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Turning the Tables


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Turning the Tables
Erotica | 2 Comments · 5 Love It | 4 months ago

So, I pick you up at the airport. You are coming to be my slave for the weekend as I have ordered you to do. I am wearing a short skirt so that I can make you work at my pussy lips and clit while I am driving you in the car. You are obedient and plunge your fingers into my wetness. Dipping them in, I make you return them to your mouth so you taste my sweetness and yearn for more. Sucking your own fingers, you begin to get hard. I rub you up and down through your jeans. More and more….as you squirm in the seat, and then I stop, tantalizing you. You haven’t earned any more than that. Yet.
At the hotel, I order you to undress. Place the metal cock cage on you, licking your balls. It is hard to get on because you are already raging. I swirl my tongue around the tip of your cock just as I release you from my firm grip. I attach a leash, and lead you to the bathroom and order you to draw me a bath. I enter the bath and you must wash me head to toe, touching me only with the sponge and not your hands. As you kneel before me, soaping and washing every corner and fold of my body, your hands touch my breasts and you are slapped hard on the ass with my paddle, bad boy.
I stand and order you to dry me off while on your knees. Then you must get in the tub and wash yourself. “Make that ass nice and clean for my tongue”, I say. I leave you to finish making yourself ready for me, ordering you to wait for me until I return. I come back, dressed in leather and heels, and grab you by your leash, pulling you by your cock into the bedroom. I advise you that you are allowed to address me only as Mistress, and that you may speak three words only to me – “Please” and “Thank You”. Anything else will get you a slap on the ass with my paddle.
In the room, I order you to kneel and kiss my pussy. I have detached the leash and I use it to pull you to me, as I grind on your mouth. ‘Yes, that’s good”, I say. ‘Don’t you dare stop”. I am pressing my clit into your tongue, hard. “Thank me for letting you eat my pussy”, I say. Obediently, you say “Thank you, Mistress”, and reach for my sweetness once again but I am ready for you to lie down on the floor. Upon my order, you lie down, splayed out before me. I place my heels on your chest. I look you up and down. “What a beautiful cock you have brought for me”. Now I am leaning over your cock, holding your balls tight in my hands. ‘I lick up and down the shaft of the cage…teasing you. “Don’t move”, I order, “or you will have to be punished”. I continue to lick, only slightly touching your cock with my tongue, your balls tight in my palm, and you can’t help but squirm under my touch. I make you roll over and spank you, reddening your ass. I lean over and lick your ass hole while you are still wincing from the paddle, creating a sensation of pain and pleasure that drives you wild. I do it again, and again.
“Get on the bed”, I say. You respond, “Thank you, Mistress”. Soon I am on your face, straddled, facing your cock. I let you eat my pussy for a while, and then lean down and take your cock in my hands, working it through the rings. You are smothered by me, my wetness is running down your chin. Your cock is straining against the cage, begging for release. “If you want me to let you out, you’ll have to beg”. You do. Earnestly. I listen to your murmurs for freedom, and, ready to have you inside me, I relent, freeing you with my hands and at once imprisoning you with my mouth, clamping down hard and sucking, your hardness growing in my mouth.
And now, I fuck you. Slowly lowering myself upon your cock, waiting, then lifting myself off all the way to the tip and down again. Your ass is straining, lifting towards me as I lift off of you, hungry for my hot, wet pussy. I am working you painfully slowly, savoring the sensation of your cock – and you are beside yourself with desire for release. I reach behind and grab your balls as I continue to ride you. You say, “Please, Mistress”, over and over again as I tease your cock and squeeze your balls. I begin to ride you harder, faster, pressing my clit against you with each thrust, coming toward my own climax. “Don’t you dare come until I am ready”. Faster and faster I ride you, bring myself closer to climax. Every time I feel you begin to reach orgasm, I stop, wait. It is not your turn yet. When I reach orgasm I spill my juices all over your cock.
I roll off of you and lay on the bed, legs spread wide. “Now fuck me, hard”, I order. “Don’t stop until you fill me to the brim with your cum.” You enter me swiftly and your dick goes deep. Not slow and sensual, but fast and hard, pounding me with your hardness over and over and over. You just keep saying, “Thank you, Mistress”, as you work yourself into a frenzy. My legs are wrapped tight around you and my pussy is clamping on every withdrawal, releasing on every entrance, the sensation bringing you closer to orgasm. Soon you are cumming and your creamy sweetness enters me, your cock pulsating over and over with your orgasm, you groaning loudly, my pussy milking every last drop from you.
As you withdraw, your juices spill out. I order you to clean my pussy with your tongue, taking all your juices into your mouth. Done with you for now, I reach for the chastity device and lock you up until I am ready once again to have my way with you.

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