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What a Wonderful Weekend


My name is Melissa and I have to tell somebody about this.
As I sit in here at my computer desk after an amazing long
weekend, I find it difficult to sit still because of how
sore my boobs, pussy and bum are. A lot had happened in the
last 3 days and I can also feel myself getting wet thinking
about it.

My parents had gone away gone to the family lakeside cabin
for the weekend of sitting around doing nothing I didn't
feel like going. My father spends all of his time reading
and working on the cabin and my mom works on her textile stuff,
boring. I'm a recent high school grad, just turned
18 three weeks ago and I sure didn't want to spend my
time sitting around. I wanted to be out with my friends,
laughing and having a good time.

When I told my parents that I was going to be going over to
my friend Jen's place for the weekend they were pretty
happy about it. My dad never had liked me being home alone
when they head off to the cabin. It was fine for my older brother
but not me. He moved out a year ago leaving me home alone.

I hadn't seen Jen in over a month, ever since school
finished. She had picked up a secretary job right after
grad and was simply too busy to socialize. Was a shame really,
she's a lot of fun. I liked going over to her house, her
family was nice and her dad was a real hunk. Unfortunately
Jens parents had gone through a divorce about a year ago,
and she rather got stuck in the middle. She had a room at both
her dads place and her moms. This weekend was she was set
to be at her dad's place which is across town about an
hours drive.

I phoned Jen on her cell to tell her I was on my way. She was
still at work and picked up quickly. "I'll meet
you at my dads place in about an hour and half." She
says. I agreed and we hung up because she was busy with somebody.

The drive was uneventful as I wound my way through the congested
streets, it was a hot day and I hated be stuck in traffic without
air conditioning in my cheap little Toyota. My shirt was
clinging to my boobs which were making them seem huge, I
regretted wearing a bra on such a hot day, but without support
my 36D's got sore. I'm blessed with a large rack
thanks to my mom, and am still slim with a bubble butt. I'm
quite proud of my figure and I knew that many boys were also.
I hoped that Jen would be there when I was there although
I knew she probably wouldn't.

I was right, her car was not in the driveway, but there was
her dad's truck parked in the garage which I could see
because the door was open. I debated waiting in my hot car
until Jen got there but decided against it since it was really
blistering out and Jens dad had a pool that I might cool off

I was a bit nervous and excited walking up to the front door,
you see - I've always had a crush on Jens father and now
I was going to be alone with him. He's a real good looking
older guy, well built - especially now after his divorce,
I'll bet he's trying to make his ex-wife Tammy
jealous. He must run everyday and lift weights to look like
the hard body that he is. He's about 6'1"
with dark brown hair that has just a touch of grey on the sides,
which is odd because he's only 42 years old. My dad is
49 and has none.

I rang the door bell and waited. As it opened I was greeted
by her dad standing there with a tank top and shorts on, his
tanned muscles were covered in sweat and he looked beautiful.
I stumbled over my initial words. "Hello...... Mr. are you?" "I'm doing
fine Melissa! Would you like to come in?" I was yet
unsure if he knew I coming. "I hope that Jen told you
that I was going to be spending the weekend with her."
I told him as I stepped inside. "She did ask if it was
ok if she had a friend over for the weekend, I told her it was
fine of course, and you're always welcome in my house."
He said. "And please call me Craig." "Sure..."I
replied sheepishly. "C'mon into the kitchen,
I was just making a drink before heading out to the pool for
a dip."

I followed him down the short hallway to the large kitchen
where he walked around the island to the sink. "I'm
making myself a Caesar, would you like one..........oh
hell, I almost forgot you're not of drinking age, hard
to believe though - you look like you could be twenty two."
He said as he looked me up and down. He then collected his
eyes at mine and went back to mixing his drink. "That's
ok; I'm thirsty for juice or water if you have it"
He handed me a glass and said "I have quite a few flavours,
help yourself to the fridge." "Care to join
me in the pool while you wait for Jen?" "I'd
love to, it's so hot it will feel good!" I replied

I followed him out to the deck next to the pool where he took
a large sip of his drink and then set it down. Without saying
a word, he stripped off his shirt leaving his glorious muscled
back for me to feast my eyes on. He was a big man, much bigger
than my 5'4" frame. Without saying another word
to me, he walked right over to the edge of the pool and dove
head first in. When he came up he looked at me and asked "Did
you bring a suit?" "I have one in my bag, I'll
just get changed in the pool house" I said as I hurried
across the deck toward the small changing room.

I quickly shed my T-shirt and shorts, removed the tie from
my long brown hair, and then removed my bra and panties -
taking notice that my pussy was feeling a bit wet from being
around Craig's muscles. I was glad that I had taken
the time to shave my bikini area and legs thoroughly not
even 3 hours ago when I was getting ready to go. I put on my
skimpy two piece that I had picked up the weekend before.
I looked at myself in the mirror, holding up my large breasts
to create a lot of cleavage, and then letting them drop to
be supported by my tight top.

When I came out Jen's dad was standing in the shallow
end with his torso out of the water. Oh my god he looked good.
"Come on in, the water is refreshing." I walked
down the steps into the cool water; it actually felt cold
on my skin, causing goose bumps. By the time I got to my waist
my skin was tight and I could feel my nipples become very
hard, straining against my small top. I felt embarrassed,
and covered it up by sinking my body into the cool invigorating
liquid. "Too cold for you?" Craig asked. "No
I'm fine, it will just take a moment to adjust. "This
should help" he said with a grin, with that he came
over to me and took me in his arms pulling me with him under
the water for a moment. I squealed because he startled me,
but I liked it all the same. His arms were wrapped around
me rather tightly with one over my flat waist and the other
over my boobs. When he released me I playfully splashed
him and he got me back, both of us laughing at the same time.
We played like this for some time. When there was a moment
of silence I heard my cell phone ringing in my bag over on
a chair next to the pool. I moved to get out of the pool. As
I walked up the steps dripping all over I could feel Craig
looking my ass, and it thrilled me quite a bit. I had gotten
to my phone too late to get the call, but I saw on the call display
that it was Jen. I told her dad that she had phoned. As I waited
to see if she was going to leave a message Craig was getting
out of the pool. I could see that he was trying not to stare
at my body that was still quite drenched. The message came
through and I listened to it. It was Jen, saying that she
was so sorry but she's unable to make it - her work has
asked her to stay to help the office get ahead on an account,
then to come in on both Saturday and Sunday too. She said
that she was going to stay at her moms place this weekend
because it's just a lot closer to her work. She must
have apologized to me a half a dozen times.

I told her dad what she had said; he looked disappointed
and then asked what I was going to do then. "I'm
not sure now, my parents are gone for the long weekend and
it's almost too late to make other plans now."
I replied with a sad tone. "You're welcome to
stay for a while and keep me company if you like, I was going
to barbeque some steaks and just hang out." "I'm
not sure.........I don't want to impose......"
I said "You don't have to worry about that, you
wouldn't be, besides I'd enjoy having you around!"
He said with a smirk. Looking at him at this moment, how hot
he was it was easy to make a decision so I said yes.

I stayed in my bikini to let it dry off while Craig also just
left his swimming trunks on, no shirt. I had a hard time not
staring, and when he wasn't looking that's exactly
what I was doing. He went into the house and got a plate with
a few steaks on it out of the fridge, then came out and lit
the barbeque. Craig put some music on and we chatted laughed
about the summer and school, then about Jen for a while,
and finally just as the steaks were ready he was talking
about his divorce. He made light of it and cracked jokes,
he was quite funny and had me laughing a lot. I noticed that
he kept on looking at my boobs and ass whenever he thought
I wasn't looking. I'd stand close to him and "accidentally"
rub my arm against his from time to time. "Would you
be the cook here for a moment? I want to get myself another
drink." He asked "Ummm.......I don't
really know how, my dad has always done the barbeque at our
house, how do you flip these big things?" I said awkwardly.
"It's easy, just do this." With that he
got behind me and put the metal spatula in my right hand,
his body was up against mine, one hand on my left hip and his
other hand over my right one guiding it. It felt wonderful
and bad at the same time. He flipped one over and then took
his hand away but not moving his body away from mine. "Now
do the other one." I could feel a bulge in his shorts
pressing against the small of my back. I knew it was his cock
and it excited me greatly so I pressed back against him and
moved back and forth a bit in rhythm to the song that was playing
over the speakers. Although it could be taken as innocent
enough, it was having an effect on him. I could feel his cock
getting harder against the naked flesh of my backside.
My nipples got harder and poked right through my sparse
top, I get wet easily and I could feel my little honey pot
getting slicker from the excitement of the moment.

He cleared his throat and stepped back saying that he will
be right back.

When he came back about 5 minutes later I looked to see if
there was a lump in the front of his pants, although his hard
on had gone away, there still was a something there. I had
to tear my eyes away from his chiselled chest as he walked
back to me. I couldn't believe I was alone with such
a handsome man, over twice my age.

We ate our steaks and talked about nothing in particular.
After which I put my jean shorts back on and began to clean
up with him. In the kitchen we worked together to put the
dishes away, having to get past each other a few times to
get to the dishwasher and sink. Once my boobs brushed against
his back rather roughly, only the material on my bikini
top separating my stiff nipples from his wonderful body.

It was getting dark now, and although I wanted to stay, the
good girl in me started to feel like I should leave. "Would
you like to watch a movie with me? I don't really any
other plans the rest of the evening and I'd love your
company." He asked. I easily agreed, and was relieved
that he had made it a simple decision for me by asking.

We moved over into the great room, which had a very huge plasma
screen TV against the one wall. A selection of movies was
in a cabinet to the left of it. "Take your pick with
those; I haven't seen barely any of them. I get them
from Columbia House and don't bother to watch them
because I usually don't have the time." Standing
in front of the cabinet I had to bend over to see the movies,
rather than bend at the knees I chose to bend at the waist.
Giving him a view of my jean short covered ass and the back
of my legs. I took my time deciding, going through the selection
to see what was there. At the bottom, was about 10 porn videos,
I pulled one out and jokingly held it up. "Is this one
any good?" "Oh.......uh.......I haven't
watched it......I didn't mean to leave it...."
He stammered. "It's ok. I've seen porno
before." I said smiling as I put it back. I quickly
chose a random movie, one that I hadn't seen yet, The
Bourne Ultimatum. He came over and put the disk in, and we
got settled on the love seat about 15 feet from the screen.
There was a blanket behind be so I pulled it down and over
myself, but leaving enough for Craig if he chose. This was
the desert, and although it gets scorching during the day
- the nights can be very cool. "You can have some of
this blanket if you want." I said as I smiled at him.
He smiled back and took up half of it. The blanket was not
terribly big, and with two of us under it I had to move closer
to him in order to make sure I was fully under it. I took a chance
and leaned against him, putting my hands on his chest and
tight stomach to manoeuvre myself into position. I didn't
take my hands away after. God, I was so hot for him. I just
wanted to touch him all over, to stick my hand down his pants
and feel his manhood. I started to run my right hand in circles
over his stomach to see what he did. I could definitely see
it was having an effect on him. Right in front of my eyes the
blanket was stirring, beginning to rise a bit - right where
his cock was. I knew that he wanted me to touch it and I wanted
to so badly, but somehow I held back.

Craig startled me by grabbing my by my shoulder and gently
picked me up to face him, me on my knees on the couch and him
still sitting. We looked at each other in the eyes and his
hands went to my waist while my hands went to his neck. I leaned
over a bit and he came up to meet me, our lips met very softly,
each of us yet unsure of how to attack the situation. I took
initiative and move my legs to straddle his. Now my jean
shorts covered pussy was right on top of his steadily hardening
cock - pushing against the material. I wondered if I was
going to cum right through them.

We made out tenderly at first then with a more ferociously
after three or four minutes. His hands were roaming over
my skin, mostly my back and ass. My tits were pushed against
his chest, the nipples rubbing against his solid muscle.
I wanted to show him that I knew what I was doing so I broke
our kiss and leaned back a bit, reaching behind myself to
undo the strap of my bikini. He grabbed the TV remote and
turned it off.

When I removed my top and smiled at him he looked transfixed,
he didn't move - just stared at my heaving upper body.
I leaned over and held up my boobs with my hands towards his
face, I didn't have to lean far - he moved forward and
ran his tongue and lips all over my left nipple, him now doing
the holding of my weighty breasts. I ran my hands through
his hair while he devoured my by tits. It felt amazing, he
went from one to the other, slobbering and licking and sucking.
My nipples are really sensitive and it had me panting and
moaning softly. "Oh my god Melissa, your tits are
amazing!" he exclaimed " feels
so good....... please don't stop...." I begged
him in between moans. I pulled his mouth back to my pencil
eraser sized nipples. I have quite a small areola and nipple
for the size of my breasts but they are so sensitive that
I can almost cum when they are sucked and licked. My breasts
are big enough that I can pull them up and lick them with the
end of my tongue, it doesn't feel as good as when they
are being sucked by somebody else but when I've got
my fingers in my own pussy I sometimes lick my own nipples
just for the joy of it.

His hands were grasping and massaging my ass, rather roughly
but I like it. He stopped for a moment and got rid of the blanket
totally by throwing it over the side of the couch. My own
hands were roaming all over his rigid body, I couldn't
believe how firm his muscles were, and I loved squeezing
his huge arms and shoulders. We made out like that, both
half naked and feeling each others bodies in a frenzy of
passion for at least fifteen minutes. He just couldn't
get enough of my boobs, it was kind of funny, and enough to
make me giggle when he would lean back and hold them with
his hands just starring at them with a delicious grin.

By now he had a raging hard on and it was poking violently
up, stabbing into my jean covered moist pussy. I wanted
to impress him and it was time to move this up a notch I had
decided. I broke our tongue entwined kiss and slowly began
to stand up, rising to my feet I unbuckled the button fly
on my cut-offs and hooked my thumbs into my jeans and bikini
bottoms at the same time. I turned around and looked at him
over my shoulder while I bent at the waist at the same time
as I peeled the remainder of my clothes slowly off. Now he
could see all of me, my pussy was puffy and sticking out as
I was leaning over.

"Oh my are unbelievable Melissa......"
he said with in a low breath. "You like it?" I
asked as I turned and showed my front side. He nodded as his
eyes were fixed on my small patch of hair that I had left just
above my lips. I began to get self conscious of being naked
standing there so I got down on my knees in front of him and
ran my hands over his swimming trunks, or more so over the
mound of flesh that they were concealing. I could tell his
penis was going to be huge, it was making a big tent in his
trunks, and it looked cramped in there. "Let me help
you get more comfortable." I told him as I started
pulling on his shorts. His penis was getting in the way,
blocking me from being able to pull them off, he stuck his
hands in his shorts and made it possible for them to come
down. I had only seen only four other penises before, all
boyfriends about the same age of me, if not a little older.
I thought I had known what a big one looked like but when it
sprang free I was utterly shocked, I gasped as that had never
seen a cock so large, I mean - it was really big. He was circumcised,
trimmed and shaved to make it look magnificent. I ran my
right hands over it. It was hot and as soon as I touched it
he jumped a little and made a slight moaning sound all the
while just watching me. I really couldn't get over
how fat and long it was, I couldn't even come close to
getting my first finger and thumb around it and when I put
both hands one on top of the other on it - I still could have
put another hand on it to cover it completely. I was in awe.
"It's so big......" I mumbled to myself
as I marvelled at it. "Please lick it Melissa........I
need to feel you on me......" he pleaded with me.

I was eager to please this hunk of a man so leaned forward
and took the head of his wonderful member into my mouth extending
my tongue out to touch the sensitive underside it. I had
given a number of blowjobs before and I had actually been
versed by my aunt on good felatio technique one evening
when we got talking. I was now very happy to have that knowledge
and I was excited to put it to good use on this beautiful cock
in my mouth. I was only able to get close to half of his massive
erection in my mouth so I made the best of what I couldn't
get in with a lot of saliva and gentle hand strokes from the
base of his shaft to where my lips could reach. I wasn't
going quickly, I wanted to show him that I loved having his
cock in my mouth. His head was rolled back and he was moaning
softly in time to my moderate strokes, his hands had been
at his side simply revelling in the feeling of my lips on
his meat, but now they were on my head, tenderly caressing
my hair, while holding it back away so that it didn't
get in the way of my motions. It got harder after several
minutes, which I knew was the telltale sign that he must
be getting close to cumming. His soft moans had been steadily
getting louder and louder and he was holding his breath
in-between my movements. I couldn't wait for him to
cum, I was very excited that I was having such an effect on
him. I was going to swallow it all after I got a good taste
of him in my mouth. As he got close, his stiff member began
to pulse in my mouth, so I slowed my actions to keep in on the
edge of his orgasm, which I knew was having an excellent
effect on him due to his long moans and because his hands
were strongly gripping the couch. He was watching me, I
just knew it, so I looked right up at him and took my mouth
- but not my hand - off of his large swelled cock and said "Cum
in my mouth, I want to taste you." He just groaned as
I placed my mouth back on him. My movements were nearly at
a standstill as I felt his cock jump for the first time, the
warm cum hitting the back of my mouth hard. I withdrew him
and continued to very slowly pump my saliva wet hand up and
down as I stuck out my tongue, eager to receive the rest right
in my mouth. He didn't disappoint, stream after stream
of thick cum blasted out straight into my open and waiting
mouth. I didn't swallow it at first, rather I just let
it collect. There was so much cum, I wondered if I could hold
it all. He was moaning and writhing on the couch, and his
cock was hot and still throbbing in my hand.

After he was done shooting his yummy man juice I closed my
mouth and tasted it for a second before swallowing the immense
load in a single gulp. It was delicious. His breathing was
still quite labored as well as he looked like he just run
a marathon, all limp with the exception on the still firm
pole right in front of me. I took the opportunity to clean
the remainder of his cum that had dripped down off him with
my tongue. "You taste incredible.......and there
sure was a lot." I exclaimed. "That
are a really good little cocksucker....." he said
"And now that you've tasted me I think its time
I put my tongue in the sweet little pussy that you've
got there." He slid down with me on the floor, grabbing
me by the waist, I was directed by his strong hands up onto
the couch almost nearly in the same place he had just been
sitting. He placed my feet on the couch on either side of
my body, which caused my legs to be spread wide and my little
bald pussy to be spread open a bit. I was very ready and thrilled
for what was about to happen next. As my little mound spread
open on it's own I could feel the coolish air against
the wetness of my small slit. Craig put his hands on my inner
thighs and placed his thumbs on either side of my lips and
tenderly pulled them apart, exposing my inner pink for
him to feast his eyes on. "Oh my god........your pussy
is" he stammered taking a moment
to look me in the eyes. "You'd like me to lick it,
wouldn't you?" he teased. "Yes, yes.........lick
it." I replied. "Say please." he added
while running a thumb lightly over my wetness. I quivered
in anticipation and tried to get his hand to touch me more
by moving my hips at him, with that he withdrew his contact.
" have tell me you want it" "Oh
yes, I want it!" I whimpered. "What do you want?"
I was frantic now. I wanted his touch very badly. "I
want you to lick my pussy, please lick my little pussy!"
I exclaimed. He lowered his head and put the flat of his big
tongue right on my hole, then very slowly moved it up to the
top of my mound, causing a hiss and groan to be released from
me. He gently licked and sucked my labia bring me very swiftly
towards a thrashing climax. It felt so good, he teased me
for quite some time. Not letting me get on top of an orgasm,
just slowing enough to keep me at the brink. "Please.........I
want to cum so badly......please make me cum" I begged
him with my hands in his hair attempting to direct him. He
began to attack me with fervent pace, moving his head from
side to side, hammering and darting his tongue in and out
then sucking on my clit. He slipped a finger inside me at
that point, hooking it up and massaging my softness. I came
hard. It was incredible and he stayed on me lapping sucking
my juices up like he was starving for it. I could hardly think
as I let loose a loud and long moan mixed with sharp intakes
of what breath I could get. When I came down he was sitting
up and smiling at me, his face gleaming with my wetness.
I looked down at the dampness between my legs, it certainly
was spread open.

Craig reached both hands under my body picking me up and
standing with one remarkably easy movement. My hands were
around his neck to hold on as he walked with me towards the
stairs in the front entrance. We kissed passionately,
our tongues snaking around each other struggling to gain
entrance into each others mouths. As he walked up the stairs,
taking two steps at time, his now hard again cock was bouncing
and smacking my lower back and ass with each step. He carried
me upstairs to his bedroom which was a loft overlooking
the dining room and back yard where he softly laid me down
on the bed. He stood up looking amazing, his cock was at attention
and as solid as it was when I had in my mouth, which made me
want it there again. I got myself off the bed and on my knees
in front of this astonishingly gorgeous man and proceeded
to lick and suck his immense tool for the second time this
evening. He held my head ever so delicately while moaning
and saying my name quietly.

I ran a hand down to my pussy, and confirmed with it that I
was rather soaked by inserting a finger in to my delicate
opening. I wanted his dick inside me terribly bad so I stood
and then sat on the edge of the bed, which was very high off
the ground, enough that I had to do a little hop to get my ass
onto the edge. I lay back on my elbows with my legs spread
and my ass on the edge beckoning Craig to take me. He moved
to get something out of the nightstand next to the bed. I
recognized it as a jar of lubricant. "I can't
wait to fuck you, but I want to make this as comfortable as
possible." He declared. He squirted quite a bit in
one hand and then massaged it over his penis, then over my
already wet pussy, making me moan he easily inserted a single
finger into me, then after a minute he placed a second at
the opening and pushed it in also. All the while rubbing
his other free hand all over my legs and abdomen. Then all
the way up to my breasts, gingerly pinching and playing
with my nipples. I had a small but good squirming and moaning
orgasm from his manipulations. He withdrew his long fingers
from my pinkness and took a hold of his rigid cock with the
same slippery hand, running the large plum sized head all
over my dripping pussy. Just then I remember that I wasn't
on the pill and I had a slight panic attack. "Oh my god, have to wear a condom, I'm not on
the pill!" I reluctantly protested. "
don't have to worry about me getting you pregnant or
about any kind of disease, I had a vasectomy fifteen years
ago and you're the first one I've been with since
my divorce." He responded. I was so happy and overjoyed
to hear that because I wanted his fat prick inside me at that
moment so badly and because I hate the feel of condoms. "Oh
yes...put it inside me now" I affirmed looking up
at him. "Just go slowly though, you have such a big
cock." He grinned and nodded at the same time. I was
quite glad at that moment that I had been using dildos and
vibrators on myself since I was fifteen. I'd found
out the joy of them after finding my aunt stash one evening
and I've been fucking myself with them on a regular
basis, which in turn had properly prepared my little pussy
to receive a penis. Or so I had thought, this one that was
about to go inside my plush pussy was wider and longer than
anything I have previously tried.

I watched with keen anticipation as the head disappeared,
it felt so good being stretched out. He pushed more and more
until about half was inside, I was fairly surprised that
it didn't hurt more than it did. I could tell that I was
going to be sore tomorrow though. He withdrew it and I could
see his rod was glistening with the combination of my juices
and the generous amount of lube that had been applied. He
pumped his beautiful cock slowly in and out for quite some
time, going a bit deeper each time making me grunt with each
thrust. Craig was moaning softly and telling me how great
it felt, he leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips his
tongue pushing in and finding mine. He fucked me so good,
I never wanted it to end and I told him so. By this time he was
able to push three quarters of himself into me, he was driving
his manhood hard now and I was delirious with pleasure.
I was thrashing my head from side to side, riding the wave
of a gigantic orgasm, I looked up at him as he held himself
above my little body with his elbows locked - pounding away
inside of me. He was watching my boobs bounce with each plunge
of his hips, they would spring up and down in time to his movements.
"I want to put all of my cock inside of you but I'm
afraid of hurting you." He admitted as he slowed himself
to a moderate pace. He hadn't really been hurting me
yet so I though he could try. I placed my hands around his
neck and while I looked up at him I replied to him "Do
it! I want it all! Push it all the way up my tight little pussy!"
He looked shocked at first then a certain look of determination
came over him. He began hammering with long deep blows into
my body, each time withdrawing his cock almost all the way
out and then plunging it back in forcefully. I gazed down
between my legs to see what it looked like. I couldn't
believe I had that huge thing inside of me.

I knew he must have all of it inside of me because I could feel
his balls slapping against my ass as well as I was aware of
a slight pain inside of me. Which I knew must have been the
head of his penis pushing against my cervix, stabbing and
poking it. The pain was slight but when mixed with a dollop
of pleasure it was fantastic. I threw my head back and opened
my mouth wide, gasping for air as another powerful orgasm
overtook my body. I stayed up high for a long time all the
while he savagely pounded my pussy.

Craig slowed and then suddenly pulled out leaving my with
an empty sensation, I groaned in protest but he had other
ideas. He effortlessly grabbed me and flipped me over onto
my stomach, I got the hint and brought my knees up and wide
spreading myself wide for him to take. Wasting not a moment,
he buried himself in my pussy in one swift motion, I would
have jumped forward in surprise if he hadn't been holding
onto my hips not allowing me to move. I scooped up a pillow
and put my head into it, arching my back to allow him easier
access to me deeper regions.

As this amazing man pumped his rod in and out of me, I brought
a hand back to my slit to feel his cock pushing into it. It
felt so big in my hand and I was wetter than I think I have ever
been before. Yet another orgasm was slowly building and
I could tell this was going to be a big one. I moaned and told
him I was going to cum again, informing him to fuck me harder.
He responded with action. It felt amazing, I didn't
think I could ever feel this good. I felt something new at
this point, Craig was running a finger over my asshole,
just around the outside. I have never had this before and
quickly decided it felt good. He must have lubed it from
the juices because I could feel it pushing inside at the
same time as he continued his attack on my pussy. Soon he
had his whole finger inside my ass, pushing it in and out.
It hurt a little bit but once again combined with the immense
amount of pleasure I was feeling it was a good hurt. I was
nearly on top of the most potent climax I have ever had of
my life, I was grunting and groaning and I could tell that
it must have felt good for him too because he was breathing
hard and moaning my name at the same time. He yelped and I
could feel his cock pulsing into me all of sudden, throbbing
and forcing his hot cum deep into my boiling pussy. It very
easily pushed me over the edge of my own orgasm, I screamed
and shrieked, thrashing and writhing while it took me over.
It felt like a gallon of cum was being forced into me, I could
feel the beating of his heart through his cock deep inside

He left his dick inside of me while it softened and we rolled
onto out sides, almost in a spooning position. I winced
as he withdrew it, there was nearly a plopping sound as it
squished out and lay on my ass cheek. I wanted to do something
to impress this older experienced man so I flipped over
to face him, grabbing hold of his still giant penis, I leaned
over put it in my mouth. Tasting both of our combined fluids
I licked him and cleaned him up while he put a pillow under
his head and watched in fascination. I gave it my best effort
and although he never really went super hard again, the
thick stock of man in my mouth never lost its firmness either.

I stopped and put my head on his chest and he began to stroke
my long hair. "You're amazing Melissa.........that
felt so good." I looked up and kissed him. "Mmmm.....ya
it sure did, I don't think I've ever cum that much
before." I told him There were a few moments of content
silence before we spoke again. "Let's sleep
for a while and then when we wake up in the morning I'd
like to spend the weekend with you." He said. "That
sounds great." I agreed. We got under some light covers,
his arm around me my head nuzzled in his chest.

I knew that I was going to have weekend to remember.

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