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Truth VS Fiction, How I Became a Bisexul Woman Part II


First off thank you for your interest of reading what I have to say. As the title reads it's a part 2 so I recommend it might make more sence if you've read part one first. Thank you again either way. And I'm sorry to those who felt the title might be offensive to some, that was not my intentions.


That summer was the kicking off to something that only grew in time. I indeed loved women yet never yielding to my wants/needs. Please don't get me wrong I also loved men and mine was the best ever. Having been involved with a married when he was fifteen which lead to include several of her friends. Well those ladies taught him right.

By the time I got involved two years later he was what could only be described as "A Sex God" In his sexual prime and the knowledge of one many years older. Ladies, have you ever been cummed out, where only air comes out! But hey this is my story!

Being married very young and with children opportunity really wasn't there and we both had been faithful to eachother. But that didn't stop my mind from living out it fantasies, it has undress more woman then I could count and just wondering how she groomed or tasted was enough to keep me at a constant wet condition.

It wasn't until our late forties when we first entered the lifestyle. And thanks to an understanding couple I was able to get past my fears and live that dream. I still know her and we meet on a regular basis, sadly like mine her husband passed away.

Of course it was life changing and everything one might think, those who taken the same or close path surely understand. So other then I'm very glad and I'd recommend it to those still on the fence that's about it for the Truth end. Now for what should prove to be more enjoyable to read.


When Debbie's turn to host was coming near I avoided talking about it with my friends. Truth be told I was planing on pulling out in the last minute. I had lived down what happened those weeks earlier but to be with Debbie and on her ground seemed to be too much.

It was running into Debbie's mom in the mall the day before where she all but made me promise that I'd be there. Turning back as she left she yelled "be there by five" The funny thing it had always been at six, after eating dinner at home. But five was fine and beside the odds were dinner should be better aways.

I got there right at five as told, Debbie answered the door asking "why are you here so early"

I studdered but before I could get a word out her mom yelled "Betty is that you, please come in". Debbie huffed off up the stairs and I followed her moms voice to the kitchen. She was the perfect 60's mom, a sundress that's maybe a bit too short and an apron tied around her small waist.

My little clitty started to twich just at the sight of her and when she leaned over and kissed me, well I was primed and ready to go. About then Debbie had walked in, noting her moms lipstick on my lips and check she stormed back out of the room. Her mom said "don't let her bother you" then offered a taste of the stew she had been working on.

While removing the wet knot of her apron she asked me to yell upstairs fetching Debbie for dinner, her response was far less then pollite. Debbie's mom brushed by me in a flash apologizing on her way up stairs. Then began a screaming contest which it was unclear who was the winner. But after it settled down a voice called for me to join them.

I followed the murmors slowly opening the door left ajar. Standing on opposite sides of the bed they stood. With her finger pointed at her daughter her mom demanded ver and over " tell her" " tell her you're sorry" Debbie not following orders must of been the last straw. And now a new tactic, get undressed she demanded.

Debbie responded saying " no mommy no mommy, I'm sorry!

Sternly mom replied nope, it's too late for that now. After which very slowly the young daughter started undressing as commanded. She stood in her pink panties and arms crosses over her budding breasts, my body much further along. Mom still persistent demands the undies go too, with tears in her eyes the pink panties drop to the floor.

Mom tells her child, how do you like it? Others looking at you naked, and we're not laughing! Would that make you feel better? Well!?

No mommy.

Then why! Her mom asked. Why would you do that to her? Don't you like her?

Shaking the young girl replies back. No, I mean yes. I like her very much, more then the other girls. But she makes me feel funny so I react wrong.

So really you like her, you like her very much.

Yes mommy. Then when I seen what you did together I just got mad.

Mad at me, mom asked

No just mad it wasn't me, you two together without me.

Her mom now turned to me wondering what my thoughts were.

I think she beautiful, I like her too. I moved in and kissed her softly on the lips. Both our bodies shaking our tongues danced in the others mouth. I felt her moms hands reaching around me, unbuttoning my blouse and thoughts of stopping her the last thing on my mind. With one pinch my bra dropped to the floor freeing my firm breasts.

Reaching out I take a grasp of Debbie's hair then leading her to my chest. Like a newborn she drawn upon my wanting nipples. Mom has finished the job leaving me in my birthday suit and is now watching from a top the bed. I reached up, her hard nipples almost doubling her breasts size. She moaned loudly to the very touch.

I look over, mom has her hands busy upon herself over her clothing. Seeing an open spot I twist Debbie to the side laying her upper body upon the bed. Her apple of an ass to much to pass up, I bury my face in her without guilt or hesitation. Clearly the seed to the butt girl I am now. My tongue lashed at her, hole to hole I jump like a frightened rabbit. Debbie might have experienced what could of been her first orgasm. My face was awash in her juices and I couldn't be happier.

I pulled away only long enough for her to get up on the bed. After tossing my leg over her I lower my body within range, using the tip of her tongue she parted the whiff of golden hair on my moist pussy. Then as I sucked on her healthy clit like a tiny cock she sank her hot tongue inside of me. We ground our pussies against the others face and as if planned we peaked together, bodies left drained but so satisfied.

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there is nothing more beautiful than 2 women making love. I have learned so much by watching how women please each other. im so glad that I paid attn. to them. You have touched on ways to arouse women and please them , thank you for part 1 and2...Brandon


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Women bodies are perfect ! No matter size color..,


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Wow. This is great stuff!


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Sorry, not my best work. I was a bit rushed with a busy day.


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Very erotic. Thanks for posting.


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Very hot story! I can't wait to read more


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Always a nice read.....


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is there a part#3 just wondered what happened to Debbie mother


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i gotta admit I had to stop everything and read all of your writings. Great job of writing these stories but also for sharing so much of your sexual experiences!