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Two sisters!!


I guess the opposite of an unexpected blow job is a long expected
blow job. Is there anything worse that a woman telling you
what an incredible cock sucker she is, that she wants to
suck your cock so you can see for yourself, and then have
to wait for it? And wait and wait and wait for it? That's
what happened to me with Lisa.

Lisa was one of the women I met on the internet. She had a great
sense of humor and obviously liked to have fun. We hit if
off pretty well and within a week or so, we decided to meet
for a drink. So far, so good, right?

We met at a Bar and I have to say, I liked what I saw. Lisa was
Small but curvacous. She was dressed in a wide skirt and
even that made her ass look great and a nice pink top. Her
breasts were very big and firm for that size!! Her hair was
dark with blond highlights. She had long hair that fell
to about the middle of her back. She had bright blue-gray
eyes that had permanent laugh crinkles at their corners.
Her lips were full and pouting and she wore no lipstick and
only mascara. An all natural beauty!! She had an easy laugh,
a warm smile and a personality that just said fun.

There was also an air of sexuality about her that's
difficult to describe. Women have subliminal ways of telegraphing
their willingness, I suppose. I definitely sensed the
sexual possibilities between us almost as soon as we met.
It's partly something subtle in body language. I can't
explain it, but I certainly pick up on it when it's there.
There were other, less obscure signs as well. I've
mentioned before how much I like to make eye contact with
women, and in Lisa I found a woman who returned it gracefully.
To have your eyes locked together for long stretches can
really build up the heat.

Well, our drinks turned into dinner. We were having a blast,
laughing and joking like we'd known each other for
years. A lot of the humor was sexual in nature, but nothing
too far out of line for a first date. We had originally gotten
to the bar around six o'clock. At 21:30 we were
still finishing dessert. After dinner I walked Lisa back
to her car and she offered to drive me over to my car. Now it
was not cold or raining and my car was less than fifty feet
away. But I'm not an idiot. I got in the car with her and
we wound up making out in the parking lot for another half
hour or more.

It didn't go any farther than some deep kissing and
a little groping, but we both went home a tad breathless.
For the next week or two Lisa and I tried to work another
date into our schedules, but without success. About a week
after that, she stopped returning my emails.

Now I'm not one to pester a woman. If I send a few emails
and get Nothing in return, then I back off. I don't know
what the situation might be and I usually try to give the
benefit of the doubt. So another week goes by and I've
just about written Lisa off when I finally did get an email
from her. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner,
but she had something serious to work out.

Naturally, I asked what the problem was. She told me that
she and her husband, from whom she'd been separated
for several months prior to her meeting me, were getting
back together. I was shocked, I confess. Lisa seemed like
she would have been a lot of fun. But I thanked her for being
honest and told her what a good time I'd had on our date.

Lisa surprised me by replying that she was sorry things
hadn't worked out differently; that she had gotten
so hot that night that she couldn't get to sleep. Now
I wouldn't expect that from a woman who is getting back
with her husband. At least not if she's serious about
him. So I figured I'd push things a little bit.

I emailed back, saying it had been the same for me, which
was more or less true--she had gotten me pretty turned on.
I wished her luck with her situation and told her to feel
free to write me whenever she wanted. I closed by saying
I felt like I missed an awesome opportunity. I hesitated,
thinking it over for a moment and then added, "I knew
I should have just whipped it out that night!"

I figured what the hell, Lisa had a sense of humor and would
probably take it for just a joke anyway. What I was really
hoping is that she would offer some kind of humorous reply
that would let me keep things open for discussion, even
if only jokingly. Let's face it, if we're both
joking about it, we're both thinking about it. And
as long as she's still thinking about it, I've
got a chance.

Well, I wasn't disappointed with Lisa's reply.
It was actually a lot better than I had expected.

"Whipping it out wouldn't have done you any good...
I hate giving head in a car!"

I re-read that one a few times, getting hornier and hornier
at the thought of Lisa giving head in a car. Or, more specifically,
Lisa giving me head in the car that night.

I thought about how to reply for a while and decided I needed
something creative and funny. Obviously, if I've
got a woman talking about blow jobs, I want her to keep right
on talking about them. I knew with Lisa humor was the key.
If I could come up with something funny that didn't
seem too eager, she might continue to play along.

"I'm taking my car to the dealership tomorrow
to buy me a Home on wheels. Let me know when you're free
for dinner again. "

She sent back. "There's just not enough room
for me to work my magic in a car! " I was tempted to
ask exactly what she considered to be her 'magic, '
but decided it was still too early for anything so direct.

I wrote her that i can work my magic in every space or vehicel.

She sent back.
That's the other problem with cars... no place to spit!"
Again I found myself reading her email over several times
and getting turned on, this time by the thought of her with
a mouthful of cum. I figured I might as well push things a
little further.

"I can!" I emailed back to her. "Don't
believe me? See for yourself! Oh, and your 'no place
to spit' problem has an obvious solution too!"
I didn't know if that was going too far. After all, she
was back with her husband. But I rationalized that if she
was going to volunteer information about spitting, she
couldn't be all that worried about it. Just a little
harmless internet flirting, right?

I didn't hear back from her for several days after that,
and I figured I had gone too far. Not that I thought Lisa would
be upset. Like I said, she had a good sense of humor. But that
didn't mean she didn't feel a little guilty about
talking to me the way she had. It may not have been much, but
I imagine her husband would have gotten pissed if he knew.
But then I got her reply and it picked up right where we left

And no, swallowing is not an option for me! (Baaaarrrrffff!)"


Yeah, maybe she was giving her husband another chance,
but she was emailing me about blow jobs and swallowing.
And yes, I was a little disappointed when she told me she
didn't swallow. I prefer to find out if a woman swallows
by cumming in her mouth. Telling me in advance was like telling
me what a present was before I unwrapped it. And it not being
what I asked for.

In my reply, Yeah, we both knew it wasn't going to happen
under the current circumstances. Or, at least, it shouldn't.
But as long as we didn't remind ourselves about that,
we could have some stimulating conversation while keeping
the door open for later, should her situation change.

"What?!?!? You don't swallow?!?!?!?"
I wrote back. "I'm getting my money back from
that dating site!"

"Trust me, " came Lisa's reply. "If
I gave you head, by the time I was done with you, you wouldn't

Now I like a woman with confidence and Lisa had that. But
I don't care how good she is, it would still be better
if she swallowed. I said so in my reply. She came back saying
no man had ever complained before. DUH! What guy is going
to complain about getting a blow job? Better to get one from
a woman who spits than not get one at all. I pointed that out
to her as well.

"You may be right about other girls, " Lisa
wrote. "But if I gave you the best blow job you've
ever had in your life, would you still care if I swallowed?"

"I've had a lot of women suck my cock, "
I answered. "And some of them were pretty freakin'
incredible. What makes you think you'd be the best
I ever had?" It seemed like we were past the point where
my replies had to be clever and/or funny.

"Well, I've sucked a lot of men's cocks, "
she shot back. "And almost every one of them has told
me I gave them the best head they've ever gotten!"

I thought about Lisa's reply for a while, not sure what
to make of it. Was she really that good? Or were the guys she
went down on either grateful exaggerators or losers who
rarely got their dicks sucked? I couldn't help wondering
if she had ever blown a guy who had gotten head from as many
women as I had.

The fact that she was telling me how good she was led me to
believe that she wasn't serious about getting back
with her husband. This prompted me to push things still

"So when can I assess your talents for myself?"
I asked in my next email.

"Weeeeellllll..." Lisa typed back. "That's
a bit tricky. But not out of the question. I'll have
to get back to you."

Naturally, I took her answer to mean that she wanted to do
the deed. Whether or not she was going to cheat on her husband,
or if things weren't working out with him anyway, wasn't
clear. At this point I didn't really care. This guy
had a hot wife that gave great head, or so she claimed. If
he wasn't doing his part to keep her happy, he didn't
deserve her. That's how I rationalized it anyway.
Bottom line is it's tough enough for me to say no to a
blow job, never mind that I'm being told ahead of time
that it'll be the best I've ever gotten.

Lisa and I continued to trade emails over the next couple
months and every one of them discussed blow jobs to some
extent. Sometimes it was just a joke or comment about blow
jobs. Other times it was very specific and very hot.

"I can't wait, " Lisa wrote in one such
email, "to get down on my knees and suck on your cock."

I couldn't help wonder when this was going to happen,
but rather than pressing the issue, I simply joked that
by the time we actually got together, I'd be too old,
or I'd need Viagra or something like that. She usually
said something along the lines of it would be worth the wait,
no matter how long the wait was.

If she were my only prospect, the anticipation would have
killed me. Fortunately, I'm always working on multiple
possibilities, so I could afford to wait for Lisa to make
good on her talk.

After so much time and so many steamy emails, the likelyhood
of anything actually happening was starting to fade and
with it my enthusiasm. I found myself waiting a day or two
or three before responding to Lisa's emails.
Not because I didn't think it was ever going to happen,
but because it just wasn't as much fun any more! So I
was caught off-guard when she asked what I was doing the
next Friday night.

"No plans, " I replied. "Why?"

Lisa explained that her husband was away for a week and while
he was gone, she was going to pack up and go stay with her sister
for a while.

"Things aren't working out so well, "
she wrote. "My sis is going to spend the weekend with
me and help me pack up what I need. Then I'm going to go
stay with her for a bit."

I wouldn't have cared if she told me her husband was
going bowling Friday night and she just wanted to get together
before he got home. I know that's not right, but, in
my own defense, I'd been listening to Lisa tell me what
a great blow job she gives for too long to care.

So obviously I agreed to meet her that Friday night. The
place she picked kind of surprised me. It was a bar and restaurant
with a big dance floor, but the music was all Dutch songs.
Not exactly what a frequent club-goer like myself is used
to, but then again, I wasn't meeting her because I wanted
to dance.

I got there before Lisa and had a chance to survey the scene.
It was a bit of an older crowd than in a typical dance club
and the music was, well, a bit Dutch too. But otherwise,
it was pretty much the same scene you'd find anywhere.
I got myself a drink and chose a seat from which I could see
the door and waited for Lisa.

I only had to wait about ten minutes for her. I spotted her
as soon as she walked through the door. She was small in her
own right, and her hair was teased up the same as our last
date. She was looking good in tight jeans and a tight top
that showed off her body quite well. I couldn't help
getting turned on thinking about how the night would end:
with this beauty on her knees and my cock in her mouth.

As Lisa came through the crowd, I saw there was another woman
with her. Judging by how similar they looked, it had to be
her sister. Sure enough,

Lisa came over to me and introduced her sister Wendy to me.
Wendy wasn't quite as small, and her hair, though long
and dark like Lisa's, wasn't teased up. Her face
looked a little older than Lisa's, but not much and
she had a very similar body. Wendy was also dressed in jeans
and a simple top, just like Lisa, and they both showed up
with impish grins on their faces.

"We don't get out much, " Wendy told me
with a laugh. "But when we do, look out!" They
were carrying on and making a lot of noise from the moment
they got there, before they had anything to drink. And as
for drinking, they both polished off a couple of shots in
the first twenty minutes.

Most of what they were doing was funny but juvenile. They
were mimicking the bad dancers on the floor (and there was
no lack of those) and pointing out all the bad toupees that
the bad dancers were wearing. Then they got me out on the
dance floor and they really started making a spectacle.

I'm not a bad dancer, but I'm also not used to dancing
to Dutch music, so I was a little out of my element and wasn't
in any hurry to dance. Lisa and Wendy weren't the type
of women that would take no for an answer though, so I followed
them out onto the floor.

At first it was just the three of us all facing each
other dancing in a little group. Then Lisa started getting
closer and rubbing up against me. First she just bushed
her big breasts across my chest a few times. Then she started
stepping closer and pressing herself against me. After
doing that a few times, she turned around and started grinding
her ass against my crotch. I was beginning to think we probably
wouldn't be staying in the club very long, the way she
was turning up the heat so quickly.

Before I could ask what our plans for afterward were, her
sister Wendy grabbed me from behind and started rubbing
up against me from behind. Lisa, seeing what Wendy was doing,
immediately began grinding her ass against me again. They
went at it pretty good too, like they were trying to crush
me in between them. We were getting some looks from the other
dancers, but I didn't care. I already knew one of these
fine looking women was going to give me head tonight and
I was starting to wonder if the other one wasn't part
of the game too.

Wendy was married, happily, I assumed and it was with her
and her husband that Lisa was going to be staying. So I figured
this was just some harmless fun on her part, but I couldn't
help wondering. Lisa had told me that when they were younger,
they had, on occasion, dated the same guy, but never at the
same time. Lisa also said that the thought of being in a threesome
with her sister grossed her out, which is understandable.
Of course, that didn't stop me from having a few fantasies
out on the dance floor about the two of them taking
turns sucking my cock.

As the two of them continued to drink, and they were
drinking a lot, they started telling me stories about each
other. Lisa told a story about Wendy getting a little more
than friendly with one of her professors at her community

"She used to go to his office at least twice a week and
go down on him right there!" Lisa told me, while Wendy
laughed and said Lisa was lying. "The funny part is, "
Lisa went on over Wendy's protests, "is that
he gave her a 'B' for the semester! I told her she
needed to learn to give better head!"

"Yeah, well, " Wendy said, pushing her way
in front of me. "She gave her boss head one time so he
wouldn't fire her and then wound up canning her a week
later anyway!"

"That's not true!" Lisa cried, pushing
Wendy back. "I never gave the boss head. He was gross!
I broke the cash register and I got one of the other guys to
tell the boss he did it and he wound up getting fired. I felt
bad for him, so I might have, well..." She winked.
"Then the boss found out the truth and fired me too.

"If I had blown the boss, I'd still have a job.
That's for sure!" Lisa added. "I'm
no 'B' student when it comes to that!" She
pinched Wendy's cheek.

"Yeah, sure!" Wendy laughed, slapping her
sister's hand away. "You don't even swallow!"

"Wendy swallows, " Lisa told me, unnecessarily.
"Me and our other sister used to call her Wendy Swallow!"

It was obvious to me that both women were getting pretty
drunk, not just because of what they were saying, but by
the way they were saying it. They weren't quite slurring
their words, but they were close. They were also getting
a little unsteady on their feet.

Now you may think that I was encouraging them (or at least
Lisa) to drink, but I wasn't. In fact, it was quite the
opposite. If I've got a woman who wants to do the deed
sober, the last thing I want is to get her drunk. She isn't
likely to give better head if she can't see straight,
not to mention there's the possibility she'll
pass out before we get down to business. But the real reason
is that I don't want a woman to do something when she's
drunk only to regret it later. I want a woman who wants to
suck me. I don't want to resort to lying, tricks or alcohol.
A big part of the thrill for me is knowing that a woman is getting
down on her knees for me because she really wants to.

Anyway, we danced, drank for several hours. At one point,
Lisa straddled my thigh while we were on the dance floor,
grabbed me by the front of the shirt, threw her head back
and acted like she was riding a bucking bronco. Her sister
took a few turns at grinding her ass into my crotch too. I
have to admit that I'm not particularly comfortable
with being part of a public spectacle, even when it's
two hot women grinding me on a dance floor. At the
same time I didn't want to ruin the fun for Lisa and Wendy
by being uptight. And I obviously didn't want to do
anything that might jeopardize the blow job I was expecting
from Lisa.

Still, by midnight I was more than ready to leave. Since
neither one of them was sober enough to drive, I suggested
going out for some breakfast. I don't know why it is,
but for some reason drunk people seem to crave bacon and
eggs. Lisa and Wendy were no exception. Fifteen minutes
later we were sitting in a booth at a local diner.

Wendy was fairly buzzed, but Lisa was much worse. After
we ordered, she excused herself and went to the ladies room.
She still hadn't come back when our food arrived, so
Wendy went to check on her. Wendy came back alone a few minutes
later, saying that Lisa was getting sick.

"She's not much of a drinker, " Wendy explained
needlessly. Well, I knew at that point that I wasn't
going to get the great blow job Lisa had been promising me
and, yeah, I was pretty disappointed about it. After all,
a guy can only stand so much build-up of anticipation. But
there wasn't really anything I could do about it, so
I chatted with Wendy as we ate our food and Lisa's as
well. Eventually, Lisa made her way back to the table and
she looked like she'd been run over by a dump truck.
Wendy and I teased her a little, but not much. She just looked
too miserable for it to be much fun.

I picked up the check and offered to drive them both back
to Lisa's. Wendy was sober enough to drive at that point,
but wanted to get Lisa home as quickly as possible. I agreed
to stick around and drive her back to her car after they got
Lisa tucked into bed.

When we got to Lisa's house, I helped Wendy get her inside.
Then I waited in the living room while Wendy took Lisa upstairs
to bed. After ten minutes I started getting impatient.
I wasn't sure what was taking so long and I wanted to
drop Wendy off and go home. Things hadn't worked out
the way I wanted, which, while frustrating, wasn't
the end of the world. But now I wanted to get going. I had actually
started pacing when Wendy came down the stairs.

"She wants you to go up, " Wendy said, pointing
back up to Lisa's bedroom. Part of me wondered if she
was still thinking about giving me head. Not that I'd
want her to at this point. She had just spent the better part
of an hour getting sick in a diner bathroom. I'd meet
her another time if she wanted, but not tonight.

When I got up to her room, I could barely see her in the dim
light. She was propped up with a couple pillows like something
out of a bad Hollywood deathbed scene.

"Sorry about tonight, " Lisa croaked. "You
have no idea how much I wanted to."

"Don't worry, " I replied easily. "We'll
give it another shot sometime." I'm not sure,
but I think she smiled slightly.

"Well, I don't want you going home with a hard
on, " she said, making me wonder if I was going to have
to turn her down tonight. I really would have felt bad about
that. But then she totally surprised me. "I told Wendy
to take care of you, " she said. She said it so matter-of-factly
that at first I didn't think she really meant what it
sounded like. Then she smiled weakly and said, "She
hasn't had a strange cock in a long time. It'll
be good for her."

"Uh, " I wasn't sure what to say. I can honestly
say I've never been in a situation where a woman has
asked someone else to give me a blow job on her behalf.

"Don't worry. I'd take care of you myself,
but..." Lisa gestured at a bucket Holly had left beside
the bed. I stood shaking my head, still not sure what to say.

"Go on, " Lisa said a little more forcefully.
"She's good. You'll enjoy it. She's
not as good as me, but she does swallow. I thought you liked
that." I just agreed with her, told her I hoped she
felt better and said good night. I slipped out of her room
and went down the stairs, not sure what to expect, but pretty
sure that Lisa had not convinced her sister to blow me. I
was surprised again.

"So you want to go get my car first or wait until after?"
Wendy asked.

"After?" I echoed.

"Didn't Lisa talk to you?"

"Yeah, but..." again I found myself at a rare
loss for words.

"You didn't think you were going to get out of
here before one of us got a shot at you, did you?" Wendy
had the same devilish smile as her sister. "Come on.
Let's see what I've been rubbing up against all
night." She stepped up to me and reached one hand around
my shoulder as she bent forward and kissed my chest. At the
same time, her other hand gently grasped my cock through
my pants.

"Uh, aren't you married?" I asked, even
as I felt my member start to stiffen at her touch.

"So's Lisa, and that wasn't stopping you."
She started rubbing me and I grew hard quickly.

"Yeah, but..."

"But nothing, " Wendy whispered as she gave
my stiffening cock a firm squeeze. "Kinda obvious
you want it. Just relax and enjoy." She unbuttoned
my shirt and kissed her way down my chest and stomach, fondling
my erect member as she did so.

Well, it wasn't like I hadn't been thinking about
it. Especially after Lisa announced that Wendy swallowed.
But even I'm not crass enough to try to hook up with my
date's sister, and never would have made a move on her.
Not even after Lisa got too drunk to live up to her promises.
But here it was being handed to me on a silver platter. So
I decided to take Wendy's advice, relax and enjoy it.

"I guess it's just as well, " I said to her.
"Lisa said it would be better for you to go first, because
after her, you'd be a let-down." Wendy smiled.

"Well, my sis may think she's good, but she's
got nothing on me. After we're both done, you tell me
who you'd rather have suck you off. I think I know who
you'd choose." With that she got down on her knees
and began unfastening my pants. I felt my pulse quicken
as she pulled out my throbbing cock. She just held it and
looked at it for a long moment, and I was afraid she was about
to change her mind. Her words quickly dispelled any such

"God, that's magnificent, " she breathed.
"Your cock is gorgeous! And long, and thick and God
is it hard!" I wasn't sure if she was just saying
that for my benefit, because I'm not all that. I have
a good sized rod, both in length and girth, but I've
seen enough porn to know I'm not huge. Maybe Wendy was
used to something smaller. Or maybe she was saying it to
get herself hot. I didn't know, and in a few minutes,
I didn't care anyway.

Wendy pumped me slowly with her hand as she continued to
admire my shaft. She bent her head down toward it and I braced
myself to feel the warmth of her mouth on my head. But it didn't
happen. Instead, she closed her eyes and rubbed the head
of my cock gently against her eyelids. Then she rubbed me
against her cheeks and finally over her slightly parted
lips. She exhaled a gentle warm breath across me and then
sat back on her heels looking up at me.

"Wanna put it in my mouth?" Wendy asked in a husky
whisper. Not waiting for me to answer, she closed her eyes,
tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide. Now, I've
said more than once how I love to see a woman on her knees,
especially with her mouth open to suck me. So it took some
self-control on my part not to rush things. Two
can play at the anticipation game and I was determined to
have a little fun of my own.

I stepped forward so my cock was just above Wendy's
mouth. Then, taking it in my hand, I slowly traced her lips
with the pulsing head of my shaft. She brought her head forward
to take me in her mouth, but I pulled away at the last second,
her lips just grazing my tip. Then I took my turn rubbing
my member gently over her cheeks and eyelids, finally bringing
my balls up to her face. I let them brush her lips and she kissed
them as I continued rubbing my cock on her.

"Want it in your mouth?" I asked her. She moaned
in response and once again came forward with parted lips
to engulf me. Once again I pulled back from her. "Tell
me. Do you want it in your mouth?"

"God, yes, " Wendy panted. She was obviously
very turned on. I love to see a woman get turned on giving
head. "I want it."

"Tell me, " I repeated.

"I want your cock in my mouth, " Wendy moaned,
leaning forward, eyes closed and mouth open. I touched
it to her tongue and watched as a bead of precum dripped into
her waiting mouth. Her lips sealed around my member and
her hands reached up for it. I pulled back and she lowered
her hands, placing them on her thighs. I thrust myself forward
again and she quickly enveloped me, sliding her lips halfway
down my shaft. She held me there for a long moment, letting
a long, "Mmmmmm" escape her. Then she pulled
back and let me slip from her lips.

"God I love having a mouthful of cock, " Holly
said with a slight laugh. "Did Lisa tell you how much
we both love to suck?" I didn't answer her, but
instead took my member and tapped it lightly on each of her
cheeks. Then I aimed it back toward her mouth. Wendy looked
up at me then back at my cock. Her lips parted as I brought
it forward again.

"Mmmmm, " she breathed as I slid myself deep
into her mouth. It was warm and wet and I felt a tremor through
my whole body as she sucked me deeply. We had played the anticipation
game long enough. I was ready for her to start with the serious
sucking. I couldn't wait to erupt in her mouth.

Eyes closed and hands on thighs, Wendy leaned forward and
bobbed slowly on my pulsing rod. I wasn't preventing
her from using her hands, but at the moment, she really didn't
need them. Her tongue gently cradled the vein in my shaft,
massaging it as her lips glided up and down on me. She came
all the way up every time, her lips brushing the sensitive
skin around the edge of my cock's head before plunging
back down again. She was silky smooth in her motion, superb
with her tongue and it was mere minutes before I found myself
struggling to hold back my orgasm.

Obviously I realized that a situation like this, getting
a blow job from my date's sister, wasn't ever likely
to happen again. And naturally I was in no hurry for things
to end, especially not this quickly. But Holly was quite
a good cock sucker and I didn't trust myself to be able
to hold back. So I pulled away from her.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at me in surprise.

"Too close, too quick, " I explained. She smiled
as if to say "I told you so." She guided me over
to the sofa and sat me down. Then she proceeded to take off
my shoes and pants so I was left in just my shirt and my socks.
In the course of her undressing me, my orgasm receded and
my cock even softened slightly. A big drop of precum glistened
on the tip. Wendy saw it and smiled as she tossed my clothes
aside and knelt between my legs. She gripped me firmly by
the base and stroked upward, squeezing out still more precum.
She tossed her head, flicking her hair over her shoulder
then leaned forward and put her tongue to the head of my cock.
She dabbed it in the precum, twirling it as she looked up
into my eyes. She played with it for a few moments before
licking it away.

"Mmmmm, I can't wait to taste the rest of your
juices, " she murmured as she lapped away the last
of the precum. Then Wendy settled back and ran her fingers
up the insides of my thighs, sending a tingle through my
loins. As her hands got close to my balls, she leaned forward
and ran her tongue over my sack. Many women are over-zealous
ball-lickers, and it can be uncomfortable. Wendy's
touch was light and sensual though, causing me to inhale
sharply at the sudden pleasure.

My cock fell across her face as her tongue continued its
dance along my balls. If a woman on her knees with a cock in
her mouth is one of the most beautiful sights on this earth,
a woman on her knees with a cock across her face is a close
second. Wendy finished with my balls and licked her way
to the top of my shaft. She held me in her hand and gave me a
single quick suck before looking up at me.

"Okay, I've played around with you enough. Time
for you to cum, " she said, and bobbed once more. "In
my mouth." She bobbed again. "So I can swallow."
Another bob. "Your load." Two more
quick bobs. "Are you ready?" Wendy looked up
at me. I took a deep breath and nodded.

I expected a sudden onslaught of fast sucking, but Wendy
was better than that. She sucked slowly and sensually,
taking me deep in her mouth each time. Her left hand reached
up under my shirt, caressing my chest while her right hand
held my shaft firmly at the base. She used her thumb to massage
the underside of my cock as she sucked it. It was pretty awesome.
Everything, my cock, balls and the whole area in general
flushed with a warm sensation. It wasn't long before
I was fighting back my orgasm again.

Wendy might have sensed how close I was getting, because
she stopped sucking me and started running her tongue up
each of my thighs in turn. Now, while this certainly feels
good, it isn't nearly as sensitive an area, so I was
able to catch my breath as it were. Her hands on the tops of
my thighs, Wendy looked up at me as she licked up to my balls
on each side. There was a slight smile on her face. She knew
she had me any time she wanted. She was a cat toying with a
mouse she had caught.

Then she took me back in her mouth and bobbed more quickly
than before. Not fast or reckless; she was still quite sensual
in her sucking and her thumb resumed its caressing of the
vein in my cock. In just a few minutes I was right at the edge

I looked down between my legs and watched her lips gliding
up and down on me as she sucked with her eyes closed. Then
I leaned my head to one side to get a better look at her body.
She was on her knees in her tight jeans, her back arched as
she leaned her arms on my thighs. Her knees were close together
and she held her back fairly still as she bobbed from her
neck. That was all I needed to see to push me over the edge.

With a throaty groan, I threw my head back and felt my cock
explode in Wendy's mouth. I felt at least three
big pulses surge out of me as I emptied my balls into her waiting
mouth. To Wendy's credit, not a drop escaped from her
lips. She continued sucking me for another minute or so,
sending spasms of pleasure shooting through me.

When she finally took my spent shaft from her mouth, I was
totally drained. But Wendy wasn't done with me yet.
She opened her mouth and showed me the large gob of cum she
had sucked from me. Then she swallowed it down. I felt a surge
of stimulation, even though my hard on was fading, as I watched
her swallow my cum. I wonder if she realized at the time how
often I would get hard just thinking about how she showed
me my load before she drank it down. Every time I replay that
in my mind, I get wood all over again.

Wendyy had a big smile on her face as she ran her fingers over
my diminishing member. She gave it one last lick, cleaning
away a last drop of cum that had leaked out, then sat back
on her heels.

"If Lisa can top that, I want to hear about it, "
Wendy said with a little laugh. I had to admit, at that moment
it sure didn't seem likely.

After I got dressed, I had to drive Wendyback to the club
to get her car. On the way over, she went down on me again.
She unzipped my pants as I was driving, pulled out my cock,
put her head down in my lap and coaxed me erect with some more
of her deep sensual sucking. She only sucked me for a couple
minutes and I didn't cum, but it felt good all the same.

"I just can't get enough sometimes, "
Wendy confessed as I pulled up beside her car. She leaned
over and sucked me one last time before thanking me for the
ride and getting out. Ordinarily, I might feel cheated
being left with a hard on that way. But not that night. I had
been well satisfied and that last bit was pure bonus time.

Okay, this is a tough one to score for several reasons. First,
Wendy gave me a great blow job that I totally wasn't
expecting. With Lisa getting sick, I thought I was going
to go home empty handed and I couldn't have been more
wrong. Second, she really had great cock sucking techniques.
She was also quite good at toying with me and building my
anticipation to the point where I was close before she even
got down to serious business. I'm a guy who's used
to getting his cock sucked, and I had trouble holding back
after all of that.

There was also Wendy's enthusiasm. She clearly enjoyed
having my cock in her mouth, as the sucking she gave me on
the way back to get her car showed. I understand that many
women who give head don't necessarily enjoy it. They
may enjoy pleasing their man or how it makes them feel sexy
because they've made him cum, but still don't
enjoy the act itself, or the taste it leaves in their mouths.
A woman who truly savors the taste of cock and cum is a special
and wonderful thing.

Wendy also, as promised, swallowed my cum. I've mentioned
that, even though I can't explain why, a woman who swallows,
letting my load roll down the back of her throat and into
her stomach, really does something for me. Not only that,
but she showed me her mouth full of it first, then swallowed.
That's something I still like to think about to this

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who is holly?


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Good story! But how did Wendy become Holly and then become
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when can we expect a part two to the two sisters saga?