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What Can I Say?


I LOVE anal sex!

Almost nothing, and keep in mind there I did use the word
"almost", but almost nothing gets me purring,
and gets my pussy as wet and ready, and then drives me wild
.... As a nice wet tongue sliding up and down the length of
my ass crack, and then flicking directly over my puckered
little asshole! It wasn't always that way however,
and that's for sure!

As a teenager growing up and first making out with "boys",
I could just never understand why it was that almost every
time their fingers got near my pussy, at some point they'd
also at least TRY, and slip one down into my ass crack as well!
Now not having the ample "cleavage" that a lot
of my other female friends all seemed to have even back in
high school, I always figured my ass was one of my best assets.
At the same time however I also just figured that my ass was
meant to draw the boys in so to speak, and that after, they
SHOULD be concentrating on ME, and more specifically on
my wet little pussy! Then you'd think at least that
by the time I'd actually lost my virginity, and I was
ready and willing to spread my legs open for pretty much
any swinging dick that wanted in, things would have changed
just a bit you know!

I was always having boys tell me how hot, and tight, and WET
my little pussy was, and from the time I'd first even
started making out with boys I'd always LOVED sucking
cock, so isn't that enough? I guess it didn't help
matters any that my own personal favorite was getting fucked
from behind, "doggie-style" as we all called
it. SO I guess when a guys back there behind me and looking
down at my cute little ass, what else is there to view really,
except my puckered little asshole winking back up at him?
Maybe it's some of that, and maybe it's also the
whole "forbidden fruit" thing for guys too?
I mean after all they've already had their hard cock
in your mouth, and then in your pussy, and not necessarily
in that order of course, so what "hole" is left
for them to fill and conquer really? Of course back then
at least, it hadn't occurred to me just yet that it might
be a different "feeling" for them too!

At any rate it always seemed to me that at some point in a sexual
relationship at least, I was almost constantly swatting
or at least gently removing some guy's probing finger
from around my asshole! Once again at the same time however,
there was actually a kind of odd flip side to this whole ass
thing as well! Now as a sort of side note, but also very important
to my story .... I've always had what I refer to as a really
"juicy" pussy. I mean when I get turned on, which
honestly doesn't take much mind you, my pussy juices
literally DO begin to flow, and not just figuratively speaking
either! I mean when I get turned on there is a point when I
literally can feel my own juices flowing out of me, and sliding
right down my down ass crack, and therefore right over my
own little pink asshole! STILL doesn't mean I'd
like being touched there now does it?

AND YET .... often when I was alone and masturbating, there
were times when y juices would be flowing down my own ass
crack, and when they were MY OWN fingers that were tenderly
exploring my little asshole, rubbing it gently, and even
sometimes just inserting the very tip of my own fingers
as I masturbated, I had to admit to myself that it really
did feel DAMN NICE! Of course I CAN look back now, and see
a whole lot of the things that were keeping me from letting
anyone else BUT myself touch me there! I think it was part
of the whole forbidden place kind of thing maybe? I mean
when I do just sit back and think about it logically, I have
to admit that even the first few times I let a guy go down on
my and lick my wet pussy, I was VERY apprehensive, nervous
and scared! I mean I even kind of fought the first guy or two
and didn't want them to do it, that is until .... well

Honestly, I was worried and I didn't believe any guy
who'd tell me how "GOOD" my pussy tasted
to them when they licked me! Don't ask me why, but I just
never associated me sucking their hard cocks for them,
as being the same thing as having them lick my wet little
pussy for ME! I mean to me that is, I thought my own pussy tasted
at least OK, and don't let any woman tell you she hasn't
tasted herself at least once in her lifetime. That she hasn't
at least licked her own fingers, just to see how it tasted!
Of course by the time I was "fucking" there would
be times when a guy's hard cock would go straight from
my pussy and back into my mouth, and so eventually I got used
to the taste of my own wet little pussy, and eventually I
kind of even liked the way I tasted! STILL AGAIN .... MY ASSHOLE?
To me at least that was still something entirely different
all together!

It was when I was away from home and in college ... the first
time it happened! As much as I hate to think of myself as being
typical, I guess in many ways I was then, and I still am even
today! Where I'm headed with this little line of thinking
is: just alike a WHOLE LOT of young woman out there, I was
happy with the "boys" I dated back in high school,
and I was happy with the "boy"friends I had beck
then too. Now however I was in college, away from home for
the very first time in my life, and I wanted so much to be or
become a "woman" and not just a "girl".
As a result, I was now looking to date "men" not
boys, and so even the guys close to my own age weren't
good enough for me! Now I'm not saying I was after guys
who were like in their forties or something, but guys who
were more or less at least a few years older than I was, and
guys who no longer "acted" like just "boys"

Knowing this was what I wanted, I also knew that I in turn
couldn't act like some silly, giggling, school girl
either! Now that didn't specifically mean wither
anal play or direct anal sex, but I knew full well I needed
to at least keep an open mind about a whole lot of things,
if I was going to be dating men, real men and not just boys!
Once again and looking back at myself back then I almost
have to laugh! I was so serious, and so determined even,
to be a real "woman" and NOT just some silly school
girl! BY that age I did know a little (just a little mind you)
about anal play or at least I thought I did, as well as about
anal sex! Hell, I'd had a guy or two "accidentally"
try to stick his hard cock up my ass a time or two as we were
doing it from behind! "Oops, I'm sorry Teri,
it was just an accident (or a slip" and I was aiming
for your pussy, really baby"! I'd heard that
line more than once in my young life!

Oh well, that's all neither here nor there, as the important
thing was, I was already telling myself that I needed to
at least keep an open mind about a whole lot of things. IF
I really wanted to be a woman!

His name was Tad of all things, and I swear, that was REALLY
his name! He was a graduate student and teaching aid, and
he was handsome and worldly to me, and he was EVERYTHING
I wanted in an "older" man! I think he was all
of 24 maybe(?) but then again, I was all of BARELY 19 at the
time myself! I was so stunned and I couldn't believe
it when he asked me out the very first time, and back in my
room I probably sounded EXACTLY LIKE I giggling, squealing,
"school girl" as I told my roommate all about
it! Tad even had his own apartment, and so of course the first
question my roomy asked me, was what I'd do if he actually
asked me back to his place on our first date? Of course I already
had that question worked out in my mind, and the answer was
a loud and resounding YES! Actually it was a hell yes really,
because by then I'd been without either a man OR boy,
for several months really!

I did do the whole freshman sorority thing, and I was way
too scared really to attend frat parties and things like
that. SO between the whole newness of being away from home,
making new friends, and of course really and truly concentrating
on my studies that first semester, I hadn't even gone
out on a single date, much less managed to get myself laid!
Not only that, but also having a full-time roommate, the
times I had to myself when I could at least masturbate my
frustrations away were very limited as well, and so hell
yes I was frustrated, and hell yes I was horny, and a HUGE
HELL YES, I was MORE than ready to get fucked again!

Tad was THE perfect gentleman when he picked me up in front
of my dorm for our date! He opened car doors for me, and the
door to the restaurant, and he took me to a VERY nice and expensive
place to eat! Damn the guy was working hard to get into my
panties, and I almost had to giggle to myself, if he'd
only known ahead of time how EASY, I was really already intending
on being! He could have most probably thrown me a burger
and fries, and then leaned over and whispered in my ear,
"So are you ready to fuck baby" and I would have
been all over him! I guess in the long run however it's
best, if guys never know those kinds of things about a girl
though! Anyway a nice dinner and then he offered to take
me out to one of the many clubs located close to campus, but
he was really surprised when after dinner I suggested we
just go back to his place so we could "talk" instead!

It was a typical "guy's" apartment. A mess
he'd TRIED his best, to at least make look presentable,
just in case you know! I excused myself to go use his bathroom
and freshen up a bit as he made us both drinks! AND I SWEAR,
when will you guys ever learn to put the damn toilet lid down,
and especially IF there is a possibility of having a female
guest over at your place! Not only that, but can't you
guys AT LEAST hit the "pot" 75% of the time when
you go pee? Oh well, all that was trivial stuff really, as
I was in his bathroom right then on a different mission anyway!
I touched up the light amount of makeup I was wearing, as
well as lightly spraying just a hint of additional perfume
in several of all the right places! I then slipped my panties
off and out from under my dress, and slipped them into my
tiny handbag, before I went back out to join my handsome
date! Hey, a girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Tad was already waiting patiently on the small couch in
his living room, and as he patted the side next to him, I went
over and sat down. He handed me my drink and I took just a sip,
already prepared for the fact he'd probably doubled
the amount of alcohol in my drink, as compared to his own!
I was right, as it was quite strong, but right then at least
a sip of a strong drink really did calm my nerves a bit! They
were so much nerves of fear mind you, but rather just the
jitters AND excitement you get from being with someone
for the very first time! I had no doubt in my mind by then that
I was going to "be with him", and I would hope
as an older grad student, he'd at least be smart enough
to have figured that out for himself by then as well! Good'ol
Tad came through with flying colors too, as he took the drink
from my hand, and he leaned over and kissed me for the very
first time!

As soon as his lips were locked securely over mine, and both
of our mouths had opened, I stuck my tongue in! It was a long,
somewhat wild kiss at first, and when it ended I kind of pushed
him away just slightly, but mainly just so I could catch
my damn breath! Tad might have taken it the wrong way at first,
because he backed off a little too far, and almost immediately
started apologizing to me for being so "aggressive"
as he put it! Not knowing exactly the words to use right then,
instead I just whispered it was OK to him, and then I reached
over and took his hand and I guided it up to the top of my dress
myself! I placed his hand right on top of my right tit, and
then I whispered to him once again, asking him to please
kiss me again! He did, and from that moment on we were off
and running!

I had Tad's shirt off in a flash, and HE had my dress zipped
down, and then pulled down almost as fast too. I actually
had to help him a little with the clasps on my bra, but then
I was topless, and good old Tad's hands were soon all
over my small tits! Oh, by the way I guess I'm really
not THAT small up top, but I am just a 34B, so that's why
"I" always call my tits small. Anyway, Tad was
definitely all over them, and after letting hi suck on one
hard nipple for several minutes, I finally lifted his head
back up myself, and I told him I wanted to go to bed now! Tad
just smiled as he stood and offered me his hand, and as I stood
my dress then just slid off of me, leaving me totally naked
at that point, since I'd already removed my panties
in his bathroom, only a little while earlier! Tad whistled
as I stood, and so I did a slow, 360 turn for him, as he told
me how beautiful he thought I was.

I'm not stupid, and I know full well most guys will say
almost anything to be able to stick their hard cock inside
you, but a compliment every once in a while, does still boost
a gals ego too! Since I actually love saying this next thing
I'll just go ahead and say it now, and so I followed Tad
back into his small bedroom, just like the panting little,
"bitch-in-heat" I was right then! Once in his
bedroom and now standing beside his bed, it was now my turn
to be the more aggressive one, and so show HIM that I wanted
HIM, as much as he seemed to want ME! I had his pants undone
and I was pulling both them and his cute little boxer shorts
down in an instant! It was that magical surprise moment,
and especially since in this case I'd yet to even rub
his hard cock through his PANTS, as we'd just been making
out on his small couch! I slid his pants and underwear down,
and then as I stood back up, I got my first "look"!

Ah, well, ah .... OK, just how do I say this, without either
sounding insulting, or rude? Good old Tad had one of THE,
smallest penises I'd yet to see, since I'd first
glanced at my first ever "live" penis, in real
life! There, did I say it OK, and still manage to not sound
all that insulting OR disappointed? I mean come on, it's
not like the guy could help it! You've got what you've
got, and without some kind of surgery .... besides, I 've
felt it myself, having been passed up from more than one
dance, because the girl right next to me had humongous big
tits, and all I have is what I've got! Tad's cock
was as hard as a piece of steel though, and sticking straight
out, and actually looking quite "cute" if you
ask me! SO I did what ANY "intelligent" woman
would do, I took it in my hand as just before I kissed him,
I whispered to him, telling him, how big and hard it was!

All kidding aside, Tad turned out to be a wonderful, wonderful
lover! I started to slide down to my knees in front of him,
but he stopped me and then he literally swooped me up in his
arms, and then laid me down on his bed! He then lay down on
the bed with me, and as he began making out with me, I swear
it felt like the guy had two sets of lips, and at least two
pairs of hands! He was just all over me, and I don't mean
that in a boyish or amateurish kind of way either! Any thoughts
of possibly having to fake my pleasure for him very quickly
disappeared, as everything he was doing to me, had me moaning
and squirming around like crazy! Tad didn't just suck
on my hard nipples, but I swear it felt like he was making
love to them with his mouth, his lips, and his wonderful
wet tongue! I'd never ever even come close to having
an orgasm JUST from having my tits worked on, but I assure
you, I almost DID!

All of that, and his fingers had barely begun working their
magic on my wet pussy! When they did begin to work on it however,
it very quickly brought me right over the edge! I clung to
him as my first orgasm blasted through my body, and Tad made
it all the more intense, as he whispered to me all the way
through it, urging me on to cum for him! I was ready to fuck
right then, and yet I let Tad then start to kiss his way down
my body, and then I spread my legs open for him as he slipped
down in between them! As Tad began licking me, that song
by the band Heart suddenly came popping into my head! "He's
a magic man"! Oh my God what that man could do with his
tongue! I honestly climaxed twice more, before I had to
shove him away just so I could catch my breath again! Tad
let me take a short breather, but as I did he stayed right
down there between my legs!

Slowly as I recovered, he began to lick again, but this time
he was so slow and gentle doing it, and he actually avoided
making any direct contact, with my already over-stimulated
hard little clit! It felt good, almost soothing in a way,
and so as he then lifted my leg up in the air, I just allowed
him to do it! At first I didn't know why, or what he was
going to do next. But everything and I do mean EVERYTHING
he'd done to me so far had felt so damn good, that I was
willing to let him do anything else he wanted to! Tad slowly
licked my inner thigh, and then around towards my wet and
still throbbing pussy once again. Back and forth he went
several times, and then I felt his tongue tracing a line
down my inner thigh, and then right over into the crack of
my ass!

I tended up a bit as I felt his tongue gingerly lick a line
down and then back up my ass crack, penetrating it, but only
slightly! It felt good! It felt nice really, and so as he
continued doing that, I slowly began to relax! Maybe he
could feel it in my leg, my thigh or something like that,
because after all he was still holding my leg up in the air
in his hand! For whatever reason, and for however he just
seemed to know really, I was eventually at a point I guess,
where he felt me relaxed enough, that he suddenly just flipped
me right over, and onto my stomach! Tad gracefully slid
right under my leg as he passed it over his head, and then
once he had me on my stomach, he didn't just attack,
my ass right away either! Instead, Tad slid up my body, his
own body just barely resting on top of me, as he held himself

It felt good, nice and even secure in a way with him on top
of me like that, and then he began to gently kiss and then
lick the back of my neck, and actually shivers of pleasure
rippled through me! I'd never had the back of my shoulders
licked and kissed before either, and I had to admit even
that felt good too. The biggest surprise to me however,
came as he kissed and licked his way down lower, and then
he suddenly stopped right at the top of my ass! Tad traced
a line with his tongue right across where my panty line would
be just above the small of my back and the top of my ass cheeks.
He then began to lick the small of my back too, and I suddenly
moaned quite loudly, surprised at myself as to how good
that felt to me! I'd never considered the small of my
back as being an erogenous zone of any kind, and yet right
then it just felt so damn good, that I had to moan and I HAD
to let him know!

Even then, with me withering around like that on the bed
and moaning loudly, Tad STILL didn't just attack my
ass! Once again he took his time, and after licking my back
he then moved down to my ass cheeks, and slowly began tracing
the tip of his wet tongue all over them too! He did this to
the point I was actually getting both frustrated AND turned
on at the same time, and then I felt him sliding a hand under
me, and sort of lifting my ass up into the air just ever so
slightly! I was face down in the pillows at my head, and I
wasn't exactly up on my knees yet, but my crotch was
up off that bed, so that my ass was sticking up and into the
air as I lay there! There was just something about being
in that position like that, well that made me feel so hot
and nasty, so dirty, and such a slut, but still so very, very,
VERY turned on! I didn't resist, and I didn't even
tense up, as I felt him then spread my ass open!

I could literally FEEL his hot breath directly on my asshole,
and to me at least it almost felt like my tight, pink little
asshole was winking back up at him! Once again it was the
combination of all those feeling, hot, turned on, nasty,
dirty, slutty, and more turned on than I'd ever been
before, in my entire young life! That's just the honest
truth, and once again he'd yet to even TOUCH ME, with
his tongue! I didn't have to wait much longer though,
as I felt his tongue at the very top of my ass crack, and then
with his fingers now pulling my ass wide open, I felt him
very, very slowly, lick his way down the entire length of
my crack! I moaned so loud I was afraid his neighbors would
hear me!

"Oh God baby PLEASE, Please Tad lick it for me, please
baby lick it now"!

They were my words, although they'd just come out of
me, and they weren't something I'd "planned"
or something I was saying just to turn HIM on! I meant it,
and right then at least I NEEDED it to happen! Tad's
tongue flattened out in the crack of my ass, and he slowly
licked up and down, just like my ass was some damn ice cream
cone or something like that! Oh my God it just felt SO GOOD,
and the more he licked my ass for me, the hotter and more turned
on I got, and the more I prayed he never, ever stop! Not only
that, but each time his tongue would pass directly over
my asshole, I'd wiggle my ass a little, and let out another
moan, hoping he'd stop right there! He was teasing
me of course and he knew it, but then all of a sudden on one
slow pass back up my ass crack he did stop, and then he began
to lick my asshole directly, giving it all of his attention!

Tad licked my asshole as I moaned and groaned and withered
around on the bed, his fingers tightly gripping my ass to
hold it wide open as he did it! His licking alternated between
both soft and hard, and it alternated between flattening
his tongue out to do it, and then sometime just using the
tip of his wet tongue, and SOMETIMES even sticking the tip
of his tongue right inside my asshole itself! I was beside
myself with pleasure, and then the absolute wildest thing
happened, as I suddenly experienced the most intense and
powerful orgasm I'd had yet so far this evening! Tad,
had just licked my ass, until I'd climaxed for him!
I honestly couldn't believe it, but right then I was
way to into my climax, to worry about how, or why it had happened!
All I knew was that I suddenly wanted to kick myself for have
rebuffed all those guys in my life he'd TRIED, getting
to my ass and asshole, before Tad!

As I began to come back down from that orgasm, I felt Tad sliding
back up on top of me, and I felt this hard cock now poking between
my wet pussy lips! He rubbed it up and down between my wet
lips for a minute or two, and then I lifted us both up off that
bed, as I reached up under myself and tried to get to his hard
cock, so I could stick it inside me! Of course in that position
I couldn't, but Tad got the message, and so he did it
himself! Feeling HIS small cock penetrate me felt more
like, and please, please, please don't get me wrong
when I say this, but it honestly felt more like a guy sticking
his finger inside my pussy, than an actual "real"
hard cock! It's like I could really complain though?
As from beginning to this point at least, Tad had already
made me cum four damn times, and that was twice as many as
any other guy had so far in my life!

Tad began to fuck my wet pussy, and then three times in a row
he slipped back out of me, and had to stop, to stick it back
in! Now I know every woman has experienced that! Its like,
fuck, fuck fuck, and then oops, the hard cock slips out of
you for a moment! Still it kept happening to Tad, and so I
finally pushed up, and asked him to get up and get behind
me and fuck me like that! I started to push up again, but Tad
held me pinned down to the bed. I started to say something
to him again, and then he leaned over me, and he whispered
i my ear! "Have you ever been fucked in the ass Teri"?
Damn, that was direct, and yet hearing HIM saying that to
me actually turned me on, more than making me mad or just
plain old pissing me off! Surprising myself most of all,
I suddenly whispered back to him and told him no, but then
added that HE could, if HE wanted to!

Almost immediately after I said it I felt him push up and
then actually climb completely off of me! I started to move
then myself, but I felt this hand on my back, and he whispered
for me to just stay there. With his hand still resting on
my back he leaned over and rummaged around in his nightstand
drawer. A moment or two later and he was back on top of me,
but his time he was more or less straddling my legs, and sitting
on the back of my thighs. All of a sudden I felt something
cool and slick being poured into the crack of my ass, and
then there was more movement on his part, and then I felt
hims sort of sliding forward and lifting himself off of
me, as I next felt his hard little cock begin to slid up and
down my now slick ass crack! I relaxed again, because quite
honestly it felt good! I could feel his hard shaft sliding
up and down my crack, and the swollen head of his hard cock
as well!

Each time his hard little cock would slide up and down my
crack, he'd pause as the head pressed against my asshole
directly! He did this several more times as I moaned underneath
him, and then he finally leaned forward and whispered to
me again, this time telling me he wanted to hear me say it!
I knew what the "it" was, and so I moaned the words
out, begging him to fuck me"! Apparently I'd
only gotten it partially right, and as he began to breath
even harder, and press his small cock even harder into my
ass crack, he spoke to me, and this time he wasn't a whisper
either! "Tell me Teri, Tell me WHERE you want it baby"!
"In my ass", I replied, and then just for good
measure I said the whole thing over once again, this time
begging him to PLEASE, fuck me in my ass now!

Suddenly Tad stopped moving all together, and then I felt
the head of his hard cock as he pressed it directly down and
onto my asshole! He must have been using a finger as well,
because at the actual moment of penetration, at least the
tip of his finger also slid into my ass, right along with
the head of his hard cock! His finger quickly slipped back
out of me however, and then the rest of the head of his hard
cock slipped inside me! Tad had just penetrated my ass,
and I'd actually FELT my own asshole open up for him,
and it had actually felt like my ass was just sucking the
head of his hard cock inside, rather than rejecting it!
I'd always heard about how "painful" it
is when a guy tries to fuck you in the ass! Right then at least
I wasn't feeling any pain at all, but rather just this
really weird feeling, of kind of being, well I guess of being
filled up, or something like that!

Sure there was a little discomfort, but I honestly don't
think even that's quite the right word to use! A little
strange, even weird maybe, but then Tad held perfectly
still, and it was like my asshole, and my ass itself, just
seemed to kind of relax, and begin to accept his hard cock
being there! Or at least just the head at this point! "Are
you OK Teri" Tad half whispered, and half spoke to
me, sounding almost out of breath as he said it! "Yes"
I whispered back, "Just go slow, please baby",
and that was all that was said between us, right then! Tad
eased forward again then, and a little more of his hard cock
slid inside my ass! I moaned and he stopped, but then as I
lifted up and pushed back up at him, he decided it was OK to
keep on moving! With such a small cock it didn't take
him long, and then I felt this pubic hairs as they pressed
against my bare ass cheeks, and then his entire crotch!

I moaned as I felt his crotch now pressing firmly into my
bare ass, and I even clinched and released my butt cheeks,
causing him to moan right along with me! Tad lifted himself
up slightly on top of me, and then I felt him puling his hard
cock back out, until just the head was still inside my ass.
He eased himself back down again after that, and once again
my ass was filled with his hard cock! Tad did this several
more tomes, and then slowly, almost gingerly, he began
fucking me in my ass! I was moaning loudly now, and each time
he was thrusting down, I was shoving my ass back up to meet

"Oh God Yes Tad FUCK ME"!

"That's it baby fuck em harder, fuck me hard and
fuck me in my tight hot ass baby"!

God it felt SO GOOD, and at the same time he was fucking me,
I'd once again reached up under myself, but this time
it was so I could masturbate right alone with his fucking!
I was gonna cum again, and this time I knew ahead of time I
was going to cum HARD! Tad was fucking me so hard now that
his crotch was making slapping sounds off of my ass! Suddenly
he just thrust down into me hard and stopped, holding his
hard cock as deep inside my ass as he could get it, and then
for the very first time in my life, I could actually FEEL
a guy cumming inside me! I mean when guys fucked me in my pussy
I knew when they were cumming in me, and often I could feel
the extra wetness, but this, THIS was something different
all together, because when I say I could FEEL him cumming
in my ass, I really do mean I could actually FEEL it shooting
in me and MORE!

of course I definitely felt hat last deep, hard thrust,
and I felt him holding his hard cock as deep inside my ass
as he could! BUT, I swear I could also FEEL the hard shaft
and even the head swell inside of me, and I could damn sure
FEEL it jerking and spurting, and I could FEEL, his hot cum
filling my ass up, and making me even slicker deep inside!
My entire body shook and shivered as I experienced my own
orgasm now along with his! I could feel my ass contracting
around his hard cock as I came, and he was suddenly crying
out my name, along with about a hundred yeses, or so it seemed
at the time! All in all I'd have to say it was a rather
intense experience for both of us! Eventually Tad just
sort of collapsed on top of me, his hard little cock still
deep inside me. We stayed just like that for several long
minutes, until he finally rolled off of me, and then lay
silently beside me!

I have ABSOLUTELY what came over me, much less what possessed
me to do what I did next, but I did it! After laying there like
that for several more minutes I suddenly rolled over, and
sort of flipped around so that my head was facing his feet.
Although his small cock wasn't totally soft just yet,
it was sort of limp and shrinking at that point, and so I suddenly
just leaned over him and I took it in my mouth! Tad groaned
loudly as I began to suck, and then as his cock returned to
full erection, he began to moan out my name, along with several
Oh God Yeses! In a way is was so cool, because I could suck
his small hard cock right down to the very base! I really
put the vacuum pressure on his hard little cock then, and
I very rapidly bobbed my head up and down over him, as I sucked
his small cock from the head, and then back down to the base

Then suddenly and without any real warning Tad groaned
loudly, and as his hips launched up off that bed I slid my
hand under his ass, and sucked his hard little cock right
down to the very base one last time! I felt it swell and jerk,
as I was suddenly rewarded with several thick jets of his
hot sticky cum! I was actually surprised at the amount he
shot off again, and especially since he'd just cum
in my ass, only a few minutes before! Still his cum tasted
wonderful and there's very little that gets me off
mentally at least, like the feeling I get when I hear a guy
groaning out my name, as I suck his hard cock and I swallow
all of his hot cum!

I ended up spending the night at Tad's place that night,
and we fucked twice more! Each time he'd at least try
to start out fucking my pussy, but at some point we'd
switch to him fucking me in the ass, and it was now always
at MY request! Mainly because of the size of his small cock,
I could just feel him much better inside my ass than I could
inside my pussy! And beside, I was now quickly learning
just how intense of an orgasm I could have with a hard cock
up my ass, as I masturbated away!

I "dated" Tad for another months or so, and he
continued to "butt-fuck" me every time we got
together!Eventually because neither of us was anywhere
near ready for a serious commitment of any kind, we both
just sort of moved on to other people as well. At that point
we sort of became just occasional "fuck buddies",
and then little by little we rarely saw each other at all.
Eventually I heard he'd found someone, and fallen
in love and now they were getting married! It's not
like I expected to be invited to the wedding, as after all
I could just hear him introducing me to his new wife!

"Oh gee honey, I'd like you to meet Teri, she's
the girl I used to fuck in the ass all the time"!

As for me .......

Well, I moved on too, but unlike Tad, I still wasn't
anywhere near ready for marriage. It would be two more years
before I'd have the next guy's hard cock deep inside
my ass, and that guy of course would eventually become my
husband, Steven!

Oh well, as I said in the beginning of my story, I now LOVE
anal sex, and to me the best of all, is DP, "double-penetration"
and having one hard cock deep inside my tight wet pussy,
and the other buried deep inside my hot tight ass! OK no,
check that, the best OF ALL, is being double fucked AND also
having a nice hard cock to suck on too!

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Butt fucking is where it's at!


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My ex and I used to have 3 ways with a guy like you describe.
The only time she would ever let me fuck her ass was after
he went 1st and loosened it up some, any other time it was
too painful for her. Good story.


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What a hot story !


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thoroughly enjoyed that! Its great that he had the experience
level to properly introduce you. If your first time was
lackluster, it would have prejudiced you against future


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i would love 2 put it in ur ass bby nice story!


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I very much enjoyed reading your description. A girl who
uses all her openings is rare. I've only known a couple
of women who truly loved having their asses fucked, and
only one of them also loved sucking cock. I hope your men
appreciate how lucky they are!


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enjoyed very much...nice1


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I enjoyed this story very much please keep writing.


divercl1 53 M
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Very nice story. Years ago I had a girlfriend introduce me to anal by requesting that I fuck her in the ass. She said it was something that she wanted to try. From then on it was a standard thing we included in our encounters.


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Loved your story. I like it when everyone wins.>>!...\8