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True story. How my wife and I became swingers


My wife and I were and still are an ordinary couple who slowly
began to dabble with our sex life until we became swingers.
If you’re wondering how it happened we literally took
baby steps over many years. In other words we didn’t just
wake up one day and decide to fuck other people. In fact we
don’t know a couple where it happened that way.

We married in our thirties after falling deeply in love
and had no idea that within a few years we would consider
having sex with other people and remain married. We were
both educated, successful and knew our life together would
be wonderful. And things went as planned for a few years
just like we both expected and wanted.

Our sex life was awesome so becoming swinger was the farthest
thing from our mind. In fact we never discussed it let alone
would know how to get into swinging if we wanted to. It was
the first marriage for my wife, Jenny and the second for
me. Our relationships first dates was more as a friendship
than a courtship. Jenny was fairly conservative as I knew
being in her early thirties she had several healthy normal
relationships that included sex. But she had waited to
marry her true love which turned out to be me.

Let’s just say Jenny and I bonded first as friends before
we became lovers. And once we did make love several months
after our first date, we both committed to be with only each
other. We got married two years later in a very traditional
ceremony and began our new lives as husband and wife. Being
as old as we were, we decided not to wait too long before starting
our family. Within two years of our wedding, we had a child.

And as anyone knows who has had a child, the last thing in
the world parents have time to focus on is sex. Once the shock
of being woken four times a night wore off, our sexual desires
began to return although not like they were before we had
become parents. And as all parents learn, as your child
grows and becomes more independent, your sex life slowly
begins to return.

When our child was three one of the benefits we were quick
to take advantage of were grand parents and their willingness
to baby sit for us on weekends. Being parents also kind of
changed us both as we began to view those free weekends as
an opportunity to get away, plan something sexy and have
some fun. I decided to do something really crazy for our
first weekend getaway and asked Jenny if she was up for something
naughty. Didn’t want to shock her in the process but though
it might be more fun if we discussed it before hand. Sort
of gave my wife a chance to mentally stew to get her sexual
motor running in advance.

Jenny blushed but I could see the excitement in her eyes
when I made a few vague comments about planning a fun sexy
game for us. And please don’t expect me to tell you I invited
some other guy with a big dick to fuck my wife. Real couples
don’t make that kind of jump or come anywhere close to
that. It was more of a small step by step process we went through.

The truth was a bought a camera, the kind with instant photos
and a deck of cards. I hid them in my bag as Jenny and I drove
for about three hours to a nice hotel we had reserved for
our first naughty, sexy weekend.

And if you’re thinking what a joke, let me tell you most
respectable women would never allow themselves to be photographed
wearing little to nothing. To prove my point I ask you to
imagine all the women who live on your block. Now count the
number of neighbors you have seen nude photos of? So now
that I have cleared that up, I can continue.

We checked in and immediately I was excited as Jenny was
nervous. Kind of works that way as men and women view sex
differently. She had agreed to try something naughty but
not the moment we entered our room. Letting the anticipation
build within her only added to my own excitement.

We decided to first go out and check out the various attractions
in the area. We flirted with each other like crazy the rest
of the afternoon. My wife would ask for hints about what
I had planned but I told her nothing. In other words we were
making sex a fun topic not a routine. . After dinner we hung
around in the hotel lounge until around ten before we headed
back to our room.

The tension was thicker than ever as I locked the door and
saw my wife nervously standing a few feet away. She looked
so cute and sexy as her brown hair framed her pretty face.
My wife is slender, five foot four, average breasts and
long slender legs adding to her appealing image. “I can’t
wait any longer. What did you plan?” she asked softly.

Chuckling I pulled out the deck of cards and the camera as
she stood frozen watching me. She didn’t’ say anything
but I sensed her concern over the camera. “I also brought
a pair of scissors. We will cut up all the photos in a million
tiny pieces before we leave, ” I told her as she stared
at me smiling yet nervous. Jenny agreed although my wife
did have her concerns as she placed a blanket on the floor
to begin. We played strip poker and who ever lost had to remove
an article of their clothing and then be posed for a picture.

And to tell you the truth I was as nervous as she was when she
took my picture with my shirt off. In fact I lost the first
three hands and all I had left on were my jeans and underwear.
But luck swings both ways and my wife lost her shoes next.
Still I made her stand in the doorway leaning against it
in a suggestive pose. Jenny played it up well, pushing one
hip out while puffing her chest at the camera. But when she
lost the next hand, I watched her stand up and hesitate before
slowly pull her top over her head.

Her bra may have been a “b” cup but it looked as sexy as
any lacy bra I had ever seen. Her breasts were heaving on
her chest as I posed her with her one arms behind her head,
forcing her to push her chest out even more. We both heard
the click and waited as the picture came out of the camera.
It slowly came into focus and although the photo didn’t
look as hot as she did when I took it, it still was impactful
to look at.

That first game changed us both even though we didn’t
know it at the time. We were doing something different than
kissing and hugging before we would screw on our bed. It
made us each grow more daring as Jenny took close up pictures
of my hard cock and I posed her with her legs spread so the
pictures showed her swollen wet pussy. If you need a word
to describe us I would use the word vulgar. Granted we were
both respectable people but during our game our darker
side was coming to the surface.

And that weekend lead to other weekends as I added a blind
fold, soft ropes, dildos and vibrators into our games.
The more we ventured on a new sexual path as a couple the deeper
we wanted to go. One weekend she allowed to me trim her pussy
as part of one game we were playing. It was as if one high was
great so we wanted another high and then another until we
had tried almost everything a couple can try alone. We were
simply soul mates brave enough to make sex fun by not following
the traditional activities I had practiced with my first

But it needs to be stated that all the rest of the time Jenny
and I were a normal couple and typical parents living just
like everyone else around us. It was just those special
secret weekends we shared together that actually brought
us closer as a couple. And yes we still made love at home most
nights and it was great but we also both were affected by
those wilder weekends where we had been more daring and

Then one night we were watching TV and Jenny said my mother
had called and wondered if we needed a baby sitter soon.
I could tell my wife was thinking about the idea of planning
another of our naughty sex adventures. And yes let me say
one more time, our regular sex life had nothing to do with
our weekend sexual getaway adventures.

“What were you thinking?” she asked concerning what
new sexual highs we might want to try. It was a big leap for
me to tell her what I had been thinking about and didn’t
know how to say it and not shock her. Jenny grew tense waiting
for me to respond as I sucked for air and said to her, “I
want to watch another couple making love.” Jenny’s
reaction was priceless as she stared at me without responding.

“No one is going to let us do that, ” she finally said
gasping for air. “Wait here, ” I said as I got up, walked
into our bedroom and pulled out a swinger’s magazine
I had hidden a week before. “Don’t panic before I explain
myself, ” I said as I handed it to her. My wife flipped
the pages one after another staring at all the ads couples,
and singles had placed in the magazine wanting all sort
of sexual activities. Couples wanted to swap partners,
single men wanted threesomes and every other sorted kind
of thing you can imagine.

“This is insane, ” was her first response as she stared
at the pages in the magazine. Jenny was your typical conservative
wife and mother getting her first look at the underside
of human sexuality. But she never stopped looking at the
ads and photos. “Do you think these people are real?”
she asked. “I suppose some are fakes but not all of them.
I wondered if we should place our own ad asking if we could
watch a couple doing it, ” I said softly.

There was an edge in the room making it feel very surreal
as Jenny and I were in the verge of moving forward which meant
adding other people into our sex life. “And what would
they expect us to do for them?” she asked as soon as the
words had left my mouth. “I suppose they would want to
watch us doing the same thing. We could try and find a couple
who had never done anything either, ” I replied.

This was another very big step for us and we talked about
it for three or four months. We had always enjoyed the few
porn movies we watched in our bedroom but live porn was a
whole lot more serious and we realized it. In the end Jenny
and I decided to give it a try but only if the right couple
responded to our ad We were both leery that some couple could
try and trick us and have us go farther than either of us was
willing to go. We sent off the money with our advertisement
after renting a po box for our safety.

Going to check on our mail was as excited as anything we had
done so far. And while we waited the idea that some other
man was going to be able to see my wife both naked and being
fucked by me made me grow hard as much as the fact I was going
to see another woman doing the same thing. We finally began
to get mail which I would bring home causing my wife’s
face to turn red when I handed them to her.

Each time she read them her response was the same. “I can’t
believe we are actually thinking about doing this.”
Jenny and I had gotten pretty kinky with our games but it
had always been just her and I alone. Then a couple wrote
us and sounded just like us in almost every way. We were both
impressed enough to write them back and explain our fantasy
in more detail since the ad limited how much we could say.

Chuck and Susan were just a few years younger, sounded happily
married and had one child just like Jenny and I. The letters
back and forth began as well as normal photos were exchanged
months into this new friendship. Each time Jenny and I tried
to find something wrong with them, we always came up short.
Their reason for responding to our ad was because we didn’t
want to swap partners or go too far. They told us they were
both virgins when they met and neither had never been with
someone else and wanted to keep it that way.

And their photos looked nice as I tended to sneak peeks of
Susan when my wife was not home. She was attractive of course
and her breasts appeared larger than Jenny’s which added
to my surging hormones. I had a difficult time actually
thinking that someday I might see her naked having sex on
the bed next to me

What started with a simple naughty weekend get away with
my wife had grown and changed into something almost impossible
to comprehend. Although she was concerned and nervous
Jenny agreed to give it a try mainly because she felt good
about Chuck and Susan and trusted them to be true to their
word. A date was set, we all waited and five weeks later we
all left our homes to meet up at a hotel we had picked out.
It was an odd drive as Jenny and I talked about everything
but what we were about to do.

Let me also be truthful about the first time my wife and I
added another couple into the mix. It was not what we expected
and when it was over, we both felt a big time let down. Chuck
and Susan were polite and exactly the way they sounded in
all their letters. The problem was all four of us were so
nervous no one really felt comfortable.

But once the four of us were in the room alone after dinner
and a few drinks for courage, no one knew how to get things
started. We decided to play strip poker hoping that would
break the ice. It was arousing to watch my wife remove her
top revealing her bra in front of Chuck. I was thrilled that
another man was enjoying her like that. And equally as exciting
to see Susan sitting at the table wearing her bra which was
indeed holding back some healthy jugs. When our wives removed
their bras it added even more as I tried not to stare at Susan
but it was a challenge as she sat next to me with her large
soft breasts hanging inches from me.

We all decided to end the strip poker game at our underwear;
we took our own spouses to each of the beds and began. But
that was even a challenge because if we stopped to look at
the other couple, we stopped being with each other. So if
we focused on each other, we didn’t see much of what Chuck
and Susan were doing.

But I don’t want to paint the night as a complete bust either.
Fucking Jenny in front of them was really fun as we caught
them watching us from time to time. And Jenny and I also stopped
a few times and watched Chuck pumping his hard cock into
his wife while we remained locked together. It just turned
out to be a lot less than we had imagined. The fact everyone
was lying down on opposite beds didn’t really give anyone
a chance to see much. The whimpering and moaning were by
far the best part.

On our ride home the next day Jenny and I began to compare
notes. Her honestly was surprising and added to my million
thoughts already racing around. “What would have made
it even better?” I asked her after we had driven half way
and stopped for gas. “You know I still love you. But can
I be honest and tell you what I truly think?” she asked.
Feeling a bit surprised and tense I nodded yes curious what
my wife was thinking. “It was kind of cold the way we did
it. We all saw each other naked but that was not as much fun
as I thought it would be. Do you agree?” she asked. Again
I nodded yes waiting for her to continue.

“Well I think if we had switched partners only to get turned
on before making love with our own spouses would have been
a lot better, ” Jenny said. It was a homerun and I agreed
immediately. Chuck and Susan also agreed to our suggestion
when we called them a week later. They had felt the same way
we had and wanted to do more but not go all the way with someone
else. A second meeting was set for three weeks later.

It was so much easier since we all knew each other and felt
like real friends when we met up in the hotel bar early on
our second date. Susan looked great and even flirted a little
since we knew we would start out together before going back
to our own spouses. My wife and Chuck also spent most of the
time in the bar taking while making their own connection.
I think I was half hard just waiting for the chance to pull
Susan into my arms for the first time. And please don’t
take that to suggest I didn’t love my wife or she didn’t
love me. We were soul mates and this was just another fun
adventure which had a safe ending for all four of us.

We left the bar around ten about as horny as four people could
have been. But we walked with our spouses as Jenny and I chatted
briefly along the way. “Are you having fun so far?”
I asked her. She smiled, blushed and nodded yes as we reached
the hotel room the four of us were going to fool around in.
Once inside Chuck and Susan whispered for a second before
Chuck explained they were willing to share everything
except oral sex and intercourse.

Personally I would have loved the oral sex with Susan but
agreed feeling like that still gave her and I lots of ways
to enjoy each other’s bodies. “Well Ok. Then let’s
get started, ” I said as I watched my wife towards Chuck
while Susan approached me somewhat blushing. She walked
up to me as I pulled her gently into my arms as our lips touched
for the first time. The woman was hot as we both grew very
aroused in each other’s arms.

Being two inches shorter than Jenny also felt different
as we moved our bodies tight to each others for our second
kiss. That was my first chance to feel those nice big soft
boobs crushed against me and we weren’t even naked yet.
My cock grew harder by the second as it pushed against her
pussy yet Susan responded perfectly by grinding herself
at me. She may have only been with one man in her entire life
but she responded very well in my arms just the same.

A few minutes passed before we stopped kissing to look back
and see what our spouses were doing. Shocked was all I can
say when I saw my wife’s top had already been removed while
she pushed her bra against Chuck’s bare chest. But it
was a good shock as I reached for Susan’s blouse and began
to unbutton it. With each button her lacy bra came into my
view as my cock grew even more rigid. Once her blouse was
open, I reached in with my warm hands and held her large breasts
as she whimpered. Touching someone new was exciting and
did something strange and wonderful to me.

I also realized just how big a challenge it was going to be
once she and I were naked on one of the beds and had to control
ourselves. Her skirt came off next revealing her wet panties
clinging to her pussy lips. My yanked off my shirt and pants
within seconds and helped her turn our bed down. We were
on fire staring at each other while Chuck and Jenny were
still where they were when we first stopped to look at them.
We had made progress and they had stalled.

Susan looked at them as well and shrugged her shoulders
as we climbed onto the bed at the same time. I stared at her
female sexuality and gracefulness as she reached behind
and unhooked her bra before lying down next to me. I reached
for her bare breasts for the first time and was literally
trembling with excitement. Her warmth and softness mesmerized
me as I could not stop wanting to consume her breasts. Susan
made soft noises as we grew more comfortable with one another.

The heat we were creating was intensifying when I slipped
off my shorts exposing my manhood to her for the first time.
I also glanced up and noticed Jenny and Chuck still not on
their bed although they were at least down to their underwear.
Susan pulled my face back to her as she grabbed hold of my
cock with her soft hand. “Oh fuck, ” I whispered as
she giggled holding me firmly. We knew we would only go so
far yet our desires were way past the limits we had set.

She slowly began to stroke me to the point of boiling. I never
as aroused while having to fight all the natural urges that
I felt. I pushed her onto her back and slipped her panties
down her legs revealing her delicate swollen pussy. I didn’t
love the women at all but I wanted her more than anything
else at that moment in my life. Susan and I proceed to drive
each other to the brink of madness over the next twenty minutes
or so. She held my hard throbbing organ between her legs
as her juices coated it while we shared one heated kiss after
another. I adored the way she moaned once I began to finger
fucked her. I sucked her nipples hoping that was not considered
oral sex and she responded even more.

And then after another torrid kiss, Susan whispered to
me we had to stop for our own good. When I climbed off the bed
she waited for her husband on, I can definitely say I would
remember our playtime together for the rest of my life.
But as I stood up, raging cock and all, I looked over towards
Jenny and Chuck who were having fun but to the degree Susan
and I had just shared. They saw me looking at them as Chuck
got up before thanking my wife and headed back to be with
his wife.

I climbed on wanting and needing Jenny now that Susan had
light my fire but found her warm but not hot. But I was so aroused
I could not control myself as I spread her legs and pushed
my fat cock into her wet crack. And the entire time I fucked
my wife all I heard was Susan whimpering and moaning as her
husband fucked her.

When it was over and we parted ways I was curious to hear Jenny’s
story and why she did not get as aroused as I had gotten with
Susan. As she explained it, Chuck was a nice guy but when
he touched her, she felt funny. In other words he was not
her cup of tea. Our ride home the next day gave us time to talk
about what we had tried and if we wanted to try anything else.
My wife was not sure if she wanted to continue and just how
far she was willing to go.

I could make only one conclusion. We had a good idea but the
wrong guy for my wife to be with. A few weeks later I suggested
we respond to some other letters we were getting and try
and find the right man for her. She agreed but expressed
her concerns that she would never find that man because
she loved me and I was the right man. Translation: Most wives
don’t want to fuck around once their married but might
if a miracle fell in their lap.

We placed a new ad even clearer as to what we were looking
for and how far we were willing to go. We met several couples
over the next year or so but none of them seemed to be a fit.
Sometimes the other woman and I clicked and a few other times
Jenny seemed to like the other man but his wife didn’t
want to play with me.

But after you spend a couple years meeting other couples
and thinking about swinging, it numbs you. The idea of fucking
someone other than your spouse doesn’t sound so bizarre
or taboo. And the other glaring fact was obvious to both
of us. I would have enjoyed fucking any of the women I was
with for foreplay but either they wanted me to stop or Jenny
told the other man to stop. Finding the perfect couple for
both of us felt impossible at best.

Bill and Karen were a couple Jenny and I both liked based
on their letters. Maybe we had waited and were now about
to hit the jack pot. They were where we were at a few years
back having done nothing at all so far. Our age, just as curious
and just as concerned. Odd thing was Jenny and I had not really
done much but spend most of our time answering their questions.
We set up a meeting with them; played strip poker, swap partners
for body massages before going back to our spouses to fuck
in front of each other. Pretty much the same as we had done before.

Things went well, we all enjoyed each other and time we spent
on the bed with a new partner but like all the other times
we stopped, returned to our spouses and fucked in front
of each other. Remember Bill and Karen were just starting
out and Jenny and I were veterans. When everyone was finished
and dressed, Bill and Karen shocked us by suggesting we
meet again to go all the way.

I looked at my wife and knew immediately she was not interested.
I thanked them for the offer but explained I didn’t think
that would work for us. Bill and Karen were truly great people
and shocked us by inviting me to join them if Jenny was not
interested in a very sincerely and honest manner. I remember
standing there wondering what in the world my wife was going
to say. “That would be ok with me, ” she said as my jaw
hit the floor.

I asked Bill and Karen to give us a second alone to discuss
their generous offer. I was shocked on many fronts. First
that Bill and Karen were willing to move so quickly and second
my wife didn’t seem to mind if I fucked Karen as long as
she didn’t have to fuck Bill. And as it turned out Jenny
truly didn’t mind if I joined them and in fact encouraged
me to accept their offer. Her exact words were, “I know
you would love it and I don’t mind at all. But when the right
man comes along you have to let me have my turn as well.”

My heart was is my throat when I accepted their offer to meet
them the next night at the same hotel. Karen was as nervous
as my wife always was when I met them in the lounge. It is one
thing to meet a couple knowing nudity and some foreplay
would take place but very different knowing we were going
to do everything.

They invited me to their room where Karen stayed at her husband
side. But he waited only a few seconds before telling her
to go be with me. And I don’t know how Bill handled it but
he watched his wife and I embrace, get turned on and then
strip ready to fuck. She was horny but also nervous when
she laid on the bed with me by her side. We didn’t really
pay much attention to her husband although I sensed he was
watching everything I did to his wife.

It was a hot situation because of Karen but also because
I knew her husband was watching me slide my hard cock into
his wife. It had taken Jenny and I years to get this close
and it took Bill and Karen months. When I returned home later
that night I felt guilty even though my wife had given me
permission. Jenny was waiting up of course smiling when
I walked in. Having never done anything like this before
I was not sure how much information she really wanted to

“It’s your turn now, ” I remember saying after my
detail account of what Karen and I did in front of her husband.
Jenny took less than three months of writing to this man
she was thinking of getting together with. I had read all
of his letters as well as hers. I sensed if it went well, then
some barriers would come down and we could move forward
and find couples to swap with. It was just that my wife had
to do it her way the first time.

I told my wife she should set a date to meet with Jeff and to my pleasant surprise she insisted
on me being in the room for her safety. I looked forward to
watching her without having another woman occupying my
time and attention. And even though Jeff seemed like the
perfect partner for her first time, my wife seemed to hesitate
for the next few weeks. She finally made the call one night
while I watched TV and came back grinning from ear to ear.
“Next Saturday, ” she announced.

The week passed slowly until Saturday rolled around. And
just like every other time Jenny and I got ready to meet a
couple, she got nervous as hell. I was fairly certain she
was not going to go all the way but remained silent. She had
to make her own decisions and be pushed or forced into doing
something she might regret.

We wore one of the new bras and panties she had bought during
the week as well as a short mini and sexy top. She definitely
looked hot so the only real question left to be answered
was would be hot? They had arranged to meet in the lounge
of the local Holiday Inn which was nice and close for us but
a long drive for Jeff. I never asked me but I am fairly certain
he didn’t mind the drive especially if he got to fuck Jenny
as a reward.

And when we met, I shook his hand and pretty much stayed at
the bar allowing the two of them time alone to talk at a table.
My wife had told me she was going to decide very quickly.
If she felt some chemistry she was going to do it and if she
didn’t she was not to tell him no. I think I was as nervous
as she was watching the two of them from a distance, wondering
where my wife’s head was at.

My one beer turned into two so her quickly idea was not happening
and I doubted anything else was going to happen either.
And to tell you the truth I had mixed emotions about the whole
thing even though I had fucked Karen the week before. Over
the years since Jenny and I began this adventure of ours,
we had met so many couples and never once did it feel right
for her.

I was watching something on the TV behind the bar when I felt
a hand on my shoulder. Turning around I didn’t spot Jeff
and figured she had told him no. My wife blushed and whispered
in my ear, “If it’s still ok with you, I am going to go
to his room.” Shocked and I suppose a little confused
I asked her where Jeff had gone. “He’s waiting for us
in his room, ” she whispered back.

It felt like someone just hooked me up to a million volts
of electricity, I realized this was really going to happen
after all. “If you’re sure honey, then I am sure, ”
I said to her as I got off my bar stool and followed her to the
elevator. And it was odd in so many ways to be taking my wife
to a hotel room to service some other man. I was numb, excited
without a clue what I was truly going to witness.

A very typical hotel room, desk, dresser, one chair and
of course the bed. I shook his hand again and walked to the
chair in the corner leaving them with only each other. I
had seen Jenny kiss lots of other men since we stared so watching
her in his arms was exciting and predicable. My wife always
tilts her head perfectly as she held herself tight to him
in front of me.

And when he reached for her top to pull it over her head, I
heard her giggle softly. And you know it was sort of like
a game I was playing enjoying watching but still wondered
when she would stop him like she had done with all the other
men. “You feel wonderful, ” I heard her tell him after
her skirt came off and she was down to her bra and panties.

It was interesting to watch what appeared to be real chemistry
as the two of them acted like first time young lovers. When
Jeff let her go she smiled at me briefly as she rushed to the
bed and turned it down while Jeff got undressed. Her eyes
had a glazed look in them and her breathing was more rapid
than normal. That was the first time I began to think that
maybe she was really going to fuck this guy.

Jeff was quickly at her side again and spun her around pulling
her back into his arms. I could see their hungry lips mesh
together as the fire grew stronger. In fact with every other
man she had played with before my wife had never shown this
kind of passion and lust. My cock was beginning to harden
just watching the way she was responding to him.

I heard her say “Ok” to him before she reached around
back and unhooked her bra. Like I said my wife had small wonderful
breasts and those little pairs looked like they had two
darts sticking out from them as her nipples were already
swollen. Jenny giggled, kissed, moaned and whimpered
once the two of them laid on the bed next to each other.

The odd thing was I waited for years for this to hopefully
happen and now that it was I couldn’t believe it. Jeff’s
shorts came off before her panties and quite honestly he
had the ugliest cock I had ever seen. Long, hard with veins
that bulged and an odd twist to it. But apparently my wife
didn’t seem to care as I watched her wrap her lips around
his shaft and begin to suck on him as if she was actually in
love with him.

Between her making slurping sounds and his moaning it sounded
disgusting. But I also loved watching her sucking another
cock for the first time. I had to keep adjusting myself as
my boner was uncomfortable in my jeans while the two of them
kept creating magic on the bed. Jeff finally pulled my wife’s
mouth off of his throbbing organ and laid her on her back
as I watched closely.

When he slipped his hand under her panties, my wife muttered
“Oh yes. Oh yes”. Her panties came off quickly as her
pussy looked like a smashed soggy peach. His fingers played
with her as her breathing grew more intense. I was stunned
the entire time as my normally hesitant wife was really
getting into it with another man for the very first time.

Jeff slid down between her legs and drove her close to insanity
with his tongue for the next five minutes. I had never realized
how much my wife whimpers moans and even swears as she builds
toward an orgasm. I knew he had her and so did he because she
had cum Jeff climbed onto her positioning his cock at her
crack. They paused to share a kiss before he pushed into
her causing the air in her lungs to rush out.

Just like that it finally happened a few feet from me. Jenny
had another man’s cock in her pussy fucking the shit out
of her and she responded as if it was the best fuck she ever
had. His ugly dick squeezed between her bright pink pussy
lips and off the races they went. I had dreamt of this moment
for years and had begun to believe it would never happen.
But I was wrong and Jenny was fucking another man and was
really into it without holding back any longer.

Jeff fucked her for a fairly long time before he exploded
in my wife’s pussy. When he climbed off Jenny looked like
she had been put through her paces for sure. And when my wife
regained her composure she sat up on the bed and smiled at
me with a glow to her I recognized many times before when
her and I were finished.

So Jenny and I had began to talk more directly after that
experience and decided to join a local swingers club and
see if we couldn’t find other couples we both agreed on.
And over the next ten years we did find a few couples we swapped
with as well as a few singles we enjoyed. But none of it started
with us jumping into the boiling water all at once.

I wrote this because I thought it was time that someone tells
their story the way it really happened, not the way we think
it happens in a fantasy.

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Wow, superbly written. A great step by step tale of anxiety.
Very truthful sounding. Loved it. Tell us more, Please.

True story. How my wife and I became swingers


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...let me tell you most respectable women would
never allow themselves to be photographed wearing little
to nothing.

That's an incorrect generalization. Many women enjoy
being photographed. I doesn't mean the pictures will
go anywhere other than the woman and the photographer.


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As always well written, true to life and a real turn on. These
stories always get my heart pumping. You have a special
talent, grasp on reality that must have come from experiance.
I eagerly await your next one, then get better and better.


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My first real girlfriend was open to anything , we made love
in front of her Aunt and then she joined in . It was the I knew
they set it up . It was the best love making I have ever had
! One story i`ll keep to my self for ever ! Two grgeous Ladies
sucking me off at once UNREAL! To cum one on my ball`s one
on myy Cock and both playing with my Ass ! Wow ! I came 4 times
that night and we repeated it over 15 times till she went
college . We all keep in touch and meet for ? M M M Dinner ! LOL


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Nice story! Well written and look for the next!


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I thought that was a greaat story. And yes i to have photographed
my girlfriend. You are right the photos stayed with her.


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Very hot story and sounded to ring true. Well written as
I always look for your latest work. Enjoy this one a lot.