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We asked a friend to help start our family


My wife Kathy and I have been married for over thirty five
years and along the way raised a wonderful child. And the
child might not be biologically mine but I love her as if
she is. Our close friend helped us start our family when
we needed him to and has never given up our secret all these
years later.

I met my wife in college and immediately I felt a strong connection
with her. We shared a class together and I couldn’t keep
my eyes off of her the first time I saw her. Her long brown
hair and soft glowing face made her look like an angel. And
in those days college students belonged to one of two groups.
You were either a crazy hippie or a snobby preppie. And yes
I was the long haired hippie with an interest in a very preppie
looking girl.

Kathy glanced my way a few times during that first class
we shared while I pretended to not notice her next to me a
few seats away. Typical wool sweater and plaid skirt outfit
making her look more like a girl scout than a college student.
Yet I felt the attraction anyway.

And when the professor ended his lecture I followed her
outside where she joined up with a group of her friends who
also looked nothing like me. I remember staring at her nice
little ass wondering what kind of magic Mother Nature had
given this woman while realizing it was highly unlikely
I would ever find out.

I paused and stared at her and her friends for a few seconds
before slinging my back pack over my shoulder and walking
past them just to be close to her one more time. If she had
any interest she didn’t show it as I walked away excited
to the point I couldn’t wait for class again. And two days
later I arrived early and took a seat hoping she would sit
close by so I could admire her once again. And then out of
the corner of my eye my cute little good girl appeared in
the lecture hall and spotted me. She smiled as she walked
towards me and took the seat right next to me without saying
a word.

My heart was thumping in my chest so hard I swear she must
have heard it. I was too nervous to say anything to her as
I sat staring ahead while smelling her perfume filling
my head. And glancing down at her slender legs, I saw the
curve in her hips which almost give me a hard on. But we didn’t
speak one word while we sat next to each other and listened
to the lecture. And when the professor was finished my future
wife stood up without speaking a word and walked away leaving
me breathless.

I can’t say I believed in love at first site before meeting
Kathy but I did once I saw her. And it is hard to describe what
I felt but it was much more than lust for her. I wanted to get
to know everything about this woman. She appeared pure
but not frigid like some women appear to be. Kathy was pure
but in a way that told me just under the surface there was
a fire that needed lighting.

It was truly a love affair of opposites as we sat next to each
other every day in that class but never spoke a word. I didn’t
fit into her world nor did she fit into mine. But I grew to
believe there was some undeniable connection we both felt
but didn’t know how to bridge our differences. She was
certainly not going to turn into a hippie and I was certainly
not able to conform to her world.

Clearly Kathy came from a good family who had some money
since she always was the best dressed girl in the class.
I on the other hand was living on student loans, in a crowded
crappy apartment with three other guys who was exactly
like me. But there was something happening to both of us
and we couldn’t deny it. I learned how she felt years later
but at the time I was not sure she felt the same way I did. And
I was too nervous around her find out.

But things did not change as we spent three hours a week sitting
silently next to each other until the semester and the school
year were over. “Have a good summer, ” she whispered
at the end of our last lecture together. We had not spoken
a word for three months and suddenly she spoke to me. Shocked
I sat speechless looking up at her wonderful smile. Her
big brown eyes were glowing as I stood up next to her intoxicated
by her perfume once again.

I don’t know why I did what I did next but I reached for her
hand and carefully felt it fall into mine. It felt like lightning
hitting us both when we touched for the first time. Her eyes
widened as I felt her softness touching me and I didn’t
want to let go. We remained silent as we left the lecture
hall holding hands for the first time.

I need to also say I may have had long hair and looked scruffy
in those days but I was still a pretty good looking kid who
was a hit with the girls but none that looked like Kathy.
When we made it to the doorway she pulled her hand back as
she looked out and saw her other preppie girl friend waiting
outside for her. And then I took maybe my only chance when
I turned facing her and pressed my lips softly to hers as
people passed without paying much attention to us.

The kiss was one of those lingering kind of soft, torrid
savoring kind of kisses that rocked my world completely.
When our lips parted I saw in her eyes the same affects she
had on me. And I vowed to myself no matter what life brought
our way, Kathy and I would be together forever. She blushed
as she backed up before dropping her books all over the floor.

While we both were bent over picking them up she whispered
to me, “Will you call me this summer?” I will always
remember those words as I helped her gather up her books.
Kathy stopped, wrote down her home number before standing
up and rushing out to rejoin her girl friends. As quickly
as we had kissed she was gone from my life and the summer was
upon both of us.

I went home, worked for my father in his construction company
and waited a few weeks before calling her. Although I was
nervous when I dialed the number I was also excited until
I heard a woman, probably her mother answer and tell me Kathy
was out with friends. In fact I called her four times the
first month of summer and never once did I find her home so
I gave up.

Kathy did not return to my thoughts as my summer was pretty
much work my ass off all day and party all night. And yes I
fucked a few local girls who were as willing as me until it
was time to return to college for my last year. And once back
in my crappy dirty apartment I began to wonder if I would
run into her again. There was a chance she may have transferred
to another college or got involved with another guy. Our
first and only kiss seemed like it never happened even though
I thought of her often.

And then walking across campus the first day of classes
I felt my arm being pulled as I turned and saw her bright shining
eyes once again. My hair was a few inches longer and she still
looked like a model for an Ivy League school out East. “I
called a few times, ” I said while admiring her stunning
beauty all over again. “My mom said some boy called but
I was out with friends, ” she said softly almost sounding
angel like. Curious I asked her, “Boy friends or girl
friends?” Blushing she responded, “Both.”

Kathy and I walked and talked and once again reconnected
just like we had done the year before. We were indeed the
odd couple as hippies and preppies stared at us as if we didn’t’
fit together. And amazingly it took us less than an hour
to rekindle what we had felt before we parted ways for the
summer. Our one spectacular kiss had drawn us both back
together like I had hoped it would.

“Where do you live during the school year”? She asked
as we walked and chatted. “A crappy dirty apartment with
three other guys, ” I replied. And then she said something
that shocked me. “Can I come see your apartment tonight?”
She had already explained she lived in one of the fancy sorority
houses which I assumed was a lot nicer than my apartment.

She arrived at eight wearing a turtle neck sweater, wool
skirt and stylish shoes which shocked one of my roommates
who was home drinking of course. “Want a beer?” I asked
but she shook her head no as she looked around my place realizing
it was probably worse than I had described. “Where is
your bedroom?” she whispered to me as I took her hand and
lead her down the hall to show it to her. And while we walked
towards my bedroom I kept wondering how in the world did
I end up with a girl that looked like her coming to see my bedroom.
At least my mother had always taught me to make my bed and
keep my room clean so when I opened the door I didn’t’
feel ashamed.

She walked in my room as my heart was beating hard in my chest
while she looked around inspecting the place. I reached
out for her pulling her tight to me as we kissed our second
kiss. And it is hard to believe but the magic of our first
kiss was nothing compared to what we felt the second time
we kissed. Her soft lips, her sweet perfume and her silky
hair all combined to rock my world all over again.

It took but a few seconds before my cock was beginning to
get hard as it pressed against her pubic bone. But Kathy
did not back away or panic as our lips meshed against one
another’s creating even more heat. Her arms wrapped
around my neck as her hungry lips grew hotter by the second.
The girl was amazing and the fact she was in my bedroom made
no sense but I was not about to complain.

As my shaft grew rigid I knew she had to feel it pressing against
her as our mouths and tongues grew more feverously frantic.
Soon my hand grabbed hold of her sweet little ass and pulled
her tighter to me causing her to whimper slightly during
our embrace. She finally pulled back gasping for air while
holding her hand over her mouth almost as if she was ashamed
of how she was feeling. There we stood staring at each other
with her sweater and skirt and me in jeans and a torn t shirt.

Her small breasts were heaving on her chest as her slender
frame was responding to the sexual overload she was feeling.
I couldn’t help myself and pulled her back into my arms
for the second embrace of our life. Kathy’s lips were
moist and warm as she pressed them against mine as our minds,
souls and bodies began to blend into one.

At one point I was losing all control when my hand slipped
under her sweater and ran up over her smooth skin until I
felt her lacy bra. She hesitated for a brief second before
I moved upward one more inch until my hands were directly
over her small soft warm breasts. She stared into my eyes
as my hands moved over them feeling her womanly charms while
savoring the moment.

“This is as far as I have ever gone, ” she whispered
to me with her eyes rolled back in her head. I was shocked
but also felt like Kathy was not just some girl who I wanted
to fuck. I want to get to know her, spend time with her and
maybe spend the rest of my life with if we fell in love. “Do
you want me to stop?” I asked her softly while my hands
continued to roam. I was shaking while she was trembling
as my hands held her softness waiting for her answer.

She did not respond as my hands reached around back and unhooked
her bra under her sweater. The one or two clasps came free
as I heard her gasp but made no move to stop me. She was excited
and nervous and it showed. Soon Kathy and I were on my bed
with our lips pressing together like two hot irons while
my hands played with her tits under her sweater. They were
small but perfect. Her tiny hard nipples were especially
fun to feel while she laid along side of me drifting closer
to me with each kiss.

I had never experienced a girl like Kathy and was going out
of my mind the longer we stayed together on my bed. While
she gasped for air my instincts seized control as my free
hand ran up under her skirt and felt her wet panties for the
first time. Between her whimpers and moans Kathy and I kept
kissing as my hands kept exploring her wonderful softness
making her juices flow even harder. Soon her panties were
soaked as her virgin pussy grew more sensitive.

My cock had become painful the longer we lingered together
on the bed. “What if I become pregnant?” she asked once
while my fingers were under her panties touching her slippery
pussy. I stopped and looked at her glowing eyes and wet luscious
lips. “Then we will get married, ” I said softly to
her. I don’t know why this girl picked me but she had and
soon her sweater was on the floor along with her bra.

Kathy had delightfully small soft breasts with pointed
pink nipples which I began to suckle the moment they were
uncovered. Her hands kept brushing my long hair the longer
I suckled her nipples causing her to moan constantly. Her
skirt had ridden up her legs as I reached for her panties
and carefully slid them down her slender legs. Glancing
down I saw her sweet virgin pussy covered with dark fine
hair surrounding her swollen pink lips. Her very flat tummy
made her pubic bone look as if he was a small mountain above
her crack.

She looked like a scared child and a graceful woman all at
the same time. I stood up and pulled off my t shirt and slipped
out of my jeans. Kathy’s eyes stared at the bulge in my
shorts as cock was rock hard and ready. I didn’t say a word
when I stepped from my shorts revealing my swollen organ
to her for the first time. I climbed back on the bed as she
laid nervously waiting for me to kiss her again.

And once our bodies were naked and free to rub against each
others’ it felt even more special. She squirmed at times
running her legs against mine or wrapping her arms around
my neck as we touched each other even more closely. Quickly
our kisses changed and became more lust filled now that
our flesh felt each others. Her fine public hair felt wonderful
as it rubbed against my hard shaft while we made out holding
onto each other for dear life. And when the heat we created
got too hot I placed her on her back and slowly opened her
legs. Climbing on top of her trembling body I marveled at
her beauty and grace as my shaft pressed against her wet
outer lips.

She held her hands up touching my face as I began to penetrate
her virginity. Watching her response her eyes grew wide
and dazed once the head of my shaft entered her womanhood.
My cock had made it but an inch or two inside of her when Kathy
began to shake and quiver under me. “Are you ok?” I asked
fearing I was hurting her. She was trembling under me and
paused for a second before responding, “I am ok.”

She asked me to go slow as I pushed a little more cock into
her hole as she gasped a little louder the deeper it went.
My throbbing organ was being squeezed by her inner tight
muscles until it was buried in her womanhood at last. And
looking at her face I saw the womanly glow overcome her as
my shaft began to push in and out of her slowly at first. Her
juices lubricated my cock magnificently as it throbbed
even longer I remained inside of her.

The friction of our organs was perfect as we savored out
time together for as long as we could. “Oh my, ” she
kept saying to me as I fucked her with more and more energy
and desire. And way before I wanted it to happen the pressure
in me grew too great to control and the first spasm of hot
cum shot out filling her womb. And as I grunted a second time
a second glob of hot cum splashed out inside of her and then
a third and a fourth. Her soft slender fingers held me tight
to her as I pumped her full of my sperm. Gasping for air I laid
on top of her slender frame while she hugged me with my dick
still planted inside of her.

Kathy and I laid naked on my bed for another hour kissing
and laughing while reliving our first union as a couple.
“What was it like for you?” she asked me once while we
hugged and kissed some more. “You were perfect, ”
I replied. Kathy finally cleaned up before dressing and
telling me she needed to get back to her sorority house before
curfew. Yes girls had curfews even in college in those days.

And we were both fortunate and amazingly lucky because
Kathy got her period a week later. And then she came for another
visit and we fucked for the second time and she got even more
into it than she had the first time. We were young and stupid
and soon began to fuck two or three times a week. And my future
wife quickly developed an appetite for sex far stronger
than I would have imagined. We began to indulge in oral sex
which seemed to thrill both of us. I craved her feminine
scent in my nose while I licked her sweet crack. And I loved
watching her trying to do her best to suck my hard cock.

Outwardly she remained the preppie well dressed girl on
campus but once in my bedroom she came out of her shell and
revealed only to me the real fiery woman she was. And somewhere
along the way we fell in love and having sex together meant
more than just fucking because we were two horny young adults.
I adored Kathy and she felt the same way towards me.

It was the best senior year of college I could have imagined.
But reality began to set in during the spring when graduation
was approaching and I needed to start interviewing for
jobs. Kathy was a junior and that meant our relationship
was about to change and neither of us wanted it to. My parents
sent me money for a new suit and a hair cut which transformed
me from the hippie into a young businessman over night.

Personally I felt naked without my long hair but once Kathy
saw me for the first time clean shaven, she couldn’t help
but giggle nonstop. We kissed after she stared at me for
the longest time. The truth was we were in love, deeply in
love and somehow we had to figure out how to not part at the
end of the school year.

“You said you would marry me if I got pregnant. Remember?”
she said one spring afternoon while we went for a long walk.
Holding her soft hand I showed my shock when I stopped and
looked into her eye. “Yes I remember. Are you pregnant?”
I asked while staring into her big brown eyes. If she was
she certainly wasn’t showing but then again we had fucked
each and every week sometimes lots more than once a week
for the entire year so at some point she most likely was going
to become pregnant.

“What if I say yes?” she said softly. My heart was in
my throat as I tightened my grip on her hand. “Don’t
worry. I am not pregnant. But won’t you marry me anyway?”
she asked. And when you’re young and in love logic doesn’t’
find a home within your mind. I don’t know why but I got
down on my knees and proposed to her on the path even though
I didn’t have a ring or money to buy her one.

We had everything going against us as a young couple in love.
We had no money, I had no job, she had one year of college left
and no doubt none of our parents were going to be happy when
they heard our news. But somehow Kathy and I got married,
she finished college and yes I found a job to support us as
husband and wife.

But now with responsibilities and two careers to establish,
she quickly got on the pill because we were both nowhere
near ready to start our family. And our love affair grew
even stronger as the years passed. Once established Kathy
and I bought our first home and that is when she went off the
pill hoping to get pregnant. We were now in our late twenties
and although our sex life was very torrid, my wife failed
to become pregnant. At first it was no big deal but as one
year turned into two and then three, I could see her beginning
to worry about it.

I began to sense one of us had a problem and secretly made
a doctor’s appointment to be checked out. I had fucked
a dozen girls in my life time using no protection and not
one of them ever got pregnant which made me wonder if I had
a problem. I was either the luckiest guy on the face of the
earth or I had a problem reproducing.

When I got the results back I waited a few weeks before discussing
it with my wife. The fact was I could get someone pregnant
but it would have to be a miracle for it to happen. And funny
thing was I didn’t feel as bad for myself as I did for my
wife since she had a strong desire to have a family. Finally
one night during a spring we went for another long walk holding
hands like we always did. Along the way I waited for the right
moment to give her my medical news.

“I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, ” I started out
saying. Immediately my wife became nervous fearing I had
some illness I had not told her about. Chuckling at her instant
response I quickly assured her I was in good health but went
on to share with her the news about my chances of giving her
a child. And how she responded was why I so much truly loved
this woman. Kathy’s response was to quickly seize on
the fact I could reproduce so we had to just keep trying.
She was the most positive person I had ever known.

“Well yes we will certainly do that. But how about adopting
a child in the mean time?” I asked while we continued holding
hands and enjoying our wonderful spring weather. My wife
did not respond which told me that would have to be a last
option for her. “I’m only thirty one. We still have
time, ” she said and then the subject was dropped all

So we spent the next two years having sex quite often along
with her announcing one period after another while our
friends all were busy raising their children. And when
she turned thirty three I sensed time was beginning to run
out if we didn’t do something quickly. Over the past two
years I had gotten a cold reception to the adoption idea
each time I hinted about it.

It was a Saturday night after Kathy had showered and put
on some sexy lingerie which she often pranced around it
when she was in the mood when I tossed out another idea for
her. Her sexy shape was particularly inviting as her small
perky tits were visible under the sheer fabric of her top.
“How about we invite a close friend to help us out?”
I said softly. Her first expression was confusion as she
looked at me and asked what in the world I was talking about.

“Well we could ask a close friend to help get you pregnant, ”
I said as my own dick was filling with blood. “Do you mean
what I think you mean?” was her immediately response.
I nodded yes unable to actually say the words to her although
she understood what I was suggesting. “You have lost
your mind, ” she said to me as she stormed out of the room
disgusting with me and my suggestion. It was a cold night
on my side of the bed and I struggled to find sleep wondering
if I was strong enough of a man to actually allow a friend
to impregnate my wife.

When I did open my eyes I found Kathy already up and could
smell the coffee brewing. Stumbling out of bed I made my
way to our kitchen where she was sitting at the table with
a serious look on her face. Before I could even pour myself
a cup my wife blurted out, “Were you serious last night?”
With no time to have any more doubts I said I was serious and
went on to explain how we would make love after he was done
so it could end up being my baby anyway.

In those days medical abilities were severely limited
on reproductive options that we have today. “Who did
you have in mind?” she asked as I took a seat across from
her. “I don’t know. It was just an idea I thought we should
explore together, ” I replied. Even after all our years
of marriage, my wife’s cute face and long brown hair always
got to me as I stared at her thankful she said yes when I proposed.

“I need to think about this and so do you. I mean this could
destroy our marriage, ” she said softly after a long
silence. “Your right. But not having any children of
our own could also wreck our marriage, ” I replied causing
her to look up and smile at me from across the table. Four
months passed as spring turned into late summer when after
a torrid fucking in our bed, Kathy reached for hand and asked
if we could talk.

“You remember your idea. The one about a friend helping
us out, ” she said softly while gripping my hand extremely
tightly. “Yes I do. I have thought about it a lot, ”
I said to her as my sweaty body still shivered from the high
she had given me. “I might be willing to take that chance
if you still think it is worth it, ” she said softly. I
let go of her hand and rolled to my side pulling her wet body
tight to mine as we kissed with as much passion as we had shared
during our first kiss.

The next two weeks were frantic as I selected Doug, a man
I had known and worked with for years. He was divorced, had
three kids and wasn’t really dating anyone at the time.
I figured it might be better if we didn’t select a close
friend whom we both knew since it might cause more complications
if she did become pregnant. Doug for his part was leery at
first and didn’t jump at the chance but the more I explained
to him my relationship with my wife, the more he began to
understand until one lunch hour he said he would help us
out. For reasons I can’t explain I trusted him and knew
he would respect Kathy during and after they would be together.

Now you can tell yourself over and over how this would be
ok but when the date was set for Saturday night, it hit both
Kathy and I like a ton of bricks. We were both extremely nervous
all day long and avoided talking much both thinking only
about the fact a friend was going to stop over that night
and fuck my sweet wife.

Kathy showered at seven knowing Doug was coming over at
eight. She put on a rather conservative pair of shorts and
top before joining me on the deck for a glass of wine. I felt
my heart thumping in my chest and thought I heard hers doing
the same. “I may need lots of wine before I do this, ”
she said causing me to chuckle as I looked at her with all
the love I had to offer. Doug arrived shortly after and the
three of us sat on the deck unsure of how to get things started.
Doug and Kathy chatted briefly while I was in getting the
three of us another glass of wine. Looking out the window
I saw how nervous she was and feared she was going to get cold
feet when it was time.

I stayed in the kitchen longer than necessary to give them
some time alone before bringing out more wine. “Kathy
seems like a sweet lady. You’re lucky to have her as your
wife, ” Doug said in front of her as she blushed and took
the wine from me. Eight turned into nine and then near ten
so I figured it was time to make a move or the night would produce
no results what so ever. “How about Kathy and I go in the
bedroom and I get her ready, ” I said to them and got dead
silence back.

I was trembling of course looking at the woman I loved and
the man who was there to fuck her. I got up, grabbed my wife’s
hand and led her off to our bedroom. “I am not sure about
this any longer, ” she said right before I pulled her
into my arms and we shared a warm sweet kiss. Her slender
body felt like butter melting in my arms as our lips meshed
together in a heated exchange. “Just go with the flow, ” I said to her between
kisses. Soon her top was off and her shorts were on the floor.

My lovely wife may have been having lots of doubts but her
body was warm and alive. She squirmed rather quickly once
her bra came off and I sucked her wonderful nipples to life.
She must have spotted Doug watching us from the doorway
of our bedroom but didn’t panic as I slipped her panties
down her legs. It took less than a minute before her climax
slammed down on her harder than most. She was more than prepared
for a cock as I quickly climbed off our bed and walked past
Doug who was staring at my naked wife on the bed.

I left the room completely letting the two of them have privacy
but was too nervous to stay away for very long. Five minutes
felt like eternity before I walked back down the hall and
stopped in the doorway with my eyes watering. His fat thick
cock was just beginning to split her pink lips as I froze
in my tracks and listened to my wife whimpering. I couldn’t
believe what I was seeing yet there it was just a few feet
in front of me. Soon his sack flattened out against her ass
and they were locked together. My wife whimpered and moaned
quite a bit during their first fucking.

I had mixed emotions but knew if she did not have a child our
marriage might not have survived. This was the best I could
offer her and watched her respond well to him on our bed.
I like the fact she was physically enjoying him but mentally
it was still concerning. My cock remained hard the entire
time I watched him fucking her and her responding wilder
with each of his thrusts.

It was raw, erotic, scary and torrid to witness her being
bred yet I was anxious to reclaim my wife once he was finished.
I stripped while listening to her whimpering over and over
during the end of their union. And when Doug began to grunt
I knew he was filling her with his seeds as I watched stroking
my shaft at the end of our bed. He finally began to slow down
as his ass rose up less often and his thick shaft didn’t
ram her as hard as it had before.

They kissed one last time before Doug climbed off leaving
my wife’s naked body visible for me to see the destruction
he had caused. Her breasts were still heaving on her chest
as she gasped for air. Her skin had reddened in spots and
her dark patch of hair around her pussy was matted and sticky
from their juices. The scent in our room was one I will never
forget as I climbed on next to her hoping she still loved

Kathy looked over at me and smiled as she reached for me pulling
me into her arms like she always did. “I love you so much, ”
she whispered to me as Doug quickly dressed and left after
thanking us. When I kissed my wife I swear her lips were more
inviting than ever and we embraced on the bed just like we
had when we were back in college.

“I love you too, “I said to her softly as I parted her
legs and pushed my throbbing organ into her sloppy wet pussy.
That was certainly very different having been stretched
by Doug moments earlier. But my wife was ready for more and
bucked her hips upward meeting my shaft as if she was still
hungry and needed to be fucked by me. I lost my mind in no time
at all as my shaft slid in easily and out over and over until
I felt my load building.

“Come on honey. I want your baby, ” she whimpered out
loud right before my balls popped and I filled with my hot
sticky cum. For reason I don’t understand it was one of
the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced. We both
laid on the bed exhausted without saying a word. But we both
were thinking about what we had just done hoping that there
was at least a chance she may have been given a baby by one
of us.

And after that first time Kathy and I both agreed to continue
with Doug until she got pregnant. We figured we had taken
it this far so it was not going to make any sense to stop short
of our goal. In fact after the first two weeks and three times
they had sex with no results to show for it, we decided to
have Doug stop by each night and try and fertilize her womb.
My wife and I became dedicated to starting our family no
matter what it took.

Three months of Doug fucking her several times a week did
the trick before my wife rushed up to me after work crying
tears of joy. “We going to have a baby, ” she whispered
in my ear as I hugged her in a panic. She asked me to call Doug,
thank him for his help and then tell him we were done with
his help because Kathy was pregnant.

Doug remained with our company for seven more months and
took a job with a different company shortly before our daughter
was born. I don’t know if he planned that but it worked
out well since Kathy and I were still very much in love about
to bring home our baby for the first time. We have remained
happy, faithful and in love to this day.

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I liked the detailed description fo the mix of emotions.


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Very good for sure!


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Very, very good. Great! I did this once for a woman who wanted
a baby but was not getting pregnant. Her husband never knew.
They were a happy family afterwords. Years later we shared
the experience one more time and she told me she still loved
her husband but would always have a special place in he heart
for me. Still a fond memory. I do seem to have a thing for helping
husbands with their "homework".


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Very well written, Great!


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Very touching. Felt the emotion and your love for your wife.


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great emotion and with thhejoy of the enexpected in getting


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Well written and with a lot of passion. Would love to be Doug
in this story.


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as usual you write perfectly, we feel you