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Ultimate Desire


Ultimate Desires:
It would be a warm summer day as the beginning of a 3-day weekend.
As I pull up the driveway there would be two ladies in sundresses
sitting on the porch of a large house. The ladies would be
in their mid thirties to mid forties, one blonde and one
redhead. In the house there would be several other younger
ladies. There would be the ladies that will provide the
domestic services for the weekend. They would be clad in
garter belts and hose or corset’s and hose of varying colors
that accented their complexion.
As I pull up to the main building, the two ladies on the front
porch would come down and greet me at the car. The blonde
would introduce herself as Meg and the redhead as Millie.
The would each give me a big hug and a deep French kiss. They
would inform me that there is nothing that they will not
do for me this weekend. They along with the rest of the staff,
who I would meet in a moment, were here to totally serve my
every pleasure and desire.
Then Meg and Millie stepped back a few steps and dropped
their sundresses to the ground. They then came up to me and
touched themselves and asked if I wished to inspect them
to see that they met my specifications. I then touched them
one at a time. First their lips. I ran my finger gently over
each of them. Then I moved down their chest to each breast
and nipple and then on down to their shaved and pink pussy
lips. They then turned around and bent over so that I could
inspect their lovely ass cheeks and assholes. These two
were perfect.
They then stood up and turned around and began to remove
my clothes. They said that I would have no need for clothing
this weekend. As they undid my shirt they ran their tongues
all over my chest ad sucked on my nipples. They giggled as
they saw the growing bulge in my pants. They undid my pants
and dropped to their knees, both sucking and licking on
my cock. Then Meg moved around to my ass hole and started
to lick it and kiss my ass cheeks.
I was just about to explode when the both stopped and said,
now it is time to introduce the rest of the staff that will
serve you this weekend. Millie called out for all the girls
to come out to the porch so that I could meet them. Next I saw
what seemed to be an endless stream of young ladies coming
on to the porch. All of them clad in garters and hose.
Meg then asked me to sit in this nice chair and she and Millie
stood on each side of the chair and asked the girls to come
up and introduce themselves. As they did so, they were to
kneel in front of me and kiss the head of my still rock hard
cock. One by one they did this. The knelt and told me their
name and then kissed my cock. There were 10 girls in all and
for the life of me I could not remember the name of one of them.
Meg and Millie laughed and said they anticipated that and
to simplify things they are all numbered one through ten
and all I have to do is call out a number or numbers and they
will respond.
Meg then handed me a riding crop and a paddle. She then said
that if any of us did not please you or were not prompt in their
response they can be punished. To establish this you are
to spank each of us now with the crop and the paddle in whatever
way you wish. Well this was interesting. So one by one each
of the 12 ladies came up to me and asked for punishment and
asked me where that I wished to spank them. So with each I
used the crop on their tits and the paddle on their ass. Once
on each nipple and once on both cheeks of their ass. I was
firm, but not abusive.
By this time I was ready to explode. Meg and Millie could
see this and dismissed the girls and knelt beside me and
took turns deep throating me. I exploded in Megs mouth and
then Millie licked me clean. Both swallowed every drop
and then licked and kissed each other to make sure not a drop
was wasted. I felt like I had unloaded about a gallon of cum
in them.
After resting for a short while and I got some feeling back
in my legs so I could walk, the ladies escorted me to the upstairs
master suite. And it was indeed a master sweet. It was huge.
There was a double king size bed, a porch that overlooked
a beautiful lake. On the porch were all sorts of restraints
and bondage gear, if I wished to use it.
The bathroom had a hot tub that could hold fifty people.
It had a 10 head shower that was both steam and hot water and
could hold 10 people.
The closet was huge, but unusual. It contained costumes
for both men and women. About any kind of fantasy you could
think of had a costume there hanging. There was closed circuit
TV all over so I could watch both the activity in each room
or what was going on all over the house.
After the tour of the upstairs, it was time to freshen up
and have some lunch. Meg and Millie escorted me to the shower
where we stepped in and they washed me all over. Each took
some body soap and rubbed it over my entire body. Very gently
they cover me with the sweet smelling soap. Then they began
to wash each other and naturally I join in washing and touching
them both all over. We then step out of the shower and dry
each other off and the ladies step into the closet and remove
some thigh high stockings and sheer camisoles and slip
them on and we go down stairs to the dining room.
As I entered the great room there was one of the other ladies
lying naked on the table with a selection of meats and breads
covering her body and another one at her head covered with
fresh fruits. Millie and Meg and I made our selections and
sat down, then the rest of the ladies came in and served them
selves and sat with us. Wine and other beverages were served
and we all chatted with each other. About ½ way through the
meal some music started and all the girls except the two
on the table and Millie and Meg got up to dance.
They all were doing seductive dances and fondling each
other. It was a beautiful sight watching all these ladies.
Suddenly I felt a pair of lips wrapped around my member.
There was a wonderful tongue licking my shaft and getting
it nice and hard. Meg and Millie then got up and pulled my
chair away from the table and Meg slowly lowered her wet
pussy down on my cock and began to ride me. Millie knelt in
front of her and began to lick my cock and her pussy in time
with the music. After a few minutes, they switched positions,
but this time Millie slid my cock in her lovely ass and began
to ride me as Meg licked her pussy.
I couldn’t hold back any longer I began to convulse and fill
he ass with my creamy juices. After I did, the lady who had
started getting me hard came over and licked my dick and
balls clean and licked all the cream out of Millie’s beautiful
ass. It was absolutely amazing feeling and watching all
of this.
Millie and Meg and I then moved to the porch that overlooks
the freshly mown back yard area. About 20 feet ahead of us
was a very large and heated swimming pool. This whole area
was magnificent. It was like a paradise. The three of us
began to talk for several hours about a variety of topics.
We shared thoughts on business, life and fantasies. As
the discussion progressed both Millie and Meg shared what
their favorite role playing things were and also what each
of the other ten girls loved to do. My jaw dropped as I heard
of such a myriad of topics and desire and loves. As we wound
down our discussion, Meg and Millie stated that they wished
for me to role play with them and whatever any of the other
girls roles I wished to fulfill, they would honor those
as well. My first thought was I needed to pace myself or I
wouldn’t last long.
For a couple of hours we sat on the porch as the rest of the
girls tanned by the pool and swam. It was surreal to see all
these tits and asses lying around and me the only guy present.
Soon Millie got up and whispered in my ear to meet her in the
master suite in about 30 minutes. We were going to role play
her favorite thing of being taken hard or a simulated .
The time passed quickly so I headed upstairs. As I quietly
entered the room she was sitting at a dressing table brushing
her hair. She was all dressed up like to was going to a formal
affair. Gown, heal, scarf around her neck and looking like
a beautiful painting.
I did not want to hurt her, but I did want to fulfill this role.
So I quietly came up behind her and grabbed her around the
shoulders and covered her mouth with my hand incase she
screamed. She put up some fight, but not a ruthless one.
We then fell to the carpet and I told her not to scream and
she nodded and I took the scarf off her neck and gagged her
with it. She was still struggling, but had conveniently
left a drawer open with additional scarves in it so I reached
over and grabbed some more and tied her hands and ankles
together so she was spread eagle. When her legs came apart
she was wearing a black leather garter belt and black hose
and a black thong.
I then ripped open the top of her gown and exposed her breasts.
She is still wiggling around on the floor, God she looked
hot. I then ripped off the thong and flipped her over face
down so she would move quite so much. Her ass was sticking
up in the air, so I smacked it really hard a couple of times
and that slowed her down. I then rubbed her pussy with my
hand and she was so wet. So I took my cock and rammed it into
dripping pussy and pumped her a few time to get it all lubricated
and then I pulled it out and rammed it into her ass and went
as far in as I could go and kept pumping her until I came. Then
we both collapsed. This all seemed to take a long time, but
it was just a few minutes.
I then untied her and she turned around and gave me the deepest
French kiss I have ever had. She told me how much she loved
it and how turned on she was. She was still really turned
on and wanted more cock. I wasn’t sure if I could get hard
again that quickly. She said no problems and told me to go
push a button that was on the night stand and she would get
the necessary attention she needed. While I was doing that
she was rubbing her pussy and really moaning.
As a back up for this, she had one of the other girls in the
hall way with a strap on ready to go. The girl came in and they
began to kiss and really get excited. Millie was really
enjoying this rubber dick. They flipped over so Millie
could ride it cowgirl style. Her beautiful breasts were
bouncing up and down and she began to come. She let out a wild
yell and kept riding the dildo. She came two more times before
she stopped and collapsed on the floor.
I went over to help her up and she told me to follow her. We
went down the hall way to another room that had a sunken bathtub
and she took off the rest of what I hadn’t ripped off and said
let’s get into the tub. So we stepped in and sat down and then
four girls came in and got in the tub with us. They washed
us and dumped scented oils into the water and just kept rubbing
us all over.
Millie then asked if I wanted a massage, so I said sure. As
we got out of the tub, the girls dried us off and we wrapped
in our towels and went into the next room where there were
two more ladies dressed in see through gowns that were flowing
white with white garter belts and white hose on underneath
the gowns. We then laid down on the tables and got a most phenomenal
two hour massage.
After the massage I was getting hungry again, and Millie
said for me to go back to the master suite and Meg would be
waiting for me there. So I did and Meg was indeed there waiting
in an outfit that was spectacular. She had on a black corset,
with black hose, a bowtie around her neck, Black elbow length
gloves, and a coat with tails on it, like is worn at formal
affairs. She had lain out on the bed several item for me to
choose from top wear to dinner. There were black silk boxers,
black g string, black silk robe, black silk running pants
and shirt. She said I could pick out any of these or choose
to wear nothing. I chose the running outfit.
It was then time to go down to dinner. As we came into the dinning
room, it was lit with candles. All the ladies were wearing
black bustiers, black crotch less pantyhose, red sashes
wrapped around their waste and bowties. Then Millie entered
the room wearing the same thing that Meg had but it was all
red. I had just died and gone to heaven. We had a wonderful
meal of steak and lobster, salads, fresh vegetables, lots
of wine and wonderful company. It was then time for desert.
Meg and Millie stood up and said they had a special desert
for me. Soon a cart was rolled into the dining room and as
it got closer there was one of the girls laying on it covered
in chocolate syrup, whip cream, cherries, and a banana
stuck in her pussy.
This was a giant banana split made just for me. They rolled
the cart up and said dig in. I immediately bet over and took
a bite out of the banana and got chocolate and whip cream
all over my face. Everyone started giggling and Meg and
Millie started to lick that off my face and the rest of the
girls took turns licking the syrup and whip cream off the
body off the girl on the cart. It was great fun and really
good eating.
About an hour later Meg asked me to follow her to the “play
room”. Another room that I had not seen yet. So we go down
a flight of steps to a room that had large sofas, a big television
set and lots of mirrors. Meg then turned on the TV and there
I was. It was a video highlighting my day from arrival even
through dinner. She said to enjoy this and she would return
in a few minutes with some fun plans for tonight.
The video was interesting; it had caught everything that
had happened today with me. Soon Meg returned in a leather
garter belt, leather bra, black nylons and spiked heels.
She sat down next to me and then Millie came in wearing a tight
black leather jump suit, with thigh high spike heel boots.
She sat on the other side of me. Meg then picked up a small
remote and pushed a button and the walls spun around to show
all sorts of dungeon type equipment and the 10 girls all
came out in black garter belts and hose and knelt down on
the floor in front of the three of us.
Meg then explained that tonight I am the master of these
ten women and she and Millie are my enforcers. Whatever
I wish to have done with these ten women will be done. In addition
there were five men brought in that wore hoods on their heads
and nothing else. So the entire evening was left to me to
call the shots. Wow, this was something that would provide
some interesting situations, but where to start.
The service from everyone had been so fine today that I had
not spanked anyone. So my first choice was for the ten ladies
to take turns lying on a U shaped leather bench that exposed
their lovely asses. Then each girl would spank the next
girl in line until each girl had been spanked by one of her
associates. There were to be five smacks with a leather
paddle, each being harder than the previous. If either
Meg or Millie felt the swat was not harder enough, they could
then add a smack to the girl who was doing the spanking and
they would administer those with a whip.
After that the girls were to pair up and suck the cock of the
men. The men were not permitted to cum and could not say anything
on how close they were. If any of the men came, the two girls
that made them cum would be punished. And the guys would
also be punished. This was a test of will power and senses
for both sexes. Before I told the ladies to stop two of the
men had exploded. The actual time was only seven minutes.
Well now it was time for punishment for the 4 girls and two
guys. The four girls were stood up and had their hands put
in leather cuff and pulled up above their heads. Nipple
clamps and weights were attached to each of them. Meg and
Millie then took a riding crop and hit each tit five times.
The guys were ordered to lay on the floor underneath the
girls and the girls each took a turn at pissing on their cocks,
then the guys had to leave. That narrowed down to three guys
plus me and 12 ladies.
Next I asked that all the girls gather in the middle of the
room on the floor and start getting it on with each other.
I asked Meg and Millie to come sit beside me. I then asked
Millie to bring out a table and had it rolled in front of me
and I told Meg to lie down on this table. I then had Millie
hand cuff Meg’s hands and ankles to the legs of the table
and to be sure her ass and pussy were accessible. I then placed
a blind fold on Meg and cut off her bra and told her for the
next hour or two she was going to be fucked in every hole and
she was going to lick a lot of pussy as well.
I then told Millie to remove her leather jump suit and stand
above Meg’s head so she could like her pussy. I then called
over two of the girls from the pile and had one start licking
my balls and cock and the other to massage and lick my ass.
Millie was getting very wet as was Meg. I then asked the two
girls to take care of Millie while I began to fuck Meg. I took
turns fucking her ass then her pussy, after a while I then
rolled her to the middle of the room and called in the guys
and said they were to fuck her at least three times each before
they could leave. Each of the 8 women was to be licked by her
until they came and then they each were to lick her pussy
after one of the guys came in her. The guys were to fuck her
ass, pussy and mouth.
I then came back to the sofa and asked Millie and the two girls
to come with me to the master suite. We then climbed on the
bed and screwed and fucked and sucked for the next several
hours. Before going to sleep for the night, I left a message
for Meg to wake me up in the morning by sucking my cock until
it is hard.
The next morning I woke up to Meg sucking my cock. When I looked
up she totally naked and looking so beautiful. She then
took my hand and we went into the bathroom and I sat down on
the toilet and she then sat on my nice hard cock and did the
loveliest golden shower on my hard cock while I was deep
inside her. One of my long time desires finally came true.
We then moved to the shower where we washed each other and
I fucked her from behind while she leaned against the wall.
After the shower we went down to the porch for breakfast.
Millie greeted us and there was no one else around but the
three of us. We talked about last night and how wonderful
everything was. We all were moving a little slowly, but
that was okay. We had a long and leisurely breakfast.
After breakfast, Millie and Meg took me for a walk to where
there was a dock and a row boat. They asked me to get into the
row boat and Meg blindfolded me. I asked where they were
taking me and they said you will know soon enough. They rowed
for about a ½ hour and then I felt a sudden stop of the boat
like we hit something. Then my blindfold was removed and
in front of me was the ten ladies dressed in white tunics
like the Greeks wore.
Millie told me that I had been chosen for a great honor. Today
I was to make love with these ten women or less if I so desired
and select one of them to be my queen. Your queen will join
you and the two of us for a celebration later this evening.
I then stepped out of the boat and went with the ladies and
Meg and Millie left me there.
The ten ladies then escorted me from the beach to a small
like village with cabanas, a bar, a hot tub and other items.
I was taken to a large wing back chair and asked to sit there.
I was brought a large fruit type drink, which was very good.
Then one by one each of the ladies came up to me and gave me
a deep kiss and removed her tunic so I could see her body.
Then I was escorted to one of the cabanas where there was
a queen size type bed.
I laid down and the first young lady laid down beside me and
the rest of the ladies sat down on chairs around the bed.
I was a main event and each girl would watch what the others
were doing with me. The blonde lady was very petite. She
stroked my body and began to kiss and lick me all over, she
then locked onto my cock and began to lick my balls and shaft
and I sprang to life in a matter of seconds. My cock had never
felt so hard and looked so big.
The little lady then lifted herself to sit on my face so that
I could taste her sweet nectar. And sweet she was. I licked
her clit and fingered her tiny ass hole, which she seemed
to enjoy. She then flipped around and did a reverse cowgirl
and road my cock hard. I then pulled her up and started fucking
her doggie style and she began to scream and her whole body
quivered, just before I came, I pulled out and she swallowed
the head of my cock and drained every drop out of me.
She immediately got up and the next lady climbed on my cock.
I was thinking, wait a minute I need to reload, but my cock
had not gone down and was still huge. This was the beginning
of nearly four hours of non stop fucking, I was a machine
and was having the time of my life. I fucked every lady in
about every position known and I was licked and sucked even
spanked and enjoyed all of it.
It was then time to select my queen who would accompany me
for the evening. This was going to be tough. Everything
was such a blur in fucking all ten of these women and they
all were really great. As they paraded in front of me, all
sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. There was one little
Asian lady that had long black hair and perky small breasts
and she was my first and I would like to spend more time with
her, so that is who I selected.
As soon as I made the announcement the rest of the ladies
left and Mi Lee came and knelt in front of me. At the same time
Mille and Meg had returned to take us back to the house. When
we arrived at the house I headed upstairs for a shower and
a nap and the girls went to another room in the house. As they
left they said that they would come and get me just before
dinner and that my outfit for the night was lying on my bed.
I hopped into the shower and stood in front of all the shower
heads and just vegged. Then I dried off and climbed on the
bed and dropped off to sleep immediately. I awakened to
a deep kiss from Meg. She said it was nearly time for dinner
and I needed to get up and get prepared. I then realize she
was wearing a long flowing gown I could see through, she
then handed me a loin cloth and a golden type robe that was
very light weight. She then told me tonight was going to
be a roman style banquet. Soon Millie came in dressed in
similar attire. I asked about Mi Lee and I was told she would
join us at the banquet.
We then went downstairs to what was the dining room that
was now filled with some couches and small tables and slave
girls and some of the men that were here last night and some
additional ladies I had not seen before. There was music
and laughter. As we entered the room there was silence and
everyone knelt until I sat down and they went back to what
they had been doing. Shortly after that Mi Lee entered the
room and everyone knelt. She looked beautiful. Her hair
was on top of her head in a special hairdo, she was wearing
a golden bra and golden Thong, she came and knelt in front
of me then lay down beside me on the couch.
Soon naked slave girls were serving us all sorts of fresh
fruit, meats, wines and vegetables. As the evening progressed
things got louder, clothes began to be removed, the music
got louder, the slave girls were dancing, and sex began
to take place. We have gone from dinner to an orgy. Mi Lee
wasted no time in enjoying herself by taking my cock into
her mouth and sucking it and pouring wine all over it and
licking it off. As I looked at Meg and Millie they were enjoying
each others body.
I then had Mi Lee move to a 69 position so that I could taste
her lovely pussy. I poured wine inside her and licked and
sucked it out of her pussy. I started inserting grapes and
other fruit in her and then eating from her pussy. She came
about three times. I then spun her around and put my throbbing
cock deep into her tight pussy and pumped her hard and we
then came together. As we collapsed in each others arms
we lay on the sofa and watched mounds of flesh fucking and
sucking. Mi Lee then whispered in my ear that she wanted
the two black men to fuck her.
I summoned Meg and Millie and asked them to talk with the
two black men and have them brought up to the master suite
in about 30 minutes. Then Millie, Meg, My Lee and I left to
go to the master suite. We took a quick shower together and
I asked all of the ladies to put on red garter belts with red
hose and then join me in the bedroom. In addition I wanted
Mi Lee to dress in a tight red dress with high heels and a red
bra. Soon they all came in dressed as requested and we sat
on a large sofa at the end of the bed.
There was a knock at the door and the two black gentlemen
entered the room. I instructed them to sit on the edge of
the bed and that Mi Lee was going to do a striptease for them.
Mi Lee then stood up and starting a slow and sensual strip.
As she did so, she would touch their cocks with her hands.
Soon she was stripped down to her garter belt and hose and
the two guys lifted her on the bed. From that point Meg, Millie
and I watched them make love on the bed. Mi Lee sucked them
and they fucked her in every hole. She had double penetration
in her ass and pussy and I don’t know how she could take both
of these rather large guys in her, but she did. Meg and Millie
were getting really wet and excited and begged me to join
in with Mi Lee and I said they could, but I wanted two girls
with me while watching them. They immediately got two ladies
with me. And they climbed onto the bed and had a great time.
The two girls with me were asked to suck my cock and take turns
sitting on my cock while I watched the bed. While sucking
me, one of the girls bit my balls rally hard. I am not sure
by accident or on purpose, I had her immediately lay across
my lap and I give her five really hard smacks and dismissed
her. The girl that stayed with me then rammed her ass on my
cock and I pumped her until I came really hard.
After about two hours of fucking and sucking everyone pretty
much collapsed on the bed and drifted off to sleep. After
about another hour they all cleared out except My Lee and
me. She was to spend the night with me. We decided to take
a bath together and just relax in the jet tub. We washed each
other and held each other and just talked and enjoyed the
conversation. We then went back to the bed and cuddled and
dropped off to sleep.
It was all too soon and the morning came. Meg and Millie were
awakening me and Mi Lee had already slipped away sometime
in the early morning hours. It was my last morning and the
ladies asked me what I would like to do this morning. I told
them first I wanted to give both of them a bath and then a massage
and then they were going to be part of some bondage and discipline
activities this morning. I asked how they felt about this
and the said this was the very thing they enjoyed being bound
and disciplined. They had done most of the disciplining
this weekend, but really loved to participate.
So first I drew a hot bubble bath and bathed both of them and
then while Meg Remained in the tub, I took Millie to the massage
table and rubbed her down with warm oils. Then escorted
her to the closet and asked her to put on a blue garter belt,
white hose, blue bra, spiked heel shoes, blue blouse and
white skirt and pick out an outfit for meg with similar items,
but different colors. She was also to get four of the other
ladies who were to meet me in the play room and are to wear
Black corset’s and hose.
I then returned and escorted Meg to the massage area and
rubbed her with warm oils and the told her to see Millie and
she would have an outfit ready to put on. After she was dressed
she and Millie were to meet me in the play room. I then left
and went down to the play room to prepare for Millie and Meg.
The four girls were waiting for me. I instructed the girls
to attach nipple clamps to each other and insert a butt plug
in each other and come and kneel in front of me when they completed
that task.
I then sat down in a chair and waited for Meg and Millie to
appear. When they walked into the room they looked breathtaking.
I then asked them to go to the wall and pick out what items
they would like to have used on and in them and pick out what
apparatus they wished to be attached to. They brought back
an assortment of paddles, whips, plugs, dildos, clamps,
paddles, etc. and placed them on a table in front of me.
Meg then moved to the wench that had leather cuffs and a metal
spacer bar. I then instructed two of the other ladies to
fasten Meg’s hands into the cuff and raise them above her
head; put a blind fold on her eyes, and a ball gag in her mouth.
Millie chose an apparatus that exposed her ass and pussy
and her head was on a slight slant downward. Her legs were
held by cuffs above each side of the apparatus and her hands
cuffed above her head. She was blindfolded but not gagged.

The assistants then returned and kneeled in front of me.
I then went to Meg and ripped open her blouse and took a pair
of scissors and cut off her bra and skirt and the remaining
part of her blouse. Then I went to Millie and did the same
thing, but left the clothing just hanging on her. I then
had two of the assistants take vibrators and insert them
in Millie’s and ass and pussy to get her nice and wet. I then
stuck my dick in her mouth and told her to suck on it. I then
instructed the other two assistants to start pour hot handle
wax on Millie’s tits and down her chest. Millie didn’t seem
to flinch with the wax and in fact she started to suck me harder
while the wax was being applied.
I then got a whip and started smacking her ass with it. I told
the two assistants with the vibrators to move to Meg and
pleasure her. They were to suck on her tits and vibrate her
ass and pussy. The other tow had finished with the candle
wax and I had one squat over Millie’s head and let Millie
lick her pussy and the other put beads in her ass. After she
got the beads inserted she was to lick Millie’s ass hole
and I rammed my cock in her wet hot pussy. While I pumped her
I used a riding crop on her tits and nipples. As she neared
her climax I told the assistant to start removing the beads
from her ass and I then started to cum really hard and all
of us were screaming.
The assistants were to then lick my cum out of Millie’s pussy
and then assist with Meg. Meg was pretty much dripping from
her pussy. Her nipples were hard and sticking out. She was
really turned on. I placed a set of nipple clamps on those
hard nipples and removed her gag. I then asked the assistants
to lower her hands and assist her in bending over so her ass
was presented to us. I then took a studded paddle and smacked
her ass and thighs with the paddle. I then instructed the
assistants to each chose any items to sting Meg’s ass and
I walked in front of Meg and stuck my cock in her mouth. And
while she sucked me the assistants were going to spank her
ass. I told her if she in any way bit my cock, she would have
to pay the price.
So the spanking began and the hits were getting harder and
Meg did bite down on me. I immediately stopped the spanking
and told the assistants to lower her to the floor. They did
so and then I instructed each assistant to squat above her
tits and piss all over her tits. After that, they were to
get a bucket of cold water and wash her off with it by throwing
it on her chest. After that she was to be released. I then
instructed the four assistants to come over and I would
remove their nipple clamps and butt plugs. I then had them
lube my cock and present their asses to me and I went down
the line fucking each of their asses until I came.
After all of this the seven of us went up to the whirlpool
and all the other girls were to join us and we sipped wine
and relaxed and reflected on the weekend. I went around
the whirlpool getting to know their names and kissing and
thank each of them for this unforgettable weekend. Each
of them was marvelous and I hoped that they had as much fun
as I did.
We all then left the tub to get dressed for our final meal
together. About an hour later Meg and Millie came to my room
to escort me downstairs to the dinning room. Each of the
ladies were in sun dresses and were so pleasant and friendly.
As we had lunch each of the ladies gave a little background
about themselves and why they were here for the weekend.
I could not believe what I was hearing. Most of the ladies
were professionals such as lawyers, teachers, an engineer,
psychologist, office manager, banker, marketing executive
and more. They were all college educated. All had become
acquainted with Meg and Millie and knew that they specialized
in fantasy fulfillment. And with all the matches of what
I wished for and they wished for they were here to fulfill
a fantasy as well. Several were married like myself and
needed to fulfill this deep desire.
It was then time to go. All the ladies escorted me to my car
and each gave me a wonderful hug and kiss. And Meg handed
me a copy of a video that was taken of all the weekend activities
for me to cherish and remember. As I drove down the road I
was thinking about how this weekend had flown by. I felt
refreshed, yet exhausted; complete yet empty; elated
yet sad. I pulled over in a small park along side the road
and took a nap.
I awoke to the shaking of my wife who was yelling at me that
I had slept through the alarm and we were both going to be
late for work. As I got out of bed rapidly she said, wow you
must have been having an incredible dream, I haven’t seen
you that hard in years. I replied, yes it was most incredible!
Quietly thinking, someday I will make this real!!!!!

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