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Week end on the stream... Part 1


You ready , . We want to be there before it gets to late .
Yes luv , I'm outside putting the last strap on the boat.
Great lets get out of here.
Sam is my wife , and I can't get enough of her . It's been about a month since the last time we got away for the week end . We decided to take the kayaks out to the stream for a little RNR.
Oh honey I can't wait to see that water . Remember when we came up here last summer and stayed for a week ?
Yes Sam I remember ,how can I forget it rained the whole time . Hm Hm Hm. That was a great week . Well Luv you know I brought that little skimpy suit you like so much.
Its not the suit I like Sam, Its whats under it that drive me nut.
Sam and I have been in love know for eight years. We were married in our third year. We have created a pretty comfortable life for our selves , but it wasn't this comfortable in the beginning . We dealt with a lot of set backs together and managed to keep our sanity and love strong. I think its our love making that has really kept us so strong .
Hey what do you think about getting a bite before we get on the stream , we are gonna need energy .
Know doubt Sammy dear where were you thinking.
The hot dog stand.
Sounds good to me.
Man if she only knew what it does to me seeing her in that summer dress and flip flops , I was looking across the table at her as she sipped on a milkshake . The place was kind of busy , it being the Summer Solstice . So i squeezed close to her in her booth. i reached down in between her thighs and slide my hand up her dress . She dropped her french fry in the plate and her face turned red with flush. I kept inching closer to her sweet little clit . She slowly parted her legs not to be noticed. That was my invitation. I reached her slit and started to slip my finger in her already wet pussy. She put her head on my shoulder breathing heavy. Opened her eyes and looked at me with that needy look.
Sir is your wife alright , said the waitress.
Oh yes mam she just needs some fresh air do you have a bathroom where i can clean her up a bit she seems to be a little flushed .
Yes sir make a right after the back counter over there we have a rest room in the back there should be towels .
Thank you mam.
Come on Sammy dear lets get you feeling better.
Sam looked at me and knew what I had in mind and oh god was she ready. We looked at each others eyes the whole way to the rest room. She wanted to run but I whispered ,slow honey your sick remember. She just put on a sweet little crooked smile and followed next to me.
We finally reached the rest room ,went in and locked the door behind us. We tore our cloths off as fast as we could and began to kiss mmm... She was moaning to my touch as I caressed her breast and rubbed between her thighs . She had my rock hard penis in her hand pulling me gently to a full erection. i picked her up as she straddled my cock. she was so wet. She looked me in the eyes and slid down putting my dick deep inside gasping heavy. She pulled herself up and down until I couldn't take it know more. I grabbed her by the back of her legs and began to thrust deep inside. Sam, let out a gasp and a little pleasure noise . We couldn't contain ourselves know more , this was a full out rough fuck. A need that both of us craved . It couldn't be harnessed. Sam kept rising and falling on me as i thrust deep inside her
Hello sir , mam ;are yous ok in there? Oh god the waitress , Shit , Oh Yes mam we are fine I couldn't stop Sam , I wasn't going to stop either , Mam yes we will be just a few more minutes my wife is a little over heated is all.
Oh the sweet smell of Sams pussy filled the room. I was so turned on. Sam started moaning louder and louder. I reached over and hit the air dryer and it came on loud just in time as Sam was throwing her head back in orgasm and cliched my penis as i thrust deep inside harder and harder until we came right on time..
Oh my god luvy , I can't stop shaking.
Just relax for a bit honey , we can't go out there like this.
Ok lets get our cloths on. I'll turn the water on cold luv your face is red .
Oh really well you should see your hair.
We both looked at each other and began to laugh.
Hello sir , mam is everything alright?
Yes mam just cooling my wife's face a bit . Be right out .
You ready Sammy baby?
Oh yes luv. lets get out of here.
I must say mam the service her is second to none. Thanks for caring so much. Can we please get two milk shakes to go.
Yes sir.
Well Sam honey you ready to hit the water?
I can wait, look here comes our shakes.
Here you go mam keep the change and have a nice day.
Thank you sir and miss ,You two love birds have a nice day too.
As we walked out I looked back at the old waitress , she had a smile on her face and winked at me.
Well I'll be darned I said to Sam.
What dear.
That old waitress new all along what we were up too and didn't give us up.
Well luv just because she is an old lady doesn't mean she doesn't know what it is to be in love.
right you are Sammy baby , right you are...

to be cont...

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You got to do what you got to do


hellyeahhh4 replies on 7/23/2017 8:38 am:
indeed it was very late last night , part two will be better...