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User Centered Design!!


I'd gotten an email on the account I use for posting
to usenet
groups. One of the things I do on the side is build gadgets
using single
chip microprocessors called PICs. I watch a number of usenet
groups dealing
with the things, and often post what I hope are answers to
questions people
have, building gadgets when I feel like it.
This request was for a fairly simple and specific motor
gadget. Press a button and hold it, the motor turns on. Release
the button
and the motor turns off. The trick is the gadget learns the
"on" and "off"
times and repeats them until the button is pushed again,
and it trains to
new times. Sounded pretty easy; I'd never built one
We traded emails; I needed more detail. What kind of motor?
big? What were the ranges of on and off times? Does it need
to run on
batteries, self contained, or can it be built into a larger
enclosure? Do
you want automatic shutoff after a preset time? Do you want
lights or beeps?
I learned quickly that my client was a high level software
with no hardware background. When I asked if it was an AC
or DC motor, they
didn't know. Okay, does it run on batteries? Yes. How
many of what size?
Two small ones. Make that a negative hardware background,
but we're making
I was getting frustrated and needed more information,
email was
just too slow. I sent out my work phone number and told them
to give me a
call so we could talk details. I had the code pretty much
worked out, using
a small PIC to control a blue LED in time to a pushbutton.
The critical
hardware part was going to be motor control; I needed specifics
on the
A couple mornings later I got a phone call. I answered and
a female
voice asked for my email name. Yup that's me, I said.
I gave her my first
name; she'd get that if she left me voicemail. Her name
was Emily. We
chatted for a few minutes. She thought she recognized the
phone number and
asked where I worked; I told her. She told me where she worked,
high tech company a few miles away.
I don't remember who suggested it, but we agreed to
get together to
talk at her office. I looked at the schedule on my wall and
told her I
could be there a little after four, and would need
to leave shortly after
five. No problem, she told me, that's about
when she needed to leave as
She gave me her extension and told me to giver her a ring
when I
got to the lobby. Then I told her I'd be wearing a black
leather jacket,
white shirt, and a black tie with red chili peppers on it.
"Really?" she
squeaked over the phone. I laughed; she really did squeak.
I told her it
was a hard tie to miss. She started laughing and said she'd
see me later
that day. Was there something familiar about that laugh?
I was looking
forward to meeting her; I'd spent too long focused
only on work. Jennifer
was gone; it was long past time for me to move on.
Now for economics. I work in the Silicon Valley; it's
a great place
to work. It's also a rotten place to live; housing prices
are astronomical.
So I live in what's called the "East Bay"
and commute on the bus. It works
out well; company employees get free bus passes. The bus
stop is a couple
blocks from my house, and I get dropped off right in front
of the office.
The bus is comfortable; the seats recline, and it beats
the hell out of
driving at least an hour and a half twice a day in ugly traffic.
It's also
a great way to get out of late afternoon meetings. "Got
to go, can't miss
my bus!"
I took an earlier bus that afternoon and got off at Emily's
Her company is also part of the commute program; they have
a very nice bus
stop right in front of their main building. I went in and
gave her a call
from the lobby; she laughed when I said hello and said she'd
be right down.
A few minutes later as I was standing around in the lobby
I heard
her call my name. I turned around and realized why she'd
squeaked when I
told her what I was wearing, and why she'd been laughing.
When I saw her I
started laughing as well; we'd ridden that damn bus
together most days of
the week for the last two years. We hugged and we
went to a small
conference room off the lobby.
That Emily, the one from the bus; she's about my height,
long black
hair, good waist, and strong slender legs. Her Hindu heritage
blessed her
with clear dark almond skin, beautiful oval eyes, and a
pair of firm, full
breasts that make my mind go blank. She has a wonderful laugh,
and the kind
of laid back personality required to survive the commute.
"I couldn't believe it was you." she said
when we sat down, still
laughing a bit.
I shook my head. We sat together sometimes; I wouldn't
mind sitting
next to her more often. Neither of us were real conversationalists
on the
bus, we tended to read or sleep. We swapped books and magazines
all the
time, even working out an informal trade; I brought along
The Economist and
she brought New Scientist. We chatted for a couple minutes,
then I looked
at my watch.
"We could take the express bus and talk on the way,
we'd be more likely to
get seats."
She nodded. "I thought so too. My bag is ready to go."
"So, I need more details about the motor you want
to run."
She lowered her head and blushed a little. I didn't
know what to do
with that. "Can you get me one to work with? I only need
the motor, not the
rest of whatever it is." Maybe that would be easier
to handle.
She looked up at me with a funny smile, still showing some
embarrassment. "I... I can get you one of the motors."
Were her nipples
sticking out a bit through her blouse?
I changed topics a bit. "Okay, that will be a big help.
I still
have hardware choices to make. Do you want any feedback
that it's working?
A light? Sound?"
She responded when I said "feedback" with
a look of shock or
surprise, then smiled and said "No sound, a small
light would be okay."
We talked a little more. I let her know that I could either
run the
motor full off to full on, or possibly let it run at a slower
pulsed rate,
then kick it up to full, she should think about it. She told
me she'd like
a way to turn it off quickly; I let her know that wouldn't
be a problem.
We took a break to visit the plumbing; she got her bag and
we went
out to the bus stop. Since it was an earlier bus than usual
for us, we got
seats easily; where I got on, I usually got a seat, sometimes
Emily didn't.
I told her I'd be sure and save her a seat from now on.
Once we started out, both of us reclined our seats. I was
next to the window, Emily to my right. I looked over to her
and held out my
right hand.
"Emily, I'm going to close my eyes. I want you
to pretend I'm not
here, and my hand is the button for your controller. I want
you to go
through how you'd normally use it, rates, durations,
as best as you can
figure. I need to know this to set the timing parameters.
When you're
through, squeeze my hand. Okay?"
She looked a little hesitant, then nodded. I smiled, leaned
and closed my eyes.
After a bit I felt her hand on mine, it felt like her right
reaching over. I moved my hand out a little, and she set it
on a book in
her lap. She started out tapping on the back of my hand slowly,
about twice a second with her middle finger. Okay, I thought,
this is easy,
tenth of a second sampling will work. Then she started speeding
up; tenth
of a second is too long a sample interval. Then the "on"
time started
getting longer than the "off" time, until it
was "on" for a little more
than a second, and "off" briefly. Then it was
"on" continuously for quite a
while, a minute or so, then she squeezed my hand.
I pulled my hand back into my lap and thought. Okay, use
about five
hundredths of a second for the sample interval, and a set
of sixteen bit
counters. How long do we have to go before we declare "on"
12.8 seconds would be overflow from the lower 8 bits to the
upper 8 bits, a
convenient point.
I opened my eyes. Her eyes were closed; it looked like she
perspiring, and breathing a bit fast. "Emily?"
I asked. She opened her eyes
and smiled, again giving me a sort of blush.
I smiled back. "Like to talk design decisions a bit?"
She said "Sure."
We talked about timing; I gave her my initial ideas, letting
know we could alter things; this was just a first hack. She
agreed that
about ten to twelve seconds was a good point to go to continuous
"on" for
her mystery motor. We both understood the nature of software;
you build the
first version expecting to learn a great deal, and expecting
to throw it
away. When I asked if there was anything else, she surprised
me. She lifted
the armrest between the seats and said "I'd like
to hold your hand again."
I held out my hand and she took it in hers gently. Then she
on my shoulder and closed her eyes. That seemed to be the
thing to do; I
did the same, and was soon asleep.
Luckily we watch out for each other on the bus. I woke up
with the
driver announcing a stop two from where I get off.
Emily squeezed my hand;
I looked at her and smiled, she had a very peaceful look on
her face.
"Where do you get off?" I asked her; she was
always on the bus when
I got on in the morning.
"The stop after you." she told me, with a chuckle
in her voice and
a little blush. What had I said that was so funny?
"Would you like to go out to dinner with me tomorrow?"
I asked. "I
promise not to talk about the project for you if you don't
want to."
She laughed. "That would be nice. I'd like that."
"Good." I said, standing up and grabbing my
bag. "I'll see you
tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams."
She laughed and blushed again, putting a hand up over her
face. I
got off the bus wondering what the hell was going on, what
was I missing?
I pretty much finished the code that night, testing it
with my
light emitting diode, and prototyping the motor driver.
I sat at my
workbench in the spare bedroom pushing the button for a
while, then watched
as it took over repeating the pattern. I could speed it up,
slow it down,
or turn it off; not bad.
The next morning when I got on the bus Emily had saved me
a seat.
"Good morning." I said as she picked up her bag
for me to sit down. She dug
into hers and pulled out a little plastic bag with a small
motor in it; she
had a Band-Aid on her hand.
I took the offered bag and asked "Cut yourself?"
She laughed and said "Yes, but not bad, not being
careful enough.
I'll stick to software."
I took the motor out of the bag and looked at it. It was about
same diameter as my thumb, a little over an inch long. It
looked like
something had been pulled off one end of the shaft. I tried
turning it with
my fingers, it didn't want to budge. It was either very
powerful or
destroyed. I'd do an autopsy later.
We talked for a bit about dinner and the upcoming day. She'd
reservations for us for dinner at a fish place we went past
on "our" side
of the bay; that way we could take local busses home anytime
we wanted.
We settled back into our usual morning routine, except
that she
once again lifted the armrest between the seats, took my
hand, and leaned
on my shoulder.
We snoozed again, waking when one of her cow-orkers called
her name
just before her stop. We both sighed and smiled; she touched
my cheek with
a hand as she got up.
I got a closer look at the motor later that day; it was trashed.
got it to turn in my fingers, but the brushes were destroyed.
But that
wasn't what I was thinking about; she'd touched
me and smiled. That felt so
wonderful, and yet at the same time reminded me of how empty
my life was.
I got on the usual bus home that afternoon, saving a seat
Emily. She was lucky; if I hadn't she wouldn't
have gotten one. We settled
in and I asked "Read?" Are you going to read on
the way home? She raised
the armrest in reply, and reclined her seat. I did the same.
As I was
offering her my hand, she reached an arm around me and pulled
me over on to
her shoulder. How could I refuse an offer like that?
Our driver announced the restaurant name loudly over
the intercom,
waking us. Emily must have told him, as it wasn't the
usual stop for either
of us. We got off together thanking him, and our arms went
around each
other as we walked from the bus stop.
Dinner was good, but got off to a slow start. I didn't
know what to
say. We worked for competitors, so we both knew work discussions
were no
good. I told her I wouldn't talk about the gadget.
After a few minutes, though, she squeezed my hand and said
what's the matter?"
I shook my head, closed my eyes, and quietly explained
my dilemma.
When I heard her laughing softly, I opened them again. I
hadn't mentioned
that watching her breasts was not doing well for my concentration.
She told me she understood. She was mildly surprised I
didn't have
a steady girlfriend.
I smiled and told her I was between girlfriends; I'd
learned that
no matter how well you think a relationship is going, if
one person says it
isn't going well, they're right. I still wasn't
sure what had happened;
well, she was sure she'd found someone better.
We waxed a bit philosophical after that. She visited the
room, and when she returned to the table her blouse was unbuttoned
substantially, and I could tell her nipples had perked
up. I took a deep
breath when I noticed that, then looked in her eyes. She
gave me a very
intense look and a smile; no accident there.
We more or less split the check. We walked back to the bus
stop arm
in arm. She'd put on perfume and it was driving me crazy.
When we got to
the bus stop, we stood there looking at each other.
"Well?" she asked me.
I sighed. "Emily, I'd like to kiss you and squeeze
you and..."
I was interrupted by her closing her eyes and pulling me
to her. I
put my arms around her and we kissed. I held her gently, arms
around her
shoulders. Too gently it seemed; she turned me around so
my back was to the
side of the bus stop and pressed into me from hips to shoulders.
I felt her
waist as we kissed, moving my hands up her back. I could feel
her nipples
burning into me. She moved one of my hands to her front; I
gently squeezed
a breast and she moaned as we kissed.
We broke for air a little before the bus arrived. We stood
looking in each other's eyes with the bus waiting there
until the driver
yelled out "Next bus is in twenty minutes. You getting
on?" She pulled me
to the bus; we grabbed our bags and got on.
We didn't get seats, so we stood there in the aisle
holding on to
each other, then kissing. I didn't know what to do as
we got to my stop.
Should I ask her to come with me? My indecision let her make
the choice.
She squeezed my hand and said "Here's your stop.
I'll see you in the
morning." With that we got in one more deep kiss, and
I got off the bus.
I sighed as I stood there watching the bus pull away. Then
my legs
went on automatic pilot and took me back to the house. Nothing
but junk and
bills in the mail; it looked like I had two choices
for the evening. I
could take matters into my own hands, or I could go for sublimation
work on the gadget. I wanted to take another whack at that
motor, and I
thought I had something similar in a junk box in the garage.
It only took me a few minutes to find a similar motor in a
box in
the garage. I took a look at the one she'd given me under
a magnifier; the
brushes were shot, really worn out. I hooked up my junk box
motor to the
prototype and tried it. I put the motor between the soldering
iron and a
large transformer to keep it from hopping all over the bench
as it pulsed
on and off. I had to add a little more snubbing on the motor
and the mosfet
switch, but it worked like a charm. I put the switch/LED
combination on the
end of three feet of wire, and the motor on a longer
piece of wire. The
remaining circuitry was on a small piece of copper circuit
board about an
inch on a side. I fooled with the code for too long, finally
flicking it in
for the night. I have to get up early for the bus.
I was brushing my teeth when I thought of that motor hopping
around. Could that be it? I looked at myself in the mirror.
That could be
it; the timing was right. Oh well, we'll find out soon.
I rinsed my mouth
and went to bed.
When I got on the bus the next morning I didn't see her
at first,
then I noticed her farther in the back. I sat next to her;
she'd already
pulled the armrest up.. "Hi. Thanks so much for last
night. I..." I spoke
as I put my bag down on the floor. When I sat up again she flung
her arms
around me and pulled me to her. I didn't need encouragement.
We kissed and
our hands roamed all over each other, touching, squeezing,
feeling, digging
in with fingernails. At one of the stops we heard a gal walk
by and say "Oh
wow. Nerds in lust." We laughed at that and came up
for air. We'd seen and
heard some pretty torrid stuff on the bus. I never thought
I'd be part of
the show.
As we got close to her office I had a hand inside her blouse,
feeling her through her bra. She had a hand inside my shirt
as well. She
made a mad dash at rearranging herself, kissed me once more,
and scrambled
off the bus leaving me panting. Damn, I didn't tell
her about the motor.
A few minutes later I got of at my place. One of my coworkers
the bus, a gal in marketing, complimented me on the show
we'd put on. I
smiled and thanked her, I hoped we'd do it more often.
As we walked up to
the building though I could feel a very bad case of blue balls
-- I hurt.
I gave Emily a call about half an hour later.
"I don't think I've ever enjoyed a bus ride
as much as this
morning." I told her.
She laughed, eventually saying "I enjoyed it as
well. And dinner
last night."
We chatted for a couple of minutes, then I told her.
"I've got good news and bad news."
"The good news is that I've got what I think is
an operating
prototype. The bad news is that the motor you gave me yesterday
was dead."
"Hmmm... I'll think about that." She
sighed for a bit, then laughed
again. "We'll talk this afternoon. Save me a
seat in the back."
"I'll save you a seat. I'm looking forward
to seeing you again,
holding you."
That got a sigh. "So am I. I'll see you this evening.
Think about
me. Bye."
"Bye." I hung up the phone. Think about her?
How could I not think
about her? What if my guess was right? She seemed to be interested
in me, I
wanted her very much, yet was worried about chasing her
off. I needed her
very much. I thought Jennifer and I had been so happy, things
had been
going so well. I'd been wrong; it hurt then and it hurt
now. I know she was
just out of college; she told me "People grow, they
change." I know that; I
thought we could grow together, change together. Had I
just been a
convenient transition out of school, as Susan said? Sigh.
Introspection can
be painful. But waking up alone in the morning is even more
painful. For
the last few months, how many months had it been since she
moved out? I'd
thrown myself into my work, into side projects, working
out. My boss was
happy, the people I built gadgets for were happy, so why
wasn't I?
That was a very long day, and a very slow bus getting to her
office. I smiled when I saw her; she had a big grin on her face.
I was
sitting next to the window.
"Scoot over so I can have the window." she said.
I scooted over and
started to stand up.
"No, I'll slide over." she told me. Then
she sat on my lap and gave
me a couple slow sensuous wiggles before sliding over to
the seat, just as
I was about to grab her breasts from behind.
I probably looked dazed; she asked "Did you have
a long day?"
I told her I did, it had gone very slow, I'd also stayed
up too
late working on the gadget.
She said "Then you can rest on the way home."
She pulled one arm
and put a hand around my neck, pulling me into her lap, resting
my head on
her soft full bosom. I sighed; make that a soft but firm and
bosom; she smelled delicious. I could smell her perfume,
feel her warmth,
hear the beat of her heart. My mind spun for a while and then
I surprised
myself; I went to sleep.
She woke me with a squeeze. I took another deep breath of
perfume and kissed her through her blouse, then sat up.
"Thank you. I miss
She chuckled. "We should do that more often, it was
"No, it was incredible. See you in the morning?"
She gave me a smile and put a hand on my leg. "I thought
I could
bring over another motor tonight, say around eight?
Would that work?"
My mind almost stripped its mental gears as I went from
delirium to
shock. The place was pretty clean, I should take care of
the kitchen. I'm
pretty neat and tidy all in all. Should I give the bathroom
a quick going
"That would be great. Bring the motor, whatever
you need. It
shouldn't take long."
She leaned back and with a raised eyebrow said "I
was thinking of
bringing my pillow..."
I didn't know what to say. She started laughing and
reached up and
closed my mouth.
"This is your stop. I'll see you at eight."
I got off the bus. Gee, last night when I stood here I was
Tonight standing here I'm dazed. Oof, I've got
some work to do. Pillow? It
doesn't matter if I was right or not, I guess.
I headed home and had a quick bite to eat, then did a whirlwind
on the bathroom and the kitchen. I was almost thanking my
parents for
harping at me all those years and turning me into a neat freak.
I live in a
little three bedroom house. One of the bedrooms
is a real bedroom, one is
an office - workshop for electronics and computer stuff,
and the third is
the library - guest room with a futon. I'd just finished
a dusting pass
when the doorbell rang.
I answered the door; I guess I was out of breath, because
as soon
as she saw me she started laughing. She was carrying her
work bag, a small
suitcase, and a pillow. I stepped to the side and invited
her in.
"Been busy?" she said as she put down her things
and gave me a kiss.
I was going to answer but got distracted. We kissed and
hugged. She
handed me an old copy of The Economist; that's how she
had my address.
"Give me the tour?"
I gave her the tour of the house. She remarked how tidy things
were; I told her it was the result of many years of beatings;
I kept the
place pretty well picked up. She sat down on the futon in
the library and
leaned back, as if she was trying it out for size. She looked
How was this going to unfold? What should I do?
We ended up in the office. I pointed to the prototype, sitting
on a
piece of circuit board in a small vise on the bench, the batteries,
and motor hanging off on wires. "Well, there it is.
Where's your motor?"
She looked around the room a bit. "Can we move this
into the other
room by the futon?" She picked up the switch and pushed
it a couple times,
watching the motor go on and off at the same rate. Did I see
her nostrils
flare? The way she looked at that motor, I had to be right.
"Sure." I told her. "I can move it in there."
She hit the switch quickly and the motor turned off. She
gave me a
very intense look and said "Good; why don't you
move it in next to the
futon and get whatever you'll need to connect up the
motor; it already has
a wire going to it. I'm going to the bathroom and then
I'll join you."
She stepped out and I moved the gadget to the little table
next to
the futon. I got my wire cutters, and the soldering iron
as well. I was
thinking what other tools I'd need when she came into
the room carrying a
small paper bag.
"Do these lights dim, or do you have any candles?
These are pretty
I hit the switch, dimming the lights down. "How's
that? I may have
to put them up again to connect the motor."
She smiled and sat on the futon. Her shoes and socks were
off; her
blouse half unbuttoned. She reached in the bag and pulled
out a little
plastic battery holder with a switch on the side, a wire
going to the other
end still in the bag.
"Here. You can cut this off and hook it up. Leave the
other end in
the bag for now."
Okay, I looked at the wire; two conductors, should
be safe. I
clipped off the battery box, stripped the wire ends, cut
off my old motor,
and spliced the wires together. I looked up at her, waiting
for her to make
the next move.
"Can you get me a small towel?" she asked. "And
dim down the light
a bit more?"
"Of course. Be right back." An encouraging
sign; I dimmed the light
some more then went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel off
the bar.
When I walked back into the room I was stunned. I knew what
going to happen, but I didn't know what she was going
to do. She'd taken
off her blouse and her pants, and was taking off her bra.
She smiled to me
and pointed to a spot on the floor next to her. "Have
a seat. I want to
show you what you've made."
I sat down on the floor and handed her the towel. Her nipples
looked magnificent. She got up a little and put the towel
underneath her,
then slipped off her panties. She looked me in the eye as
she pulled the
wire out of the paper bag. At the other end of the wire was
an egg shaped
thing, maybe two inches long and an inch or so in
diameter. She relaxed
back on the futon, still looking me in the eye, and put the
egg in her
mouth for a moment. She seemed to roll it around, turning
it, then she took
it out and with her legs together slowly slid it down her
thatch, using her
other hand to spread her lips gently and position it.
Both of us were breathing heavily. I had the erection of
my life,
and her nipples were crinkled and pert. I thought I could
smell her scent
as well as her perfume.
She picked up the switch, leaned back, and tapped the button
couple times. "Ooh!" she moaned, moving her
hips and hitting the button.
After a few seconds she let the switch dangle in her hand.
In the dim light
of the room I could see the LED blinking on and off as she writhed
on the
futon. I remembered to breathe again. She hit the button
again, changing
the rhythm, speeding it up. After a few seconds more she
changed it again,
this time more on than off. I got up and moved to her, touching
a breast
Her eyes sprang open, wide with a glazed animal look as
she hooked
her other hand around my neck and pulled my head to her breast.
I latched
on to her nipple and put my hands around her waist as she moaned
arching her back, holding me to her.
After not too much longer I felt her stiffen and a low, long
started coming out of her. I held her to me, feeling her warmth,
her, hearing her pleasure; she squeezed me and pulled my
hair, then went
limp on the futon and in my arms. I sucked contentedly for
a while, then
moved to kiss her other breast, then rested my head on her,
feeling the
warmth of her chest and hearing her heart beating rapidly.
It took a while for her breathing to settle. She moved a
bit and I
sat up, putting a hand on her knee and moving it slowly up
her thigh. I
wanted her, especially after that show.
She smiled. "It works. That was great."
I shook my head. She laughed then growled "Strip!"
I started peeling off my clothes. She stood up slowly,
letting the
switch and the vibrator fall to the futon, then pulled the
futon out full
length. When I was naked she pointed to it and said "On
your back."
I moved over to the futon and lay on my back. She reached
into the
paper bag again and pulled out a little foil package, opening
it and taking
out a condom. She moved next to me on the futon and with one
hand caressing
my balls, put the condom on me with the other. "Sit
up." she told me.
I sat up on the futon, and she sat in front of me, then moved
my lap, taking me into her. I crossed my legs and she rested
on me,
wiggling into place. I moaned and my eyes closed, I leaned
back, my arms
behind me propping me up.
Then I felt something else and opened them again; she was
the vibrator back, now positioned between the base of my
cock and her
nether lips and clit.
"Sit up and kiss me, please." she said softly.
I sat up and put my arms around her, feeling her breasts
me, and we kissed. She moved her hips slowly side to side.
I leaned my head
down a bit and suckled her again; she'd put perfume
on her breasts,
something I love.
After a while she pulled my head up again. "Are you
ready?" she asked.
I was about to say something when she closed her eyes and
her head to the side; I closed mine and we kissed. As I slid
my arms around
her waist to hold her I felt the vibrator start; that pulse
of pleasure
when it first turned on was incredible. It seemed there
was another pulse
when it turned off. She played with the timing for a bit;
we were both
moaning, she was rocking on top of me.
I couldn't hear the vibrator, but I felt it throughout
my body as
it pulsed on and off. I felt her weight on top if me, her warmth.
I could
feel the warmth of her breasts against my chest, feel her
breasts moving as
we breathed, feel and hear the warmth of her breath on my
cheek, hear our
moans. I had one hand at the base of her spine holding her
to me, the other
up near her neck, feeling her skin and covered by her long
hair. Every
caress of her hair as she moved, every pulse from the vibrator
held between
us sent another shock of pleasure through me.
I pulled my mouth away from hers and panted in her ear "I
take much more."
In response she stuck her tongue in my ear and the vibrator
on as she rocked against me more. I slipped back and she leaned
forward. I
couldn't hold myself up anymore, I started coming
inside her as I heard
that low wail start in her again.
I collapsed on my back; she rode me, moaning as I pulsed
into her.
Finally she pulled the vibrator out of the way and leaned
down on top of
me, kissing once again.
She slid off me and gave me a nipple for a while. I took a deep
breath and moaned as I sucked on her.
"I hoped you liked tits." she said as she held
my head to her.
I flopped a hand up on her waist, she pulled back a little.
I looked at her. She had a wonderful satiated smile. I felt
and undoubtedly looked it.
"Thank you for a great gadget." she said.
"You're welcome. Thanks for trying it out.
I think I could get
better with practice."
She laughed and shook her head, her long hair coming down
her face and into mine. My eyes closed and the world spun
a bit more.
"There's just one problem with it." she
I forced my eyes open as she moved her hair out of my face.
"I can
put it into a small enclosure, that's no problem."
She shook her head gently side to side, then moved back
up giving
me a nipple. "No, that's not it. Why should I use
that when I've got it's
inventor?" I held on and we rolled on our sides on the
futon. A good
question indeed. I left one nipple and let my head rest on
her chest. "Of
course this is only a prototype, we'll need a lot more
testing." She
laughed and squeezed me. I closed my eyes to her warmth and
softness, to
the feeling and sound of her heart.
We got up after a bit, both on wobbly legs. I laughed as I
over the last few days, thinking about that motor with the
worn out
brushes, imagining the hours of ecstasy it took to get that
way. I went to
the bathroom and posted my French letter. When I got back
to the room she
was folding up the futon, on her knees on the floor, leaning
over it. What
a marvelous bottom she has; firm and soft at the same time,
such an
incredible cushion for making love. I got down behind her
and pressed in.
She moaned and wiggled appreciatively, getting my interest
up again
"Ready for another test already?" she asked,
wiggling into me.
I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled a bit. "The
price of
She laughed and tossed me another condom. I put it on and
grabbed a pillow and the towel, putting them underneath
her. I saw the
vibrator snake down again and she leaned forward a bit,
spreading her legs.
What a beautiful sight; I felt her gently with one hand,
shivers down us both, then guided myself in. I slid against
her, in heaven
again, the sight of her on the futon before me, her breasts
squashed out a
little on her sides. I felt the warmth between her legs and
the smooth
cushion of her ass. I thought I smelled her aroma mixed with
her perfume
and inhaled sharply as I slid my hands up from her bottom
to her shoulders,
feeling that soft black mane. I felt the vibrator start
up its pulsing
again. It felt more distant this time; sitting against
the base of my cock
had been intense.
"Mmmm... That's nice." I said. "Let
me know when you're close to
the edge; I think I can last a while like this."
She moaned and wiggled underneath me. I leaned on her,
feeling her
back and squeezing her shoulders, feeling her sensuous
ass supporting me.
She changed the rhythm and I started sliding in and out of
her trying to
match it. After a bit we got synchronized, then she started
calling out
"Faster... Deeper..." I moved with her as best
I could; I felt the vibrator
go on continuously and I pressed into her as she started
her moan. I
pressed and wiggled, I was very close as well. Then as we
moved it felt
like the vibrator touched my left nut; the shock set me off
and I froze,
pushing and pulsing into her, then collapsing on top, covering
my face with
her long hair.
It took us longer to recover this time. We pulled apart
and lay in
each others arms, half on the futon, half off. I heard the
mantle clock in
the other room strike ten. We both started moving.
"We should get to bed if we want to make the bus."
I told her. "Or,
we could just say we're telecommuting tomorrow. It's
She kissed my chest and said "No, I've got meetings.
But it's a
wonderful idea."
We kissed again standing up on our knees, then cleaned
up and went
to bed. We agreed on setting the alarm earlier to give us
time to shower
and get ready in the morning.
The alarm went off and I whacked it. I started to get up when
pushed me on to my back and flipped the covers down. I started
to say
something, then felt her hands on my cock. I lay back and
enjoyed it. She
pulled my T-shirt off and knelt between my legs.
After I got hard between her hands she moved and I felt her
on me, soft, then hard, then soft again. I started moaning
and moving on
the bed. I must have said something, because she said "I'm
not going to
stop, enjoy it." Then I felt a hand on my balls, and
her soft hair between
her breasts. It was too much for me; I gave another moan and
came, feeling
the warmth spread on my belly.
"Oh God, that was incredible." I panted.
She laughed and said "I've wanted to do that
to someone for a long
"Any time you want..." I laughed.
We wobbled to the bathroom and showered together. I knelt
her legs and started kissing her. She moaned and held me
to her for a
moment, then said "Stop... We'll miss the bus.
We've got all weekend."
We managed to get to the bus on time. When we got on, together,
bunch of the regulars whistled and applauded. I felt myself
blushing. Emily
just smiled. We sat down and collapsed in each others'
I was still half asleep when she kissed me and got off at
her stop.
"See you tonight." she told me. I gave her a squeeze
and a sigh.
I got off at the salt mines and walked in. The same gal that
to me a couple days earlier walked along side and said "Pretty
subdued this
morning, have a long night?" I looked at her and smiled;
I didn't know what
to say. She laughed and clapped me on the back. "Good
for you! Good for you
We necked nonstop on the bus going home. She went to her
place to
get some more things while I started dinner. She learned
that night that
just because I'm neat doesn't mean I can cook;
she told me she'd do the
cooking when we were together.
We worked on the gadget. We toyed with proportional control,
switching the motor between a low speed and a higher speed.
This was pretty
wild work; We'd code a bit on my laptop, then download
into the PIC, and
she'd lean back on the futon and try it. We'd get
to the point where one or
both of us was too delirious and we'd make love again.
We finally settled
on a low thrumming and full speed. Of course by then I don't
think she
could focus or walk, but then again she didn't care.
Saturday afternoon she was laying on the futon, blissed
out, the
vibrator thrumming between her legs, pulsing gently.
She'd been like that
for a couple minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. I
spread her legs gently;
she whimpered a bit, but I put a hand on the vibrator and held
it in place.
She moaned and relaxed. I knelt down closer to her and slipped
it inside
her to a gasp, then put my lips in its place. I could feel the
heat; her
scent was delicious as her curly thatch tickled my nose
and the warmth of
her thighs squeezed my head. She had one hand on my head and
one on the
switch. I followed her timing as best as I could; she'd
have us moving in
synch, then in a contra rhythm. She whimpered a little and
I tugged a
little on the wire, pulling it taut. Her thighs sprang tighter
around my
head and she started moaning and moving in earnest, going
limp half an
eternity later. I pulled the vibrator out of her with a soft
plop. On
impulse I put it to my lips and tasted it. It was warm and delicious.
That's how the weekend went until late Sunday; she
needed to go
home to get ready for work. We agreed it had been the most
development work we'd ever done. And, the most satisfying.
The next two weeks had us sleeping over at one place
or the other
most nights. She had a small apartment; I convinced her
to bring her
laundry over and use my washer and drier rather than feed
money into the
machines in her building. We squabbled about minor things,
learning to live
with each other. I quit cooking save for breakfast on the
weekends. I also
learned that she could eat much spicier food than I could,
getting cleaned
out by her family Vindaloo recipe. I stayed home the next
"telecommuting" between the my little office
and the bathroom.
We refined the gadget, packaging it up to make it portable.
Sometimes we used it when making love, sometimes we didn't.
She got her
period and spent a couple evenings with me massaging her
feet while she lay
back on the futon, blissed out to the thrumming between
her legs. She also
gave me the most incredible blowjob I've ever had,
combining her lips, her
breasts, and her hair, and told me that when her period was
over, we were
getting rid of the condoms, she was back on the pill.
We love doing things together; I've really enjoyed
going out again,
doing museums, parks, dining out. She lets me be in charge,
lets me think
I'm in control. But I know all she has to do is get a nipple
in my mouth,
wiggle her wonderful bottom up against me, or wave her soft
perfumed hair
across my face, and I'm helpless. She loves to get me
on my back, riding me
with or without our battery powered friend. The only thing
I can do is hold
And I know when she's helpless as well. She'll
start out on the
futon with the vibrator between her legs, and after her
head drops back,
I'll move up and slide a finger deep into her, hooking
back to get that
magic spot while I move the vibrator around with my other
hand. I know she
wants me inside her; I want her as well, and once she's
at the edge I'll
take my finger out and enter her, taking her the rest of the
way. Or, I'll
slide the vibrator into her and go down on her, feeling her
thighs holding my head and muffling her cries.
Another morning on the bus; I got on at my usual stop. Emily
was in
the back, saving me a seat. I sat down next to her and gave
her a kiss. "So
when are you going to move in with me?" I asked her once
again, almost a
ritual greeting.
She smiled and said "How about next weekend?"
I gave her a big hug. "Oh, thank you." I hugged
her and let my
hands roam over her body. My left hand came up with a wire
sticking out of
her clothing. I leaned back and looked at it; a suspicious
wire going to a
little switch with a light emitting diode. I looked at her
and chuckled.
"You said you might not be going in today."
She told me smugly. "I
didn't want to be bored on the bus."
I handed her the switch. We leaned our seats back. She took
a slow
breath and tapped the switch gently. I couldn't hear
it over the noise of
the bus, but I could see her eyes half close and a little shudder
through her. She let her eyes close; I looked down at her
hand. She was
gently holding the switch, not touching it. I could see
the LED blinking on
and off. She hit the switch a couple of times setting a new
rhythm. I
gently squeezed a breast, eliciting a moan and another
shudder. As I leaned
over to kiss her, I put my hand on her mound and pressed gently,
the pulsing vibration. I thought of how rewarding design
work was when you
have a satisfied customer.

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