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Vacation - First Night


For several years we had flirted back and forth. On a few occasions we had let our passions get the better of us and it led to some memorable nights. I had not seen her in nearly a year. Moving to another country and finding my own way, getting acclimated to a new culture took much of my attention and time. Now though was time for my first true vacation. She was going to visit me and I would show her around the city and beyond.

When she arrived I picked her up and took her out to dinner at a popular restaurant then took her home to unpack and unwind a bit. It was late and I had rum. Deep down we both knew where the night would take us and we both were excited to get there.

A few drinks later we were talking, laughing and sitting very close to each other. Almost as if on cue she spilled a bit of her drink on me. It was a small spill, but she just looked at me said, “sorry, they have to come off now, you can’t wear them.” Momentarily incredulous I began to protest and then thought better of it. So the game was on.

“Fine,” i replied, “but you spilled the drink, you’ll have to take them off yourself.” Smiling, she leaned in and unbuckled my pants and pulled them down slowly. Tossing them carelessly aside she noticed the bulge i couldn’t hide and reached in to pull out my quickly hardening cock. Without another word she took me in her mouth. Her small, soft hands stroked my shaft and pulled my balls as she swirled her tongue around the tip and licked up and down.

She had been wearing jeans and a black tank. Almost pushing her off me I undid her jeans and slid them off to reveal red panties. Lifting her legs up a bit I began kissing her inner thighs, kiss by kiss going higher up her thighs until I just slid her panties the side and began to lick slowly. She was wet already. One finger and then two as I continued to lick. I then kissed her deeply as I continued to finger her. She moaned into me. And I kissed her deeper.

Hungry for each other and consumed by desire we quickly shed the rest of our clothes. I carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Her head hung just off the bed. I then positioned myself over her and fed her my hard cock. She took all seven inches. The girl loved dick and she sucked better than anyone. As she sucked I bent over and began to lick again. In this modified 69 position we lost time for a bit, until my desire to fuck her overcame all else. Taking my dick from her mouth I slapped her face with it a few times and then flipped her around. Pinning her arms above her head so she could not move them I slowly pushed into her. Inch by inch she took me. Oh, she was so tight and so wet! I had to be careful not to cum right away.

Her moans were an impulse to thrust harder and faster. I could feel my balls slap against her as she moved underneath me. Her arms were immobile and there was little she could do but take it. I took one hand and began to choke her slightly as I fucked her harder. Her breathing became more rapid and I could feel her body begin to convulse in orgasm, but I wasn’t done yet. As she was still recovering I pulled out and came all over her tits, covering her in warm cum. She then took me in her mouth again and sucked me clean. After cleaning up we fell into each other, naked and exhausted, excited for what the rest of the week would bring...

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well written with sexy and hot tell us more


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Very good story. Tell us more.