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Waking You


At sleep resting. Naked. Watching slow rise of your chest, tremor movement of your breasts. The bed unmade, sheets to all regions of room dispersed. I have a long red mark, almost a bruise where on my arm your gripped, as by passion you were held, and this boudoir has scent of sex and us.

My hands will not sit still, wander across your warm flanks, slip over and sensually stroke curving buttocks, slip between valley of legs, and stroke along inner thighs, and you in sleep, or so it seems, give a sigh and position adjust. Your legs splay open and my caresses over thigh, slip higher, to the heated nest of neat trimmed hair, which marks your core.

My fingertips lightly stroke, along the lips aroused, and I note, the rising nectar, the golden pink dew, the moisture springing forth from you; lubrication for actions more energetic and lustful we might do. Those fingertips lightly graze, and slip between those soft warm folds, stroking over damp walls and note, how your breathing deeper grows.

Still not sure if you are awake, your body though, is beyond its slumber. Your nipples taut, a flush of heat to body's curves is deepening, and I can detect your raw arousal....and so my fingertips, continue to, lightly swirl upon sensitive skin, until i think you are at an edge; and your breathing deeper grown.

And my fingers now deployed, to around your clitoris surround. Wait until you are between a breath in and out. Then lightly tenderly, as if milking a teat, my fingers surround and clitoris so reactive lightly tug and roll and rub and stroke and tweak.

Your eyes open, as your mouth opens, and you let out a deep ling moan, and your hips buck, and your grab me anew, and hold as the sensations ripping take over you.

Then you are almost breathless, each word expelled between a gasp for air, as you lie there, still quivering in aftermath of orgasmic pleasure.


Promise me.

And you take a breath, before continuing.

Always to wake me so.

Then again me roll, and kissing, holding, devise new paths of passion to explore.

Thoughts in sensual pleasure to erotic writing writ.

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