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Virgins, Part 5



Her face showed no warmth as she spoke, "Hello, John,
may I come in?"

He stepped back and motioned her inside, his voice failing
him. Finally he was able to speak.

"W-w-w-what brings you up this way, Cathy?"
he stammered.

She stepped casually to a chair and settled into it. She
finally smiled and then related her reasons for calling on him.

"I overheard Amy taking with Staci the other day.
I wasn't snooping, but it was obvious that hey were comparing notes
about someone they both had been with."

"I realize that Amy is going to start screwing her
boyfriends sooner or later, and I wanted to know what was going on."

"I kept after her until she told me about the session
you had with her, Laura and Staci last weekend."

He tried to speak, but she stopped him with a gesture.

"Now I'm not upset that Amy is sexually active,
and I got the other girls over and they all told the same story. That they
came up with the idea and talked you into teaching them.
You had quite the session I understand. The girls were quite impressed

John finally spoke, "Does this mean that you are not
going to the police with this?"

Cathy nodded, "That's right, it's not as
if you forced them to do anything, or got them drunk. They were all willing, and
I can't see where you did them any harm."

"But now you have me wondering. The girls were very
impressed with your talents. They don't have enough experience
to judge good from bad, so I wonder just how good a lover you
really are."

"My husband and I have had an open marriage from the
start. We love each other, but we knew from the beginning that we didn't
want to limit ourselves to each other as bedmates. Over
the years we've each had other lovers."

"So I thought I'd come see you and find out if you
are really as talented as my daughter and her friends think you are."

John couldn't believe his ears. Not only was she not
going to report him to the law, she wanted him herself.

He found that interesting. This was no inexperienced youngster,
but a mature, experienced woman. She was obviously willing,
and with the attitude she claimed to have, she was probably
quite an interesting piece herself.

Cathy continued, "So what do you think, would you
care to find out if I am as good as my daughter?" CHAPTER 29

Before he could answer, she had moved to the chair he was
sitting in. She dropped smoothly to her knees and her hands went
to the zipper of his jeans.

Her experience was obvious, as in one smooth move she had
the zipper down and his cock out in her hand. She pulled at it
a time or two and then bent her head down and sucked the flaccid
member into her mouth.

She pulled hungrily on him for a moment, and then released
his growing organ. She looked up at his face and smiled. Her
voice had a huskiness he hadn't noticed earlier.

"Well, what do you think, do you want to try me?"

How could he refuse, if he didn't, and she got upset,
he stood a good chance of finding himself in trouble with the law.
And it wasn't as if Cathy was unattractive. And besides,
it was obvious that she was going to know how to put the effort into this
to make it an enjoyable way to pass the afternoon.

He heard himself responding, "Yes, I think I would
love to spend some time learning all about you!"

She smiled then, and standing, started pulling the shirt
over her head.

John rose from the chair and cupped her breasts in his hands
as she raised her arms with the garment. He squeezed the pliant
mounds and slid his hands around her back to get at the fasteners
on her bra.

Cathy cast the shirt aside and then shrugged out of the bra
straps and let the lacy undergarment drift to the floor.

John stooped to nuzzle her tits and admire them from up close.
She was well developed and showed just a hint of sagging.
The nipples stood out, brown against the surrounding skin.
He could see where Amy got her high bustline, as her mother's
breasts rode high on her chest also.

"Like mother, like daughter, " he thought
to himself.

Cathy had started unbuttoning his shirt, and he stood to
let her finish. He pulled the tails from the waist of his pants and
slid the fabric clear of his shoulders. It fell on the floor with
her bra. He casually kicked both items aside and stepped close
to the willing woman in front of him.

He took her in his arms and she melted to him, her body fitting
to his. Their lips met and they enjoyed the pressure of matching
their lips in a passionate encounter.

When they separated, both were breathing hard, and they
were ready to continue their activities.

John spoke first, "Any particular thing you'd
like to try first? Let's do this for your pleasure."

John's cock was standing at full attention, exposed
as it had been when Cathy had paid it the first oral welcome. Now it
was free and proud, jutting strongly up from his groin. It was
all that was visible of him, sticking out from the zipper of
his jeans.

Cathy moved to a chair, and leaned on the back of it. She instructed, over her shoulder.

"Get my jeans down and stick me right here, don't
touch me or anything, just come up behind me and get inside me. I'm
already as hot as hell and I want you now!"

John moved to her, and reached around her waist to get at
the fasteners on her pants. His hands slid the denim down and
caught the waistband of the tiny briefs she wore under them. Both
garments continued downward, and she helped with an alluring
wriggle of her mature hips. Finally her clothing lay around
her ankles.

Complying with her wishes, John made no attempt to caress
the fleshy lips of her cunt. Her pussy was mature and the lips
were more fleshy than those of her teenage daughter. He had to
fight back the urge to work them in his fingers and explore the
recesses of her.

Instead, he did what she had requested and stood behind
her. He aligned his joint with her waiting opening, and settled
the head into her wet lips.

Pushing in just a bit, he teased her, rubbing the head around
the first ring of muscles in her hole.

She tried to get him in by thrusting her hips back, but he
was ready for that and moved away to keep her from the penetration
she so desired.

"Damn you, " she hissed, "Drive that
cock in me, there'll be time for playing later. Right now I just want you to fuck me and
shoot your load in there."

Finally obliging her, her got his hands firmly in place
in front of the swell of her hips. When he was sure he was lined up on
her tunnel, he pulled back in her and at the same time drove
into her with all the force that the powerful position would
allow. CHAPTER 30

The woman gasped with pleasure as he slid fully into her.

"Ahhhh, yes!" she moaned, "That's
how I wanted it. Now pump me, I want to feel you."

John obliged her, pulling back until her was almost free
of her moist embrace, and then sliding the whole length of his
staff back into her quivering flesh. Not terribly hard, but firm,
steady strokes that shook her each time he stopped with
his hips hard against her ass.

"How's that, Cathy?" he asked, "Is
this good enough for you?"

He loved that position she had chosen, she was braced against
the chair, and there was no give when he hammered against her.
She was right about being experienced, and it was a pleasant
change from the young girls.

He could feel the muscles in her cunt squeezing on his hard
prick. They pulsed rhythmically, releasing as he drew
back and clamping down as he slid back in. She had obviously practiced
controlling them, and the time had been well spent.

John released her hips, and slid his hands up her body. leaning
forward her was able to get his hands on her full breasts
and knead them in time with his stroking.

"That's right, " she urged him, "get
rough with them, squeeze them, and work at my nipples! AHHHHHHH, YESSSS!"

His hands kept up to their task, and his hips continue to
drive against her. He could feel the pressure building in his
balls. He would soon fill her with his own fluid, adding his wetness
to that which already lubricated her honeyed snatch.

"John, " she pleaded, "tell me before
you cum."

He was already so close. His hands went back to her hips to
hold her for the final thrusts. But he was doing this to pleasure
her this time, and for whatever reason she wanted to know, he
obliged her.

His movements started to get jerky as his orgasm began it's
frantic release. "CATHYEEEEE! NOOOOOOOW I'm
starting to cum!"

Somehow, she forced him backwards enough to allow her to
slip off his spearing member. She spun around and dropped to her
knees in one quick movement.

She was now facing his pulsing member, and she grasped it
in her hand to steady it. The flesh was shiny with her lubricating
juices as she drew it to her lips and opened her mouth to take
the head inside.

John dropped his hands to her head and steadied her as he
thrust into her face. Once, twice, all the way back in her mouth.
And then his orgasm exploded in his senses.

he screamed, his voice ragged with the power of his climax.

His hands still rested on her head, fingers entwined in
her hair, but he did not have to hold her. She pulled hungrily at his
cock, suckling the fluid from him and swallowing expertly.
The woman enjoyed the feeling she got from the power this gave
her over her partner.

The last spurt of his cum emptied into her willing mouth,
John sagged back from her. Her lips maintained the suction until
she could hold him no longer and the tip of his shrinking dick
pulled free. She ran her tongue over her ripe lips to gather any
drops she had missed.

John sank to the carpet beside her. "God, "
he thought, "she puts a lot of effort into sucking cock. She was right, she is better
than the girls. Ahhh, experience!" And he smiled
at her as she bent to kiss him.

"Well, " she asked, "Am I better at that
than Amy was?" Without waiting for his reply, she continued, "Now that got
rid of your first load, you'll be able to last longer the next time.
So when I can get you up again, I should be able to get a serious ride
out of you!" She smiled knowingly at him, and he wondered
what she had in mind. The afternoon promised to be quite enjoyable!

They rested for a while, and Cathy told him about the "open
marriage" she had mentioned earlier.

She and her husband had found a group of friends who shared
similar views. They all shared partners occasionally,
and sometimes as small groups. He found the description of
their activities stimulating to say the least.

It seemed that the friends had worked out a routine that
suited them all.

Several times a year, they would all get rooms at a local
hotel. They would meet for dinner, and at the end of the evening
either the men or women, depending on what they had decided for
that session, would return to their rooms alone. The remaining
members of the group would then draw room keys at random.
Whichever key you got determined who you had that night.

Cathy said that it made it more exciting to never know who
you were going to have until you were in the room with them. Sometimes the men would draw keys, other times the women.
She said it turned her on more when the ladies drew.

"I love the tension of walking up to a door, and going
in knowing that whoever is on the other side is going to screw me. Maybe
it makes me feel like a hooker or something. I'm not sure
what it is, but I like that a lot more than waiting for a guy to come
to me." She was totally candid about the activities
of the group. "John, why don't you and your wife consider joining
us? I think we'd all love to have you.

John wasn't sure how to bring it up to his wife, and he
tried to explain that. Hell, he wasn't even sure if he dared
tell her how it happened to come up!

They had moved into the bedroom and were stretched out on
his bed. Cathy was close to him and as they talked, she was casually
fondling his cock. He, in turn was occasionally nipping
playfully at her nipples. Her tits ended in firm brown nipples
that stood proudly from her full bust. He delighted in toying
with them.

"John?" Cathy's voice broke into his consciousness.
"Amy told me about a vibrator you used on her. She thought that was
really great. Now I use vibrators myself, but I think I'd like
you to use one on me now."

John smiled back at her. "Coming right up, my dear,
one battery powered pleasure staff." With that he rolled to the
table at the side of the bed. Sliding a drawer back, he pulled out the
dildo he had used on Amy.

When he turned to Cathy with the tool in his hand she looked
it over and decided that it was to her liking. "Oooh,
now that looks like it could be fun. Go ahead and put it in me."

Happy to oblige her, John got to his knees beside her. Her
legs parted at his touch, and he separated the fleshy folds of
her cunt lips with his fingers. His other hand brought the tip
of the dildo to her hole and without pausing, he slid it inside
her. He liked the way this woman was not bashful about voicing
what she wanted. She wanted this rod inside her, she said so,
no messing around.

"Ahhhhh, " she moaned. Her hips made little
circles as she welcomed the invasion of her tender pussy. "Yes,
Oh YES, that feels so good!"

He reached in with his other hand and twisted the knob. There
was a muffled buzzing from inside her and she bucked at the
added stimulation.

Her breathing was heavy, and she panted between her lips,
"Oh yes, I love that, ,, ,, pump me with it."

John leaned down into her crotch until the pumping toy was
right in front of his eyes. His fingers parted the folds over her
clitoris, and he pressed his lips against the bud of her
pleasure. She was surprised at the extra attention, and
her back arched at his touch. Her hips rolled madly as she sought
tot get the maximum pleasure form his caresses.

She was moaning softly as he nipped at her bud and ran the
vibrator into her feverish snatch. Her hands went to his
groin as she urged him to move so that she could stimulate him as

It was only moments before she considered him ready for
the ride she had told him about earlier. Her expert hands knew the
right place to arouse him and his cock was ready to penetrate her
once again.

It took a moment for her to get his attention. "John,
you're ready. I want you in me again. Please!" CHAPTER 32

He finally heard her pleas, and ceased his attack on her
heaving body.

"John, " she instructed, "I'm going
to turn over, please play with my butt." With that she rolled over and hiked her ass
in the air. "Use your fingers in my ass."

He moved behind her and slid an eager finger up her dripping
pussy to wet it. He placed the tip of his finger at the brown
ring of her anus and slowly massaged the tight sphincter.
Cathy cooed and moaned softly, enjoying the sensations he caused.

He wet his fingers again, and slowly worked two of them into
her. He moved gently and could feel the reward as the tight muscles
relaxed. He was sure that he knew what she wanted, but her
asked just to make sure, "Cathy, would you like me to fuck
you in the ass?"

Her face was buried ion the pillows, but he could hear her
soft reply. "Yes John, " but go slow. I like it there,
but sometimes it hurts. I'll tell you if it does. You will stop, won't
you?" There was an edge of fear in her last words.

"Yes, darling, I will stop if it hurts you. Get ready
now, I'm going to wet it in you and then put it against your hole. You
push back and take it at your own pace."

With that he positioned himself behind her, and slipped
his joint into her oozing cunt, coating it with her slippery mucus.
Several strokes and it was ready. He pulled back from her
snatch then and set the tip against the ring of her anus.

With his hands holding her hips, he directed her, "OK,
now push back and take it inside you."

The willing woman did as she was told, and began a pressure
against the piercing rod at her rear. The tip slid in a bit,
and then the muscles relaxed and the flange on the knob entered

"Ahhhhh, " the sound burst from her lips, and
she drove back against him. "AAARRRRGH, " she screamed,
"That is big!" But she continued her pressure. John had released her hips, expecting
her to pull off, but she continued to take his staff up her
shapely ass.

"mmmmMMMMM!" she sighed as she settled into
a rhythm on him. "God but I love it this way! Hey John, why didn't
you take any of the girls in the ass, I would have thought you would have
loved that?"

He matched her rhythm, pumping her with slow gentle strokes,
and answered her. "Well, this is pretty serious stuff.
I wasn't sure that they could handle it this way, and I didn't
want to turn them off to anything. They'll discover it soon
enough, I would imagine."

His cock was getting dry, and as the friction built, Cathy
protested and pulled her tortured ass from his spear. She
rolled on her back and welcomed him to her waiting body. Her legs
raised themselves over his shoulders and she rolled back
to greet him.

The position gave him the freedom to stroke strongly into
her, and he set to it with gusto.

With her knees over his shoulders, Cathy had to lie back
and absorb the punishing power of his thrusts. She set herself
to the task with enthusiasm.

Both lovers built quickly to their climaxes. He had his
hands on her ripe tits, kneading them passionately and she was gripping
his ass in her hands and urging him to even greater abuse
of her tortured pussy.

When the blinding orgasm overcame them, they both locked
onto each other and gave in to the sensations overwhelming them.
She didn't notice that he was pinching fiercely at her
nipples. He never felt the nails that raked his back and drew blood.

When it was over, they collapsed onto the bed and rested,
completely spent.

They never heard the knock at the door. CHAPTER 33

Amy approached the door, and knocked quietly. She hoped
that Angie wasn't home. She had to talk to John, and wanted
to catch him alone. She didn't think he would be very happy with
the news she had for him.

Her mother had overheard her and Staci, and had pressed
the truth from them about the session the girls had had with John.
Her Mom wasn't too upset, in fact she seemed pleased that Amy
had gotten her initiation from someone with the experience to make
it good for her. But she still knew that John was not going to be happy
that the word was out about events.

When there was no answer at the door, Amy looked around.
His car was in the garage, so John had to be home. She really had to
talk to him, so she tried the doorknob. It turned and the
door swung open.

Stepping partly inside, the girl called out, "Hello,
John, are you here?"

The drowsy lovers at the end of the hall came instantly awake
at the sound of her voice. Cathy had a look of sheer panic on
her face.

"My God, it's Amy, and she's in the house!"
she whispered to John. They both remembered the clothing they had so casually
scattered around the living room. Maybe she wouldn't
notice, and if they didn't respond, she might leave without coming
inside any farther.

Their luck was not that good, and Amy stepped into the dimly
lit room. She looked around, and soon noticed the clothing
on the floor. She didn't know whether to leave quickly or
not, but a feeling bordering on jealousy grew in her. John was obviously
with another woman!

She made her way quietly down the hall to the familiar bedroom.

John and Cathy heard Amy in the living room and after a bit
heard her coming down the hall. They looked helplessly at each
other and John whispered to his lover, "We might as well
admit we're here. Maybe we can work this out."

Halfway done the hall, Amy was met with John's voice.
"You might as well come down here, Amy."

At that she strode the rest of the way and entered the room
where the naked lovers reclined on the bed.

Amy couldn't believe who was sharing the bed with John
Arnold. She gasped in surprise, "MOM, what are you doing here?"

Cathy tried to calm her daughter, speaking gently to her.
"Amy, now don't get upset. You told me how good John was in
the sack, and I just had to find out for myself. You were right, he's
a damn fine lover. Why don't you sit down here for a minute
and we'll talk about this."

Dazed, Amy made her way to the corner of the bed and settled
on it. Her voice was unsteady as she spoke, "Mom, what
is Daddy going to say if he finds out?"

Cathy smiled at her daughter, and started explaining,
"That will be alright Amy. You see, your father and I have the understanding that we can have other lovers. He won't
be upset or anything."

"After you told me how good John was to you girls, I
wanted to tell him I knew about his session with you three. So I came
up here to confront him. But then I got curious to see if he was
really that talented."

"You were right about that, John knows how to satisfy
a woman, quite nicely. I've been trying to get him to talk to
his wife about sharing him."

"Anyhow, it was well worth my coming up here, he did
a fine job of screwing me." With that she got up and headed for
the bathroom. "Now if you'll excuse me for a minute,
I feel a distinct need to go potty. By the way Amy, you should take
him up the ass sometime, he does that so well!" And she
closed the door behind her. CHAPTER 34

With her mother out of hearing, Amy whispered to John, "Is
she serious about not being all that upset about what you did
with us?"

John shrugged, and replied, "It would seem so, let's
just hang loose and see what happens next."

Cathy returned to the room, and sat on the bed with them.
She had the glow of recent passion on her skin, and she casually
placed a hand on the flaccid penis of her lover. Acting totally
at ease, she continued talking to her daughter.

"Your father and I are pretty casual about our marriage.
We love each other and all that, and we like living together, but
we decided before we got married that we didn't want to
limit ourselves to one partner."

"We have a group of friends who think the same way,
and we all get together and, well, swap partners once in a while. And
neither of us gets jealous if one of us gets a little strange
stuff once in a while."

"It may be strange to some people, but it works for
us. Experiencing the skills of others helps us stay interested
in each other. There are so many things you can do that I don't
think any couple can try them all by themselves."

"I was glad that you had someone with experience to
take your virginity. When I lost mine, I was 15, and the guy was a friend
of my brother. We had been fooling around, and things got
serious. I was SOOOO hot and just wanted him to screw me,
right then and there."

"Anyhow, he had this huge cock, but he was clumsy with
it, and he hurt me a lot. When he was done, I was crying and carrying
on something terrible. He just got dressed and left. Never
kissed me or asked if I was alright or anything."

"So I was glad that you had a good time with your first.
I knew it had to happen sooner or later, so it's not a big deal."

Amy absorbed all this without comment. She finally spoke,
"So you're not going to make trouble for John, or anything?
She waited until her mother shook her head that she wasn't.
Amy continued, "And I kinda gather that you won't
be upset if I should have him again?

Cathy smiled at her daughter, "No, I don't mind
what you do with John, but just remember, he's married and we don't
know yet what his wife is going to think of all this."

John was aware that Amy was watching her mother caress his
swelling member. He was amazed at the fact that here was
an attractive, willing woman playing with his cock in front
of her own young daughter. Thinking about it that way served to
arouse him even faster, and soon his member was pulsing solidly
in the woman's warm hand.

"MOM!" Amy stifled a giggle, "Look what
you did. Now that you got him all horny again, what are you going to do with it?"

"Well, " Cathy began, "I'm pretty
much content for now, why don't you have a try at him. That is if John doesn't object.
Do you mind John?"

He couldn't believe his ears! Now Cathy was urging
her young daughter to do whatever she wanted with him. And since he
was so far involved already, John certainly was not about to refuse.

"Well daughter, " Cathy continued, "anything
in particular you'd like to try. I think he's more than willing to accommodate

At that the brunette leaned down and smoothly sucked his
organ into her mouth. Her head nodded quickly for several strokes
and then she released him from her sweet suction.

Amy watched her mother pull the whole length of John's
erect penis into her mouth and bob wildly on it. She was a bit shaken
at the acceptance her mother was showing for this affair,
but she was relieved to know that there wouldn't be any major
problems from her.

She thought for a moment and then timidly asked, "Mom,
what did you mean when you said I should try taking him up the ass?"

Cathy took her time responding to her daughter's question.
"Amy, " she began, "Sometimes you want
to try something different, and it feels good to have a man fuck you in the butt rather
than in your cunt. If you both do it right, it is quite a pleasant
change. I tried John that way already, and he's very
good at that. Are you thinking about trying it?"

Amy had questions, but it was obvious from the look on her
face that she was seriously considering trying anal penetration.

"Does he really fit there? Doesn't it hurt? It
seems weird to do it that way! Do you really think I'd like it?"
All this tumbled out in a rush of words.

Cathy answered honestly, "Yes, he fits just fine,
and if you go slow it doesn't hurt much, if at all. And the only way
to find out if you like it is to try it. I like it very much, that's
all I can tell you."

John broke in then, "Your mom liked it a bunch, Amy,
and I think if we lubricate you real well, you will too. We can try, and
if you don't care for it we can always do something else."

Amy swallowed and took a deep breath. "Are you going
to stay with us, Mom. I'm sorta embarrassed to have you watch."

Cathy laughed briefly, "AMY! If you didn't mind
your friends watching, why should you object to me being here? Besides,
maybe I can help."

Amy consented to the presence of her mother as an audience.
"OK, I guess you're right about it. What do I do now? I mean
besides get my clothes off."

With that she started slipping out of the garments she was
wearing. Her nipples were already stiff, and showed through
her shirt, indicating her state of arousal. As she stripped,
her mother bent to whisper to John. Amy couldn't hear what
was said, but John smiled and moved to the table beside the bed.

Cathy had asked him what he had for a lubricant for her daughter's tender asshole. John and his wife had a
drawerful of various sex toys and related items. He rummaged briefly
in the drawer and returned with an aerosol can and what looked
like part of a drinking straw. He fitted the straw to the nozzle on
the can and turned back to the two naked females on the bed.

"Amy, do you want to get right on with this, or do you
want to play first? It's up to you what happens next."

There was a tremble in her voice a the 14 yr. old girl replied.
"I-I-I t-think I'd rather keep going. I'm
sorta scared and if I wait I may chicken out. But if Mom says it's fun I really
want to try it. So let's go ahead now."

"OK, Sweetheart, " John said, "Get on
your hands and knees on the bed and I'll try to make this good for you.

The girl did as she was told, and John moved behind her and
spread the cheeks of her firm ass. He brought the nozzle
of the can down to the tight ring of her anus and briefly pressed
the button on the can. There was a hiss as a small puff of pink
foam appeared at the tip of the nozzle.

"What's that?" Amy asked as she heard the
hiss of the escaping foam.

"This is a lubricating foam, " John answered.
"It will help make you slippery so that it won't get uncomfortable. It
is flavored too so you can use it if you want to play with my cock with your
hands and have it taste nice if you decide to take me in your
mouth as well."

As he was speaking, John had worked the tip on one finger
in the slippery foam at her back door. Taking his time, he pressed
the slippery finger into the tight ring of muscle at her anus.
Amy felt his finger enter her, but with the lubrication it was
not at all unpleasant.

His finger worked slowly at her ass, and the teenager began
to squirm in response to the attention there. Her hips worked
slowly fore and aft, and each time she leaned back, his finger
entered her more deeply.

John pulled his digit from her tight tunnel and applied
more foam to the relaxing ring that guarded it. When he returned to
enter her again, it was with two fingers, and Amy protested just
a bit at the added pressure.

"AAAAHHHH, John what are you putting in me now?"
she hissed.

His voice was steady and soothing as he replied, "Two
fingers, Amy. Take your time and work them inside you. If it hurts,
just go slower." The fingers were sliding slowly up her
as he spoke.

John could feel the tension slowly going out of the sphincter
at her opening, and he worked his fingers gently around to
help dilate her more. He was sure she would be able to accommodate
his cock in her butt, but he did not want to hurt her in the

Cathy was unable to stand the excitement any longer and
had retrieved the dildo and was casually sending it into her
own pussy with slow strokes. She was sitting at the head of the
bed, her back supported by the headboard and her knees drawn
up and separated so that she could easily reach her own pulsing

When John sensed that Amy was accustomed enough to his invading
fingers, he slowly withdrew them from her.

Now it was obvious why he had attached the extension to the
nozzle of the foam can. He inserted the tube several inches
into the girl's rectum and pressed the dispenser button
again. There was the slightest sound as the foam filled her quivering

Amy did not protest, her voice held no pain as she spoke,
"Ahhhh, John, whatever you are doing feels great. I can feel something
puffing up inside me, what is it?

John spoke calmly to her, "I'm filling you up
with the foam, that way you will be nice and slippery inside. Do you like how
it feels?"

Amy sighed back at him, "Yes, it's sorta warm
and I can feel it inside me. Are you getting ready to put your cock in me now?"

John tossed the foam aside after he had put another large
mound of it on her ripe anus. "Yes, Amy, I'm going to
stick it in your butt now. I'll just hold still and you lean back and
take it as fast or slow as you want."

Then he set the tip of his spear at her willing hole and pressed
just enough to hold it in place. Amy whimpered nervously,
and then leaned back to increase the pressure.

"Mom, " she pleaded, "Is this going to
hurt? I'm scared!"

Cathy dropped the vibrator she was stimulating herself
with and move to comfort her daughter. Her hands settled gently
on the tanned girl's back and she spoke tenderly to her.

"It's Ok Amy, I'm right here. Now you just
push back until you feel him inside you. Go slow and you should be OK."

As the gentle hands of her mother ran over her smooth back
and shoulders, Amy pressed back onto the invading dick at her
ass. She felt the blunt tip stretching her and then suddenly
it popped inside.

Amy groaned as her tight anus opened around the invading
member, but the discomfort passed quickly. Gaining courage, she
leaned back more, and the hard pole slid further up her.

She moaned, but not from pain. She found this new experience
pleasant and not at all painful. The sensations were totally
different from being fucked in the cunt, and she decided
she really enjoyed this.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh, this feels good! You were right,
it doesn't hurt bad at all.

John had gotten his hands in front of her hips and was now
holding her and stroking into her with a strong steady rhythm.
Amy bucked and gyrated as her young ass was speared for the
first time.

Cathy had moved to John and was kissing him deeply, her hands
running through the hair on his chest. Her busy fingers
found his nipples, and she pinched them playfully.

The sudden pull at his chest surprised John and he bucked
forcefully into the tender young girl he was holding close.
Amy grunted as his cock surged into her and his hips slapped
against her muscular cheeks.

Cathy noticed the reaction she got to the quick tug on the
mans nipples. She pinched them again and was rewarded by another
surge of his hips.

Amy was unaware that her mother was causing the reaction
that was hammering the stiff cock into her bowels. She didn't
care, she knew only that she was enjoying this immensely.

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Another great part. Nice twist adding the mother into the


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can'twait fr the mother adnd daughter to get it on.
he sure is one lucky bugger. Anybody out there want to re-enact
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Top story line, am anxious to read the next instalment(s).
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quote scrambled2007:
can'twait fr the mother adnd daughter to get it on. he sure is one lucky bugger. Anybody out there want to re-enact the story? xxx
i agree with you Scrambled2007, John is one lucky bugger.
Bring them on Maturexplorer, all your stories are just


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Apparently any Mother/Daughter action trips the censor
sensors on AdultFriendFinder. The conclusion to this was originally approved
and was open to view, now it is marked "Denied"
and I have been informed it violated TSA rules.


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Good going AdultFriendFinder, it's about time this man's storys
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I think if Ms. Nancy finds this story so bad, Why did she read
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I kinda wonder whose toes HER pet fantasies might step on.
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Did you miss Chapter 20? It goes from 19 to 21 and there seems
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Dunno, I'll have to go look on the original file, thanks.


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Hey (Explorer) John, , If your entire script (file) was
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JOHN's wife & daughter.. This script was specified
in the beginning as pure fictional fantasy.. Not to mention
other stories I've read by writers who admit to partisipating
in parent/sibling & sibling/sibling sex. They were
published & can be found under 'subject search'



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NANCYCANLOVE IS REALLY emotionaly immature, if she you
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I loved this story and did not find it offensive. would like
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STILL Waiting for the next chapters of this story, I only
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quote LonesomeJoe46:
Did you miss Chapter 20? It goes from 19 to 21 and there seems to be something missing between them.
Agree, I think you miss Chapter 20. It's Staci's
turn for her first time, no story about it...

Any part 6 coming?


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Any chance of continuing the story??