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We all have fantasies and here is yet another one for your
reading pleasure!
It was a day like any other, a day like the thousand before,
or the thousand which followed. It was a day which seemed
to begin with the rising of the sun and the transformation
of the slumbering masses into the active souls. It was the
time when dreams shifted; slipped once more behind the
veil of consciousness and yet for some this was not the case.

Brianna walked slowly purposefully across the office,
slipped around Sven’s desk then sat poised upon the corner.
Her thighs rustled as she crossed them, causing a shiver
to race along his spine, and his eyes to snap instantly to
that sound. Locking onto those glorious gams, his gaze
then followed the contours of her legs. They began at the
ankle, swept caressingly over the sensuous curves of her
calf, the delicate smoothness of her knee and onward. They
were immaculate; beyond perfect even, for each time they
flashed before his eyes; they set his pants on fire and made
his mind race uncontrolled. He reached out, touched the
warm silkiness and caressed along them until the tiny gasp
registered. His eyes darted up to hers yet it was not a gasp
of shock or rejection but instead one of pleasure.
He had waited so long for this, so long to touch her and make
love to her. Slowly his hand edged the skirt higher and with
it she uncrossed her legs. He could see the dark thick band
of her stocking top, feel it in fact and this further fueled
his desire. Standing Sven drew her into his arms and kissed
her. There was so much passion there, why had he never tried
this before?
His hands now sought out another pleasure, slipping almost
frictionless up under her sweater to cup and squeeze those
wondrous mounds. Oh how they teased his eyes each day distracted
him and caused sinful thoughts. Thoughts of how to make
those nipples hard, so he might better see, to touch and
taste of those breasts at least within his mind. He need
not have worried though for today they were all too responsive.
Pressing back against his palms the nipples, warm and stimulating
to his very touch, etched an unforgettable memory upon
him, and his body wanted more. Releasing his long sought
prize Sven turned Brianna to lean over his desk, and then
gathered her skit and lifted. No panties. He knew it. Each
day when he fantasized about her, she had no panties, but
now with the evidence before him his cock surged and ached
so he released it.
Now with his excitement building one hand circled around
and stroked softly through Brianna’s fur feeling the excitement.
Her thighs were wet, her pussy more so. She wanted this perhaps
even more than he. At last, at long last he positioned his
cock, pressed its aching head against the lips and pushed;
then the alarm went off. Struggling Sven tried to hold on,
he needed to finish making love yet the sweetness of that
dream was already gone. His cock though did ach, ach from
a desire long suppressed. He wanted Brianna, wanted her
so bad.
Closing his eyes once more, Sven slowly slipped his hand
lower and encompassed that throbbing, aching shaft. He
then finished off the fantasy as best he could, stroking
away the ach but building the pressure and passion of a needed
orgasm. ‘Oh Brianna’ he cried out as he came in huge spurts
of cum which arched up and slammed into his own body. ‘Oh
God yes!’
With his body still awash in the experience Sven then opened
his eyes to the new day. ‘Another day, another fantasy’,
Sven thought as he lay there savoring the pleasure Brianna
had brought him. Sure it was only a fantasy and it merely
satisfied that tiny desire of the moment, but it was the
best he could hope for because each day Brianna yet fed the
deeper yearnings within, and there was no chance of anything
Sven had worked in the same company with Brianna now for
two years and each day he secretly studied her. He knew each
line, each curve, and each tiny motion. He longed for the
sounds of sighs and moans yet Brianna was the ultimate;
she was unobtainable, she was married. To Sven the mere
suggestion that she was sexy was almost an insult, for she
was more. She represented desire, purity, grace and elegance.
She was beautiful, with eyes which melted his heart, a laugh
which invited company, and a body to make him weak. Brianna
was older, wiser, a reason for living, and a reason for working.

Dragging himself finally from his bed Sven headed to the
shower, each day he promised himself he’d not think about
her, and today was no exception. He would strive to be a better
person, someone in another life Brianna might have chosen
herself. He knew it might be a simple matter of finding a
girlfriend, someone to take his mind off her, yet each time
she was within his sight that promise dwindled until all
that remained was the broken shell of his own will. It was
then that each day he’d watch, wishing silently for a new
vision to add to his memories, a new smell, a new dress, or
even a tiny piece of new information.
Today like every other day, it only took a smile and a soft
‘good morning’ from Brianna to dissolve Sven’s will into
dust. Thereafter his eyes followed her whenever they could.
They watched, remembered and filled with lust and desire.
At one point as she raced to take an important call he watched
as she leaned over the mass of her desk to retrieve her phone.
She then remained there stretched out taking notes unaware
as Sven suffered in the sweet torture.
His cock rose within his slacks, hard and wanton, as his
eyes took in the sight. The tight smoothness of her skirt
as it strained against the pressure of her delicate rump.
The long sensuous lines of her thighs, as they tugged tightly
against that material, as well as the soft delicate dimples
at the back of each knee. It reminded him of the fantasy dream
he had earlier that morning, how he laid her over his own
desk in much a similar fashion and took her. He wondered
how that sexy rump felt, and how she’d react as he pressed
himself into it. Could he possibly think of a reason to get
that close, and ‘accidentally’ have that happen?
Suddenly one of Brianna’s legs rose, bending at the knee
as she stretched even further and then her mule slipped
off. With a dull thunk as it hit the floor and tumbled to the
side Sven watched. He watched as Brianna’s leg dropped
seeking out that wayward shoe, and he knew this was his chance.
He could race to her rescue slip the shoe back upon her foot
caress the calf and perhaps more. He could even try to press
himself against that sweet ass. The plan was perfect, so
adjusting his cock such that it rose up flatly against his
tummy Sven stood and then watched as Brianna’s foot found
the shoe.
No! Sven said, and then realized it had been out loud, and
several people including Brianna had turned to look. Trying
to save face he thumped his palm upon the desk as though in
disgust then pulled his chair back and sat down. Immediately
he began typing anything, everything, a rapid gobble di
gook of letters as though he were working. As the scrutiny
left Sven deleted all he had created then opened and started
a new letter. So engrossed in the task was he that Sven failed
to notice Brianna’s approach. Then as she spoke his name,
he quickly spun about banging his knee on the corner of his
”Oh Sven” Brianna began, “I’m so sorry.”
But already Sven was waving off the apology. Even through
the grimace of pain though his heart leap as Brianna sat
upon the corner of his desk, but when she crossed her legs,
it was almost as though everything faded into the background
and time slowed. His ears heard the sound of rustling nylon,
his eyes watched the thigh appear, slip into shadow and
then disappear. Then as the motion ceased, all the other
senses flooded back, the pain in his knee, the din of the
office and Brianna’s voice.
”Sven. Sven are you alright?” Brianna was asking.
Slowly Sven’s eyes wandered up the contours of Brianna’s
body, taking in the sight of her hand rubbing its palm on
the upper knee, the straining buttons on her suit coat and
tiny flash of black lace bra. Further yet his eyes took in
the smooth hollows and swells of her neck, the ruby red of
her lips and the soft quizzical green of her eyes.
”Ummm”, Sven began, trying to remember the question. “Ummm,
yeah. Well sort of…I’m just a bit distracted today I guess.
Can’t seem to concentrate properly”
“Oh”, came Brianna’s immediate response. Her hand which
was stroking her knee lifted and touched Sven’s forehead
“Perhaps you’re coming down with something. Hmmm you are
a bit hot, perhaps you should lie down in my office till lunch
and then if you’re feeling better you can go back to work
and if not you can go home.”
Stunned by the touch of Brianna’s hand Sven merely looked
back silently, until finally Brianna spoke again. “Come
on now no arguments”. Brianna then extended her arm to take
him in hand as her thighs rustled once again. This time they
were uncrossing and sliding forward back to the floor,
but the action drew her skirt ever higher upon her thighs.
Sven did not fail to notice this however, for his eyes locked
upon those silken trophies at that first sound. In the time
it took for the skirt to creep up her thighs until it once
again fell into place Sven had not breathed. The combination
of the tiny lapsed breath, the sore knee from banging the
desk, and Sven’s still raging hard on made for a small stumble
on his first step. Quickly Brianna reacted slipping her
body under Sven’s arm while wrapping her inner arm about
his waist for support.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” she asked with a definite air of
Sven responded with “Yeah. Yeah I’m fine it...” then his
eyes fell upon Brianna. The action of her moving quickly
to support him had popped open the upper most button of her
jacket, and her arm stretched behind his back had opened
the lapels so his eyes had a complete unobstructed view
of both breasts within the black lace bra. He could see the
creamy swells which rose above begging for kisses, caresses
and attention. He could also see the hint of aureoles which
peeked between the intricate lacy designs. Not remembering
where he had left off with his last statement Sven said “I
think I’m ok now Brianna it was just that first twinge in
my knee”
Brianna though was not so convinced for she had felt the
sudden tensing of Sven’s body as he spoke and then again
as they moved towards her office and thus her response was
“No, I’m going to escort you and that’s final”.
There was not another word between them as they moved yet
Sven could not help watching those breasts. They jiggled
only slightly from each step, yet that tiny motion filled
Sven with an uncontrollable desire. His cock jerked and
ached within his slacks constantly reminding him, and
then as Brianna guided him to the sofa, she turned him to
face her. He could feel his body shake with lust, desiring
to grasp her and plant the most sensuous kiss upon her lips,
but he fought the desire with the last of his will.
As Brianna then aided him in sitting down, his right hand
accidentally brushed the inside of her closest calf. That
simple contact was enough to burst through the final barrier
and Sven allowed the hand to remain in contact. Then as she
shifted him into a lying position the hand rose climbing
up the calf, over the knee and finally came to rest just on
the lower inside thigh. It was so sweet, so soft and warm
Sven could think of nothing else so closed his eyes to imprint
even the finest of details upon his memory.
From her own point of view Brianna noted how slow and tentative
Sven walked from his desk, and then as she turned him to face
her she felt his body begin to shake. Perhaps she thought
he was sicker than she had imagined and with that great concern
flooded over her. Instantly she grasped him firmly about
the waist and then guided him first into a sitting position
then finally into a prone one. Her furthest hand which was
circling and guiding his waist then slipped away only to
brush the tip of his swollen cock. She felt it jerk from that
all too brief contact, yet instantly it registered.
From somewhere deep inside Brianna felt a rush of personal
excitement flash through her body. Her eyes dropped to
gaze upon that bulge, and for a moment she allowed herself
to be lost within that lust. She watched as it slowly rose
and fell, as though the cock itself were trying to breathe
or break free, and then unable to resist Brianna swept her
eyes over the rest of Sven’s body.
She knew of course why some of the other women chatted about
him in private, for he had classic good looks, but more than
that he offered a kind of fantasy image. He was a tall, sexy
Swed. with long sort of dusty blond hair surrounding solid
clean shaven features. His eyes when open, not like now,
were a sky blue which seemed so soft as to distract from anything
else, and his body was definitely firm. Even beneath the
smart pinstriped shirt he now wore the lingering expanse
of muscle was undeniable.
Suddenly as Brianna was taking stock she froze, for she
saw one of Sven’s hands was between her legs and under her
skirt. She tried to figure out when that occurred and how
come she hadn’t noticed, but the sensations within her
own body seemed to burst over the dam of propriety. She could
feel how hot it was resting against her thigh, but more than
that she was trembling with excitement. She knew her pussy
was wet, so wet and realized that even her nipples ached
so. Was Sven actually excited by her body? Was that why he
had a hard on? Brianna found that hard to believe for although
she was not unpleasant to look at she was 20 years his senior.
He could have anyone he wanted and yet right now his fingers
taunted the flesh of her thigh.
‘Oh why didn’t he move that hand and stroke me’ Brianna asked
herself, as the pleasure from that motionless contact
still grew. She felt the muscles contract just a bit drawing
partially closed the two legs and as that occurred the hand
slipped a fraction of an inch higher. ‘Oh God’ Brianna moaned
within her own mind ‘please touch me, caress me, take me,
and make me yours’ yet still the hand remained motionless.
Brianna knew in an instant what she wanted, which was to
have Sven actively caress her, but without some kind of
encouragement that wasn’t about to happen. Perhaps she
thought if she were to stroke Sven’s cock ever so softly
he would respond in kind but did she have the guts.
Nervously she glanced about seeing who was around and who
might notice, and then raised her right hand, but she also
discovered she couldn’t bring herself to lay it upon that
hot member. Instead she guided it, in a slow parallel course
across the expanse of his chest imagining without touching
how it would feel. The firm quality, the contours, everything,
and then she guided it lower, to repeat the process on his
washboard abs. Oh how wonderful they’d feel, rippling
under her fingers, urging her ever onward. Still her hand
glided inches above his body, and now over the form of his
cock. How it throbbed there in his slacks begging for her
to stroke it, kiss it and suck it. Her fingers began to close,
to form a tight concave shell, which she then intended to
place upon that rod of desire, but as she completed the form
the phone rang. Startled, Brianna jumped up as though caught
literally in the act, and in turn caused Sven’s hand to slip
away and his eyes to open. They were glazed with passion,
a fact which did not manage to slip past Brianna, however
the phone sounding a second time filled her with guilt and
instantly she turned away unable to watch Sven or his further
As Sven opened his eyes he felt as though he were in the middle
of making love, the feelings were so intense. The passion
and raging desire seemed to fill each every atom of his being
begging him not to stop, not now. Slowly though like earlier
the constant ringing brought him out of it, and he realized
another day, another fantasy. Oh how this one was strong
though he could still recall the heat from Brianna’s thighs.
The way the muscles trembled under his fingers and the way
she urged him on, and on. Then like in the morning Sven was
about to finish off this most pleasant of fantasies when
Brianna’s voice and the clarity of his surroundings finally
penetrated. ‘Oh my God’ Sven thought as his head turned
to see those silken thighs mere feet from where he lay. This
fantasy had swept over him there in the office, in Brianna’s
presence. His brow furrowed as he tried to understand if
it was it all a dream? Surely Brianna would not have... Would
For a moment longer as she still spoke he tried to study her.
Had anything changed, from what he knew of his past observances?
Surely there would be a sign; but no everything was as it
should be. When at last Brianna had finished the call she
turned back to Sven and offered him a weak smile which he
chalked up to simple concern. He on the other hand seeing
that she still had not noticed the open button on her jacket
beamed a smile back.
As the morning wore on Sven continued to watch Brianna.
Never before did he have such a chance to study her so closely,
yet it was strange for at times he seemed to have a sort of
power over her. There she was just busily working away when
within his mind he begged her to show him something sexy.
As though by a force of will Brianna then toyed with the next
button in line on her jacket twisting it to and fro as though
absentmindedly trying to open it. Sven begged her to open
it within his mind. Begged and begged yet that action seemed
too far for Brianna to go. When at last it failed to materialize
Sven tried to understand where he had gone wrong. What was
required to transfer his desire into her action? Some meditative
state perhaps or a calmness of spirit. What if like hypnosis
he could not force an action which might otherwise be unacceptable
to Brianna? At last Sven decided this might well be the case
for on his next try he merely suggested for her to give him
another view down the top of her blouse. How sweet it was
too when after concentrating and concentrating Brianna
slowly stood and leaned over her desk totally unaware as
she continued working. There she was flashing him the sweetest
vision of her breasts, and for a moment as they hovered there
he thought he saw her nipples hard and pushing against the
lace. Oh what a sight that would have been up close. The sight
as it was though remained enough to cause Sven’s cock to
leap and grow once more and perhaps that had broken his strength
of will for he watched her waiver and then sit down.
Although he did try again several times it seemed that Brianna
had become aware and resisted him for even though he tried
suggestion after suggestion she merely closed her eyes,
softly bit her lower lip and ignored him. Perhaps Sven theorized
it was not so much her resistance as his own state of excitement
for when his hardness began to lessen Brianna’s eyes opened.
He watched as she slowly stood and walked to her filing cabinet,
then as she began retrieving something he begged her to
show him more leg. She had just crouched down and opened
the drawer when suddenly one leg parted slightly and turned
in his direction. It was so subtle but offered a long glorious
look down the other thigh. Again his cock grew aching for
attention and Sven decided he’d have to do something about
it. Now it was his turn to move, and thus he sat up trying to
be discrete as he adjusted his cock to its most inconspicuous
All the while as Sven struggled with his own lustful demons
Brianna had not been spared. There were a myriad of feelings
which now flooded her mind as she answered the phone. She
felt guilt, shame, curiosity, and oh so much excitement.
The more she tried to concentrate on the conversation at
hand though, the more she imagined Sven studying her. With
his soft blue eyes he’d be undressing, caressing, and pressing
himself into her. Discovering the level of her excitement
and most of all he’d be insatiable. She already knew her
pussy was wet, but now standing she could feel how her juices
had run down her thighs coating them. The thought that Sven
would then discover this, made her excitement was all the
more complete. All in all it was such a sinfully wicked feeling
but more than that Brianna felt alive, sexy and desirable.

There was a part of her though which clung to the guilt and
shock of it all. She was older, wiser, and married, all of
which Sven knew, so how much of this was her fault and how
much merely her imagination?
Sure Sven’s hand had been on her leg, but he never actually
moved it except when forced by her own actions, and yet she
could not say the same for her own hands. She had initiated
contact between them, and he was by his own admission unable
to concentrate. His erection could have been a direct result
of her touching him, an automatic response to her stimulation
especially since he was ill, and now she was trying to craft
it into something more. In the end it was those sobering
thoughts which brought Brianna back to the world of reality,
and she vowed to forget the events ever happened.
When the phone conversation finally ended Brianna turned
to regard Sven. There he was, so sweet, so innocent, lying
quietly with his soft mesmerizing eyes, totally unaware
of Brianna’s wicked thoughts and assumptions. Brianna
knew now she was right, it was so easy to fantasize and build
upon tiny incidences to blow them out of proportion when
Sven was involved. Here she was attributing sexual advances
to that poor boy when it was her own weakness and desires
which truly crafted the events. With this new found knowledge
and shame Brianna managed only a weak smile, but then shrank
away from the beaming one which was reflected back. It was
so easy to misinterpret such simple signs and thus Brianna
threw herself into her work hoping in doing so she’d forget
her own lustful thoughts.
Over the next hour or so Brianna tried to concentrate on
her work that however proved to be easier said than done.
The trouble was the feelings her body had experienced when
she had thought Sven was trying to seduce her. They had made
her feel so alive, wanted and yes even sexy, yet without
those thoughts Brianna now felt as though something important
were missing. Until today she had never even realized it
was missing but that brief sensory fantasy had opened up
a new awareness. For a while she tried to imagine Sven still
lusting after her, but those thoughts alone were not enough.
Then as an experiment she expanded the scope and started
pretending she in fact was trying to seduce him. At first
it was tentative actions like flashing her eyes at him,
flipping her hair, or stroking the line of her neck as she
spoke on the phone, but soon she realized the bolder the
action the more gratifying the result. This new revelation
then lead to her toying with the button on her jacket, followed
by leaning over her desk to accidentally accentuate her
It seems now that this last action pushed Brianna further
than she had intended, for as she leaned over her desk she
happened to notice Sven’s eyes upon her. That was all it
took, for instantly her legs started to shake, trembling
with passion and her pussy followed suit. As she sat down,
Brianna could already feel the ach between her thighs,
an ach which demanded attention, yet she paused unsure
how to proceed. Sure she could slip away to some quiet place
and find some relief, but here with Sven oh but that made
her hot. Decision made, Brianna allowed one hand to slip
from her desk and stroke her thigh through the soft wool
of her skirt. At first it felt so good, stimulating the nerves
bringing even more excitement, but soon that was no longer
enough. Brianna’s body wanted more, and with every stroke
she was surrendering. Now her hand had gathered the skirt
and dragged it up the thigh, while her finger tips stroking
the nylon, teasing the skin beneath. For a moment Brianna’s
eyes closed imagining it was Sven and her body shivered
from that instant pleasure but when her finger brushed
the nylon crotch of her pantyhose Brianna almost moaned
out loud.
It had become too much, any more Brianna realized and she’d
be lost so she forced herself to stop, yet her body begged
for one more thrill. She knew she couldn’t stroke her clit
not there, not now, but what further thrill could she offer?
There was only one thing she could think of to flash Sven
a long look up her skirt. To show him those thighs wet with
her excitement. To reveal to him what he had done, and how
well he had succeeded. Even before she started to stand
Brianna’s legs shook. It was as though they knew the pleasure
which was about to befall them, and were reacting to it.
Then the four feet to the filing cabinet seemed like a mile
for each step further added to the anticipated sexual sensation.
Brianna felt as though at any moment her legs would give
out on her and send her tumbling to the floor but at last she
had reached the cabinet. Slowly carefully she lowered
her body into a crouching position then placed a hand upon
the drawer and pulled. It glided easily open as she stole
a glance at Sven, and there he was watching her. Those eyes,
those glorious eyes caressing her taking in the finest
of details and making love to her as no man had ever done before.
Her pleasure was all but complete and so now it was easy to
swing the closest leg open. Easy for now Brianna was offering
herself to him and each tiny movement send new waves of pleasure
through her. Suddenly Sven moved. He sat up with his eyes
constantly regarding her as he shifted his weight forward.
What was he doing?
“Sven?” Brianna asked
“Its ok Brianna”, came the response. “I’m feeling better
and think I should go back to work, there’s quite a lot to
do and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it all.”
“We could stay late if that’d help Brianna offered, then
immediately asked herself ‘What the heck are you saying.
You want to be alone with him?’ She might well have tried
to retract that offer too had it not been for the silent penetrating
gaze Sven offered in response.
Those eyes seemed to be reading her very intent for in a shy
sheepish voice Sven then said “Ok. Perhaps that is best.”

The smile which then followed hit Brianna like the wave
of a minor orgasm. Her legs shivered and she dropped one
knee to the floor offering Sven and even greater view up
her skirt. She felt the flood of juices running down her
thigh, and she knew she needed to relieve this wondrous
sexual tension, so slowly she stood and headed to the bathroom.

For Sven, Brianna’s offer was like a dream come true. To
have the woman of his fantasies offer to spend a few hour
or even just a few minutes alone together was almost more
than he could take. He jumped at the chance though, not wanting
to let this one small opportunity pass. He’d deal with his
struggle for control later but now at least he’d swim in
the sea of feelings she inspired. Then as he had intended
Sven stood and slipped away to the bathroom where he could
relieve the tensions Brianna had already managed to insinuate
within his body. He knew that if he didn’t do this working
for the remainder of the day much less alone with Brianna
would be impossible.
Together side by side yet not touching both Sven and Brianna
headed to the bathroom. Each one having dark sexy thoughts
and strong desires as they entered their appropriate door,
but not another word passed between them. Then inside as
fate might have it, the cubicles they chose backed upon
each other, and the pleasure they sought was mirrored in
the hands and minds of the other. Together they came, a deep,
powerful, shuddering orgasm, which was as sweet as any
imagined coupling and ending with the other calling out
their name. Who could have imagined such amazing pleasure,
or the impression each had that they too heard their name
called out.
For the remainder of the normal business day both Brianna
and Sven reflected on the sweetness of their individual
experiences. Neither one knew of the others nor did further
sensations cause them to consider this any more than a momentary
daytime fantasy. Life would return to normal, and from
then on it would be business as usual.
After hours though, both might well have admitted to having
curious thoughts. How would the other kiss, caress, and
feel? Was there any attraction, any hope? The strange sexual
tension seemed somehow stronger then and perhaps it was,
for they both were keenly aware they were alone. It was easy
though to fight such thoughts and thus the work progressed
and nothing more happened, nothing more at least until
Brianna received a phone call.
Sven was just bringing her the updates he had printed off
when that call came in. He was just about to lay them in fact
in Brianna’s inbox when she leaned forward to retrieve
the phone. Sven couldn’t help it his eyes dropped to capture
the image of Brianna’s breast floating into view and his
concentration lapsed. Instead of placing the papers in
the box he missed and they scattered about the floor. Instantly
he was there though to retrieving them, but Brianna then
sat back causing her legs to slip out from beneath her desk.
Suddenly the full force of Sven’s desire overwhelmed him
and his hand caressed the closest calf.
At first contact it jerked slightly but then it settled
down and remained still as his fingers explored the delicate
softness. Brianna had not made moved to stop him, but instead
continued talking as though nothing were occurring. Slowly
Sven allowed his hands to roam higher but as they touched
Brianna’s skirt her hand came down and pushed his away.
Again Sven caress what he was allowed, caress lightly every
soft inch behind each leg but again he was stopped from progressing
Spinning Brianna’s chair to now face him Sven laid both
hands upon the back of her calves then as they caressed up
simultaneously his lips lowered to kiss the exposed nylon
clad knees.
Perhaps it was shock for Brianna offered no resistance
other than preventing his hands from moving higher, or
her legs from parting. Still though the contact was beginning
to affect her for as Sven’s lips and tongue explored the
closed valley between her knees they began to shake.
Again and again Sven nuzzled at the valley urging it open
with nothing more than tiny pressures showing Brianna
where his lip wished to go. Then slowly almost as though
in a dream they began to inch open. Each miniscule movement
allowed his lips and tongue to explore new ground and then
his hands returned. This time they delicately inched up
the skirt, but only when the lips and tongue drove the nerves
at that barrier wild. The process was painstakingly slow
yet ultimately erotic.
Then when Brianna’s skirt had exposed half of her thighs
Sven tried to urge her legs open. Once again Brianna’s hands
stopped him, pushing him away before her finger wagged
a simple ‘No!’ She then pointed to the phone and resumed
talking. Sven though was already too far gone and his lips
returned to the last place he was permitted. At first Brianna
placed a hand upon his head but when the tongue dragged longingly
along the nylon back and forth it dropped away of its own
Still not satisfied with what he had obtained Sven pressed
onwards. The skirt continued higher and so too did his kisses
and tiny licks. Brianna tried crossing her legs perhaps
in defiance of her desire yet as Sven patiently worked the
nerves they soon slipped back to resting side by side. As
this occurred Sven was able to finally push Brianna’s skirt
the last remaining inches up to her waist. Still there was
no sigh of panties and she held out from allowing him a taste
of those delicate inner thighs. No matter what he tried
Brianna refuse to open those sweet portals at least not
until he returned to the knees. Here perhaps she felt safer
or Sven had discovered an erogenous zone for with the constant
pleasuring from his lips and tongue she slowly allowed
him to explore the inner softness.
Sven could already feel the way Brianna’s legs were shaking
yet as before he teased an area then pressured higher until
each new morsel was revealed. Slowly ever so slowly this
permitted Sven’s head to slip higher tasting the inner
thighs of Brianna. The closer he got to that wondrous goal
the more he realized her breathing was increasing. He strained
his ears to listen as the process continued and as Brianna’s
pantiless pussy finally came into view he realized she
was speaking with her husband. Oh how erotic that made this
to tease her there with him on the other end of that phone.
For a moment Sven wondered what he was saying, if he heard
the increase in Brianna’s breathing, if he knew, if he cared,
but then the squirming of Brianna’s thighs cast aside those
thoughts. Now Sven licked and teased high upon the inner
thigh. It was already so wet and tasted so good. Brianna’s
hips began a slow rhythmic grinding and Sven smiled. At
last at long last he was going to fulfill his fantasy. Then
ringing! Ringing, and ringing. No, no he fought the urge
to awaken driving instead his tongue against the wet pantyhose
crotch. He heard the gasp and more ringing. Brianna’s hand
twisted in his hair but still he licked and licked. She tasted
so good her thighs squeezed his head, and still he licked
and licked pushing around the slick lips beyond the barrier
of nylon. Then a deep hard shiver rolled up Brianna’s legs
and suddenly her ass lifted off the chair and froze in mid
air supported only by Sven’s shoulders and the back of the
chair. For a moment or perhaps two that’s how it remained
then wild shaking vibrated through Brianna’s thighs.
She’d cum and the ringing which threatened to awaken him
had stopped.
Slowly now Sven eased Brianna’s body back to the chair but
not before his hands grasped the waist of the pantyhose
and pulled them past her smooth sexy ass. His head then rose
up, lips covered in a mixture of her juices and his own saliva,
to regard her eyes. They sparkled wildly, while her breathing
was hard and almost uncontrolled. Her palm had at some point
covered the mouthpiece of the receiver, in an effort to
hide what was happening, but for Sven she never looked sexier.
As one of his hands continued to remove Brianna’s pantyhose
the other released his hard aching cock. Then with a sweet
broad smile and slight cock of his head he leaned forward.

The surprise on Brianna’s face was immediate for while
his face distracted her, his throbbing hard cock pressed
hotly against her pussy anxious now to get inside. She gasped
once, raised her free hand and placed it in the center of
Sven’s chest. She was stopping him, and he couldn’t believe
it. Perhaps the expression which swept over his visage
told her of his confusion, for suddenly her hand slid to
the side grasped his shirt and pulled him. His cock head
thick and hard seemed to pop inside then again her hand pressed
against his chest. For a brief moment she tilted the other
hand from the mouthpiece said “Yes! Ok. Yes.”, then covered
it again.
Now Sven could feel how his cock’s head throbbed just inside
Brianna’s pussy he so wanted to just drive in deep but with
her holding him off he fought the urge and waited. He waited
until once more Brianna uncovered the mouthpiece, but
this time as she spoke Sven used the ingenuity of her chairs
design to rocked her slowly back and forth. Perhaps office
chairs had never been designed specifically for this,
but with its natural ability to tilt back and forth for comfort
Sven used it to slip his cock in and out without actually
moving. He watched as Brianna’s eyes glazed over, watched
as she gasped into the open mouthpiece then froze wanting
to bring her more but nervous about her getting caught.

As her eyes began to clear Sven started again; rocking her
chair and his hips at the same time sliding in and out deeper
and deeper. Brianna reacted instantly grasping his shirt
tightly and holding on seemingly for dear life. Her legs
rose wrapped tightly about his hips, and he could feel how
her body shook around him. Her pussy also clamped down on
his cock holding him, preventing that last sweet stimulation
which would send her crashing through a powerful orgasm.
Brianna was close again so close, and Sven wanted this more
than anything. He waited though waited for the intensity
to drift slightly waited for Brianna to say “Uhhh I have
to go… I’ll call you later”, and then hang up. Her words were
filled with a passion of the moment, a ragged breathless
mixture of strung together syllables identifiable to
be sure yet clearly of one of someone lost in the experience.

Before the receiver was snug in the cradle Sven started
again. Harder, faster rocking, and driving himself in
and out, with long, deep strokes, which Brianna moaned
from over and over again. The sound of that moaning, that
sexy breathless sound caused Sven to leap that final precipice
and his cock began to cum inside. Brianna felt it too the
deep swelling and jerking and her final scream echoed in
Sven’s ear. Never had he imagined the experience to be like
this never again would his fantasy live up. Brianna was
all he wanted, and now as she slid from her chair and lay upon
him he was complete. In the background the ringing started
again, and for once Sven smiled. If this was a dream he was
ready to wake up and if not he was ready to explore new venues
with Brianna.

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Amazing, loved every paragraph. You had me there with sven
and every lick of her inner thigh. More please.