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The last five minutes before I can punch my time
card seems endless. Each second seems like and hour and
each minutes feels like a day. It was Friday and I just got
paid and I had one thing on my mind. Once a month I go to my favorite
Strip Joint, The Chick n Strip. It's not a glamorous
strip joint by any means. But it's ours. When I say that,
I mean that this strip joint was strictly for the brothers
(Owned by black and run by blacks). No white boys and no white
girls. This spot was what I called Black Man Heaven.

The place was dark and it was hot. It was in a neighborhood
in Chucktown where white people didn't dare step into.
That's what I loved about this place. Mr. G's was
a place where a black man could get away from a white ruled
world for a while. I work all day long around a bunch a white
people that I can't stand. I know they couldn't
stand my black ass especially since I'm a manager and
have to tell them what to do. They smile and say nice things
to my face. But I know I soon as I turn around they call me the
"N- word" You know what I mean. I don't actually
give a fuck. That shit just comes with the territory, especially
when you are an educated black man with some skills.

I think I was in my car by 5:02. I hit the gas and I was gone.
My plan was to go home shower, chill for a while, change and
then get something to eat. Then I was going jump back in my
ride and head back to da spot.

Traffic was insane that Friday night I didn't get home
until 6:30. After I check my email and relaxed for a few minutes
I jumped in the shower. When I got out of the shower my phone
rang. It was this girl Kiesha, which I had been seeing for
a few weeks. She was Okay and all that shit, but the bitch
was a pain in the ass. I fucked her a few times and the pussy
was good and shit, But the Bitch was boring as hell. She had
no conversation for a brotha'. And the bitch wouldn't
suck my dick. I guess that's why fucking her was so fucking
boring. I love pussy and all that shit but I also love getting
my dick sucked. I mean what did she expect? If she thought
sticking my cock in her in her pussy would satisfy me completely
she was crazy. I got spoiled in college. When I went to college
I found out that white girls sucked dick and swallowed cum
like vacuums, I nearly lost my mind. I had a different white
chick suck my cock every month. What fascinated me about
white girls was that they may not give you the pussy right
away. But they will suck you off in a minute if they liked

I told Kiesha that I was going out with my boyz. Then she asked
me what I was doing the next day and I made another excuse.
The bottom line was I didn't want to be bothered with
her bullshit. Let her go bore some other mothe-fucka to
death. All I wanted to do was have a few drinks and watch some
fine black females get bucked naked and shake their ass
around. It was just that simple. I wanted to be entertained
and with a pocket full of money anything is possible.

Around 9:00 I got dressed. I was ready to bounce when my phone
rang again. My first thought was to let it ring and let the
answering machine pick it up. I walk over to the phone and
looked at the caller ID. It was my homegirl cell phone number.
At first I wasn't gonna answer it. You see Staci is a
sweet girl, but she can be a royal pain in the ass sometimes.
She's 24 years old (two years younger then me) and is
always caught up in some bullshit especially with men.
When it comes to men she makes bad decisions. She choices
the types of guyz that I can't stand. Now she was living
with this fool who was a total asshole. I met that fool once
and told my her that she was playing herself by mess'in
with this joker. She didn't like what I had to say about
him. So, I didn't hear from her for like a few weeks.
I guess I hurt her feelings.

I answered the phone and right away regretted it. I wished
I had let the machine pick it up.

"Hey bro….What's up…"

She calls me bro, because our relationship is like a brother
and sister relationship, even though we are not blood related.
We chit chatted for a few minutes. But I could tell that something
was up with her. Then she said,

"Dee….I need a favor" My name is Dwayne and When
she calls me Dee…I knew what ever it was she was going to ask
me, was gonna cost me money. I told myself that I wasn't
gonna give her any dough. But deep down I knew if she asked
me for some money that I would most likely give it to her.
We had been through a lot together. Just never worked out
as far as us being with each other.

"What up Staci…What do you need girl?"

"Dee…..Umm…Do you think Umm….I could stay at your
place tonight…Mike and I got into a big fight and I just don't
want to stay here tonight."

I was shocked; this was the first time that my girl asked
me for something that wouldn't cost me anything. I
asked her what happened. It took her a while to finally tell
me that she came home early from work and saw some bitch walking
out of their place. She knew the girl was one of his Ex-girlfriends.
By the time she parked her car and rushed into the house the
girl was gone. When she went into the house she found her
boyfriend in the bedroom in his boxers. He told her that
nothing went on but she could smell it. I know the smell she
was talking about. It's that fucking smell. It lingers
in a room for a while after sex. She told me that he denied
everything. She stormed out of the house and has been driving
around for the past three hours.

I felt for her but what could I do. I knew that mother-fucka
was no good. I love Staci and there's nothing I wouldn't
do for her. But when it comes to her relationships she must
learn for herself. I'll only give her my opinion if
she asks me and that's that. My girl needed a place to
stay; I couldn't deny such a small request. I told her
that I was going out. I told her I'd leave key to the door
under the mat. She asked me where I was going and I started
laughing. I told her I was going to a gentleman's club.
She started laughing cause she knew where I was going there
were no gentlemen. I had told her about The Strip a long time
ago. Then She started giggling and said,

"Can I come with you?"

"Ha…ha…Are you crazy girl…Hell No." I quickly

I thought she was only teasing but I'm not going to deny
it. The thought was sexy. It's rare but once in awhile
a brotha brings a girl with them into the club. I've
always thought that shit was kind of kool. I always find
myself staring at the female spectators in a strip joint
wondering what's going on in their heads. I wonder
if she's there just for her man. Or is she actually enjoying
scene. Most of them seem to be comfortable and relaxed.
The really kool ones are not threatened by the girls on stage.
And what I really find sexy is when I see them handing the
girls on stage dollar bills just like the fella's.
Women are not allowed in the club unless a man escorts them.
Which means all female spectators belong to someone.

"Have you ever been to a strip joint girl?" I

"No….Come on now Dee… you know I've never been
to one of those places….But I've always wanted to….Come
on Dee…Take me with you…I promise I'll behave….I just
want to go somewhere…anywhere…its doesn't matter…I
haven't been out in a long time…Please…Please can
I go with you.?"

I could here the excitement in her voice. I don't know
what possessed me but I said,

"Okay…you can come with me, but I want you on your best
behavior…This my night and my spot…If you don't like
it to bad…I don't want to hear, I want to go home crap
or take me home shit…Okay."

She agreed and started thanking me. I told her that I was
ready to go. She laughed and told me that she's been
sitting in her car outside my apartment the whole time.
I told her to come upstairs and hurry up. Two minutes later
she was ringing the bell. When she came to the door she had
a huge smile on her face. Staci is beautiful girl. She's
about 5'5 and she is stacked. She's about 140 pounds.
And all of her weight rests in her plump tits and her thick
ass. Many times I've had to look away. Even though she
was my homegirl, I must admit that I've checked her
out a few times when she wasn't looking. She had on a
low-cut blouse that revealed plenty of cleavage. But what
really caught my eyes was her skirt and that fat ass that
seemed to be trapped inside it.

"Am I dresses Okay…. Can I go like this?" she
said excitedly.

"Yeah…Yeah…yeah…you look fine lets go." I
said quickly trying my best not to stare at her."

On the way down we talked about all kinds of shit. I haven't
talked to her in a while so we kind of caught up with all the
usually crap. We talked about everything except her current
boyfriend. She even brought up her friend Denise who I fucked
once way back in the days. Her friend Denise was fine too.
But she was another broad that didn't want to suck my

"You must have put something on that girl, To this
day she still asks me about you." She said laughingly.

I did put something on Denise. I tore that pussy up. I fucked
her twice that night and ate her pussy. When I asked her for
a little head she made a face and said,

"That's Nasty….I don't do that."

It wasn't so nasty when I had my face buried between
her thighs sucking on her pussy. I remember that night.
After she said that shit I got up got dressed and walked out.
I didn't even say good-bye. I played it off like I was
going to the bathroom and went home. I know she told Staci
about that shit but I'm sure she didn't give my
girl all the details. Females usually forget what they
did to fuck up a good night. I'm sure she told Staci that
I fucked her and left without saying anything. I'll
bet money she didn't mention the dick-sucking thang.
I'm sure she told the story and me out to be the villain.
I just laughed it off and changed the subject.

A few more twist and turns and we were there. When we got there
and she was shocked.

"Damn this is where the place is… This is a fucked up

I started laughing at her comment. " What's the
Matter…you scared?"

She tried to deny it but I could tell she was uneasy. I told
her, that's what I liked about this place. I told her
not to worry. I pointed out the two guys that were standing
on the corners and at the beginning and end of the street.
They worked for the strip joint. They watched the cars.
This spot was for High Rollers, Ballah's, Pimps and
straight up Thugz with loot. There were no Honda's,
Buicks, or bullshit family vehicles on this block. Chrome
ruled the night. Benz's, BMW's, Jaguar's,
and Lexus's and trumped up Cadillac's owned these
streets. I parked on the corner. Before I got out of my car
I gave Staci a little pep talk.

"Look Staci…I know a lot of people in this spot…If
anyone asks... you are my date Okay… You are my sexy little

"You think I'm sexy Dee?" She asked with
a smile on her face.

I thought I said it in a very brotherly way or did I? I mean
she did look great and any man would love to have her on her

"You're Okay girl….Come on lets go…I've
been waiting all night."

We got out of the car and I said what's up to the brotha's
on the corner. Staci got out and met me on the other side of
the car. As we started walking across the street she wrapped
her arm around my right arm and held on to me. I started laughing
at her.

"What's the matter girl…you scared…don't
worry…I got your back…relax."

"No……. I'm not scared silly…I'm your Date,

After I paid the guy at the front door we went in inside. But
before we entered the bar. We hand to go thru the Metal detectors
and a physical pat down. I went thru first. I turned around
and watched the bouncer frisk Staci. It was funny at first.
The guy at the door whom I knew, had a big smile on his face.
He gave me a wink and I winked back at him. He gave my her a thorough
search. He knew she didn't have any weapons. So basically
he was feeling her up. Staci didn't expect this. And
the look on her face was priceless when the bounces started
patting her down. I tried to hold back my laughter but I couldn't
help it. When she saw me laughing she seemed to relax and
let the guy do his job. After he was done he said.

"Welcome To da Strip…. all females are required to
stay with there escorts…enjoy yourself."

A soon as Staci came up to me she smacked me on the arm.

"Did you see that…he wasn't searching me for
weapons, that guy was feeling up."

"I know he was…. Ronnie loves doing that shit…he's
a funny mother-fucka" I quickly replied.

We got there just in time before the placed started getting
packed. The music was pumping and the center stage had three
delicious looking black girls shaking their assets. I
took a long deep breath…a sigh of relief. Luckily there
were two seats left at the bar. I grabbed her hand and headed
for the two remaining stools. I turned and looked at my her
and saw the funniest shit I've ever scene. Actually
she had that overwhelmed look on her face. We sat down at
the bar and I ordered us some drinks and got 80 dollars in
single. I placed the stack of cash in front of me. Staci seemed
to be a little confused as to what to do. I leaned over and
told her to relax and enjoy the show. Then I placed half of
the cash in front of her. Whether she knew it or not she was
going to handing out dollar bills to these females.

Everything was going real smooth. I could see the other
Playa's at the bar staring at her just like I have done
when other Fella's brought a girl in. I knew what they
were thinking because I have been there. The girls in the
club were extra fine with a capital fucking F. I forgot about
Staci for a moment and focused on the big booty broad that
was twisting her ass around in front of me. I folded up five
singles and reached out my hand. She got off the stage came
to me. I told her that she was beautiful and handed her the
money. She thanked me then turned around bent over and started
gyrating her ass in front of me.

I could feel my Stac’s eyes on me, watching me as I was easily
and momentarily hypnotized by this little shorty in front
of me. After she got on stage I looked at my her and she was
smiling. She seemed like she was trying to hold back from

I took a sip of my drink and asked her if she was all right.
She told me that she was kool and then she stared smiling.
She was looking everywhere checking out the girl, they
guys in the bar. She was all over the place. I was having a
good time. Every once in a while I would turn my attention
away from the stage and look at me her. As time passed on she
seemed to get more and more comfortable.

The main dance stage had three girls on it at all time. After
two songs the DJ would announce a new girl. One girls would
move down, one would exit and another one would enter the
set. All of a sudden I felt my sister tap me on my leg. And to
my amazement she rolled her eyes toward the girl who was
about to get on stage. I leaned into her and she whispered
in my ear.

"That girl over there…She's real pretty."

Which was the understatement of the year. The broad was
super fine. She was a light skinned honey with a big fat juicy
succulent booty. I was like, " DAMN!!"

"Yeah…She is fine as hell…I can't wait till she
swing down this way…

Its very rare you here another woman compliment another
woman. Just hearing that from Staci gave me strange thoughts,
which I quickly exited from my mind. We both watched the
young lady dance. When I looked at her again I found out that
I wasn't the only one the was hypnotized by this girl.
Staci was staring at this young girl just like me. The girl
was graceful; her movements were soft and delicate but
yet very arousing . I could see that Staci was getting into
the whole scene. I told her to give the girl some money. She
looked at me as though I was crazy.

"Don't be scared girl…. you said she was pretty…
show her some love…. That's why I put that money in front
of you girl…Get five single fold it in half the long way like
I did and stick your hand out…she'll come get the money"

don't know what was more exciting watching the girl
dance or watching Staci fold up the money and stick her hand
out. Usually I can contain my self but at that moment I could
feel my cock swelling in my pants. They girl got off the stage
and walked past two other guys holding out money stepped
up right in front of Staci. She was blushing big time as she
stuck her handout and gave the girl the loot. The girl didn't
just take the money from her hand. She reached out with both
hands and wrapped then around my Staci’s hands almost to
her wrist. It was the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed.
She held her hands and the money and in a soft southern voice
she thanked Staci. Her smile was precious and so alluring
that I thought I going to explode.

Inside I wanted to explode but I had to keep my composure.
I knew all eyes where upon Staci. As the girl turned and walked
away she winked at me. I looked at Staci and she was smiling.
I just nodded my head and tried to play it off as though it
wasn't a big deal. But that shit was huge. It was so fucking
erotic. It wasn't gay nor did it have anything to do
with lesbianism. It was one pretty girl acknowledging
another pretty girl with out any jealousy or drama. The
shit was simply fly as hell.

As the night went on and the liquor flowed Staci got really
relaxed. We talked about the females on the stage. We talked
about their Asses and tits and shit. It was weird taking
to my girl like that. I held nothing back. I talked to her
as if I was taking to one of my boyz. I'm not a big drinker
and I'm not down with driving drunk. So I usually cut
my self off after three drinks. Staci on they other hand
was gunning them down. I didn't see any harm in letter
drink what she wanted. She was with me and I was going to take
her home with me. So she was in good hands so I didn't
stop her. I just let her enjoy herself. After a while she
was swaying to the sound of the load music and handed out
dollar bills to all the girls. I really did expect this from
her. She was really having a good time.

She asked me which one I liked the best. I told her that I liked
the first girl that she handed money to. We both agreed that
she was the finest. We both noticed the southern accent
and then we started having a debate about where she was from.
I said Georgia, and she said North Carolina. They girls
walk around after they get off stage and approach the costumers
for lap dances and stuff like that. I made a bet with my sister.

"I'll bet you a lap dance I'm right."

"What's a lap dance?" She asked.

A part of me found it amusing that she didn't know. I
told her not to worry about it. I told her that its fun and
if she looses the bet it will only cost her twenty dollars.
She agreed to the blind bet just in a nick of time as the girl
walked past us smiling with new outfit on. She had on a itty-bitty
bikini. It was more like Three patches of material connected
by string no thicker then my shoe laces."Excuse Me…My
lady and I have a bet…we were both wondering what part of
the south you are from."

"Well…what are you guys betting?"

"Well Um…the loser pays for a lap dance."

The whole time she was staring at Staci. It was like she was
giving my girl a once over. I told her that I said that she
was probably from Georgia…and then I told her that my Staci
thinks she's from the Carolinas. Then with her polite
southern accent she said,

"Well I guess I'm not going to make any money with
you guys…the both of you are wrong…. I'm from Alabama."

She smiled and started to walk away. Before she took a step
and Staci said, " Don't Go."

I was like "Oh shit."

My girl asked her name, and she said her name was Trina. I
reached out my hand and told her how nice it was to meet her.
Staci shocked me again.

"I know we both lost the bet…but that doesn't
mean you should lose to. I know he wants a lap dance with you."

Then she reached in her purse pulled out a twenty and looked
at me.

"Go ahead Dee…. have fun?"

No one has ever bought me a lap dance… Not even my boyz…now
here was my homegirl buying me a lap dance with the finest
bitch in the building. Staci had a wicked little smile on
her face. She bought me something she had no idea of. Lap
dances are done in private booths in the back of the club.
From the bar you can't see any of that shit. Trina reached
and grabbed my hand.

"Looks like you won Playa…come on Dawg lets have some
Fun." Then she leaned over to me and whispered in my

"Bring your lady to."

When I got up I told the bartender to save my spot. I took one
step towards the back and reached out and grabbed Staci.
She looked confused and tried to pull her hand back. I gave
her a look and said,

"Come On."

She got up and we all walked towards the lap-dancing booth.
I've been to the lap-dancing booth plenty of times
but never like this.. My heart was pounding as walked toward
the back. I could feel the temperature rising as we enter
the booth. Staci was nervously squeezing my hand. I know
she was nervous but she kept her game face. When we sat down
in the booth Trina pulled the black drape behind her. Staci
and I booth sat down numb…I was afraid to look at her and she
was afraid to look at me. But we both stayed focused on Trina.
The club was dark but inside the booth was just a little darker.

Trina smiled at my sister then she smiled at me.

"Sit back playa., " she instructed.

I did as I was told with Staci just a few inches to my left.
Trina turned around with her back to me and started dancing
real slow between my legs. It was amazing. I could see every
inch of her perfect body. Her back was toned and her flesh
looked soft and tender. Her hips were glorious and her ass
was magnificent. Every curve on her body screamed, "Fuck
me, Take me." I was intoxicated by her perfume. Then
she placed her hands on my kneecaps and bent forward giving
me a picture perfect view of her thick ass. And again I wasn't
the only one mesmerized by this girl. I felt Staci lean towards
me trying to get a better look at this girl ass. I was going
hot and my cock grew by the second.

Trina was in complete control of this situation. She would
slowly act like she was going to sit back on my cock and then
she would jump up turn around and smile. She was a delicious
tease. And she knew what she was doing. Then next song the
DJ played was a slow song. Trina didn't miss a beat,
as her body seemed too able to flow to any melody. I took a
quick peek at Staci, and she was still smiling. She smiled
as she moved closer to me. Then Trina perched her ass up in
the air and as the beat dropped so did she. Staci and I watched
together. We watched that thick ass slowly descend into
my lap.

"Mmmmm…Shit." I moaned slowly almost desperately
as Trina planted that thick luscious honey brown ass on
my lap.

My cock was rock hard and I knew Trina could feel that mother-fucka.
She held her ass there for a few seconds and adjusted herself.
She started rocking back and forth on my cock, which was
painfully pleasurable. She pressed against my body grinding
that ass on my lap. Everything was flowing just right. The
mood was perfect. I raised my hands and gently placed them
on Trina's waist. Her waist was so tiny that I think
if I pressed my hands together I could touch my own fingertips.
Her skin was smooth like silk. I closed my eyes while I fantasized
about fucking this fine ass woman. When I opened my eyes
Staci had this strange look on her face. When I looked down
to my left I saw that Trina had placed her hand on her thigh
just above her knee and slightly below the hem of her skirt.

Trina looked back at the both of us and again she smiled.
Then she leaned toward Staci and told her to pull the string
on her back. Staci was also under her spell weather it was
the alcohol or just the environment or the situation, she
looked like she was in some kind of daze. She raised her hand
and pulled the string. Trina politely thanked her with
her sweet southern voice. Then she pulled her top off and
flung it to the floor. The way she did it was incredibly sexy.

Trina then placed her hand on my right hand that was on her
waist and slowly guided it towards her right breast. As
my hand traveled up her body my mind started to melt. She
held my hand an inch away from her breast as she began to tease
me once again by grazing my palm over her nipple.

I couldn't do anything lust and desire had weakened
me. I was consumed with fantasies of fucking this pretty
young seductive girl. I closed my eyes as I felt Trina press
my hand into her full and heavy breast. I wanted more, I was
thirsty and Trina was my giant glass of water. With my eyes
closed I stared gliding my left hand up her waist to tackle
the other breast. Slowly I worked my hand up her body, just
like she had guided my right hand. When I got close to her
left breast I felt something strange and something blocking
my access. When I opened my eyes and looked to my left my jaw
hit the ground. Staci’s left hand was just like my right
hand. It was firmly planted on Trina's breast.

The scene was intense. Staci and I looked at such other with
blank faces. Trina leaned back rested her entire back against
me chest then resting the back of her head on to my right shoulder.
The view was spectacular. Staci’s eyes went back and forth.
She would look at me and then she would look a Trina's
breast. Trina let go of both of our hands; She brought her
hands up and wrapped them around the back of my head. I couldn't
get Staci out of my head nor did I want to. She held Trina's
breast in her hand as though she had done this a thousand
times. She mimicked my moves. If I placed a fingertip on
her nipple my sister did the same. If I cupped and rubbed
Trina's plump tit, Staci did the same.

The third song came and my heart sank. When you get a lap dance
you basically get three songs for your twenty dollars.
I tried to burn this entire episode into my memory banks.
Trina was a pro and she was definitely worth every penny.
When the song ended Trina sat up and looked at the both of
us. I knew the party was over but Staci didn't. I quickly
reached in my pocket and grabbed a fistful of money. I gave
Trina another Twenty and she smiled but before she sat back
down on my cock I looked at Staci and said,

"Its her turn baby."

Before my sister could say a word Trina sat down on her lap
and leaned back into her chest. Trina was a little smaller
and a lot shorter than Staci. I smiled wickedly back at Staci
like she had done to me earlier. Now she was the one leaning
back getting a lap dance. I'm like all other men on this
planet. We all have lesbian fantasies. And we all have that
desire to see two women together. I've run that scenario
in my head a thousand times. Never until this point. Trina
like I said was a pro. She could sense things and she could
sense that Staci wouldn't do anything unless she made
her do it.

I looked down and I could see that Staci’s dress had ridden
way up. The contrast of the different shades of black skin
on top of each other was amazing. Trina's light honey
color against Staci’s darker brown color was beautiful.
I did like Staci had done earlier. I moved in closer. Trina
reached for my hand; I was expecting her to place it on her
breast. But this time she placed my hand on the top of her
thigh close to her hip next to the string on her bikini bottom.
She let go of my hand and grabbed both of Staci’s hands and
placed them on firmly on her breast. Like a hawk I gazed into
Staci’s eyes while her hands trembled up Trina's body
and engulfed her breast. Staci looked like she had gone
off into another place.

I slowly started rubbing Trina midsection while she rocked
back and forth on Staci’s lap. Then Trina lifted her hand
off on Staci’s hands that were massaging her breast. She
placed her right hand on my leg and squeezed my thigh. My
cock jumped on contact. Then she slowly inched her hand
up my to my crotch. When her hands touched the massive bulge
in my crotch she stopped and moaned.

"Damn playa…that dick is hard as a rock." She
moaned and then she gave my rock cock a soft little squeeze.

I didn't say a thing. All I could do was moan as I felt
a soft delightful hand stroking and massaging my cock.
When I opened my eyes I looked over at Staci. She wasn't
looking at me she was looking down at my crotch. My cock was
rock hard and bent up and to my right. Her magic fingers teased
the underside of my shaft-sending wave of pleasure throughout
my entire being. My ball felt like they where about to explode.
Then suddenly the music stop and so did Trina. The third
song had ended and I didn't even realize it.

I reached in my pocket and this time I wasn't going to
be limited to three songs. I pulled out a hundred dollar
bill. I made sure Trina saw that is was a hundred dollar bill.
She smiled when I folded it up. She slowly sat up while still
moving her ass back and forth on Stac’s lap. I held the hundred
up and folder it. I was just going to hand it to her when she
looked down between her crotch. She placed her hand in her
bikini bottom and pulled the thin fabric away from her crotch
exposing her smooth bald pussy. It was dark and I could barely
see it but it still looked incredible. I slipped the money
into her crotch and gave her pussy a playful pat.

Staci had her eyes closed and never saw any of this. Trina
got up turned around and climbed up on Staci straddling
her. When she did this her skirt had ridden up even higher.
Now she was face to face with Trina's Tits. They looked
so fucking good up close. I wanted to taste them so fucking
bad. But didn't know if Trina would allow me to do that.
I don't know if the girl could read minds but she definitely
could feel my vibe. I leaned over just to get a closer look
at them. As I leaned over I could see that Staci had spread
her legs. I paused for a second and looked down and just below
Trina's ass I could see the crotch area of Staci’s white
panties. Before I could get a closer look Trina grabbed
me by the back of the head and pull my face into her breast.
I didn't hesitate. I took this as an invitation to suck
on that tit and that's exactly what I did. I paced my
lips on that motha-fucka and started sucking. I inhaled
her nipple in to my mouth like a crack head sucking on a crack
pipe. I Let go of that nipple for a moment to take a breath
and to get a nice look at her nipple covered with my saliva.

Staci was watching my every move. Trina looked at me then
she looked at her. Then she said to me softly,

"Is it good playa…. Does it taste good baby?"

All I could do was nod my head. Her southern accent was alluring
in its own right. Then she bent over towards Staci and gently
kissed her on her forehead. Then she lightly kissed her
on the tip of her nose. I could see Staci’s eyes growing wider
and wider. Then it happened. Trina stuck out her tongue
and licked my up her chin before she planted a deep kiss on
her lips. This kiss was short and sweet it happened only
a few inches away from my own face. A part of me was jealous
and another part of me wanted to see more. Trina pulled away
turned to me and smiled. Then she went back to Staci.

"What's your name girl." she asked.

"Staci…My name is Staci."

"What's your Man’s name"

"He's not my Man…. He's my……."

My eyes nearly flew out of my head. "I know she wasn't
about to tell Trina the truth, " I said to myself

"Please God…Don't let her say it." I screamed
out in my mind.

Then Staci looked at me and smiled and then turned her head
back to Trina.

"He's my friend and this is our first date."

I took a long deep breath as she spoke those words. Talk about
relief. Trina smiled looked at me and said,

"Wow…A first date…. That's some fly shit Dawg…You
took a girl to a strip joint on your first date….Mmm…I'm
scared of you playa." She said as she teased.

"Well Staci, let me tell you a little secret honey….
That motha-fucka there… got a big fucking dick."

I thought I was tripping when she said that shit. Staci just
smiled into her as Trina told her about my cock. Then Trina
reached down and placed her hand on my crotch and squeezed
my cock real hard.

"Mmmmm…." Trina moaned as she started to rub
my raging cock again.

"Check it out Staci…. Look at that shit…Its hard as
a rock girl…You wanna see it…Wanna see what he's gonna
stick inside your sweet pussy later on tonight."

Before I could take in what was happening Trina placed her
hand on my zipper and started pulling it down.

"Don't be shy playa…Pull that shit out…Let her
get a good look at that thick fucking Dick…You wanna see
it right Staci…. tell him you wanna see it gurlfriend."

Staci never looked at me. She stared into my crotch and said,

"I want to see…..let me see it Dee."

I was in state of serious confusion my mind was disconnected
from my body. Trina and Staci stared at me one with a smile
and one with lustful gaze. I reached down in my short and
freed my entrapped cock. I watched their eyes as I proudly
hauled out all eight- inches of my thick black cock.

Trina smiled and Staci gasped when my cock came into full
view. Trina to my surprised leaned toward me reached out
and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock.

"That's a serious peace of meat right there gurl."
She whispered just load enough so I could her it.

Trina's hand felt incredible on my cock, instantly
soothing the pain of being trapped inside of my pants for
so long. Slowly she started stroking my cock as Staci looked
on. Then Trina let go of my cock and took my sisters hand,
which was still on her left breast.

"Damn…his cock is fucking thump' in gurl…check
it out."

She grabbed Staci's hand and started pulling her hand
toward my cock. My sister must have gotten scared cause
I could she that she tried to pull her hand back. Trina was
in control and she let my sister know it.

"Its Ok gurl…. Don't be scared…it aint gonna
bite you baby."

My cock was begging for attention but from whom, Trina or
Staci. Trina was going to make her touch my cock weather
she wanted to or not. My mind was exploding as I watched a
pair of hands approach my cock. When Trina placed her trembling
hand on my cock I thought I had died and went to Black Man Heaven.
Trina placed her hand around my shaft and squeezed my cock.
Then she slowly started working Staci’s hand up and down
my throbbing shaft. All I could do was moaned out my pleasures.
Trina moved her hand only after she set a slow and gentle
pace. I stared into Staci’s eyes as while she tenderly and
loving stroked my cock.

Trina let go of my cock and Staci took over right where she
left off. Her warm soft hand felt ten times better then Trina's.
Trina placed her hands on Staci’s cheeks leaned in and kissed
her deeply. Staci parted her lips and slipped her tongue
into Trina's open mouth. I watched them kiss passionately
for almost two minutes. Then all of as sudden Staci squeezed
my cock. Staci broke off the kiss and her head fell back as
she moaned deeply. I looked down and was blown away. Trina
had her hand up under her skirt. She was moving her hand back
and forth fingering her pussy.

"Ohhhhh My God" She moaned just before Trina
planted her lips on top of hers.

Staci hard a firm grips on my cock was right on time because
I swear I thought I was going to bust my nut right there and
then. Her hand shook and I felt her body shudder under Trina's
as I'm sure she was cumming. Trina wasn't fucking
around with her. She let her have it. Staci’s mouth was wide
open as she gasped for air. Trina arm was moving quickly
back and forth under then hem of her skirt. Then her head
kicked back again and I knew what was happening. She was
cumming again and this time she was cumming hard.

"Cumm….Cum For me….Cummm For him..Let it go gurl"
Trina whispered into her ear as she ravished Staci’s pussy
with her fingers.

"Aghh…agghhhh...aghhhhh…I…I…I'm cummimg, "
she moaned. She let go of my cock and held on to Trina as her
body bucked wildly.

I was frozen. I was a non-moving spectator now. I watched
her beautiful young black woman cum in the arms of another
beautiful black woman. It was the most incredible thing
I have ever scene in my life.

When they settled down all I could do was breath deeply.
I wanted to say something but what could I say? There were
no words to describe what was going in my mind. I knew the
turmoil I was going through. But what really freaked me
out was, "what was must be going on in Staci’s?"
Getting finger fucked in a strip joint behind a curtain.

Trina sat up and looked me in the eye. I stared at her and Trina
in totally disbelief. It was like when the World Trade Center
went down. We all watched it on television, we all saw the
footage over and over again and yet we still couldn't
believe our eyes. And deep down we told ourselves that,
" This isn't happening."

I could see Staci coming back to reality. Her breathing
had calmed down. And she looked at me strangely. How I wished
I could read her mind. How I wished I could read her thoughts.
Trina was not done with us yet. She sat up, kissed Staci and
then pulled her hand from under her skirt. She raised her
arm and with out even looking at me she put her left hand in
front of my face. Her fingers were cover with her juices.
The light coming down into our area was like a spot light
on Trina's fingertips. I was acting on instinct. I
took a deep long breath and fill my nostrils with the scent
of her pussy. The smell transported me into another realm.

"Check that out Playa….Look at what she got for you
baby…her pussy is mad tight…Here Dawg…taste it…..tell
me how she taste.

Trina never looked at me as she spoke. She never even turned
her head. She just stared into Staci’seyes as she moved
her hand toward my lips. I didn't think nor did I hesitate.
I reached up grabbed her wrist and rammed her fingers into
my mouth. Staci’s pussy juice was delicious. I closed my
eyes as I licked, sucked and devoured Trina's little
hand. They scent and the taste collided in my brain. I just
didn't give a fuck. Her sauce was sweetest I've
ever tasted and I've had plenty. Only the sound of Trina
voice woke me up from my trance.

"Check that shit out gurl…. Look at him…. he likes
the way you taste…. How does it taste Playa?…Is it sweet
baby?….Do you like it?"

I wanted to jump out of my seat and Scream from the top of my
lungs. I wanted to pull the curtain back and yell out to every
motherfucker in the bar that her pussy was the sweetest
on earth. When I opened my eyes Staci was staring at me. I
looked into her eyes when I said,

"It taste good baby… That's the sweetest pussy
I've ever tasted in my life."

I looked into her eyes as I pulled Trina's hand into
my mouth and sucked loudly on each one of her fingers individually,
making sure I didn't leave a drop of my sisters precious
fluid behind.

Trina dismounted her and before I knew it she got between
my legs. She grabbed my cock and started stroking. Her lips
were so close to my cock that I could actually feel her warm
seductive breath blowing on my cock like a warm summer breeze.
The soft warm air felt so good on my cock. Staci sat up and
was watching Trina's every move. Trina was now focused
on me. I raised my left arm and motioned for her to cuddle
up to me. It was the right move. She slid over into my breast
and I held her soft body close to me as she rested her head
on my chest.

I placed my hand on her back and started rubbing it. Then
I kissed her lightly on the forehead. When she looked up
at me my heart damn near melted when I saw that she was smiling
up at me. " I love you baby gurl." I whispered
into her ear. And when she looked up at me and whispered,
" I love you to Dee." When all of a sudden rush
ripped through my body. In one smooth motion Trina wrapped
her lips around my cock and took me deep into her mouth. She
inhaled my cock with great force, stopping only when my
cock reached the back of her throat.

"Agggghhhh…Agghhhhh…. Oh My God!!!" I moaned
as I felt a warm wet set of lips engulf my entire cock.

Staci instinctively held on to me. She placed her hand on
my stomach and held me, as I now had to come to grips with what
was happening to me. I know my girl saw what Trina was about
to do but yet she didn't even warn me. What was so incredible
was that I never saw it coming. In a weird way I felt like I
was being taken. Trina sucked my cock nice and slow. She
stroked my staff as she administered her southern magic
on my cock. I could feel the sweat flowing freely from my
forehead. I was trying my best to hold on but I knew I would
last any much longer. Then just like that she stopped.

I looked down and Trina was smiling, she was always smiling,
I guess she was smiling because she had all the power. It
was like my sister and I were her slaves. Staci and I where
nothing more then willing victims. We were pawn in her sexual
chess game.

"Mmmm…. That dick tasted good gurl….Look At it….look
at this beautiful black fucking dick….You want it don't
you…You want to feel this mother-fucka inside your pussy
don't 'cha…..Well here it is gurl….Come and get
it….Its nice and hard baby…and its all for you.

Trina stood up and extended her hand to her. My heart was
pounding and my cock was throbbing like never before. It
was the not knowing, that was driving me crazy and fueling
desires. She looked into my eyes. It was like she was searching
for something in my thoughts. Just like had done to her.
I wanted to fuck her. I wanted her more then I have ever wanted
any other woman in my life. My soul silently cried out for
her. I don't know if she felt my cries or did she just
see it in my eyes. When I smiled. She extended her arm and
placed her hand in Trina's palm.

Trina lifted Staci to her feet Wrapped her arms around her
and kissed her passionately. While kissing her, she poisoned
her with her back to me between my legs. And with out breaking
the kiss she extended her finger to me and motioned it downwards.
I knew what she wanted me to do. I kicked off one of my shoes
and raised my hips and pulled down my pants and my boxers
in on quick motion. I was half naked with my pants all bundled
up around one foot.

Trina's hands were all over her ass. Slowly she kept
on pulling her skirt up. She didn't stop until her skirt
was totally clear of her ass and all bunched up around her
waist. Staci’s thick black juicy ass was standing before.
She had on a pair of white silky panties that could barely
contain her massive ass cheeks. Trina placed her hands
on my girls hips and dropped drop down to her knees taking
Staci’s panties with her. She lifted her leg and Trina took
her panties and looped them up and under on the string on
her bikini bottoms. Then she pushed her leg to the side.
When her head fell back again I new what was going on. Trina
had jammed her fingers into her cunt.

Staci was moving slowly from side to side with Trina's
Fingers buried deep inside of her. I couldn't help
myself the sight of her sweet, sexy black ass swaying form
side to side was killing me. I quickly placed my hands on
those giant cheeks and squeezed. Her ass was so fucking
soft. Softer and then I could have ever imagined.

"You ready gurl…. You ready for some dick baby…Go
head gurl… Sit back and claim that mother fucking Dick…"

Hearing those words I placed my hand on herwaist. I wanted
to pull her to me ram my cock into her cunt, but I couldn't
I had to know that she wanted this ass much as I did. I wanted
her to give herself to me. And that just what she did when
bent over slightly and started moving back and down. My
cock was pointing straight up in the air. I used my hand to
gently guide her pussy towards my cock. But I wasn't
alone Trina was right there with us, still in control and

L1xkuger" The One and Only"

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Excellent detail, great story, I would love to see the movie


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wow! very sweet


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story sounds kinda racist to me black boy


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I love this story, but please finish it!!


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thats some real player shit keep doing yo thing


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hmm very nice story, love the detail
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man, fuck wat errbody else say, i luvd this story. u a good riter, i wana here how this sstory ends, n i used to
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