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He had to be dreaming. Everything that had led up to this
moment in time seemed scripted. The initial contact through
the Internet, the numerous back and forth messages, the
trading of pictures had all progressed logically and without
haste. The virtual relationship had been good, at least
as much as possible when conversations were limited to
a few lines of instant messages each way, crossed a threshold
when live video was begun and yet another when face to face
contact was instigated.

* * *

A physical meeting? His heart had jumped at the prospect.
It was so easy to be someone else in a virtual world. It could
be like so many resumes; lots of fluff and no substance.
Had he been like this? Was he as real in the physical as he
had been in the virtual? He hadn’t been trying to impress
or mislead. He wasn’t that creative, for instant messaging
required instant thought. He hadn’t exaggerated about
his appearance, for the pictures and video would either
have supported or refuted his self-descriptions. His
prowess? Well, there were no bad lovers in the cyber world,
but he hadn’t stretched the truth any… much… hardly… had
he? He didn’t think so. He was lucky that he hadn’t for intimate
physical contact would have proven or disproven any claims.
He always felt that any relationship built on sand was fragile
even if it was only virtual and this time his foresight was
paying off.

Seeing her in person seemed almost surreal. A local restaurant/bar
had been decided upon that was mutually convenient both
because of its ambience as well as it being public. He saw
her enter and stood up from the tall bar table to greet her.
After a moment she saw and recognized him and approached.
Her walk was cat-like and confident. She was about 5’5”
and looked to be around 120 lbs. She smiled as she approached
and greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. Already he was aroused.
Her long auburn hair framed her face and sparkling green
eyes perfectly. Ah, her perfume; it was Organza and was
applied sparingly. So many women used perfume to cover
up instead of accentuate. She was so very attractive in
a mature feminine sense; a beauty that extended to the very
soul. This was a very sensual woman, he thought.

They talked pleasantly, each feeling the other out verbally
trying to discern any difference between the person before
them and the online personality. There was none. The only
thing that was hidden from each was the internal fire of
passion. She was a master of a woman’s flirtatious moves,
her fingers combing of her hair once, the shaking of her
head just so, the exposure of her throat as she stroked it.
Her nails could have been considerable weapons, but he
envisioned them more as pleasant daggers of desire embedded
in his back. Her foot and leg casually rubbed the inside
of his from time to time. Did she know what she was doing to
him when she stroked him so? Of course she did.

It became evident that each was comfortable with the other
and wanted to continue the relationship further. He led
by asking if she wanted to go someplace else, someplace
more… “private.” Yes she did. Would she like a hotel room?
Perfect. Would she care to follow him? Yes, thank you. She
appreciated his offer to extend the “neutral” territories
even to the hotel, and allowing her to remain independent
in her transportation. She knew the hotel but followed
him, noting that he was always aware of her position and
adjusting his driving if it appeared a traffic light might
separate them.

They parked and he checked in, returned with the key and
she got out… a bag? She brought a bag? She was pretty sure
of herself wasn’t she, he thought as he took the sports bag
from behind his seat. Each saw the other’s bag. Their eyes
met and they both laughed at the other’s “just in case” preparations.
The room’s door was on the outside and required the electronic
card-type keys. He tried opening the door and was getting
a bit embarrassed at his inability when she held his hand,
removed the key gently from it, inserted the key into the
door’s lock and opened it. She could have said something
smart about his fumbling with the door but didn’t because
she was somewhat nervous as well. She kissed him on the cheek
again and entered, with him following. The door closed
and was latched. They were alone.

The room was dim, lit only by the outside light sneaking
through the semi-parted opaque curtain. He moved for the
table where the lamp was but she stopped him. Her soft hands
held his face gently as she reached up to kiss him fully…
wetly on his parted lips. His surprise was obvious, not
because she had kissed him, even though he didn’t expect
it right then, but that her kiss was all he could have imagined
and that it caused such a stirring within. Her lips were
soft and her breath was sweet. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle
even more in the dimness.

With an impish grin, she asked what was in his bag.

“I’ll show mine if you show yours, ” she said.

He placed it on the bed, unzipped it and began to browse.
He pulled a clear plastic bag out and handed it to Virginia.
Would he turn on the light over there on the table? The bag’s
label said “100 tea lights.” She smiled. Another small
bag held some incense and a holder. He pulled something
out and handed her a… blindfold? Another rummage and he
tossed her something furry. She jerked back at what she
thought was an animal coming at her. Closer inspection
showed it to be a glove made of soft fur. This could be interesting
she thought and laughed at her initial reaction. He was
glad that she could laugh, and at herself. Her anxious curiosity
was amusing to him. She placed her bag beside his.

Bryan pointed to the blindfold and glove and said, “I didn’t
know… I mean, if those… if you don’t… I’d be perfectly happy

She stepped to him, hushed him and kissed him softly. “It’s
okay, ” she told him. She had seen what she needed to see.
She went to her bag, opened it and pulled out a small leather
paddle about the size of those used in ping pong. She tossed
it on the bed and said “That’s there just in case I’m naughty.”
Again, the impish grin surfaced. “Will you give me a few
minutes darling while I change?”


Bryan grabbed the room’s ice bucket. “I’ll be right back, ”
he said through the bathroom door. “I’m going to get some

“Don’t be too long Bryan, ” she replied.

In a flash he was out the door, down the walkway and filling
the ice bucket and in a minute he was back in the room. He removed
a small ½ pint-size bottle from his bag and buried it in the
bucket. Bryan didn’t have to do much to get ready, unless
placing and lighting the candles counted. His pants were
off in a flash as was his outer shirt, leaving him dressed
in a black leather thong and a matching Lycra T-shirt. He
checked himself in the mirror. He had to get back into the
gym. Oh well, black was slimming wasn’t it? He could have
used more black, he thought.

The incense that he lit had a light scent that he had custom
made when he was in Hong Kong. He turned the covers of the
bed back and placed a rose upon each of the pillows. He turned
the light out to see if there were enough or too many candles.
No, he thought it was just right.

Now what would he do? He sat in a chair by the window. No, wrong
chair. He changed chairs. No, that wasn’t right either.
He sat on the edge of the bed and turned the TV on. Surfing
the channels he came across an adult station and paused.
He was always disappointed in the way that making love was
portrayed. Some parts were momentarily interesting and
with the right partner could certainly be provocative,
but the lack of a storyline ruined it. Why couldn’t they
film them the other way around; have a good story and build
the sex into it? He could only remember one film like that;
a detective story, and although he had only seen a brief
bit of it he was surprised at its quality. Perhaps the brief
glimpse is what made it interesting. Or maybe it was the
same kind of difference he had seen before between a topless
dancer and a dancer that was also topless. Could there truly
be art in adult films? He decided that no, there were only
some that were better than others.

He changed the channel again. Aha! Music. Another channel,
more music. The third time was the charm, Spanish classical
guitar. He adjusted the volume a bit… perfect! Bryan was
just in time for the door to the bathroom opened, the light
went off and out walked… a goddess. Virginia was wearing
the most sensual emerald green teddie he had ever seen.
She was straight out of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Virginia
had said she was a 36C and she was that at least. Her legs were
long, but not so much that they were shapeless. They matched
her walk; catlike. Her waist-length auburn hair was brushed
smooth and draped over her shoulders, following her form
as it cascaded over her breasts. She was a beauty to behold.
Bryan was envious of anyone that had seen her like this before.
Hopefully there hadn’t been too many.

“You look beautiful Veej, ” Bryan said.

Virginia walked over and kissed him so warmly and sensually
that Bryan’s toes seemed to curl. This really was going
to be an experience for him, and he hoped for her as well.

“Veej?” Virginia inquired with a raised eyebrow. “A nickname

Bryan hesitated. “Not a nickname, ” Bryan said. “A term
of endearment. I… hope you don’t mind. I can call you… I like
Virginia just fine.”

“No dear, Veej is fine. I like it. I have just never heard
it, and it sounds good coming from you.”

“I thought about ‘V’, but you’re not a ‘V’ or a Ginny.”

“Thank you for that, ” she said laughing. “I may have been
packing up at the last one.”

Virginia glanced at his thong and smiled wryly. “Is that
new or do you always dress so… comfortably?”

Bryan blushed. “It’s new, and a first for me. Not sure if
I can get used to the, uh, exposure.”

Virginia was close to him again, her chest against his and
she reached around and rested her hands on Bryan’s buttocks.
“Well I can, ” she said. “You’ve got a cute butt and it feels
as good as it looks too.”

She kissed him again and her hands squeezed his cheeks.
A soft moan came forth from her. Bryan’s thong was suddenly
becoming confining. While one hand was on his ass the other
reached around and down, releasing his stiffness from
its confines. Her hand slowly stroked his manhood a couple
of times and he was already beginning to produce the first
drop of “pre” cum; that lubricating liquid that prepares
the path for the orgasmic rush.

Virginia noticed the tell tale evidence of his arousal,
swiped it with her finger and as she looked him in the eye,
traced the length of her tongue with it. She closed her eyes
as she savored his essence. A slight smile formed and when
she opened her eyes they had a different look; not mischievous
or sly or coy, but… sensual and…hungry.

“I’m ready for you Bryan. I have been for some time and now
that we’re here I hope you’re not disappointed.”

“No Veej, quite the opposite. You are everything I could
have imagined. I just hope I can live up to your expectations.”

“You will Bryan, ” she said, “you will.”

Virginia was down on her knees in front of him. As she looked
up into his eyes she took him into her mouth. Bryan watched
momentarily as she handled him so gently, exploring his
glans with the tip of her tongue and tracing its deep ridges
where it connected to the supporting shaft. Virginia glanced
upward to see if she was having her desired effect; she was.
His eyes were softly closed now and his body swayed ever
so slightly. She took him deep into her mouth and his breathy
exclamation was evidence of his pleasure.

Bryan’s hands caressed Virginia’s face and stroked it
softly as she continued to please him. He put one hand under
her chin and raised her face to him. Their eyes met. His other
hand reached for her arm and he gently lifted her up. She
stood and with their eyes locked Bryan lifted her and carried
her to the bed. Sitting beside her he kissed her softly,
gently tugging on her lower lip with his teeth. As his hand
cupped her breast Bryan could feel its arousal through
the lingerie. Her chest heaved to meet his gentle touch.
Her arms crossed, went up and over her head and in a flash
her top was off and sailing through the air. Her breasts
were beautiful… natural, full with the nipples angled
upward in a state of attention.

Bryan tried to remove his shirt the same way as she but faltered
halfway and struggled momentarily to get the shirt opening
over his head. As he worked with its removal Virginia leaned
down and kissed his nipple. The suddenness of her action
caused Bryan to flinch initially and she giggled mischievously.
Her warm tongue and teeth caused his nipples to harden.
Bryan’s shirt was off and flying through the air. Virginia
kissed him, teasing his mouth with her tongue. Again they
paused, studying the nuances in each other’s eye, the slight
imperfections of the face that made up the whole.

Bryan stroked the side of her face with the back of his hand,
leaned and kissed the nipple farther away from him, while
his hand massaged the other. Her chest heaved again at his
warm, wet kiss trying to meet him half way. A soft moan came
from her. His head rose up and he kissed her mouth again with
a degree of passion that Virginia had seldom experienced.
Her hand reached down for him and his free hand reached for
the strap of his brief. With a slight tug the strap pulled
away from the front with a slight ripping sound as the Velcro
released its hold.

A second ripping sound followed as a strap of Virginia’s
bikini bottom had its Velcro attachment severed as well.
Bryan pulled at the remaining strap exposing her treasure
to him. Without looking his hand slowly approached her
womanhood as he continued his kiss. As he touched her, the
legs parted, allowing Bryan unrestricted access. She
was already moist with arousal and his gentle touch opened
the valve of her passion. Her pelvis thrust forward slightly
to meet his hand. Again a soft moan came from her.

Their lips parted, Bryan’s eyes looked gently into hers
and then his head moved to her pelvis. She was shaven with
just a slight presence of hair above the pubic bone. Bryan
smelled her essence and tasted her in a way that he had rehearsed
a hundred times in his mind. Virginia leaned back at the
first touch of his tongue upon her.

“Oh Bryan, ” she said softly, “you feel so nice. I’ve wanted
you for so long. I… mmmmmm… ohhhh yes. You have such a sweet
warm touch.”

Bryan wanted to please her so much. He had imagined doing
this to her and was pleased that she was trimmed almost exactly
as his mind had pictured. Had he mentioned something like
this to her in the past or was it just a coincidence? Her hand
was at his face, pausing him from his oral activity.

“Come here Bryan, ” Virginia said. “I want you also. I told
you that. I’m ready for you.”

Bryan changed his position and was now lying on his side.
“Tell me what to do Veej. Guide me.”

“Oh I will Bryan, but you’re perfect so far.”

Bryan returned to his act of pleasure; pleasure for him
and he hoped pleasure for her. Then he felt the warmth of
her mouth on him. Slowly, her movements were patient and
sensual. There was no rush to this. She wanted his pleasure
to last a while before he reached that moment and she took
his liquid orgasm inside of her.

Bryan’s face was buried between her legs. One of her legs
was over his ear as his head rested on the other one. He loved
her rich hormone-filled taste. Even without her attention
to him he would have been erect in arousal. A “69” was one
of his favorite sexual activities, but it was sometimes
difficult, for the pleasures at one end could distract
from the pleasuring at the other. He hoped that this was
not one of those cases, and by the evidence of her pelvic
movements and her moans he surmised he was doing all right.

Virginia was on fire below. Bryan’s tongue was everywhere
and his mouth was tugging and sucking on her in a most exquisite
manner. Her mouth was making love to him as well, slowly
covering his entire manhood then exposing it all; lips
tightly caressing his glans, her tongue circling its soft
deep velvet smooth ridges. She could barely taste him as
the herald to his orgasm mixed with her saliva, but still
it was there… somewhat salty, oily; a taste she did not mind
at all with this man.

Bryan was close now. He didn’t want to be, but then he did.
He wanted to last but her talent would prevent that. He wanted
her to stop and let him rest but then he didn’t. As if she was
reading his mind she stopped her activity. Her pelvis continued
its slight thrusting and twisting. Her hand lightly brushed
the side of his head.

“Oh my sweet, ” Virginia said, breathing heavily, “let’s
rest for just a minute. I’m not ready for you to finish and
I was so close… Do you mind?”

“No Veej, not at all. You were so… so fantastic and I was so

Virginia sat up and kissed Bryan softly. She could taste
herself. She licked sensually around his mouth, then wiped
her fluid from around his lips with a finger.

“I know Bryan, but I want you to really enjoy this for a while
longer and… I guess I’m a bit selfish, but I want to last a
while longer as well. This is one of my favorite things to

Bryan smiled slightly.

“What are you smiling at?” she said.

He looked her in the eye. “We have a lot in common is all.”

Her eyes questioned that for a moment, and then his meaning
registered. She smiled slyly and kissed him again.

“Do you like cinnamon, Veej?” asked Bryan.

“What… like on toast?”

“No, liquor. It’s a little strong, but smooth.”

Bryan fetched the bottle from the bucket. It wasn’t as cold
as he would have liked it, but it would have to do. He poured
about an ounce into each of the motel’s glasses. At least
they weren’t plastic, he thought.

He handed a glass to Virginia. Her head motioned to the bottle
and Bryan retrieved it and gave it to her as well.

“Hmmm…100 proof, ” she said reading the label. She tipped
the glass just enough to be able to taste the fiery liquid.
Her eyebrows raised slightly in response to its sweet strength.
Satisfied, she presented her glass to Bryan for a toast.

“To the Internet.” she said smiling.

“And to us Veej, ” Bryan added, as the two glasses clinked

Bryan downed his in one gulp as Virginia watched. Following
suit she tossed hers down with equal intent then offered
her glass to him.

“May I have another kind sir?” she asked. “But this time
maybe with a bit of Sprite?”

Bryan thought about this a moment. He had forgotten to get
any soft drinks! He thought about the least amount of clothes
he could put on and wear legally, how much time it would take
to go and get the drinks. The drinks! Did he notice a drink
machine near the ice machine? He was completely off-guard.
Things were changing quickly for the worse! This could
be a funny moment he thought, if viewed right.

Virginia could tell he was thinking about this, recognized
a look of commitment, and just as he started to get up she
started laughing. Bryan looked confused at first and then
realized she had been teasing him. He appreciated humor
and was as able to laugh at himself as not.

“Got me, ” he said sheepishly. “You really had me going.
I was trying to figure out…”

“I’m sorry Darling, ” she said as she laughed. “You were
just so cute. You looked flustered at my request.”

A light went on in Bryan’s eye. “Personally Veej, I think
you were a bit naughty with that little joke.”

Virginia looked puzzled for a moment.

“Doing that to me under such circumstances… perhaps you
should be punished a little, ” he said with admonishment.

Understanding flashed in her eyes. He was quick on the rebound
she thought. With her head angled down she looked at him.
Her eyes sparkled. “You’re right Bryan, I have been bad.”

Before she realized it, in one smooth movement Bryan had
reached for the paddle, bent her over his knee and given
her a smart slap with it on each cheek, set her back upright
and put the paddle down. His speed totally surprised Virginia
for she was just beginning to react from the stinging in
her ass and she was already sitting back up with her eyes
wide open and her mouth parted in surprise.

“Let that be a brief lesson about being naughty Veej” Bryan
said. “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

Virginia leaned to him and kissed him hungrily. “I hope
so, because I’ve got a lot of naughty left in me.”

Bryan smiled at that and poured a bit more of the strong thick
liquor into each glass.

“Well, since you’re not going to get me a Sprite, may I have
a couple of ice cubes?”

“Sure Veej, ” Bryan said, reaching for the bucket as he
did so. “’Scuse the hands?” He dropped a couple of small
square cubes into her glass.

“Thank you sir, ” she replied. With that she took a small
sip, winked at Bryan, set the glass down, bent over and took
Bryan’s softened member into her mouth. She stopped a moment.
“I love feeling you grow in my mouth Bryan, ” she said and
went back to pleasuring him.

The strong liquor on his sensitive skin created a warming
sensation as the blood rushed to stiffen his organ. Her
warm mouth and loving lips were quickly bringing him to
the place again. He stroked her temple softly as he took
a sip of the liquor himself and returned back to one of his
favorite activities.

Bryan was especially careful about the liquor and letting
too much of it contact the slick moist membranes of her vagina.
Too much alcohol would burn, not warm. He swallowed and
stroked her exposure with his tongue. Her flow had only
slowed. but at his velvety touch instantly began again.
Her pelvis began its back and forth movement once more as
she moaned softly. He could feel her vaginal muscles contracting
as he kissed and licked and sucked on her swelling clitoris.

Virginia’s pace picked up as Bryan worked his magic. Again
she could taste his pre-emergence. She was almost there
herself; so strange that he could bring her there so quickly.
She didn’t want to reach this point alone. She would try
and hold off as long as… until he was… oh damn he was good!

Bryan could feel the contractions of her vaginal muscles
increase in intensity and speed. Her pelvis was grinding
into his face now and her taste had changed. He knew she was
close now. That was a good thing for he was just moments away.
He wanted… to… hold off…

Moans and groans emanated from both as their climax was
upon them and reached its crescendo. Each mouth was filled
with the other’s grinding pelvis. Their mouths were as
frenzied as their loins.

Bryan was in disbelief at the intensity of his orgasm. He
seemed to pump again and again as his seminal fluid was forced
from his body. She sucked on his glans as his ejaculate hit
the back of her mouth and mixed with her saliva. She could
feel the contractions of his organ in her mouth as nature
took over in an effort to force the seed as far as possible
in its fertilization journey. She took him fully into her
mouth and then out and then back in as her own orgasm was erupting.

Bryan’s mouth was filled with her. As he sucked on her clitoris
her own orgasmic fluid was produced. He probed her deeply
with is tongue and tasted her as her legs were flexing uncontrollably.
Her pelvis was shaking and grinding into his face. This
was the best part.

A final lunge, contraction, moan, flex, grip and shudder
ensued with each as the orgasm reached its climax. And then
the moment of utter sensitivity was present for them both;
that brief period where the slightest contact was so sweetly
unbearable. Neither mouth moved except to breath on the
object of their pleasure immediately before them. A minute
elapsed. Then Bryan sensed Virginia’s legs ready to move
and work out any stiffness from her/their ordeal. He licked
her long and slow from the bottom of her vagina up to where
her clitoris was now going into hiding.

Bryan’s thorough stiffness was now subsiding. Just as
she loved feeling him grow in her mouth, his semi-rigidity
combined with the slight aftertaste of his spent fluid
was gratifying to her. She had wanted to please him for so
long and would do so again at his slightest wish. But now
she wanted to rest just a little, get something to drink
and talk… just a little.

Bryan carefully rose up trying not to disturb her still
sensitive vulva. His face was wet and his moustache glistened.
The inside of his lips ached from her grinding, but it was
such a sweet ache. As he reached for his glass of spirits
Virginia kissed his member gingerly and rose also. As she
was reaching for her glass Bryan gently placed his hand
on her chin and kissed her.

“Veej, I want to tell you how absolutely wonderful you were.
I’ve never… it was so… so fantastic.”

“Bryan, you were treating me so wonderful I don’t see how
I could’ve done you any good. I’ll make it up to you. I promise, ”
she said with a wry smile. “Mmmmmmm. It’s as if you were still

“Why don’t I go and get us something else to drink, Veej?”
asked Bryan. “I like a little of this enough, but I could
use a Coke or something.”

“It doesn’t matter Bryan. Light or dark is fine… but no root
beer, please. It makes a great ice cream float but…”

“No problem babe, I’m the same way.”

Bryan put his pants on and his shirt, checked and made sure
he had the room key. “I’ll be back in a flash.” He kissed Virginia
and he was out the door.

Virginia took this opportunity to freshen up and brush
her teeth. By the time she was walking out of the bathroom
Bryan was putting the key in the door. Virginia didn’t bother
dressing… again and she was putting ice into her glass as
he came in.

She stared at him a moment then smiled slightly. “Did you
draw a crowd?”

It was Bryan’s turn to look puzzled. “Was I gone too long?”

She chuckled to herself then started laughing harder until
tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Bryan was still confused and extremely curious about what
had set her off. “Veej, what is it? What’s so damn funny?”

She led him to the room’s mirror, still laughing. When there
she stepped back and looked at him in the mirror. Bryan checked
his reflection. His shirt was on inside out and backwards
and his pants were unzipped with just a glimpse of flesh
showing through. He burst into laughter at his harried

“Why… why… didn’t you teh-hell me-hee-hee I l-looked so-ho-ha
ha ha ha ha… !” Bryan was laughing as hard as Virginia. He
sat on the bed with his head down, his shoulders jerking
as he laughed. Finally his sides eased their heaving as
his laughing subsided. “I thought it was a little breezy,
but decided it was my imagination. I wanted to get back as
soon as possible.”

Virginia’s eyes drifted a bit, focused and then she started
to laugh again. Pointing to the drinks she chuckled, “Did
you bring any ice cream? Maybe you should have slowed down
just a little.”

Bryan’s eyes followed her gesture and then he started laughing
along with her as hard as before. There on the table were
two cans of soda…. both of them root beer. Again Bryan’s
shoulders shook as he laughed at his own mental lapse. A
minute later their laughing again subsided to where they
could speak intelligibly.

“Do you have this effect on most men?” Bryan asked.

“Not that I know of Bryan. I’m flattered that you think so
much of me, ” she said, as she wiped tears from the corners
of her eyes, “but I think you’ll need to be reminded to focus
on the task at hand and not let your mind wander.”

“Reminded? How?” Bryan’s mind queried the sly look on her
face and then it registered.

As a child in trouble Bryan responded, “I’ll get it right
this time, Veej. Promise. Light or dark?”

“That’s alright Bryan, I’ll go this time. Got change? If
not I‘ve got some.”

“I don’t mind Veej. Really.”

“No Bryan, it’s my turn. You get out of those clothes and
get presentable. Which way to the machines?”

“Turn left outside the door. They’re at the end of the walkway
at a little cut-in.”

Virginia grabbed a towel from the bathroom, wrapped it
around her waist, brushed her long hair over her breasts,
took the money that Bryan held out for her and went to the
door. “See you in a moment, dear, ” she said as she opened
the door. Virginia winked at him on the way out and closed
the door be hind her. That was a mischievous look he had,
she thought. I wonder what he’s up to.

Bryan got undressed as she instructed, went to the bathroom
and washed his face and his member off.

A knock came at the door. “Yes?” Bryan responded, “Who is

“It’s me, ” came the reply.

“C’mon in, ” Bryan said, a smile in his voice.

“I Can’t. I don’t have a key.”

“No key? That’s too bad. It takes a key to open the door from
out there.” Bryan was having fun with this. “Maybe the desk
has an extra that you can have. You might have to show them
some ID though. Do you have any ID on you?”

“Bryan, ” she said in a mock serious tone, “if you don’t
open this door you’ll be in big trouble.”

Bryan looked through the door’s peephole. She was beautiful
even through the lens’s distortion. She seemed to be having
fun with this as well.

“You’re not carrying a gun or anything or you? Show me that
you’re not carrying anything that could hurt me, ” Bryan
said apprehensively.

Virginia’s head cocked slightly. She glanced in both directions
and lifted her hair from her breasts. So beautiful, he thought.
Then she grabbed the towel and un-tucked it holding it in
such a way that only he could see what was beneath. So very
beautiful, he thought again.

“Well, I guess it’ll be all right. But there better not be
any funny stuff, ” Bryan said as he opened the door.

Virginia stepped in. “You are in such deep shit Bryan. Come
over here with me.” She set the soft drinks down on the table
forcefully, dropped her towel, grabbed the paddle and
sat on the bed. Bryan followed over to her as directed.

“Bend over my lap you bad boy. You’ve earned this one, ”
she stated in mock sternness. Bryan bent over her lap. It
really wasn’t convenient as he was so tall and she so feminine.
Virginia realized this, paused a moment and said, “I’ve
changed my mind. Get up, you.” Bryan stood up. She looked
at the bed momentarily, made a mental calculation and sat
almost in the middle with her legs facing the end. She motioned
to the foot of the bed. “Get your ass down there and bend over
the bed.”

At first Bryan didn’t see what she was doing. Then when he
did a slim smile came on his face. He went over to his bag and
pulled something out, but Virginia couldn’t tell what
it was. As he bent over the edge of the bed his face was in just
the right position to entertain her femininity while she
rendered unto him what chastisement she saw fit.

“Put your face right there big boy, and do it right.” she
commanded. Bryan faked hesitation and she swatted one
cheek of his exposed ass smartly. Bryan was shocked at the
sting. He hadn’t been spanked since childhood and really
didn’t like it then, but this could be something different.
She smacked his other cheek to even out the punishment and
Bryan flinched at the second sensation. His face went to
her and he licked her slowly with indecision. Again she
swatted each cheek and each time Bryan flinched and when
he did, his facial muscles contracted and when they did
it created a unique sensation to Virginia and she moaned
in soft appreciation.

Bryan understood now and was more than happy to oblige the
mistress. He raised his hand and gave her what he had snatched
from his bag. It was a small mirror. Women were disadvantaged
here as their breasts and pelvic bone prevented an easy
view of oral sex being performed on them. She appreciated
this consideration from Bryan and the sight of him loving
on her added to the sensuality of the moment. He tasted her
again. Mmmmmm… she was still moist just below the surface.
Which was she enjoying more, he wondered, his activity
or the punishment? Why not both? His hands reached under
her and he cupped her buttocks in his hands, squeezing and
massaging them as he attended to her. His tongue probed
into her, exploring the perimeter of her vagina, always
ending at the hooded mistress, which was now beginning
its emergence.

He focused on the clitoris now, licking and sucking on it.
He opened his mouth slightly and very gently dragged his
teeth to it, the edges of his incisors as sweet blades across
her sensitivity. Again he suckled her clitoris and then
there was the sudden sting of yet another slap upon his ass,
and again the soft moan of his mistress. The warmth in his
ass was sensual and Bryan’s carnal fever was increasing.
He was stiff with desire

Virginia laid back again enjoying his attention. Her mind
was spinning with the sensations that his loving, gentle
mouth was causing. He had slid into the role of a submissive
so easily. Was he one normally or was this as new an experience
for him as it was for her? The paddle was bought on a whim from
an adult store that she drove by occasionally. It wasn’t
too expensive so there wasn’t much of an investment. Maybe
it was a good purchase after all.

“Oh Bryan, you are so nice, ” she moaned. “I wish I could
just keep you there.”

She rose up again and watched his performance. Oh he was
busy! She waited for his mouth to be in just the right position,
and then again she slapped his ass with the paddle. Bryan’s
reaction was perfect in that it caused a brief powerful
suction on her clitoris that would not be possible otherwise.
Again she slapped him and again she neared ecstasy. How
long could he hold out? Just a little longer she hoped.

“Oh Bryan, tell me when I’m hurting you, but that… oh yes…
that feels so… so… mmmmmmm.”

Bryan never stopped. His only motion was a thumbs up signal.
He began a slight hum and the vibration upon her clitoral
presence was yet another unique and wonderful sensation.
His tongue was in action again, probing… flicking… and
then she was there. His mouth was in the right place and she
swatted him again, and the reflexive recoil of his mouth
increased the magnitude of her orgasm. She couldn’t sit
up any longer; couldn’t hold off any longer. She fell back,
her pelvis pumping against his face.

“Oh yes… hmmmm .right there… don’t… ohhhhh myyyyyyy Gahhhhhhhh……!
Bryan! Oh Bryan! Yes! C-cumming so hard…. unhh… hohhhhh!
Sweet Jeeeeez…. Bryan!”

Again Virginia’s pelvic frenzy was pleasing to Bryan.
He squeezed her buttocks tightly as . He was glad that he
could bring her to this moment. He loved her taste, the feel
of her contracting muscles and the stiffness of her body
as she reached that orgasmic apex. She was a strong woman.
He could tell that from his experience with the paddle and
the tension in her body’s muscles.

The paddle. Yes, that has been interesting he thought.
His buttocks were still warm from its admonitions. How
much experience did she have, he wondered? If she had hit
him much harder he wouldn’t have given her the thumbs up.
She administered such an exquisite little pain. Damn he
was hard! He longed for her attention again, but he wanted
something else. Bryan wanted in her; wanted their organs
to meet, to combine and to form a whole.

“Mistress, may I get up now?” asked Bryan humbly.

“Oh yes good sir! And I hope to punish you again like that
soon enough! Damn Bryan, you sure know how to please me!
I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a while. I especially
liked your mirror. Mmmmmmm. to see you AND feel you was really
a turn-on.”

“Well Veej. It helps to enjoy one’s work, ” Bryan responded,
“And I so enjoy my work with you. You are perfect there, beautiful
to look at, to taste, to nibble and suck on…”

“Bryan stop!” she begged. “You’re trying to make me wet
again. I’m still recuperating. You talking like that will…
well who knows where it might lead.” Virginia’s head was
down and cocked to one side, her eyes looking up at him. Would
he pick up on this, she thought? Would he understand that
I want him now, that I am ready for him to be inside me and unite

Bryan didn’t want to be pushy this first meeting with her.
After all, they had experienced some great sex so far. Was
she ready for more? For me? He decided to venture forth and
change his role from a submissive to a dominant male. He
put ice in the glasses. “Light or dark?” he asked her.

“Light please. And hand me that bottle of yours too, if you

He opened both drinks, poured some into each and offered
her the bottle. She popped the cap took an assertive shot
and re-capped the bottle. Her expression was one of determination,
not a typical feminine, dainty approach to spirits. Bryan
followed suit when she offered him the bottle. She took
the Sprite and sipped on it. Bryan got up and delved through
his bag for a few moments, pulling out four lavender leather
circles with straps attached. He walked to her and gently
grasped her left hand and secured one of the circles around
her wrist. He looked into her eyes as he did so, searching
for any sign of doubt or fear. There was none. Virginia took
another swallow and handed him her glass. Bryan set it aside
and attached the other strap to her right wrist.

“What are you doing Bryan?” she asked coyly.

“Be quiet wench.” he responded.

Virginia recognized that the tables had been instantly
turned. He hadn’t shown her those and she wasn’t sure about
his plans. He had been so… gentle so far, but restrained?
Was she willing to humor him as well? He hadn’t been defenseless
earlier. Should she submit to this? She had only seen him
this one time. Stupid! She hadn’t let anyone know where
she was going or who she was meeting. No one had an idea of
where she was, what she was doing, who she was with. The bar!
Would anyone remember her… him? Could anyone so loving
be anything else? Would she wind up a statistic?


Bryan stopped immediately. He looked into her eyes. “I
won’t hurt you Veej. I’m not like that.” As if reading her
mind he walked over to his pants, pulled out his wallet and
gave her his driver’s license. “Call someone, Veej. Please.
I insist. I understand and I don’t want you to feel at all

“You don’t mind, Bryan? It’s not that I don’t trust you.
I just…”

“Veej, please call. I want that concern to be removed. That
reservation will only tend to… take away.”

“Thank you Bryan.”

Bryan walked into the bathroom to take care of a bodily function,
washed his hands and face and went back into the other room.

Everything okay?” he asked.

Virginia had one cuff on and was holding the other up to him.
He kissed her and gently attached the other to her. Then
he went to the feet and did the same. Virginia studied his
movements. He seemed practiced. What was she in for, she
wondered? Her friend hadn’t been home so she had left a message
on her own answering machine. What if his ID was a fake? What
if… Snap out of it, she told herself. Nothing’s going to
happen. Her intuition was usually pretty good and this
man didn’t seem threatening at all. Still…

While the questions were going through her mind she was
being secured to the bed. Even if she had changed her mind
she couldn’t escape. He was so gentle. A pillow was placed
under the small of her back. Bryan fished a rubber ball out
of his bag and held it to her mouth. She looked at him slyly.

“My but you ARE prepared aren’t you?” asked Virginia.

Bryan smiled and put it in her mouth. Then he dangled the
blindfold in front of her. Her eyebrows went up and down
playfully and he put it on her. She smiled initially and
then the light was totally gone. Secured and blind she felt
almost claustrophobic.

The sudden soft touch of fur against her skin took Virginia
by surprise. Bryan’s hand was in the fur glove, rubbing
it on her. She remembered being startled by it when looking
in his bag earlier. She hadn’t experienced this sensation
before unfortunately for it was very nice. She had seen
pictures in magazines of implied nude women in or on fur
coats and had wondered about that. She knew where they were
coming from now, for this was extremely sensual.

Bryan kissed and sucked on her breasts as he massaged her
with the glove. Her nipples were erect in anticipation
of his mouth’s return. Then the touch stopped. She felt
him get off the bed. A few moments of silence and stillness

“Mmm?” she sounded. “Mmm-hmm?” Silence… stillness… “Mm-mm?”

“I am here Virginia, ” Bryan said somberly.

Virginia? He hasn’t called me that except when online,
she thought. He sounds totally different too. Did I make
a serious mistake? Clothes? Is he putting on clothes? What’s
going on?

“This has been too easy Virginia, pleasant but really too
easy. I’ve done my part. Now it’s time for someone else to
take over.” With that the door opened, paused and then closed.
Silence again. Stillness and a certain degree of… fear.

He was right, she thought. It HAD been too easy. Was the driver’s
license a fake? Oh God please don’t let me become a headline!
Movement? Did I just detect movement? The hairs on her harm
were on end, already trying to make up for the loss of one
of her senses. Damn that music! If he’d only turned it off
when he left I’d be able to hear better. So that’s why he left
it on! He had planned this from the start! Now what? ?
Murder? Oh God please…! There! Again that sense of movement.
A soft brush against the bed? Say something you bastard!
Let’s get it over with!

Something hot dropped on her skin. She flinched at the initial
surprise. Another drop. Hot like… like… what? It was hot
but not too painful, just a shock. A drop fell on her breast.
Was it hotter or the sensitivity of her skin? This cruel
pig is going to torture me first! What a sick fuck! Just one
shot. Give me just one shot. These bonds… unghhh! Damn they’re
strong! Never be able to get loose. How’d they secure around
my wrist, Velcro? Dammit! Oh I am up a shit creek!

Another drop, and another, and anoth… no wait! Cold! That
was cold! Another drop. Hot or cold? Hot… no cold. Cold yes!
Ice! Dropping melting ice on me. Another. Hot? Cold? What
is he doing, trying to drive me crazy? Yes that’s it. Confusion!
Then physical torture probably. Another damn drop! Hot?
Cold? Damn him! What is the hot? It’s sticking to me. I can
feel it as it dries. Dries? Hot? Wax! He’s dropping candle
wax on me! How much wax? How many candles? Didn’t the bag
say 100? That’s a lot but not enough to cover me. How long
will this go on?

The drops stopped. Virginia flinched at the first contact
of someone else’s skin as fingers gently pulled the drops
of wax off of her skin. Then a warm mouth on her breasts. That
feels nice. Just a little perversion before you do the deed?
Any other time and I would… No not there! Stay away! If you’re
going to me do it! Don’t tease me! I… oh, you’re as nice
as Bryan, gentle and… mmmm.

“Nnnnnnnnnn. Annnhhhh-hnnnnnn, ” Virginia said. It
was all she COULD say. Not intelligible words, just voiced

The mouth on her vulva was pleasing; slight tugs of the labia,
the probing tongue. Must fight this, she thought. Don’t
give into this sick pervert! But oh, he’s so good! He? Maybe
a “she?” Is this a setup? Have I pissed one off? Rejected
advances, and now they’re getting even? Damn what’s going
on? Oh what a talented mouth. It feels just like Bryan did.
Does it? I was paying attention and enjoying him. Why can’t
I remember his method? Is this Bryan? Why is he doing this?
Why is… ohhhhh yes… I… ohhhh….

An ever so slight buzzing noise was heard. The mouth upon
Virginia was still present, but now there was something
more; a small vibrator mounted on a finger was helping to
please the spots where the mouth wasn’t. Sometimes the
vibrator was touched to the tongue which in turn touched
her clitoris.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnn. Ahhhnnnn-hnnnnnn, ” she moaned appreciatively.

It IS a man! I can feel his strength in his shoulders. He is
so… ? What? You stopped. Why? What are you…? Going inside
me now? me? No… not . Gentle. Slowly into me…
ohhhh yesssss. Oh my gahhhh…! Farther, please farther.
Oh that mouth on my breasts, is so nice, and you inside me…
I can feel the flex of your shaft. Oh let me kiss you, please
take this off and let me kiss you! Let me hold you! I won’t
scream. I couldn’t. This is so wonderful, I… Her hands and
feet tugged at her bonds trying to get free and hold this
mystery lover

Virginia moaned her pleasure and then felt hands at the
side of her face, softly stroking her eye lids… kissing
them. A hand gripped the ball and gently removed it from
her mouth. Virginia opened her mouth wide and shifted her
jaw from side to side. Lips softly touched hers as hands
gently stroked her cheeks.

“Please, who is this? Is that you Bryan? Please, tell me…
I… ohhhhhh…m-my- gahhh… ohhh yess…”

Virginia was being made love to by a stranger and she didn’t
care. Her senses were more acute as a result of temporarily
losing that of sight. There were no other sensory distractions
that might interfere with the contact below. She was being
touched only there; no breath upon her, no arms holding
her, only pelvis to pelvis. It was as if the two organs were
independent of everything, floating in space, focused
on one another.

The mouth kissed her again, was at her neck and then gone
again. The senses returned their focus to the pelvic regions
and their sensuous communication. He was in slowly and
out the same. Virginia could feel the bed compress directly
around her move as he supported himself above her on his
arms and feet, taking care that only the lusty organs touched.

Virginia could feel his breath now. After supporting himself
for so long like that he must be getting tired, she thought,
or getting as close as I am.

“Untie me… mmmm… and let’s… finish this the… ohhhh… right
way… Oh damn this is nice!”

There was a pause as if the mystery man considered her request.
A mouth went to her breast and her chest rose to meet it. His
weight was fully on her now and while still in her he slowly
spun himself around and freed her feet. Again he made his
way around and they were chest to chest. She felt him stretch
towards her hands and the characteristic rip of Velcro
signaled her freedom. As she started towards her blindfold
to remove it her hand bumped into his. His hand followed
hers and softly paused her, then moved away as if giving
her a choice of leaving the blindfold on or not. Now she could
maintain the mystery of the lover or remove the wrapping
and disclose his identity. Virginia decided to keep a bit
of the mystery.

Once her decision was made her legs instantly wrapped around
him forcing him deeper inside than he could accomplish
by himself. She felt the flex of his shaft and she responded
in kind. They stayed communicating like that, for what
seemed like minutes. Then the organs seemed to sense the
need to carry their discourse through to its fruition and
they began to move again, he in and out slowly and her, flexing
to hold him on the outtake and accepting him on the in. When
again the pubic bones met they ground themselves against
each other. There would be sweet pain afterward but that
was of no concern now.

The motions began to pick up their pace as each was eager
to bring the other to that point of rare and beautiful moments
when nerves and emotion combined to simultaneously explode
in sensuality. Virginia’s legs were pressing him in what
seemed ever deeper. Her contractions began to lose voluntary
control and took on a life of their own. His swollen glans
strained forward with each thrust feeling the contractions
from the feminine partner that fit so well. Her juices were
flowing freely and the rhythmic furious slap of skin against
skin evidenced the pending orgasm of each.

“Oh… my… unnnnh… I… sweet… ness…! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Want…
see… you…” Virginia panted and removed her blindfold.
She never lost stride, and even though the room was dimly
lit it took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the sudden
change in light. She strained to see having to blink until
finally she could keep her eyes open. She looked at her mystery
lover’s face. It WAS Bryan and he was blindfolded as well.

“Bryan! It IS you! Thank God!” Virginia voiced.

Bryan no longer needed to shield his eyes from his mystery
lover and tore his blindfold off as well.

“Oh Veej... I… mmmmm… so…!”

A renewed energy ensued as the mind of each at last had a face
to see, to imprint upon. Their eyes locked for a few moments,
the pelvic slaps intensified, the pressure of her legs
swelled until finally the explosive orgasm of each caused
the eyes to close, the voices of each emitting animalistic
groans and moans. Lips kissed lips, mouths met as if tasting
and eating one another. The bodies stiffened, muscles
froze and all feeling was centered on the cusp of each lover’s
sexual organ. Her vaginal muscles contracted repeatedly,
milking him as his shaft spewed forth his seed into her.
A final groan and then the “little death” began when each
had to stop all movement else take away from the moment.

The pulsing of Bryan’s organ diminished, as did Virginia’s
contractions. Sweat beaded up on the temples and foreheads
of each. The bodies were wet with perspiration in nature’s
attempt to cool and protect from overheating. Bryan collapsed
onto Virginia, panting and supporting his weight with
his elbows, lest he compromise her own intense breathing.
Her fingernails lightly scratched his back as he kissed
the side of her neck.

“Bryan, you really had me there for a while, ” Virginia
chuckled. “I wasn’t sure what was going on at first, but
when I realized it was you I relaxed, ” she lied.

“So you knew it was me all the time?” Bryan sounded a little
disappointed. “How?”

“Your cologne, silly. Why did you try and trick me? And why
the blindfold on you?” Virginia was really curious.

Bryan dropped his head. “I wanted to just plant a little
seed of… doubt I guess. I thought it would add something
a little different; a little more spice. I’m sorry Veej.
It was a bad idea. Please forgive me.”

“But why the blindfold on you?” she asked.

“Oh… I thought that being blindfolded would sharpen the
other senses. I had heard that it did, so I thought if it would
work for you then…”

“Well did it Bryan?”

“Oh yes, Veej! It was so… so incredible. Being in you and
feeling only that was fantastic! I have never reached that
height before. Everything was just so focused.”

“It was for me to Bryan. You took me someplace a while ago
that I had only read about. It’s going to be a while before
I can walk, so will you get me another shot and a drink?”

“Sure Veej. And I’m sorry about that other. I didn’t mean
to scare you… much”

“That’s okay Bryan. But you HAVE been naughty.”

Bryan smiled and his eyes sparkled a bit as well. “You’re
right, Veej. I have. What do you suggest?”

Virginia just smiled.

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