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Truth VS Fiction, How I Became a Bisexual Woman


As far back as I can remember I noticed females more then males. I never thought anything of it as they had a pretty dress or beautiful long hair etc.. Then about tenish I started to notice more, her shape or lips...

Now a couple years later it refined further, her breasts or luckily for my mom's BFF at the time. She was a good ten years younger then mom and very sexual which I didn't understand at the time. What I did notice was she wore her clothing so tight there was little guess work needed. Pants that would reveil a pimple on her round ass, hiked up so very high they split her in half. But without fail when she stood up she yanked them even higher! God bless her.

She fueled many thoughts in me and only feed that budding part in me. About the same time just before or just becoming a teen as I look back. Some girlfriends and I had a habit of sleepovers on Saturday night, location changing weekly.

There we did what I'd assume most girls our age did in such a thing. Mostly goofing off and lots of giggle but to kiss a friend or be kissed by one was common and normally it was followed by laughter. Or on a lucky night you might find yourself in the bottom of the pile, a budding breast in your face or just the thin PJ separating you from that sweet pussy.

After we were made to settle down by whomever's mom I'd lay in the dark inside my sleeping bag. Head filled with thoughts and my finger working my soaked pussy, it's sloush filling my ears. I noticed if I stopped and held my breath the same sound could be heard from others around the room.

"The Truth" is nothing ever happened from those sleepovers. But looking back I wonder just how close we were, a kiss not followed with laughter or a grab with intent? I was on a fire keg and almost anything would have pushed me over the edge.

"The Fiction" I laid in my bag, two fingers in now. My pearl swollen and sticky, thought of bad things playing in my head. I'm trying to be quiet but it feels so good. Just as I'm feeling ockward knowing something is about to happen below, I being to pant.

Just then one of the girls jumps on top of my sleeping bag penning my arm between my legs. It's Debbie, the one girl I really didn't like but she was a friend of my friend Sue. Debbie screams "turn on the lights" almost immediately darkness is gone.

Debbie cries out again "she's touching herself" still on top of me. The other girl gather around with interest. Debbie tells me she's getting off but don't move my arm. She peels away my bag and there's my hand, two fingers still in my young pussy.

The other girls laugh but their eyes remain fixed. Debbie stands over me instructing me to continue. Sue breaks in saying "Stop, don't make her do that"

Debbie barks at her to shut up or she'll have to do the same.

With the others watching I once again start working my box. The feeling of excitment and shame at the same time. I'm sure I could of gotten there without it but looking up I could see Debbie's pussy, her sleeping gown flared outward. The thought of it was more then enough to reach orgasm.

Again the being lead by Debbie the girls rain down laughter. I jump up running to the bathroom for a good cry. Moments later a tap on the door, it's Debbie's mom having heard me.

I'm okay I say still whimpering, then another knock. "Open the door please"

She comes in wrapped in her robe having been in bed too. Soft and kind she asks what's wrong.

I can't believe it but I tell her what happened.

"You poor thing, don't worry Debbie will get hers" "let's go sit down" she adds and the escorts me to her room.

There we sit on the corner of her bed, her attempts to make be feel better. But mostly all I can focus on is her large boob that has become in full view with the parting of her robe. She notes my stare and reaches to fix it while saying "I'm sorry"

I sing out, please don't stopping her action. I smile as I watch her hand returning to her side. Her nipples were dark and far bigger then mine, now knowing they've turned hard and stretching at the skin.

In a whisper she asks if I'd like to touch them, no response back other then my shaking hand. Soft and warm I kneed them in my hands. She gently places her hand behind my head guiding me to her motherly chest. As proper I open my more to nurse upon her.

Not self sure I let her moans guide me finding what to do. Nipples now proud I take turns with each of them biting hard enough to strech them out until they snap back in place.

She leans in over me sending on my back a top her bed, boobs hanging over me I once again begin to suck upon them. She takes a hold of my arm at my sides then she slowly moves downward leaving a trail of kisses upon the PJ covered body.

Now above my mound, I can feel the warmth of her breath on my sticky pussy. My mind racing and with nothing to loose I whisper "please"

Nothing else needed as she shimmied my PJ shorts off and began to lick my kitty. About the time she finished with the old another fresh coat kept her at it.

I woke the next morning next to her mom our bodies nude and surrounded by ten eyeball, Debbie's being the biggest.

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Awesome What a delicious way to affirm your bisexuality

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Became Bisexual? That's like saying you "Became Gay" or you "Became black" or "Became Short" .... sorry but to real bi's things like this are offensive. Best of luck to you.


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Great story and a wonderful start of a bi sexual life


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What a great intro into sexual freedom!


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I enjoyed reading your story. Please tell us more!!


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Great Story telling.


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God I got so wet reading that and have been there


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That's a sexy story.


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Love the story, what I have liked to been a fly on the wall for that car with night vision goggles of course


Trapper69 61 G
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That would be so wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.


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I AM bi-sexual male -- and -- yes I like my self --and have for 50 yrs --


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nice story of an important event and a turning point in life


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Excellent story - enjoyed the descriptions