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Two for Two On Fun Time


Our laughter spilled out onto West 47th Street as we untangled
ourselves from the cab and headed toward the lobby door.
Water cascaded onto and off the glass ceiling above as we
trundled through the street lobby and piled onto the elevator,
suddenly enveloped by the trademark electronica music
that the W Hotel has seeping from every speaker in the hotel.

"This is a very sexy hotel, " Shani stated with
a smile as she wrapped her arms around Max. He reciprocated
as he enveloped her in his muscular arms and kissed her on
the top of the head. They were such a great looking couple.
We emerged onto the main lobby at the 7th floor and were accosted
by the throbbing beat of the sound system.

"How about a nightcap?" I asked, knowing we
really didn't need another, but, what the hell? The
night was still relatively young. The luminescent glow
of the upscale bar beckoned and we heeded.

"Sounds great, " Max barked and we weaved our
way to find some space at the crowded bar.

We had our last round hunkered at the corner of the bar and
felt surrounded by the hip Friday night crowd in full swing.
The ladies, Shani and my wife, Kristen, turned more than
a few heads as they sat perched on the tall stools, long legs
exposed, and Max and I smiled at one another and at our good
fortune to have two hotties on our hands for the night --
and for the rest of our lives. Two MILFs at the bend of forty
never looked so good. Admiring stares from much younger
men, and women, confirmed that fact.

Max and I had been classmates in engineering school and
hadn't seen one another as much as we used to. Max had
been the only African-American member of our graduating
class that year, and he had parlayed his incredible technical
skills, his good looks and his uniqueness as a black man
in a predominantly white profession into becoming a principal
at one of the leading AE firms in Chicago.

We'd kept in touch over the years, but there had been
little opportunity to reconnect. The annual convention
had brought us to the Big Apple and we knew it would be a great
opportunity to rekindle our friendship. While Kristen
and I had met Shani a couple times before, this was the first
time we had spent any real social time together and it was
obvious to both of us that she was a perfect match for Max.

Max had met Shani soon after graduating and returning to
Chicago. She was fresh out of law school, a stunning beauty,
and one of those women you meet and know that they are something
special. I hadn't seen Max smitten with too many of
his girlfriends over the years, but there was no doubt that
he was head over heels in love with Shani. But, then, who
wouldn't have been.

Her intriguing lineage, her mother was from Kenya, her
father from Egypt, gave her an exotic appearance that was
quite breathtaking. She had taken off some time from her
law practice to raise two kids, but was back working part-time
and excited to be meshing back into her profession.

Her body was striking: she was tall and lean, but had a very
ample bosom and a pronounced "booty" that moved
so provocatively when she walked. Her mahogany skin and
large brown eyes were beguiling. Max had corralled himself
a major league beauty with brains to boot, and I could tell
he was a happy man.

And Max was no slouch himself. He was an impressive physical
specimen, standing at a solid 6'-2" with short
hair and a very handsome sculptured face. His broad shoulders
narrowed quickly to a very small waist before flaring into
one of those sculpted muscular asses with high tight cheeks
that only black athletes seem to possess. His thick sculpted
thighs rounded off a package that had girls hitting on him
from the first day I knew him. Beyond his physical good looks
he was smart as a whip, well-spoken, and had a great sense
of humor.

His handsome debonair charm had always been a hit with the
ladies. We were forever joking about his prowess back in
college, where he was never without a lithe beauty on his
arm. Of course, I had seen him in the locker room a few times
and I knew that, aside from good looks and smarts, he was
packing some serious equipment. He used to love showing
off in the shower room, his long limp cock dangling between
his thick muscular thighs.

He had certainly had no shortage of beautiful young ladies
of all colors attracted to him during our college days.
I had often wondered who he would finally end up with as a
wife. One thing I did know was that she'd have to be someone
very special and extremely sexy and beautiful. Shani certainly
fit the bill on all accounts.

It had been a fun night on the town, a great restaurant, lots
of laughs and good conversation, and Max and Shani had a
way of pulling us into their orbit. They were a gregarious,
charming, intelligent couple, and their mutual sexual
attraction for one another was obvious to anyone spending
a little time with them. There was plenty of sexual innuendo
that crept into our conversation and there was little doubt
that there was a mutual attraction between us and Max and
Shani. I felt Kristen squeeze my thigh a few times during
the evening and I knew just what she was thinking. So was

Now, my wife, Kristen, is a major scorcher in her own right.
She stands 5'7", has shoulder length auburn
mahogany hair, a beautiful face and a body that I will never
grow tired of. She doesn't look like the mother of two
pre-teenage boys, and her perky breasts defy gravity.
Her stiff long nipples have always been an amazement to
me, and her sweet round ass is to die for. None of this physical
beauty was lost on Max.

Me? I'm no slouch, myself, if I may be honest. And while
genetics has robbed me of much of my hair, my body was still
slim and tight. I'd always held my own with the ladies,
and I'd certainly scored big time with Kristen, a fact
not lost on Max.

I could tell, as the evening wore on, that Kristen was attracted
to both of them, and I certainly found Shani to be incredibly
sexy and attractive. And there was also no doubt that Max,
who had always had a thing for Kristen, was doing his best
to weave his spell on her. I could always tell when she was
attracted to someone by the way she flirted, and she had
said numerous times over the years that she thought Max
was a sexy hunk.. Max made no attempt to hide his attraction
to Kristen either, and Shani and I looked at one another
several times during the night and rolled our eyes at the
spectacle we were witness to. Not that I minded; I was enjoying
having Shani to myself for a bit and our conversation was
exhilarating and intoxicating.

So the mutual admiration club finished up our night cap
and headed for the elevator. It was still too early to call
it a night, so we invited Max and Shani to come up to our suite
for the "final" nightcap and a little unwinding
after absorbing the buzz of Manhattan. They enthusiastically
agreed and we headed up to our corner suite on the 38th floor.
I opened a bottle of Barolo, poured four glasses and we toasted
to the wonderful evening and whatever lay ahead.

Our suite had a very hot contemporary feel to it: floor to
ceiling windows, glass work table, flat screen TV, electronic
music bubbling under the conversation. But the focal point
of our space was the huge mirror that formed the headboard
of the bed; running the width of the king size bed and from
the mattress to the ceiling. An additional seven foot high
mirror leaned against the wall next to the bed.

"Aren't those mirrors great?" Shani exclaimed.
"We had so much fun with them last night. Might have
to get those at home, " she laughed.

We nodded in agreement, thinking back to our own fuck last
night and the incredible views the mirrors had afforded.
It was one of the reasons I had selected this hotel for our

Max had taken his jacket off and rolled up the sleeves of
his white shirt, his black skin contrasting sharply against
the starched cotton, as he casually reclined on the sofa
with his arm around Shani. She was snuggled up next to him,
her legs crossed, showing a lot of smooth skin, as her red
silk dress rode up her long lean thighs. The strappy black
heels added a certain allure to her taut calves. Max stroked
Shani's shoulder and neck as she lightly rubbed her
hand on his mid thigh. There was no denying they were an evocative
and beautiful couple.

Kristen stood talking to them as I turned down the hotel
music and plugged in my IPod to the sound system. As I returned,
I stood behind Kristen and wrapped my left arm around her
waist as I raised my glass to my lips. The deep red wine settled
in nicely and I pressed my semi-turgid cock against her
sweet round ass. Max settled his gaze on Kristen and ogled
with impunity.

"Jack, I have to say you are one lucky man there, brother.
And Krissy? All I can say is he doesn't deserve you."
He smiled as Shani gave him a little whack.

"Well thanks, bro. I could most definitely say the
same thing to Shani. How she settled for you will be a mystery
for the ages."

We smiled all around. I nestled in closer behind Kristen
as she brought her hand up to touch my face and turned her
head to kiss me.

"All kidding aside, friend, " Max continued.
"We are two lucky fucking dudes to have these beautiful
brides. Two lucky fucking dudes, man, " he said again
as he watched my hand slide a little lower down Kristen's
belly, coming to rest not too far above the rise of her mons.

"I know, man. Amen, " I said as I nuzzled my lips
into Kristen's neck just below her ear.

The time had come and I knew that the next few seconds would
chart the course for the rest of the night, and perhaps for
years to come. But I had a good feeling about it; I knew how
Kristen felt without her saying a thing, and the look on
Max and Shani's faces as we embraced told me everything
I needed to know. I decided to take the plunge.

"Let me show you two something, " I whispered.

As I pressed my now rock hard cock into Kristen's soft
round ass, I reached up to the top button of her blouse and
slowly undid the first one. It popped open and a little lace
from her bra peaked from underneath the fabric. We both
looked at Max and Shani and could see they were spellbound,
staring at Kristen's breasts. I caressed her breasts
lightly through her clothes, concentrating on her nipples.
They protruded forth stiffly, as they always do, and I could
hear Max catch his breath.

I unhooked one more button and Kristen let out an audible
sigh as the lace at the top of her black bra become more visible.
We looked at Max and Shani again. We could now see the evidence
of Max's excitement: a huge long bulge running down
the left leg of his trousers. Shani had moved her hand further
up his thigh and had her hand on his fabric clad erection.
They both had a look of lust in their eyes.

I undid two more buttons, then another, and Kristen's
blouse fell open. I pulled the silk material apart, and
gently pulled the blouse off her shoulders. She was now
standing in her wraparound skirt and expensive lace bra.
Max and Shani eyes were burning holes in her, watching with
an insatiable lust. No words were spoken at that point;
no words were needed. I ran my hands over Kristen's
body. I looked at Max.

"You like, Max?"

"Fuck, " was all he could reply. I heard Shani
give an audible groan.

I wrapped my hands around her body and hugged her against
my raging erection. Her breasts bulged at the top as I squeezed
upward. She could feel my heat burning against her round
butt and her hands began to roam her own body. Max was breathing
a little heavier now and the outline of his long cock was
unmistakable. Kristen certainly saw it and I could see
her looking at it; longing to take it out of his pants and
touch it, feel it, suck it.

I slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders, the swell
of her breasts bulged above the cup of her lace bra. Max had
now reached over to lower the spaghetti straps of Shani's
dress. She had her hand firmly wrapped around Max's
cock now and was moving her hand back and forth. The length
and girth of his erection had us both locked in. Could it
really be that big? Max moaned as he watched Kristen.

I slowly slid the cup of her bra down and her nipples suddenly
poked over the top. I heard Max gasp and saw Shani put her
hand between her legs, her dress pulling higher up on her
long smooth brown thighs. I reached both hands around and
rubbed Kristen's long nipples between my thumbs and

"Are these delectable, or what?" I asked to
no one in particular.

I licked my fingers and gently glided my fingers over the
fully erect tips. They stood out long and proud; begging
to be sucked. I unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.
I whispered in her ear.

"God, you're beautiful, baby."

I reached down and unsnapped the clasp holding Kristen's
skirt in place. In one motion it unwrapped and fell to the
floor; totally exposing her body in a matter of seconds.

"Holy shit, " I heard Shani exclaim. Max was
breathing heavy as Shani squeezed his cock through his
pants; her dress now hiked up to the top of her thighs.

Kristen now stood in panties and heels, her nipples long
and hard; standing stiffly on her lovely upturned breasts.
I cupped them and held them out for Max and Shani to admire.

"She loves to have these sucked, " I stated
in a whisper.

Shani's large breasts were practically overflowing
her low cut dress and looked like they were ready to explode
from their confinement. She had both hands on Max's
cock now and looked over at us to say something.

"Max looks very uncomfortable right now, "
she said looking straight at us both. "This bad boy
just goes in any direction it happens to be pointing. I think
I need to make him more comfortable. Don't you?"
she asked with a sexy, impish grin.

The ultimate rhetorical question. My hands slid down Kristen's
stomach and over her silk covered mound. She reached back
to stroke my cock, now hard as a freaking rock. I cupped her
mons and could already feel the heat and moisture emanating
from her pussy. Shani unbuckled Max's belt and slowly
unzipped his trousers. Max couldn't take his eyes
off Kristen's succulent breasts and he watched with
interest as I began to rub her pussy. Kristen moaned softly
as we watched Shani slowly and teasingly unveil Max's

She reached into Max's pants and slowly, and with some
difficulty, pulled Max's cock out. We both gasped
as it suddenly stood hard and proud against the shirt tails
of his white cotton shirt. It was long and thick; heavily
veined and black as the night. It had to be a solid nine inches
and his hairless balls were tucked into a tight round sack
just below his groin. Shani displayed it proudly and barely
grazed her fingers over its length. It twitched under her
delicate touch.

"Holy shit, Max, " I said with admiration in
my voice. "You are packing some serious heat there,

Shani smiled and looked at Kristen. My right hand tucked
in under the elastic of her panties and slid down low. She
was completely soaked as my finger gently touched her clit.
Shani looked at us both, smiled lasciviously and slowly
lowered her mouth to Max's cock. She stuck her tongue
out and gently licked the head, twirling her tongue around
the bulbous crown. Max groaned and pulled on the top of Shani's
dress, allowing her lovely breasts to finally fall free.
I lowered Kristen's panties over her hips and slipped
them down her long legs. Her tight little pussy glistened
for Max and Shani's gaze. Max looked at her with lowered

"You are gorgeous, Krissy, " Max said. "Fucking
gorgeous, girl. Fuck."

Kristen smiled as she turned to face me. Her hands went to
my belt and began to unbuckle me. Now Max could see her luscious
round ass and I heard him moan from the combination of Shani's
mouth and the sight of Kristen's scrumptious white
butt cheeks. I reached behind and grabbed her ass in my hands.
I pulled her cheeks apart so Max and Shani could see the gorgeous
rosebud of her asshole and the full lips of her furled labia.
I gave her ass a little slap. It jiggled provocatively.

"Jesus, " I heard Max mutter under his breath.

We could now hear the slurp of Shani's sucking as she
bobbed her head up and down on Max's cock, only able
to take half of his huge package into her mouth. Kristen
unzipped my pants and reached in for my cock. I could tell
how incredibly turned on she was by her rapid breathing
and we kissed deeply, tongues swirling. I whispered into
her ear.

"I want to watch you fuck him, Krissy. I want to see
his black cock slide ALL the way into your cunt, baby. We'll
both fuck you, babe. Maybe Shani can help and we'll
fill all your holes."

Kristen moaned her approval into my mouth as she pushed
my pants down. I turned her around so she could see Max and
Shani again. Shani was now kneeling on the sofa and driving
down on Max's cock while her hand was wrapped around
his base, following up and down with her mouth. She pulled
off with a wet popping sound and looked over.

"Hey, Krissy. You want a taste of my man, baby? Maybe
I can taste yours" she cooed as she stroked the length
of Max's mammoth cock

Kristen was too stunned and excited to reply. Shani looked
at her again as she stroked Max's cock. It was fucking
huge, thick and black, and the site of Shani's tiny
hand wrapped around it gave its sheer girth the scale it
deserved. Even I was in awe at the beauty of his hard cock.
I knew any woman would melt at the sight of it.

"Come on, Krissy. Come taste some of my chocolate,
baby, " Shani purred. "I know he wants you."

"That, " Krissy cooed, "would be my pleasure."

Shani pulled off Max's loafers and socks as he pulled
down his pants. He now only had on his white shirt, and his
muscular legs and huge cock were too much for Kristen to
resist. She walked over slowly and I watched that sweet
ass of hers sway as she approached. Shani moved aside as
Kristen knelt down between his legs. I watched in awe as
she wrapped her hands around Max's cock and slowly
brought it to her lips. Max smiled as he put his hand on her
head and guided her down.

"Oh yeah. Suck me Krissy. Suck my cock, baby."

Shani smiled at the scene and looked over at me.

"You look awful lonely, Jack. Like maybe you need
some company?" she stated, while leering at my fully
engorged dick.

I sat down on the other sofa as I took off the rest of my clothes.

"And you've still got clothes on, Shani. I think
I can help you with that, " I said, as I leaned forward
to welcome her into my arms.

She smiled, stood up and came over to stand in front of me.
I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. While Kristen
continued to suck on Max's cock, I undressed Shani,
taking my time. Her breasts were already free and I cupped
them and felt their soft buoyancy. Her nipples were large
and just barely darker than her chocolate skin. I lifted
one up to my mouth and sucked. She responded immediately.

"My nipples are very sensitive, Jack."

As I sucked softly I pulled her dress down, exposing a bright
red thong that cupped the bulging mound of her pubis. I slipped
it down and off, and she stepped out in all her glory. Her
pussy was shaved, but for a tuft of curly black pubic hair,
and her labia was pronounced and fleshy. I reached behind
to cup her cheeks and moaned as I touched the fullest softest
ass. She got down on her knees and took my rigid pole into
her mouth. Her full red lips felt so soft against the rigid
stiffness of my flesh.

I could now see Kristen again. She had moved up to the sofa,
kneeling sideways to Max, but still choking on his thick
cock. From this position Max could reach behind and touch
her and I saw his big black finger deep inside her pussy.
I could also see the insides of her thighs; they were drenched
from her juices, overflowing with excitement. Max caught
my eye as Kristen and Shani sucked our dicks.

"This girl sucks a mean cock, bro. Damn."

"I could say the same. Ahhhh."

Suddenly Shani took me deep; taking my entire shaft into
her mouth and wiggling her mouth back and forth. I groaned
with pleasure. She began to suck like there was no tomorrow
and spent plenty of time sucking and licking my balls. I
lay back and closed my eyes in ecstasy, and when I opened
them again, I could see that Max now had Kristen sitting
on the sofa, legs spread, as he kneeled between her legs
and dove into her pussy with his big fleshy mouth. As his
pursed lips and tongue began to work on her, I could see her
squirm with delight, lifting her hips up to meet his oral
assault, and finally placing her legs up over his shoulder
and resting her feet on his back. Shani stopped for a moment
and took in the view as well. She looked up at me as she gently
stroked my cock.

"He's always had a thing for Krissy, you know.
I know he was hoping, we were both hoping, that this might

She glanced over at him, on his knees, his large hands under
Kristen's ass, lifting her sex up to his mouth to feast
on her wet gaping cunt. His huge cock hung between his legs;
his immense ball sack tucked up tight just below his muscular
ass. It really was an amazingly erotic sight, I have to say.
And to know that his tongue was deep inside my wife was driving
me crazy with desire. I watched her eyes clench in ecstasy
as he worked his big lips on her engorged labia. Shani turned
to me and stroked my cock.

"Maybe we should wander over there and join the party, "
she purred. I didn't answer; just stood up and pulled
her with me. She knelt down behind Max and grabbed his cock
and pulled it straight down. She looked up at me as she gently
rubbed it.

"Isn't this thing amazing?" she asked,
already knowing the answer. "It's almost too
much cock for one girl to handle, " she jested. "I'm
always happy to share it with the right woman, " she
smiled. She looked up at Kristen and then smiled back at
me. "Krissy is going to love this dick, as you will
soon see, " she said with a lascivious smile.

"I couldn't agree with you more, " I said,
as I circled around Max, who was so intent on eating Kristen's
pussy, he hadn't heard a word we were saying. I kneeled
down next to Kristen on the sofa and kissed her. She kissed
me back with a mad passion that told me just how turned on
she was. I looked down at Max, his large lips covered her
entire sex and his long pink tongue worked her clit like
a pro. The slurpy sounds of his cunnilingus showed his appreciation
for Kristen's lovely cunt. I could see his fingers
working on her madly; one deep in your asshole.

"I think she likes you, Max, " I said; perhaps
the understatement of the century. "Just so you know,
and if you can hear me there Max -- she loves to have her neck
licked and kissed. Her calves are very, very sensitive;
so are her nipples. You have a lot left to explore, my man.
Oh, and just so you know, she loves to be tied up and fucked,
Max. Oh, and one more thing: she loves to swallow."

I heard Kristen moan loudly as I licked her neck, Max ate
her pussy, and Shani worked on Max. I saw her lie down on her
back and slip her head under Max's cock, taking it into
her mouth, directly below him. Max pulled away and looked
up at Kristen; total lust in his eyes.

Max has been between her legs for awhile and he turned to
spend some time with his wife. As Max and Shani began to kiss
and grope, Kristen and I began to fuck. I sat on the couch,
she mounted me and impaled herself on me, so turned on and
wet. Max and Shani also began to fuck, but Kristen couldn't
see them since she was facing me. So I flipped her around
and she quickly guided my cock back into her dripping cunt.
Now we were watching Max fuck Shani, absolutely pummel
her with his cock, his muscular ass clenching tightly with
each long thrust. We were so turned on watching them, Kristen
was bouncing up and down on my shaft and rubbing her clit

I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her in the ass
and she pulled up and off, grabbed my erection and guided
it to her asshole. I slipped in, inch by inch and now her wet
gaping cunt was spread for Max and Shani to see. As he was
driving into her he looked over and saw my cock in Kristen's
ass and her legs wide open. She spread her pussy for him and
rubbed her wet fleshy pinkness. He smiled, slowed down,
and Shani opened her eyes to look over. They liked what they
saw and decided to crawl over and join us.

My legs were spread and Kristen's were spread wider.
My cock was totally inserted in her ass, but I didn't
move. I felt like a huge human buttplug. Shani crawled between
our legs, and began to lick Kristen's pussy. Her big
tongue and huge moist lips were like magic on her clit. I
licked Kristen's neck and nibbled on her ear, talking
dirty and telling her everything that was happening and
going to happen to her. Max stood watching, smiling, his
big cock dangling between his muscular thighs. Kristen
looked at him hungrily, wanting him to fill her to the brim.
Finally he climbed up on the couch, straddled us standing
and positioned himself so his cock was at her open mouth.
She gingerly wrapped her delicate hands around his girth
and guided it toward her mouth.

"Yeah, Krissy. Open wide, baby, and suck his cock.
Max wants your mouth, Krissy. Take him deep, babe, "
I whispered in her ear as I stroked her neck.

I moved my cock slightly, in and out, just so she knew I was
still deep inside her; my cock totally ensconced in her
ass. Shani was licking with abandon and put one, then two,
then three fingers in Kristen's cunt; curling them
up to caress her G spot while her expert tongue worked Kristen's
clit. Shani massaged my balls below, knowing I needed a
little attention as the low man on this totem pole, and she
occasionally gave my balls a lick before returning to Kristen's
dripping cunt. Kristen took Max's cock in her mouth,
one hand wrapped around his girth, the other massaging
his giant ball sack. She licked the bulbous head, swirled
her tongue around the tip, then opened wide and took him
as deep as she could. I continued to talk into her ear, my
face inches away from her blowjob, watching her hungrily
suck my friend's huge cock. Such a hot sight to see Max
throat fuck her, hearing her gag on his prick and moan with
pleasure, listening to the wet slurpy sounds Shani was
making down below, as I encouraged Kristen and Max with
my words.

"My cock is deep in her ass, Max. And Shani is eating
Kristen's pussy and finger fucking her to beat the
band. Krissy loves cum, Max. So she can't talk right
now because your cock is so far down her throat. But if she
could talk, Max, she'd be telling you to shoot your
load deep into her mouth. She loves cum, Max -- craves it
-- and she's going to swallow every fucking drop, man."

Suddenly, with our four bodies working in unison, we reached
a crescendo. I could tell Max was close to coming; Kristen
could tell too, as she doubled her efforts, craving his
cum. Her holes were filled; my cock was in her ass, Shani's
hand in her cunt, Max's huge cock in her mouth. We were
all grunting and groaning, bodies slapping together.
Then Max let out a cry.

"Oh fuck, Krissy! Here it comes baby. Here it....

And with that Max exploded the biggest load of cum she'd
ever had erupt into her mouth. After several spasms he pulled
out and continued to spurt gobs of cum on her face. His white
semen was dripping out of her mouth and onto her breasts;
cum all over her face and chin. And then suddenly Kristen
felt her own orgasm welling up. Shani was banging her with
her hand as she sucked on her clit, my cock was buried in Kristen's
deepest recesses, and the sight of Max's cock pulsating
and throbbing sent her over the edge. I could feel the spasms
on my cock as her ass squeezed my shaft, and I finally let
my own load go deep in her ass. Shani could feel Kristen pulsing
over and over again on her hand as her dripping cunt spread
juice all over Shani's beautiful face. I whispered
in Kristen's ear.

"You're the best, Krissy. You're the best."

As we recuperated from round one, Max suggested we move
to the large king size bed. There was no argument from anyone,
and as I kissed Kristen deep, I whispered in your ear.

"You okay baby?"

She didn't answer; just looked at me with a look of unbridled
desire and lust. I had my answer. We all rambled over to the
bed and jumped on like kids at a slumber party; all of us turning
to look at the mirror at the same time.

"Wow. Our foursome has just turned into an eightsome, "
I joked.

Everyone laughed. It was an incredible sight: two couples,
one dark-skinned, one light skinned, ready to mix it up
in a panoply of pleasure. I could see Kristen and Max were
not done with one another yet, so I turned my attention to
Shani. Kristen kneeled on the bed and faced the mirror;
Max's huge black form dominated her from the rear.
I watched in the mirror as his black hands encircled her
body, squeezing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, as
his hands slowly slid lower and lower on her body until his
huge hand cupped her still moist pussy mound. Kristen was
squirming with excitement as his finger entered her and
his big lips found her neck and ear.

Meanwhile Shani crawled up to lay on the pillow and I knelt
between her legs. She played with her pussy for me and opened
up her lips with her fingers; exposing the pink wet flesh
of her pussy, glistening in the soft light. I leaned over
to kiss her on the lips, and traced my way down her body, over
her sumptuous breasts, heading south to the Promised Land;
Kristen's moans serving as my soundtrack. I could
tell that Max was touching all the right buttons and relished
the thought that I was going to get to watch him fuck her.

He turned Kristen over onto her back and his large black
body hovered over her slender white frame. His huge cock
hung stiffly under him, grazing her belly, as he leaned
down to kiss her. I watched Kristen clutch his cock and pull
him toward her wetness. He eased his big dick toward her
lips; open, wet and waiting for his penetration. I watched
in awe as he slipped into her, his girth stretching her pussy.
Shani and I watched together; clutching one another.

"Oh, Jack, baby. She is in for the ride of her life."
Shani exclaimed.

I dove into Shani's pussy with a vengeance. She grabbed
my head and pulled me between her legs, grinding her cunt
into my face and lashing tongue. She talked to me and encouraged
me; my slurping assault mixed with Kristen's moans
from just a few feet away. I don't know that I've
ever been so turned on, imbibing in my favorite activity
in the world with a gorgeous woman while my wife was within
reach, finding ecstasy from the fuck of one of my dear old
friends. We would be talking about this adventure for years
to come.

I could tell my tongue was having the desired effect, as
Shani bucked her hips and ground her cunt into my mouth.
My eyes darted from this grinding chocolate beauty to Kristen,
as Max began to slide into her and I saw her eyes roll back
in her head. The overall sensual and visual stimulation
was almost too much to comprehend.

In no time Max built up speed, his muscular black frame suspended
above Kristen's slender body, as his hips slammed
into her with a growing need and speed. Her hands grasped
his tight ass as she tried to force him to fuck her deeper.
Shani saw me watching and leaned up to kiss me.

"Let's go help him fuck Krissy, Jack, "
she said with a smile.

I jumped up and around to the other side of Max and leaned
in so Kristen could take my cock in her mouth. She looked
up at me for an instant, closed her eyes again and latched
on to my stiff dick. Shani moved behind Max and used her hands
on both of them. I saw her stick one finger into Kristen's
ass, underneath Max's pumping dick, and the other
she stuck hard into Max's ass, the better to spur him
on. Max grunted his approval and began to fuck Kristen with
all the speed and strength he could muster. Shani started
talking dirty.

"Yea, Max. Fuck Krissy! Fuck her hard baby. Oh, she's
loving your big black dick fucking her white pussy. Pump
her baby! Slam that big old boy deep into her cunt!"

Max reared back and began to fuck Kristen with a ferocity
that was almost hard to imagine. While she wanted to suck
my dick, the pleasure she was receiving from his pounding
was too much to ignore. I leaned down to whisper in her ear;
tell her how much I loved watching Max fuck her; how beautiful
she was. I could tell she was about to cum. I was talking,
Shani was talking, Max was fucking to beat the band, and
then, suddenly, I saw that look she gets and watched as her
mouth opened in a silent scream and waves of spasms rippled
through her gorgeous body. Her head was thrown back as she
convulsed and shook with an internal rhythm and pulse.

As her long orgasm subsided, Max withdrew his cock, glistening
with her juices, stroked it twice and uncorked the second
biggest load of cum I think I have ever seen. Spurt after
spurt of thick white cream exploded out of his giant prick
and landed in ropes of cum all over Kristen's face and
body. He kept pumping, his brow furrowed in an expression
of ecstasy, as he blew his wad all over her sweet body.

It was an incredible sight. We all took a breath and laughed.

"Holy shit, bro. You're gonna be a hard act to

Max smiled and crawled up to Kristen's head on the pillow
and fed her his still hard dick. She lovingly took the tip
into her mouth so she could taste herself on his cock. Shani
crawled between her legs to lick her pussy and lick up Max's
cum, now dripping out of Kristen's pussy. I slid behind
Shani and slipped my dick into her pussy from behind. As
I began to fuck her, Kristen could feel my thrusting through
Shani's mouth. As I looked in the mirror, I smiled at
the site of our train.

We spent the next hour smoothly moving effortlessly from
one position to another. We watched Max and Shani fuck at
one point, and they watched us. Max and I each enjoyed the
undivided attention of both of the women, and numerous
times the four of us moved into some creative position where
everyone was involved. It was pure and unadulterated magic.

By 4 a.m. we were all spent, physically and mentally. Max
and Shani finally crawled out of our bed, dressed and said
their goodbyes, heading back to their room on another floor.
Max and Shani made us promise we would come visit them in
Chicago soon and we made plans for a long weekend in the near
future. We finally crashed, completely satiated and fulfilled,
knowing that we wouldn't be hitting the convention
floor until well after noon that day. We drifted off into
a deep sleep, Kristen's sweet head on my chest, as I
stroked her hair and whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

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Exceptionally erotic and your expert description allowed
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