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Weekend Fun


Weekend Fun
Well, this is about the best weekend we ever had. We have
met a number of couples and single guys/girls on AdultFriendFinder
and are having our first house parties. Today a friend we
have played with since forever comes into town ‒ supposedly
to work, which we will, but mainly to play! Tonight is boys
night. Linda, my wife, will have the undivided attention
of myself, Fred (from out of town), Pete and Mike. Tomorrow
(3rd) two couples and a single lady will be over, making
it four “couples”. Sunday, Linda has Fred and I to herself!

Linda is not on the pill so only myself and Pete will be able
to cum in her since we are the only ones who are “fixed”. The

rest of the guys will just have to cum all over her. She wants
the guys to cum on her and use their cocks to clean her up,

that is rub cum on their cocks and feed it to her. Should be
nice and sticky and slutty!
Well, on Friday Pete could not come over but Terry (single
woman who was supposed to come over Saturday) came over

making three guys and two women. Not as planned but not bad!!
After picking Fred up from the airport we went to dinner

and came back and got showers. Linda came out and I gave her
a kiss and hug and told her it was OK to start things without
me. When I got out, Fred and Linda were on the couch with Linda
wearing only a sweater and Fred fully dressed and licking
her pussy. I had gotten dressed and went and got the digital
camera. By now Fred had moved up and was sliding his cock
over Linda’s pussy lips. She moaned for him to fuck her and
he didn’t waste anytime. I took a few photos and moved down
to lick Linda’s nipples, which were hard. Fred fucked her
for about 10 minutes and then said he didn’t want to cum too
soon. He moved over and I started licking Linda. She must
have cum a dozen times while Fred and I moved from her pussy
to her mouth with our cocks and tongues. After about 45 minutes
we decided to hold off and wait for our friends to arrive.
Linda pulled down her sweater and slid on a pair of thong
panties and kissed us both. She was a little wobbly but we
all managed to make it to the kitchen. Linda sat at the bar
while I got us all a glass of wine. Fred was rubbing Linda’s
back and occasionally sliding his hands over her tits just
to keep her warmed up.
Our first guest was Mike. Mike is a Hispanic guy about 40,
nice looking and about a 7 inch cock (mines a modest 6 and

Fred’s 8 to 9 ‒ never got the ruler out ‒ the biggest of the
bunch). I got Mike a beer while he chatted with Fred and Linda.

Didn’t take him long to start playing with Linda’s pussy!
Terry arrived and was wearing a black skin tight mini-dress.

Terry had not met Mike or Fred before. She is short (5’ tops)
with large tits and nipples to match. I was getting hard
as soon as she walked in the door. We hung out in the kitchen
having a couple glasses of wine and playing with the ladies
when I suggested we head to the bedroom for the main reason
we were all together.
Everyone ducked into a bathroom first, me being last ‒ nice
host I am. When I came out Tracy was on her knees sucking Mike
and Fred and Linda were doing 69 on the bed (Linda on the bottom).
I moved next to Mike and Terry went back and forth between
our cocks ‒ she is the best cock sucker I’ve ever met! Deep
throats with ease and can hold it all the way into here throat
while swirling one’s cock. I couldn’t take it and had to
pull out. I crawled under her and started licking her pussy.
Mike needed a break and swapped with Fred. Fred couldn’t
take Terry’s skills too long either and we had her move up
to the bed. I swapped with Fred so he could taste Terry’s
pussy and I licked and sucked on her nice tits. Mike got Linda

on her back and proceeded to fuck her with her legs up on his
shoulders. Seeing this, Fred had to move up and slide his

cock into Terry. Terry really liked Fred’s big cock. Fred
didn’t last long and was the first to unload into Terry.
I love sloppy seconds and moved around to take Fred’s place.
Linda was sucking Fred clean while being fucked hard by
Mike. The feeling of Terry’s loose and wet pussy was too
much for me and I unloaded in her. Mike didn’t want to be left
out and Fred moved back to licking Linda while he recovered.
Linda wanted to lick me clean and while she did I bent over
to lick her tits. Fred was at full mast and moved up to fuck
Linda. I played with Linda’s clit while Fred fucked her
causing another wave of orgasms for Linda who had sucked
me back to life. I moved over to Terry to get another cock
sucking. She was hanging over the edge of the bed and I was
fucking her mouth while Mike fucked her hard. Mike lasted
longer than the rest of us and proceeded to fill Terry’s
pussy with her third load, one from each of us. This continued
for about another 2 hours with each of us filling Terry twice.
Linda loved all the pussy licking she got and cleaned us
all up after we came. She enjoyed the taste of Terry’s pussy
and our cum. We wrapped up the evening by sitting around
naked in the kitchen and having a glass of wine. Mike and
Terry left about the same time. Linda wanted a little more
cock and took us to the bedroom. We finished the evening
DP’ing her for the first time over the weekend with Fred
unloading in her ass while I filled her pussy.
Fred and I laid next to Linda with Fred keeping his cock in
her ass till it shrunk its way out. Cum was dripping from
both her worn out holes. She smiled with a very fulfilled
look on her face.
Saturday next!
The next morning I woke and was the only one in bed. I got up
and took a shower and then headed downstairs where I figured
Linda and Fred were ‒ Fred had the guest suite for the weekend.
I arrived in time to see Fred standing on the side of the bed
with Linda on her back with her legs held up by the ankles
by Fred. Fred was really fucking Linda hard and a few seconds
after I came into the room he pulled out and shot all over
her stomach with the first rope of cum landing on her right
tit. After he came he rested his cock on her stomach and she
placed her feet on the edge of the bed. She asked if I slept
well and I said I did. Fred said they didn’t’ ‒ seemed his
cock kept entering her pussy or ass a few times during the
night! They didn’t want to wake me so headed downstairs
after I zonked out. I said hope you aren’t going to get worn
out since we still had company coming over at 7. With that
Fred moved over as I slid my cock into Linda. He grabbed the
camera and snapped a few as I fucked her used pussy ‒ I lasted
only a few minutes and shot a nice load into her ‒ I always
get turned on watching another guy fuck her and the first
thing in the morning it didn’t take long. I figured they
were fucking when I was in the shower and that made it easy
to get turned on too. I asked if she wanted anything done
since the two of us seemed to have gotten off without much
regard for her needs. She laid on her elbows and said lick
my pussy clean ‒ I thought she meant me and Fred wasted no
time moving me out of the way. I said I didn’t realize you
liked cum filled pussy. He raised his head and said “almost
as much as a crème filled donut!” It didn’t take long for
Linda to cum repeatedly from Fred’s excellent tonguing.
When she has cum enough she squeezes her legs around the
guy that’s licking her to let him know. Fred pulled away
and said “just as I was getting into cum and pussy juice!”
I put my semi hard cock in front of his face and said my cock
needs cleaned ‒ He took me into his mouth for the first time
in all the time we’ve played together and licked me hard.
He was really getting into it and Linda was slowly moving
her hand over her clit and encouraging him to lick my balls
then back to my cock head. After about 10 minutes I said I’m
going to blow and he took my cock and aimed at Linda’s bare
pussy ‒ I came all over it. He lick the head of my cock clean
then used my cock as a spoon. I moved up on the bed and Linda
licked me clean as he licked the rest off her pussy. We rested
a bit and they said they wanted to shower ‒ together of course
‒ while I made coffee.
About a half hour later they came upstairs ‒ he was dressed
and she went into our bedroom and got dressed for the day
‒ jean shorts and a sleeveless white and tight T-shirt.
Over coffee, Fred said that was one great night and thanked
us for inviting him down ‒ was the best sex ever. I said and
the weekend is not over! I was hungry and suggested we go
out for breakfast ‒ so off we went ‒ was pretty erotic as folks
stared at my hot wife with her tight t-shirt on ‒ although
it wasn’t see through it left little to the imagination
and I’m sure all were trying to figure out who was with who
or if we were both fucking her?
Since Fred came down to actually help with a project I suggested
we go to Home Depot after breakfast to pick up the few supplies
needed ‒ we got more stares as we walked through HD and on
the way back to the house Linda started teasing us by playing
with her tits in the back seat. I said, I don’t know about
you both but I think I’m going to need to fuck once we get home.
Linda responded by sliding out of her shorts when we turned
onto our street and as the garage door was going up pulled
her shirt off. The garage door was only part way down when
she was out of the car naked except for her tennis shoes.
We followed her into the house and she headed out to the pool.
She got on a lounge chair on her hands and knees and we both
knew what to do! Fred was stripping as we went through the
house and immediately plowed his cock into her pussy. I
moved around to her front and was pulling off my shirt as
she sucked my cock. Our back yard is very private and fucking
outside is no big deal ‒ particularly since we fuck around
with the other couple behind us on a regular basis ‒ they
were out of town unfortunately so Fred couldn’t have fun
with her ‒ she runs a couple miles a day and has big, firm tits
with huge nipples ‒ he has nice 7 inch cock that Linda likes
a lot ‒ but that’s a different story - sort of like fantasizing
while the wife was sucking me. I suggested we trade places
after a couple minutes and I lined up to her pussy then said
I’ll be back. I wandered over to the basket where we keep
lotions and proceeded to lube my cock up with oil and went
over and slid my cock up her ass. She groaned in pleasure
and I pumped her good. Fred said I need some of that too. I
pulled out and I lubed up his cock and helped him slip in.
Linda was saying my god that feels great ‒ your cock feels
huge ‒ fuck me and fill me with your cum ‒ which he did almost
on cue. He pulled out and I went in again. I lasted a minute
and added my load to her ass. After a minute I pulled out and
went and opened the pool. We all hopped in and cleaned up.
We decided we really should tackle the project or Fred’s
wife will start to wonder what we did all weekend. Linda
said she was going to lay out in the sun while we worked. So
Fred and I went and got dressed and did our job ‒ ran a gas line
for an outdoor fireplace ‒ Fred is a licensed plumber and
has all the tools ‒ which he brought with him in his luggage.
It only took a little over an hour and we were done. We went
and cleaned up and went out back to the pool area ‒ we were
on the side of the house. When we got to the back we were surprised
to find Linda and our neighbor Susan lying nude out back
‒ they were supposedly away for the weekend. I introduced
Susan to Fred and asked what’s up? She said they came back
this morning because Joe was not feeling well. Since he
was sick she decided to look over the fence to see if we were
out and caught most of Judy’s morning ass fucking by the
pool. She came over when we went to work hoping to surprise
us after we finished “laying pipe”! Judy said she was tired
but would love to watch us fuck Susan ‒ needless to say we
were naked and hard while Susan was telling us her story
and we were also playing with her tits and pussy while she
was talking too. I told Fred you have to taste her pussy ‒
its actually sweet to the taste! I sucked and played with
her tits while Fred licked her pussy ‒ commenting on its
great taste. She loved every minute of the attention and
was soon cumming. She said I’ve got to have Fred’s big cock
in me ‒ I said pussy or ass? She said pussy for now. She got
on her hands and knees and Fred slipped in. She moaned in
pleasure as I stuck my cock in her mouth. Soon she was cumming
on his cock ‒ Fred said awesome as her pussy clenched his
cock like a vise ‒ she has super tight pussy muscles from
all her running she does. He unloaded immediately! She
milked his cock dry with her pussy and then she told me to
fuck her ass. I lubed up and slid in as Fred got his cock sucked.
She is truly a super fuck and can suck with the best of them.
I lasted only a couple minutes and filled her with my cum.
Fred was hard again and wanted to fuck her ass too. I went
into the pool to clean my cock and watch Fred fuck Susan’s
ass for all he was worth. I got out and sat on the end of Linda’s
chair and we watched him pound her ass. Susan had her head
on the lounge chair with her eyes closed moaning like crazy.
After 15 minutes or so Fred shot into her ass ‒ he said he came
but probably little cum left in him. He said his cock hurt
from all the fucking. He pulled out and helped her up. He
took her in the pool and cleaned his cock and was obviously
cleaning her ass too with his free hand while French kissing
her. After a couple minutes they broke and they came and
sat on the lounge chair. She said to him I really like your
cock ‒ uncut and so fat and long. He said thanks ‒ you are beautiful
and I hope I get to fuck you some more this weekend. Susan
looked at us and we said almost in unison ‒ that’s fine by
us! I mentioned two other couples (Donna and Jim & Mike
and Barb) were coming over at 7 and she and Joe were welcome.
Susan said I better go check on Joe but I’ll be back later
and let you know if Joe thinks he’s up for it. If not she would
bring another friend of hers over to make it an even number
‒ Chuck who is a single guy she likes to fuck. She got up and
we watched her gorgeous ass wander through the back yard
and out the gate. I said ‒ even number? Fred would be the odd
man out? She said not to worry all the ladies could use an
extra cock so it would be even! I guess that made sense? It
was about 2pm and I was hungry but also tired. So were Fred
and Linda. We went in and got a bite to eat and then went and
laid down outside to take a nap.
About 5:30, Susan came over and said Joe wasn’t up to it and
Chuck would be coming over though. We said great ‒ she said
I’ll see you at 7 ‒ I’m going to get cleaned up. She asked should
she wear anything in particular? Linda said I’m dressed
already! She was naked of course!! Susan laughed and said
Chuck and I will be similarly UN-dressed!
Saturday Evening ‒ One Awesome Orgy
Now we’ve had couples over before ‒ usually we sit around
inside having a drink or two and small talking before getting
down to it. 90% of the time the guys get off once and everyone
is pooped out. Sometimes we go at it twice but not too often.
I think most like the idea of swinging but are too pooped
to pop more than once after working all week (none of us are
in our 20’s anymore). But this weekend was unique ‒ I haven’t
fucked so much in such a short time ever! And the evening
hadn’t even started. Now, it was early summer so when evening
rolls around, being nude outside can be a bit chilly given
how dry the air is. But tonight was warm ‒ so we were quite
naked at 7 when our friends arrived together ‒they drove
separate but just happened to arrive at the same time. I
met them at the front door naked and hugged the ladies who
were pleasantly surprised to see me naked at the door. I
told them we were out back with our friend skinny dipping
in the pool. I got everyone a round of drinks ‒ which took
about 10 minutes and found everyone, including Susan and
Chuck out back. I set the drinks down on the table and went
and got Susan and Chuck something ‒ now the reason I set them
down instead of passing them out is everyone was already
teamed up and playing ‒ talk about a quick start! Barb got
up and followed me in the house and said everyone started
touching each other and I said I wanted you first. I said
cool! She is petite with nice perky nipples that were hard
from the air outside. She said she was a little chilly and
wanted to fuck inside if I didn’t mind. Me mind I said! She
said Jim can fend for himself and took me by the hand to our
bedroom ‒ where I’ve fucked her more than once ‒ she likes
to “cheat” on her husband ‒ not really cheating they just
play a game of cheating. She comes over and I fuck her during
the day once a week and she goes home to her husband who figures
out she’s been cheating on him by the cum in her pussy and
teaches her a lesson by revenge fucking her. Varies on how
he takes his revenge but usually involves tying her up or
something and play her. They’ve taken a few pics
for Linda and me is how we know besides them telling us. Another
Well, since she likes to be tied up I pulled out a tie and put
it over her eyes. I took another and tied her arms behind
her back. I laid her down on the bed and tied her legs to the
bed post too with some of Linda’s nylons. Her pussy was soaked
as I lined my cock up and fucked her till I came in her pussy.
Then I started licking her pussy and my cum till she came
over and over. She was really moaning and I was hard again.
About that time, Fred came into the room to see if I want to
swap ‒ I said sure but Barb needs fucked again. He said I think
I can figure it out. I watched as he slid his big cock in her.
She gasped and moaned what a cock! I left them and went out
back confident Barb would be thoroughly used by Fred.
Out back Linda and Susan were 69’ing with Linda on top on
a lounge chair. Chuck had is cock buried in Linda’s pussy
at the same time. Mike and Jim were DP’ing Donna ‒ Mike was
on his back on a lounge chair with his cock in her pussy and
Jim was up her ass. I moved over to Susan and stuck my hardening
cock in her mouth to suck. We went at it without changing
partners and the first to cum was Jim in Donna’s nice ass.
She has a little extra padding but that just makes one bounce
off her soft ass nicely. Mike rolled Donna over and finished
off by pounding her pussy till he filled her. Chuck was ready
to cum and I said lets switch ‒ I slid into Linda and came immediately
and Chuck started shooting while wandering over to Susan’s
mouth ‒ A rope of cum hit Linda in the hair and the second on
Susan’s face before Susan grabbed his spurting cock and
sucked the rest out of him. We were all laughing when Fred
and Barb came out wanting to know what we were laughing about.
We told them why and then Barb said well we had a great time
too. She said she loves being tied up and taken and man does
Fred know how to fuck ‒ she would be sore for a week after that
pussy and ass pounding! I said so where did he cum? She leaned
over with her ass in my face and said figure it out. I pulled
her cheeks apart and said let me see as I licked her ass then
moved down to her pussy. She had her legs spread and I said
‒ Not sure? She said how about both holes! That’s what I thought
but wasn’t sure!! I was hard now and said eeny meany miny
‒ and slid into her ass. The others watched ‒ she leaned on
Chuck ‒ who started to French her as I fucked Barb’s ass standing
up. The others wasted no time pairing up ‒ I don’t even remember
with who just everybody started licking, sucking and fucking
again. I know Chuck stood up and stuck his cock in Barb’s
mouth as I fucked her ass for a good 15 minutes before unloading.
He got behind her and slid his member in her ass too ‒ He is
strong and picked her up with his cock buried in her. Her
back was plastered against his chest. He carried her into
the pool and had her lean on the steps and he pounded her ass.
I enjoyed watching them but moved into the pool too ‒ I cleaned
my cock quickly and moved in front so Barb could lick my cock.
She was really enjoying herself and was cumming like crazy.
Chuck fucked her ass relentlessly ‒ he know’s the kind of
slut she is and after about 20 minutes filled her ass. I was
not even close to cumming. Barb said I need a break ‒ Chuck
said I do too. I was hard and needed to cum again. Donna’s
mouth was free so I wandered over and she sucked me off while
Fred was fucking her pussy from behind. I lasted a couple
minutes and she swallowed my cum ‒ what little was left -
and I moved away. Fred unloaded in her pussy and moved away
too. She laid on her back and asked Fred to lick her clit while
I sucked her tits. We did just that till she came a number
of times. By now everyone was worn out. We went inside and
had the drinks I had gotten earlier. It was 11 and it seemed
like we had just started ‒ 4 hours of non-stop fucking! We
relaxed a bit and everyone decided to call it a night. Everyone
agreed that was the best fuck fest to-date. I said I think
it was Fred’s big cock that must have made the difference.
All jokingly agreed. The ladies all bent over and kissed
his cock good night as they left! Fred was in seventh heaven.
He was semi hard after each lady thanked him but said he was
too tired to get it up again. Linda said that’s OK ‒ we’ll
play in the morning. I went out and closed up the pool and
cleaned up outside while Fred and Linda got ready for bed.
I went and got a shower and came out and no Linda ‒ I went downstairs
and they said why don’t I go to bed and we’ll see you in the
morning. I grinned and said “too tired to get it up? ‒ as his
hard cock slid into her pussy ‒ they were in the spoon position
and I could see her red swollen pussy lips gripping his big
cock as it sunk in all the way in a quick stroke. Linda grinned
and said I’ll fuck you in the morning. I want quality Fred
Cock time tonight! And if he knocks me up I don’t care ‒ I want
his cum filling me tonight! I went upstairs and fell asleep
instantly not knowing if I would have a pregnant wife in
the morning or not!
I woke up and went downstairs and Fred and Linda were just
waking up. I said so are you good and knocked up. Fred grinned
and said “just as I was about to cum I pulled out and rammed
my cock up her ass and came.” Linda said, and I was surprised
because he gave me no warning and said what the fuck was that
about and he said you really don’t want to be knocked up and
I’m going to use you however I want during the night so just
enjoy. They then told me how he used her for a couple hours
before crashing. After filling her ass he made her get on
her knees by the side of the bed and suck his cock clean and
hard again. Then he got behind her while she leaned over
the bed and went from her pussy to ass for about half hour.
His cock had no cum left but he was still amazingly hard.
He then got on the bed and told her to ride his cock ‒ first
in her pussy then in her ass for a while. Then he had her squat
over his face so he could lick her ass and pussy. While she
was cumming, the cum from her pussy and ass she had gotten
all evening rolled out and into his mouth. He said it was
so erotic that his cock started dry cumming without her
even touching him. She noticed his cock twitching like
he was cumming and started licking his cock but he had her
stop immediately because it both hurt and tickled too much.
By then they were worn out and crashed. My cock was hard and
I said I have to fuck you Linda ‒ she spread her legs and, like
the day before, I filled her pussy in a minute. She said I’m
really sore and don’t know if I can do any more today. Fred
said not a problem. They got a shower and met me in the kitchen
‒ I made coffee again. We were standing around naked when
Susan walked in the back. She was in a string bikini and wanted
to use the pool. She said she really had a nice time and Joe
was disappointed he couldn’t join us. We asked how he was
and she said better but still sick. Fred said Linda was too
sore to fuck today particularly after the pounding she
got after everyone left. He told her she slept with him last
night and he fucked her so much her ass and pussy were too
sore. Linda said he’s telling the truth I can’t do it today!
Maybe suck cock but don’t even try, either one of you, to
fuck me. Susan said, not a problem she was horny and would
take care of us. Linda said great ‒ all I want to do is sleep.
So she went to our bedroom and went back to bed and Fred and
I wandered out to the pool with Susan. As I was opening the
pool I asked her so you really want to swim or just fuck? She
said swim and fuck! Fred said great as they got in the pool
while the cover was still opening. She was bent over the
steps and Fred was fucking her before I could get it all the
way open. Well, to make this a little shorter ‒we fucked
her ass and pussy for about 2 hours in the pool. We also licked
her pussy and played with her titties in between fucks.
It was about 11 and Linda came out and said Fred, you need
to get ready to go ‒ your plane leaves in a couple hours. We
thanked Barb for the morning fuck session and got dressed.
I told Barb she could hang out by the pool with Linda while
I took Fred to the airport. Fred and I talked the whole way
to the airport and he can’t wait to help me with another project.
I told him too bad his wife didn’t swing or even know about
this. He said me too ‒ she just won’t go for it. Maybe one of
these days she’ll come around but in the meantime I’ll just
have to fantasize about us getting it on with you and Linda
while I’m fucking her senseless! We parted with a handshake
and said how about in two months we come up with another project?
Sounds good ‒ I’ll finagle it somehow he said.
What a weekend! I went home and fucked Barb in the pool while
Linda watched! I came in her just as Lisa on the other side
of us (we have a corner lot) came around the corner. She’s
a single, widow that lives next door. She caught us outside
shortly after we moved in 5 years ago and asked if she could
join us ‒ we’ve been fucking since ‒ we introduced her to
Barb and Joe that weekend - Barb and Joe told us about the
place behind them being for sale is how we found the place!
She proceeded to strip and Linda said come over hear you
old slut! Barb laughed and said “Old Slut? We aren’t spring
chickens ‒ she’s not much older than us!” Linda said she’s
still older ‒ get over here and spread those legs so I can
lick your bare pussy. Lisa complied as she always does ‒
she likes to be dominated, particularly by women. And the
weekend continued! After Linda got Lisa off she ordered
Barb to straddle her face and for me to fuck Lisa. Linda had
us change positions a couple times before I unloaded in
Lisa’s pussy. Lisa doesn’t like to be ass fucked. Now I was
worn out. I excused myself and made us all something to eat
while the ladies licked and played with each other by the
pool. Joe stuck his head over the fence and said would be
nice to be taken care of when I’m sick sort of jokingly. He
was feeling better and came over and Linda said well get
over here and fuck Lisa ‒ my pussy is too worn out. Joe came
in Lisa after about 5 minutes of fucking. I’ve never seen
anyone cum like Joe ‒ it was rolling around his cock and out
of Lisa’s pussy. He pulled out and his cock was drenched
in his cum. Must have been three normal loads worth soaking
the lounge chair cover that Lisa just got fucked on. I was
staring and Linda said ‒ lick Joe clean and Lisa too big boy
‒ I was hard somehow again and took a couple minutes on Joe’s
cock before going to town on Lisa’s pussy. I get into bi oral
occasionally and this was so erotic I didn’t hesitate when
ordered to clean them both. Linda knows I enjoy it but also
knows I need to be ordered most of the time so it doesn’t look
like I really do. I don’t think anyone is fooled but we all
go along! Well, to make a long story shorter ‒ we played for
a while in and around the pool before really calling the
weekend to a close. Linda did let Joe fuck her for a few minutes
‒ he really wanted to at least say he fucked her this weekend.
I fucked Barb one more time up the ass while Joe fucked Lisa
in a number of positions and Lisa licked my cum out of her
ass when I was done. Lisa by the way travels for work and never
gets home till Sunday is why she didn’t join us. She has a
few folks that take care of her on her business trips ‒ another
story ‒ we’ve joined her on two trips so know how good she
is fucked when away.
Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! It really did happen
‒ we have to be the luckiest folks around to have slut neighbors!

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Holy shit! I am so hot and wet right now. That was a great story.
I can't believe that could really happen.


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OK - It really didn't happen - only parts of it. The Friday
part was totally true - just different names. Thought it
would add to the steamyness if folks thought it was true
- I'm bad - what can I say!