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What A Situation


Cheri was a pretty senior woman, with medium length blond
hair, blue eyes and a trim, lovely body. She dressed very
well and was always neat, even on the ‘casual dress days’
when she wore T- shirts and blue jeans. Cherie was comfortable
with herself, even though many of her female co-workers
often pointed out that Cherie’s chest was nearly non-existent.
These jabs were mostly in fun, and Cherie was not offended.
She gave as good, as she got. That was one of her charms. Gary
recognized that she possessed excellent management talents.
They made a fine team working to secure business for their
company. Gary would uncover the business opportunities
and Cherie would convince the clients’ technical staff
that the company could do the job. As a team, they traveled
all over the country winning contracts and making huge
profits for their company.

Gary was married with grown children and a wonderful wife,
Lori. In a few years, Lori would suffer a massive stroke
and become, for all practical purposes, an invalid. Cherie,
too, was married to a young man, Ben, who was rising swiftly
as an engineer with a Fortune 500 company. In many ways,
Gary had taken Cherie under his wing to help her hone her
management skills and prepare her for advancement. Working
as a team, Cherie and Gary would often lunch together discussing
work items, family activities and generally enjoying
each other’s company. Gary and Lori considered Cherie
as the daughter they never had and were thrilled when she
became pregnant. They attended her showers and were among
the first to visit Cherie after the baby was born. Cherie
was very comfortable being around Gary. She sometimes
used him as a surrogate father in getting advice about both
business and personal problems. Later, Cherie had another
baby to round out a beautiful family with two children.

After eight years, Gary had an opportunity to retire comfortably
when the company decided to downsize. The company offered
senior staff special retirement benefits, which Gary
could not ignore. He retired and Cherie found herself without
her friend at work. Gary was provided with the customary
retirement party and his last day was sad. Cherie cried
and hugged Gary, telling him that it would just not be the
same without him at work every day. Gary and Cherie kept
in touch by occasionally meeting for lunch and at company
parties that included retirees. Gary always brought Lori
to these lunches and parties, but Cherie, was more often
alone. Her husband, declined to attend these get-togethers.
When Gary’s wife suffered her stroke, it left her unable
to feed herself, see, stand, or walk. She was confined wheelchair
everywhere, indoors and out. Occasionally, Gary would
call Cherie and invite her to lunch as a respite from the
care he was giving Lori. Graciously, Cherie would meet
him and try to cheer him up. It was as a breath of fresh air
for Gary, to get away for a couple of hours from the responsibility
of care giving.

One pleasant August morning, Gary received a call form
Cherie to meet her for lunch. After finding someone to care
for his wife, Gary joined Cherie at a local restaurant.
As usual, he hugged her when he first joined her. He was a
bit surprised at the length and strength of the hug she gave
him, but quickly shrugged it off. Cherie looked visibly
upset as they sat down. They ordered their lunch and exchanged
some small talk before Cherie detonated a bomb. “Gary,
Ben has moved out of the house, ” she declared. Gary was
stunned. Never in his wildest dreams, had he expected Cherie
and Ben to separate. He was at a loss for words. Cherie continued,
“He told me that he needs his space to figure out what to do.”
Gary remained dumbstruck. “Ben feels that I spend too much
time with the children and don’t attend to his needs, ”
Cherie told him. Wisely, Gary listened and did not try to
offer advice on a situation that he had little knowledge
about. He remained the shoulder that Cherie needed to unload
her pain.

“I don’t know what he means, Gary. I do everything with him,
but he seems so aloof and indifferent about the children’s
activities. He rarely attends their school or sports functions
and becomes upset when I go without him, ” she related.
They ate in relative silence and Gary tried to comfort Cherie.
He said it was just his midlife crisis and it would soon pass.
Cherie wasn’t sure, but replied that she hoped that was

“Some men have a hard time as they approach age forty, and
they do some silly things, ” he encouraged her. Finally,
Cherie said she had to return to work and thanked Gary for
listening. She had to tell someone about it and Gary was
the one she trusted most He thanked her for her confidence
and told her he hoped he helped her in some small way, although
he wasn’t sure he had. Cherie assured him that he had, just
by listening. She hugged him again and left.

In the ensuing months, Gary met Cherie for lunch a few times
and nothing had changed between she and Ben. He still lived
apart from her and the kids, and was seeing a therapist about
his ‘problem’. Gary assured her that she was not at fault
and that soon Ben would realize the error of his ways and
come home. Several weeks passed when Cherie contacted
Gary by email. She was free for lunch and asked Gary to meet
her at a nearby Holiday Inn restaurant for lunch. Gary called
a friend to stay with Lori and emailed Cherie that he would
meet her. He arrived a little early and waited a few minutes
until she arrived. They hugged, as usual, and sat down for
lunch. Cherie seemed nervous and Gary worried that Ben
had upset her further. Cherie toyed with her food and finally
put her fork down and looked Gary in the eye. “Gary, you know
that I care for you a lot and wouldn’t hurt your relationship
with your wife for anything in the world.”

“Cherie, I know that, but I’m not sure what you mean, ” Gary
replied, “there isn’t any fear of that. Both Lori and I care
for you too, and your kids.”

“I’m so afraid, Gary, that no one loves me, except for you, ”
she blurted out. “I know you care for me, but I need to know
if you love me, Gary.”

Gary took a deep breath and took Cherie’s hand in his own,
looked deeply into her eyes. “Cherie, I do love you. I have
loved you for some time. Before I left the company, I knew
that I was in love with you, ” he divulged.

“But you never spoke out, Gary. You never said anything,
or made a gesture to me, even when we were traveling together
on business.”

“I didn’t say or do anything because both of us are married
and obviously there is the age difference thing, nearly
two to one. Besides that, I still love Lori. Believe me Cherie,
it is possible to love two people at the same time, because
I’ve done it for all these years, ” he replied.

“I know, Gary, I have loved you as well. I reasoned that it
was a deep friendship, not love, so I didn’t take any initiatives
either. But now I know that it was love. I wish you could have
known how many times I wished that you would have knocked
on my hotel door late at night, ” she revealed. “I even fantasized
that I would put a coat over my nightie and come surprise
you in your room.”

Gary smiled and sighed hard. “You aren’t the only one with
that fantasy, Cherie.”

“I know you love your wife and believe you when you say you
love us both, but you and I need more than love, Gary. At least
I do.” she said as tears began to well in her eyes. “I need
you physically, too, Gary. I can’t live celibate and you
can’t either, can you?”

“No, I can’t, but Cherie, there are so many things to consider.
You’re still married too. I’m sixty- five years old and
you’re nearly forty. I’ve had a prostate procedure and
I need medication… to…to perform, ” he said with a tinge
of embarrassment. “And finally, are we both sure we want
to do this? It could affect our wonderful friendship, ”
he told her.

“I know, Gary. I know, ” she replied. She stood up and took
his hand in hers, kissed his cheek, placed something in
his palm and walked out of the restaurant. Gary watched
her leave. When she was out of sight, he looked at his palm
to see a room key card that she had left there. He sat down
again and pondered his next move. This was madness, he thought.
Where would this lead? Then he thought about how celibate
he had been for the past two years. His wife would never get
well and he would remain celibate, becoming even more frustrated.
As he mulled over his situation in his mind, he realized
how sharp the ‘horns of a dilemma’, truly were.

Cherie heard the door opening and sat up in her chair. Gary
entered the room as she rushed into his arms and kissed him
passionately. Her tongue sought out his, and they embraced
warmly. “Thank you, Gary, ” she whispered, kissing him
again. Gary inhaled the scent of her perfume and was immediately
aroused. She realized his arousal and ground her hips into
his very stiff cock. She dropped her robe, revealing her
naked body, as she walked Gary to the bed. He breathed deeply
as he looked upon his lovely partner’s body. Her long shapely
legs rose beautifully to join her flat tummy, capped by
a neatly trimmed blonde bush. Higher, her small erect breasts,
tipped with hard nipples, barely protruded from her chest,
but looked absolutely marvelous perched there. Finally,
her lovely face crowned her countenance, free of make up
and naturally beautiful. Her smile, now a grin, revealed
perfect teeth and Gary melted as he looked at her. As she
slipped into bed, he caught a glimpse of her sweet pussy,
free of hair and obviously moist. Quickly, with her help,
he striped naked and climbed into bed with her.

She grabbed his cock and smiled at its considerable length
and girth. Her fingers fondled his balls as they kissed
again. Gary bend down to lick her breasts and flick his tongue
over her nipples. Cherie trembled as she whispered, “They’re
too small, my titties are too small.” Gary licked and sucked
her nipples for several minutes as she writhed in pleasure.

“Does that feel good, down here, when I suck your nipples?”
he asked as his fingers touched and fondled her wet pussy.

“Oh, God yes!” she sighed, “It feels wonderful.”

“Then your breasts are just the right size, Cherie, ” Gary
told her. She smiled and embraced him to kiss him again several
times, telling him she loved him. Gary licked her breasts
all over, avoiding her nipples this time. His tongue circled
her pink areolas as her nipples swelled even harder from
desire. Cherie could feel her juices flowing onto her inner
thighs as Gary’s tongue continued to work its magic on her
titties. He touched and flicked his tongue over her nipples.
Cherie gave a start and nearly came from the marvelous feeling
of his tongue raking across her breasts and nipples. She
moaned in pleasure and anticipation as Gary drew his tongue
across her belly and circled her navel. He dipped is tongue
into her navel to ream it before licking down to her bush.
Nuzzling her bush with his nose and lips, he inhaled her
fragrance and gently tugged at her hairs with his teeth.

“Do it, Gary…please, ” she sighed as his tongue licked
along the seam of her thigh and torso. He kissed her inner
thighs and the sides of her pussylips. Cherie writhed,
moaned and tried to move her hips to get his tongue on her
cunt, but Gary prevented that. He kissed her closed pussylips
as though he were kissing her mouth. Gently, he took them
in his teeth to nibble at them as her juices seeped out between
her closed pussylips. She reached down to clasp his head
to draw it to her sex, but Gary grasped both her wrists and
held them fast, as he drew his tongue along her closed nether
lips. Cherie bucked, moaned and writhed from pleasure
and desire. She couldn’t stand the teasing, but wanted
it to never stop. Gary sensed this too and he drew a single
cuntlip into his mouth to lick, suck and nibble it as Cherie
nearly came. He repeated the sequence with the other cuntlip.
Cherie was breathing hard, groaning with lust, desire
and pleasure at the attention her starved pussy was receiving.
Each time she neared orgasm, Gary sensed she was close and
backed off just enough to prevent her from cumming. Cheries’
eyes rolled in her sockets, as she nearly went mad with the
desire to cum.

Gary could see her clit emerging rapidly from its hood begging
for attention, but he ignored it for the time being. He let
her cuntlips close together again. His tongue parted them
and probed deeply into the inner recesses of her pussy.
Cherie cried out in pleasure as Gary’s tongue explored
the inner folds of her cunt. He eagerly lapped up her creamy
juices, flowing heavily from her throbbing pussy. He reveled
in her scent as he covered her cunt with his mouth, still
avoiding her very agitated clit. Finally, his tongue flicked
across her clitoris. She cried out in pleasure as Gary’s
tongue stroked her clit again and again. He took her clit
into his mouth and began to lick and suck it as though it were
a nipple. Cherie delightfully writhed from side to side,
as the entire universe seemed centered on her clit. She
could feel her orgasm gathering deep in her cunt and rapidly
rising and begging for release. Gary did not disappoint

Suddenly, Cherie ached her back and screamed as her orgasm
consumed her. Gary continued to ‘torment’ her clit as Cherie
reveled in one cum after the other. Her body shuddered from
the intensity of her orgasms. She kept cumming in multiples,
without let up as she squirted her sudsy cum juices all over
Gary’s face and mouth. Finally, she nearly passed out from
the intense pleasure and her orgasm subsided. She trembled
through several mini after-cums then she lay still, barely
breathing. Gary lifted his head from between her thighs,
his face glistening from her cunt nectar. Cherie held out
her arms to him and he lay down on her still quivering body.
Her arms enveloped him and their lips met in a tender and
passionate kiss. “That was incredible!” she whispered
in his ear as they kissed again. “I’ve never cum like that
before, ” she caught her breath and continued, “I never
had a multiple orgasm before. I’d heard about them, but
I didn’t believe it was possible.” Cherie kissed her lover
again and kept whispering again and again, “Thank you,
Gary, thank you. That was wonderful.”

Gary rolled over and lay next to Cherie as she recovered.
She looked down to see his cock hard and upright. She reached
down to fondle it and take awareness of its heft. Her hand
moved to his balls, which hung loosely under his cock. The
Viagra he had taken earlier had taken effect and his cock
would stay hard for nearly two hours. Cherie, now recovered,
arose to straddle his hips. She placed his cockhead between
her sopping wet cuntlips and began to slide down onto Gary’s
cock. Slowly, she descended on his manhood until she was
fully impaled upon it. She began to raise and lower her body
in slow uniform, strokes. Gary could see his cock glistening
with her nectar each time she rose, only to impale herself
upon it again and again. Each down stroke pulled back his
foreskin and her pussy muscles rubbed his sensitive cockhead.
The up stroke massaged his cockhead again and brought the
foreskin back over it. Gary, breathing hard, looked up
at Cherie riding him. She bit her lower lip and had her head
back moaning in pleasure. She moved her head from side to
side, intensely enjoying the fucking she was giving herself.

Gary reached up and lightly rubbed her nipples with his
fingertips. Cherie cried out with joy and began to fuck
him faster. “Pull them!” she gasped as her face glowed with
intense pleasure. He grasped her nipples between his thumbs
and forefingers to gently pull, roll and tweak them. Her
face gleamed with delight, as his fingers manipulated
her nipples. She bent over and offered a nipple to Gary as
she fucked him. He took it in his mouth to lick and suck as
he continued to pull, pinch, roll and tweak the other one.
He changed nipples often as they fucked. Her pussy clenched
his cock hard with each stroke, as she reveled in her fucking
him. Cherie could sense that she was racing toward orgasm
with every stroke. Gary’s eyes closed and he took a deep
breath as he suddenly stiffened, cried out and exploded
in a massive orgasm! Cherie could feel his first load volley
into her cunt splashing deep into her. He followed with
a stronger volley, of thick white cum, filling her. As the
third volley of Gary’s cum blasted into her, Cherie screamed
and shuddered as her orgasm consumed her. Gary was thrusting
upwards into her cunt with each of her down strokes. Each
time he buried his cock deep it would spasm forth another
volley of cum within her.

Cherie could feel his cum leaking from her cunt, flowing
onto Gary’s balls and her inner thighs. Her orgasm overtook
her senses and she fell forward onto Gary. Their lips met
and they kissed passionately, intertwining their tongues.
Gray’s cock was still ridged from the Viagra and he pushed
it deep into Cheries’ cunt as she moaned with pleasure.
She clenched her cunt around his cock and told him she would
never let it go. Gary held her close as they embraced. He
could feel her nipples, still hard, pushing into his chest.
Cherie rose up to dismount from the staff impaling her and
sat at Gary’s side. His cock was covered with sudsy cum from
both of them. Cherie bent down and took his cock into her
mouth to cleanse it from their cum. She pulled down his foreskin
and expertly licked it clean under the rim, before moving
to his cum coated balls. Her tongue lapped up their blended
cum and she swallowed it, pulling his balls into her mouth
one at a time, to lick them clean. Cherie moved to lie on top
of Gary and he held her close. “I love you, Cherie, ” he whispered
in her ear.

“I love you too, Gary. I’m so happy that we finally made love,
after all these years, ” she told him. “I hope you don’t
have any regrets, because I don’t. I know you still love
your wife and that’s the way it should be. I just needed someone.
I’m so glad it was you.” He kissed her and they cleaned themselves,
showered together and fondled one another again. Gary’s
cock was still hard from the Viagra, but time was his adversary.
He knew he had to go home to care for his wife. They dressed,
Cherie kissed him tenderly and left first. He waited about
an hour, watching television and reflecting on his romantic
encounter with Cherie. Finally, he turned out the lights
and left the room. Purposely, he left the hotel from a side
entrance to avoid the lobby and any potential prying eyes.
He started his car and drove off on his way home. Happy, but
wondering if he had done the right thing. He knew that he
too, needed someone and that his needs were equally satisfied
this afternoon. Three weeks had passed before another
email from Cherie appeared in his ‘mailbox’. Gary opened
and read an invitation to attend a computer show in a city
twenty miles away, the following week. He replied that
he would meet her there. He made arrangements for a visiting
nurses aide to stay with Lori, on that day, and returned
to his household work. On the appointed day, Gary left home
and drove to a parking garage near the bus station. He bought
a roundtrip ticket and boarded the bus. The trip was short
and soon he was walking towards the City Convention Center
where the show was being held. He bought his show ticket
and entered the show. He wandered from one booth to the other
looking at the new technology, but mainly looking for Cherie.
He paused at the Show’s Message Board and saw his name on
a message. There was a number for him to call and to bring
the message with him. He went to a phone and dialed the number.
It was the Computer Shows admissions desk. He told the voice
that answered the phone that he had a message to call and
gave his name. The woman on the other end told him that she
had an envelope that was left there for him. Gary thanked
her, hung up and walked to the admissions desk.

Gary was given the small tan colored sealed envelope and
opened it. It contained a key card for the hotel next to the
Convention Center. He smiled, and walked to the water fountain
to take a double dose of Viagra, then left the show. Entering
the hotel from the parking garage he took the elevator to
the eighth floor. Walking down the long hallway he stopped
in front of room 822. Using the card he let himself in, he
found he was alone the room. A note taped on the TV asked him
to have a glass of wine and wait until two o’clock. He poured
a glass of Chablis and glanced at his watch, one-forty o’clock.
Gary heard the door open and Cherie walked in, smiling as
she embraced him to kiss him deeply. “Thank you for coming,
Gary, ” she said to him. They sat on the bed and kissed again.
Cherie took Gary’s tie off and kissed him again. “I’m so
glad you’re here. I’ve been thinking about you so much since
our last meeting.”

“I know, I’ve been thinking about that too, Cherie, ” Gary
said, “I mulled over in my mind that perhaps you should give
Ben more time to come around.”

“Well, Gary, he filed for divorce last week, citing irreconcilable
differences, ” Cherie said with a tear in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Cherie, I was hoping you two could work it

“Me too, Gary, me too. He won’t even discuss reconciliation.
He says he wants his ’space’!” Cherie sobbed. “Oh, Gary,
hold me, please. I feel so bad.” Gary embraced her and held
her close, whispering in her ear that everything would
work out and that he loved her. She kissed him again, wiped
the tears from her eyes and sipped some wine from his glass.
“Make love to me, Gary. Please make love to me, now!” She
unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on the chair. His undershirt
was next. She lowered her head to his nipple and began to
lick it, while unbuckling his belt. Gary helped Cherie
remove her suit jacket and pulled her blouse off. He smiled
when he saw she was not wearing a bra and he quickly began
to rub her nipples lightly as he heard her sigh. She stood
up and hooked her thumbs in her suit pants and panties pulling
them both off, leaving her in a pair of dark thigh high hose,
held up by lacy wide elastic bands.

Cherie pulled at Gary’s trousers and dropped them to the
floor, followed by his boxer shorts. His cock was semi hard
and Cherie fell to her knees and took his cockhead into her
mouth to lick and suck it. She pulled back his foreskin to
draw her tongue around and under the rim of his cockhead.
Gary moaned with pleasure as her velvety tongue brought
him to full hardness. Gently she pushed him back onto the
bed and continued to suck his cock. Gary closed his eyes
to enjoy the wonderful sensations Cherie was giving his
cockhead. Her lips enveloped his cock and she drove her
lips to the base of his cockshaft, pulling him into her throat.
Warm hands cupped his balls to fondle them as she drew her
head up and down his cockshaft. Gary felt his balls begin
to draw up as his semen boiled within his balls. Cherie sensed
that he was getting close to orgasm and she released his
cock from her mouth to lick and suck his balls.

Again and again, she brought him to the brink of cumming,
only to preclude orgasm by moving to lick his balls or nipples.
Now Cherie took one testicle in her mouth and licked and
sucked it all over. She released it to suck in the other testicle.
Finally she managed to pull both of his balls into her mouth,
to tongue bathe them, as she lightly rubbed his nipples
with her fingertips. “God, you’re teasing me so much I can
hardly stand it, Cherie, but don’t stop. I can’t stand it,
but I love it, ” he declared.

“Ummmmmm, I love it too, Gary. I love to suck your cock and
I want to enjoy it a lot before I let you cum, ” Cherie said,
returning to her task. Gary squirmed and writhed in pleasure
from her wonderful tongue. His cock was rock hard and his
cockhead was so engorged that his foreskin could not roll
up to cover it. The sensitivity of his cockhead was overwhelming,
but Cheries’ expertise continued to keep him on the edge,
preventing him from orgasm. Gary had no doubt that this
was the best oral sex that he could remember. Aroused and
full of lust, Cherie moved her body over Gary’s in a sixty-nine
position. She lowered her wet cunt to his lips. Eagerly
he lapped and swallowed her nectar. His tongue licked her
creamy juices from her inner thighs and cuntlips, parting
her cuntlips with his tongue to lick the inner folds of her
pussy. He could hear Cherie moan and sigh with delight as
he tongued the folds of her cunt. Her clit was out of its hood
and engorged. It throbbed as Cherie ground her hips to bring
it in contact with Gary’s tongue, but he avoided her clit,
to lick and suck her a long time before allowing her to cum.

Cherie licked and sucked Gary’s sensitive cockhead until
he could no longer control his urge to cum. He writhed in
pleasure, feeling his balls begin to contract in preparation
to spew out his seed. Cherie saw his balls draw up tight and
she drove her lips to the base of his cock, swirling her tongue
around his manhood. His pubic hair covered her nose as she
awaited the warm seed he was about to award her. Gary stiffened
and cried out as his cock convulsed, spewing his warm, thick
white cum deep into Cheries’ mouth. She moaned and swallowed
his seed greedily as Gary writhed in an intense orgasm.
His eyes closed and he momentarily blacked out from the
intensity of his cumming. Cherie continued to tongue his
sensitive cockhead forcefully throughout his orgasm.
His breathing was labored and he could feel his heart thumping
in his chest. Finally, his orgasm subsided, though the
Viagra kept his cock rock hard, and he lifted his mouth to
Cheries’ pussy to resume sucking it.

Gary moved his head up and reached out to draw his tongue
up and down the cleft of her ass, avoiding her asshole. Cherie
gave a start and whimpered as she thought he was going to
lick her asshole. He circled his tongue around her tight
rosy asshole, driving her wild with anticipation. She
had never had her asshole reamed, but had wondered about
how it would feel. Her desires were suddenly satisfied
as Gary’s tongue brushed across her rosy asshole. She bucked
and jerked delightfully, as his tongue settled upon her
asshole to ream it incessantly. Cherie moaned and gasped
as his tongue licking her asshole, accelerated her pussy’s
rush toward orgasm. Cherie screamed with joy as her climax
erupted while Gary tongue fucked her asshole. Her body
shuddered and spasmed uncontrollably as her orgasm consumed
her. Gary moved his tongue to her clit and she spasmed again
with another hard and wonderful orgasm. He sucked her clit
again as though it were a nipple. Cherie continued to cum
again and again, until finally, she became completely
limp. She lay over Gary’s body exhausted and gasping for

Gary held her close, kissing and swirling his tongue about
her cunt and asshole. He lapped up her delicious juices
and swallowed them. She stirred and slowly turned around,
to lay her head on his shoulder as she labored to recover
her senses. Gary embraced her and lifted her chin to kiss
her deeply, telling her that he loved her. Cherie smiled
and tenderly returned his kisses. She could feel his still
hard cock pressing against her belly and gasped. “You’re
still hard?” she asked incredulously.

“It’s the Viagra, Cherie. It keeps on working as long as
I’m stimulated and you have surely stimulated me, ” he
told her.

She smiled, “It’s a sin to let it just stay hard without using
it, isn’t it?” she asked coyly.

“Yes, it is, ” he replied and rolled her over on her back.
Placing pillows under her lovely ass, he raised her hips
up. He brought his cockhead to her cuntlips. Cherie reached
out to hold her cuntlips open. Gary slowly slid his huge
cock into her wet pussy, continuing until their pubic hair
joined together. His balls lay against her asscheeks and
she loved the feeling, as Gary began to slowly fuck her.
His balls began to slap at her asscheeks as he increased
the tempo of his fucking. Cherie, thrust her hips up to meet
Gary’s down strokes. Cherie was enthralled. She had never
been fucked like this in all her life. Her pussy was clenching
Gary’s cock as he drove it deep into her, pulling his foreskin
back to expose his sensitive cockhead to the inner folds
of her cunt. Conversely, her pussy held his cock as he withdrew,
pulling his foreskin back over his cockhead. Gary rapidly
coursed toward orgasm under the wonderful clenching and
clasping of Cheries’ pussy around his cock. He knew he was
close to cumming again and tried to resist the urge to cum.

Cherie, too, was swiftly approaching another orgasm and
she moaned and whimpered as she clasped her legs tightly
around Gary’s waist, locking them together. She held him
close in a vice like embrace as they spiraled toward a mutual
orgasm. Cherie’s clit rubbed the base of Gary’s cock and
was throbbing with the desire to explode in orgasm. Cherie
too, resisted cumming to prolong the sweet wonderful ‘torment’
in her cunt. Suddenly, she screamed in ecstasy, her cunt
convulsing and erupting in a sea of creamy cunt nectar.
Her orgasm was wild and savage, bucking, jerking and writhing.
Her pussy muscles contracted around Gary’s cock as though
she would strangle it. Gary’s mind reeled from the pleasure
he felt from Cheries shuddering motions. He cried out and
exploded deep into Cheries’ cunt. His thick, white, gooey
cum splattered throughout her cunt. She could feel the
warm cum filling her as she kissed Gary and intertwined
her tongue with his.

“My God, Gary, it was wonderful to cum like that! Oh, that
was so incredible!” she gasped, trying to catch her breath
as she ’suffered’ through several mini-after cums. Her
cunt was massaging Gary’s cock as he spurt out the last of
his semen. He lay limply over her body. Both their bodies
were wet with sweat, and their genitals from cum and cunt
nectar. “I love you, Gary. You make me feel like a super woman.
I have never had sex this marvelous in my life. You just seem
to know what I want and what I need!” she said and kissed him
again. Gary, spent and exhausted, returned her kiss tenderly.
Slowly he recovered and withdrew his cock from Cherie’s
pussy. It was quickly getting soft and soon would be flaccid.
He slid his body down, until his mouth was opposite Cheries’
wet cunt. Her nether lips were bright pink, wet and puffy.
He kissed her closed cuntlips, parted them with his tongue
and began to suck out his cum from her sweet pussy. He drew
out several mouthfuls and swallowed his cum. He filled
his mouth one last time and rose up to embrace Cherie to kiss
her deeply on her mouth.

Cherie opened her mouth to receive their blended juices
of cum and cunt nectar. She hungrily took it from him, rolled
it around her mouth to savor the taste then, swallowed it.
They embraced and kissed again and again. “That proves
that you love me, Gary. No one has ever done that with me before.
It was beautiful.” Gary smiled and cuddled her into his
arms. He pulled the covers over both of them and marveled
at the young woman that gave herself to him.

“It is I who should thank you, Cherie. I never dreamed that
you would return my love, let alone allow me to make love
to you, ” he told her as he sighed deeply.

“Sweet Gary, ” she said softly, “don’t think like that.
I’ve loved you too, for some time. And please don’t worry
about Lori. I know that you love her and will take care of
her as long as it takes. I admire you for doing that. I wouldn’t
expect any less from you.” She kissed him again and said,
“Gary, please don’t think that Lori will be hurt. I couldn’t
do that and you wouldn’t let me.”

“I just feel that this isn’t fair to you, Cherie, ” he said
to her. “I don’t want to hurt you, because I love you too much.”

“I’m a big girl, Gary. I know what I’m doing. Just remember
that if anything ever happens to Lori, God forbid, you dear
sir, are mine!” He smiled and started to say something about
the age difference, but Cherie stopped him by kissing him.
“I don’t care about that!” she whispered to him as she drifted
off to sleep in his arms. Gary had a tinge of guilt about this
relationship, given Lori’s dependence on him. He realized
that Lori would never get better and this wonderful young
woman, sleeping next to him, would also help him cope with
Lori’s illness. He turned off the light and joined Cherie,
drifting off to sleep. They awoke at nine o’clock pm. Cherie
stirred first and looked lovingly at her lover. Gently
she rubbed his nipples. Gary opened his eyes and smiled
at Cherie fondling his nipples. He pulled her to his lips
and kissed her tenderly, dipping his head to her titties.
He licked her breasts then gently licked and pulled at her
nipples with his lips. His cock was flaccid, having used
up all the Viagra in his system. Cherie kissed and licked
her way to his cock and took it into her mouth.

“I love to lick and suck a soft cock to full hardness.” She
said and returned to licking his flaccid cock.

“Ben is a lucky guy. I can’t believe he abandoned you and
the kids, ” he told her as he ran his finger through her dark
blond and neatly trimmed bush. “You are such a great lover,
Cherie, in addition to being a great lady, that only a fool
would turn his back on you.”

Cherie sighed deeply. “He thinks going down on me is dirty,
because women are always wet and slimy, ” she said. “He
sure didn’t mind it when I gave him oral sex, although it
happened very sparsely, but he didn’t think it was ‘moral’
to do that either.” Gary just shook his head in amazement.
His thoughts wandered back to the time that Lori was well
and the wonderful sex they had together. She loved giving
and receiving oral sex, reveling in draining him of his
semen. She would fuck him in every position imaginable
and as often as they could. She wasn’t a nympho she just enjoyed
sex. His married life was blissful until the dementia drove
her into a black hole from which her light would never escape.

“Ben felt that I should please him and that my needs were
secondary at best and unimportant at worse. He told me that
men giving oral sex to women was an unnatural act and that
he wouldn’t engage in such activity, ” Cherie continued.

“Cherie, you don’t have to explain anything to me, ” Gary
responded. Cherie put her finger over his lips, and smiled
at him.

“I love you, Gary. I want you to know what happened between
Ben and me. You are my best friend and my lover. You have always
told me everything that happened in your family. I recall
you saying that I was the only one you trusted and felt you
could confide in.” She kissed him again, deeply. “I feel
the same way about you my friend, my lover and my confidant, ”
Cherie said, nuzzling him.

“I’d love to shower with you, Cherie.” She smiled, laughed
and jumped out of bed to run to the shower room. Gary followed
her, only more slowly. She stood under the shower as the
water cascaded over her lovely body. She was beautiful.
Her wet blond hair was dark with water flowing over it. Her
lovely small breasts were proudly standing out from her
body with hard erect nipples capping her breasts. Gary
entered the shower and began to suck her wet nipples. “You
really do love my little titties, don’t you Gary, ” she

“Yes, Cherie, I do. Your titties are beautiful. Perfectly
formed, upright with wonderful rosy tips.” he told her.
“I don’t like big sagging breasts and I detest plastic implants.
Most of them look bad, showing the implant outline. The
better plastic breasts may look real, but they don’t feel,
sway or jiggle the way real breasts do. Yours are perfect
and I love them both!” Cherie smiled and hugged him as the
water poured over their naked bodies, cleansing them of
their lovemaking. They dried themselves and dressed.
Gary kissed her and left the room. He went to the stairs,
descended two floors, entered the hallway and took the
elevator to the lobby. He left the hotel from a side entrance
and walked to the bus station. Boarding the bus, Gary mulled
over his love affair and felt good about it. He knew that
Cherie would never hurt Lori, or his marriage.

Gary was happy that they had found one another under these
difficult circumstances for both of them. He watched the
lights in the countryside as the bus sped its way back home.
He wondered when he would hear from Cherie again. He hoped
it would be soon, but he also knew that he wanted her to take
the initiative. His age was always on his mind and he wanted
Cherie to have an unobstructed opportunity to date or find
someone closer to her age. He felt good about himself and
slowly dozed off.

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great story kept me hard all the tim e i was reading it


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What a great story, certainly one of the best I've
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