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Valentine's Day - all 9 parts


sorry for the repeat, but this is all 9 parts, since several
were lost...

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching... and as we slipped
into bed for the evening a few days before, I said to my lover
Karen “I have a little surprise for you!” With a twinkle
in her eye she said, “Michael, I’ve seen your surprise,
and it isn’t little” and smiled. I smiled back, “Thank-you,
but that’s not exactly what I meant.” “Do tell” she replied,
her eyes wide with excitement. “Well baby, for this years
Valentines day, we are going skiing.” “Sounds nice, ”
she said, but I could tell she wasn’t all that enthused.
“In fact, ”... She then said “seems like a long way to go
for a few hours on the slopes.” “I know babe, that is why we
are going for 3 days, and I have rented our own private mountainside
hideaway.” “It has some wonderful amenities”, I said as
I handed her the brochure. She started to thumb through
it, and I could see her smile return as her eyes grew wide
when she saw the house I had circled. “Wow” she said, “is
that the one we are going to?” “Sure is babe, read the description.”
She began “Mountainside retreat with breathtaking views
of ski slopes and valley below, 4 bedroom chalet, with all
the modern conveniences, including 2 hot tubs, one inside
the spacious master bedroom, and one outside on a fully
private deck. Secluded wooded lot, full privacy, just
off the ski slopes. Includes lift tickets and lodge access
to the fully modern gym which includes pool, sauna, and
Jacuzzi’s.” “WOW” she said again. “This sounds yummy,
in fact, we may end up playing more inside than on the slopes."
I knew she would be turned on by the hot tubs, gym and sauna.
She had always wanted a hot tub for “playtime, " and
now we have several at our disposal for the weekend.

“I need to get packing, ” she said, “When do we leave?” “Day
after tomorrow, Friday” I answered, “So you have all day
tomorrow to get ready, OK?” “I need to do some shopping she
said, this is gonna be the best Valentine’s Day ever.” “I
hope so” I said, “I Know so”, she replied, and leaned over
and gave me the most passionate kiss I had felt in a long time,
as a tingle surged from my lips to my toes and back. “I guess
you like this idea?” I said. “Let me show you how much I like
it” as I felt her soft fingers trace down my chest and over
my belly. In a flash, she had her fingers delicately wrapped
around my quickly swelling cock. “Mmmmmm..... your surprise
is getting bigger by the moment” she said... “Just for you
baby” I replied... “Well than, I better do something with
it, to make sure it is ready for our weekend.” she whispered,
as her head slid under the satin sheets, and in an instant,
my throbbing cock was inside her warm luscious mouth....”
A glorious rush enveloped me, as she gave me a most wonderful
blowjob. I began to stroke her smooth silky legs beside
me, as she kneeled over me, her head bobbing up and down under
the sheets. My fingers quickly stroking her ass, and then
finding her warm wet pussy, as I slipped one inside her....
“mmmmmmmmm” she purred with my cock deep in her mouth, the
humming vibrations feeling so fantastic... I pulled her
leg towards me, and without missing a beat, she knew what
I wanted, and while sucking me even deeper and harder, she
swung her leg over my head, and was now on all fours over me,
her dripping pussy only inches above my face. I leaned forward
a bit trying to plant a kiss on her swollen wet pussy lips,
but I didn’t have to lean much, as she then pressed her hips
down on me, and her pussy and my mouth were grinding together
becoming one... we made love like that (69 style) for about
an hour, bringing each other to orgasms several times...
until we collapsed for the evening.

The next morning I awoke to hear the shower running, as she
had obviously gotten up before me. I looked at the clock,
and it read 7:45. I was going to be late for work. I jumped
out of bed, running into the bathroom, and said to her “why
did you turn off the alarm? I’m gonna be late!” “Don't
worry baby, ” she said, “you’ll get there just fine” “I
just knew you needed a little extra sleep after our love
feast last night.” She was right about that, but I did need
to get to the office soon. I quickly began to shave, my back
towards the shower, but I watched in the mirror, my lover
taking her shower. Karen had an exquisite body, long luscious
legs and large firm tits that I just adored, and eyes that
looked through your soul. She was soaping herself all over,
taking her sweet time with every inch of soft smooth skin.
I couldn’t concentrate on my own shaving, when I noticed
that she too was beginning to shave, and it wasn’t her armpits.
She put her leg up on the tiled bench we had in the shower,
and her reflection in the mirror gave me a perfect view of
her spread legs and pussy, as she delicately soaped it,
and then gingerly shaved off any stubble that had grown
back in the last week or so... as I was rinsing my face, she
too had begun to rinse with the handheld shower, and I noticed
she was spending a long time rinsing her now silky smooth
pussy. I then realized that she had 2 fingers buried deep
inside her, as she directed the jets of the shower directly
on her clit... she began to moan, as I just stood and watched
her for a few minutes... she knew I was watching, and that
seamed to be even more exciting to her, as she began to finger
fuck herself... her eyes then closed, as a first wave of
orgasm over took her... her legs almost buckling from under
her... I opened the shower door, and slipped in beside her,
and whispered “let me help you with that.”.. “Please sit
down before you hurt your self.” I added.

She took her foot off the tile bench and sat down, and handed
me the shower massager. I slowly, delicately ran it over
her whole body, head to toe, helping her rinse off again,
but then directed it towards her pussy again. She leaned
back against the wall, and spread her legs wide, letting
the water cascade over her silky smooth vagina. She quivered
as the stream of water splashed over her now swollen and
exposed clit, and I now knelt before her. I placed the massager
between her legs; only about 2 inches from her pussy, letting
the water jets hit her ass, taint, and pussy lips, as I begin
to suck her clit into my mouth. It only took a few seconds
before the water jets and my mouth brought her to an explosive
orgasm, as she shook and quivered all over... She looked
at me, and said, “It’s about time you got here.” “Well maybe
you shouldn’t have turned off the alarm clock, ” I said.
“Your turn” she smiled, as she stood up, and had me sit on
the seat. “Babe, I don’t have time for this, I really am going
to be late.” She ignored me, and took the shower massager,
and placed it between my legs, like I had to her, and she said
“won’t take me but a minute” and in an instant, she was on
her knees and went down on me... Oh my god it felt wonderful,
the water jets tingling all over my ass and balls, and her
mouth wrapped around my cock, and I was exploding into her
mouth in 30 seconds.... She then soaped me head to toe, and
rinsed me, and then patted me on the ass and said “off to work
big boy.”.. and off to work I went, with a huge grin on my face.

That evening when I got home, I asked her what she had done
that day... “Shopping” she answered “for what” I said,
“you’ll see soon enough, ” she said, and that was all she
was gonna say about it... We packed that evening, for our
trip the next day, and after another wonderful lovemaking
event, we slept.

The next morning was a brilliant blue day, as we got an early
start to the drive at about 7 a.m. “How far is it?” she asked
as we pulled out of the driveway. “It will be about a 4 hour
drive, just long enough to be annoying, ” I said... “Not
by my calculations” she said. Not knowing exactly what
she meant, I focused on the drive, as she put in a CD... we
were on the highway in a few minutes, as the first song came
through the speakers. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard
started to rock-n-roll the car, as she started bopping
and dancing in her seat. She looked at me, and said “is the
drive annoying yet?” I said “no, not yet”, since we had been
in the car only about 10 minutes. She then said, “then let
me annoy you”, as she reached over and started to unzip my
jeans. I almost swerved into the wrong lane as her fingers
quickly slid inside my boxers. She then said, “I plan to
annoy you every couple of hours, during this weekend”,
as she leaned over, and took my quickly swelling cock into
her mouth. The rush of adrenaline was fantastic, as I did
my damnedest to focus on the road. I moved over to the slower
lane, since it had less traffic, and put the speed control
on exactly 65, as she slid her mouth up and down my quivering
cock, lightly flicking her tongue over the tip, and then
diving deep down onto it again and again... a trucker went
by to my left, as my lover’s head was bobbing up and down,
a glazed look in my eye... he honked his horn and gave me a
thumb’s up, as he passed, and I gave him a thumb’s up back,
knowing he appreciated what I was receiving... I could
feel my balls tightening as I started to writhe my hips to
the beat of the song, as she reached her hand inside my boxers,
cupped my balls and squeezed them a little, just as she sucked
me harder and deeper into her mouth. I exploded deep down
her throat, as she sucked me dry, and then licked up any dribble
left over. She neatly placed my now glistening but limp
cock back into my boxers, like she was organizing her sock
drawer, zipped me up, and then sat back into her seat...
“One” was all she said.

I was in shock for a long while, as I tried to re-focus on the
road... thinking to myself, “Oh my god, if that was one,
we have like 10 more to go this weekend..” I looked over at
her, and she had a devilish grin on her face. “You little
devil, ” I said... “Who me?” she coyly answered... “I don’t
know what you are talking about.” “You know, this means
war”, I said. “Bring it on, ” she laughed.... and we both
laughed together, as we talked about the upcoming weekend
of desires...

At about 8:30, she said “I’m hungry.”. and smiled at me and
then at my crotch, and laughed. And then she added, “For
some real breakfast too. Can we pull off the highway at that
truck stop up ahead?” “Sure babe, " as I moved over
towards the exit. In a few minutes, we were in the truck stop.
I told Karen to go in and grab a booth, I’m gonna top off the
tank first. She went inside, and I filled the tank. I walked
into the restaurant, and didn’t see her. I was puzzled and
confused, and walked towards the back where the restrooms
where I stood there for a moment, waiting to see if she was
gonna come out of the lady’s room, she opened the door, grabbed
my arm, and pulled me into the room with her. Within seconds,
she had me in a stall, and my pants down around my ankles,
I held onto her head, as she swallowed me whole again, and
soon I was spraying my hot seed down her loving throat. She
licked me clean, again, stood up, and said “two, "
and walked out of the restroom, with me still with my pants
down around my ankles. I quickly pulled them up, and bolted
out the door before I was noticed.

She was sitting in a booth already, and as I walked towards
her, she had that devilish grin again. God I love her. I also
heard a little “whoohooo” from the back of the restaurant,
and there was the trucker, giving me a ‘thumb’s up’ again.
I was so proud to be alive at that moment. We had a wonderful
breakfast of French toast and sausages, and got back on
the road in about 30 minutes.

Once we got back in the car I said, “Babe, you are gonna drain
me.” “That’s the point babe, that’s the whole point” she
smiled, and with that, she gently drifted off to sleep.
I continued to drive for another hour or so... at about 10:00
or so, she had been sleeping for close to an hour now, I looked
over at her, and she was so cute, all curled up, with her head
on a pillow against the side window of the car, and the most
adorable smile still on her lips as she slept. Her skirt
had pulled up well above her knee, due to her wiggling in
her sleep, and the view of her soft inner thighs made me want
to feel that soft silky skin. I shifted over in my seat a bit,
keeping my eyes on the road, and lightly, gently, placed
my hand on her upper thigh... she stirred for a moment, and
then settled back into sleep. I slipped my hand slowly,
gently up under her skirt as she cooed for a moment, moved
her legs apart, and drifted off back to sleep. I took the
opportunity to peel her skirt all the way up, and almost
swerved the car again, as I could now see her smooth silky
pussy and no undies, not even one of her mini-thongs. I slipped
a finger alongside her pussy lips and gently, slowly, rubbed
them with my fingertips. I kept my eyes on the road, as I must
have been lightly massaging them for 5 minutes or so, when
I could feel her juices begin to flow. The slickness covered
my fingers, as her pussy swelled and opened for me, and I
slipped a finger deep inside her as she let out a moan. Curling
my finger inside her, lightly pressing and tapping on her
g-spot, I continued to drive. She began to squirm, and writhe
and moan more and more as her excitement built. All the while,
her eyes closed, and head upon the pillow, as her hips kept
thrusting against my hand. Her pace quickened as I felt
her muscles begin to tense, her breathing now almost a panting
as she fucked against my hand as I did my best to concentrate
on the empty road in front of me. As she began to spasm, the
words “oh my god” squeaked out of her, as she clamped her
muscles down hard on me... It was then that I looked over
at her, and the trucker next to us in his big rig, looking
straight down into her window and at her swollen pussy and
my hand. She continued to fuck my hand as she now exploded
her juices all over my fingers, she must have climaxed about
3 times in the next minute or two, before finally calming
back down a bit... As I pulled my moist hand away from her
pussy, licking the juices off my fingers, I said “one” as
I knew she was must be wide-awake now. The trucker next to
us pulled his loud horn twice, gave the ‘thumbs up’, and
drove ahead of us on the right. She straightened herself
up, arranged her skirt again, and looked towards me and
said “can I wake up that way from a nap all the time?” “Sure
babe”, I said. “Sorry about the truck, I didn’t see him.
I hope that didn’t bother you babe, he’s gone already.”
Then she said, “he was there for about 10 minutes before
I think you noticed, he saw the whole thing, and I don’t care
babe, in fact, I think I got an extra tingle or two from it.”
“You saw him?” I questioned. “Yes” she said, “I’ve been
awake ever since you lifted my skirt, but I didn’t want you
to stop, so I just faked napped, heehee” and then I saw that
devilish grin.... “Whoa baby, time-out” I called. “I say
the score is now 2-1, and that I “won” this hour. Maybe next
hour you can “win” one. “Deal, one per hour, unless it’s
mutual” she laughed and we shook hands on it, knowing that
pace would be impossible to keep up with, or would it.

“How far away are we now.”? “Up and over that mountain in
front of us, should be about an hour or so.” Excellent, we’ll
take up this battle once we get there. And we talked, played
word games and sang as we went through the mountains. As
we approached the ski resort, we both went “wow” at the same
moment. It was spectacular. Snow covered mountains, pine
trees, dazzling blue sky and bright sunshine. I pulled
up to the main lodge, where most of the recreational stuff
was, and parked. At the main desk, we checked in, got keys
to the house, and a map showing where the house was on the
mountain. It was a winter wonderland. Karen said she wanted
to explore the lodge, so we walked all around, looking at
the gym, sauna, pool, Jacuzzi’s, and then the bar, and dance
club. “We may never go home, ” she said. I walked down a little
hallway, and then turned and said to her “come here.” As
she walked towards me, I grabbed her arm, opened the door
in front of me, and pulled her in, locking the door. Before
she could figure out what happened, I was on my knees, and
had my head under her skirt. In seconds my tongue was parting
her pussy lips, grateful for the easy access her undie-less
skirt was, as her hands quickly latched onto my head, pulling
me closer. I lapped up her juicy offering, as she began to
wiggle and writhe in place. As soon as I knew I had her close
to another orgasm, I pulled back for a second, and said,
“Get naked.” In a flash, we were both getting naked, and
I said, “lay down right here” as I opened the lid to a tanning
bed. “Ouch, so that’s where we are” she said, “you’re quite
the trickster”, as she laid on her back, on the bed, I turned
on the lamps... and a purple glow filled the room, and I then
kissed my way up her longs legs, and then began to lap at her
pussy again, this time I had a finger or two teasing her lips
and tweaking her clit. It took only a few minutes before
she was bucking all around the tanning bed as she came hard
and often... She slowed for a moment, looked at me and said.
“Don’t let me get too crispy on one side” and then she rolled
over onto her stomach, and pushed her ass way in the air.
I kissed her smooth ass cheeks, and fingered her pussy as
she built to another climax... She reached back, and found
my hard cock with her hand, rubbing it to its fullest growth.
“Fuck me” she whispered... “Fuck my pussy hard.” I kneeled
behind her, and rubbed the head of my cock on her wet opening,
lubricating it, and then slowly inserted myself deep inside
her pussy. She let out a deep moan, and she pushed back against
me, as her velvet walls engulfed me, and we began to build
to a faster pace... I reached under her, and fingered her
clit, and in an instant, she came first, her muscles tightening
around me, as she spasmed, moaned and groaned.... “Fuck
me more” she said again “Fuck me in the ass” “I want you so
bad” she panted as I slipped my rock hard cock out of her still
spasming pussy, and slowly, gently pushed it against her
backdoor... it took a moment for her muscles to adapt, but
then her ass opened up and I slipped in much easier than I
would have ever expected... I started real slow, but she
had something else in mind, as she reached underneath us,
and grabbed my balls, using them as a handle to my cock, pulling
them so I would plant my cock deep inside her ass, and then
pushing them away, as I pulled back. With her hand guiding
the tempo, I was slamming her ass hard in minutes, as I fucked
her for all I could... she began to moan ‘oh god, oh god” as
I could feel my own balls tightening in her grasp... Her
muscles contracted again, as she had another powerful
orgasm, this one deep inside her, and she squeezed my balls
more than I’ve ever felt before, and then released them
as I came deep in her ass.... my warm seed filling her. We
slowed for a moment; just as the timer on the tanning bed
went “bing.”... She turned over, laid on her back, her sweaty,
juicy body, looking so sexy in its “just fucked” state...
“Guess I’m toasted now” she laughed. “Hope you’ll have
a nice glow for the rest of the weekend babe.” “I’m sure I
will, ” we laughed again. “Call that one a tie, ” I said.
“Makes the total 3-2?” “Sounds fair to me”, she smiled.
We waited a few moments to relax, used a handy towel from
the stack on a chair, and cleaned up after ourselves. We
left the tanning room, and walked back by the reception
desk. I reminded Karen that we needed to check in at the ski
desk also, and get our tickets and gear. The package deal
I bought was all-inclusive, house, tickets and gear. We
found the ski desk on the other end of the huge complex, and
got our weekend lift tickets, and fitted for our boots and
skis and poles. The helpful instructor bundled them into
a carry bag and we carried them out to the truck and headed
to our chalet.

The drive up the windy mountain road took a few minutes,
but as we rounded the final corner, another “wow” was said
in unison. The chalet was beautiful, and secluded. I parked
under the overhang; we grabbed a couple of bags and went
inside. Stunning best describes everything we found.
Fully stocked kitchen. An overabundance of linens. Spacious,
modern and well decorated. I slid open the glass doors to
the deck on the front of the chalet, and stepped out to the
most glorious view of the valley I could have imagined.
The ski slopes were only a quarter mile to one side, and the
ski village below in the valley. And dead center of the deck
was the first of the two hot tubs. I lifted the lid, as a cloud
of steam rose from inside it. It was a great tub, room for
6 or so, the temp dial read 103, perfect. “Hey baby”, I yelled,
“you gotta see this.” She walked out onto the deck, and “mmmm”
was all she said, as she took in the sights, and sounds of
our little hideaway. “The view is spectacular, and the
tub looks yummy” she said, “and after that long hard drive,
I could use it, ” she said jokingly, as we both new the drive
was anything but painful. “We’ll get to it soon, but let’s
check out the other one.” “The other one?” she said. “Yeah,
there’s two, guess you forgot, let’s go”, as I took her hand,
and lead her upstairs to where the master bedroom was. As
we entered the bedroom, another “mmmmm” was said, as we
saw the king-sized four poster bed, down quilts, satin
sheets, and off to one side of the room, the second hot tub.
It was smaller than the first, fitting 2 comfortably. Perfect
for a weekend love fest. The master bath was spacious, with
a separate shower and a Jacuzzi tub (I guess the 2 other tubs
weren’t enough for the owners), mirrors and towels everywhere.
She wrapped her arms around me, planting a passionate wet
kiss on me, and said, “you are the best babe, this is absolutely
perfect.” “So what do you want to do first” I asked. “You”
she smiled. “I don’t think so, our hour isn’t even up yet, ”
I said jokingly, looking at my watch. “Awww” she said with
an extra sour face. “Why don’t you shower while I finish
unpacking the truck?" “OK, if I must” she said, and
off I went to unpack. I carried in the rest of our bags, and
all of the food and drinks we had brought. I set it all up in
the kitchen, loaded the fridge and then carried our bags
upstairs to our room. I could here the whir of the Jacuzzi,
as I walked into the bedroom. Placing our bags near the bed,
I walked into the master bath; there she was, in the small
Jacuzzi tub, with about a foot of bubbles all around her.
“Guess I used too much bubble bath” she said and laughed.
“Looks perfect to, let me help you”, I said, as
I gently pulled back her hair, and then shampooed it for
her. I knew she loved it when I did that, so I spent extra time
washing and rinsing it, and then massaging her scalp. I
finished her hair, and as she laid there amidst the bubbles
and jets, her eyes closed, I said “Let me get all cleaned
up too” as I reached into the shower, and flipped on the water.
I climbed into the glass enclosure, and washed from head
to toe, and then realized that my lover was watching my every
move, from her tub. Knowing she was watching, I made sure
to spend some extra time washing my cock, taking long soapy
strokes over it’s semi-hard length while lathering up
my balls very well. It felt so naughty to be doing that while
someone was watching, but it also felt so exciting. I backed
off my stroking, as I started to get a little bit too excited,
and looked over at my lover, who seemed to have a hand or two
exploring herself as she laid in the tub. Our eyes met, and
we both smiled. She stopped her own stroking, and stood
up from the soapy water, and said, “Guess I need to rinse
off all the bubbles” and stepped out of the tub, and into
the shower with me. The hot water cascading over our bodies
felt magnificent, as we embraced and kissed passionately
again. My cock already hard from the soaping I had given
it, she reached down and said, “this needs a better washing”,
and then she began to lather her hands on the bar of soap,
and staring deeply into my eyes, reached down between us,
and proceeded to give me a long slow stroking that felt absolutely
fabulous. Her hands and fingers covering every inch of
my cock, balls and ass, as she made sure nothing was uncleansed.
As I was feeling my balls tingling and cock beginning to
spasm, she pulled the handheld massager from the wall,
quickly rinsed me off, and muttered “don’t want to waste
any of your lovely seed” and then bent over and swallowed
me deep again. I shot my load in seconds, her timing perfect
as always, as she sucked and swallowed me whole. Releasing
my cock from her lips, she used the handheld to re-soap and
re-rinse me again, and said “now your ready”, and patted
me on the ass, and stepped out of the shower. I stood there
in heaven, as my legs regained their strength and balance,
and watched her as she toweled off. I turned off the water,
and also toweled off. “Must be time for lunch” she said “since
I just had my favorite appetizer. And oh by the way, 4-2”
she said, and walked off.

Lunch was wonderful, comprised of the deli-meats we brought,
on fresh sub rolls, and a pasta salad. A glass of wine or two
helped celebrate the occasion of our weekend. “All this
sex really gives me an appetite”, Karen said. “Me too” I
added, and thought to myself “the score is already 4-2,
and it’s only 1:00 Friday.... this is totally awesome”

“You gonna be ready to hit the slopes this afternoon?” I
asked. She answered, “I’m ready now”, but then added “maybe
just for a few hours today... don’t want to overdo it, it’s
been way to many years since the last time I skied.” “I’m
sure we’ll find other ways to exercise” I added, she smiled
at me and said “I’ll go get dressed, are you gonna load the
skis back into the truck?” “Don’t need to” I answered “If
you go back out onto the deck, you’ll see a couple of small
trails off to the left. One heads down to the ski slopes,
and the other one above us comes from the slope. We can come
and go as we please, no need to drive.”.. “mmmm cuming is
all I want” she said, “you do think of everything don’t you”,
she added. “I try” was all I said. She bopped upstairs to
the master bedroom to get her ski clothes on, while I got
the ski boots from the truck, and arranged the skis and poles
by the entrance to the trail. As I walked back into the chalet,
there was my baby, all dressed in the sexiest, smoothest,
tightest ski pants/bib combo I had ever seen. I stood there,
jaw agape as I took in her beauty. Her long legs, curved hips
and ass accentuated in the slick waterproof clothe. The
bib top barely covering her firm tits poking through the
smooth turtleneck sweater hugging her every inch. “Wow.”..
“you sure did go shopping didn’t you” I said. “you like?”
she said, as she slowly, seductively ran her hands from
her tits to her legs and back. “I like, very much” I added.
“It feels wonderful, like a second skin” she purred, and
guess what she said “What” I answered, “there’s a pair upstairs
for you too... we are a matched set.” “mmm... a match made
in heaven”, I added. “your boots are by the back door, I’ll
be dressed in a minute or two and meet ya by the trail.” I bounced
upstairs, and there, laying on the bed, was a full outfit
for me, socks, pants w/bib, turtleneck, hat and gloves.
She is the best. I slipped out of my jeans and into the skintight
suit, as it hugged every inch and curve of my body. It felt
wonderful, and as I finished dressing, I stood in front
of the full-length mirror in the bedroom, and admired her
taste in clothing (and men), and then realized just how
tight and form fitting the pants were. You could see the
exact outline of my cock, hanging down my leg, and with every
movement turn or step, the smooth fabric gently gripped,
slipped and massaged my cock. I was getting another hard-on
just walking out of the bedroom. I put on my boots, and grabbed
my sunglasses, as I headed out the door, and walked towards
my baby who was all geared up at the trail. She looked me over,
as I got closer, and staring straight at my hard prick outlined
in my pants said “I see someone likes my taste in clothing.”
“We both do” I answered, adding “Oh my god this feels way
too good, I may blow a wad just walking around in it.” “I’m
glad you like, but don’t you go wasting that yummy stuff
all by yourself.” “It’s all yours baby.” I clicked my boots
onto my skis, grabbed my poles, and we began to make our way
down the trail. It took a few minutes to ski through the trees,
but the trail was wide enough to navigate, and not too steep,
so we managed it well, even though we were rusty for sure.
In about 10 minutes, we emerged onto the side of one of the
main slopes, and were absolutely amazed at the beauty of
the terrain, and also that the mountain was not crowded
at all. We paused for a moment, and my lover looked at my still
swollen cock in my pants and grinned. I grinned back and
said “I have a feeling that it’s gonna stay like this as long
as I’m moving around in these pants.” “I hope so” is what
she said, as she pointed her skis down the mountain, and
I watched her cute little tush swaying back and forth in
perfect form. I quickly followed her, as we enjoyed nature’s

We made it to the bottom unharmed, even though we did stop
a couple of times to catch our breath, and certainly were
not skiing as aggressive as others. But we were having fun,
and that’s what really counts. The lines weren’t too long,
and it was about a 15-minute shuffle through the ropes before
we got to the chair, and we hustled in front of the next one
that scooped us up, and then were zooming upwards to the
peak. The views were fabulous, as we climbed higher and
higher. We talked about the slope, trying to see what run
we should take, and agreed that we should take the long and
winding intermediate slope that went from the top all the
way to the bottom along the far side of the resort. We disembarked
at the top, gathering all our stuff, and then headed towards
the slope we chose. It was a well-groomed trail, not to many
surprise bumps, that meandered back and forth down the
mountain. When we reached the midpoint, we stopped for
a breather, skiing over to the edge of the slope, and sitting
on a fallen tree. We rested and watched other skiers go by,
commenting on their form and technique (as if we could actually
do better than most) and then Karen started commenting
on their outfits, rating them from 1 - 5 for sexy smoothness.
We laughed as some skiers in torn jeans and old jackets went
by, and both muttered “one.” Others went by, getting 2’s
and 3’s then one obvious ski-bunny (a girl born and bred
to ski) got a “4” from Karen and a “5” from me. Karen turned
and looked at me and said “If she’s a 5, what am I?.”.. “you
are off the charts babe”, I said. “a 50 on my scale.” “Thanx
honey” she said. Then one of the ski instructors went by,
a tall Scandinavian looking man, and Karen leaned over
to me, and whispered, “he’s a “5” also, you can see his cock
too, he has the same pants on you do.” And sure enough, you
could easily see his manhood stretched down his thigh.
I said to Karen “is mine that obvious”? Karen said “Yup,
and I Love it...I hope every bunny on the hill gets jealous,
cause it’s all mine”, and with that, she reached over, and
squeezed my cock through the silky pants, stood up, and
went back on the slope heading towards the bottom. I tried
to stand up, but my hard-on was now sticking straight out,
and I actually had to reach in and re-adjust myself, so that
I was sticking upwards, to keep from having a tent-pole
look all the way down the hill. I put my gloves back on, and
tried to catch up to her, as she was now several hundred yards
ahead of me. I sped up, taking a risk or two trying to close
the distance, and was finally almost caught up to her as
we neared the bottom. As I slid around one of the corners,
out of nowhere, another skier came alongside me, and we
collided. It wasn’t a hard hit, but enough to send me over,
and I fell, putting my hands down to protect my landing,
as I slid across the snow. My sunglasses and one of my gloves
came off, sending a hunk of snow up my sleeve. I laid there
for a moment, when I heard a voice say “Are you all right”
and I looked up to see the ski-bunny I gave a 5 to, standing
over me. “Here’s your sunglasses and glove” she said handing
it to me “Sorry I hit ya there, I wasn’t paying attention,
my fault” she added. She then said “Are you sure you are all
right” and looked at me from head to toe as I laid there, then
stopping to literally stare at my crotch. “You look fine
actually” she then said “very fine”, as she reached out
her hand to help pull me up. I wasn’t sure what she meant,
till she pulled me up, and then I painfully remembered my
hard-on, as it was sticking straight out again pressing
against my pants. “You better be careful with that pole,
let me know if you need some help with that” she said, as she
skied off. I was embarrassed and dumbfounded. As I watched
her ski away, I realized that just before I fell, I had caught
up to Karen, and she was only about 30 ft down the mountain
and had stopped. I slowly made my way too her, and she was
laughing so hard. “That was some spill you took there...
did the little snow-bunny hop in your way?” she giggled.
Then she saw my hard-on, and said “Now I know why she gave
you the once-over” “I hope that was meant for me and not her”
she said sarcastically “Oh it’s all yours all right...
but if I’m not careful out here, I may break this pole if it
stays this hard all day.” We both laughed, I re-adjusted
my pole, and then slowly made our way the last hundred yards
to the lift again. The line was short, as we scooted right
on, and got positioned.

Once situated on the chair, legs dangling over the skiers
below, I pulled my hand out of my glove, and said “I got some
snow down my glove, and now my hand is freezing.” “Aww too
bad” Karen said in a baby like voice “I’m nice and toasty
in here” she giggled. “Oh yeah”, I said, and quickly slipped
my frosty hand between her bib pants and sweater, and right
down the front of her pants. She squealed as my frosty hand
hit the warm skin of her belly, my fingers edging under her
panties and lightly touching her warm wet pussy lips. “Mmmm,
you are nice and toasty in here” I said “let me see what your
internal temperature is” as I slipped one of my cold fingers
deep into her hot pussy. She squirmed and purred “that feels
like an icicle baby, but I bet I’m hot enough to melt it for
ya.” “I’m sure you can baby”, I said, as I began to move my
finger in and out of her quickly swelling pussy, the warmth
radiating all around my hand. I curled my finger, reaching
inside to her front wall, and gently, persistently began
to tap tap tap on her G, like you would tap your fingers on
a table. I knew this drove her wild, and in a few seconds,
she was under the spell of my hand. Her hips started to grind
against my hand, as I continued to keep tapping. She closed
her eyes, and just sat there enjoying her inner vibrations,
as the chair kept climbing the mountain. I could feel her
muscles beginning to have little spasms, as she squirmed
more and more. As an orgasm was just about to build, I stopped
completely, no movement whatsoever for about 10 seconds,
as she calmed a bit, and then I started again, building even
more intense. I did this about three times, when she said
“please please make me cum, I want to cum so bad right now”
and with that, I placed my thumb on her clit and started tapping
both inside and out, like making and “O” with your thumb
and middle finger and trying to touch them together, but
only held apart by an inch of lovely flesh. She purred “oh
god” and start to shake and spasm. Her inner muscles clamping
down hard on my finger, her moistness flooding the palm
of my hand, as she arched her back the best she could in the
confining chair, and then exploded in orgasm... one , two
three intense ones in a row, as we neared the top of our lift.
I stopped the tapping, as she regained her breathing. I
slipped my hand out of her pants, and whispered to her “I
love you, lift the bar, end of the ride.”. She opened her
eyes, and saw the lift station only 10 ft in front of us. She
grabbed her poles, pointed her ski tips up, and we slid off
the chair, her knees wobbling the whole way. We stood off
to the side of the lift area, I let her lean against me for
a minute, still catching her breath “what a rush” she said.
I looked her in the eye, and brought my now warm moist finger
to my mouth, and very slowly and erotically licked it clean.
“Yup, definitely hot down there, I’d guess over 100 babe....
my hand is nice and toasty now Thanx... and oh by the way 4-3,
heehee.” She looked deep into my eyes and said “this is the
best weekend ever”, and I said, “Only been here a few hours,
we have another day and a half to go” and she smiled and seductively
said “and nights too.” We shushed off to the intermediate
slope again, I think her legs weren’t ready for anything
more advanced yet (neither were mine).

We spent the next hour skiing, and enjoying the sights and
sounds of our winter wonderland. I did my best to keep my
hard-on in control, but had several more pole-incidents
during the afternoon. Not wanting to overdue it, we decided
to call it quits for the day and head back to our chalet. We
carved our way down the winding path that lead to the area
of homes. After a wrong turn or two, we found our little hideaway,
undid our bindings, stacked the skis outside, and headed
into the warmth of our home. Once inside, we kissed passionately
again, looked into each other eyes, and both muttered “this
is so wonderful”, and smiled. Then Karen added, “I’m whooped,
I could use a nap.” “How about a soak in the hot tub?” I asked.
“Yummy” she replied. “I’ll grab us a couple of beers” I said,
“you go get your suit and robe on, and I’ll meet ya on the deck.”
“Who needs a suit?” Karen said, and looked at me and winked,
as she started to peel off her skintight ski pants, sweater,
bra and panties. She stood there naked for a moment, in front
of the large glass doors leading to the deck. Her perfect
body, silhouetted against the mountains in the distance
was an exquisite site. She unlatched the door, and stepped
out onto the deck. “Whoa this is cold”, she said, and quickly
lifted the lid to the tub, and slipped into its steamy water.
“ahhhhhhhh” was all I could hear, as I headed to the kitchen
to grab those couple of cold brews. I also did grab a couple
of towels and our robes. And actually packed a small cooler
of beers, since that first one always goes much quicker
than you think. I walked out onto the deck, wearing my robe,
and stood above my bubbling goddess. I set the towels down,
and handed her a beer. “Perfect” she said, “Get in here babe,
it’s awesome”, she added. I undid my robe, and like my lover,
didn’t need a suit either, since we were so secluded in the
hills, Karen whistled at me, as I stepped into the hot bubbling
water. I melted into one of the built in seats, and let my
sore muscles absorb the heat and pulsating jets. We chatted
about our day on the slopes, and how much we needed a vacation
like this. We also just let the soothing waters relax us
as we took in the beauty around us. The sun now setting over
the mountain, bringing an eerie twilight color to our little
world. I opened a second beer, and passed it to Karen, and
then opened another for myself. The cold brews tasted wonderful,
and was a welcome refreshment after the slopes. “What should
we have for dinner this evening?” I asked. “Each other”
she responded, that devilish grin beaming. “Sounds yummy
to me, and includes dessert too”, I added. “But I do think
we’ll need a little more than that after skiing all afternoon.”
Karen said “I recommend we just stay here this evening,
we brought some pasta and sauce, and we can just relax” “Works
for me” I said. “deal then.”.. and we relaxed in the bubbles
a little longer, the effervescence tingling over our skin.
We did move from seat to seat, each trying the different
combinations of jets, giving each other a kiss, and copping
a feel each time as we rotated. After about 30 minutes, the
jets stopped, the automatic timer kicking it off, and we
just sat there, in the steamy water, still soaking away
any little aches or pains the slopes may have inflicted.
Karen’s breasts were bobbing on the surface of the now smooth
water, and the sight was just too much for me to resist. I
slid over to her seat, and planted a loving kiss on each beautiful
mound of flesh bobbing in the water, my fingers gently rubbing
each nipple as I began to massage them. She moaned softly,
as I continued my massage, and made sure that every inch
of her tired body was getting full attention. I worked my
way up and down her arms, her chest and tummy, down her long
succulent legs, calves and feet and back up again. I had
her turn around and face away from me, so I could work her
shoulders and back as she sat on my legs for support. I worked
my magic on the sore muscles of her back, hips and lovely
ass, and back up again to her shoulders. She was moaning
a little more now, as she was truly enjoying the warm water,
and my strong, yet soft touch on her skin. With her sitting
on my lap still facing away, I reached around, and began
to rub her nipples again. She sighed, and leaned back against
me, as my hands tweaked her nipples and massaged her loving
tits. She leaned her head back, and we kissed again, a passionate
loving kiss that gave me tingles all over. I whispered in
her ear “you ready for something special?.”.... “Uhmmmm
always” she softly said back. and with that, I reached over
and hit the button to turn the jets back on. The warm water
quickly whooshing around us, and Karen said “oh my” as I
knew my plan had worked. With her leaning back against me,
I had maneuvered us around, so that her pussy was now facing
the wall of the hot tub, only several inches away from one
of the seat jets, and the full force of the water was pulsating
directly between her legs. Another “mmmmmmmmm” escaped
her lips, as I could see her moving her legs and hips a little
to reposition the jets to hit her just where she wanted.
“You like?” I whispered. “I Love” she moaned, and added
“you little devil” as I could see her excitement grow, her
breasts and nipples swelling quickly as her skin flushed
red. “Enjoy yourself” I said, “I’ll hold ya up.” She leaned
back against me more, folded her legs underneath us, and
let her pussy spread wide open against the pulsating jet
being careful to not let the force of the water in her pussy,
just on it and all over it. I placed my hands on her breasts
and massaged her now swollen nipples, as she slowly gyrated
her hips in the bubbles, her clit now fully swollen and exposed.
The vibrations kept building as one of my hands slid down
her belly, and softly massaged her tummy, and then touched
her clit amidst the rushing water. She quivered and shuddered
with an orgasm as I slowly, gently massaged her clit. Several
small yet powerful waves took over her body, as she embraced
the pulsating jets. As the first wave of orgasms subsided,
I whispered “do you trust me?” she moaned back “God yes”
“then let me guide you for a bit” I said. I removed my hand
from her clit, and slid it around under her smooth ass, reaching
up to her pussy from underneath. I slid a finger deep inside
her as she shook again in a mini-orgasm. My finger now blocking
the force of the jet from entering her, but also spreading
her lips wide for the water to tingle with even more. I moved
us a little closer to the jet, it now only and inch or two away
from her throbbing clit, as I slowly wiggled my finger inside
her. The powerful water pulsating directly on her pussy
lips and clit shot her over the edge in only seconds. She
started bucking and rocking uncontrollably as I could
feel her pussy tighten and pulsate around my finger, trying
to milk it. She was gasping for breath as the 3rd or 4th orgasm
overtook her, and she said “Please stop.. Oh my god I can’t
take it any more.” I moved her away from the jet, and said
“You OK babe?” she purred “wonderful...but that was so
intense I was getting scared” she said. “I’m sorry, guess
I got carried away” I said. “Don’t be sorry babe, I Loved
it” she said “it was just so overwhelming I just wanted a
break” she said. “Then relax babe”, I said “I’ll give you
time off for good behavior” “Mmmm” she said “I love this
kinda behavior” she added. As she laid back into my arms,
and melted away.... “and oh by the way” I whispered... “tied
4-4.” She just smiled. We stayed in the tub for another 15
minutes or so. I mentioned that we will be prunes soon, so
we got out, shivered in the cold, grabbed our robes and rushed
inside. Karen said “I think I do need that nap, you are wearing
me out.” “But it’s a good wearing out, right?” I asked rhetorically.
“A yummy one” she said. “I could use one too” I added, and
we went to the master bedroom. We slipped under the down
comforter, between the satin sheets. I held Karen in my
arms as we snuggled for a little bit as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke a while later, and it was dark, and I was alone. I looked
at the clock and it read 8:30. I had “napped” for over 2 hours
I figured. I could hear Karen off in the distance, probably
the kitchen, as I slipped out from under the covers. Then
I smelled the pasta sauce that she must have been boiling
and I was now consumed with hunger. I slipped on my sweats,
and sauntered downstairs. There on the table was a candlelight
spaghetti dinner, including a big bowl of the pasta, sauce,
garlic bread, and salad. “You are too perfect babe” I said,
as she came into the room. “Thanx honey, hope you like” “Smells
delicious” I said. “Can you open the wine” she asked handing
me a bottle of red and the opener. “My pleasure” I responded.
“Looks like you’ve been busy” I said, “I’ve been up for about
30 minutes, and I was hungry, so I started cooking” she said.
“I’m glad you did, I’m starving” I added. “Guess we really
did need that nap” she smiled. We sat and ate and drank and
talked more about our fabulous weekend. After a couple
of large helpings of the pasta, I was getting full. I began
to clear the dishes, and asked Karen if she was up for any
nightlife at the lodge tonight. She said that she was, since
she had the refreshing nap. I asked her if she had noticed
what time the dance club opened, and she said “nope hadn’t.”
I said “I did, it doesn’t open till 11:00 if you can believe
that, I guess that’s for all the late night skiers to party
till dawn” Karen said “I’ll go for an hour or two, but not
till dawn, I’d rather be here with you till dawn.” Then she
added “What do you want to do till it opens...wink wink...”
“How about a movie and then dessert” I answered. “A movie?”
Karen asked “where do we have movies?” she said looking
at me. “Aaahhh” I said, “I read that they have a DVD player
here, so I got a couple of movies for us.” “You do plan ahead,
don’t you” she said “I try” I said. “What movie?” she asked
“Let me surprise you” I answered. “You are full of surprises”
she giggled.

I refilled her glass of wine, and then got the DVD into the
player, as we snuggled on the couch. As the opening credits
came across the screen, and she saw Mickey Rourke and Kim
Bassinger...she said “Mmmmmmmmm my favorite” as the screen
showed “9 1/2 weeks.” I held Karen in my arms as we watched
one of the most truly erotic movies ever made. About an hour
into the movie, after watching the infamous “food scene”
Karen announced “I’m hungry, for my dessert” as she reached
towards my sweats and started to rub my cock through the
fabric. Her fingers quickly bringing me to a raging hard-on.
“You are you?” I asked. “Yes I am” she said, “and you have
just what I want.” “Well you have what I want” I added, as
I reached over and stroked her pussy through he fabric of
her sweats. “Then I guess we need to share our desserts then,
don’t we” Karen giggled. “That’s a deal” I said, “but I need
to go to the kitchen for a moment.” “OK” she said looking
a little puzzled. I went to the kitchen, and then came back
about a minute later, holding something behind my back.
“What you got their sweetie” she asked.... “A little dessert
topping I said, as I tossed a can of Redi-topping whip cream
to her. “we each get one” I said, as I shook my can. “Oooh,
I like” she said. I squirted a little into my mouth, and announced
“yum-mee.” Karen shook hers, and then squirted a bit into
her mouth, and then said “yum-mee” also. She stood up, and
peeled off her sweats, and standing there completely naked,
took the can, and squirted some whip cream directly onto
each nipple, looked at me and said “hungry?” “You bet” I
said, and walked over, and licked each nipple completely
clean. She then took the can and squirted a line straight
don her belly to just below her navel. I licked and kissed
my way down her belly, following the line, stopping at the
end. “Well done” she said. I stood up, and removed my sweats,
my cock sticking straight out in front of me. Karen giggled
“My turn” and squirted the can directly onto the end of my
cock, and then kneeled in front of me, and slowly, delicately,
erotically, removed the whip cream with her tongue, touching
me only where the cream had been. She then stood in front
of me, grinning from ear-to-ear. I took my can, and squirted
a huge amount directly onto her pussy, covering her completely,
and then proceeded to kneel in front of her, and lick her
slowly and completely clean, taking my time to make sure
her smooth pussy lips had no more cream on it, except the
cream her body was now creating. I could hear her breathing
quickening, and see her pussy unfolding before me as I finished
my licking, knowing that she was nearing an orgasm, but
I stopped, and stood up. “Oh yeah” she said “two can play
this game” and with that, she took her can and sprayed a large
amount all over my cock and balls, and then knelt before
me and gently, slowly, erotically, and methodically licked
it all off. She paid perfect attention to my little mini
spasms, because each time that I thought that I was about
to explode, she would back off for a moment, and then lick
somewhere else. As she finished completely cleaning me,
she looked me over to make sure it was all gone, and then said
“missed a spot” and took my cock completely down her throat
for only a moment, and then slipped it back out. and stood
up before me. My knees were wobbly as I was only an instant
away from an orgasm, little trembles consuming me. “Cruel”
I said jokingly. “I know” she said looking me in the eyes
and then back down at my throbbing cock. She then said “I
guess I really did miss a spot, look” and knelt before me
again. I looked down to see that my cock was now oozing with
precum, several large drops trickling down my stiff pole.
“Can’t let that go to waste” she said, as she dove on me again,
this time swallowing me deep into her lovely mouth, and
not releasing me. Her tongue circled the underside of my
throbbing shaft, as she sucked me hard. I felt the wonderful
tightness in my balls, as I began to spasm, my hips pressing
forward as I shot load after load of hot dessert down her
throat as she sucked and swallowed it all. She paused for
a moment, and then began to move up and down on my cock, twisting
her head back and forth with each stroke, I came again in
only moments with the wonderful screwing action of her
perfect mouth. A double whammy, as I again shot my own whipped
cream into her wanting lips. She then proceeded to clean
me up, not wasting a drop. “Wow” was all I could say, as she
stood up before me, licking her lips. “It certainly was”
she said. “Mmmmmmmm my turn” I said, and I had her lay back
on the carpeting, as I took my can of whip cream, and again
covered her scrumptious pussy with it. This time I licked
it all off, and added more, a squirt right on her clit, and
then sucked it into my mouth until it was clean. Then another
squirt, on the clit, and sucked it clean. A third squirt,
on the clit, sucked it clean. I did this about five times,
when this time I didn’t just suck it clean and release it,
but kept sucking, licking, nudging, rubbing and fiddling
with her clit till I knew she was moments away from cumming.
I then pulled back, sprayed a bit of cream directly on her
swollen pussy, and dove my tongue deep inside her, my nose
rubbing her clit, as my tongue darted in and out. She gasped,
arched her back and then flooded my face with her lovely
dessert of her own as she exploded in another orgasm. I lapped
it all up, with every little aftershock spasm she had, and
then stopped my feast. She laid there, eyes closed, basking
in the glow for a few minutes, as I just kneeled beside her,
and took in the beautiful site. She opened her eyes, looked
at me and whispered “I Love You” and then sprang on me, like
a lion on it’s prey, rolling me over onto my back, straddling
my face with her pussy, and took her can of cream, and recovered
my limp cock. She leaned over and took my limp cock into her
mouth again, and I was swelling to life immediately. I took
my can of cream, and sprayed her pussy and ass and licked
my way all around as we dined 69 style for a while, just playing
with our dessert toys. I could feel my muscles beginning
to spasm again, as she expertly licked and suck on me. I must
have been doing something right myself, because in mid
sucking, she murmured with my cock still in her mouth “oh
god” and started to spasm above me. Droplets of dew, covering
my face mixing with the whip cream, as she shuddered and
shook. And then my turn as I came again, building deep inside
me, my balls pulling up and in, as I shot forth another load
of love cream into her. We collapsed next to each other on
the floor. The final credits of the movie scrolling across
the screen as we had missed the whole final half. “You still
up for dancing?” I asked “Hell yea” she said, “Now that I’ve
had my dessert, but I guess a shower would be in order.” “That
it would “ I added. Karen then said “I guess we’ll call that
a tie, 5-5. Who would have thought that we would have had
over 5 orgasms each today.” “5 each?” I said “Hell it’s closer
to 8 or 10 for me...” I added. “You complaining?” she said
sarcastically. “No way” I responded. “Good, cause I’m
counting on at least one more tonight babe” she said, and
then walked off to the shower while I cleaned up our dessert

It took me about 15 minutes to clear up all the dinner dishes,
and when I walked into the bedroom upstairs, I stopped dead
in my tracks at the door. There stood my lover, in a micro
leather skirt, and a sheer white silky blouse. She saw me
in my frozen stare and said “haven’t you ever seen someone
ready to dance?.” I said I had, but “baby, this is a sleepy
little snow village, don’t you think you are a little under-dressed
for it?” “I bet these people know how to party”, she said
“and Hell, nobody knows who we are anyway here, let’s have
some fun.” “You look awesome baby”, I added. “Why thank-you
Michael” she said. “Now get some dancing clothes on and
let’s get down there, it’s getting close to midnight now, ”
“I’ll be ready in 10 minutes” I said, hopping into the shower.
I did my fastest shower-shave-dress combo ever, and was
back downstairs in minutes. “Aren’t you gonna freeze in
that skirt, it is like 20 outside” I said. “You’ll keep me
warm I’m sure”, she said. “I’ll do my best” I added while
slipping her coat over her shoulders. We walked out the
door, and Karen walked towards our truck, as I walked right
past it. She said “Hello, don’t we have like a 10 minute drive
to get there, and I am certainly not walking down this mountain
in these heels.” I said, “not for my princess, Please follow
me”, she walked towards me and there sitting at the end of
the driveway was a horse drawn sleigh. “Our own private
carriage”, I said. She turned and kissed me saying “I don’t
know how you did it, but I love it.” The driver stepped down
to open the stairs, and my angel stepped up to the seat, He
took a second look at her legs and skirt as her ass passed
by him, and I think he actually winked at me in approval.
I climbed up into the sleigh, and spread the blanket for
us across our legs. Karen leaned on my shoulder as the sleigh
took the direct path to the lodge, saving time actually,
and providing a much more romantic ride through the trees.
We arrived at the lodge in minutes, and we stepped down,
with the driver making sure he was right at crotch height
when Karen needed a hand to step down. He asked if we would
need a return ride and I said yes, at 1:30, giving us a little
over an hour of dance time. He said to meet him right here
at that time, and we walked into the lodge.

The main lobby was all aglow from the large fireplace roaring
in the center. Several couples were sitting around the
area, sipping drinks and discussing the day’s events.
Everyone turned their head when Karen walked by, who had
already removed her jacket, and sauntered in with it over
her shoulder. She knew the place was looking at her, and
she liked it. She took my hand, and led me across the lobby
towards the dance club. You could hear the pounding rhythm
of the music getting louder as we approached. Down a narrow
hallway, and we were at the entrance, where a very large
and exclusive looking bouncer smiled and pulled the door
open for Karen and motioned her in, I followed quickly behind
her. Lights flashing, music pounding, sweaty bodies everywhere
would best describe the club. For how quiet and tranquil
the lobby fireplace setting was, this was the total opposite.
There must have been about 80 beautiful people in the club
(ugly people don’t ski) as we checked our coats and wandered
around looking for a table, none to be had. “Guess we’ll
have to dance” she said, with a smile, and she pulled me out
onto the floor. Bumping and grinding was a must at this club,
and who ever was closest, got the bumps and grinds. Karen
was in a zone, dancing the best and sexiest I had ever seen.
She definitely had the eye of several of the others around
her, but she made it be known that she was with me, with one
quick squeeze of my cock in my pants, for all that were looking
to see. Her territory marked, we continued to dance for
almost 30 minutes, when the dj decided it was time to take
it down a notch, and played a soft sexy tune. The crowd thinned
a little, but many stayed to slow-dance, including Karen
and I. We held each other close, and swayed to the beat, as
I could feel my cock hardening against her hot crotch under
that leather skirt. “Looks like somebody is awake again”
she whispered in my ear. “I don’t think he ever sleeps” I
whispered back. “Just the way I like it”, she said, and made
sure she did an extra grind or two against me hip-to-hip.
The song ended, and the dj cranked up the latest dance mix,
the crowd quickly filling the dance floor again, but Karen
said “Drink time” and led me off towards the bar. We both
ordered a beer, and she literally chugged hers, as a couple
of college kids cheered her on. She ordered a second, and
this time, only took a sip, and said “we need to find a cozy
spot”, and led me once again around the club. I was more than
willing to do whatever she wanted, I love to watch her do
her magic when she gets this sexy in public. Towards the
back corner, a booth had opened up, and we slipped into it.
In moments two other guys asked her to dance, but she politely
said “no, she was taken” and smiled at me. We sat across from
each other at the small booth table. Her white silky blouse
now sweaty, and clinging to her breasts. What a sexy picture
she was. We talked for a moment, and she asked about the horse
drawn carriage, where I told her it was only a phone call
away. Her foot slipped up under the table, rubbing my leg,
then calf, then thigh, and then I realized she had slipped
off her shoes, and had her toes rubbing my crotch under the
tablecloth. “You little devil” I said with a smile, as she
continued the conversation as if she was unaware of what
her foot was up to. My cock now stiff, she worked it well,
as I actually wondered for a moment if I just might cream
myself right here. She removed her foot, when she knew I
was once again under her spell, and then coyly said, “I can’t
seem to find my shoe, will you look for it under the table”
“Of course baby” I said, and stuck my head under the tablecloth
to look for her shoe. What I saw was not only her shoe, but
I also saw that she had maneuvered the table cloth on her
side to completely cover her lap and the rest of the table,
and had her tiny skirt hiked all the way up, and had a finger
next to her pussy motioning for me to “come here” next to
her smooth pantieless pussy. I could not resist, and slipped
the rest of the way under the table, covered by the table
cloth, and kissed her thighs and then planted my lips on
her sweet pussy, She was already swollen and wet, and my
tongue slipped right in. She wriggled in her seat, as I lapped
at her pussy, and inserted a finger or two. I heard her talking
to someone standing next to the table, and realized a guy
was hitting her on again, she answered him “I’m kinda busy
at the moment” and brushed him off. I figured I better make
this short and sweet, and curled my fingers for her G-spot,
at the same moment of sucking her swollen clit between my
lips. She came immediately, a quick intense flood of juices
as I lapped her up clean, and slipped out from under the table,
back on my side, holding her shoe. “Found it” was all I said,
as I came up for air just as the waitress walked over and said,
“looks like you 2 need another drink or something to put
out that fire.” I looked at Karen, who was glazed and glowing,
and I said, “I think we are through for tonight.” “Awesome
babe” was all she said as soon as the waitress left. “You
were dancing like that in that skirt with no panties?” I
said. “I like your style” I added, “No wonder every guy in
the place has been staring at your crotch.” “And you too”
she added. I looked at my watch, and said, “our chariot awaits,
you ready to go?” “Sure am” she said, and we walked out the
way we came in, heads still turning. The sleigh ride up the
hill was beautiful as a light snow was beginning to fall,
leaving a quiet hush through the forest. The driver said
we may get over 6 inches tonight, and Karen joked “I plan
on getting more than 6 inches” but I don’t think he quite
understood it, and shrugged it off. All during the ride,
Karen was lightly stroking my cock, under the blankets,
as I too had my hand my hand under the blanket and in her pussy,
gently petting and stroking her. The horses came to a halt,
and I did my best to readjust my hard-on, and stepped off
the sleigh. Karen stood up also, but failed to readjust
herself, on purpose I would wager, and stepped off the sleigh,
her hips at eye level with the driver, with her pussy glistening
uncovered by her hiked up skirt. His eyes bulged, and then
when she got all the way off the sleigh, she very erotically,
readjusted her skirt to barely cover herself again while
he watched. “g’night young folks” was all he said, as he
watched us walk towards th

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