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Welcome Home (fm:slut wife)


My wife, Mary, at 43, is very sexy. She is 5'2",
about 120 pounds-left
over from two kids and a full time job-but she is a very sexy
Her brown hair now falls just to her shoulders, but the feature
gets all the looks is her 36dd's. She loves me to suck
on them and
fuck them, but I have always wanted to hold them from behind
massage them as I took her in the ass.

I have always had a wild imagination. My wife has her limits,
and she
keeps a pretty conservative limit on what we do. She tastes
great, and
loves it when I go down on her. Our normal sexual event happens
once a month and consists of oral, our hands, and off and
on fucking.
Nothing wild. No dress up, nothing wild. Just run of the

Anal play has always turned me on- licking and teasing her
ass with my
fingers made me very hard. On two occasions over ten years
I had
convinced her to let me try to fuck her anally-and those
required an
intense amount of foreplay-but both times she pulled away
as the head
of my cock touched her tiny hole.

Twelve years of marriage and things were getting pretty
plain. No new
events to celebrate our lives other than our kids, but I
wanted more in
our personal relationship. A recent trip I was planning
made me
realize this would be the chance to get away and think about
situation. However, she was pissed this was a trip to a race,
tried to lay a guilt trip on me for "abandoning my family"
for my own

We talked a little bit before I left. Me saying I want more,
her saying
all I want is sex. I told her that she knows nothing of me if
that is
all she thinks I want. I then added "If you think it's
all about sex,
then why haven't I gone outside for some? You know,
I get offers now
and then, but I am above that."

When she said nothing in return, I probably could have let
it lie. But
for some reason I added "Holding me out of you ass doesn't
make me want
to leave-if that was the case, I would have left and taken
up an offer
to do that to a woman a long time ago."

The rest of the night was rather uneventful. I finished
packing and
went to bed early. I kissed her goodbye in the dark when I
left, and
to my surprise she told me "Have fun."

I didn't talk to her but twice the whole time I was gone,
and that was
to give her the different hotel information. The kids were
out of
school and with my parents, so I hoped she would use the time
alone to
think about what she really wants in a relationship.

I arrived home the following week and found her car in the
garage. I
was surprised because the kids were at my folks' house
since she was
working. The plan had been for me to drop my stuff off and
then go
pick them up.

As I walked up the drive I saw a hand close our bedroom window.
I thought. She has thought about it, and now we are going
to have it
out. I had wanted to talk to her, but after a long morning
of travel,
I just wanted to go in and relax before getting the kids.

I walked in and the house was quiet.

"Mary" I yelled.

No response.

I set my bags down and walked into the living room. Silence.

I turned and went back to the kitchen. I poured a glass of
ice water
and pulled out a chair.

I was planning my next move when my cell phone rang. I looked
at the
number and saw it was our home number! What was going on?
If she is
upstairs, why is she calling me?

Hello, " I said, trying to sound normal.

"Hi babe, " she said, sounding happy. "Are
you planning on coming up
here anytime soon?" she asked.

I was confused. Was she waiting up there, her bags-or MY
with separation papers? Or was there something else on
her mind?

I cleared my throat and said "Yes, but I didn't
know you were waiting
for me."

"Yes, I am. I have something for you, " she said
as she hung up.

My mind was racing. I knew I was not always happy, but the
thought of
her throwing me out was not to charming either. However,
I couldn't
wait forever. I had to face the facts that she had used the
time to
make a decision. The decision, however, was not what I expected.

I went upstairs and found our door was closed. It seemed
like an
eternity, but I reached out and pushed it open. What I saw
was NOT
what I expected.

The room was darkened from the closed shades, but lit by
candles. I
looked across the room and saw my wife seated on the window
wearing her short gray satin robe with flowers. And when
I say short,
I mean as in barely covers her ass when she stands up! She
had her
legs crossed and was smiling. Her boobs were pressing against
material, shaping her figure oh so nicely.

I stood there, frozen and confused. She looked so sexy!
I mean, she
had worn that robe once or twice, but that was almost ten
years ago! I
felt my cock twitch-over a week without even masturbating-and
the sight
of her dressed up like this made me start to come to life.

Mary, seeing the look on my face, stood up and began to walk
towards me.
As she passed the bed, I noticed something else she never
considered wearing-her spiked red high heel shoes. She
had worn them
years ago with a sexy read outfit, but didn't like them
because of the
three-inch heels.

She looked like an image you would see on the Internet. So
wearing something her conservative self would have deemed
"slutty." As
she moved towards me, I could see her nipples pushing against
her robe.

Without a word she took my head in her hands and kissed me-passionately.
She had not done that in quite some time! The taste her kiss
as our
tongues mingled was very erotic. She also pressed her body
to mine,
and I could feel the heat her body through the robe.

I put my arms around her and felt she had no bra on. I moved
my hands
down to her ass, and to my surprise, I felt no panty lines
thought the
top of the robe. Since it was so short, however, my hands
moved to the soft skin of her ass. As I massaged both of her
cheeks, I found she was, in fact, wearing a skimpy thong.

A thong? My wife? Wow. I had no idea what had gotten into her.
But I
wasn't about to stop and ask.

Mary moved her hands to my pants and made short work of my
belt, button,
and zipper. She shoved her hand inside my underwear and
took a hold of
my hardening cock. Her touch felt so good. My cock had been
aching to
be touched for a week, and to have her doing it instead of
me made it
feel that much better.

My wife broke the kiss and knelt down in front of me. She slid
my pants
down to my ankles, allowing my fully erect eight inch cock
to fall in
front of her face. She looked up at me-her hazel eyes straight
mine-and smiled as she ran her tongue up the shaft of my cock.
put her hands on the sides of my legs, leaned forward and
took about
half of my raging cock into her mouth.

All I could do was drop my hands to my sides as my wife slowly
moved her
mouth back up the shaft. I couldn't believe it! She
never gave me
head like this! It was like watching a porn star in action,
yet I had
to keep telling myself it was actually my wife! She held
my legs and
picked up her tempo, setting a good pace of bobbing her head
up and
down my shaft. She could only get about half of it into her
mouth, but
I didn't care. It felt so good to feel her warm, wet lips
on my cock

I tried to look down and watch, but my wife was sucking me
so good I
could only close my eyes and enjoy the sensation. Mary moved
about two
thirds of the way up my cock and stopped. She then began to
suck on
me, and I could see her cheeks sink in as she sucked on my cock
like a
straw in a thick milk shake. I was having trouble controlling
as my wife tried to suck the cum from my body.

She continued to suck hard as she moved her mouth up my shaft,
at the head to keep it just inside her lips. Mary opened her
eyes and
looked up at me as she slid her mouth over the head, swirling
tongue around it before slowly letting my cock slide past
her lips.

She moved her head down and balanced my cock on her lips,
keeping it
from falling free. I was as hard as a rock and was pointing
right at
Mary's face. She continued to look at me as she licked
under the head,
then ran her tongue down the bottom of the shaft. She slowly
slid her
tongue back up my rod, which was now shining with her spit.
Once she
got back to the head, my wife gave it a wet kiss before sliding
tongue back down my glistening cock.

I continued to stare down at her as her tongue moved from
the base of my
cock to his balls. She flicked her tongue over my hairy sack,
moving my balls around. She gently took my right nut into
her mouth
and softly sucked on it. She never broke eye contact with
me, and I
couldn't believe I was looking down at my wife as I was
getting the
best blow job I had ever had.

I looked across the room and could see us in our full length
Mary's back was to it, and it was a sexy sight: Her, on
her knees, in
a pair of "come fuck me" high heels. I could see
her red thong-it was
a red thong-vanish into the crack of her ass as her robe rode
up over
her ass. I was so turned on. I wanted to stop her before I lost
and she seemed to sense it was time for her next move.

Mary ran her tongue up my shaft one last time. She looked
me in the
eyes as she swirled her tongue around the head before standing

Her robe was falling open, so I slid my hands inside. I could
feel the
hardness of her nipples as I massaged her boobs. She kissed
me as she
took my cock in her hand once again.

She led me to our bathroom, where another candle burned.
I could see a
towel on the counter and a bottle of cocoa scented baby oil.
turned to me and united her robe. She dropped her arms and
allowed the
robe to fall to the floor, giving me my first look at her in
her new
thong-red satin and lace. In the mirror I could see the lace
on the
back as it vanished into her ass.

My wife of twelve years looked so sexy standing before me
in nothing but
a red thong and a pair of red high heel shoes. What had come
over her?
What was going on? At that point, I would have done anything
for her.

Mary reached for the baby oil as I stepped out of my pants
and removed
my shirt. She opened it as she moved to me, kissing me passionately.

I then felt the warmth of her touch and the slickness of the
baby oil
on my cock.

Mary slowly massaged the oil into my shaft. She rubbed the
head, and
moved her hand up and down my shaft. She gently ran her fingers
my balls, softly tickling them with her nails, and moved
back to my
shaft. She then poured some more oil onto me and slowly rubbed
it in.
She covered my cock completely, and the feeling of her slick
sliding up my shaft about made me cum.

She broke the kiss and stepped back, my cock still in her

"That should do for you, " she said, letting
go of my cock.

She turned around bent over the counter slightly, sticking
her ass out
to me. She slid her hands into the straps on her hips and held
there. I looked into the mirror, and her smiling face was
watching me.
I smiled as she slowly slid her thong down. First over her
holding it as it reached her pussy. She then closed her eyes
as she
slid it down to her ankles. She stepped out of her thong with
foot, then the other. She slowly twirled it on her finger
a time or
two before tossing it to the side.

A million thoughts were running through my mind. I didn't
know what to
do, so I just admired the view. My cock felt like it was going
explode, and what she did next nearly caused me to shoot
my load.

Mary picked up the baby oil and moved it over her ass. She
slowly began
to pour it just above her ass cheeks, which let it run down
the crack
of her ass. I saw her close her eyes and let her head back as
the warm
oil coated her ass. I still wasn't sure what was going
to happen. I
thought the most I would get would be to fuck her ass cheeks,
and, to
be honest, I could have lived with that!

Mary set the bottle down and opened her eyes. She looked
at me in the
mirror as she moved her left hand to her ass and gently spread
cheek, exposing her tiny asshole. Her hole was shining
from the baby
oil-and looked so fucking hot. She then moved her right
hand to her
hole and used her fingers to massage the oil into her body.
I watched
in amazement as she gently rubbed in the oil, making her
asshole nice
and soft. She then began teasing her hole with her middle
finger. She
pressed it against her, not quite entering herself, and
held it there.

My eyes moved from her asshole to her eyes-I could not believe
what I
was seeing. Her eyes then shut and a soft moan escaped her
lips. I
moved my eyes back to her ass in time to see her finger vanish
into her
asshole. She was gentle at first. Slowly working her finger
around to
get used to the sensation. She seemed to relax, and this
allowed her
to slowly slide her finger in deeper, stopping at the first
knuckle. I
looked to her face and saw her eyes still shut, her jaw firm,
as she
paced herself. She continued to moan softly as her finger
found its
way up to the middle knuckle. She stopped there, then slowly
began to
withdraw her finger from her ass.

She stopped short of pulling it out, then moved it back inside
This time, she gently went further, allowing all of her
finger to fill
her ass. She held it there for a moment as she dropped her
head. I
could see from her breathing that she was getting used to
this new
found feeling, and I hoped it was a feeling of pleasure.
It must have
been, because she began to slowly wiggle her finger around
inside, and
it looked like she was trying to relax her muscles. She was
moving her hips as if she was fucking someone-her pelvis
moving in and
out, in and out...just like when she is on top of me.

It was hot. My wife, wearing red high heels and nothing else,
fucking herself in the ass. I could not believe what I was

I wanted to stroke my cock, but I knew I would lose it quickly-and
didn't want to mess up any ideas she had. I was so hard
there was no
need to touch it. The sight of my hot wife was plenty to keep

Mary then opened her eyes, a passionate, lustful look in
them, and
slowly withdrew her finger from her ass. She leaned both
of her arms on
the counter as she looked at me in the mirror. Her ass was
still in
front of me, and I knew what I wanted. But was she going to
play with
herself some more or turn around so I could fuck her? She
knew I
wanted her ass, but an eight inch cock is much different
than her
middle finger.

With a sultry voice my wife said "I want to feel you
in my ass...right

I felt my knees get weak. My cock strained even more. I was
as hard as
I had ever been, and my wife was offering me the one thing
she swore I
would never get: Her ass.

I stepped to her and gently rubbed the shaft of my rod against
her slick
ass. I felt her tense up as my ever hard cock throbbed against
virgin ass. I gently moved my cock up and down her ass, parting
cheeks with my slick shaft. She was slowly moving with me,
her body in
motion as if I was fucking her from behind.

I could tell she was getting nervous. It was going to hurt-stuffing
eight inch cock in her tiny, cherry ass was not something
that would be
very pleasurable for her-but she was going to do it for me.
I could
not take it if I hurt her. Pain is not a pleasure for either
of us.
All I needed to stimulate my cock was to get two or three inches
her. That would still be somewhat of a discomfort for her,
but not
nearly the pain as if I tried to bury myself in her.

I moved my hips back, allowing my cock to slide down her ass
one last
time. It was pointing straight at her hole-her high heels
put her in
the perfect ass fuck position-when I reached down and took
hold of my
shaft. I gently pulled her left ass cheek out, exposing
her tiny, wet
hole. The head of my cock pressed against her, and I could
feel her
tense up once again as she stopped her fuck motion.

I leaned over and licked her ear. "Relax, babe. Those
muscles can't be
tense if I am going to get in there, " I whispered.

"I know, " she softly said. "Just go easy."

I kissed her again and said "I just want to get in your
ass for a few
inches...I don't want to impale you on me, "
I said. "Just enough to
make me cum."

She closed her eyes and smiled as I softly licked and kissed
her ear
some more. She seemed to be a little relived and while she
was still
somewhat tense, she did loosen up a little.

I looked down, one last time, at my shiny rod against her
tight little
asshole. A wave of eroticism flowed over my body as I prepared
enter my wife's ass. Something I longed to do, but only
to her. I
never sought anyone out for it. It was just so erotic, so
nasty, so
dirty...and to do it to the PTA/soccer mom...squeaky clean
it that much hotter.

I slowly and steadily began to push myself into her. She
squeezed her
eyes shut and took a breath as the head of my hard cock penetrated
asshole for the first time. I watched as her ass closed around
head, stretching around my raging cock. Once the head was
inside, I held still. It felt SO amazing. Her warm, tight
engulfed the head of my cock. I didn't move for a moment.
I wanted to
allow her ass time to adjust to the new object inside-and
for me to
enjoy the sight of her tiny asshole stretching around me.

Mary dropped her head for a moment, then let out a breath.
She kept her
eyes closed, but they were not squeezed as tight as they
had been when
I first entered her. I could feel my cock throbbing as her
ass muscles
clenched around it. Her body worked to relax, making a firm,
seal around me. I could feel the warmth of the walls of her
adjust, flexing and relaxing as they moved to find the right
fit. I
didn't want to force it. I could feel she was slowly
adjusting to me,
so I made sure to go at her own pace.

She took a breath as she moved her right hand down to her pussy.
was still leaning on her left arm, but she was off the counter
so she could start rubbing herself.

I looked around her body and watched as her fingers began
to rub her
clit. Slowly at first, in little circles. Making her pussy
wet, and
relieving some of the tension in her body.

She opened her eyes slightly and a soft breath escaped her
mouth as her
lips parted. She looked and me in the mirror and whispered

"More...give me more."

That was all I needed. I gently pushed into ass further.
Her tempo
picked up on her clit as she felt my warm, hard cock spread
the walls
inside her body. I had about three inches inside of her,
and that was
all I needed. Her tension lessened even more as I filled
her, so I
decided now was the time to start fucking her.

I moved my hands to her hips-the heat of her body was intense-and
her body in place. I slowly began to pull my cock out of her,
only to keep the head inside. I looked down and could see
the extra
shiny area on my dick that indicated how far inside of her
I had been.
It was also slightly red from her tightness, showing where
her tight
asshole gripped my cock. I continued to look down as I slowly
my way back into her. Her ass was adjusting and she was not
so tense,
which allowed me to easily slide into her.

I moved to my "mark" and started keeping a steady
tempo. Her ass
adjusted to my cock nice and formed a tight seal. The walls
of her
asshole were like satin-warm, tight, and wet-and felt
more erotic than
I could ever have imagined. The sight of her tight little
ass holding
my cock, the skin stretching around me, was like nothing
I could have
ever imagined.

Mary was breathing hard. I knew she liked to stimulate herself,
but the
fact that she was a "one and done" worried me-what
if she got off, then
told me "Take it out." That feeling went away
because I knew I would
not last much longer.

I slid my hands up her body and took her boobs into my hands.
nipples were rock hard, indicating she was incredibly
hot. I glanced
over at the baby oil and decided to have some more fun.

As I moved the bottle into position, Mary opened her eyes.
She must
have sensed my plan as she moved her hand from her pussy to
the edge of
the counter. She moved herself up a little and stuck out
her chest. I
flipped open the cap and poured a generous amount of oil
over her
chest. First the left side, over the middle, and then the
making her body glisten in the candle light.

I dropped the bottle and moved my hands to her chest. The
feeling of
her soft boobs and erect nipples under the oil was intense.
seemed to like it as well, and she actually pushed her ass
to me. I
held myself still as I moved my hands all around her chest.
reaction she gave me told me this was something that made
her hot.

I then moved my hands down her body. The oil had run down over
stomach, and some had gone down her legs. I could feel her
as my hands moved over her body. My heart beat against her
body as I
leaned into her. I kissed her neck, her ear, her cheek-she
turned at
met me, our tongues mingling in the candlelight. The taste
of her kiss
and the warm, slick sensation of feeling her body were incredible.
hands moved over her stomach, and I could feel her stomach
tighten with each push of my cock into her ass.

She was still bracing herself with both hands, so I moved
my left hand
to her pussy. She shaves from just above her clit up, so she
is always
smooth down there. As my hand slid across her bare skin and
the oil, she dropped her head and shuddered. The warmth
of the oil
made her even more sensitive, so I knew I had to move lower.

My fingers found their way through her neatly trimmed hair
over her
clit. I could feel it was swollen, and I gently began to tease

her-soft, gentle swirling, causing another soft moan
to escape her
lips. The oil had made her slick and soft, so it didn't
take much for
my fingers to find the magic on her sweet spot. Rubbing,
circling...over and over again. Her clit swelled as I gently
worked my
fingers around it, making her body tense, felling her heartbeat
and faster. She was getting so aroused. I never knew I could
make her
feel that way.

I then slid my hand farther down to feel her wetness. My finger
slipped inside her hot, moist pussy. I felt the velvety
smooth walls
inside her pussy. Her wetness was flowing. She was so hot
inside. I
gently moved my finger along one wall, then another. Silky
smooth, the
walls of her pussy stayed nice and wet. The feeling of her
tight, firm pussy-was intense. My finger felt every contraction
had-as if she was trying to milk it like she milks my cock
with her
muscles-as she reacted to the stimulation I was giving
her. Her body
heat was cock in her ass and finger in her pussy...I
melting into her. Mary was getting hotter by the minute,
and the heat
inside her soaked pussy was amazing.

My other hand massaged her boobs, treating each nipple
to gentle strokes
and soft pinches. I moved from left to right, then back again.
cupped her dd's in my hand, feeling the softness of
her skin and the
slickness from the oil. Massaging, squeezing them, one,
then the
other. Teasing her nipples with a soft pinch, a gentle tweak.
were so hard and the oil made them slide easily between my
fingers. As
my hand moved I could feel her heart racing. I never knew
she could
get so turned on.

I found a rhythm between my cock in her ass and finger in her
pussy that
kept a constant pressure inside her. I could feel her wetness

intensify with each push of my cock and stroke of my finger.
feelings, both of feeling her wetness in her pussy, her
tight ass
stretched around my cock, and the fact it was the one woman
who could
never be pictured in such a position-especially in a pair
of high
heeled shoes-was beginning to stir the juices in my system.

The sensation, thoughts, and pure ecstasy were too much
for me. Doing
my wife in the dirtiest way possible-and watching her love
every minute
of it-made it impossible to contain myself.

"I'm going to cum, " I hissed.

Mary dropped her head and continued to fuck me with her ass.
"Just a
minute more...please, " she begged. I stopped for
a minute to gather my
thoughts before I prepared myself to cum. Mary, still letting
breaths escape through her slightly parted lips, opened
her eyes and
looked at me in the mirror. I just smiled and held myself
still for a
moment, moving only my hands-my right hand over both her
boobs, and the
left hand going from her clit to inside her pussy. Mary closed
eyes and leaned forward, allowing my hands to slide back
on her body. I
slid my finger from her wet pussy and brushed her clit one
last time.
The feeling of her oily body was so amazing. I moved both
my hands to
her boobs, gently squeezing them together and caressing
her nipples.
My hands then slid down her body, back to her hips.

I held her hips as she gently bit her lower lip and, to my sexual
delight, began to move herself back and forth on my cock.
My wife was
actually using her ass to fuck me! No standing there, letting
me feed
myself into her-she was fucking me! I couldn't believe
she liked it,
and when she pushed herself further down onto me-putting
another inch
of my cock into her ass-I wondered what had come over her.

I held her as she continued to fuck me with her ass, enjoying
about it: The feeling of her tight ass milking my cock, the
sight of
my shiny rod tunneling inside her, and the sound it made
as it moved in
and out. I had to contain myself and not squeeze the life
out of her.
My hands held her hips-not just to keep her on track, but
to keep me
stable. My wife was fucking me with her ass, and I could barely
myself on my own two feet as she did.

I tensed up, feeling my load rush through my cock. "Mary...I
can't hold
it, " I gasped. In one smooth motion, Mary stood up
straight, letting my
cock finally pop out of her ass. She held still for a moment,
on the counter with her eyes closed. I looked down to see
a HOT sight:
Her little asshole, shiny and slick, loose from being stretched
by my
hard cock, slightly parted from the fucking she had just
given me.

Mary slowly turned around and pressed her oil soaked body
against mine.
She put her arms around my neck as she kissed me, longer and
than before. Her high heels allowed her to straddle my cock,
and she
began to move her hips back and forth. She loved doing this
as the feeling of my cock stimulating her clit always made
her wet.
The smoothness of her thighs, the wetness from her pussy,
surrounding my cock felt almost as good as if it were insider
her body.
This was no "dry" fuck. It was smooth, soft,
warm and wet. Her pussy
lips parted over the top of my cock, covering me with her
wetness. She
was soaked already, and showed no signs of drying up. It
took all of
my strength-what was left of it, anyway-to keep from cumming
as she
straddled me.

Mary, knowing I was on the edge, broke the kiss. She slowly
back, allowing my cock to slowly slide out from between
her legs. As
the head reached her clit, she looked at me and smiled as
she gave a
few short, soft pelvic thrusts-allowing my head to give
her clit one
last touch of pleasure.

She finally moved off, allowing my cock to spring out. It
was still
rock hard and pointing just above her pussy. Mary put her
hands on my
body-which was now slick with the oil from when we were pressed

together-and knelt in front of me, running her hands from
my shoulders,
over my chest and stomach, to my legs. She took her oily boobs
in her
hands and sandwiched my cock between them. She looked up
at me with
those beautiful hazel eyes and smiled as she began to tit-fuck
me with
her boobs. The smooth slick feeling of my cock between those
dd's was
all I needed.

The warmth of her boobs and the slickness of the oil sent
a tremor
through my body. A wave of passion flowed through as the
cum shot from
my cock. A huge first load-built up from over a week without
release and the events that just happened-shot up and hit
her neck.
Mary kept with her "tradition" of not taking
it in her mouth, and she
just closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Watching
her squeeze
and massage her boobs made me shoot another powerful load.
I looked
down to see my cum sliding down her body and onto her boobs.
opened her hands slightly and began to rub it into her boobs.
sight of her stimulating her nipples with my semen cause
me to shoot a
third load. Although not as big as the first two, it felt
equally as

Mary cautiously opened her eyes. She looked down and saw
the mess I had
made on her body, but smiled. She looked up at me at said "Now
it's my

She stood up and backed to the edge of the counter. Now, I
could never
have imagined the sight in front of me: My 43 year old wife,
mother of
two, PTA mom, covered with baby oil and cum, in nothing but
a pair of
red high heeled shoes. I felt my dick twitch again, and hoped
night was still young.

Mary slid her ass onto the counter and leaned back against
the mirror.
"I want you to lick me, " she whispered as she
opened up her legs.

Her oily body looked so sexy in the candlelight. I knelt
down and put
my hands behind her knees, opening her legs. As I lifted
them apart, I
could see her swollen, wet pussy-which has always tasted
so good-was
ready to be eaten. I lifted them just slightly higher, and
saw her
asshole, still shiny and stretched from our passionate

I moved my tongue to her asshole and gave her a brief rim job.
tensed up, not expecting that, but apparently enjoying
the feeling of
my warm tongue on her back door.

"Oh...that feels so good, " she hissed.

I swirled my tongue around her rim a few more times before
piercing her ass with my tongue-something I had tried before
but was
rebuffed-and felt her twitch yet again. I teased just inside
her ass
for a minute, and I couldn't believe how she could not
contain herself.

I slid my tongue from her ass and licked around the rim one
more time.
I then ran my tongue from her ass, over her wet pussy lips,
to her
clit. I flicked my tongue over her clit, feeling her tension
excitement. Mary closed her eyes and moved her hands to
my head. They
were slick from the mixture of oil and cum, but I didn't
care. I was
so hot at that point, nothing could stop me from tasting

I softly sucked on her clit, mixing my swirling tongue with
my hot
mouth. Sucking, licking, and kissing it, I wanted nothing
more than
for her to explode with passion. I slid my tongue down to
her pussy.
I licked her lips, feeling the wetness coming from her body,
and slid
my tongue past them, inside her warm body. She was so hot,
so wet-and
tasted like a dream. My wife is the only woman I could ever
do this
to-her pussy just tastes good-and I tried to get as far in
as I could.
Mary began to arch her back and breathe heavy. She held my
head as my
tongue slid out of her pussy and moved back to her clit. Mary
really going now, and I knew she was getting ready to explode.

I swirled my tongue around her clit and moved my right hand
to her
pussy. I gently slid my middle finger inside her. The heat
wetness in her was like nothing I had ever felt before. I
hooked my
finger in and felt her swelling g-spot. Now, it was time.
Time to
make her cum like she had made me...time to give her an orgasm
would never forget-one to tell her sisters about-because
she would want
it, again and again.

Mary tensed up, and I could feel her start to cum. She squeezed
eyes shut and let it all out, moaning with pleasure as the
exploded in her body. Her legs tightened, her back stiffened,
hands dug into my head, and her body shook intensely as she
had her
orgasm. I kept stimulating her as she climaxed, trying
to keep on her
until she had released everything she had.

Mary finally began to relax, breathing like she had just
sprinted a
marathon. I stood up and let her legs down. Mary slumped
onto the
counter, slowly opening her eyes. A passionate smile came
across her
face as she looked into my eyes.

"I missed you, " she said, touching my arm.
"I really missed you."

I leaned in and kissed her. "I missed you to, "
I said.

I couldn't help but wonder what she would do if I took
another trip!

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Wonderful, Josh and I tried acting this out, of course we
have had anal sex a lot, but we loved doing it your way, it
was great, thanks a lot, keep these stories coming.


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Excellent story. At first I thought you were describing
me and my wife. The only exception is me getting the pleasure
of her asshole. I'd like to hear more stories, if you
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Thanks all Josh & Beth wish I was there


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Pretty good story, if you
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