunity to realize one of her darker dreams, I laughed
and told her I didn't' care and the experience
was incredible, Maria jumped on my lap and kissed me deeply,
and with that I felt my cock starting back to live, she felt
it too and smiled she impaled her pussy on my already erect
cock even though her pussy was coated with the cum of the
multiple orgasms of 7 different men, and starting jumping
on my lap, her pussy up and down my cock until she reached
an last orgasm,

What a day for her!

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This is so good that i wish I had been there.


vikingluso replies on 10/15/2014 6:44 am:
Thanks a lot

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that was great got anymore


vikingluso replies on 10/17/2014 4:02 am:
Thanks we are working through a few more stories

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great story and very detailed, cant wait to read more! you
should start to make films you have the thought criteria
and imagination it takes. well done!


vikingluso replies on 10/19/2014 5:21 am:
Thanks a lot for a so great comment