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Two days free after a business conference


It was late summer Maria and I had come to attend a business
conference in Amsterdam and as that had ended we were free
for almost more three days to relax and visit the city, it
was only two more nights to stay, so we kept at the same hotel
as the area was very central, near the entertainment area,
but without the bright flashing neon lights of the night

On our first free day after lunch, I suggested that we go
back to the room, shower and spend the evening walking along
the local streets, needless to say I had sex on my mind, she
had shopping as almost all women , Maria chose to wear a dress
that was not too modest, nor too flashy, it was white, thin
and stretchy came to mid-thigh, it had a scooped neck, and
a deep plunging back, a bra would be impossible because
of the deep back, Maria looked at the mirror and asked me
if it was ok for the evening, I just smiled and told her she
would be very comfortable on it and that in the dark of the
evening, no one would be able to see through it anyway, I
was wrong.

Our little tour of the area took us into various sex stores,
adult book stores and small bars, Maria’s white dress
clung to every curve of her body, the humidity making it
seemed glued into place, her nipples stood out like bullets
and the fit of the dress even highlighted her pubic mound,
so wherever we went all men were staring at her in delight.

The sex show clubs in the area used barkers, enticing the
public to enter their premises, one approached Maria as
we passed, and engaged her, she was almost speechless as
the gentleman, in his best broken English told her of the
various shows and acts that one could watch, she turned
to him asked what performances go on in his club, he looked
deep into her eyes and fumbled with the glossy photos he
had in one hand, Maria looked at it and immediately focused
on the main page with a well-built body and with a big glistened
cock, my cock twitched and I thought that tonight might
not be a disappointment.

We decided to went in, Maria and I were seated at a booth off
to one side from the stage, each booth gave a touch of privacy,
and each level was elevated a little higher than the one
before so we could have a good view over the stage, I ordered
our drinks and within more or less 10 minutes the first act
started, the show was not very good but the idea was to get
out of the clothes and start the sex, out of the corner of
my eye I watched to see how Maria was reacting, as on the stage
they had taken off their clothes and start to have oral sex,
about 10 or 15 minutes of mutual oral sex the two young performers,
both well-built and tanned, started to fuck in every conceivable

Again I looked at Maria and I could clearly notice their
performance was having a high effect on her, every position
by the performers on the stage was designed for maximum
exposure and her eyes were riveted to the young man's
thrusting cock, I placed my hand on her leg rubbing it lightly
as several more acts came on the following hour, with every
intermission I ordered some more drinks and Maria kept
asked about that guy with the big cock, making reference
to the glossy she had seen out, I laughed and I told her they're
probably saving him for the last performance. [image] Maria was getting really turned on, her breathing was heavy,
she squirmed in the booth, and I had managed pull one of her
shoulder straps off to one side, so her nipples were on display
through the material of the dress as the humidity and her
slight perspiration made the dress clinging to her and
almost see through, more acts were running on the stage
and Maria's dress was starting to rise well above her
thighs because of her movements, half way through one act,
she turned, leaned and whispered on my ear “My pussy is
wet, I'm really horny.”

I giggled and without being too obvious, turned into her
and I dove my hand under her dress, I found not only dampness,
but her panties were completely soaked, I giggled again
and I asked how she could even close her legs with a so swollen
pussy like hers, Maria relaxed a little as let her legs opened
and she whispered. “Where's the big cocked guy?”

The drinks I had been drinking were having an effect and
I excused myself to go to the toilets, the entrance to the
men's room was just to the right of the stage, as I had
finished to pee and was washing my hands, I noticed another
person was doing the same, looking at him I recognized he
was one of the earlier performers, we struck up a conversation
while washing our hands, for no reason that I could think
of I asked if they ever have amateur nights, he laughed and
asked smiling “Why? Are you interested in performing?”

I assured him smiling too that I wasn’t interested at
all, and then I added, “But my wife is randy enough that
I'm sure that she'd go up!”

We chuckled and left it at that, as I returned it was still
the intermission, and I could see Maria running her hand
slowly up one leg, I slid into the booth and she pulled out
her top, so her tit was clearly in view, an appreciative
whistle came from a table of young men, and she looked surprised
thinking only I would have been able to see.

During the intermission the young man that I had met in the
men's room was circulating through the room, and as
he passed he recognized me and stopped at the table, he slipped
into the booth, on the other side of me, and slid over to Maria,
he then looked at me and said, “What we were talking about
earlier can be arranged, no problem at all.”

Apologizing that I hadn't introduced my wife, and
wanting to slyly change the subject, I introduced Maria
to him, he said his name was Jim and over the next 10 minutes
we struck up a conversation and soon chatted like we were
old long lost friends, he seemed to saddle up next to Maria,
and she did not seem to mind, when she asked him about his
job, he said as with most of the performers, he is in university,
and is doing this to make a few money to help paying his studies,
then the lights dimmed, and the next act started.

The new act on stage, was three women all using dildos on
each other, I knew the effect that this would have on Maria
as every time we have watched porn, she has always liked
when a woman uses a dildo, I turned slightly away from the
two of them, pretending to concentrate on the show but keeping
watching them by the corner of my eyes, within minutes I
could see that his hand was on her thigh and a few times they
lean into each other and whispered, probably something
about the women on stage, it wasn't until I heard Maria
let out an audible sigh, that I actually turned to have a
good look, Jim's hand had already found her soaked
cunt and it looked like he was going to bring Maria to orgasm.
[image2] I didn't know if he was outside of her panties, or in,
but I was sure that the little bit of fabric that covered
her crotch, was either inside of her lips, or well pulled
aside, then Maria leaned forward and whispered that she
needed to go to the ladies room, as she straightened herself,
Jim said “I'll show you the way, I have to go myself

The ladies’ room was on the other side of the stage from
the men's, and they headed down the side aisle together,
in the dim light Maria was a sight to behold, and her panties,
which had hiked into the crack of her ass, were very visible
under her dress, outside the men's, as Maria was about
to carry on to the ladies, Jim grabbed her hand and playfully
pulled as if to get her into the men's, she was astounded
at first then started laughing, then she looked quickly
around, and followed him into the men's.

I needed to see that, so waiting a few minutes, I made my way
down to the men’s room, and I noticed that a few other men,
who either saw what had happened, or just needed relief,
were on their way as well, I slowly turned into the men's
and instantly my cock grew as I saw Maria standing behind
Jim at the urinal, she had her arms around his waist, her
head placed on his back and her hands held onto his cock as
she aimed his pee into the urinal, Jim had his arms behind
him, and had grab her ass as best he could and had slid her
dress up around the top of her ass, and was massaging her
naked cheeks, Maria had her eyes closed. [image3] The men inside the men's room just pretended to be busy,
as they watched them, then the man in the next urinal took
the liberty to reach over and grab a handful of her ass, but
Jim had most of the flesh tied up, as he peed, Maria was slowly
stroking his cock but left his zipper open, he then turned
slowly and kissed her, a kiss of hunger, lust and passion,
then his hand roamed her ass, her back, and even got a shoulder
strap down so that one breast was almost visible, he slowly
moved her back and edged her slowly towards one of the stalls,
all while locked in a deep kiss, as she backed into it, several
of us moved to a better viewing spot, the swing door could
not close properly because of Jim's position so we
all could see as he coaxed Maria down, and raised her dress
to just under her tits.

As Maria lowered herself, she pulled down her soaked panties,
spread her knees, and we all could see her glistened juicy
cunt, meanwhile Jim plopped out his cock and held it close
to her nose, Maria lost no time in stuffing as much of it as
she could in her mouth, she licked, slobbered, deep throated
his cock, she was lost in lust, Jim grabbed his cock and started
stroking, helping her to jack him off as his other hand pulled
the top of the dress down over her one tit, pulled on her nipples,
all while still jacking off into her mouth with the other,
her one hand had found her swollen clit, and Maria was frigging
herself to an orgasm.

We all were watching them, three guys in the men's now
had thrown all caution to the wind and stepped closer to
watch Maria sitting on a toilet, panties around her ankles,
swollen cunt and cunt lips, tit and nipple on display, blowing
a man in the men’s room, then Maria and Jim both erupted
at about the same time, she didn't bat an eye as he arched
forward to unload, her hands found his ass and pulled his
full length all the way down her throat, very little of his
cock was visible and it amazed the men watching them, how
she could take into her mouth so much cock, we all could hear
the soft moans emitting from her throat as she sucked him
dry, when he’s finished, he leans against Maria and said.
“Gosh. That was really nice."

Maria swallowed the remaining cum into her mouth and replied
giggling “it sure was!”

Jim stood up straight, while readjusting himself and his
clothing then he smiled somewhat devilishly, “I think
that was just the appetizer, I think you have more people
waiting for you, are you ready for them?”

Maria paused and considered, the truth was, however, that
she didn’t fucking care, all she wanted to do was to get
some more cocks for her, so she smiled to Jim and said. “Ok,
I’m ready for them.”

Jim pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, Maria felt a
hand pulling up the back of her dress and pulling down her
panties, then that mysterious hand starts to stroke her
pussy from behind, and then she felt another hand massaging
her breast and yet another on her ass, she looked up Jim and
he smiled and moved a little away giving space to the men
surrounded her, another man leant in and licked the parts
of her breasts that showed through her fingers, suddenly
she was lifted up and placed on the toilet bench with her
ass in the air, face down, onto the bench, she inhaled with
surprise but Jim said to her for relax he was on control and
stroked gently her air, he continued to stroke her hair
as Maria felt another body climb onto her, she was really
excited, she could even feel the precum from that hard cock
drip onto her buttocks as the stranger’s hands gripped
her hips and pressed his cock into her, he fucked her softly
at first and Maria simply lie still and enjoy it. [image4] Jim leaned over and kissed her, perhaps in response to seeing
that, the man fucking her started to pump faster and more
carelessly into her pussy, in a moment, he pulled out and
she felt his warm, sticky cum drip onto her ass, before she
could say or do anything, she was flipped over by another
man, on her back, Maria looked around the toilet room, and
she could see four other men watching her, their cocks on
her hands while watching the action.

That new man pulled her legs over his shoulders and buried
his face in her pussy, she felt herself skyrocket toward
an orgasm but right before she start to come, he lowered
her ass just enough to pop his cock into her pussy, the pleasure
was so intense that Maria didn’t know how to cum or what
to do, but before she could do anything, he shoot inside
her and uttered a guttural cry as he pumped her pussy full
of cum, anyone wanted to waste their time and as he released
me, the third man climbed on top of her, he asked Maria if
she have cum yet and she only have the energy to shake her
head “no.”

The man caressed her face and told her that all he wanted
was to make her come, so he pressed his fingers inside her
pussy and Maria felt the other man’s cum dribble out,
then he moved his fingers around inside her, pressing all
her sensitive areas, until she was moaning and thrashing
about on the bench, then he added his tongue to her clit,
licking and sucking her hard, hungry clit for all he was
worth, I was watching all of this mesmerized and my cock
was almost ready to explode while watching her performance,
really it was much, much better than any show on the stage.

“I got to get in on this too, ” Maria heard another guy
say and he climbed on her face and shoved his cock down her
throat and immediately she sucked on the cock and moaned
against it, then she felt shifting on the bench, but she
was unable to see what was going on, she felt the fingers
pulled out of her pussy and she whimpered, wanting so badly
to cum, but the tongue doesn’t stop licking, and then
Maria felt another cock, a very thick cock, slowly force
its way into her pussy and pushed it full force into her,
his second powerful stroke sets her body on fire and Maria
began to cum under a wild and powerful orgasm, all she could
and wanted to do was enjoying the moment, she felt hot cum
dribbling down her throat, a hot tongue on her clit and a
hot thick cock shooting into her pussy, and Maria cum so
hard that she almost black out.

I was watching all of this on the back of the men so Maria couldn’t
see me watching her, I was absolutely amazed, it feel dreamy
and unreal, but Jim from his place on the side of the bench
noticed me and smiled to me, she signed me if I wanted to take
a turn too, but I sighed a NO, so Jim leant against Maria and
kissed the back of her neck, he then helped Maria to stood
up straight, she pulled her dress down and said “Do you
want to get freshened up or something?”

Maria gently said no and started to clean herself the best
she could in the toilette, while saying to him “I’ll
be ready to go back to the table in five minutes.”

The men thanked her and left, Jim waited at the door while
saying giggling “I go to wait for you, if there’s anything
else you want to do before we leave for the table?”

I just heard Maria laughing while saying something like
enough for one night, so I exited and waited at the table,
Maria exited, and a minute later Jim emerged but headed
towards the backstage area I looked at her and she had that
glazed well fucked look, every eye was on her tits or ass
as she made her way through the room to our table, we saw a
few more shows and did stay long enough to see the big cocked
guy, in case he was real and not only to call people in, as
we we're both tremendously horny, we left to walk back
to the hotel.

I cut through the alley behind the main street, it was not
a dark alley in a deserted part of town where the chances
of being seen are null, along one wall of a building, was
an old steel door that served as a delivery entrance, and
on either side, was a large steel railing, I brought Maria
up to and facing the railing, then I asked her to lean back
into me, and put one leg at a time onto the lower railing,
as she did it I reached for her dress, and pulled it up to her
waist while saying “Spread your legs.”

Having just enough reach, I pulled the crotch of her very
wet panties away from her cunt, Maria leaned her head back
on my shoulder and giggled, '”You know, I've
been a naughty girl tonight.”

I laughed and told her that I knew it as I watched her, she
lightly tapped my shoulder as she giggled, and then two
young men had started down the alley from the other end and
were aware of our presence, noticing it I told Maria. “Keep
your eyes closed and I'll tell you what is happening.”
[image5] As the men approached my cock rose and strained in between
her ass cheeks as she let out a loudly moan, the young men
could clearly see what was happening, so I took one hand
and started rubbing her tits through the dress and immediately
her nipples sprang to life, the men stopped to watch, and
then I pulled one side of her dress down over her tit and rubbed
her nipple fiercely, only then I whispered in her ear. “Two
men are watching us, they could see your pussy lips, your
tits, and your nipples.”

“Let them see” was her replied, I lowered her dress
over her pussy, covered her boob, and she stepped off the
railing and knelt in front of me, she then grabbed my cock
and shoved it all the way down her throat, she sucked it for
a couples of minutes as the two young men watched and whistled,
and then I couldn’t hold it any longer and shoot my load
down her throat, Maria swallowed it all, then with her tongue
she cleaned the remaining load that was dripping from her
lips and down her chin, as she finished she stood up, grabbed
my hand and we were off to the hotel as the young men whistled
repeatedly as we left.

The Hotel was a typical small hotel so I went to the front
desk to ask for our key, we made our way up the stairs to our
first floor room, approaching the room I gave Maria the
key, that gave me time to stand behind her, pull up her dress,
get on my knees and worship her ass, I spent a couple of minutes
feeling, licking, kissing and kneading her buns, she was
still wet, still swollen and still very horny, as Maria
opened the room I had already my pant button undone and was
lowering my fly, she said nothing, just giggled, I lowered
my pants and kicked them into the room, I lowered my shorts
and hung them on the end of my rigid cock, I then pulled off
my shirt without undoing more than one or two buttons and
I lay on the carpet on the with my head just inside our room
and asked her to get on, if by any reason someone walking
down the hall would see my stomach, cock and legs, but who
care with it?

Maria laughed then got on her knees and started to crawl
over to my cock and engulfed it, and immediately she deep
throated it to the root, struggling with not trying to come,
I worked on getting her dress off, I nearly came just watching
when she stood up, dropped her dress and walked down the
hall to the open stairwell, then she slowly walked back,
pulling her nipples as she went and stood over me, knelt,
and sat on my cock, so there we were, fucking like rabbits
in the hallway of a hotel. [image6] Not wanting to waste the moment, we got up, closed the door
and Maria lay on the bed, legs spread and two fingers in her
pussy, needing a little fresh air I opened one of the two
windows, three young, loud and probably drunk young men
were approaching along the sidewalk, I mumbled to Maria,
she got up to see and stood behind me, using me as a shield
from the view of the street, as they approached, one looked
up and saw us both, being on the first floor, the distance
was not that great, and then one said to the others, “Look,
a beautiful woman there”.

They bantered back and forth for a few minutes, then one
then said, “Let us get a little look of you, be a nice lady”.

Maria giggled and stepped a little to the side, so one breast
was visible to the street and her nipples began to pout,
they quieted down concentrating on what they were watching,
I moved to my left, brought my right arm behind and around
Maria, and moved her to the front of me so her whole body was
on display, she leaned back into me, arched her back and
closed her eyes as I started to play with her swollen nipples,
a couple of minutes passed and I moved her forward and pressured
her upper body over the window, Maria placed her hands on
the window ledge, and her breasts were swinging outside,
one of the men then asked for more and they all chimed in,
so I moved forward against her naked cunt and started to
fuck her.

In the room were two wooden straight back chairs so I placed
one beside Maria and moved her over to the side a bit, and
placed the chair, with the back into the room, in front of
the window, she had had her eyes closed, and was massaging
her breasts and nipples teasing the men outside, I asked
her to step onto the chair and as she step up I immediately
bent her forward, she grabbed the back of the chair so her
swollen pussy was on full display, her clit was almost the
size of her nipples as I started to play with it, then I looked
down to see the men’s reaction and they were mesmerized,
winking at them I inserted a finger into her pussy and Maria
let out a sigh, I then inserted two fingers and the wetness
flowed out from her inner depth as I started finger fucking
her, while wondering if no other people would came along,
it would have been quite a show.

Maria leaned back, all her exhibitionist tendencies wanting
to exploit the opportunity I cautioned her for don't
fall and she only replied “Now, I want you to fuck me.”

I pulled away, grabbed the other chair, set it up beside
her and turned her sideways, grabbed her tits and rammed
my cock into her pussy, I half expected the men to try to climb
up the outside to get a bit, but they were still in awe, and
stood silently and appreciatively. I didn't think
I would last long in view of the fact that I was fucking my
wife in front of an open window of a hotel on a somewhat main
street, I pounded her cunt and with each longer and harder
thrust, Maria cried for more “harder, longer faster,
harder, longer, faster.”

Maria turned and leaned as far was possible towards the
ledge and stared at the young men, just loud enough to hear,
she started saying over and over “ Oh so good, he's
fucking me, he's fucking me.” [image7] I knew that if she wanted to invite the young men up, she would
do it, but she didn’t, so within 10 minutes I had dumped
my load inside her pussy, then with come running out of her,
Maria turned around and took my cock into her mouth, she
was not kneeling on the chair anymore, but she had her legs
straight, and was bent at the waist so her pussy lips again
were peeking out from her thighs, as she cleaned my cock
she turned to the men and with a big grin said good night and
we retired well satisfied as they whistled and clapped
outside our window.

We spent two more nights in Amsterdam, I knew that Maria
would get turned on after watching sex at the clubs, so the
morning after during the breakfast we talked about the
events of the previous evening and how much she had liked
it, so the second day was spent mostly just visiting the
city, then Maria asked whether I had plans for the evening
and I lied "None at all".

After a bit of discussion about what to do I innocently suggested
that we hadn't seen all of the night life, Maria agreed,
and I added that a visit to a strip club would be a good idea,
she giggled as nodded and said we needed to go shopping buy
some new lingerie, we entered the closest mall and she purchased
some spectacular sexy thongs and matching style bra with
nipple cut-outs that left her nipples out, we went back
to the hotel and she prepared and dressed with the new underwear
and a short slinky summer dress with the flip skirt, then
we went to a small corner bar and ordered a few beers and shooters,
but we were mostly disappointed at the shows presented,
Maria started hinting about going back to the other club
and asked "I wonder if they have different acts every

I knew Maria, she wanted me to suggest going back, so I did
it, we were seated at a front half round booth, there wasn't
a booth in front of us like the previous evening and if I decided
to take liberties we would be more exposed and on display
and several acts started going on the stage, one on one's,
two on one's, one on two, woman on woman, blow jobs,
screwing, dildo's, feeling my hardness I tried to
hide it well, I let my hand stray to her thigh and she snuggled
back into the seat, lean a little closer, and ever so slightly
parted her legs so I could get past her nylons and see how
high I could get her dress.

Sitting behind the table and the table cloth I kept working
my hand up her thighs, Maria noticed the men on the stage
never come, and as the waiter came with our new drinks she
asked him about it, and he told her it would be impossible
to do several acts a night, 5 days a week if they blew a load
every time, the house had over 10 to 15 shows an evening,
with some performers repeating their shows twice, Maria
thanked him, ignoring his eyes running all over her body,
and with every drink or food order, the waiter seemed more
appreciative it was funny about a waiter working in a sex
club where performers screw on stage, but get turned on
by a women showing flesh to the audience.

Several shows into the evening and Jim spotted Maria and
I and came over and slid into the booth, Maria and he greeted
each other warmly, and Jim immediately noticed her skirt
past her stay-ups, and made a brief comment. "I was
hoping you two would be here tonight."

Then he winked at me and excused himself "I'm
in a bit of a bind tonight, every performer must provide
his own girl or partner when signing on with the club, and
mine is a little ill this evening, I think I have a replacement,
but I won't know until the performance."

I shifted to my right and angled across the seat as I made
a concerted effort to bare more of Maria’s skirt, the
performances on the stage were helping to bring her over
the edge, at that moment on stage, a woman was lying on the
stages bed, with her head hanging over the side and was having
her pussy serviced by a handsome young black, while her
mouth was being attended to by the big cocked guy they had
told us the previous evening. [image8] Maria eyes were glued to the events, so I managed to work
my way to her pussy keeping her skirt low enough to cover
my hand, looking back over the booth I could see various
couples crouched low in their booths, just after midnight
Jim came on stage and Maria not caring about her modesty,
or figuring that no one could see, slid further down the
seat, causing her skirt to move up and revealed her pussy
in all of its wet glory,

Bantering a bit with the audience, Jim announced that the
next act would be extremely special, as it was a new feature
that the club will be offering, then he added that the management
of the club has approved an amateur hour, so a lady from the
audience could volunteer to be the partner of one of the
earlier performers, Jim made gestures to various ladies
in the audience, several ladies did raise their hands,
some encouraged by their husbands, some only to tease their
husbands and not really intending to go up, Jim worked his
way around the room and as he passed our table, he pointed
to Maria and said, "What about this beautiful lady,
would you go up?"

Maria got all red, Jim turned to the audience and pleaded
“Ladies and gentlemen, please, give this lady some encouragement.”

With those words everybody in the audience started clapping
and whistling, Jim reached out to Maria’s hand, she hesitated,
looked at me and as I nodded giggling she made a slight move
towards the aisle, that was the cue Jim needed, and he pulled
her to her feet, needless to say I was with a strong hard on
just watching Maria in the arms of another man, and about
to have sexual activities with him in front of a big audience.

Jim didn’t waste any time, either he was ready to perform,
or he did not want Maria to have second thoughts, he brought
her up to the platform that served as a stage and started
to kiss her, she had her back turned to us, the house light
dimmed, and a soft red spot illuminated the two, as his hands
roamed her back, he then caressed downwards, over her ass
and down the outside of her back of the thighs, without stooping
over, he caressed her thighs and started to work her dress
upwards until her ass was showing, Jim worked his hands
over her ass, and on occasion, into her panties.

From my place I could hear his coaching to her, Maria was
doing what he was telling her to do, her hands moved down
from his back and fumbled with his nylon type stage pants,
she managed to drop his pants without any effort and his
tight G-String showed off his erection, Jim kept Maria
with her back to the audience as she had released his cock
and was slowing stroking it, for a few minutes he made an
animated show of fucking her by grabbing her ass and pulling
his crotch into hers and rubbing up and down, he still had
Maria on her back to us, and a few people around me were calling
to him to "show her."

Jim backed onto a bed and slowly sat on its edge, as he lowered
his body, his hands firmly at her side, he pulled Maria down
to her knees, and her head moved forward and down, it was
obvious from her head movements that she was giving that
man a blow job on the stage while being watched for a big audience,
then Jim leaned forward and raised her skirt again, the
sight almost made me come, even though she was on her knees,
there peeking out between her thighs, was her wet, swollen
and engorged pussy exposed to all.

Jim kept playing with her ass, her movements were more pronounced
as she wiggled her ass from side to side, I knew Maria very
well, she was really enjoying it, then Jim grabbed the material
of her panties from near the waist band and pulled, most
of the material disappeared, as most of her ass appeared,
Jim teased the audience by pretending to uncover her pussy,
but only continuing to rub over her panties, and then, with
a swift move he grabbed the hem of her dress, slid it quickly
up her body, and slipped it off, Maria’s mouth only left
his cock for as long as it took for the dress to whip by, so
panties and bra were all she wore. [image9] With a quick move Jim took out her panties, her pussy lips
were swollen, and her clitoris engorged by the blood feeding
her womanhood poked out of the folds of her labia, once her
pubes were exposed, Jim lost no time in leaning over to expose
them, he spread her ass slightly to heighten the effect,
he then inserted two fingers as deep he could and started
finger fuck Maria, the soaking noises from his fingers
in her wet pussy matched with the sucking noises of her mouth
on his cock and then the bed started to rotate on the stage,
so everyone could see clearly what before they had only
imagined, and I could notice how Maria was deep throating
Jim with gusto, she sucked, licked and wrapped her tongue
around it, she seemed oblivious to us watching.

After two or so revolutions, the bed stopped rotating giving
a good side view, Jim motioned to the side of the stage and
another performer came out wearing only a small G-string
type garment, he positioned himself behind Maria, lowered
his pants, and grabbing her hips, he bent forward and thrust
his face into her ass and he lost no time losing himself in
the folds of her pussy, his tongue lashed at her pussy lips
and drew up towards her ass, Maria wriggled back against
his talents and for several minutes he ate her cunt, and
drank her juices, then he inserted his tongue into her pussy,
and proceeded to tongue fuck her, Maria was obviously beyond
the point at which she would have been able to control the

The man who was on her pussy moved forward to lodge his thick
cock against her pussy, Maria moved her hips back, the wetness
of her pussy allowed his entrance and he shoved his full
length with such force that Maria shifted forward and engulfed
Jim's cock so deep that I thought it went past her throat,
she paused a moment to look over at the audience, her eyes
were checking for their appreciation, and as she saw their
pleasure watching her, she returned to her own pleasures,
so using her hands around the base of Jim's cock, Maria
stroked and bobbed for all it was worth, the enthusiasm
of her actions brought the guy in her pussy along, he too
quickened his pace and Maria became very vocal, she demanded
that they fuck her harder and faster, harder and faster,
she kept repeating.

Maria was completely out of control, I noticed as she managed
to say a few words to Jim, and like clockwork, the two of them
changed positions, I thought Maria fancied Jim and wanted
to be satisfied by him over any other, he took up the challenge,
and the one at the head of her mouth started feeling the full
depth of her mouth, he just rolled his eyes back and arched
forward as Jim pounded her pussy.

Seeing that her bra was still on, and covering her breasts,
he reached to her back and removed it, without thinking
he tossed it aside towards the edge of the stage where it
disappeared forever, needless to say we never saw that
bra again, Maria was working so well sucking the cock into
her mouth, that he was struggle not to come, not caring whether
he had a later show to do and did not want to come, she doubled
her pace with her hands, I smiled as I noticed his cock was
losing the battle and within a minute he released a torrent
of cum down her throat, his twitching cock slowly collapsed
in her hands as Jim too gave a final thrust and shoot several
waves of cum into her pussy, then they all fall on the bed
while all audience stood up and clapped and whistled their
appreciation to them. [image10] A young lady came out after a minute and offered Maria a robe,
which I thought was touching, Jim quickly gathered all
of Maria clothes and lead her off stage, I was mesmerized,
I was close to coming, Maria then returned to the table during
the next show and looked slightly embarrassed with a few
compliments she was getting from the audience, I noticed
her embarrassment and asked if she wanted to leave, she
said that she was alright, just a little nervousness mixed
with euphoria, then drinks of wine and champagne came almost
immediately from appreciative guests in the audience,
Maria looked surprisingly fresh, her nipples were still
pert and very visible under the thin material of the dress.

Backstage Jim had invited Maria to an after-closing party
at one of the entertainers flat and wanted to know whether
we would go, I asked if she was up to it, knowing our lack of
sleep from the night before, before gently declined excusing
herself with being tired from these two nights and also
because we need to leave the day after.

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