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We return from our vacations, did anything happen? Would anything else happen?


My vacation was over and I rushed home to find out if Becky
had found a guy while on her vacation. I was so aroused and
horny, thinking about what she might have done, I didn’t
even think about the amazing vacation that I just had. Although
my vacation brought out new and exciting experiences I
never had before, all I could think of was if she did anything.
I couldn’t wait to find out, and my cock was hard as a rock
the whole way home. When I got home and waited for her return,
I fantasized about what she might have done, and I must have
masturbated like 3 or 4 times, just thinking about it.

When she got home and came over to see me, I couldn’t help
myself, I hugged her and told her I missed her, and immediately
asked if anything happened, before we even broke our hug.
My cock grew instantly as I wondered, and she said, wow,
are you excited or what? She said, by the feeling of your
dick, either you missed me a ton, or you didn’t have any sex
while I was gone, or you’re just that excited to find out
about my vacation? I said, I missed you, but I’m also incredibly
anxious to find out if anything happened. She smiled and
said, I guess so, your dick is hard as hell.

We got situated and sat down as I said, well, did anything
happen or what? She smiled again and said, calm down, give
me a second. I said, sorry, I’ve just been thinking about
it constantly and can’t wait to find out. She said, well
did anything happen on your vacation? I said, maybe, and
couldn’t help but to smile. She said, I take that as a yes,
I knew you couldn’t resist, after what you told me before.
I said, I couldn’t help it, I’ll tell you about it after you
tell me about your vacation. She smiled huge and said, well
I did meet a boy. I said, yea, and? She said, damn, you really
are excited, aren’t you? I said, yes, I have been wondering
about it the whole time I waited for you to get back.

She said, I didn’t think you were that serious, I thought
you might actually get jealous or something, if you found
out I did anything. I said, no way, I wanted you to something,
and I wanted to hear about it. It’s making me excited just
thinking about it. She said, ok, I’ll tell you, but you can’t
get mad or anything, you told me I could do it. I said, I know,
I know, I won’t be mad, just tell me. She said, ok already,
and then she said, we went up to Houghton Lake and got our
cabin and just hung out and did family stuff for the first
couple days. She said, I noticed this young boy a few cabins
down with his family and I thought he was pretty cute.

She stopped to see how I would react to her saying she thought
he was cute, but I just stared eagerly and said, yea, so what
did you do? She said, I stared at him the first couple days
and tried to think of ways to talk to him and flirt with him.
Then I started thinking about what I might want to do and
how far I would go, if we hit it off. I still stared contently
and said, so what did you think about? She said, I don’t know
where to start, girls are different than guys. She said,
I thought about almost everything there is to think about,
but then my girl instincts kicked in and I started to wonder
what you would be ok with and if you were serious or just messing

She said, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to
do stuff, but I was still wondering if it would make you jealous
or mad if you found out for real. She said, then I figured
what the heck, you said I could do it, so you couldn’t get
mad, besides, I figured you were probably doing stuff too.
Then she told me, so I started getting up the nerve, more
and more, and I made it more obvious and started smiling
at him and trying to flirt with him. He finally came over
and started talking to me and I was nervous and excited at
the same time. She said, I started flirting with him and
making sure he knew I liked him and he didn’t waste any time
doing the same to me.

She said, we hung out for a few days, in between of family
stuff, and then he finally asked me to sneak out at night
to meet him, and I got really excited. She said, my heart
started pounding and I couldn’t stop thinking about what
would happen. She went back to her cabin and spent the rest
of the day with her family, while getting more and more excited
and thinking about what might happen and how far she would
let him go if he tried stuff with her. They went to bed and
she told me she snuck out to meet him and he was already there
waiting and had a big smile on his face as he said, so what
do you want to do?

She said, I don’t know, what do you want to do? She said he
was younger than her, probably around 17 or so and he seemed
a little bit nervous and inexperienced at this kind of thing.
She told me that he said, I don’t know, I just thought maybe
you wanted to kiss me or something, because of the way you
were acting and looking at me. She said, is that really what
you were thinking about? He said, yes mostly, I thought
other things too, but that was the main reason. She said,
oh yea, and what else were you thinking about? He said, I
don’t know, I guess I thought about what would happen if
we kissed and if anything else would happen or just kissing.

She said, and what did you come up with when you were thinking
that? He said, I don’t know, just stuff, why do want to know?
She said, I’m just curious what boys think about and what
you thought you might want to do besides kiss. He said, well
let’s kiss and find out. She said, fine, come here and kiss
me then. She said they kissed for a while and got all horny
and stuff, but neither of them had the guts to do anything
else. My cock was throbbing and getting harder than ever
before, as I started to rub it and listen to her, waiting
to hear more.

I said, that’s it, you didn’t do anything else? She said,
well, we snuck out every night after that and kissed and
made out and touched each other. I said, that’s it? She said,
I got horny every time and my pussy got really wet, but we
were too nervous to do much more than that. I said, come on,
you can tell me, I wont get mad, something else had to happen.
She said, well, he got boners ever night, and I rubbed his
dick while we made out and he rubbed my pussy too. I said,
yea, and what else? She said, I don’t know, I’m kind of shy
talking about it. I said, come on, you have to tell me, if
you two played with each other like that, something had
to happen.

I said, did you like it, were you turned on? She said, dahh,
I told you my pussy got wet, didn’t I? I said, were you naked,
or did you guys just have your hands down each other’s pants?
She said, well, the first couple times, we just rubbed each
other over our clothes while we made out. My cock was throbbing
like mad now and I could wait to hear more. I said, and then
after the first couple times, what happened? She said,
then he started to put his hand under my shirt and rub my tits
and we kind of started going farther from there. I said,
yea, keep going, what next?

She said, then we started getting hornier and putting our
hands down each other’s shorts and touching each other
more. I said, did you guys take your clothes of after that?
She said, no, we just made out and he fingered me and I jerked
him off. I said, come on, you guys didn’t do anything else?
He fingered you and you jerked him off, and nothing else
happened? She said, I wanted to, my pussy was wet as hell
and we were both as horny as could be, but he didn’t try to
go any farther than that. She said, we just pretty much did
that same thing every night, hoping one of us would go for
more, but we were both too chicken I guess.

I said, seriously, that’s it? She said, he did try to pull
his dick out and get me to give him head on the last night,
but I was too shy to do it, I hardly knew him. I said, bull shit,
he showed you his dick and you didn’t give him head? She said,
I started to, but I chickened out. She said, if I knew him
better, I probably would have, but I didn’t know, he could
have tried to me or something. She said, trust me, I
wanted to do it really bad, but I was nervous what would happen
after that. She said, I would do it if I knew the person and
wasn’t nervous about anything bad happening afterwards.

I said, wow, you have good restraint, I don’t think I would
ever be able to stop after going that far. She said, I didn’t
want to, believe me, I was just too nervous being out in the
middle of nowhere with a stranger I hardly knew. She said,
if you want me to be with another guy so bad, you should ask
someone we know, or you should be there with us, so I’m not
so scared or nervous. I said, would you actually do it, if
you knew the person or if I was there? She said yes, I would,
if I knew the person and trusted them, or if you were there
with us. I said, ok then, if we find someone to do it, you have
to go through with it.

She said, I will, I love dicks, you know that, I just want
to be safe. She said, I’d do it with 2 or 3 or 4 guys if I had the
chance and I trusted them and felt safe. I said, are you serious?
She said, yes, more than you know, I play with yours every
day don’t I? I would love to have more dicks to play with.
I said, promise? She said, yes, I promise, I’m totally serious
about this if you are. I said, ok, let’s try to find someone
then. She said, cool, I love you, I can’t believe you’re
going to let me do this. I said, I can’t believe you want to,
I’m just as happy as you are.

She said, so, by the way, why couldn’t you help it, what happened
when you were down there? I didn’t want to freak her out or
anything, so I just told her part of what happened and figured
I would tell her more as I learned what she was and wasn’t
into. I said, well, nothing happened for a while and it was
like nothing ever did happen before. Neither of us were
acting weird around each other and neither of us were acting
like we wanted to do anything with each other. It was like
nothing ever happened and we were just normal people. She
said, so what happened then?

I started to tell her that a few days went by and we just hung
out and had fun, but then, towards the end of the vacation,
it finally happened. I told her that she said she was going
to lay out in the sun in the back yard and that she would be
naked so I shouldn’t go back there if it would freak me out.
I said, she went out there and I stayed inside and watched
TV, until I got too curious and couldn’t help myself anymore.
She said, and then you went out there with her? Were you naked
too? I said, no, I got curious and went into her room and peaked
out her window at her and masturbated, then I went out there.

She said, you masturbated at your mom? Don’t you think that
is a little perverted? I said, yea, like you wouldn’t masturbate
at a hot naked guy if you saw him? I said, besides, I’m a guy,
and she’s hot, you’ve seen picture of her, can you blame
me? She said, yea, she’s hot, but she’s also your mom. I said,
so I guess I’m a pervert then, but I guarantee any other guy
would do it under the same circumstances too. She said,
yea, you’re probably right, guys are horn dogs. She said,
so you went out there after that? Where you naked? I said,
not at first, but when I went out there, she looked up at me
and said, I was wondering if you would come out here or not,
and then she said, you have to take your clothes off if you
want to be out here.

I was still horny and curious, but I said, no way, I’m not
sitting out here naked. She said, that’s the rules, no one
can see, so it’s either naked or go back in. She said, just
do it, it feels free and relaxing to be naked outside, trust
me. I said, I don’t know if I can do it, and she said come on,
it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before, just try it.
So, I figured what the heck and I got naked and stayed out
there with her. Becky said, you actually did it, you got
naked outside with her? I said, yea, I’ll try anything once,
what the heck.

We were chatting and she told me how her and her friend do
it all the time. We chatted more and I asked about her friend
and somehow she ended up telling me how her and her friend
started becoming more than friend after being naked around
each other so much. I said, more than friends? She said,
yea, that doesn’t freak you out does it? I said, you mean
you two do stuff with each other? She said, yea, women have
needs too, it’s only natural to have thoughts about someone
that is naked right next to you, no matter who they are. She
said, does that make you feel different about me? I said,
no it’s actually kind of hot when I think about it.

I said, I know what you mean though, it’s hard not to have
thoughts about someone that’s naked next to you, how couldn’t
you think of stuff? Then, of course my dick started to get
hard and I tried to hide it, but it’s kind of hard to hide when
you’re naked. I said, she smiled at me and said, yea, I can
tell, it looks like you are thinking about something right
now aren’t you? I said, well, it’s kind of hard not to, we
are sitting here naked in front of each other and you just
told me you do stuff with girls. What do you expect? I said,
she smiled at me and said, that’s exactly what I expected,
looks like it worked, didn’t it?

Becky said, you mean she was trying to get you hard? I said,
obviously, and it worked too? Becky said, so, what happened?
I said, we talked a little bit more and then she asked me if
I needed help making it go away? I said, sure, obviously
that was your plan from the start anyway, right? I told Becky
that she got up and came over to me as she smiled and said,
you caught me, you’re right. So, I said, you made it happen,
you make it go away. Becky said, your mom sucked your dick
right out there in the open? I said, yea, and it was great.
It was so exhilarating getting a blowjob right outside
in her back yard, knowing we might get caught at any time.

Becky said, did anything else happen? I said, yea, she sucked
my dick until I came in her mouth, and then she asked me to
return the favor. Becky said, I can’t believe you cum in
her mouth, and you eat her out too. I said, believe it, all
guys like when a girl swallows, and if they are going to do
that for us, we should do something for them too. She said,
you’re a freak, and I said, yea, but I’m your freak. She smiled
and said, yes, you’re right about that, you are mine and
I still love you. She said, so did your mom have an orgasm?
I said, do you have to ask, I give you one every time don’t
I? She said, yes you do, and you do a great job of it too, I bet
she really liked it a lot.

I joked around and said, she did, and she liked when I bent
her over and fucked her from behind too. She said, you’re
crazy, I can’t believe you do that with her. I said, we never
planed for it to happen, but once it did, which was by accident
a long time ago, it was hard not to do it again. She said, I
know, I would have a hard time being around someone I fucked
and not wanting to do it again too. I understand that, it’s
just a little weird that it is with her. I said, I know, I’m
not exactly proud of it, but it happened and regardless
of who it was, I still think about it when I see her. I can’t
help it now.

She said, I know, I don’t care, it doesn’t really bother
me that much, and at least I know who it is and that you’re
not going to leave me for her. We both laughed and I said,
I would never leave you for my own mom, we just happen to show
our affection to each other a little more than most other
people do. She said, so now that I am all excited and horny,
who are we going to find for me? I said, you’re horny? Sounds
like I’m not the only pervert around here. She said, sorry,
we must be made for each other, just the thought of you doing
someone, regardless of who it is, makes me wet and excited.

I said, you know you just sealed your fate? She said, why?
I said, if you are anything like me, I’m never gonna let you
go. She smiled and said, looks like we are stuck with each
other then. She said, so back to me now, who are we going to
get for me to play with? I said, I don’t care, I just want you
to do it. I said, do you have any friends that you would do,
or are there any of my friends you think might do? She said,
I would do just about anyone as long as you were ok with it
and you were there with me. I just want more dicks to play
with and enjoy. You know how much I love to suck your dick,
imagine if I had more.

I smiled and said, I love you, you’re awesome. She said,
the only thing is, I would like my first time to be with someone
we really know and trust. She said, I want to feel comfortable
and get used to it before I get too crazy. She said, then once
we know what it’s like and feel comfortable with it, watch
out, I will probably want it more and more. We both laughed and I said, you can do it as much as you want,
as long as I can watch and/or join. I said, so anyway, do you
have anyone in mind for your “test run” or whatever you want
to call it?

She said, well, I don’t how you would you feel about it, but
there is someone you know I think is hot and I have had thoughts
about, and we both know and trust a lot, and we would feel
the most familiar and comfortable around. I thought about
her friends and then my friends for a minute and she said,
your brother, dahh. You know we already feel comfortable
around him and you know I said I think he’s hot. It would be
like you and your mom, I don’t worry about anything with
her and we wouldn’t worry about anything with him either.

I said, sounds like you already thought about this. She
smiled and said, well, I have had lots of thoughts about
lots of guys and lots of things. I said, yea, but he was the
first person who popped in your head wasn’t he? She said,
ok, I’ll admit it, I do think about doing stuff with him more
than anyone else, besides you that is, but it’s mostly because
I am so comfortable around him. I said, you can admit it,
you want his dick don’t you, it’s ok, just tell me. She smiled
devilishly and said, yes, I want his dick, so can I have it,

I chuckled and said, yes, since you asked so nice, you can
have it. She smiled really big and said, are you serious?
I can really do him? I said, sure, if you can convince to do
it, go for it. She said, cool, it’s a plan then, he’s gonna
be my first dick and you can’t say no. I said, yep, your first
of many to come. We both laughed a little bit and started
to talk about how we would try to get him to do it. I knew it
wouldn’t be very hard, since she is pretty hot and has a killer
body, and he already knows that she is nympho and loves to
suck dick, because I “accidentally” told him stuff about
her, and he says how lucky I am.

So she sucked my cock while we chatted about it more and then
we fucked for a long time while she teased me and turned me
on, talking about what they would do when we got together.
We both got so excited and turned on, we ended up talking
about it constantly over the next couple weeks. Every time
she gave me head or we fucked, she would start talking about
it and telling me all the things she would do to him and he
would do to her. It drove us crazy until neither of us could
take it anymore and we decided to go for it.

I didn’t know how to bring it up to him, so we just invited
him over and she wore very revealing, tight, and skimpy
clothes, hoping to gain his attention. We chatted and played
some games, as she made sure strut her stuff and tease and
flirt around. Later, she went to do a few things as he and
I played some video games, and eventually started chatting
more. I slowly joked around more and watched his reactions
and listened to his comments, to see if he would respond
more and get curious, or be nervous and feel uncomfortable.
He’s a guy, and so he eagerly responded to it and kept it going
more, trying to see what I had to say.

The conversation gradually veered more towards her and
her sexual activities and her beautiful body and he seemed
more and more eager to hear more and get excited. Eventually
it got very revealing and erotic and we both were getting
hard, so I figured it was now or never. I started asking him
about his sex life with his wife and slowly sneaking in more
comments about Becky, until I finally asked him what he
thought about her and if he ever fantasized about her. He
quickly and without any hesitation, told me that he did
fantasize about her and told me exactly what he thought
about her looks, personality, body, and sexual openness.

That immediately sky rocketed the conversation and I asked
if he would ever do anything if he got the opportunity. His
fast and eager response of “hell yes”, made me realize we
needed to invite him over again. Becky had come out and strutted
around, numerous times, just to try to get him hooked more,
and it worked very well. It started getting late and he had
to leave, but we were excited at the newly learned information.
He left and I told her everything I could remember and she
got so wet and excited as we talked. She started sucking
my cock as I told her the rest of details, and then she blurted
out loud, so when is he coming over again? Are we going to
do it next time? Call him up and invite him over next weekend.

I laughed as she smiled and begged, and seemed so happy and
excited and eager to do it. Of course it led to a week of amazing
blowjobs and sex, as we talked more and counted the minutes
until the next weekend. When the weekend finally arrived,
she wore the tiniest, sexiest outfit she could find and
we waited for him to get here. Once he got here, we chatted
a little bit as she strutted around and flirted more obviously
and openly, trying to tease him and get him as excited as
she could. She told us to play some video games or something
because she had to clean up the house a little bit and do a
few other things.

We are guys, so we didn’t have to be told twice, we turned
on the TV and popped in a game and started playing. She strutted
around in her tiny, sexy, revealing outfit, more and more
as she cleaned up, trying to taunt and tease us. She bent
over as often as she could, forcing both of us to stare at
her, knowing no guy could resist to sneak peaks at her incredible
body and nearly perfect ass. A few hours went by, and both
of us were getting harder and harder and more horny by the
minute, as she taunted and teased us as much as she could.

He started asking if she was always like this, so open and
oblivious of what she was doing to us, or if she was doing
it on purpose, trying to tease us or turn us on or something.
I said, I don’t know, I am just used to it I guess, I’m not sure
if she’s acting any different than normal or not. I said,
why though, is she getting you excited? He said, oh my god
yes, I don’t know if I can take much more of it or not. I said,
do you want me to talk to her and tell her to stop? He said,
no, no, don’t do that, I just mean it’s hard to see her shaking
her ass around and not think nasty thoughts about her.

I said, I think she knows she is sexy and she does it on purpose,
just to get a rise out of people or something. We played more
and I gave her the look of approval, the next time she walked
by. She knew exactly what I meant and she smiled, as she had
no doubt that she had him right where she wanted him. With
that confirmed, she said she felt dirty and sweaty and wanted
to take a shower and get cleaned up. She went to our room and
changed into her robe to get ready for her shower, but once
she was in her robe, she came back out and putted around a
little bit more.

Her robe was short and she bent over to do things on purpose,
hoping he would look and see her smooth, shaven pussy and
mouth watering ass. She made noises and shuffled around
louder, making sure we noticed and glanced over. Both our
cocks immediately grew hard as rocks, as we saw her bending
over and blatantly showing us her naked ass and pussy. She
started bending over the other way also, knowing we could
see down her robe and catch glimpses of her perfectly shaped,
firm tits too. When she knew we were good and hard and excited,
she made an abrupt movement, making her robe come undone
and flop open, revealing her full naked body right in front
of us.

Both of us stared at her beautiful, naked body, like little
boys in a candy shop, as she stood there in front of us, totally
revealing everything she had. She blushed and giggled,
as she said oops, sorry about that, and slowly closed her
robe and re-tied it shut. She said, now that I’m all embarrassed,
I’m gonna go take my shower now and try to forget about what
just happened. We laughed, and I said, too bad we won’t be
able to forget about it that easily. She smirked and said,
what do you mean? I said, like you don’t know, you’ve been
taunting and teasing us all day and then you go and do that.
We’re never going to be able to get that out of heads now.

She laughed and said, sorry, I hope that doesn’t make you
start thinking about me all naked in the shower, my body
wet and glistening, as I start lathering myself up and rubbing
my hands all over myself. I said, ok, you better shut up now
and get in there, before we go crazy and tackle you and teach
you a lesson. She smiled and turned around to walk away,
as she mumbled, I could only be so lucky. I said, we heard
that, and she giggled, oops, sorry, did I say that out loud?
I said, yes you did, now just go before we show you just how
lucky you could be.

She turned her head to us and smiled devilishly, as she stooped
and said, are you sure you want me go? I jokingly said, yea,
you need a shower, now go already. She shrugged her shoulders
and said, ok, your loss, as she walked to the bathroom. My
brother looked at me and said, is there something going
on that I don’t know about? I said, what do you mean? He said,
come on, don’t play around, she has been flaunting her stuff
all day, and then she “accidentally” lets her robe slip
open in front of us, and then she starts saying those things.

I said, fine, we have been talking lately, and she said she
wants to be with another guy, but she wanted it to be with
someone we knew and trusted. His eyes lit up and he said,
so you guys planed this? Am I the guy? I said, I don’t know,
do you want to be? He said, hell yea. I said, good, your name
was the first one that popped up when we talked about it.
He said, really, she seriously wants to be with me? I said,
yea, if you’re willing, but play it cool, act like we didn’t
talk about it. He said, ok, that’s cool with me. His cock
was bulging in his pants and so was mine.

After a few minutes, he said, man I have to take a piss so bad,
how long is she gonna be? I said, I don’t know, just go in there,
she won’t care. He said, are you sure? I said, yea, go for
it, she’s in the shower anyway. He said, ok, and got up and
went to the bathroom. His cock was bulging out of his pants
as he walked to the bathroom. He came back out with a smile
on his face and told me what happened. He said he opened the
door and walked in quietly, but he noticed her taking a shower
and he just stood there and watched for a minute. We have
a glass door on the shower and you can see whoever is in there.

He said, sorry, but I couldn’t help it, I had to stare. I said,
that’s cool, what did you think? He said, holy shit, she’s
hot, I wanted to jerk the door open and jump her right there.
I said, you should have. He said, seriously, you wouldn’t
have gotten mad? I said, no, couldn’t you tell she wanted
it? He said, well, as long as you don’t care, yea, I could
tell. He said, I stared at her for a minute and then I started
to take a piss, but once I started, she said, so what did he
say? I didn’t know what to do, so I didn’t say anything. She
asked again, and I said, sorry, it’s me, I had to go really

I said, yea, so what did she say? He said, she opened the shower
door and looked at me and said, you saw me, you should let
me see you. It’s only fair. I said, oh yea? He said, yea, I
didn’t know what to do, I just stood there and looked at her
like an idiot. I said, so what happened? He said, she looked
at my dick and told me to show it to her, so I did. I smiled and
said, cool, what did she do? He said, she started at it and
I immediately got a boner. She smiled at me and told me I had
a nice dick and asked me if I liked what I saw too? I said, heck
yea, you’re freakin hot, how couldn’t I?

She told me to come closer so she could get a better look,
and then she opened the door the door all the way, so I could
see her. He said, so I moved closer and she started touching
her self and she said, I know you want me, you got a boner way
too fast. She said, you want me to touch it don’t you? He said,
I didn’t know what to say, so I shrugged my shoulders and
she said, come on, you can tell me, I don’t care. He said,
I told her I did, but I felt weird. She said, I know, you really
want me to give you head, that’s it, isn’t it?

I said, so why didn’t you let her? He said, you were right
out there and I didn’t know what to do. I said, so what happened?
He said, I told her of course I do, you have been getting us
hard all day, how couldn’t I want you to? She smiled and reached
over and grabbed my dick and pulled me closer and said, just
don’t tell him, ok? He said, before I could say anything,
she went right down and started sucking my dick. I said,
she’s pretty good isn’t she? He said, hell yea, she’s freakin
awesome, but I felt funny, so I pulled away and said I better
get back out there.

I said, you’re an idiot, you should have stayed in there
and let her give you head, maybe she would have let you do
more. He said, oh well, I screwed up, I didn’t know. He said,
she told me not to tell you though, so don’t say anything,
ok? I said, ok, but don’t tell her what I told you either.
He said, ok, I won’t, but this is weird, both of you know and
both of you are telling me not to tell the other, what’s going
on? I said, I don’t know, I guess it was supposed to be a surprise
or something, we were supposed to just keep going along
until you caved in, we weren’t supposed to be separated
from you like that. I said, just play dumb, and let’s see
what happens, let’s see what else she does.

So, we started playing again, until she finished and came
back out. I know this was not the most exciting story so far,
but I wanted whoever read it, to understand what was going
on. I know I like to hear the details of things got started
and what happens. I hate reading stuff that just says, I
let my girl suck some guy’s dick and then fuck him, it was
cool. I like to hear how it happens and what happens, so if
anyone got interested in the details of how it started,
and wants to hear what actually happened when she came out
of the shower, please let me know, and I would love to tell
all the juicy details of what really happened after she
finished her shower.

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Come on man...Don't leave us hanging like that.


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please tell the rest of it


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