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Unlikely soul mates


This is not a sex story but a story about life and love and
how the two go together.

I was forty five years old, when I took over our families
company. I was not sure I was ready for the job, but after
my father's heart attack, I was thrust into the position.
My grandfather had started the company in his garage and
had grown it every year until he turned it over to my father.
And now it was my turn to grow our family business even more.

I remember going with my father on a few summer days going
to work and hung around the docks and liked to watch the semi's
back up and get unloaded. Grandpa still ran it back then
but he always had time for me when I was there, walked me around
pointing out all the things I didn't know or didn't

My father took over after my grandfather's death and
built the company up even more until we became a real player
in the electrical supply business. We were big in our small
area but not big when it came to other states or national
accounts. But it did well enough for me and my older sister
to grow up with privilege and go to college back East, where
we both graduated with honors.

Why my sister ever bothered to go to college is still a mystery
to me since as soon as Bonnie graduated she married a doctor
she met while at school and never worked a day in her life.
But I remember hearing my mother saying over and over that
every respectable woman should still have a college degree.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after college but the
family already had plans for me, so I went to work at our family
company just like they expected me to do. It wasn't
a bad job and I did learn a lot more about the electrical business
from a business point of view.

But as soon as I started making suggestions to my father
about minor changes we should think about making, he would
resist and tell me there was no sense in rocking the boat.
I guess I always knew how my life would work out, because
I always knew my family would control it.

When I was twenty six I married the daughter of some very
close friends of my parents and everyone was happy. I had
always liked Pam and had known her for so long, it felt like
we were married even before we were married. But I wasn't
in love with Pam but I guess that didn't matter to my
family, her family or Pam herself. I was always told happiness
comes down the road after you start your family and not to
become impatient.

It was the wedding of the summer, when Pam walked down the
aisle in her long, very expensive wedding dress alongside
of her proud father. I felt in my gut that Pam and I were being
told, to just start breeding and not worry about anything
else. Pam did looked absolutely stunning at the altar and
together I said "I do" and she said, "I
do" and we became husband and wife.

The church was completely filled and the reception at the
Country Club was actually over flowing. Pam and I were one
of the golden couples or so we were told. So we played the
part, appeared happy when the truth was Pam and I had never
done more than kiss a few times. It was a modern day version
of an arranged marriage.

And then later on once the wedding dance was going full steam
ahead, Pam and I got sent off to our wedding night in style.
I was rather nervous but not nearly as nervous as Pam was
once we were finally alone in the hotel room.

We talked about it for around twenty minutes and Pam finally
asked me if we could wait to consummate our marriage, for
another night. The truth was, Pam and I really didn't
know each other very well, other than in social situations
we had both been at, as we grew up. She had packed her lacy
wedding lingerie but also snuck in a pair of baggy pajamas
that her mother never knew about.

It was late, we were both tired and quite honestly neither
of us were ready for intimacy, just yet. Pam walked out of
the bathroom wearing her baggy pajamas and climbed into
the bed next to me looking a lot more at ease than she did when
we first went into the hotel room together.

Pam and I began snuggling and even kissing each other a couple
of times while we laid on the same bed together for the first
time in our lives. And when one kiss turned into two kisses
and then three, Pam and I were beginning the process of coming
together as husband and wife.

She was a warm woman in some ways and a very cold woman in other
ways. Pam had no patience when it came to minor details and
insisted on certain things going her way or she would quickly
shut down. She was beautiful and her hundred and ten pound
body looked to be shaped perfectly so I just told myself,
to have a wife like Pam, was indeed an honor.

I was surprised by our fourth kiss that Pam was beginning
to show her warmer side and moved even closer to me on our
wedding bed. "I know you want me, " She whispered
after a very hot, long kiss. She was smart enough to get a
sense that I was truly becoming aroused, holding her and
kissing her as much as I was.

"Wait right here, " Pam finally said softly
before she jumped out of the bed and rushed back into the
bathroom. I was nervous as hell as I laid there with a stiff
boner, watching the bathroom door. It was the longest and
most tense ten minutes of my life before Pam appeared again
in her sheer wedding lingerie.

Between her long blonde hair and her perky breasts showing
through her top, I was blown away. "Since we will be
expected to have a baby as quickly as possible, maybe we
should get started tonight, " Pam said as she walked
back to her side of the bed where I could see her womanly form,
even better.

I was literally trembling next to Pam as she rested her head
on a pillow and silently waited for me to begin. I kissed
Pam a few more times and then I moved my hand under her sheer
top and felt her soft, very warm breasts for the first time.
They were incredible to touch and hold and savor and they
made me feel like I was already close to exploding.

For her part, Pam didn't respond a lot but she did whimper
a few times especially when I carefully removed her sheer
panties. It was our first union together and slowly our
bodies melted into one as Pam and I experienced something
I thought was special.

Once my entire shaft was deep inside of her pussy, Pam and
I began to move together and kissed quite often during our
attempt at making love together. And then, with very little
warning, it felt like someone took a knife to a tire and the
air shot out all at once, just like my sperm shot out, deep
inside of her womb.

She blushed a lot after that and rushed into the bathroom
to clean herself up once I was done cumming in her. And Pam
then returned with her baggy pajama's back on and we
fell asleep in the same bed for the first time. Our days turned
into weeks as Pam worked to decorate our first home which
was a combined wedding gift from her parents and mine. And
I worked at the company a lot of long hours each and every
single day.

It took Pam and I seven months to get her pregnant and then
that brought on another entirely different reaction from
both our families. It literally flipped on dime and the
only thing everyone talked about after that news, was our
baby. Pam had a difficult birth but in the end both her and
Victoria, our new baby girl was safe and sound.

Within a month of giving birth, my wife moved into her own
bedroom so she could get better sleep. She claimed I snored
too loudly at night and that kept her up most of the time.
Of course I never heard myself snore so I had no idea if Pam
was correct or not.

The next fifteen years were comfortable but not wonderful
for Pam or for me. We played the part, lived as husband and
wife but never really got along as people. Well other than
occasionally having sex together but even that happened
less and less over the years. She was happy in her own world,
with our daughter and her social friends. And I worked as
much as I could at the company, to make sure it kept being
successful and probably also because I didn't mind
being away from my wife most of the time either.

And now I am back to the beginning of my story after I had just
taken over the family business from my father who officially
retired after his heart attack. We had always had four sales
people to call on our regular customers as well as make formal
introductions with new ones too, when I decided it was time
add another sale person and see if we could get the company
to start growing even faster.

I had interviewed four different men so far and they all
sounded polite and nice but not a one of them had convinced
me they were aggressive enough. So I told Elaine, my executive
secretary to set up another interview for me with the next
resume I had on my pile of resumes.

I had a business luncheon which ran late and when I pulled
back into my parking place in front of the office section
of our building, I saw this old, rusted car parked in one
of the visitor spots. Immediately, I had this sinking feeling
this might belong to my next interview. And trust me when
I say, our company business had always had an image that
was vital for our success and this old beat up car was certainly
not representative of our image.

I thought quickly on my feet and called Elaine to see if the
car belonged to my next interview. I figured if it did, I
could just tell Elaine to tell the person I was running real
late and would have to reschedule.

"Good afternoon, Mr. (my name) office. How may I help
you, " Elaine said with her silky smooth voice. Elaine
had been the companies executive assistant for years and
if there was such a thing as a perfectly polished person,
she was it. "Is my next applicant there?" I asked
Elaine. She giggled for a moment and replied, "Yes
that is correct. She is here waiting."

She? I thought Tracy was Tracy not Tracie, so I told Elaine
my plan but she giggled some more before she told me, "
This might be fun for you. Yes, I will tell her you are running
ten minutes behind, " and then Elaine just hung up
on me. I thought to myself, what the fuck just happened?
I know Elaine had always worried about me and sometimes
treated me like a second mother. She also said I never have
fun or laugh anymore which must have been the reason she
did not do what I asked her to do which was brush off my next

I stood around outside my own company before I walked in
ten minutes later and went to meet Tracie, not Tracy. I knew
it was going to be the fastest interview of all time, so I
took one last breath and opened the door leading to our executive
section. I took exactly five steps and was stopped in my

Elaine was being her desk with a smirk on her face as she pointed
toward Tracie. This tall curvy woman with a skirt so short, it hardily covered
anything. Then when you throw in the four inch heels and
her tank top which showed as much bra as it did top, I was beyond
floored. Tracie's hair was so full and so curly even the curls got confused as to where they should
rest on her head.

I walked up to Elaine, leaned over her desk and whispered
to her, "I promise I will pay you back someday."
Elaine never batted an eye and remained sitting there with
a plastered smile on her face. I then turned to Tracie, offered
my hand while I introduced myself to her.

I have seen prostitutes in movies that didn't look
as wild as Tracie looked as she followed me into my office.
I asked her to take a seat in front of my desk while I walked
around to sit in my chair for what I thought would be the shortest
interview of my life.

And then she started in by explaining to me she really, really
, really needed this job and was a fast learner too. I also
learned Tracie had two small kids at home she was supporting
all by herself, because her husband ran off with another
woman. And then she told me she was behind on her rent and
her car was not running very well and needed repairs. Tracie
had the face and the body, but she was just not what our company
was looking for. As I sat there listening to her life story,
I began to wonder what a woman that her looks, could have
been, if she had been raised by a wealthier family.

After she had told me her life story for about ten minutes,
I told Tracie I would give her application some more thought
and would get back to her soon. She got a stiff back, sat up
in her chair and looked directly into my eyes when she said.
"Just tell me the truth right now and don't hand
me anymore bullshit in my life. I can sell anything and I
will be your best sales person. I just need to be given a chance, "
Tracie said to my face.

I was totally shocked at her aggressiveness and her direct,
way of putting things. But I had never interviewed anyone
like her before, ever. There was a tense moment when two
as we both just stared at each other. "I can tell, you
don't like my clothes either, but this is all I have.
And I have two kids to feed, so that is where my money goes
" Tracie then added as her boobs were practically
falling out of her bra.

I just sat there speechless before I asked Tracie if I could
have a day to think about it and have her come back the next
day for a second interview. Her eyes got as bright as stars,
this wonderful smile came across her face as she stood up,
offered me her hand to shake and said, " You won't
be sorry." She was a truly stunning looking woman
with absolutely no class or style, what so ever.

Tracie then marched out of my office as if she was in a parade
and as she passed Elaine's desk, she turned and smile
when she told Elaine, "I'll be seeing you tomorrow."I
just stood in my office doorway and watched as this slender,
yet shapely woman leave my office area as if she already
owned the place.

I advanced Tracie five hundred dollars of my own money so
she could go shopping for new outfits that weren't
quite so flashy. I remember when I told Tracie about her
new outfits, she giggled, looked at me and said "What's
the matter. Too much boob?" She just had a way of saying
things in such a way that were too the point, even if they
were also funny.

I had Tracie spend the first two weeks on the docks and in
the warehouses so she could learn enough to at least try
and make a sales call. She was indeed as smart as a whip but
the real affect she was having was on every single man who
worked for me. They all just loved Tracie's personality
and probably her body too.

Over that two week period I would go out and check on her once
in a while and she was always reading something, asking
something or helping the guys move something. And each
time Tracie saw me watching her from a distance, she would
wave at me and whistle for me to come over and say hi. The woman
could whistle better than any man I had ever known.

So sometimes I would wander over and reminded her, she needed
to do some shopping when it was time for her to represent
my company and she would always pat me on my back and tell
me something like, " Now, stop worrying so much.
I promise I will dress like a girl scout, just for you."
Or one time I suggested to Tracie that maybe she might want
to consider getting a little bit of her hair cut off. That
time Tracie turned, smiled at me before she said, "
But they makes my boobs look bigger."

I could not have imagined two woman so different in my life
as Pam my wife and Tracie my riskiest hire ever, and I prayed
they would never meet. It was just two days before her warehouse
stint would be over and then on the following Monday, Tracie
would start her sales career for my company.

I had gone to check on her again and Tracie was suddenly nowhere
to be found. She had worked so hard and then to not just show
up with only two days left in the warehouse, made no sense.
I was also worried for her as a person so I got her address
from Elaine and did something I had never done before, I
went to look for an employee. Tracie might be a lot of things,
but not keeping her word, was not one of them.

I went from my world into her world when I reached the apartment
complex where she lived. There were more broken down cars
than one's that ran. And you should have seen all the
looks I got driving my shiny clean black Mercedes around
in there searching for Tracie's building.

I hit the brakes as soon as I had turned a corner and saw Tracie
with her car hood up, a wrench in her hand and oil all over
her face. And then she looked in my direction and broke down
and began to bawl. I quickly got out of my car and rushed up
to her and helped her back to her feet. I then just held Tracie
in my arms and tried to comfort her anyway I could.

She must have sobbed for five minutes as I held her and tried
to help calm her down. "This fucking thing wouldn't'
start and I panicked because I was going to be late for work, "
she said still sobbing in my arms. I guess everyone has a
point when they just break and Tracie was at her breaking
point in life. I felt so bad for her and knew she was in a place
where she could have just given up. But I also wanted to make
sure she didn't give up on life, no matter how many times
she had been dealt a bad hand in her past.

I didn't say anything at first and just continued to
hold her while she sobbed some more. "I'll get
you a car, so don't worry about it, " I finally
said to her as she held me as tight as she could. It was the
first moment in my life when I felt like I was touching a real
live, very good person and it felt wonderful.

Tracie started on Monday morning driving a new company
car I had gotten for her. And she didn't look like the
girl scout like she had promised me but I thought she looked
much more normal and even Elaine was impressed with her
outfit when she came to see me and report to work as one of
my sales people.

Tracie started out as my worst sales person ever but then
she was also the only one I ever hired with no sales experience.
But she also worked harder and longer than anyone else and
I admired her for the effort. It seemed like nothing and
I mean nothing discouraged this woman, no matter how many
times she heard the word, "No." But I continued
to pay Tracie her base salary which wasn't a lot but
then I felt so sorry for her, I would also slip her a few extra
bucks each week, from my own pocket too.

One of the ways I ran my business was to meet each sales person
for lunch one day each week to discuss what problems they
were having, what deal might be in the works etc. But my lunch
with Tracie was always the most entertaining and I don't
think I ever laughed as much as I did with her.

And she always would tell me, " If you just let me show
a little more boob, I might start making sales." And
I would laugh, of course and reminded Tracie she had to make
sales with her knowledge and her personality, not her boobs.
"But God gave them to me for free, so it still makes
no sense not to use them, " She always added after
I would tell her no boobs.

And then Tracie and I would spend a few extra minutes talking
about her kids, her apartment and in general how her life
was working now that she had a good job. The last few minutes
Tracie would go on and on about how wonderful I was as a person
and how much she appreciated everything I was doing for

I just got so emotional, being close to her that when we parted
ways, Tracie always told me she loved me and I eventually
began to tell her I loved her too. I don't think either
of us meant it as real love but it was still nice for both of
us to hear someone else say that to us. I couldn't remember
the last time I heard Pam tell me she loved me.

It was seven weeks and two days after I let Tracie try and
start selling, when she came running into my office looking
like she was on fire. "I just knew I had this deal. I
mean I just walked up one day and introduce myself and then
I never let up until I got the sale, " Tracie said bursting
at the seams. I had never seen a more proud person as Tracie
was. She might not have realized it but she was inspiring
me and inspiring Elaine and our entire company too.

Elaine also rushed in and congratulated her because I knew
Elaine had been rooting for Tracie just as much as I had.
Tracie and Elaine hugged and then Tracie and I hugged and
it quickly turned into a hug fest instead of a professionally
run business. And that was all it took to get Tracie on her
way with one sale after another and then on to bigger and
bigger sales, before she was one of my top sales people.

She had me rooting for her, Elaine rooting for her and every
man in the warehouse and on the loading docks rooting for
her too. By the end of her first full year, Tracie made nearly
a hundred thousand dollars and not a single dollar came
without a lot of very hard work on her part. Our family business
had never been in such good shape as it was after Tracie arrived
on the scene. And her hair got a little shorter, her clothes
got a little more expensive but Tracie just had to be Tracie
and it was a privilege to have her around, short skirts and

I was in my office working late one night on the next years
projections when Tracie surprised me when she walked in.
Of course I knew it was her because of her four inch heels
and the sound they made on the wooden floors. I looked up,
smiled at her as she walked towards my desk smiling back
at me.

"Why aren't you home with your kids?"I
asked Tracie first. "I got a sitter so I could come
back and talk to you alone, " Tracie said. "I
need to tell you what a wonderful man you are and what you
have done for me, will never be able to be paid back, "
She said first as the tears began to once again run down her
cheeks. I told her if she just keeps selling the way she is,
I will be paid back, tenfold.

"No it's not like that for me. I have never told
anyone I loved them and meant it, before I told you, "
She said looking right into my eyes. "Bet, that just
shocks the crap out of you, " Tracie said in her usual
blunt way as she giggled and cried both at the same time.
I was speechless and for a moment before I told Tracie I was
very touched by her kind words but that I was also married.
"Well of course I know your married. But I still needed
to tell you how I felt, " she said standing in front
of my desk.

I told Tracie it was more complicated than that, as I stood
up and walked around to embrace her and hopefully calm her
down. It was just one kiss, but boy what a kiss it was. No one
had ever kissed me and made it feel like real love. "Ok,
I came and said what I needed to say, so I will leave you, to
finish your work" Tracie said before she turned like
a drill sergeant and marched out.

Tracie avoided me until our next weekly luncheon and she
was back to being all business. But I noticed it was very
hard for Tracie to look me in my eyes when we did talk business.
We had just finished lunch, she had told me about all the
pending sales she was working on before we left and headed
back outside to our cars.

It was extremely tense for me when she was so close to me and
It appeared to be just a tense for her. I had never been in
a situation like that before where part of me wanted to just
reach out, pull her into my arms and sweep her off her feet.
But of course my upbringing and my respectable business
person sense, preventing me from doing what my heart wanted
me to do. Tracie offered me one smile and softly said, "
I won't be your mistress, but I'll still wait for
you, , " before she kissed me on my cheek, got in her
car and drove away.

How had my life gone so far off the tracks and what was I now
supposed to do. I didn't feel like going back to the
office but I didn't want to go home either because Pam
would probably be entertaining her girl friends and they
were the last type of people I wanted to run into. I was a forty
six year old man who was trapped with a life I had not chosen
and couldn't get out of.

So I just drove around for a while, thinking a lot before
I ended up at my parents home. I turned and drove up their
long driveway until I reached the home I grew up in. My mother
must have spotted me coming because was standing at their
front door before I even turned my car off. I never and I mean
never have I taken off of work and gone to see my mother at
two in the afternoon on a work day.

My mother had always been my biggest supporter and cheerleader
and as soon as she saw my eyes, she knew I was in some kind of
trouble. She silently walked down the steps, around my
car and gently pulled me into her arms as if I was her little
boy all over again.

I guess, even though I was a grown man, I just needed someone's
shoulder to cry on. It was the first time I ever cried in front
of my mother and she never asked me why while she just kept
hugging me. "I don't know what is bothering you
right now. But if it is a problem your having with Pam, then
you should know her old boyfriend, from her school days,
Ronald has been back in the area for the past couple of years, "
Mom said smiling at me.

Mom admitted she was never going to tell me but felt like
I should know what she knew, just in case it was causing a
problem in my marriage. I left feeling I had sensed some
big changes in my wife but just thought those were things
a woman goes through and never thought it was because of
another man. I went back to my office but didn't really
do any work although Elaine did sense something was going
on and left me alone until she left for the day.

I had lived my entire life avoiding risks and playing it
safe. I had done what everyone else wanted and expected
me to do and never once did I do anything because I wanted
to. I arrived home shortly after six and was surprised but
not really, when Pam was not there. She had been use to me
working until at least seven or later unless we had a social
engagement that night.

My wife arrived shortly before seven and was shocked to
find me in my study with a glass of scotch in my hand as I puffed
on one of my special cigars which she hated me smoking in
the house. But I just didn't care anymore and sat there
in front of her puffing away before I asked her how Roland
was. I had never seen that look in her eyes, ever before.

"So, do you want a divorce?" Pam said defiantly.
I just smiled at her and nodded my head yes as she turned and
marched out of the room. I never told anyone that Pam and
I had split and that included my own mother and father. It
took a few months, cost me a fortune but none of it mattered.
I was not legally divorced yet but I was single as far as living
alone in our big house. Pam had moved out shortly after I
confronted her and was apparently living with Roland and
quite honestly I didn't have any anger for her and sincerely
hoped she found happiness too.

But I still had a big problem because Tracie was just not
the kind of refined woman I was use to and the kind of woman
that my family would ever accept. Tracie and I still had
a lot of chemistry whenever we were close to each other and
that was also hard to deny. So one afternoon after I had heard
her talking down the hall after her selling time was over,
I had Elaine tell her to come to see me.

I just sat at my desk grinning when I heard her four inch heels
tapping out a song as Tracie made her way to see me. She walked
in looking as radiant as ever, so I politely asked her to
close my office door. Tracie got very scared looking and
told me later she was afraid I was going to fire her.

"Listen, I am having a really good month so whatever
this is about, I hope you are not upset with me, " Tracie
said nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the
other. I smiled at Tracie and enjoyed just looking at her
for another moment or two. "No, this is not about work, "
I said to Tracie as she seemed to relax a little but not completely.

"Is this about us?" Tracie asked still back
looking scared to death. Tracie back up a few steps covering
her mouth with her hand as she stared at me very intensely.
"Are you going to break my heart?" She asked
me looking terrified. I just got up, walked over to her ,
pulled her into my arms and kissed her as if I meant it. And
she quickly kissed me back as if she meant it too. I never
knew what that explosion of love really felt like before
that very moment with Tracie in my arms.

Tracie and I kissed and held each other for a full five minutes
if not longer before she pulled back while trying to catch
her breath. Twenty minutes later Tracie and I found ourselves
in one of the suites at a hotel in our area back in each other's
arms again. But this time we weren't going to stop with
just a kiss.

She was thirty four but had the body of a twenty four year
old as I helped her undress between kisses. And all Tracie
kept asking me was "Did she really leave?" over
and over until all she had left on was her bra and panties.
I had one incredible woman standing in front of me and I was
concerned I would not be able to keep up with her, sexually
speaking, but was anxious to try.

Tracie and I started out in the shower where I never stopped
holding her large, soft breasts for even a moment. And all
she did was smile and tell me she loved feeling my hands on
her after all this time. Her hips were shapely and her pussy
was just this delightful tuft of hair on top of her slit and
then her puffy outer lips stuck out like a road sign that
read, "Enter here."

Once on the bed, Tracie climaxed very quickly and much faster
than my wife ever had and I loved listening to her soft whimpers
of pleasure while I tasted her juices as if it was honey.
I won't describe what Tracie then did to my cock. but
I will say no woman had ever done those things to me, ever

We were both barely hanging on when I finally climbed on
top of Tracie and felt her open up as my shaft entered her
body for the first time. I was literally shaking with the
intense pleasure I was feeling as she laid under me shaking
just as much. It was the most intense sexual experience
of my life. And an hour or so later Tracie and I were back at
it again and it felt even better than our first time.

I knew at that moment Tracie and I were meant to be together
and not just because of the sex we had. It was because, the
way we shared our bodies was the first time both of us ever
made love to someone else. Sure, our bodies were connected
but so were our hearts and our souls.

I sure never expected anything like this to happen in my
life but it did. Tracie continued to work for me for the next
four years as well as being my girlfriend on nights and weekends.
And then she finally met my parents and I was shocked yet
again when my mother hugged Tracie before we left and told
her to come back and visit her anytime.

When I turned fifty one, Tracie and I just decided one day
to fly to Vegas and made it official. It was just the two of
us at our wedding ceremony besides Elvis, but then that
is what Tracie told me she wanted at her next wedding. And
wanting to make her happy, I actually hired three Elvis's
for her. Tracie changed enough for me, and I changed enough
for her so we ended up perfect for one another.

I guess in life, true love doesn't' always find
you when you are young but if you are lucky it eventually
does find you.

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a love story and a half when you finally meet the one you need it happens


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I love your stories. Great change of pace with a bit of naughty.


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I love a great story


bjb777 58 M
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That was a great story really good...


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Dangerous, such a romantic. Hey, sur it is a swx site, but we all still need a little romance in our life. Of course I do enjoy those hot sexy ones you also write from time to time... Both romance and kink are the spices that make sex more than just a physical release. I will look forward to your next exercise in either...


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great story
I hope you live happily ever after


Trapper69 61 G
Score 7.3

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Once again, you've scored a touchdown with a really great story. I'm already looking forward to the next one....


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wow what a story - one of the best that I ave read on AFF


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WOW What a story one of the best love and kindness stories that I have read


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What a wonderful and inspiring story! I really enjoyed reading it.Thank you very much.


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Very touching story about your life and love story. It is indeed giving is better than receiving and in the end you are rewarded more than you, would think of.

Your story here is like a cup of tea among all kinds of wines on a table ! Thank you !


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That was a very touching story about your life -