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Unexpected funny day


The last days had been quiet to Maria at her office work,
her boss is preparing everything for a business trip and
she was just finishing all dossiers he needed to take with
him, the departure day arrived, she had offered to drive
him so his car wouldn't be left near the airport, but
he thanked her and said it wasn’t necessary as he just
planned a short trip with only a couple of days out, so Maria
wished him a good trip and good luck with the business and
went home. [image] At home Maria took a quick shower, prepared
a drink for her and sat surfing the internet looking for
some on-line action, she was completely disappointed
for don’t get the opportunity to have one of that hot sessions
she have very often with her boss, a lot of people running from one place to another
preparing all documents for his trip, his family around
to say a good bye to him, then her phone suddenly rang, she
jumped in her seat quickly fumbled for the device and swiped
the screen. "Hello?" "Already at home? Your proposition to drive me to the airport is still
open?" Her boss said.

Maria laughed and spun in her chair. "Oh? Change of

He guffawed and replied in a rougher, playful tone that
Maria knew as defiance for her. "Something like that, I was thinking about some things to do before
my departure."

Maria grinned, ignoring the blush that she knew was climbing onto her cheeks, then added “I could...I mean,
I offered to drive you, if you remember."

There was a pause, then her boss spoke up again, almost unsure, Maria could
hear the indecision in his voice, but her curiosity was
piqued, she was not sure he would ever answer when she finally heard him again. "You could meet,
you shouldn't...Well…. Meet me at the office parking
lot in an hour, we won't have a lot of time."

Maria was grinning widely, feeling victorious and teased
him "Yes boss, I will give you a warm and special wish
for a good trip."

"Don't waste time with makeup or nice clothes, just come to pick me up.”
With that he hung up, Maria jumped out of her chair and leapt
to action, it was a thirty minute drive to their office, she had no time to lose, she run into
the bedroom to choose what to wear and make a quickly make
up, and when she finally hit the road, she was running five
minutes late, luckily not too much traffic and she made
up the time easily and soon enough she reached the office
parking lot.

Maria drove around once, searching for her boss, but with no luck, she drove around the parking
once more, then she called his phone and he answered quickly.
"Go to the back corner, on the exit side."

Maria said Ok to him and he hung up, making her adrenaline rise slightly,
the suspense was killing her, where would they go to play?
In the office? In his car? At the airport? [image2] Pulling over, Maria shifted into park and stepped
out of her car, gazing back in search for his car, it had to
be somewhere, she started down the back lot, scanning for
the his vehicle, each step made her senses heighten in anticipation,
then, she saw it, in the farthest corner, he was parked beside
another vehicle, Maria walked over quickly, hesitating
only when she got close to the car as blankets blocked all
view of the interior, all except the passenger window.

Interest piqued, Maria changed course and moved toward
the opening, it was dark inside, the thick blankets barring
daylight surprisingly well, so when her boss suddenly
knocked on the window, she jumped in surprise, he smirked,
but motioned to the back driver's side door, Maria’s
heartbeat quickened, the door was already pushed open
as she made the corner, and a hand reached out to drag her
inside while her boss grinned "Get in here.”

Maria crawled past him and looked around as the door slammed
shut behind them the seats were folded down and tidied,
leaving a defined space for them to play, she turned back
with a smile, but before she could say a word, his hand was
on her neck, drawing her closer for a short but heated kiss,
when he pulled away, Maria was left breathlessly staring
at him, she did not want to wait, the teasing on the phone
and that kiss just then had Maria fired up, and he sensed
her urgency.

"Lay down, " he motioned toward the small clearing, and Maria shrugged her purse strap
off her shoulders, abandoning it by the door, as she crawled
toward the spot she turned quickly, sticking her tongue at him teasingly, his eyes
flashed, and in a second Maria felt his hands on her legs,
pulling so fast that she landed on her back with a soft thump,
he then straddled her thighs and leaned down, his lips stealing
hers for another kiss, and it was like a fire, searing straight
through Maria, and she arched against him eagerly.

Through her haze Maria felt his large hands slide down to
her waist, searching for the button on her jeans, she giggled
into his kiss as he tugged, but with a growl of his own he succeeded
in popping them open, without breaking away, Maria kicked
off her red flats and guided his hands to the hem of her jeans,
tugging the worn denim down her slender legs as best as she

He then pulled away and finished her job, throwing her pants behind him carelessly, when he returned, he surveyed
her carefully, with focused approval, then he was back,
peeling her lacy panties away from her hips and tickling her smooth
skin, for Maria it felt like forever before the soft material
joined her jeans, but soon she was clothed only from the
waist up.

Maria propped herself up, her chest rising quickly beneath her blouse, she was ready to strip
from her top as well, or help him with his jeans, but he had
other plans and shoved her back to the floor, Maria gasped as he fell between her
naked thighs and pushing her legs apart, her gasp became
moans as he made contact with his tongue, licking softly
before diving in for a better taste, his lips enveloped
her clit, suckling and kissing and making all her senses
explode with lust, Maria’s cheeks felt so hot and the
rest of her was unashamedly pushing against his hot mouth,
begging for more, and she panted, clenching her eyes shut.
"Please. Please, don't stop!"

He chuckled from between her legs, the vibrations sending
a small shudder up her body, Maria bent her legs, framing
his clothed shoulders between them as she offered better
access, almost immediately she felt his hands wrap around
them, keeping her still as he worked her lithe body perfectly,
Maria tried to prop herself up to watch him suck and eat her,
but all Maria could manage was another louder moan as she
dropped back to the car floor and cried out as she got a violent
orgasm, her eyes clenched once more as pleasure rolled
over her in waves. [image3] When Maria finally opened her
eyes, her boss had pulled away, his face shiny with evidence
of his work, then he teased her, grinning widely. "Now
it’s your turn to put your hot mouth to use."

Saying that he stripped out of his pants and boxers quickly, his hardness daring
Maria to please him, she nodded and pushed herself up, her
hair tumbling around her shoulders, but he was instantly correcting her, guiding her body back
down once more. "Unfortunately there's no time
for that."

And with that he lined himself up at her sopping pussy and sheathed himself in one push, Maria
arched and clung to his arms for support, his thickness
filling her, and every pump of his hips made a groan escape her lips, and she turned
her face against his cotton shirt, drawing him closer,
he grunted as well, pinning Maria to the car floor with his
body, his fingers flew to her hair and tugged playfully,
making her gasp and arch further while she closed her eyes
moaning as a jolt of pleasure coursed through her.

The wild urgency between them made Maria feel reckless,
and she wanted more, her eyes stayed firmly shut as her boss
pounded into her soaked pussy, she tried to push away another
rising orgasm and instead focused on him, on his warm breath
on her neck as he pushed them both higher, his fingers barely
tugging at her hair, tangling them more with every thrust,
his shirt rubbing up against hers, his legs lifting himself
and propelling his cock deeper within her.

Maria eyes sprung open when his firm hand clamped over her mouth, silencing
her growing moans, she shivered as his hot breath moved
higher along her sensitive skin, tickling her ear, and then he whispered in her ear "Are you glad
to come? Anyone could walk by and look through that window,
just like you did before, but you like that, don't you?"

Maria felt her cheeks redden while tried to scream a YES, but it only came out as a quiet whimper and all she could
do was moan beneath him as he rolled his hips faster, stroking
her favorite spots in a steadily rising tempo, she jerked
beneath his body, gasping against him as her own reacted
so quickly, he noticed it and thrust harder, and Maria wrapped
her legs around his bare waist, drawing him closer frantically,
he seemed pleased and repeated the motion, Maria’s head
spun wildly and she hovered at her peak, ready to tumble

Maria tried to call his name, to warn him, but he knew, he finally released her hair and focused his energy
on them, she shattered against him, shaking uncontrollably,
his hips never slowed, but pushed her past high level sensations
and into another dimension, seconds later Maria felt his
muscles tense beneath her legs and arms, and with a loudly
groan her boss finished deep inside her. [image4] Even
when he stopped above Maria, she could feel his cock pulsing
inside her, his fingers fell from her mouth and curled around
her shoulders instead, holding her gently, Maria’s
lips curled into a smile as she tried to catch her breath, her boss laughed and squeezed her shoulders,
using them as leverage to sink deeper into her, she sighed
happily, more warmth spreading to her cheeks and body,
then he said giggling. "I wish I had more time."

Maria nodded and teased him. "There would have been, if you hadn't gone down on me."

He looked ready to argue, but Maria stretched up and caught
him in a soft kiss. "Maybe when you get back we have time to
finish what we started."

They both laughed and held each other for a moment, stealing quiet kisses
between smart remarks and giggles, finally they both remembered
his time crunch and her boss reluctantly withdrew himself.

"I didn’t got a taste, " Maria pouted playfully, eyeing her boss as he slid back
into his jeans, he groaned and for an instant, she thought
he would let her suck him, but he continued getting ready, a small grimace on his own
face as he replied. "Next time."

Maria hurried to dress as he secured his belt, in no time she was
back in her jeans, as he had a flight to catch, and she had
promised to get him there on time, soon they had pulled down the window coverings, thrown on their jackets, and
grabbed his bags, exiting the back seats together, they
joked and teased as they walked to her car, and soon enough
they were out of the parking lot and back on the highway toward
the terminals.

Her boss brushed her leg as Maria drove, she squirmed as his fingers ran up and down her leg, dancing
dangerously close to her crotch, she smacked his hand away,
giggling as he returned it to her knee and she said "Could've
done better with more time."

He gazed over and nodded regretfully. "Yes, I know, there just wasn't
time." Maria shrugged and kept driving, pulling
into the airport lot, she pulled up to the curb and shifted to park. "Okay, time to your

Her boss didn't step out of her car, instead he reached
over and caught her neck gently, guiding her to meet his warm mouth one more time,
the kiss was sweet, gentle, and Maria melted into it, moving closer for more, one kiss became
many, each deeper and longer than the last and when he finally
broke them apart, she was panting again, painfully wanting
more of their earlier fun. [image5] "I have to go,
" her boss prompted firmly, and Maria let him back
away, climbing out and gathering his bags from the back
of her car, he slammed the door and started toward the terminal
entrance, then, with an afterthought, he turned back and leaned in through her passenger window
and she couldn't stop herself from stretching over
for one more taste as finished he said playfully. "I
already warmed you up, now you can go and look for more fun."

They both burst in laugh, then they said their goodbyes
and he disappeared inside leaving Maria alone in her car,
alone but with a playful smile and his cum still coating
her insides, so she decided to go inside the airport, clean
herself, fix her makeup and take a coffee before leave,
she entered a small restaurant/bar inside the airport
and took a glass of wine on the bar area instead of a coffee,
there are only a few men inside, probably some ready to travel,
others just waiting for some arrivals, then she wandered
inside to the ladies.

As Maria finished with herself she left the ladies, and as she walked along the bar to the
exit, she didn't know what got into her, but her body
shivered when she passed a very good looking man sitting at the counter bar, it could
have been the glass of wine, it could have been having that
sexual meeting with her boss, it could have been just a sexual
attraction, whatever it was she didn’t care and just
stopped on his side and said a hello to him with her most seductively

"Hello." he replied back surprised and shaking her hand.

"Are you here alone?" Maria asked, even it was a little obvious as he was just sitting
there holding his beer.

"Yes." He said a little astonished.

Maria looked both ways as if she was crossing a street, she guess she was looking for someone that might know her,
or even her boss still around, whatever she was looking
for she didn't see, so she leaned in to him and whispered
in his ear. "Follow me."

Maria darted along the bar moving quickly, he followed her and they moved smoothly
through the part of the bar that was more restaurant than
bar, she passed the ladies and pressed the bar on the back door, it swung open to a parking,
there were two lines of cars and Maria spotted the largest,
it was a large pickup and she moved quickly until she was
between the truck and a wall, the man was a step behind her
and as he rounded the corner she reached up and grabbed him
by the neck.

He was stunned but kissed her back, it was too hurried to be enjoyed, Maria’s heard raced, she dropped
her purse the asphalt using it to pad knee, his cock was already
hard, she could see by the awkward bulge in his pants, so she tugged
at his belt, his pants fell to his knees as she worked it through
the fly of his boxers, his cock had grown and was already
with a big hard on, and Maria was surprised with a so long
and thick cock, so without waste her time she engulfed all
its full length into her mouth and down her throat.

Maria did her best to get all his length deep into her mouth,
she knew it wasn't her best work as she kept gagging
while trying to suck that enormous cock, it was really more
a hand job than a blow job, anyway he moaned appreciatively
and Maria kept her lips sealed around his cock head while
her hands worked up and down his length, it didn't take
long, just a couple of minutes, and he rewarded her efforts
with a loudly moan and a with a bountiful explosion of his
tasting cum, Maria milked his cum for every last drop in
the hopes he would let her do that again. [image6] When he
was done he pulled Maria away, put his cock back to his boxers
and zipped his pants, and then looked at her smiling he asked.
“Are you ok?”

Maria realized he had finished with her, speechless at
first, than absolutely frustrated as she was really far away of reach the climax she was looking
for, she just replied "Yeah. Oh, I will.”

Maria turned back trying to hidden her sexual frustration, she left him standing
there, on her mind she already had decided it was time to
go have some fun on any way, so grinning, Maria shifted into drive and headed home, she took a quickly
shower, then turned on her laptop and started surfing the
internet looking at her favorite sex sites, then came one
about glory holes, she always loved sitting there sucking
a constant stream of anonymous cocks, then a flash crossed
her mind, she knew there were glory holes at an adult bookstore
not too far away from home, and she resolved to go there.

After a short drive, Maria finally arrived at the adult
bookstore, she got out of her car and locked it, shivering
with anticipation, she had already prepared for action,
she had neglected to wear a bra or panties and to cover herself,
she had put on a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, along with
some sandals, at her side, Maria had a large purse filled
with various items, a towel for kneeling on and some moist
toilette to clean up.

Maria took a deep breath and approached the bookstore, walking up to the door, she pushed a small
buzzer and a doorman on his 50’s opened the door to her,
she looked around the bookstore, a clerk woman who was restocking some shelves,
stopped what she was doing to analyse Maria from top to down,
then she returned to what she was doing, Maria got immediately
aroused at the various pieces of pornography and sex toys,
gladly she also noticed a number of men looking her over,
as she was the only woman in the store, she smiled to them
and walked to the back of the bookstore where it was a doorway
with black curtains and a red light saying "video

Maria approached the black curtains removed it to the side and as she walked into the back room,
she heard the sounds of various porno movies mixing together,
the booths were arranged in two columns of four, with many men hanging around
in the walkway, Maria caught them all staring at her as she
walked into an empty booth, she locked the door behind her
and set down her purse, then she set the towel on the floor
next to the hole and began undressing.

When Maria was fully nude, she knelt down, took her spot on the floor, and
began rubbing her pussy as she peered through the hole,
on the other side was a white guy, she couldn't see much of him, of course, but she saw that his pants were
down and he was sitting there stroking an impressive cock,
Maria licked her lips as she slid two fingers through the
hole, and all at once, the anonymous man's giant cock
sprang through the hole.

"Wow! So big" thought Maria as she held it for a second, examining it in
the light of the porno movie playing at her side, then, she
bent down to pick up the cock and kissed the head softly, encouraged by the throbbing sensation
that seemed to be send through the man's cock, she began
sucking it while slathered on lots of saliva to make it more
comfortable for both parties, gladly she heard the man
moaning through the hole as she bobbed her head up and down
on that man's cock, occasionally Maria took it out
of her mouth to lick up the underside of the shaft, and then
shoved it back down her throat what seemed to delight the

As Maria kept sucking his cock, she felt the man bucking against her mouth, which suggested that he was
enjoying himself and she had to admit, she was enjoying
herself too, she continued giving the man head until she felt a swelling
in his cock, and almost immediately he burst several loads
of cum down her throat, she was unprepared for such a large
spurt of cum, she swallowed what she could, then she gasped
and pulled the cock out while the man's cock kept shooting
out streams of sticky, white sperm onto her face, her chin
and onto her breasts. [image7] Maria thought that he was
done but he withdrew his cock and replaced it with a hand,
which reached through the hole to grasp Maria's cum-covered
breast, she held her arms behind her head and let the man
fondle her chest, after a bit more squeezing, he withdrew his hand, whispered a
hushed thanks, and left the booth.

After just a few moments, Maria heard another man enter the booth, that
one wasn't as forward as the booth's previous
occupant, he stood in front of the hole for what seemed like a minute, and then cautiously peered down through
the hole, Maria smiled at him, forgetting about the cum
running down her chin, she saw the man grin, and he then stood
up, unzipped his pants and took out his semi-hard cock,
it wasn't as big as the first man's, but Maria wasn't
going to complain, she just leaned forward and let his cock
fill her mouth, after a bit of playful suckling, it began
to grow and harden.

But that man did not seem to want a standard blowjob, as Maria was getting ready to start
sucking him proper, the man pulled his cock back and pushed
it back through the hole into her mouth, Maria was confused at first, and the man kept up his
pattern of pulling away and shoving his cock back into her
side of the hole, then she realized he just wanted to fuck
her mouth, so she planted her face up against the hole and
kept it there, the man groaned and began pumping his cock
in and out of her wet, cum-coated mouth, as her fingers unconsciously
ran through her trimmed pubic hair and down to her soaking

That man didn't seem to have the stamina of his predecessor and after just a few minutes of fucking
her mouth, he plunged his cock deep into her mouth and held
it there, Maria was ready for the load that time, and began to smile inwardly
as the man deposited another gooey load down her throat,
as she was still swallowing the man's cum, she could
hear as he zipped up his fly and walked out of the booth.

Maria's pussy was still aching for attention, she
pushed two fingers inside of her and fingered herself as
she waited for someone else, while she played with herself,
Maria heard murmurings outside of the booth, and then another
man walked in and shut the door, Maria watched as he quickly
took down his pants and fed a fat cock through the hole, she
grasped his cock, and then she heard the man on the other
side of the wall whisper. "They say there's a
great cock sucking over there, please rub my cock on your
tits before you suck it." [image8] Maria did as she
was told, rubbing the man's cock all over her breasts,
he didn't seem to mind as his cock ran through the sticky
cum left on her breasts by the first man, then, she fed his
cock through her cleavage and pressed her breasts together, tit-fucking that stranger through
the glory hole, every time his cock peeked through the top
of her cleavage, Maria's tongue would be there to give
it a quick lick, then the man whispered again through the
hole. "Now suck it!"

Again, Maria did what he asked, sure that the man was not interested in the normal
foreplay, she opted to just start sucking him hard with
no licking or teasing, he seemed to enjoy that, as his cock pulsated within her mouth while
he moaned loudly, not bothering to be heard by the others,
meanwhile a mixture of saliva, pre-cum, and the previous
two men's cum spilled out the sides of Maria's
mouth and was running down her chin and onto her breasts.

Maria thought that the guy would have a big load to shoot,
and he was going to be giving it to her very soon and she wanted
to take advantage of that, so when she felt that he was close
to ejaculating, Maria pulled her mouth off of his cock,
straightening her body a bit, and began jerking him until
he started to spurt his cum onto her breasts, Maria closed
her eyes as his cock continued pumping out cum and it coated
her breasts, running down her belly and into her pubic hairs,
and then as the man finished his orgasm, he withdrew his
cock, put his mouth to the hole and whispered "Stand

Intrigued Maria did as he said, not knowing what he had planned, then the man's hand shot out from
the hole and went right to her wet pussy, Maria unconsciously
spread her legs to give him better access as he fingered her repeatedly, and
then, the man used his fingers to gather his own cum from
her stomach and pubic hair and placed the cummy fingers
back into her pussy, Maria gasped as she just stood there
and let the man on the other side of the hole finger her until
she had a rippling orgasm stream through her body.

As she finished coat the man's fingers with her own
womanly juices, he withdrew his hand, exhausted and elated,
Maria looked through the hole just in time to see him place
his fingers in his mouth and suck them clean, and that vision
almost made her orgasm again.

Maria had already sucked off three anonymous men, one of which had brought her to
orgasm, but it wasn’t enough for her, so she knelt beside
the hole and waited for her fourth cock of the evening, soon after she knelt down, her next
anonymous fucker entered the booth, Maria didn't
have to encourage that guy, he simply pulled out his cock
and moved it toward the hole, so Maria thought almost laughing
"I must be getting quite a reputation out there!"

Anyway she greedily took his cock in her mouth and sucked
him for a few minutes, then he withdrew, Maria was perplexed
and curious at the same time, then, remembering the prior
man who wanted to face fuck her, she figured that man must
want the same thing, so she just planted her mouth against
the hole and waited for his cock to plunge down her throat,
but instead, she heard him whispering to her. "I want
to fuck you! Can I?" [image9] Maria didn’t need
to think twice on his proposition, her aching wet pussy
told her that the answer was an emphatic “yes”, so she
just turned away from the hole and bent over, backed toward
the hole, legs spread, almost immediately the man began to slide his cock into her wet pussy and Maria
gasped as he pushed hard, determined to get his cock all
the way up her pussy, she even had to push against the wall
in front of her to keep herself balanced, Maria was getting
a really lustful enjoyment of the entire situation.

The man just kept pumping away at her stretched pussy, he
was almost robotic in his relentless, continuous fucking,
Maria was moaning out loud, unconcerned with who might
hear her, and then she felt him start to cum and her pussy
began to fill with the stranger's sperm, the feeling
of that hard cock coating her womb with sperm made Maria
have her second orgasm of the night, then, the man's
orgasm subsided, he quietly pulled his cock out of her and
left the booth.

Maria's entire body felt in ecstasy, she decided not to suck cock anymore that evening, she wanted
to get just fucked, so she kept herself in her hunched over
position awaiting her fifth glory hole fucker, as another man entered,
Maria could hear him whistle and she grinned while thought
what a sight it must have been for him, peering down to the
small hold and seeing a soaked pussy dripping with sperm,
he didn’t waste time and followed his predecessor's
style and pushed his cock into her instantly, Maria had
a much easier time taking that new one, having been loosened
up by the booth's previous occupant and the cum into
her insides, was serving as a convenient lube as well.

The man pumped his cock hard into her, varying his fucking
speed over the course of a few minutes, as that new man hammered
her, Maria reached down and began playing with her swollen
clit until he deposited his own cum into her, then the man
withdrew his cock, and walked out of the booth, Maria smiled
to herself as she decided to get the most possible of sexual
relief she could get, it means she wasn't about to stop
and for the next half hour, Maria got anonymously fucked
by four other men, all of whom shot a sizable load of cum into
her pussy and was enjoying several orgasms, exactly what
she was looking for when she decided to visit the bookstore..
[image9] After filled with the cum of all those strangers,
Maria was exhausted, she had sucked off three men and fucked
six more, she sat naked on the filthy floor, spreading her
legs, cum soaked out of her used pussy, when it appeared
as though no one was left to service through the hole, Maria began
playing with herself, she worked the men's cum into
her pussy hair, rubbing it in like shampoo.

As apparently anyone else was coming, Maria decided she'd had enough
for that night, she put on the clothes she had brought, cum
already soaking through and forming a dark patch in the crotch of her jeans, she didn't care, she
grabbed her purse and brazenly walked out of the booth,
Maria was a sight, cum was streaked down her face and chin
and her jeans were so soaked with sperm that it looked as
though she had wet herself, she passed about a half dozen
men on her way out of the adult bookstore, all staring at
her speechless and in disbelieve.

Maria thrilledto the idea that she had probably sucked
and fucked most of these men just minutes earlier, walking to the exit she
was stopped by the clerk woman, Maria thought the woman most probably had heard about her performance
from one of her sex partners and was a little concerning
about what she wants, but then the clerk woman smiled and
Maria relaxed, most probably the woman just wanted to see
if what she had heard was true, confirming her thoughts
the clerk woman just said "Come with me, please!"

The clerk woman led Maria to the store room at the rear of the store, once inside she pulled Maria to her and gave
her a deep long kiss, not sure if she should do it or not, Maria
slowly lifted the front of the woman’s dress and rubbed
her hand over her pantyhose, the woman didn't say anything,
she just waited to see what Maria would really do with her,
then the lady groaned loudly as Maria’s hand touched
her sensitive areas, Maria didn’t want to waste more
time and just dropped to her knees and pulled down the woman's
pantyhose and feverishly began eating her already dripping

Maria sucked and licked until the woman started to shake with her orgasm, when she was finished, the lady
pulled up her pantyhose and told Maria to wait there for
a second, in a few minutes the clerk woman had returned with the doorman
and told him grinning "Just stand in front of her,
she'll do the rest for you!"

Both women laughed while a wordless and astonished doorman watched as Maria
unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock, and sucked
him in deep, as Maria sucked him, the woman, now emboldened, gingerly reached down and began feeling
Maria's chest, when she got no resistance she unfasten
Maria’s belt and lowered her jeans, then the woman gasped
as she noticed Maria was without pants, after the initial
surprise was gone she slid her finger inside Maria’s
pussy just to find Maria was dripping like a leaky faucet,
the woman got around behind Maria and ran her hands up and
down her ass and legs, finally putting her mouth on Maria's
crotch and licking the juices flowing from her pussy. [image10]
Both Maria and the doorman were moaning with pleasure,
and Maria sucked even harder when she felt his tight nuts
begin to tighten as sperm gushed into her eager mouth, seconds
later Maria's own orgasm slammed her cunt just as the
doorman’s cum flew down her throat, she spent the next
five minutes cleaning the doorman’s cock with her mouth,
and the clerk woman not wishing to miss out on one more chance
at getting sucked off, stood next to the doorman with her
dress pulled up and her panties down so that when Maria was
finished the cleaning the cock she slid over and licked
the woman’s slit until she came one final time!

As they finished they both thanked Maria and escorted her
to the door, as getting back into her car, Maria began the
short drive back home while she thought to herself "I
won't shower tonight, I want to wake up feeling full
of cum and having it dried all over my body."

And Maria did just that, eventually falling asleep in her
bed later that evening, and resolving to visit the glory hole
whenever possible.

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wild story an oversexed lady who enjoys sex very much


vikingluso replies on 9/2/2016 11:35 pm:
Thanks a lot for a so kind comment

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really liked the story and your pic


vikingluso replies on 9/3/2016 8:42 am:
Thanks a lot, the story was illustrated with 10 pics, but unfortunately the technical services of AFF are a shit, the pics are gone and anyone answer our complains.

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Just love your stories...


vikingluso replies on 9/5/2016 4:39 pm:
Thanks a lot for a so sweet and kind comment

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Great stories, that is a a novella!


vikingluso replies on 9/5/2016 4:40 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment

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Thank you for a good story. Please let me know when you do your next one


vikingluso replies on 9/5/2016 4:42 pm:
We are working on it, but we want AFF solving the problem with the missing pics we post to illustrate our stories, almost 1 month without any answer from the site support, unbelievable.

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tudo que seja bom há dois e maravilhoso


vikingluso replies on 9/5/2016 4:42 pm:
Obrigado pelo comentario

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Awesome story,, I have traveled overseas,, The woman are great


vikingluso replies on 9/5/2016 4:42 pm:
Thanks so much for your comment

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Overseas woman are the best


vikingluso replies on 9/5/2016 4:43 pm:
Yes, we absolutely agree with you, thanks for the comment

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Very colorful story and I enjoyed it.


vikingluso replies on 9/7/2016 5:15 pm:
Thanks a lot

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wow ...... sexy story


vikingluso replies on 9/9/2016 2:32 pm:
Thanks a lot

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That was a really wild story.


vikingluso replies on 9/17/2016 3:46 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment