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Week end on the stream... Part 2


Hello" earth to Sam. Wake up honey.
Babe please I need some rest.
You can rest as soon as we unpack and set up camp I promise.
Ok I'll go get some water from the stream. She yawned cutely and walked off with a jug.
I watched her slowly walking down the trail. Summer dress and flipflops , I felt my heart beat in my chest, I had to laugh.
Man i have to find fire wood.
I'll be back Sam I have to find some fire wood.
Good maybe we can roast marsh mellows tonight.
Sounds good honey , be right back.
I finally gathered enough wood and set the tent up. Sam was sleeping when I peeked in on her. Like an angel laying there in her seductive little black panties, I felt my heart race again and my mouth began to salivate. ,I can't wake her so soon I thought , Maybe if i just play with her a bit while she sleeps. I'll be gentile, know know know, man what is wrong with me . I needed to go for a walk and calm down some. I got about fifteen feet away , turned around and went back to Sam. This woman has know idea what she has on me.I slid into the tent and undressed watching Sams chest rise and fall with every breath. So sweet I thought , I reached and touched her face with my finger tips, she didn't move. I ran the pads of my fingers down her breast to her belly. She breathed deep and let out a sexy little sound. I touched her nipples gently and they firmed under my fingers." mmmmmm "I thought, so sexy.I kept going , softly touching her skin. Her mouth opened and a deep breath was taken. I felt my cock getting hard. I slowly slipped my hand into her panties. She was so wet. I noticed little goose bumps on her body know ,I chuckled under my breath. Sam was beginning to tilt her head back as i rubbed on her little clit.Her arms went to her side and her chest heaved as she began to moan. I slipped my finger inside of her hot pussy just as she began to cum. Her eyes opened and found mine. She didn't say a word, just sat up and grabbed me. Our lips met as we pulled each other closer. Our skin met and clung to one another with sweat. I began to lick her and kiss her neck , still softly rubbing her pussy. Sam reached with her hand and grabbed my hand pushing my fingers into her. She let out another moan , but this one was a, I need more kind of moan and i understood . Slipping down her body kissing and licking savoring the taste of her. I pulled her black panties off her body and got in between her legs and began to touch her pussy and rub on her little clit. licking my lips my mouth began to water again. As I started to go down onto her she opened her legs as to let me know what she wanted , the look on her face was so seductive , I am your slave I thought to myself. Her hand grabbed my head and held tight as her legs went up. Sam began to breath heavy , faster and faster, her breast heaving and pushing up as her head pushed down and her arms grabbed at the sleeping bag ."mmmm", my mouth filled with her cum. My cock was so hard. Sam looked at me with still hungry eyes as she sat up and pushed me back onto the ground , still breathing heavy she grabbed my cock and slid it into her wet pussy. "Oh"she gasped as I put my hands on her hips to pull her all the way down onto my hard cock. Her body fell onto mine. I lifted her up and thrust inside her deep. I could feel Sams pussy tighten around my cock as she orgasm . Her body quivering on top of mine as I continued to thrust deep into her. Her lips met mine again and savagely kissed me. grabbing my head and moaning heavily as she climaxed again. I pulled her to my side and got behind her and lifted her sweet ass , She new what to do . As I slid my cock deep inside her from behind she let out a gasp while i thrust into her sweet flesh. Sam pushed back onto my cock as she wanted more. grabbing her ass i pushed deeper into her and set at motion sure to bring her to her belly. Sam began to grasp for anything but couldn't find nothing but the pillow ,gripping it and pulling it to her sides. She let out a scream of Ecstasy as her pussy clinched my cock. I had to taste her so i put my finger in her and put them into my mouth. Oh so yummy. Sam was on her belly know. So I rolled her over, She looked at me knowing what was still to come. I moved between her legs and went down on her again to taste her sweet cum. Her breathing got heavy again as I licked and sucked her pussy juice . i began to play with her clit and once more she let out a scream of lust carnage and filled my mouth. i moved on top of her and looked at her beautiful eyes as i slid my cock inside of her. Her body so wet with sweat glistening in the dark. I began to thrust deep inside Sam as she began to clime higher and higher,putting her legs up and her feet pushing me deeper as she gushed all over my cock. Oh I couldn't take it know more .I began to fuck her like a mad man possessed. Her eyes widened and mouth opened as I thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy. She tried to scream but couldn't. She just lay there and unable to catch her breath .Finally she exhaled a scream of pleasure as she came on my cock once more . I was so turned on I couldn't stop. I grabbed her legs and lifted them over my shoulders as i pushed on deep inside. Sam tried to talk, but made know since. I began to speed up and again i felt her pussy tighten around my cock. I couldn't hold it . I let out a groan as I pushed and thrust my cock deep releasing , filling Sam to over flow. I fell to her side and kissed her softly as we caught our breath.Sam reached for me weakly and pulled me to her lips whispering i love you baby,hold me. She lay there in my arms as sleep came.........

to be cont.

just to let yous all know this is a true story ,except We were not married nor was Sam her name: memories of a love that will never die ..

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