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*Here's another story. But this one was written corroboratively
by my significant other... Vixen and me. Take note of the
character in the story... Vix and Nash (which is me). She
always corrected my grammar and mechanics.
ps.. my sincere apology. I have mistakenly posted the story
in the article ctaegory. If if any of the administrator
read this. Plese delete the on in the article as I will paste
this again in the Erotic Story Category. Then delete this
statement. Otherwise... we know you did not check this...
ha ha
Vix was restless. She was thinking how she was going to get
her boyfriend to agree with her idea. How was she going to
approach him? What would he think of her? She had fantasised
about it often, and now that the opportunity had presented
itself, she wasn’t about to let it go. She just didn’t know
how to tell him!
She heard the front door open, and his voice “Baby, are you
home?” She knew she parked up front, but men will always
be men! “Up here, Honey!” she yelled.
She reached the bedroom door the same moment he opened it,
and she wrapped her arms around him, “I missed you today.”
She always missed him when they were apart. She’d never
loved anyone as much as she loved him, and the intensity
of her feelings scared her sometimes.
He put down his briefcase and put his arms around her, planting
his lips on hers gently at first, and then deeper and with
more heat. “I’ve missed you too, baby.”
She kissed him back hungrily, sipping his tongue and nibbling
his lips, gently but surely arousing him. Their mouths
still moulded together, she could feel him slowly leading
her to the direction of their bed and he gently laid her down.
He lowered his body on hers and began moving his lips lower
to her neck and nibbling his way to her cleavage. She was
dressed in a casual button-down shirt and loose slacks,
her normal work attire, while he had just returned from
She arched her body against him, pulling his head towards
the point that was now beginning to stiffen. He bit her nipple
through her shirt while his hands reached to unbutton it,
slowly exposing her soft flesh to his touch. She pulled
her hands through the sleeves of the shirt, and pulled him
closer to her breasts, demanding proper attention. He
slowly pulled down the lace of her bra, exposing her dark
areolas with the turgid nipple in the middle. The sight
was more then tempting, and he began to lick the sensitive
area, one after the other, making Vix moan with pleasure,
“Oh…. yes, honey…”. Gently, he began to suck. Vix could
feel her pussy getting all slick and wet with her love juice,
and couldn’t wait to feel him inside her. Harder he sucked,
until she was squirming, feeling a mix of pain and pleasure,
panting and moaning with desire. Suddenly he stopped.
She whimpered a protest before his mouth landed on hers
and kissing her deeply, thrusting his tongue deep into
her mouth, tracing her teeth and lips.
Vix moved her hands to his shirt and slowly unbuttoned it,
kissing and nibbling every inch of skin as it is exposed.
His hands were now on her breasts, kneading and massaging
them gently, teasing the hardened tips with his fingers.
Helping her, he removed his hands through the sleeves of
the shirt and continued his assault on her breasts. Vix
was heaving now, the pleasure so intense as her desire was
almost at its peak. “Honey….” She pleaded with him.
He understood, and moved his head lower, kissing and licking
her body as his hands began undoing the waistband of her
slacks. He lowered them down her hips and pulled her already-drenched
panties along before carelessly throwing the offensive
clothes to the corner, not really caring where they landed.
Still lower, he moved his lips, sucking and biting gently
until he reached the crest of her clean-shaven pussy. “Mmmmm….”
He moaned just before he gently traced her lips with his
tongue. She gasped with pleasure. He used his fingers to
pull her lips apart, exposing her wet, glistening flesh
to his mouth and began sulking gently. Vix pushed her body
closer to him, wanting to feel more of him, opening her legs
wider to give him better access. Her juices were now dripping
to her ass and he licked a path from her anus to her pussy-hole,
making Vix squirm and moan loudly, “Ooh, YEesSS!” He inserted
his index finger into her hot pussy-hole and gently nibbled
her clit. She immediately came, and he could feel her squeeze
his finger and fresh love juice flowed out of her, into his
waiting mouth. “Mmm, baby, you taste good…” His words only
seemed to make her cum some more, as she continued to squeeze
his finger in her pussy.
Slowly he removed his finger and just licked her pussy gently
letting her calm down while his hands began undoing his
pants. His cock was rock-hard but the thing about Vix was
that she could cum at a drop of a hat, and it was so much more
fun to play first before it got down to serious fucking!
As naked as she was now, he pushed her thighs apart and began
licking her again, this time he pushed his tongue deep into
her pussy-hole, while his finger played with her swollen
clit. “AH! Ah! Ah…! HONEeyyy!!!!” Again, her juices flowed
as her body spasmed and her thighs squeezed his head between
her legs, trapping him there until he felt he couldn’t breathe.

He made his way up and kissed her lips, hot and wanting. She
could taste herself in his mouth, smell her in his face,
and she was never more turned on. She pulled his head closer
and kissed him harder, taking his tongue deep into her mouth.
Then, she placed her hand on his shoulder and suddenly pushed
him back. She then turned and quickly sat on him. She pinned
his hands next to his head and began teasing him. She nibbled
his ear then licked his neck before moving lower to his chest.
Her hands now by his side, she moved to one nipple and licked.
“Oooohhh.. Baby!” He shuddered with pleasure. She treated
the other nipple similar attention, and then she sucked,
one after the other. He began squirming, and protesting
weakly, but she continued her teasing until he could feel
his hard cock hot against her ass.
She made her way lower, kissing, licking and nibbling until
she reached his hard proud manhood. She slowly reached
her hand around it and held it tenderly before placing the
tip of her tongue in the slit of his cock. He moaned. She did
it again. Louder he moaned. She covered her lips over the
head and gently cupped her lips to create a gentle sucking
motion, her hands now gently massaging his balls. He sighed
with pleasure. She continued working on him, but she did
not wish for him to cum ‒ yet! She massaged his length while
sucking him, and took turns nibbling his balls. He was panting
and moaning, and she was enjoying every second of it. She
loved to tease!
Suddenly, she stopped. She positioned herself above him
and lowered her body, fitting him into her slick, wet pussy-hole.
She felt him slowly expanding her, pushing his way into
her until finally, she could feel all of him inside her.
She held her breath. “Oh, honey, this feels soooo good!”
She closed her eyes for a while just to savour the feeling
of him deep inside her. She squeezed. He moaned. She began
to move slowly, up and down… up and down. He groaned. He always
enjoyed her on top because he could feel himself deeper
in her tight pussy. It felt so right!
The, he switched their positions, and he was above her.
Holding her thighs apart, he positioned himself at her
entrance and thrust. She gave a soft scream, as the pleasure
was so intense. “Yesss..!” He pulled out gently, then thrust
hard again. Louder she screamed, “AAAAaaaHH…!” He moved
in and out of her, alternating gentle and hard thrusts,
making Vix moan and shout with pleasure. She felt one coming
and shouted, “I’M CUMMMIiiinnnggGG!!” She squeezed his
cock hard, bathing him with her hot juice, until she could
feel the sheets at her ass becoming damp. She moved with
him, meeting thrust for thrust, humping and grinding in
rhythm with him until she slowly relaxed, with him still
hard in her pussy.
“Baby, that was a big one..! Ready for more?” He asked her
teasingly. “Oh yes!!” She replied eagerly.
He turned her around and thrust into her, doggy-style.
Vix lowered her upper body, granting him more access to
her pussy, pushing back against him to meet his thrusts.
Harder and harder, faster and faster he thrust into her,
“Ah! Ah! Ah…!” Their passionate cries were in unison as
their bodies meshed and ground together, in a rhythm all
their own, harder and faster they worked until sweat beaded
and gleamed on their bodies.
“Honey…. I’m cumming, I’m cumming…!” Vix panted heavily.
She squeezed him hard and bathed him in her liquid.
“BABY! I’m cummiinnnngg…!” His turn this time, as he pulled
out and shot his hot liquid all over her ass. She could feel
some of it dribbling down her thigh, mingling with her own
juices. Panting heavily, she lay back against the pillows
and pulled him on top of her. They held each other until they
were both breathing normally again. He looked at Vix in
the eyes and gave her a deep kiss, “Baby, you wear me out!”
She just grinned at him.
“So Hon, ready for dinner now?” Vix asked him. “I thought
you were dinner….” He leered at her.
“C’mon! You were just saying that I wear you out…..” She
giggled at him, and started to head for the shower. He let
her go, admiring her ass from the bed. Man, she had the sexiest
ass! All round and full…, it was enough to give him a hard-on
just thinking about it. Not to mention….
“HONEY….! You joining me in here?” Vix’s teasing voice
broke his train of thought. He decided to accept her invitation.
He pulled back the shower curtain in time to see her rinsing
her pussy. She was always so particular about hygiene,
and he found it endearing. Not many women were that meticulous
about rinsing their pussies and washing their feet as Vix
She moved a side to share the shower with him and began pumping
soap into her hands. She turned towards him and began gently
rubbing the thick liquid all over his body, creating a good,
thick lather as she went along ‒ his chest, his tummy, his
back, his arms ‒ and then she kneeled down to lather his legs
and ass before moving to his cock. She circled him carefully
with her hands and gently placed her tongue over the tip
of his cock. He caught his breath and drew it out with a hiss.
“Vix, stop it! Not fair….”
She got up, and pushed him back under the shower, rubbing
his body, rinsing the soap of him. She spent an extra-long
time lathering and rinsing his semi-hard cock before he
grabbed her hands and pushed them away. “My turn, ” he said.
He squeezed some of the liquid into his hands and started
massaging her breasts gently, creating a thick layer of
lather, teasing and tweaking at her nipples until she was
heaving with pleasure. Then he moved lower and knelt down
in front of her. His tongue slowly stabbed at the flesh of
her pussy before he soaped the area and worked up a good lather,
rubbing and squeezing as he went along. She moved her legs
further apart to grant him more access and sighed when his
fingers brushed against her pussy lips. She could feel
her clit starting to throb a little from the pleasure he
was giving her. He could see she was turned on, so he pushed
her back under the shower and rinsed her body thoroughly.
He turned off the water, and grabbed the towels from the
rails. He gently dried her body and wrapped her in the towel
before tying one around his waist leading her back into
the bedroom.
There, he left her to get dressed.
“Honey!” She started to protest. “Well, we need to eat right?
So we should eat first.” He raised an eyebrow comically
at her. She just laughed and went on to get dressed.
* * * *
“That was a nice dinner. I think we went a little overboard
though! I can barely move!” Vix adjusted her waistband.
She could barely breathe actually, but since they were
walking back to their apartment, she would be fine when
they reach home. The one thing she and Nash shared in common
was their love for food! Good thing that he loved his women
on the heavier side, too!! Otherwise, she’d be in trouble.
They had met over a year ago by chance over the net (how cliché!)
and what was initially just friendship on her part quickly,
most apparently, became something much more. He wasn’t
the most perfect man, but they were soul mates, and that
was most important. They’ve only moved in together three
months ago and so far, things were just right between them.
If only she could approach him about her idea, and it would
be perfect!
Walking into their apartment, Vix asked Nash, “Honey,
would you like some tea? We were both too stuffed for that
just now, but I feel like having one now. Join me?”
“Sure.” Nash flicked the remote and was absently going
through the channels by the time she brought their tea.
Cream for her, none for him; Sweetener for her, sugar for
him. She handed him his drink and sat back, snuggling against
him. Her mind was racing, thinking about what she was going
to ask him, and whether he would agree to it.
“Hon….”, she started. “Hmmm?” was all she got from him,
his eyes fixed on the TV screen in front of him. She started
again. “Hon, can I ask you something?” He didn’t answer
this time. “HON!” He quickly looked at her, “Yes, baby?”
“I need to ask you something.”
“Ask away.”
She flicked off the TV. “What do you think of a threesome?”
He choked on his tea, and spat it out. He turned to look at
her, his eyes wide with disbelief. She blinked innocently
at him, waiting patiently for his reply.
“What are you saying?” He could barely get the words out.
“Exactly what I said and I will not repeat it. I just want
to know what you think.”
Ho looked at her, and she could practically see the wheels
in his head turning. His eyes were going in every direction,
and finally squinted on her, “Is this some kind of a test?”
“Then?” Are you not happy with me? Don’t I satisfy you enough?”
“Why does this have to be about you? Or even me?”
“Well, what am I supposed to think?”
“Okay, fine! If you must know, I have always been curious
about having more than one partner, and today someone approached
“WHO????” He looked ready to kill someone.
“Before you go all macho on me, it’s Edie. You know, my friend
from work. We were in the pantry on our tea break this afternoon
when the subject just came up, and she asked if I was interested.
I admitted I was always curious, but could probably never
be comfortable with a bunch of strangers. So, she said that
if you were agreeable, she’d volunteer to join us. She’d
always wanted to know how I was like anyway. I was embarrassed
when she told me that, but a bit flattered too. So Hon, what
do you say?” She really wanted an answer from Nash, as she
was so keen to try it out.
“Baby, is this something that you’re sure you want? I mean,
it isn’t something that you can just decide later to back
out. It would not be very nice to your friend if you turn chicken-shit
at the last minute, you know.”
“I know, and I was thinking about it all afternoon, at least
before you came home. Then I got a bit distracted.” She grinned
at him cheekily.
Nash was quiet for a while, and she knew he was pondering
her request in his head. She had a feeling he’d agree. Come
on, which man does not have that fantasy?! Their teas were
sitting on the table now, totally forgotten.
“Ok, Baby, if you really want it, I’ll be willing to give
it a go.” Hah! She knew it!!
She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him close, “Thank
you, Honey!” She kissed him deeply and probed her tongue
inside his mouth, loving the warm taste of him. She undid
his buttons quickly, as his hands lifted her blouse over
her head and dropped it on the floor. He unhooked her bra,
and that too soon joined the blouse on the floor. Naked from
the waist up, they kissed and nibbled each other’s necks
while their hands were busy tweaking and teasing. He twisted
her nipples gently in his hands, making them bead hard in
his hands before he took one in his mouth and gently sucked.
Wrapped up in the sensation, Vix played with his nipples,
pinching playfully until he groaned with desire. Her long
skirt now spread around her waist, he could feel her getting
damps between her legs, while she could feel his cock straining
against her thighs. She quickly undid his zipper and pulled
down his briefs and reached down to push aside the crotch
of her panties. She then quickly lowered herself onto him,
taking his hard length into her waiting pussy. “Aaaahhh..”
She sighed with satisfied relief. Nash moved his hips higher
to rest deeper inside her. She moaned her appreciation
Then, she began to ride him. Up and down, she moved first
slowly, then faster. She moved higher and ground her hips
into his, feeling his cock reach deeper into her pussy.
“Oh yesss.. HONEY!!!” She grabbed her breasts in her hands
and massaged them roughly as she moved above him, his own
hands busy rubbing and massaging her swollen clit. “I’M
CUMMING….!!!!” She screamed before she stopped moving
as her internal muscles worked around him, squeezing and
milking his cock, her own juices dripping down his thighs.
As her squeezing grew more intense, Nash could feel himself
coming and soon, “BABY…!!!!” He spewed his hot seed deep
inside her, throbbing within her until she felt him become
“Oh, honey, I love you, ” she wrapped her arms around him
and hugged him close to her, her lips meeting his is a deep,
passionate kiss.
“Baby, I came inside you…”
She held her fingers to his lips and just shook her head.
“It’s ok. It’s not that time of month yet.”
They slowly withdrew from each other and headed to their
bedroom. As usual, Vix headed to the bathroom first, and
came out smelling all fresh and clean again. Nash cleaned
up too, and prepared for bed.
“Honey, when would be a good time?”
He didn’t have to ask for what. “How about next weekend?
We can get a room somewhere.”
“That’d be good, I guess. I’ll talk to Edie and see if that’s
alright with her.”
“Good night, Baby.”
“Good night, Honey.” As usual, they fell asleep wrapped
in each other’s arms.
* * * *
“Good morning, Edie!” Vix called out as soon as she saw her.
Edie just waved her hand in acknowledgement.
Edie, no one knows her real name except maybe the people
at Human Resources, was a really nice woman, and rather
attractive. She had a slightly darker colouring compared
to Vix’s that made her look rather exotic. Vix had always
been fascinated by her as she was never one to hide her feelings
or, in this matter, sexual preference.
It was a busy day, with a lot of paper work to be completed
and bills to be processed. At around 4.30pm, almost time
to clock out, Edie approached Vix. “About what we talked
about yesterday…”
“Yeah, my boyfriend’s agreed, ” Vix, replied in a low voice.
She wasn’t about to let the whole office know what was happening,
and walls DO have ears. “Are you okay for next weekend? We
thought it’d be better to make arrangements away from our
home as it’ll be more private with less prying eyes.”
“Sure, whatever works.” Edie seemed okay with the suggestion,
and if she was surprised Nash agreed, she didn’t show it.
“Okay then, we’re set for next weekend. We’ll finalise
this before the end of next week then.” They had to be careful
about their arrangements, as some may not be too understanding
or approving of their planned rendezvous. A final nod between
them, and the both returned to their workstations to finish
* * * *
“So Baby, did you manage to talk to Edie? What’d she say?”
Nash seemed eager to hear my news.
“She said it was fine, next weekend is okay, and she’s definitely
looking forward to it.” Vix was cleaning up their dinner,
and he was tidying up their sitting area. That was the arrangement
they agreed upon. She’d do the ‘girlie’ things while he’ll
help up with the rest of the apartment. Laundry is a chore
done together.
As they were preparing for bed later that night, Vix had
one question, “Honey, what if after this weekend you decide
to do this regularly? What if you end up being so turned on
by it that I may end up regretting this?” She looked at him
worriedly, not liking the possibility at all. She was just
satisfying her curiosity, and she wouldn’t want it to end
up being a mistake she’ll regret the rest of her life.
“Baby, please don’t worry about that. I am doing this for
you. Granted, I am curious, but the curiosity is to see you
being with another woman. Admittedly, that is the fantasy
of many men, and I am the lucky one that you actually included
me in this.”
“Are you sure, Honey?” What if you look at me in a totally
different light, and find me too weird for you?”
“That would never happen! I am nuts about you, and crazy
about your nuttiness, not to mention your naughtiness!
I love you, my little Vix, ” Nash reassured her.
In bed that night, she snuggled closer to him and hugged
him, wrapping her arms close around him. She loved the feeling
of him; the smell of him. It was comforting, and it helped
her to sleep. She always was more relaxed just being with
She felt his hand stir and move towards her body. He playfully
grabbed her breasts and massaged them one by one. Sleeping,
she always went without underwear so he had unlimited access
to her body, with just the oversized cotton t-shirt covering
her body. She moved closer to him, wanting to feel more than
his hands. He bent his head and kissed her lips, gently and
thoroughly, feeling every crevice of her mouth with his
tongue. It was one of the sexiest kisses they’d ever shared.
His hand was now raising the hem of the t-shirt, exposing
her mound to his touch. He squeezed her mons, occasionally
letting one of his fingers slide lower between her pussy
lips. Vix sighed. “Oooh, Honey…..” She rubbed herself
against him, making him feel how slick and wet she already
was. Slowly he raised the t-shirt over her head and dropped
it to the floor next to him. He reached down to remove his
boxers and soon, their hot naked bodies touched. Vix ground
herself closer to him, feeling the heat from Nash’s body
mesh with hers. Her hands reached for his semi-hard cock,
massaging and teasing him. She pushed him on his back and
moved her head lower, quickly covering him with her mouth.
She held him in her hands, then licked his cock from base
to tip, gently rolling her tongue over the sensitive head,
slipping the tip of her tongue into his slit. She could taste
his pre-cum. She loved his musky taste!
Positioning herself comfortable between his legs, she
moved her head lower and began sucking his balls, one by
one. She nibbled and chewed, licked and sucked, until Nash
was moaning and squirming in exquisite pleasure. She pushed
his thighs further apart and licked him lower and lower
until she reached his anus, and slowly… very gently, placed
the tip of her tongue there. Nash almost jumped out of his
skin but she ignored him and continued licking, all the
way to his balls, and back down again until finally he could
not take it any more. He was almost whimpering. She went
back to licking and sucking his balls and massaging his
hard cock, loving feel of the velvet heat between her hands.
Unable to stand it any longer, Nash sat up and pushed Vix
down on her back. He hooked her ankles over his shoulders
and gave one hard thrust, sending her body upwards with
the impact. “OOHHH!” She only managed to cry out. Her eyes
closed shut with pleasure. He pulled out. “Aaaah!” She
moaned as he thrust again. He pulled out gently, then he
thrust… “Ohh.. Honeeyy…!” Vix could only moan helplessly.
He felt so hard, and he pushed so very deep. Again and again,
he pulled out and thrust hard, sending Vix into a frenzy
of desire and pleasure that made her scream, “HONEYYY!
came and came and came, squeezing and contracting her pussy
muscles around his hard cock, her body shaking with intense
pleasure as she scratched his thighs, leaving her mark
on him. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! OOHhh YESSSS…!!!” She could
not get enough, and her pussy was still contracting, her
juices spilling out from her, dripping into the sheets.
Nash pulled out from her and began to work his tongue on her
pussy. He nibbled the sensitive swollen bud of her clit,
and spread her open for him with his fingers. He placed his
tongue over her pussy lips and licked, taking in and swallowing
all her juices. His tongue continued to pleasure her, probing
and teasing her pussy hole. Vix was cumming, again and again,
enjoying wave after wave of climax that liberated her body.
Nash positioned himself over her body again, and this time,
he pushed her thighs together and thrust his hard cock into
her pussy hole in quick successions. “Oh yes, Honey, faster…!
Harder..! Faster, faster, faster!” Vix screamed as another
orgasm came over her, and this time Nash shouted, “I’M CUMMING,
BABY…!!” He spurted his cum into her hot, throbbing pussy
hole, driving his cock deeper and faster into her as she
squeezed him again and again. Their climax came over them,
leaving them spent and gasping for breath.
They both fell asleep, spent and completely satisfied.
* * * *
“Honey, you ready?” Vix called out to Nash.
“Yeah, just a minute.” They were supposed to go to the central
bus station to meet Edie there and make their trip to the
place together. At least that would give them time to get
to know each other and loosen up a bit around each other.
As usual, he had to be late. First, he fell asleep again although
she had woken him up, and then he just HAD to take a very long
bath, not to mention spend hours on the ‘throne’ doing only
God knows what. She’d known he’d be late, and should have
made sure he stuck to her schedule.
Ten minutes later they were on their way to the station,
and there she was, as agreed, Edie was waiting at the entrance.

“Sorry, we’re a bit late. Nash got held up.”
“It’s okay.” Everyone said their hi’s and hello’s and then
off we went.
* *
They arrived late evening, and decided to stop for dinner
before checking in. At least then they wouldn’t have to
go out again to look for food. They also got some drinks and
snacks, just in case they’d need it for later.
Their rooms were connecting, on the guise that they were
working on a very important project and needed total privacy
to brainstorm. The hotel front desk assured them that their
rooms were at the corner of the building and were very private
The ride up the elevator was a little awkward, so Vix decided
to say something. “Okay, why don’t we all freshen up, and
then Edie, you can come over to our room and I’ll have some
tea and snacks ready. How does that sound?”
“Sure. I’ll see you in a bit.”
* *
“My goodness, can you believe that movie? It had the most
ridiculous ending!” Vix was laughing hysterically. Nash
and Edie were also in stitches, unable to believe that they
had actually sat through the stupidest movie of the century.

“I’d better clear up, ” Vix rose to clear the empty cans
and plastic wrappers.
“I’ll help you, ” quickly Edie got up too.
Nash took the opportunity to use the bathroom, at the same
time giving the girls some time alone. He was getting pretty
excited at the prospect of the evening!
The girls went back to the sofa and sat next to each other.
The bed behind them seemed a weird place at that time so the
TV area was still the safest. The TV was turned down, and
girls could hear themselves breathing.
“Are you nervous?” Edie asked Vix. Edie was now so close
to her that Vix could only nod. “Well, don’t be. You are beautiful,
and I have wanted you since I first laid eyes on you.”
Vix felt her face grow hot with embarrassment, when suddenly
Edie pulled her face close and gently pressed her lips on
hers. Vix was surprised at how soft and pliant it felt, and
slowly, curiously, returned the kiss. Her curious nature
got the better of her, and she bravely stuck her tongue out,
tracing Edie’s lips and gently nibbling, as she would Nash.
Edie returned the favour and soon they were so engrossed
in their kissing that they didn’t realise that Nash had
re-entered the room.
He was mesmerised by the sight in front of him and not wanting
to spoil the moment, he just hung back and observed.
Edie and Vix continued their exploration of each other’s
mouths and soon their hands joined in the quest. Edie moved
her hands to cover Vix breasts and gently massaged them,
coaxing the tips to point out prominently, and slowly begin
to undo Vix’s blouse. One button, then she hesitated to
gauge Vix’s response. Vix just sighed with pleasure. Edie
took that as a good sign and continued to undress Vix, slowly
exposing her generous breasts and their engorged tips
to her. Edie bent and took one into her mouth and began to
suckle slowly. “Ooohhh..!” Vix was lost. Edie’s mouth
was gentle and soft on her, giving her total pleasure, making
her whine and beg for more. Edie used her hand to grab the
other breast and gently massage in rhythm to her sucking.
Vix could feel her pussy melt with juices.
Vix reached out, and began to undress Edie. She found Edie
to be soft and silky, not unlike her, and it was definitely
arousing. She touched Edie’s bare breasts gently with
her hands and slowly caressed the nipples, intrigued when
they beaded against her touch. Edie stopped her actions
on Vix, and waited for Vix’s next move. Slowly, Vix lowered
her head and licked the tip of Edie nipples. Edie gasped.
Bolder, Vix touched it lightly with her teeth. This made
Edie gasp louder. Vix took the whole nipple into her mouth
and began to suck gently. “Ooohh.. yesss!” Edie leaned
her head back, offering more of her chest to Vix. Her mouth
already busy on one nipple, she moved her left hand to Edie’s
other breast and touched the nipple playfully, tugging
and twisting until Edie was squirming with pleasure.
More aggressive now, Edie pushed Vix back against the sofa
and removed the rest of their clothing. Edie knelt on the
floor and pulled Vix till she was seated at the edge of the
sofa. Edie spread Vix’s thighs and gently touched her pussy
lips. Vix sighed with pleasure, opening her legs wider
to give Edie easier access. Edie took heed of Vix’s blatant
invitation and stroked her tongue gently against Vix’s
wet lips, licking and stabbing occasionally at the sensitive
nub of her clit. Vix grabbed hold of Edie’s head and pulled
her closer, wanting to feel more.
Edie used her fingers to push aside Vix’s think lips and
moved her tongue into Vix’s steaming, inviting hole. “OHHh!
YEESSS!!!” Vix was shouting now, her body heaving up and
down, her legs now parted wider as if to tell Edie to come
in deeper. Edie continued nibbling and teasing Vix’s swollen
hard clit, and began moving two fingers inside her pussy
hole. Vix moved in rhythm with Edie’s touch, all the while
panting and moaning.
“I’m cumming, I’m cumingg…!!!!” Vix was shouting, “OOHH
GOD! I’m CUMMmmiingggGGG!!!! Edie continued to move her
fingers in and out of Vix’s pussy, her tongue now gently
lapping at Vix’s clit while Vix was shaking, cumming really
hard, her juices now dripping into Edie’s hand.
At the corner of the room, Nash could feel his cock about
ready to burst. He’d never seen Vix cum that hard from being
licked before! He had some serious competition now!! Seeing
how the two girls were now kissing affectionately, he disposed
his clothes and approached them. Edie saw him first, and
pulled Vix to the bed. As if understanding each other, Edie
and Nash decided to ‘treat’ Vix to a night she would never
Vix lay down on the bed, and then was surprised when Nash
appeared beside her, taking one of her hands and tying it
to the bed post. Her other hand was treated the same by Edie.
Vix could feel herself get excited thinking about the possibilities,
and she could feel her pussy start to twitch from the anticipation.
Edie positioned herself next to Vix and started to play
with her breasts. Using her hands at first, Edie squeezed
Vix’s breasts slowly, coaxing the points to stand up to
attention, and harden under her touch. Nash was now positioned
between Vix’s legs, and he parted her thighs wide and slowly
used the tip of his tongue to stab her semi-hidden clit.
Edie was now sucking her breasts, alternating one and the
other, teasingly biting and squeezing her nipples. The
pleasure caused Vix to open her legs wider and raise them
over Nash’s shoulders. She could feel her juices being
lapped up by Nash, and his greedy actions only added to her
pleasure. He used his tongue to probe into her pussy hole,
to explore the folds of her thick lips, and to tease her very-swollen
clit. Vix could not keep silent much longer. “Ohh Honey….!
Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSS!” She could feel an orgasm coming
over her and she squeezed his head between her thighs, her
body heaving as she came, spilling her juices into his waiting
mouth. Panting, she slowly relaxed, with Nash still gently
lapping up her juices and licking her slit.
Helpless, Vix waited for the two of them to continue their
assault on her. She was thoroughly enjoying it!
Releasing one hand, Nash positioned her to a couching position,
with her knees just at the edge of the bed. Edie moved under
Vix’s body, positioning her face directly below Vix’s
pussy. Nash got up and stood behind Vix. Edie had started
licking and teasing Vix’s clit, while Nash began rubbing
his hard cock against her pussy lips. Occasionally, Nash
could feel the flitting movements of Edie’s tongue against
Vix’s clit when he pushed slightly further. Vix thought
she was going to die! The pleasure was so intense… “OH MY
Without hesitation, Nash drove his hard cock straight
into her hot waiting pussy. Vix began screaming with pleasure,
“AAAHH! AAAHHH! AAHHHHHh…!!” Her body began moving faster
and faster, meeting every thrust he drove into her. Edie
was now sucking hard on Vix’s clit, adding to Vix’s intense
pleasure. “OH MY GOD…..! HONEY I’M CUMMING…..!” Faster
and faster, harder and harder, Nash pumped deeper into
Vix’s pussy hole while his own cock occasionally getting
licked by Edie. Edie, unable to hold back anymore, pulled
Vix’s head down to her own pussy and without hesitation,
Vix opened her mouth and began licking and sucking Edie’s
wet pussy.
Vix had never tasted anything like that before!
She licked and sucked as if her life depended on it, until
she couldn’t stand it anymore and bit hard while her own
pussy began squeezing and milking Nash’s hard cock which
was now spurting his cum into her heated hole. In Vix’s mouth,
Edie’s juices flowed and flowed, as her pussy hole contracted
and squeezed against Vix’s playful tongue.
After it was over, the three of them laid down on the bed,
and dozed off.
* *
The sun’s bright rays shone on the three naked bodies on
the bed, all three in deep slumber from the previous night’s
romp. The first to awaken was Vix, who immediately began
to lick Nash’s lips to wake him up. Edie was a bit further
from them, choosing to sleep curled up alone at the edge
of the huge king-sized bed. Not wanting to disturb her,
the two tip-toed to the other room and jumped on the bed,
hugging and kissing frantically. Vix was mildly surprised
to learn that she was warm and wet with horniness, and as
usual, Nash was as hard as a rock. Nash immediately set to
work by moving down her body, trailing kisses and nibbling
bites, until he reached her mons. He traced her feminine
triangle with his tongue before using his finger to push
back the thick flesh hiding her pink nub. Vix parted her
legs, and welcomed him to her. He pushed her thighs back,
opening her to him, and gently planted a kiss in her centre.
Her pussy hole winked invitingly at him, until he dipped
his index finger inside.
“Mmmmmm, ” Vix sighed with content. She opened her legs
even wider, pulling his head closer with her hands and feet.
“Oh, honneeeyyyy….! That feels so yummy!” To acknowledge
her appreciation, Nash moved his tongue faster over her
swollen clit, and his finger now moved faster. She began
to move in time with his movements, her breathing getting
heavier and heavier.
“Yes, Baby, that’s it… Come for me, Baby, come for me!” Nash
whispered to her.
As if on cue, Vix’s pussy began to squeeze and pull at his
finger. He quickly withdrew his finger, and before she
could protest, he planted his hard cock deep into her pussy
hole, thrusting hard and fast into her, until he felt his
balls tighten and twitch. Vix felt it too, and squeezed
her legs around him, pulling him deeper into her. She screamed
with pleasure, “Aaaarrgghhh!!!” She squeezed and squeezed
as he spewed his hot liquid deep inside her. Her whole body
shook and spasmed as she felt wave after wave of orgasm sweep
over her, until finally, they withdrew from each other,
“Honey…..” Nash just kissed her mouth teasingly, and pulled
her closer.
“I know, Baby, I know. I felt it, too.” Nash was quite surprised
that she came so hard.
Then, they heard a small sound from the corner of the room
and saw Edie standing there. Her expression was smoky,
and Vix recognised it as arousal. Moving away from Nash,
Vix held out her hand in invitation to Edie.
Slowly Edie moved towards them, and Vix pushed her back
to lie down horizontally across the bed. Copying Edie’s
movements on her last night, Vix began to gently massage
Edie’s breasts, until the peaks rose in invitation to her.
Vix bent her head, and touched her tongue lightly to the
tight bud, feeling Edie arch slightly against her mouth.

Nash, from his place behind Vix, began fingering Vix’s
exposed pussy from behind. Very slowly he slipped his fingers
in between her warm wet slit, while his own arousal was growing.
Vix could feel Nash fingers moving in her slit, something
slipping deeper, just enough to tease her.
Below her, Edie was squirming as Vix’s mouth licked and
sucked harder. Feeling bold, Vix moved one hand lower and
laid it softly against Edie’s neatly trimmed mons. Mmmmm,
Vix liked the warm and wet feeling. Aroused, she moved her
hand lower until one of her fingers slid into Edie’s slit.
“Aaaahhh….!” Edie moaned in response to her touch.
Nash was more aroused now and began to slide his finger in
and out of Vix’s pussy hole. Vix moved against his finger,
driving it further into her. Vix then slid her own finger
into Edie’s hole and moved it in and out. Her mouth still
on Edie’s nipple, and her finger inside Edie, Edie soon
heaved and panted as an orgasm approached her. “Uunnhh!
Uunnhh! Uunnh!! UUUNNNNNHH!!!!!” Edie came, her pussy
tightening around Vix’s finger.
Behind her, Nash could feel Vix’s own orgasm coming as her
breath became shorter and her movements faster. He removed
his finger from inside her and drove his hard cock straight
into her pussy hole. In and out…. In and out….. Faster and
harder he moved until Vix collapsed on top of Edie, her body
shaking as her pussy tightened and squeezed Nash’s cock.
Nash concentrated on driving his hard cock into Vix until
she screamed with pleasure, as Edie’s hands began moving
against her swollen clit, rubbing and teasing until Vix
felt her knees go weak from cumming so hard. “OH! HONEY….!!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! OH HONEY, YEEEAAHHHHH….!!!” Vix yelled
as her body shook one last time. Nash withdrew from inside
her and shot his hot cum all over her ass.
Edie reached under her bedside table and took out a good-sized
dildo and began working herself with it. Edie humped the
dildo, working it in and out of her until her own body shook,
and a sheen of perspiration covered her body. Vix moved
lower and gently lapped Edie’s pussy lips until both of
them calmed down.
Without a word, all three lay back on the bed and slept.
* * * *
They held each other in bed, thinking about the last weekend.
“You know Honey, as great as it was last weekend, I don’t
think I’d do it again. I’ve satisfied my curiosity, not
to mention my fantasy, and I guess that’s it, ” Vix said
“Are you sure, Baby?” Nash was worried about her sometimes.
God knows what else she has lurking in her head, and that
is one thing about their relationship that never gets boring.
“Yeah, I’m sure. That’s the end of THAT fantasy. Now, can
we talk about my next one?”
Vix looked at him expectantly.
Nash just laughed and kissed her lips, “Good night, Baby!”
** The End………… **

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