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Very Close Friends (bi:group)


I met them at a party in the Hamptons last summer. The moment
I saw
Dorothy I wanted her! She was absolutely gorgeous, with
long wavy red
hair and a body and legs that couldn't be beat. I asked
Bob who she
was and he told me that she was part of a two gal team who rarely
anywhere without each other and told me that her partner
had to be
somewhere at the party but he couldn't spot her at that
moment. I
asked him to introduce us and the moment I took her hand I
felt the
vibes and, from her reaction, she did too.

We hit it off from the very beginning and were deep in conversation
I saw a gorgeous redhead working her way through the crowd
towards us
and Dorothy greeted her when she got to us and introduced
me to Trish
who was just as beautiful as her friend with the same kind
of wicked
body. Trish stayed with us the rest of the evening and when
the party
was breaking up, I asked them if I could give them a lift home.

Dorothy thanked me but said that they were going back to
the city and
when I told them that I was also, they clapped their hands
in glee and
accepted the ride immediately as they figured they would
have to take
the train back to Manhattan.

It turned out that they lived about 10 blocks from my apartment
and we
found out that we had a few mutual friends. Dorothy was a

psychotherapist and Trish, a physical therapist, and
both had home
offices in their apartment. I guessed that Dorothy was
about 30 or so
and Trish a couple of years younger and neither had been
married. When
we got to their building, Dorothy asked me to come up for
nightcap and
asked the doorman to keep an eye on my wheels as I had parked
right in
front of the entrance.

They showed me into the living room which had floor to ceiling
overlooking the park and Trish asked if I would like a drink
or a smoke
and when I looked at her quizzically, she said,

"Pure Hawaiian, direct from Maui" and I couldn't

They put their things away in the other room and came back
carrying a small pipe and an enameled box of grass. Dorothy
filled the
pipe and lit it, taking a deep hit and passing it on to me.
I passed
it to Trish and they took me on a tour of the apartment. They
me Dorothy's soundproofed private office and Trish's
therapy room
which contained various workout machines and a large massage
table. By
the time we got to the bedrooms, I was high as a kite and so
were they.
Dorothy opened the master bedroom door and I saw a huge circular
that had to be 15 feet in diameter in a corner of the large

"Now that looks like a comfortable bed!" I blurted
out and Dorothy

"Would you like to try it out? Trish and I find that
it's very
comfortable for three or four or maybe more"

I walked over to the bed and lay back with my hands under my
head and
the next thing I knew Dorothy was alongside of me brushing
her full,
sexy lips against mine as Trish put her hand over my bulging
crotch and

"What have we here? Do you mind if I investigate this
a little
further?" and before I could answer, she unzipped
my fly and reached in
and withdrew, with some difficulty, my thick erection
and full, tight
balls. Dorothy and I were taking turns sucking each other's
tongues in
a long and sexy soul kiss and when I felt Trish's lips
cover the crown
of my penis, I had to moan and lift my hips to feed her more.
As Trish
sucked my penis, Dorothy got up and started to undress and
I thought I
would cum right then and there as she moved so sensuously
as she
displayed her fantastic body to me. Her breasts were large
and full
and were capped with very large brown rosettes that had
big, bumpy
nipples standing out at least a half inch. Her hips were
fleshy and
curvy and her ass was sensational and reminded me of an aircraft

carrier's deck the way it stood out. She had a mass of
red hair
covering her pussy which was framed by her sexy thighs.

Just as she finished undressing, Trish lifted her head
and Dorothy got
down and took her place and started sucking my erection
as Trish
started to undress. Trish was slightly smaller than Dorothy
but just
as gorgeous and sexy and watching her undress while Dorothy
voraciously sucked my penis had me on a beautiful high in
no time. When Trish was
nude both gals started to remove my clothes and had me naked
in a
flash. Trish went back down on me as Dorothy stood over me
squatted down over my face and when I saw that gorgeous cunt,
I lifted
my head to meet it and snaked my tongue between her petal
like labia
and into the pink recess of her vaginal opening where I tasted
delicious juices. She moved sensuously and fed me various
parts of her
crotch to suck from her rigid and quite large clitoris to
her puckered
anus and everything in between. She seemed to love it when
I sucked
firmly on her erect clit and I concentrated on sucking it
like it was a
cock and had her squirming and gasping as she fucked my mouth.
Then I
felt her body shake as she bore down on my mouth and cried
out in
orgasm, feeding me a large quantity of her juices which
were like
nectar to me.

When she calmed down, she lifted her pussy from my mouth
and lay down
alongside me as Trish pulled her talented lips from my cock
straddled me as she lowered her pussy to the head of my organ
and sank
down on it with a long, satisfied sigh. She started riding
my cock
like she was posting on a horse and was moaning each time
my penis
drove deep inside her. Dorothy sat up and took Trish's
nipple in her
mouth and began to suck it as she slipped a finger into her
anus and
helped her reach Nirvana. It didn't take long for her
grasping, tight
cunt to bring on my orgasm and suddenly I felt it coming and
her hips and drove my organ in deep as it started to spray
hot cum
inside her. At the first splash, she cried out and bore down
on my
cock as she went into orgasm also and wet me with her juices
just as I
was wetting her with mine. She sat there whimpering in joy
as she
announced that she really needed that orgasm and thanked
me for making
it so good.

After that first night, I saw them a couple of times a week
and always
together. I found out that first night that they were bisexual
always had sex with each other as well as their partners,
which was
fine with me as I loved watching them put on a show for me.
When I
told them that I was also bi, I thought they would hug and
kiss me to
death and immediately started planning on a foursome so
that they could
watch me have sex with another guy. They told me that watching
guys have sex was one of their greatest turn ons and only

One afternoon, as I was busy working on a project for a client,
phone rang and it was Dorothy.

"Can you come over tomorrow night? Trish and I will
have surprise for

When I asked what it was, she told me that if she told me, it
be a surprise anymore so I should just put my cock back in
my pants and
wait. I told her that I'd be over about eight and, since
we hadn't
gotten together for about a week, I'd be very horny
so she should be
prepared for a workout.

"I'm not the only one who should be prepared,
darling. You're going to
have your work cut out for you so save your strength and don't
tonight!" she told me and we ended the conversation.

Now it was time and as I approached her door, my penis started
to awaken
with anticipation of the coming events. When Dorothy opened
the door,
she was wearing nothing more than a wispy bit of lace ...all
ready to
have herself tossed between the sheets ...and I knew that
another night
with the two beauties was finally here! It was only about
a week since
we last got together but it seemed like an eternity to me.
She had
told me that Trish, would be joining us a little later and
that she
didn't want to wait for her as she was too horny.

She motioned me into the house and led me into the living
room where she
sat down and offered me a joint. She lighted it for me and
as I inhaled
deeply, took it from my lips and took a deep hit herself.
The grass was
real good. So good that before we got halfway through the
needle she
had made, we were feeling mighty relaxed. Dorothy smiled
that special
bedroom smile of hers, which was an open invitation to all
comers that
she was ready for sex, and said she was going inside to get
ready. She
stretched her arm above her head before rising, lifting
the thin wispy
short nightgown clear of her upper thighs. My heart skipped
a beat at
the sight of her smooth, white flesh. She went into the bedroom
and I
took another deep hit. I had just finished taking another
hit when I
heard her call from the other room. I dropped the roach clip
into the
ashtray and took a deep breath, for the thought of her lying
waiting for me made me hot right through my skin! I quickly
out of my clothes and went inside.

She was stretched out on the bed. She was a vision of loveliness...a
beautiful, well built, mature woman of thirty two with
all the
equipment a man could possibly want. I stood there a moment
feasting my
eyes on the sight of her. I started at her feet and worked
my way up.
Long trim legs that were perfectly molded and in their nylon

sheaths...just the way I liked her, with her stockings
on! Thighs that
were firm and round, the blood beating just beneath the
surface of the
pale skin. Hips that swelled enticingly and a soft hairy
mound that
rose in invitation and then dropped teasingly between
her thighs. My
eyes paused momentarily at the charming, small bulge at
her stomach and
then traveled further up the frame to the high, up thrust
and inviting
breasts with the beautiful, large erect nipples. Then
they went past
the white, regal looking throat and stopped at her face,
surrounded by
a cloud of auburn hair spread across the pillow.

I sat on the edge of the bed. Despite myself, my breath was
coming in
gasps, and my palms were moist and shaking. She brought
her face up
and my lips found hers. She closed her eyes and her body moved
mine. I hardly realized my hands were moving on her body,
until I felt
the warm, moving flesh of her breast. I buried my face in
the warm
softness of her breasts and felt the rigid hardness of her
nipples between my lips. Her fingers were caught in my hair,
and she was moaning in my ear in her throaty, sexy voice,
begging me to
take her. I took a swan dive and swam the length of her body.
She kept
moaning all through it, tossing and twisting and I pressed
my face
against her warm stomach and felt her quiver as I let my tongue
along to her hairy mound. I ran my wet tongue around her pussy
and down
between her warm firm thighs, just missing her cunt crack.
She opened
her legs wide and reached down and opened the lips of her
cunt with her
fingers. The sight of that perfect cunt with the pink, moist
spread wide and the stiff clitoris reaching out, begging
me to take it
in my mouth, was all I needed to make my cock throb and strain
at the
bit. I leaned forward and ran the tip of my tongue over her
making her jerk her body in passion with each touch. Then
I ran my
tongue down further along her wet, warm cunt lips until
I reached her
hole. My tongue ran lightly around the sweet opening a few
times until
she couldn't stand it any longer and begged me to stick
it in her. I
slipped it slowly into her moist, hot passage until it was
all the way
in and then ran it back and forth inside her hole while she
tossed and
twisted her body all over the bed. Finally, I felt her stiffen.
raised her hips off the bed and pulled my head in towards
her pussy. I
felt the warm, creamy liquid of her cum trickle across my
tongue and
tasted its sweetness. She held me that way for a few moments
while she
poured her juices into my mouth and then let go of me as she
back to the bed breathing heavily.

I moved up alongside of her and lay with my hands under my
head on my
back. A few minutes later, I felt her hot lips and tongue
on my nipples
working their way down to my stomach. She licked at my navel
and then
ran her tongue further down until she reached my thighs.
Then her wet
lips planted hot kisses on the inside of my thighs, as I spread
my legs
wide to give her easy access. Her tongue darted out and flicked
at my
tight, full balls and then moved up to the base of my cock.
She had
often told me how much she loved my cock. It was thick and
meaty and
right now, it was pounding and jerking with heat as her tongue
up and down and all around the length of it. Finally, after
teasing me
until I thought I would die, she placed her wet, warm lips
around the
head and took it into her mouth. I reached down and pulled
her head
down on top of it until her mouth covered most of it. She began
to work
her mouth up and down the full length of it and then started
a sucking
motion that turned me inside out. I felt my balls jerk and
knew I was
about ready to cum. I held her head tight on my cock and forced
it in
as far as it would go. Then I felt it coming. Right from my
toes it
came, pouring out of my hot balls and through my stiff cock
into her
mouth with no end. She swallowed every drop and as I lay back
on the
bed, licked every remaining drop off the head as it oozed

She was lying with her head resting on my thigh and my cockhead
in her
mouth when we heard the front door open and a minute later
saw Trish
and her boyfriend Tom come into the bedroom. I hadn't
met Tom before
although we both knew about each other since we had been
taking turns
having a threesome with both gals for a couple of months.
Both Dorothy
and Trish were sexually insatiable and needed sex constantly.
always slept together and had been inviting either Tom
or I to join
them for a while now. Dorothy pulled her mouth from my semi
hard organ
and smiled up at them.

"So you two finally decided to arrive! We couldn't
wait so you'll have
to settle for sloppy seconds" she said.

Then she turned to me and told me that she and Trish had planned
surprise foursome to add a little spice to their sex life.
Trish said
that she had told Tom about it on the way over and that he has
looking forward to it. I smiled at Dorothy and chided her
for not
telling me that Tom would be joining us. I had told her some
time back
that I was bisexual and realized that she had arranged this
together because she had always wanted to watch two men
have sex.

Trish was almost a carbon copy of Dorothy although a little
smaller in
stature with a very sexy body and the same auburn hair and
I started to
get hard as I thought about having the two of them in bed again.
was a good looking guy about my size and build and I assumed
that he
was bi since that was what the gals wanted to see. He and Trish

started to undress and, when he turned around to face us
after removing
his shorts, my eyes fastened on his long, thick penis which
was a
little larger than mine and slowly filling with blood and
I hoped that
he would let me suck it as it looked irresistible. Trish
saw me
staring at her man's organ and asked,

"Do you find it as exciting as I do?" and I looked
up at her and then at
Tom as I replied,

"If you don't mind, I would like to get to know
you as well as I know
the gals." and he smiled and told me that he hasn't
had sex with a man
since he was a kid but, if it turned Trish and Dorothy on,
he was game
to give it a try.

Dorothy clapped her hands in glee and told us that she had
been hoping
to see us have sex as it would turn both she and Trish on tremendously.

Trish took his hand and led him over to the bed and asked him
to lay
down alongside me as she and Dorothy leaned back on the pillows.
took the hint and looking at Tom, I ran my fingers over his
which were fully erect, and then slowly down to his crotch.
His penis
was fully erect by now and I ran my fingers over it from the
tip down
to the base and then over his big, tight ball sac. I heard
a sharp
intake of breath from him as I grasped his thickness in my
hand and
squeezed it. I lowered my head to his organ and licked the
slit in the
head before running my tongue over the entire crown and
then down and
around his shaft. Trish asked him if it felt good and all
he could do
was smile and gasp as I took his crown between my lips and
began to
nurse on it as I cupped his balls in my hand.

His penis tasted delicious and I lifted my head to tell him
so and then
told Trish that I now know why she can't get enough of
him. When I
went back to sucking his organ, I found a large drop of precum
in the slit and I captured it on my tongue before it had a chance
slide down the shaft. It was absolutely delicious and I
on drawing more of it out as I heard Trish say,

"I see you discovered his fabulous nectar. I can't
get enough of it as
it's so delicious."

I glanced up and saw that she and Dorothy had their legs splayed
and were fingering each other's pussies as they watched
us. I relaxed
my throat muscles and started to take more and more of his
cock down my
throat and his groans of pleasure were music to my ears.
I loved
having his thickness fill my throat and a sense of peace
contentment overcame me as I swallowed around his penis
and milked his
organ as I did it.

While I was lost sucking his gorgeous penis, I felt him move
and reach
down to grasp my penis in his hand so I moved around so that
he could
have access to it and the next thing I knew his mouth was covering
cockhead. We were lying on our sides with our heads resting
on our
thighs as we sucked each other and I could hear the girls
moaning in
passion as they fingered each other and watched.

"I never saw anything as sexy as this!" Dorothy
uttered and Trish
moaned in agreement as she flung her head back and cried
out in orgasm.

I was completely lost in pleasure with Tom's mouth
working on my organ
as mine sucked voraciously on his when suddenly, I felt
his body tense
and heard him groan as his penis swelled and began spurting
ropes of
hot cum down my throat. I gulped down the first load and then
off a bit so that his jets landed on my tongue and I could taste
before swallowing. His juices were delicious and I couldn't
enough. As I sucked deeply on his penis drinking his offering,
I heard
Dorothy cry out in orgasm and I kept my mouth around his cock
after his last spasm to make sure I got all of his cum. He was
my organ in his mouth and I lifted my head and told him to take
a break
as I was nowhere near ready to cum yet. We rolled apart and
saw both
the gals staring at us with glazed eyes and a happy smile
on their

Trish looked at Tom,

"That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I'm
going to want to watch
you suck cock often from now on. Now, it won't only be
Dorothy and I
putting on shows for you. We're going to be able to watch
a great show
also!" she said to him.

I looked at Tom, "How does it feel to be a star?"
and he smiled and
told me that he's only half the show and that if he was
considered a
star, so am I!

"We could call ourselves the Blow Brothers and if
the gals want to join
the act we could add, and Sisters" he said and we all
had a laugh over

Then Dorothy told us that there was one more thing, no, two
more things
that she still wants to see.

"I want to watch you two fuck each other and, in anticipation
of this
night, I've already taken the liberty of buying a double
ended strap
on dildo so that Trish and I can take turns fucking both of
you" she
said with a coy smile.

Tom asked to see it as he wanted to see how large it was since
he never
had a cock in his ass before. When Dorothy took it out of his
he gulped when he saw the size and thickness of the shaft.
It was a
very realistic looking cock with a smooth, sloped head
supported by a
very thick and good looking shaft that had realistic veins
down. The other end had the same cockhead but not as much
length and
had a raised area just behind the crown ridge.

"This is supposed to massage my clit as I fuck you while
the rest of it
is moving around inside me as I stroke back and forth."
She explained
as Tom wondered whether he could take a monster that size.

"Don't worry about it, my friend, " I told
him, "I'm going to break you
in with my cock and prepare you for the fucking that Trish
is going to
give you with that toy."

Then Dorothy cried out, "Let the games begin!"
and told Trish to start
working on my organ and get it good and hard since she wants
to watch
me fuck him while she gets Tom ready for some cock.

Trish got between my thighs and began licking and sucking
everywhere in
my crotch and it wasn't long before my soft organ started
to rise.
Dorothy was doing the same to Tom and he had his eyes closed
as he
enjoyed the pleasure she was giving him. When the two of
us were good
and hard, Dorothy told us that it was time for the show to
begin and I
told Tom to get up on his hands and knees and present his virgin
ass to
me. He got up with some consternation etched on his face
so I told him
not to worry since I would be very gentle because I wanted
him to love
the experience and ask me for more in the future. My cock
jerked in
reflex when he showed me his gorgeous, full ass cheeks and
I saw his
little puckered anus which would soon contain my entire
organ. I
leaned down and licked the tiny hole and deposited some
saliva on it
before fitting the head of my cock to the opening. I moved
it around
the hole and got it good and slippery and then pushed the
crown inside
and stopped when the ridge was in, I reached around and ran
my hand
all over his cock and balls as I moved the head slightly back
and forth
until he began to moan and push back on my organ. I slowly
fed him
more cock inch by inch and all he kept saying was that it felt
good and
I shouldn't stop. He started to move his ass back and
forth fucking
the pole inside him and I kept feeding it deeper until my
pubic hairs
mashed up against his ass cheeks. I moved my organ slowly
in and out
of his ass and before long he was grunting and pushing back
hard to get
as much of my cock as he could.

I looked up and the girls were playing with each other with
legs spread
wide and watching us with rapture etched on their faces.
I lost myself
in pleasure and felt his tight ass grasping my thickness
and milking it
as I fucked him. I let go of his cock so that I could grasp him
by the
hips and work my penis in and out of him and he immediately
grasped his
erection in his hand and began masturbating as I fucked

"Are you anywhere near cumming?" he asked me
"because I love what you're
doing to me and don't want it to stop."

I looked over at the gals and smiled at them as I told them
that we now
have a new recruit joining our group which will provide
much variety to
our sessions. All I got out of them was a big smile as both
glazed eyes were riveted to my cock moving in and out of his
anus. For
having a cock in him for the first time, Tom was reacting
and soon I felt his ass contract around my thickness each
time I moved
back and the feeling was fabulous. It wasn't long before
I felt my
orgasm approaching and, as my cock swelled and started
pumping cum
inside him, I plunged it deep and shot my load. He started
to groan
and went into orgasm as I was filling him with my juices and
his cum
spurted out on the bed and all over his hand as both of us were
lost in
ecstasy. Both gals immediately moved down and began licking
his organ
as he came and taking turns sucking the head. When we both
came back
down from our trip, I slowly withdrew my penis from his ass
and lay
down on the bed.

"That was fantastic!" Dorothy said and Trish
agreed saying that it was
the best show she's ever seen as she got up and brought
in some hand
towels and worked on my semi erect organ until it was clean
and dry.

"The next thing I want to see is Tom fucking you"
Dorothy said and I
told her that as soon as she gets him hard, I'm ready.

We took a break and after having some drinks and another
couple of tokes
on the joint, Trish suggested that they put on a show for
us while we
were working up more juices to help us prepare for our act.
She picked
up the dildo and strapped it on herself as she slipped one
end inside
her pussy and told her partner to assume the position. Dorothy
got on all fours and lifted her hips towards Trish asking
her to please
fuck her ass. Trish smeared some KY on the dildo and dabbed
some over
Dorothy's puckered anus as she fit the head to the opening
and thrust
it inside with a groan as the dildo massaged her clit and
she felt the
shaft move around inside her. It was a very sexy scene watching
fuck her partner as Dorothy's breasts were hanging
down and swaying
with each thrust and the sight of the big cock disappearing
in her ass
was fantastic. Trish was in another world also as the dildo
rubbed her
clit with each stroke and she told Dorothy that she was going
to have
buy one of these dildos for herself so she could use it on
all of us.

I reached over and took Tom's flaccid penis in my hand
and squeezed it
as we watched Trish go at it and then felt his hand grasp my
soft organ
also. The girls were both moaning as Trish moved the dildo
in and out
of Dorothy's ass and it massaged her own clit on each
Every once in a while one of them would look over at us with
a glazed
expression and smile as they watched our organs slowly
rise. When
Dorothy reached climax, she asked Trish to change positions
strapped on the dildo as Trish got down on all fours and presented
gorgeous ass to her for fucking. Dorothy kept telling us
how fabulous
the strap on felt as it rubbed her clitoris with each stroke
and Trish
added that it felt wonderful as it moved around inside her
anus. By
the time Trish reached orgasm, both Tom and I were hard as
rocks and
chafing at the bit to get at the gals but Trish reminded us
that it was
Tom's turn to fuck me and that they were looking forward
to watching

We reluctantly let go of each other's erection and
as the gals sat back
to watch, I got down on all fours and presented my ass to him.
He was
already oozing precum and rubbed some over my puckered
anus before
fitting his cockhead to my opening and pushing the entire
crown inside.
I gasped as the thick head popped inside and then it began
to feel
wonderful as he moved it back and forth slowly and started
to feed more
and more inside me. I was looking at the girls as he fed his
cock into
me and they saw the expression of ecstasy on my face as his
penis filled my ass. He started stroking in and out and then
stood up and fastened the strap on around her waist and got
behind Tom.
She told him to feed his cock deep inside me and hold it there
so that
she could work the dildo inside him and as soon as she had
it in and
was moving in and out, he began stroking into me again and
the two of
them worked in unison as we fucked. Then Dorothy said,

"I'm not going to be left out of this party. It
looks too good!" as she
worked her way underneath me and took my swaying erection
between her
lips and fed me her delicious pussy to suck.

I was in a different world as Tom's gorgeous cock moved
inside me and
Dorothy voraciously sucked my penis while my mouth covered
her savory
cunt. I could hear Trish moaning as she fucked her man and
Tom was
moaning close to my ear as he fucked me so beautifully telling
every once in a while, how good my ass felt around his cock.
was moaning as she sucked my organ and was giving me a beautiful
job in the process. I was nibbling on her clitoris and was
lost in
pleasure and the four of us left this world once again for
a fabulous
trip from which none of us wanted to return.

We were at it for quite some time when I heard Tom gasp and
whisper in
my ear that he was going to cum. I felt his cock expand in my
ass as
it started shooting jets of cum deep inside me and it triggered
orgasm immediately. My penis started jerking in spasms
and pumping
ropes of cum into Dorothy's hungry mouth as she swallowed
each load and
squeezed my organ from the base up to get the last drops.
The four of
us stayed locked together for a while before Trish pulled
out of Tom's
ass and we untangled. We collapsed on the bed and decided
to grab some
sleep as we were all exhausted and it was quite late. As I
fell asleep
holding Dorothy in spoon fashion, I felt Trish cuddle up
against me as
Tom nestled behind her and my last thoughts were about these
gals who always knew how to make an evening exciting and
I considered
myself lucky to have found them.

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