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Two’s Company, Three’s a Blast


Two’s Company, Three’s a Blast
© Charles Everett 2006, All Rights Reserved.

Their previous times together were simply spectacular.
Both immensely enjoyed the other’s company. It wasn’t
just the great sex and the time talking about life and family,
but the friendship…knowing the other cared, but being
assured that the other’s family life wouldn’t be turned
up-side-down. They knew the rules, and played hard, long,
deep, and wet within those boundaries.

Their early phone conversations touched on the subject
of bringing a third into the “relationship”. Actually,
the discussion was about bringing in another man…Elizabeth
had one or two drunken encounters with two…or more…”men”,
but that was way back in the day and she didn’t enjoy it in
the least. With all the parties being very tipsy, and the
boys not knowing what to do with a real woman, she didn’t
even orgasm once. She had always wondered how it would be
with two men who actually cared about her, and wanted nothing
more than to make her collapse with pleasure. Elizabeth
did have someone in mind, a long time friend who she had been
with often, and on one occasion she had been with him and
another very sexy lady. That hadn’t really worked out that
well, as the young woman felt a bit neglected during the
encounter and left right in the middle of things. So much
for laid back folks.

Carlos had introduced himself online to a very pretty and
innocent looking twenty-seven year old wife and mother
of twin girls. The chatting was mild at first, but as both
were looking to fill a physical void in their lives, the
conversation over the weeks had quickly turned erotic.
Dianne had seen his naughty pics on his profile and read
a few of his erotic poems. Her interest was piqued in a short
time, his thick eight inch cock was an eye catcher…even
online. During one exchange, right out of the blue, Carlos
asked if she was bisexual. She was surprised at his insight;
the subject had never come up between them before. Dianne
recalled her previous encounters, how she loved the feel
of a woman’s hand; the feel of her body, and ecstasy of her
tongue. The wheels turned in both their heads; more like
spun at high speed.

While he was chatting with Elizabeth, he let her know that
he may have found someone they both might want to be with;
separately and together. He asked if it would be okay to
let the other know their messenger ID and get in touch. Elizabeth’s
lower body had throbbed as she thought about being with
Carlos and….well…she knew he had excellent taste in women;
he did find her. So, he made the online introductions.

“Dianne, may I introduce Elizabeth. Elizabeth, Dianne.
By the way, Elizabeth knows quite a bit about me. In fact,
she knows every inch of me; and I know every inch of her.”

Dianne was thrilled at the introduction. One scene keep
racing through her mind. Even though they had only talked
on the phone, she loved the pics of Carlos’ cock, especially
the one of him buried in a very sexy woman’s sweetness. She
had looked at Elizabeth’s profile and had very much liked
what she saw there as well. What continued to race through
her over-stimulated brain were images of Carlos on his
back, her facing away from him, sliding herself down on
his long, thick, cock; as Elizabeth licked her clit all
the way down. And just as she bottomed out on him, Elizabeth
sucking her clit firmly into her sweet mouth. Every time
she thought about it, Dianne’s panties moistened and her
clit thickened.

Since Dianne hadn’t met either of them, she had thought
best to Carlos first, and then take things from there. She
had talked with Elizabeth on the phone about him, asking
about his personality, temperament, his looks, and his
“talent”. Elizabeth let her know that the last time they
were together, a three hour romp at their favorite motel
chain, that she had cum twelve times in two hours. That she
had to have him stop, and that when they left, she made a comment
that he shouldn’t have secured a second floor room because
her knees and legs felt like jelly and she descended the
stairs. Elizabeth’s previous orgasm “record” was seven
over the period of an entire night.

Dianne could hardly wait to be plowed senseless by a man
she had only talked to on the phone and seen online. She had
never met anyone from the internet before, but wanted to
in this instance – very badly.

She had asked Carlos about Elizabeth. He let her know that
he was rather “twitter-patted” with her; such a fine woman,
and oh so naughty. How she was very oral and loved to lick
and suck his cock; before and after they screwed, and that
she performed such with great enthusiasm. Carlos had felt
sensations run up his spine and down his legs he had never
felt before. Elizabeth made his feet kick as she took all
of him deep down her throat. When he told Dianne how right
after making Elizabeth cum for the ninth or tenth time,
she jumped off of him and swallowed his cock, sopping wet
with her sweetness; Dianne knew then that Elizabeth would
love to lick and suck her juiciness as well.

So, it was time for Carlos and Dianne to meet. No real expectations,
just a public meet to make sure the other was “up to par”.
Neither had seen any red flags up to that point, and didn’t
expect there would be any. Their phone conversations were
as easy and natural as Elizabeth’s and Carlos’ had been.
The possibility of him finding two very sweet, beautiful,
and naughty married mothers was, very fortunate, to say
the least. Of course, they had to meet for coffee; of course
it had to be at a Starbucks.

She arrived about ten minutes early, bought a black coffee
and waited. He was right on time. As soon as he came in the
door, he spotted her; they both just smiled.

Dianne was a very petite woman, about 5’2” and a mere 115
pounds. When he first saw her he thought how lovely she was.
She had long red hair, sweet beautiful full lips, green
bright eyes, well -sized perky breasts, and very nice delicate
curves. She was truly a vision.

But, he worried a bit. He was six foot and 210 pounds, mostly
muscle; and known for being a bit “overwhelming”.

He devilishly thought, “I out-weight her by at least 100
pounds, sure hope I don’t snap a bone or something. Don’t
want to send her home…damaged.”

He ordered his coffee, walked over and introduced himself.
She rose and offered her delicate hand to him. He received
it in his and softly kissed it. She simply smiled and blushed.
Betraying her innocent look, she stretched herself upward
and kissed him, slightly parting his lips with her tongue.
A rush went through him, as did one her. The chemistry question
was quickly answered with that one kiss.

They sat and talked; about family, marriage, work, life,
dreams, and disappointments. At one point in the conversation,
he started to play footsie with her under the small table.
She looked around to ensure no one could see, and reached
and ran her hand up his strong thigh, bringing her fingers
right to the edge of his cock, and then slowly back down again.
He just looked at her and smiled. Her sweet pink lips slightly
curled into a naughty grin.

“You know, I’m a bit concerned if things move forward. I’m
not a small guy, I can be…ah…overpowering at times.” he

She looked right into his eyes, smiled and replied, “I can
take it pretty well. You should be concerned about other

He smiled, “Really, and what should I be concerned about?”

She leaned toward him and said in a low, sweet, sexy, voice;
straight-out and to the point, “I’m sixteen years younger
than you and work out two or three times a week; I love to fuck,
and I fuck very well. I hope you can keep up.”

Right there he was hers. He just melted in his seat, and didn’t
have a damn thing to say. Speechless was a very new state
for him.

She leaned back in her seat with a devilish smile now on her
face, and squirmed a bit; enjoying the very warm and wet
feeling between her legs.

He composed himself as best he could, and finally replied,
“I think we’re going to be very good friends you and I.”

“I think so too, ” she answered, “if you can do what you claim
you can.”

“I thought you’ve been talking with Elizabeth about that?”

“I have, but the proof is always in the pudding, right?”

“Very true.” he answered. “By the way, I love pudding. I
could eat it all day”

She just smiled at the remark.

Time was short, it was the Holiday season and both could
only carve out about an hour from their schedules. They
talked a little more…light conversation…and headed out
on their way. He walked her to her car, which was parked in
a rather out-of-the-way spot. She stepped toward him and
kissed him again, this time deeply. Equally, he met her
with his own passion. She reached down and felt his cock,
which was well fluffed by this time.

She turned her head and whispered in his ear, “You are a big
boy, aren’t you? I can’t wait to feel you deep inside me,
and make you cum over and over.” she said, still holding
firmly to his manhood.

He whispered back, “I can’t wait to feel you orgasm four
or five times, as I ride you like a Clydesdale pounding a
Shetland mare into the ground.”

He very much had her attention with the comment; she knew
exactly what the comparison meant. Dianne had said she
could “take it”, and he planned on delivering to her every
bit of horsepower he had.

He reached down to caress the front of her jeans, and slid
two fingers in between her legs. She instinctively spread
her thighs a bit to give him better access. He let out a slight
moan as soon as he felt she had soaked her jeans clean through.
He lifted his hand to his mouth and licked his damp fingers.

“You taste so damn sweet. I can just imagine you filling
my mouth.” he said.

She smiled and stepped away, opening her car door and slowly
sliding herself into the seat; the incredible wetness
between her legs being very evident.

She closed the door, rolled down the window, and said, “To
bad you can’t lick me clean right now.”

Again, he was at a loss for words. She smiled and drove off.

Over the next several days, they chatted online, talked
on the phone, emailed naughty pics and messages to each
other. They flirted and teased, and made some very definite
plans for a four-hour session together.

Ten days passed very slowly, both Dianne and Carlos were
excited that “the” Friday morning had arrived. The babysitter
was all set for a six-hour stay so Dianne could go “shopping
and run some errands”. Carlos would be studying for grad
school mid-terms. No chit-chat before hand; he would already
have the room and be ready for her arrival.

She drove to the very motel where Elizabeth and he had their
second encounter; in fact the very same room. Carlos wanted
her to feel the very same weakness in her knees that Elizabeth
would hopefully feel again.

Dianne quickly yet gracefully climbed the motel stairs,
walked a short ways down the outside balcony, and gently
tapped on the door.

“It’s open.” Carlos said with an anticipatory voice. He
sure hoped it was her, and not the maid.

She quickly turned the knob and opened the door, being familiar
with his voice. There Carlos lay on his back in the middle
of the bed – nude; his fully erect cock in his hand. She drank
in the scene; a rush of warmness ran through her, and her
already damp sweetness began to throb.

“Well, hello there. Did you start without me?” she asked
with a smile, closing the door and dropping her purse to
the floor.

“Not at all.” He replied, “Just being a good scout. ‘Always
be prepar…’”

Before he could finish the scout motto, she was on the bed
between his legs, her pink, wet lips sliding down his shaft.
Again, she left him speechless. He did manage to let out
a low moan in reply though. Seeing this fully clothed beauty
deep throat him made his cock rock hard; she could feel his
excitement as well, against the inside of her throat.

She gently rolled his balls in her hand, in perfect harmony
with tune she sang with her lips and mouth. Carlos pushed
his head into the pillow, arching his back and moving his
hips, as if dancing to a song she was sweetly singing.

Dianne continued for fifteen minutes or so. Feeling his
muscles begin to tense, his cock become even harder, and
his breathing quicken; she pushed her head hard against
him, wrapped her lips tight around the base of his cock,
gently yet firmly bringing her front teeth against his
shaft, and raked his cock with them as she pulled her head
up. Just as she got to his glans, she ran a finger between
his cheeks and just barely fired the nerves around his anus.

Carlos let out a very loud “Oh SHIT!”, as he came. The head
of his cock securely held by her lips and teeth as he pulsed
and pumped; he filled her mouth with his hot semen.

She ensured every thick drop was consumed.

Once she licked and sucked him clean, she asked, “I thought
you said you very rarely ever climaxed during oral?”

Carlos answered between breaths, “So did I.”

He deeply inhaled and said panting, “I guess it depends
on the woman, and her talents. I have never felt anything
like that before; ever.”

“I guess you can teach an old…well, …an older dog a new trick.”

“Takes a good trainer I suppose.” he said exhaling loudly.

She backed away from him, stood, and undressed. Nothing
alluring or seductive; she just wanted out of her clothes…now.
Jumping up on the top of low dresser, she spread her legs,
easily put the heels of her feet next to her sweet bottom,
and began to rub her clean shaven womanhood with one hand.

“Now, come over here and return the favor.” she said rather
authoritatively, sliding two fingers inside herself.

Carlos’s eyes widened; he jumped from the bed, his cock
still as hard as when she entered the room.

Trying to fain that he was somewhat in control of himself;
instead of getting directly to work, he stepped over to
her and kissed her deeply. She returned his affection.
He nibbled her ear a bit as he caressed her very firm breasts;
her nipples as hard and erect as they had ever been in her
life. She reached her hands around the back of his neck.

“Make me cum with your mouth.” she moaned.

Giving her nipple a slight twist, he slid one hand from her
breast and ran it up between her lips. With one direct movement
he slid two fingers deep inside her now drenched opening.
She exhaled and moaned her approval of his no-so-slight

As he hooked his fingers against her g-spot, he said, “As
you wish my dear.”

Dianne let out a much louder moan this time, pulling his
head and neck against her shoulder. The sweet smell of her
rose up between them; both their heads filled with the scent
of passion and pleasure.

Carlos spread his fingers apart as he withdrew them. She
quickly inhaled as he did, her feet almost coming off of
the dresser.

He lowered himself and kissed along her inner thigh, from
her knee to her crotch. Her breathing quickened in anticipation
of his tongue and lips against her wet, erect clit. With
both his hands around her very firm waist, he brought his
lips together and forcefully blew on her, the cool air making
her lips part a bit and sending an incredibly intense shower
of sensations shooting through her pelvis. Again, she
quickly and deeply inhaled her approval and surprise.

As he continued on, kissing and nibbling up her other thigh,
he slid three fingers deep inside her; it was a very tight
fit. Dianne laid her back against the cold mirror behind
the dresser, brought both her hands up to her breasts, and
began kneading them as a baker would two beautiful mounds
of milky white dough.

Carlos, kissing and nibbling and licking, reached her
other knee. Taking the point of his chin he raced it down
her thigh, the soft salt-and-pepper colored hair of his
goatee tickling her. Giggling a bit, she turned her head
to one side, tugging forcefully at both her nipples. The
nerves of her chest fired and raced around her shoulders
and back. He again blew on her womanhood, more so on her clit
this time than her lips. She loved the feeling; thinking
how she would set her blow dryer on low and cool to get the
same pleasure at home; although she wouldn’t have the benefit
of three fingers massaging her g-spot as she did now.

Finally, after his teasing her a bit longer, he ran his tongue
between her soft, wet, pink lips. She tasted sweeter than
he could have imagined. He brought his tongue to a point
and ran it up under her hood, gently launching the tip of
it off her. Dianne’s hips quivered as her clit jumped upward
and almost slammed back to its protruding position. Electricity
shot though her, up her stomach and right to the tips of her
nipples. She almost came right then.

Carlos, licked, and nibbled, and sucked, and rotated his
fingers inside her; making a mental note each time he discovered
a spot she approved of with her body language and moans.
Time and again, he revisited those spots; at times gently,
other times forcefully. Now, her hands were on her knees,
pulling her legs up and pushing herself forward a bit to
meet his lips, tongue, and hand.

Feeling a massive orgasm rushing to engulf her, she grabbed
the back of his head and pulled him hard against her clit,
his chin resting on his palm, his three fingers deep inside
her. It hit her, not a quiet gentle orgasm, not a long mellow
one, but a fast, intense bolt of lightening; thunder rang
in her ears.

She took in a deep breath, and moaned out loudly, “Ahhhh……Ffffuuucccck!”,
pulling his face even harder against her.

She looked up, the room actually spun around her. She had
no idea who or where she was. All she knew at that moment were
the sensations that enveloped her; her orgasm literally
consuming her.

Before she could recover, before she realized it, he stood
and positioned himself in front of her, his cock rock hard
and dripping wet.

He looked right at her and said, “Are you ready?”

“What?” she said, not quite to her senses yet.

He leaned in toward her and parted her lips with the head
of his cock. Dianne just looked into his eyes, and let out
a slight moan as her mouth dropped open. Carlos slowly yet
purposefully slid himself deep into her dripping wet pussy.
As he did, she just let out a long deep breath.

When the base of his cock was wrapped tightly with her lips,
and her clit was just impacting his pubic bone, he pushed
hard against her; injecting her with an extra half-inch
of his cock. As he did, her cervix bounced off the tip of him,
his head sliding beneath the underside of her uterus.

Dianne let out a loud moan, grabbed the back of his head again,
pulled him to her, and shoved her tongue deep into his mouth.
He gave her only that one deep long thrust, and then slowly
withdrew himself. He stepped back and laid back on the bed,
the back of his legs bend over the edge, his feet on the floor.

“Don’t tease me like that.” she said.

“I’m not.” he said with a smile, “Get on.”

She replied with a soft, low, “Oh fuck.”

She dropped her feet to the floor, stepped toward him and
climbed on to the bed facing him.

“Turn around the other way. I want your back to me so I can
reach around and caress you.” he said. He did have something
else in mind asking her to position herself that way.

She eagerly complied.

She spun herself around, put one hand back on the front of
his shoulder, grabbed his cock with the other, and lowered
her tightness down on him. After he was well inside her,
she brought her other hand to his shoulder and began to ride
like a cowgirl at the rodeo. He loved every second of her
raking her upper vaginal wall against the glans of his cock.
He could feel her cervix slam hard against him every time
she landed.

Just as her excitement began to build, heading toward another
orgasm, the motel room door opened. Carlos could feel every
muscle of Dianne tighten with shock, especially her pelvic

“Oh shit!” she yelled out.

“Perfect timing.” he replied.

There in the doorway, stood Elizabeth.

“Surprise Dianne. Am I on time?” she said with a very naughty
smile on her face.

“You knew about this?” Dianne asked looking back at Carlos.

Elizabeth closed the door behind her and kicked off her

“Of course I did. We thought you would like the surprise.
You two have been getting along, right?” he asked.

“Ah…well…yes, but I just wasn’t expecting…”

Elizabeth walked over to the two of them, Carlos still deep
inside Dianne.

“Hi Dianne, very nice to finally meet you.” Elizabeth said
with a smile, cupping Dianne’s bare breast and giving her
a gentle kiss on the lips.

Now Dianne had no words to speak.

Carlos reached his arms around Dianne’s stomach and lowered
her back against his chest. She almost instinctively relaxed
and lay back. Elizabeth ran the tips of her finger from Dianne’s
breasts, down her flat stomach, across her hips, and up
her thighs.

Dianne spread her knees a bit as Elizabeth moved her head
down between her legs. Carlos gave Dianne short thrusts
of his hips as Elizabeth licked where her lips tightly wrapped
around his cock.

Dianne began to moan and push back against his thrusts.
She ran her fingers through Elizabeth’s long brown hair.

“You are soooo sweet.” Elizabeth said; lapping up every
drop she could, playing with Carlos’ balls at the same time.

Dianne just laughed a bit and moaned in reply, very much
enjoying the compliment.

After a few minutes of licking and sucking, Elizabeth took
a finger tip and circled Carlos’ cock just inside Dianne’s
lips. She let out a deep groan as Elizabeth did. Once her
finger was completely wet, she slid it under the bottom
side of his cock deep into Dianne and found her g-spot.

She simply flipped and let out a long, loud, deep moan.

“Carlos taught me that.” Elizabeth whispered.

Dianne was incoherent. The room spun around her again;
she came even harder and faster than before, ejaculating
into Elizabeth’s palm. Carlos could feel Dianne clamp
down on him like a vise. Elizabeth lapped up every drop Dianne

Dianne had no clue what was happening to her, just that she
loved it.

After almost a full minute of her cumming, she finally uttered
her first words since Elizabeth began.

“What the hell was that?” she asked.

“I forced a huge orgasm out of you.” Elizabeth answered.

She just lay back on Carlos. Elizabeth could have told her
it was “cream cheese”. Dianne had no concept of time or logic,
just the intense passion and pleasure she felt.

Elizabeth caressed her and Carlos gave her gentles thrusts
as he cupped her breasts. After a few minutes of “afterglow”,
Dianne became human again.

Elizabeth stood, and as she did, she realized just how aroused
she was. She brought her legs together to slip out of her
jeans and panties; as she did, a gush of wetness came out
of her and anointed the inside of her thighs.

“I am so fucking wet.” she said to the pair.

“Good, ” Carlos said, “We have plans for you.”

“Mmmmmm.” Elizabeth replied, pulling her top off over
her head.

She walked over to the side of the bed and deeply kissed Carlos.

“Yummy, you taste just like Dianne.” he said with a smile.
Both ladies laughed a bit.

Dianne sat up on Carlos and spun herself around to face him.
Elizabeth crawled onto the bed and straddled herself across
his chest, placing her drenched womanhood within easy
reach of his mouth. She reached her hand down between Dianne
and Carlos, cradling his cock between her fingers and rubbing
Dianne’s clit with the balls of her hand. Dianne kissed
her deeply while caressing her very ample breasts through
her lace bra. Elizabeth softly moaned and gently rotated
her hips as Carlos began to “feast”. She loved how his lips
felt on her, how his tongue felt in her.

Not long after Carlos began, Elizabeth rewarded him with
a very wet orgasm; she pulled Dianne close to herself as
the wave of pleasure he provided washed over her. Dianne
wrapped her arms around her and kissed her as she came, feeling
her body shutter and shake. She nearly came herself.

When Elizabeth’s breathing settled, she whispered into
Dianne’s ear, “I want to make you cum as he fucks me from behind.
Would you like that?”

“I’d love it.” she answered.

Elizabeth swung her leg over Carlos’ head and stood next
to the bed. Dianne slowly slid herself off Carlos and stood
on the bed over him. She playfully took one foot and tapped
him on the chest.

“Up boy.” she said, “My new girlfriend wants you to fuck
her from behind.”

Carlos just smiled and replied “Hmmmm, I guess I’m out numbered.”

Dianne stepped over his shoulders, spun herself around,
and lay on her back; her head and shoulders up near the headboard.
Elizabeth, her lace bra now on the floor, literally jumped
on the bed between Dianne’s now fully spread legs.

Soon, she was once again engaging Dianne with her sweet
full lips, her lovely ass high in the air waiting for Carlos
to fuck her.

After a few moments watching the two enjoying themselves,
he stepped over to Elizabeth and slowly entered her. Both
let out a soft moan as he slid himself into her tightness.

“Man, you always feel so good.” he sighed.

She only replied by leaning back a bit to meet his cock as
he pushed himself in deeper.

Dianne now had both hands on Elizabeth’s head, guiding
her a bit as she licked and sucked. As each eagerly performed
their task, the moans, and wiggles, and breathing, and
caressing became something of a dance. Each movement led
to a movement in reply. Each moan led to a louder response.

Dianne soon felt a gentle yet strong orgasm wash over her.
She used one hand to pull Elizabeth hard against her clit;
the other hand on her shoulder to push her away. Her breathing
becoming shorter and shorter…then stopped as she came.
Elizabeth ensured her sweetness was well engaged as the
warm wave washed over Dianne; moaning herself as Carlos
more pointedly plowed her.

As Dianne swam in the warm water of her now declining climax,
Elizabeth herself began to rush toward her own pool of pleasure.
Carlos could feel her muscles tighten and hear her breathing
quicken. Soon, her head was turned and laying on Dianne’s
leg. Dianne simply ran her fingers through Elizabeth’s
soft hair.

Carlos timed his now extremely forceful thrusts with Elizabeth’s
breathing; in reality her panting. She wrapped her arms
around Dianne’s waist as if she was a firm yet soft pillow;
collecting the bed spread in her arms as she did. Dianne
simply smiled and enjoyed the secondary feel of Carlos’

Then, Elizabeth could take no more. She inhaled very deeply
as she came; sensations ran through her from all directions.
She pulled herself up against her legs, her calves slamming
against the back of her thighs; pulling Dianne with her
as she almost wrapped herself into a ball. Carlos kept a
firm grip on her hips as he stopped thrusting and pushed
himself deep inside her. Elizabeth let out a very deep and
loud moan as he did. Dianne giggled as she was pulled into
Elizabeth’s chest, vicariously enjoying the sensations

“That is so fucking hot!” Dianne said.

Elizabeth let out a rather evil laugh; an “out of body” view
of Carlos fucking her running through her mind. After a
bit, she loosened her grip on Dianne.

Carlos slid himself out of Elizabeth; purposely watching
her sweetness close back up after his exit. He loved to see
such things.

He walked over to the side of the bed and said, “Okay Dianne,
I want to finish off in you.”

“Are you going to cum inside me; fill me?” she asked.

“I’m going to plow you into the ground; my sweet little pony.”

Dianne let out a laughing sigh, recalling his remark at
Starbucks. She raised herself up on all fours, pointing
her hindquarters in Carlos’ direction.

“Hmmm, get on” she said to Carlos.

Elizabeth ran her fingers across Dianne’s delicate yet
well-muscled back. He stepped toward Dianne with his cock
in one hand, parted her lips a bit, and thrust himself hard
into her. She let out an whining groan, almost losing her
stance as she did. Carlos held nothing back; with each thrust
Dianne moved a bit forward and lower on the bed. She loved
what she felt, but began to “run away” from him a bit.

He changed to a more downward angle; Dianne began to buckle
under his weight. She was now silent; not able to respond
to his punishment. Finally, she was flat on her stomach,
legs spread wide behind her, her arms straight out in front
pushing against the wall next to the bed. Elizabeth simply
soaked it all in, rubbing her clit as she did.

After ten minutes or so, Carlos was in the home stretch.
Most of his weight was on Dianne; only his outstretched
arms on either side of her shoulders and his angled legs
reaching down to the floor prevented him from smothering
her. Each of his thrusts now pushed the middle of her slight
frame hard into the bed. Elizabeth enjoyed the ride of the
mattress, which now seemed like a trampoline.

Dianne couldn’t breathe, every bit of air forced out of
her as Carlos fucked her. Her mind raced; she became a bit
frightened that he wouldn’t soon stop, so she could inhale
once again. She loved the feeling, the excitement, the
rush of adrenaline.

Carlos’ entire body tightened. He was now on the tips of
his toes; his arms straight, triceps fully tensed, back

He let out a loud, long, groan through his clenched teeth.
Elizabeth sat wide-eyed as he came, never seeing anything
like that in her life. Her friend; this intelligent, educated,
gentle, man of the 21st century, had become a wild beast
right before her eyes.

“Fuck! Is that what it looks like when you fuck me?” Elizabeth

Carlos pushed himself up off Dianne. She simply lay there,
finally being able to inhale fully; cum dripping out of

“I have no idea.” Carlos said, breathing heavily; his cock
glistening with Dianne’s juices and his own cum. “I’m pretty
busy when I’m fucking.”

Dianne finally got a word in edge wise. “Told you I could
take it.”, she said between breaths.

“You sure as shit did.” Elizabeth answered.

Carlos simply looked at Elizabeth, and smiled.

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