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Under the old Rail Road Bridge


Everyone called her Dorothy the Dork even though I didn't
call her that myself. I did tell my friends that it was mean
of them but they did it anyway. Dorothy was always walking
down halls in school carrying a pile of books from one class
to another. She always had her hair pulled back and between
her thick rimmed glasses and the braces on her teeth, Dorothy
wasn't the most attractive freshman girl for sure.

School had just let out and as I was riding my bike over to
a friend's house I spotted Dorothy sitting on the steps
in front of her house. Of course she had her nose in a book
which was fairly common as I passed by and glanced at her
and she lifted her head and glanced at me. But I passed her
by like everyone did and went over to hang out with a friend
of mine although we had absolutely nothing to do.

At fifteen I was certainly interested in girls but not the
kind that looked like Dorothy. I never thought she was ugly
although all my other friends said she was. I always thought
Dorothy was just too plain. Her face was plain, her clothes
were plain and she never even tried to look like the other
girls in town. She was more interested in books than anything
else. She was always reading.

And then one afternoon I was riding through the park on my
way home and I spotted Dorothy sitting on a park bench, reading
of course. I don't know why but I stopped my bike when
I got to her and said hello for the first time. She looked
up with her wire braces on her upper and lower teeth and smiled.

"Why are you always reading?" I asked Dorothy.
She said she liked to read and it helped her from being bored.
I guess it was my stupid way of hoping to make her feel better
when I told her she must be really smart. "Thanks, "
was all she said back as we just looked at one another for
a few more seconds.

When your fifteen, what you say, that you think makes you
sound cool can also make you sound stupid. And that is exactly
what happened to me next. "So have you read any books
about sex?" I asked her. I had already felt up one girl,
from the waist up only but at that point in my life I figured
that made me practically an expert on girls and on sex.

Dorothy blushed slightly and nodded her head yes. "So
you know how it all works? I mean a boy and a girl together?"I
asked her. Again she shook her head yes and continued to
blush. I told her I had to go but promised to talk again when
I saw her again. Dorothy said "Ok" and waved
to me as I rode off back to my house.

A couple days or maybe a week passed when I rode by Dorothy's
house again and spotted her sitting on the steps leading
up to her house. So I stopped after checking to make sure
none of my friends were nearby and might see me talking with
Dorothy the Dork.

I don't remember what we talked about but at one point
I asked Dorothy if she would show me her bra. "Can I
see it?" I asked her as she held on her book, gripping
it even tighter. She looked at me as if she was scared but
shook her head yes anyway.

I put my bike down and followed her to the back into her father's
old garage. "Ok you promised me you would show it to
me, " I said as we moved so her mother couldn't
see us together in the garage. I remember becoming very
nervous as well as excited as Dorothy slowly began to unbutton
her blouse in front of me.

I had never watched a girl undress before so this was a big
moment in my life. Her fingers moved slowly as each button
came undone until her blouse was open but still covered
her chest for the most part. Dorothy looked at me for a few
moments before she reached for her blouse and pulled it
open exposing her plain white bra.

"Is it comfortable?" I asked her. "I don't
know, Not really, " Dorothy said as she stood letting
me see her bra for the first time. "Can I touch it?"I
asked her feeling about as excited as I had ever been. She
shook her head no and quickly began to button her blouse
back up. Once she was covered again we walked back down their
driveway to where I had left my bike and I rode off with yet
another erection.

From then on, I rode by Dorothy's house a dozen times
a day hoping to see her again although I didn't know
what I would do or say if I did run into her. She either was
avoiding me because she was too embarrassed to see me again
or she was busying doing something else. It took four days
before I rode past her house and she was once again on her
steps reading another book.

I felt excited when I finally saw her so I pulled my bike up
next to her and asked her what she was reading. "This
is a book on cooking, " Dorothy said as she smiled
at me. "Will you show me your bra again"? I asked
her. Dorothy wrinkled her face and asked me why. "I
like looking at it, " I told her.

She sat there thinking for a second before she shook her
head no. "Oh come on. I already saw it once, "
I said to Dorothy feeling my dick already stiffening in
my jeans. She lifted her head and softly said, "Its
the same one that you saw before." I told her I didn't
care if it was the same one because I liked that one a lot.

Dorothy and I walked back into her father's garage
again as she stood in front of me and unbuttoned her blouse
for me. The truth be told, Dorothy was just beginning to
form and although I can't be sure, I think she probably
had an "a" cup at that point in her life. I stared
at her bra and felt my entire body beginning to shiver as
if it was in the middle of winter.

"Can I touch it?" I asked Dorothy as she stood
in front of me holding her blouse open with her hands. "Ok
but just for a second, " She said as I reached out and
gently ran my hands over both of her bra cups at the same time.
"It feels nice, " I told her as she blushed the
entire time. She looked excited and scared just like I did
but then we were learning something new at the same time.

"Will you take it off?" I asked her. Dorothy
shook her head no before she whispered to me, "Not
here." "Ok where can we go?"I asked her
shaking down to my toes. "You know where the rail road
bridge is right?"she asked. I told her I did so Dorothy
told me to meet her there in an hour under the bridge. I waited
as she buttoned her blouse back up before we walked out into
the sun light pretending we hadn't done anything wrong.

I was more excited than I had ever been as I waited under the
old rail road bridge for Dorothy. And when I saw her climbing
down the rocks to meet me, I also more nervous. "Do
you still want to see it again"? she asked once we climbed
down next to me.

Dorothy and I then kissed for the first time although it
was an awkward kiss, it still felt good. And after our kiss,
Dorothy shook a little more as she unbuttoned her blouse
and laid it on one of the big rocks. "You have to promise
you won't tell anyone, " she said before she
reached behind her back to unhook her bra.

I trembled with excitement as I waited until she slowly
lifted the straps off her shoulders and exposed her tiny
pink breasts for me. They were nothing more than pointed
buds on her chest but to me she looked like a woman to me. "Can
I touch them?" I asked Dorothy as she stood topless
in front of me. "I guess so, " She said as my hands
reached out and felt her softness and warmth.

I was so hard it began to be painful as I held her buds and kissed
her for a few more minutes. We stayed under the bridge for
about a half hour mostly kissing each other while she let
me continue to hold her tiny breasts. "They feel really
nice, " I told her as I got use to touching a woman's
chest although Dorothy was a long ways from being a woman.

Dorothy's eyes were quite large as she watched my hands
touching her bare chest. "Does this hurt you?"I
asked her. Dorothy shook her head no but said sometimes
they hurt at night. I told it might be because she is still
growing. "I hope they get big like my mothers, "
she said before she told me it was time to stop.

I handed Dorothy her bra back as she put it on and hooked it
in place. I then handed her blouse to her and she quickly
buttoned that up too. "Meet me here tomorrow at the
same time, " I said to Dorothy after she started to
climb up the rocks to get out of there. "Ok if I can, "
She said as she turned back smiling before she disappeared.
It was the youthful kind of experience a lot of people have
as they begin to explore life.

The next day, I waited under the train bridge for a while
and decided Dorothy either couldn't sneak away or
she didn't want to come back. I was still very aroused
so I took my cock out and began to stroke it slowly thinking
about Dorothy's tits and how soft they were.

"What are you doing?" I heard her say as she was
climbing down the rocks watching me jerking off. I quickly
tucked my cock back in my jeans and told her I wasn't
doing anything although we both knew that was a lie. "Let
me watch you, " Dorothy said when she got to the bottom
of the rocks. I was so embarrassed all I could do was shake
my head no.

"I'll take off my bra again if I can watch you doing
that, " Dorothy said smiling with her braces clearly
showing. We agreed so she removed her blouse and unhooked
her bra before she told me it was now my turn. "No you
have to show me more too, " I said to her as Dorothy
frowned for a minute or two.

"Ok but only if you promise not to touch me. I could
get pregnant, " She said. I agreed as she pushed her
shorts down and stood in front of me wearing her plain white
cotton panties. "You can only get pregnant if sperm
got inside of you, " I told Dorothy. She told me she
already knew that and then pointed at my crotch.

Her hips were beginning to widen as she stood there with
her plain white cotton panties, waiting for me to expose
my cock again. Dorothy's eyes got large when she saw
my erection close up as I sat on a large rock in front of her
with my dick standing up like a flag pole. I stroked it a couple
of time in front of her as Dorothy stood with her mouth open.

"Show me yours too, " I said to her as my hand
moved slowly up and down my shaft. She again shook her head
no as I continued stroking myself. "Ok then I'm
going to stop, " I said as Dorothy looked at me as her
face turned redder by the second.

She looked at me one more time and then around to see if anyone
else was coming near us before she bent over and pulled her
panties down. Dorothy had but a tiny amount of hair growing
around her pussy as she stood back up and showed me her vagina.
I immediately stopped stroking myself and walked up to
her and kissed again on the lips.

I was just fifteen and so was she, but we both felt like Mother
Nature was taking over. "I'm scared, "
she said after our short kiss. "I won't hurt you,
I promise, " I said as I turned her around and placed
her on the large rock in front of me. Dorothy and I were both
breathing very fast by then.

Even though neither of us had ever done this or even come
close to it, it felt like it was our time to try. Dorothy's
tiny buds on her chest were sticking straight out at me as
I spread her legs slowly. "Wait, " Dorothy
said once as I looked at her with my hard cock an inch or so
from her outer lips. "What?"I asked her as our
eyes met again.

"Promise me you won't leave any sperm inside
of me, " She said as I nodded ok to her and touched her
pussy with the end of my cock. We were both so very young and
so foolish yet our hormones had gotten the best of us. Dorothy
leaned back bracing herself with hers arms against the
rock as I moved closer to her, eager to experience this miracle
of nature.

I wasn't exactly sure where her slit was but I pushed
my shaft forward and felt her out lips begin to spread. "Are
you still ok, " I asked Dorothy as she looked at me
and nodded yes. Dorothy's' young body was more
prepared to becoming a woman than her mind was. Suddenly
she shook her head no as I stood with just the ball end of my
cock between her outer lips. Technically I probably was
not even inside of her yet.

"Am I hurting you?"I asked her as she trembled
on the rock. "No, " Dorothy said as I pushed
again and felt my shaft slip inside of her an inch worth.
I pushed again and felt her opening up as my cock began to
feel her tight slippery inner lining gripping it. I pushed
one more time and felt my shaft slide up into her until Dorothy
and I were fully connected.

I had never felt anything so incredible in my life as I stood
facing her with my shaft inside of her vagina. When I pulled
back the first time Dorothy seemed to relax a little until
I pushed back all the way into her again. We didn't know
what we were doing but we both knew this was something natural
for a man and woman to do together. I had pulled out and pushed
back into her maybe four times when she told me to pull out.

My throbbing cock came out of her as she stared at each other
for a few tenses seconds. "I want to do it some more, "
I said to Dorothy as she remained braced on the big rock.
"Ok but not for too long, " Dorothy said as my
shaft once again split her outer lips and entered her tunnel
for the second time.

Dorothy let me fuck her for maybe a minute more and that is
when she must have felt me stiffening inside of her. "Ok
you have to stop, " She said getting more nervous
by the second. "In a minute, " I said to her as
my cock was picking up speed as I neared my orgasm. "No
you have to pull out now, " Dorothy said pushing at
my chest with her hands in a panic.

I somehow was able to stop and pulled my cock out right before
the first long gusher of cum blasted out of me and splashed
on the ground. Dorothy's' eyes remained large
as she watched my cock erupting on the ground with gush after
gush of white cream.

"Did you leave any in me?"Dorothy said clearly
rattled to her core. I told her I didn't think I did.
We were both so nervous and excited, we quickly got dressed
and climbed up the rocks together so no one would know what
we had done. I rode my bike in one direction and Dorothy walked
in the other and I am sure both our minds were still shaken
from the experience.

I saw Dorothy a few times that summer but we never spoke to
each other. She would look at me and I would look at her but
that was about it. And when school started we would pass
in the hall and exchange glances but again that was about
it. My friends still called her Dorothy the Dork even though
I told them that was mean and that they should stop.

And then the real miracle of nature began, as Dorothy began
to develop and turn into the butterfly she had hidden inside
of her as a child. Her blouses looked fuller and her hips
continued to widen as the years passed. One day as we approached
each other in the hall and she smiled at me, I saw her braces
were also gone. She had a very nice smile and with a little
makeup Dorothy might not look half bad.

And over the next three years leading up to our graduation,
I would occasionally try and talk Dorothy into meeting
me again under the rail road bridge. And she always said
no until a week before our graduation when she whispered
to me, " Ok. I'll meet you again."

I was so excited on the Saturday Dorothy and I agreed to meet
again, I could hardly wait till four that afternoon. I parked
my car nearby but not so it looked obvious where I was at and
climbed down the rocks and found Dorothy already there.
We weren't fifteen year old kids but had changed into
your adults.

We smiled at each other before I told her, I was glad she finally
said yes. "I thought about that day a lot" Dorothy
said with her big brown eyes. "Did you do it with anybody
else since?"I asked her. She immediately shook her
head no and asked me if I had. I told Dorothy I had done it with
one other girl earlier in the year but refused to tell her
the girls name.

We then just stopped talking as we embraced each other and
began to kiss. Dorothy had indeed mature over the last three
years and kissed with more passion for sure. We clung to
one another as the heat continued to rise for both of us.
I removed her blouse and she unhooked her bra as I got my first
look at her developed breasts.

Dorothy had filled out some more since the days when all
she had were two tiny buds on her chest. I loved holding her
soft breasts and it appeared Dorothy enjoyed having me
hold them. She finally wiggled out of her panties and laid
back on the same rock she had laid on three years earlier.
Her hips were definitely wider and her pubic hair had grown
some too although Dorothy still didn't have a lot of
hair around her pussy.

I didn't say anything to her as I quickly undressed
more than eager to do this again. When she saw my man size
cock, Dorothy looked concerned for a moment but spread
her legs anyway as I moved into position. She still trembled
like a little girl but her pussy opened up as my shaft began
to penetrate her. Dorothy and I just stared at each other
once our bodies were fully connected. I moved in and out
of her slowly at first as her eyes sparkled with each of my
thrusts. Her breasts were heaving on her chest and Dorothy
had this very serious look to her as I fucked her.

We rested after I had cum before we did it a second time under
the old rail road bridge. From then on Dorothy and I fucked
under that old bridge a couple of times a week for the rest
of the summer. And I might add, we got pretty good at it once
we got use to each other. Amazingly I was able to pull out
most of the time but a few times I came inside of Dorothy so
we both then worried about it until she would get her next

And when it turned cold, we just stopped being with each
other and in fact lost track of one another. I went to work
at my father's construction company and I heard Dorothy
went off to college.

I also assumed Dorothy got married like I did and had her
family like I did. So when my mother, who still lived in the
same house I grew up in sent me an article from the local paper
twenty years after I saw Dorothy for the last time it surprised
me. The article series was featuring people from our small
town that went on to great success.

I always knew she read a lot of books and figured she must
have been smart, but I never expected Dorothy became Dr.
Dorothy a respected college professor at Northwestern
University. And even more amazing the article said she
never married. It appeared that Dorothy made something
of herself even after we learned about sex together under
the rail road bridge as kids.

I tucked the article in my desk drawer and forgot about it
for another ten years. And then after my wife passed away
and I sold our family home since I no longer needed that big
a house and once again found the old article about Dorothy.
I was now fifty eight years old and past the point of wanting
to start a new life even though my daughters kept insisting
I was too young to just give up.

So one day out of the blue I decided to drive to Chicago and
see if I could find Dorothy although I don't really
know why. Would she even remember me and what did she look
like now in her late fifties, just like me. It was probably
the dumbest thing I had done in years.

I somehow managed to find the lecture hall she was teaching
in and waited outside until she was finished. And as both
sets of double doors opened and students flocked out like
crazy, I stood up and waited to see Dorothy again and I might
add I was quite nervous.

And then this plain very thin looking older woman appeared
wearing wire rim glasses with her gray hair pulled back
in a bun as she glanced at me briefly and walked right past
me. It was such a strange feeling because I was sort of sure
it was Dorothy but I couldn't be certain.

I began to follow her just a few steps when I called out , "Dorothy?"
The woman stopped and turned now facing me a few feet down
the hall. My hair had thinned and I had gotten a lot of wrinkles
so maybe I really didn't look anything like I looked
when I was a young man. And then the most amazing thing happened
as Dorothy's face slowly formed a smile as her eyes
stared at me.

"Are you Dorothy from (name of the city being withheld)?"
This now fragile looking older woman nodded her head so
I approached her and told her who I was. "Well it has
certainly been a long time, " She said softly as we
looked at each other as old people and not young lovers.
"Please walk with me to my office. It would be most
pleasant to speak with you again, " Dorothy said
as I took her books and followed her to her office one floor

Dorothy and I spent the next half hour chatting about our
lives and all sorts of things. Well everything but the old
rail road bridge and what we use to do under it as kids. It
was hard to believe that at one time Dorothy and I had been
young and also horny. She didn't seem like the same
girl I once knew but then we all change as we grow older. But
she was very proper and spoke using perfect English but
then I would have expected nothing less of this well educated

When I was about to leave, Dorothy stood up and straightened
her skirt as she offered me her hand to shake. I don't
know why but instead of shaking the woman's hand I leaned
forward and gave her a soft tender kiss. When I pulled back
and immediately apologized for being so bold, Dorothy
smiled and nodded her head a couple of times. "Yes
I remember, too, " was all she said as she pointed
to her office door as saying to me it was time for me to leave.

It took me about two hours to get back into Southern Wisconsin
and back to my life or what was left of it. I thought of Dorothy
more often after our short reunion and wondered if she might
like to see me again. Not as lovers but more as old friends
who shared a past, growing up together as kids.

So I sat down and wrote her a letter basically telling her
my life story. I told her about how lonely I was without my
wife and how nice it was to see her again after all these years.
It was possibly the most honest, heartfelt letter I ever
wrote to anyone in my life. I mailed it the next day and was
pretty sure I would not hear back from Dorothy since we had
not communicated in over forty years and suddenly I showed
up from out of the blue.

A couple of months passed without hearing from her as I put
that in my past along with a lot of stupid things I had done
and went on with my life which was basically running my successful
business that my father had left me. I was at my desk working
on some quotes when my secretary knocked on my open door
and walked in.

"Hi Jessie, " I said to her as her beaming smile
always brightened my day. Jessie was the daughter of one
of my closest friends who I hired and watched turn into a
fantastic secretary. "There is an odd looking woman
here to see you, " Jessie said as I told her to send
the woman in.

A few seconds later Dorothy of all people appeared at my
office door wearing this long odd skirt and sweater. "What
a nice surprise, " I said to Dorothy as I stood up and
welcomed her into my office. Dorothy apologized for just
showing up without calling first but I assured her there
was no problem. "I own the company so can stop working
anytime I want, " I said joking to her as she smiled
back at me.

"I got your letter a while ago and needed time to think
about what you said, " Dorothy spoke softly. I was
just about to reply when Jessie popped her head in my office,
looked at Dorothy with a frown and asked if we needed any
to drink. Dorothy turned her head towards my secretary
and politely asked Jessie if we had any imported tea. "Golly
I don't know. Let me go check, " Jessie said giggling
under her breath as she shut my door leaving Dorothy and
I alone again.

Of course we didn't have any imported tea but Jessie
did bring each a bottle of water before she left us alone
again. Dorothy asked me if I got back home very often. I told
her mother still lived in the house I grew up in so I went back
to visit her about once a week. The town we grew up in was only
about a half hour from where I lived now and where my company

When I asked her if she got back home very often, Dorothy
shook her head no and softly said her parents had both passed
and she sold their home years ago. "I have an idea.
Let me drive you there right now, " I said as Dorothy
smiled but said that it wasn't necessary. "I
haven't been in that town in over fifteen years, "
She said. I assured Dorothy it really hadn't changed
much and probably never would.

"Well thank you for your kind offer but I really should
be going, " She said as she stood up to shake my hand
again. Dorothy then turned and walked out of my office seconds
later. "Who was that?" Jessie asked after Dorothy
had walked out of the building. I told Jessie it was none
of her business and rushed out to catch Dorothy before she
drove off.

I don't know why I felt something for this woman even
if she was odd but I did. There could not have been two more
totally opposite women than my wife and Dorothy. My wife
had been the stylish lady in our town with the shiny new cars
and expensive jewelry. And Dorothy was still as plain as
she had been in high school.

It took some fast talking but Dorothy finally agreed to
ride with me back the town we grew up in for old times'
sake. A half hour later we began our memory tour together
as we drove past the house she once lived in, the house my
mother still lived in, our old school and just about every
other spot either of us could remember.

And then as we turned and headed towards the west end of town,
Dorothy looked over at me when she saw the rail road tracks.
"It looks the same, " Dorothy commented to
me as we got closer to the bridge. "We don't, "
I said as we both laughed a bit harder.

"Want to crawl under it with me again just to see it
after forty years?" I asked but added I wasn't
suggesting anything else. "We would probably kill
ourselves on the rocks, " Dorothy added as I pulled
the car over and got out. And by some miracle Dorothy and
I helped each other climb down the rocks which were more
challenging for two older people than they had been when
we were fifteen.

Dorothy and I just stood there in silence on the same spot
we called ours, so many years before and let the memories
fill our thoughts. "We were so very young, "
Dorothy said as she smiled at me. "We sure were. And
can you believe we are back down here together after so many
years?" I asked her. She explained it was the one place
she never thought she was see again and thanked me before
we helped each other climb back up.

I drove Dorothy back to her car in the parking lot of my company
and thanked her for the fun afternoon. She told me it meant
a lot to her too before she kissed me softly on my cheek and
drove off. From then on, Dorothy and I wrote back and forth
and stayed in touch by the phone almost weekly.

And when Christmas approached I invited her to come spend
it with me and my two daughters and their families since
she didn't have anyone else. "I can get a room
nearby so I won't be too much trouble or get in the way, "
Dorothy said on the phone after I invited her. But I insisted
she stay at my home and told her I had a nice guest room with
its own private bath so she wouldn't get in the way at

When I brought Dorothy to my company Christmas party, everyone
was surprised to say the least including my two daughters
and their husbands. They all assumed I wasn't dating
and if I was, I wouldn't be dating a woman that looked
like Dorothy. She wore a plain dress although it did look
nice on her and her hair was still pulled back in a bun so she
also looked grandmotherly even if she never had kids of
her own.

I introduced Dorothy to each of my daughters as Doctor Dorothy
and told them she was a professor at Northwestern University.
That shocked them immediately as they asked Dorothy how
we met. My youngest and boldest daughter then asked Dorothy
if we dated back in school. Dorothy handled the question
perfectly as she smiled at my daughters and told them we
were just very close friends. I am fairly sure Dorothy didn't
look like the sexual type so my daughters never connected
those dots.

I had a chance to step back and watch how Dorothy handled
herself so confidently in a social situation where she
knew absolutely no one. And she was amazing and not only
because she was far more intelligent than everyone else
but how well she interacted with ease.

Dorothy was about to leave after Christmas and was thanking
me for including her in my family celebration when I asked
her to spend New Year's Eve with me. "You don't
have plans do you?"I asked as she startled reaction
to my invitation. "Well no I usually don't go
out on that night, " She said. I told her it sounded
great and that I would drive down by her and we could just
stay in together and celebrate.

She held back for a couple more seconds before she agreed
to have me down for New Year's Eve. I arrived to find
Dorothy busy making us dinner as she greeted me at her door
with a warm smile. And for some reason when we looked into
each other's eyes we kissed each other immediately.
It was more than a friendship kiss which was both wonderful
and surprising for both of us.

"We haven't kissed like that for forty years, "
I said as Dorothy back up to catch her breath. "It has
been a long time, " She said as she showed me my room
and invited me to join her in the kitchen once I was settled.
Dorothy had made us a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed the
wine I brought while we ate. It didn't really matter
what words we used because it was our eyes that were talking
a different language.

We only made it till eleven and watched the ball drop on the
East coast when we decided it was time for bed. And as I turned
one way in the hallway and she turned the other way, we both
felt that old nervousness we had felt as kids. I made it to
my bedroom door before I looked back at Dorothy and saw her
standing in her bedroom door looking back at me too.

"Are you sure?" Was all she said as I walked towards
her. I took her hand in mine and led her into her bedroom where
our passion began to explode. The last time I held Dorothy's
breasts was forty years earlier but they felt just as wonderful.
And when I helped her out of her panties, her pussy looked
the same as it did when she use to lean against the big rock
under the rail road bridge and spread her legs for me.

"This is a first for us, " I told her as she climbed
onto her bed. "What?" She asked. I told Dorothy
we never used a bed before and then joked and told her I sort
of missed the big rock. Being older did offer certain benefits
as we held each other a lot more, kissed a lot more and savored
the time we spent together naked on her bed reconnecting.

Dorothy climaxed after a lot of effort but it was worth the
work because of how she responded during and after her orgasm.
And when it was time to revisit our unusual bond we looked
into each other's eyes first. I was on top of her and
Dorothy laid under me filled with anticipation. When the
ball end of my shaft pressed between her outer lips Dorothy
began to breath erratically just like I remembered.

We may have been old people but the intensity of joining
our bodies was just as overwhelming as it was when we were
fifteen. I leaned forward, kissing Dorothy and pushed
deeper into her as her slippery tunnel gripped my shaft.
Once my cock was fully planted inside of her vagina, Dorothy
and I stopped and stared into each other's eyes for
a moment before we began to fuck each other again.

She may have been a plain girl growing up and a plain mature
woman even now, but she still turned me on like few other
women ever did. Dorothy was gasping and thrashing around
under me while we remained together and when I finally began
to climax, she trembled the entire time.

Dorothy and I never married but remained very close friends
for many years after that. We spent as much time as we could
with each other and grew into lovers the likes I never would
have expected. Even at her age, Dorothy had a lot of pent
up lust in her and I helped bring it to the surface.

Dorothy and I were the only two spectators who watched when
they tore the old rail road bridge down. I guess it meant
more to us than anyone else.

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that was a great story of friendship and growing up!


wyomingman2 63 M
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Wow what a great story and so nice to read thanks for sharing


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This was a great sweet story


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Great story and it has lots of emotion


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great story , ,, ,thanks , ,to bad they didn't marry


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thank you for sharing such a great story


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What a WONDERFUL story. Reminds me of my youth and a girl
named Eileen.

Nice change from al the 8 inch cocks and all that goes with


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Nice story hope you have more to share.


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Another wonderful story. Makes you want to believe it was
true and not just a well written story. A bit like the story
it had me excited in its youth and then just enjoying it for
its self later. And like life at the end it left me wishing
that it had ended better. Which means it was a great story.
So much more fulfilling than just sex. And of course romance
really is. Thanks...


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This is one of the very best stories I have read on here, Thank
You very much


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Fan-fucking tastic! not the normal fare, but touched my
heart. I myself am looking for an old sweetheart.


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very good love story


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Very well thought out story, sounds like a lot of truth was
in the story.


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What a great memory. It was a great story and very well written.
Thank you.


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I heartily agree with everyone here. It is probably the
best story I have read here. Great job! Thank you!


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WOW What a great story, it shows how kindness and understanding
can grow into love. Please keep he stories coming as they
are so great


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Thank you for a story of not only passion and learning - but
a lasting friendship. Great reading


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That is a wonderful tender touching story