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Waiting Room Drubbing


"Got a light?" She asked as she entered the station’s
waiting room.
I looked over, my erection was instant, talk about risqué, for the
statuesque black girl now stood in front of me would
be arrested if she was showing more skin. A loose
fitting mini-skirt, tight fitting cropped top and low
heeled shoes, all in white. That was the sum of her clothing!
Her arse, thighs, legs, breasts, entire body was unreal.
It was not just her size and clothing, I was also struck by
her piercings and tattoos. My erection was rock solid
and unlikely to reside quickly.

Despite being
a non-smoker I carry a lighter around because it is useful
for work. I took the lighter out but then pointed at the ”No
Smoking" sign; no idea why, but that is what I did.

Claudia was in no mood for this kind of shit. She had
left the eighteenth birthday party because her boyfriend
had been spotted going into a bedroom with some blonde bimbo.
Now an obstinate middle aged white man was doing his utmost
to piss her off. Incomprehensibly though she also became
aware of a sensation of dampness between her legs.

She walked up to me, ominously stopping about two feet away
and smiled,
”Hi, I’m Claudia, for your own good,
hand me that lighter." I was actually a few inches
taller but her heavy build made this teenager rather forbidding.
My cock hardened and pulse quickened as I considered her
demand, I decided to play along, see where this may take
me, her attitude was exciting me.
”I’m Dave, I
see a no smoking sign on the wall” I stated, clearly irritating
Claudia. ”No lighter.” I teased.
Her response
was frightening and unexpected.
”Give it or I’ll punch your fucking lights out. Stand, fucking asshole!" she taunted.

I remained seated. In reality standing would have
been rather embarrassing due to the tent in my trousers.

”I told you to stand dickhead" vigorously slapping me
across my face,
”You fucking piece of shit,
give us the lighter."
Although it stung I was
completely taken aback by the fact that I had been assaulted
both verbally and physically, assaulted by a young lady! There was no one around to witness the assault,
but who would believe me anyway? Shaking my head, I went
to stand up, as I did so she threw a punch at me, catching me
square on the cheek. She went to punch me again but I dodged
it and grabbed her, bringing her down and pinning her to
the floor. She was visibly surprised at the swiftness of
my vehement defence and I let her go. ”Hand me the lighter or regret letting me go"
she warned, ”Hit me again bitch and I’ll fucking drill
your cunt with my cock" I said, tempting fate.
"You dork, you loser, you and whose army?"
Clenching her
fist she punched me again, this time with significantly
more force, catching my nose, rapidly delivering a second
strong blow to my stomach followed by her knee in my face
as I doubled up in pain. She held me in a headlock, her muscles
flexing as I attempted to pull away but she held me too tightly.

”Gonna tie me up and fuck me are you? You’re fucking pathetic. I’ll shove my fucking dildo
up your butthole. Your fucking virgin butthole, you won’t
be able to sit for days"

Claudia grabbed
the lighter and flung me onto the floor. She lit the cigarette
and threw the lighter back at me,
”Get up faggot,
you ain’t gonna fuck me lying there. Hahaha!"

Still flat out on the floor I turned and looked at her, she was now on
the bench opposite. My cock hardened once again as she inhaled
and then exhaled smoke, that was one sexy bitch. I dragged myself off the floor onto the bench and
checked my nose, relieved to find it was not bleeding. I
could not believe I had just been beaten up by a girl, I went
down the gym regularly, was fit but was being beaten up by
a teenage girl! I continued to look at her, my cock swollen
and blood was boiling, the pussy of that bitch was going
to get a real pounding. The train was due in five minutes, the last one
was another hour later, my intention was to jump her when
the train arrived, all I needed to do was restrain her for
long enough for her not to get on that train.

was both muscular and feminine at the same time, with long
glamourous extensions, big gold hoop earrings and a splash
of lipstick. I watched her intently as she smoked, damn she was sexy and my cock
continued to respond appropriately.

watched the clock, as it flicked over to one minute to go
she stubbed the cigarette out and opened her legs wide.
Her short skirt rode up her thighs but more significantly
she was letting me know she was not wearing any knickers!
What the hell, what a true bitch. Not only that, her kitty
was clearly moist. What an utter tease she was. Moments
later the PA crackled into action, apologies for not letting
us know earlier, the next train had been delayed by twenty
minutes. If she was alarmed she did not show it, in fact she
continued to sit with her legs slightly ajar. I pulled my
cock out,
”Twenty minutes in which to fuck your brains
out then"
”Oh fuck off, you wanna go hospital?
You gonna try to fuck me then, come on then, what’re you
waiting for, take me, you fucking pathetic honky!"
she said dismissively.
My cock was rock hard, her looks
and attitude really aroused me, all I had to do was lift her
skirt and shove it into her. We both stood and I attempted
to dart behind her. She spun around and her fist came flying
towards me. This time I just managed to dodge it and grabbed hold
of her from the back and flipped her skirt up. But before I managed to restrain
her she elbowed me in the stomach, I had to retreat. Having
got my hand on that impressively firm arse my determination
to fuck her increased. We squared up once again and moments
later I was in a second headlock from where she grabbed hold
of my cock, released her grip on my head and dragged me quickly
by my cock twice around the waiting room then yanked it upwards,
sending me backwards onto the floor.
”Give up?"
way bitch!" I foolishly replied still lying on the
I felt as if she had stretched my cock by at least
an inch, my back hurt and my pride had taken yet another knock.
Claudia stepped towards my limp body and I started to tremble, what
was her intention now? I breathed a sigh of relief for she
was going to take some selfies! She dug her heel into my chest
followed by my balls, Claudia flexed her biceps as she took a number of photos. She quickly persuaded
me to take some for her as well by digging her heel into my
chest. She then placed a foot either side of my head to stand
over me and slid her legs apart offering me a clear view of her pussy! What a view,
beautiful, shaved, moist black pussy, I wanted to eat that, I hoped she would
smother me with that big black arse.
year old juicy black pussy, looks good doesn't it,
wimp? The best pussy you will never have!"
emphasise that point she shuffled down my body and crouched
over my cock so that her pussy lips were less than an inch
from my manhood and took more photos. Naturally I thrust
my pelvis up but she was too quick, sitting on my chest and
grabbing my cock. Once again fear flowed through my body,
hoping she was not about to to drag me around again.
the fuck do you think you're doing? You're fucking
pathetic, you not learnt, white wimps are not worthy of
superior black pussy." Claudia placed her right
hand on my cheek to hold my face against the cold and dirty
floor and, with her left hand, jerked my cock up and down.
She was holding my face tightly, she was also skilled at
giving hand jobs.
”Haha, you’re going home with
cum splattered all over your clothing! A bona fide wanker!”
she mocked.
How did I get myself in this mess? My balls
were responding to her caresses, I had to do something quickly,
especially as the hand job was getting rougher. I mustered
all my strength and bucked up knocking her backwards. We
both scrambled up but moments later following a single blow to my chin I
was, once again, flat out on the floor.
”Get up you
fucking loser, told you already, you won't get to fuck
me lying on floor. Your final chance, fuck me or hospital,
your choice!”

Despite her dominance I was determined
to overcome this bitch, she had now taken the goading too
far. I dragged myself to my feet and we locked together and
grappled, I pulled her top down over one of her breasts seconds
before she got me in another headlock and slapped me around
the face. Now I was afraid, she had my arms trapped so they
could not protect my face, but she had slapped me when she could have punched me, and her punches
were doubtless powerful enough to hospitalise me as threatened.
Moments later I was sent crashing to the ground once again.
I slowly picked myself up again, I was a bit dazed but as I came round saw her
nipples were clearly protruding through the top, presenting
a potential opportunity.

Wow, damp kitty, aroused
nipples, she’s getting off on this! This was a game to her, for some reason she had
just let me off the hook. Although it was now obvious she was physically
superior to me could I outfox her? Get naked, it may momentarily distract her.
Sure enough, Claudia was taken aback for the 42
year old wimp was actually in pretty good shape, with her
concentration momentarily diverted she was not ready
for his swift attack.

Stripped, I ran towards her and grabbed
hold of a nipple, dirty, yes, but effective! She was paralysed,
I moved behind her, flipped her skirt up and made no mistake
this time. She was so wet my thick cock met no resistance
despite the fact that her legs were closed. With both hands
grabbing her organ stop nipples I pulled on them, forcing
her to bend down and nailed her pussy. She opened her legs
to allow me in deeper, she had submitted but then closed
her legs again when I released my grip on her nipples. So
this girl likes it rough. I grabbed hold of her hair and pulled
her head back, she spread her legs completely. Pulling
hard on her hair I slammed into her pussy, I gave that pussy
one real damn good pounding. Her arse hardly wobbled as
I smashed my buttocks into it, pushing my cock deep inside
her. I released my grip on her hair if I needed a breather,
and an opportunity to delight in watching my white pecker
slide in between her big black pussy lips. I pulled harder
on her hair if I wanted her to slam back against my thrusts.

Before we knew it the train was pulling into the
station, she attempted to pull away but I tugged hard on
her hair, she slammed her arse down into my crotch, we were
getting the next one. Neither of us were expecting anyone
to alight but there, right opposite us was a couple! Claudia
again pushed her arse into my crotch, I was not to stop pounding
her now simply because we had an audience. Sure enough they
both stopped in their tracks and watched in awe as I shamelessly
pounded the big black girl. I let go of her hair and brought
my palm crashing down onto her big arse. Her pussy gripped
my cock even tighter, she pushed into me even harder. A couple
more slaps and then I felt my balls tighten and I rammed my
cock deep inside her and ejaculated. I very quickly pulled
most of the way out to fire the second load in the entrance
to her vagina. Pulling out completely, my sperm dripped
out of her pussy, I glanced over at the couple and smiled
as my sperm dripped out to form a small pool on the waiting
room floor. The couple soon moved away but I had not finished
with her yet, there was 30 minutes to the last train and my
cock was still rock hard.

I turned her around and
roughly pulled her ever so tight top over her head. I squeezed
her firm tits, kneaded and pulled on her nipples with both
hands and my teeth, sucking as much of her boob into my mouth
as possible. Dragging her by her nipples I sat on the bench
and grabbed hold of her hips, pulling her into my crotch
to fuck reverse cowgirl. Her pussy found its target easily
and she got to work on my white cock while I squeezed her tits,
she was so hot, this girl knew how to deliver sexual satisfaction,
her big black ass slamming down onto my lap. She certainly
had a tool to work with for my cock was probably harder than
ever, quickly working herself into a frenzy she came loudly.
I grabbed hold of her tits and pulled her off my cock

”I was fucking enjoying that, why the fuck did you pull
me off your dick?" she asked.
gonna fuck me cowgirl now" I smacked her arse hard.

”Get back on my fucking cock bitch and fuck me good
and proper."
She faced me and with her legs splayed
mounted me. For the first and only time we kissed, it was
surprisingly passionate and definitely sexy, but being
fully serviced was my aim so I grabbed hold of her arse cheeks
and slammed her down onto my cock. She knew exactly what
was required and got to work. I picked up her phone and took about some shots of her riding my cock.
She was giving my cock everything she had, my whole body was being rocked
by the motion of her hips. I put my hands around her mighty arse and slowly inserted
my index finger into her arsehole. Her body tensed without
interrupting her bucking hips that were delivering so
much pleasure. I pushed my finger in further and felt her
body tense yet again, I slipped a second finger in, her body
pulsated with pleasure as she came again, I have never heard
a girl scream so loudly. The screaming continued as I left
my fingers in her arsehole and thrust my pelvis forward.
I looked at the clock, shit, only 5 minutes until the train
arrives. I had to fuck her doggy again, I had to cum in her
again. I lifted her off my cock, spun her round and rammed
my cock back into her pussy. I was so horny, I grabbed hold
of her arms and used them to pull myself into her body. I ripped
into her pussy, went so deep it felt like I hit her cervix
and continued to hammer her, continued bringing her to
orgasm, the lust was unworldly. While considering how
erotic this act was, a middle aged white guy fucking the
life out of a teenage black woman I erupted just as we heard
the train enter the station. The first spurt felt incredible,
for the second I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight,
burying my cock deep in her body, this was rapidly followed
by a third spurt delivered the same way. The train was getting
closer, I let go of her and tried to pull out but Claudia pushed
her tight pussy down onto my cock and put her arms around
me, in doing so she had the most intense orgasm I have ever
felt a woman have, her affection combined with the vice
like grip on my cock ensured my fourth spurt was more powerful
than the last. As her orgasms continued she milked my cock
completely dry just as the train came to a halt. That was
something very special, I looked into her eyes, it was like
being hit by bolt of lightning, the adoration was plain
to see. Unfortunately I had to break the magical moment,

”Claudia, the train, pick up your stuff and run".

I pulled my trousers on and stuffed my underwear
into my pocket, Claudia squeezed her top over her head and
we ran for the train, only just alighting before the doors
shut. Fortunately the carriage was quiet, with only a handful
of people who were either asleep or engrossed in books as
Claudia's top was not straight, some of her left breast
was visible but worse than that were the multiple streaks
of cum running down the inside of her legs, plainly visible
on her ever so dark skin. As for me, the red marks on my face
and neck were testament to the beating she had given me.

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