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True Story . Names are not changed to protect the guilty.


Opening the car door, she swung her legs outside, planting
her feet on the ground. Her back was to the yellow pick-up
truck that occupied the parking space beside her. In front
of her was The White Knights. Her heart was fluttering in
her chest and the first beads of sweat dotted her hairline.
She pressed her palm against her chest to still the pounding,
as her eyes swept the parking lot. There were several other
vehicles parked in various spaces but the parking lot was
void of people. Her mind wasn't on the people that could
be here, it was on the yellow truck that WAS here..
"It's probably not even him, " She thought.
"He got cold feet and it's just a coincidence
thats there's a yellow truck here."

She laughed nervously as she pushed upward with her body.
Standing outside, she closed the car door and leaned to
smoothe her skirt over her tanned thighs. Straightening,
she took short steps around the front of her car until she
was standing beside the drivers door of the truck. It was
empty, but staring back at her from the center console was,
119 on a small piece of cardboard. He had said he would write
the room number down and leave it in the truck. She didn't
realize she was holding her breath until she exhaled slowly.
119! The yellow truck wasn't a coincidence any longer.

She quickly scanned the windows of the motel, trying to
catch a face or curtain movement to see if he was watching
her. Nothing! Stillness. Silence, except for the passing
traffic and her own blood rushing in her ears. The urge to
turn and run was overwhelming. She glanced back into the
truck. 119.. It was there, beckoning her, taunting her.
Room 119. It screamed SEX at her. She turned to see if anyone
was close enough to see or hear her... Inhaling, in and walked
toward the side entrance of the motel. Her step faltered
one time as she stepped from the outside, in.

Her thoughts drifted back to the previous day as she stepped
from tile to carpet and glanced down the long hallway.

She had been feeling a little low after a luncheon date with
her boyfriend failed to have him committ to a later date
that evening or to make any plans for the weekend that included
her. After several hints that she was free for the upcoming
weekend went unnoticed, she replaced her sunglasses to
hide her dissappointment and her tears. He had seen them
but offered no response. They had kissed goodbye and he
still did not offer her a few hours of his time. She arrived
home, kicked off her shoes, made herself a tea and sat at
the computer.

Within minutes Richard popped on and she briefly considered
shutting down and wallowing in self pity for the evening.
But Richard said hello in his cheerful way and she answered
him back.

Room 100. She had to walk past 18 more doors to get to Richard.

"Hello Jude, how are you?"

Resisting the urge to break down and wail all her woes, she

"I'm good.. and You?"

"I'm good too ty.. And HORNY!"

"Yeah I know the feeling."

"So let's do something about it."

This had been their usual conversation for many months.
Flirting. Discussing their sex lives.. non sex lives.
Discussing their past sex lives. Discussing their fantasies,
that, they both hoped to fulfill.

Room 101, and, turning her head, Room 102. She continued
to walk slowly down the hall toward Room 119.

Richard: "So what are your plans for this weekend

Jude: "Same ol'. Working 3:15 and 6:15 tomorrow
but thats it. The rest is going to be a lazy and boring weekend."

Richard: "Horny?"

Jude: "Yes Richard, always. You know that.. But I'm
striking 3 for 3.. Hubby wasn't interested and you
know about my last 2 relationships.. They obviously didn't
feel the urge to fuck me, like I had the urge to fuck them,
or they would have asked for medical help. What's wrong
with me? 3 for 3.. "

Her throat hurt and her eyes burned as she felt the rejection
of the past 2 years. A lone tear trickled down her cheek.

Room 103 .. turning, Room 104.

Richard: "Let's meet tomorrow. Spend a few hours
kissing, licking, sucking and fucking."

Vivid images raced through her mind. Why not? They could
meet for coffee and if they clicked, they could make a fuck
date. She was tired of clinging on to the old fashioned thoughts
of 'no one night stands'.

Jude: "Ok Richard.. Sure. Where?"

Richard: "Really? You want to?"

Jude: "Yes." Her stomach did a flip flop.

Richard: "White Knights." And proceeded to
give her the directions.

Jude, with pen in hand, copied as Richard typed out the directions,
folded the paper and tucked it inside her bra.

Richard: "I always had a fantasy. Meeting a stranger
for sex. Getting a room, the lady show up, knock and I answer
the door naked. She keeps her eyes closed until I tell her
to open them. I take her hand and place it on my hard cock.
Then we kiss. I'm getting hard just thinking about
it. You gonna do this for sure? You going to show up?"

Jude: "Isn't this a coffee shop?"

Richard: "Motel."


Richard: "Lol.. Motel. We don't need a coffee
to get to know each other. We have talked for months."

Jude: "OMG Richard. I don't know. Maybe we should
meet first and see from there. What if you don't like

Richard: "Nope. I like you. I know I want to fuck you.
Meet me there at 11. See ya!"

Jude: "Richard wait!"

Richard: "Byeee.. See you tomorrow."

Jude: "Richarddddd.. WAIT! Don't you dare go.

Richard: "What?"

Jude: "Meet me here.. at the computer.. tomorrow.
At 11:30. We'll see how we feel then."

Richard: " "

Jude: "Richard. Here's my phone number. I promise
I'll be here tomorrow at 11:30. If I'm not here
by 11:45, call me."

Richard: " Ok.. Here's my number too. See you
here tomorrow at 11:30."

Richard went offline.

Room 105, Room 106.

Richard was on her mind every waking moment for the next
16 hours. Usually a good sleeper, Jude woke several times
during the night, and there was Richard.. grinning at her
with the biggest hard on she ever saw. Her mind and body were
on fire, but her feet were cooling.

Room 107, 108.

She looked down the long hallway as she turned and pressed
her body against the wall, shimming past the maid cart in
front of 109, 110. Her heart quickened, but not her step,
and the sound awoke the butterflies in her belly. She took
a deep breath and tried to swallow, hoping to drown the fluttery
creatures, but her mouth was dry.

Room 111, 112.

She turned and walked back to the maid cart, just as the maid
came out of room 109 with balled up linens in her arms. She
looked at Jude and smiled, and Jude smiled back, thinking,
'she knows I'm here to be fucked by a strange man',
took a deep breath and continued down the short hallway
to Room 119.

11:24 am Jude sat at the computer desk and flicked the ON
button. Her list showed very few people online and those
who were, were posted as AWAY. Richard was offline. A sigh
of relief escaped Jude's lips and she laughed. 'He
chickened out too', .. 'but at least I can rib
him and say I was here'.

Clicking an icon, she opened her email to send him off a message..
to remind him of their date and tell him that she had been
here, waiting... and waiting... to call him chicken..

A sprinkle of pixie dust announced someone popping online
and there, with a big smiley face, was Richard. A ripple
of excitement tapped each vertebre from her neck to her
tail bone, culminating in a soft, pulsating rhythm between
her pussy lips.

Richard: "Good morning. Glad you could make it. Ready?"

Every taut nerve screamed 'yessssssss'..

Jude: "No."

Richard: "Why?"

Jude: "I can't." 'Dumb bitch, say

Richard: "Yes you can. Let's go. You know you
want me as much as I want you. White Knight's. I'll
meet you there in 20."

Jude: "I can't. It's the last day of my period
and I'm afraid of surprises." 'Lies, her
period ended 2 days ago.'

A very long pause while Richard wrestled with these new
information. Her clit was buzzing away softly.

Jude: "I want to.. Oh God I want to. But I want to do everything.
I won't feel comfortable thinking my period might
start up." 'You big chicken Jude. Go for it. Hes
throwing a good fuck of a time in your face. Don't deny
yourself today. Just do it!'

Richard: " Ok."

Jude: " I'm sorry."

Richard: "It's ok. I want to fuck you but I want
to do everything too. Ok let's do it another time when
we are free to do and explore all. I want to eat you forever."

'Damn her clit!'

'AND her nipples. Oh god, how all threee buds of flesh
were punishing her at the moment!'

Richard went offline without another message.

Room 113, 114.

She sighed. Richard was gone and she was miserable already.
Her clit was steady strumming which caused her to throw
her body with the waves, to arch her back and grind her pubic
bone against her seat.

115, 116.

11:50 and her clit had not let up. Wetness had seeped into
her panties making them cling to her damp lips. She opened
email and sent Richard off a short message.

"Richard, I lied. Call me."

12:10 and Richard had not replied.

117, 118.

Frantically searching the papers on the computer desk,
Jude found Richard's phone number and dialed.

Richard: "Hello?"

Jude: "If you can't talk, just say wrong number
and hang up. It's me Jude. And if you still want to, I'm
ready. I had cold feet, I'm sorry."

Richard: "I can talk but damn, I'm just leaving
to go home." <Dissappointment was heavy in his
voice.> "Why didn't you call earlier?"

Jude: "I sent you off an email and included a picture.
I guess you didn't check email after. It's ok.
Another time then."

Richard: "What email did you send the picture?"

Jude told him and she could hear Richards's fingers
clipping away at the keyboard.

Richard: "Hold on." <Pause> "Oh
fuck!. Let me think.."

Jude: "Hey its ok. I got cold feet but we can another
time if you still want to. I want to fuck. I NEED to fuck."

Richard: "Fuck it. Let's go. I want to fuck you.
White Knight's. Yellow pick-up. I'll put the
room number in the truck where you can see it. And Jude? Close
your eyes until I tell you to open them."

Room 119.

She inhaled deep but slow.. Room 119.

Here she was. Room 119. She swallowed but her mouth was dry..
She worked her tongue and cheeks until her saliva glands
moved, then she swallowed again.

Leaning toward the door, she closed her eyes and listened.
Silence. Not a sound came from inside the room.

She exhaled and folded her fingertips into the palm of her
hand and raised her knuckle to the door and softly rapped
twice. Her heart was pounding louder than her knuckles.
Or was that her knees? She turned her head both ways, checking
the hallway from east to west. Vacant. Only the maid cart
in front of 109.

Her knees liquified as she heard the lock turn from inside
the room. As it squeaked open, she clamped her eyes shut
and prayed to God that it was Richard looking out at her and
not some stranger, to whom she would have to come up with
an explanation to why she was squeezing her eyes closed
in front of his door.

Jude took a deep breath and stepped inside the door. Keeping
her eyes down, she opened them just a little to see where
to step. Beside her left sandal were five naked toes. She
closed her eyes again and felt the soft whoosh of wind as
the door was closed behind her.

Cool fingers touched the back of her neck and the knocking
in her knees ricocheted throughtout her body.

"Can I open my eyes now, " Jude whispered.

A soft 'nnnooooo..' was whispered so close to
her lips that warm breath cascaded across her face.

Jude shivered and slipped her tongue between her lips to
moisten them, just as Richard's lips covered them.
Her dry tongue slid over his wet one and her knees buckled
as his kiss intensified. He was slowly moving his fingers
from her neck to her shoulders and downward until each hand
was lightly trailing over her mounds of chest flesh. Her
nipples were straining inside her bra, tenting her tight
black top.

No pressure, he just let his hands explore her body thru
her clothes.. down over her belly and around her waist to
lay them flat on her ass. She moaned into his mouth when he
squeezed her cheeks and drew her body against his, his bulge
of hard flesh pressing into her soft belly. Her knees buckled,
and she lifted her hand to find something to hold before
she melted into the floor.

"Now? can I open them?" Jude asked.

"Are you nervous, Jude?" Richard asked as he
kissed her nose and eyes gently.

His fingers had worked under the hem of her skirt, inside
the elastic of her panties, stroking her soft skin.


He laughed. "You're shaking."

Jude asked. "Can I open them now?"

Another soft "No."

His fingers left her bare skin and the elastic of her panties'
leg and slid around to the front button on her skirt. He flipped
the button out of its hole and tugged the zipper down. The
white denim skirt dropped to the floor, covering her sandaled
feet. Her head was tilted down and she opened one eye. Her
skirt was inside out, tangled around her ankles. She lifted
one foot and kicked the material away, placing her foot
a distance away from the other.

Richard was sliding down her body. Kissing her throat,
her chest, dragging his wet tongue down the center of her
breasts over her black top. Her nipples ached knowing his
mouth was so close. Her silky skin wound tighter and tighter,
choking Jude's breath inside her lungs. Richard kept
going and Jude realized her eyes were open when she saw paths
of saliva, .. glistening wet against the black material..
long silvery strands of spit Richard left on her top. Jude
moaned again closed her eyes to await Richard's request
for her to open them.

Richard's lips brushed her bare stomach between her
top and the elastic of her black panties. Jude drew her muscles
taut, arched her pubic mound forward and held her breath.
His breath felt hot against her covered pussy lips. He kissed
her mound, his bottom lip firm against the damp cleft in
her body. Her right hand floated to his head and she twisted
his hair between her fingers, drawing him hard against
her. Her knees liquified and she blindly groped for something
solid to grasp to keep herself from falling.

Jude bent her knees slightly as Richard's fingers
slipped inside the leg elastic of her panties.

"Ohhhhhh mmmmmm..", Jude moaned. This may
be Richard's fantasy, but she was enjoying it more
than he knew.

His fingers withdrew from her underwear, his exhaled breath
scalded her bare belly as he slowly kissed his way back up
her body. He kissed her closed lids and her nose and Jude
parted and puckered her lips for a kiss but his just lightly
brushed hers.

"Still nervous?" He whispered against her

"Yes." She breathed back against his lips.
" Are you naked?"

His fingers folded around hers and he drew her hand downward
until her fingerstips brushed along his naked hard flesh.
Opening her hand she wrapped all her fingers around his
cock and stroked very slowly from head to base, softly moaning.


Richard began to walk slowly backwards with Jude squeezing
and stroking his cock. He was leading her to the bed, she
knew. He gripped both her arms just above her elbows and
turned her body slightly, then gently pushed her back.
The mattress pressed against the backs of her knees and
her legs buckled. Her hand was still clutching at, and stroking
Richard's cock. Goosebumps rippled her entire body,
her fingers squeezed his cock hard, as her tongue slid over
her lips to moisten.

"Let me taste you, " she moaned as the tip of
her thumb circled the very tip of his cock cap, smearing
his precum over the entire tip.

"Not yet", Richard said.

As Richard gently pushed her back to the mattress, his cock
slipped from her hand and her thumb instinctively went
to her mouth where she licked and sucked his wetness from
it. His hands on her shoulders; he eased her back and she
let him. As her head touched the middle of the bed, she lifted
her arms over her head and drew one foot up and placed it on
the mattress. Richard's hands circled under her knee
and lifted her foot back to the floor. His hands then went
to her face, tracing his fingers over her closed eyes..
nose, lips, chin, throat and chest until they blanketed
her breasts. He groaned and squeezed them both under each
palm, pushing them up, then pulling them back. He slipped
his fingers under her top and pushed it high over her bra,
then he lifted her bra and pushed both articles of clothing
higher, exposing her large breasts for the first time.
Her nipples were taut twists of brown flesh and he leaned
over her and traced his tongue around each one. Her nipples
grew harder and Richard swiftly sucked one deep into his
mouth as Jude melted into the firm mattress. Richard didn't
know it but he had just found one half of the combination
that opened her floodgates. The mirrored mate on the left
held the other half.

After licking both breasts, sucking both nipples, Richard
dragged his tongue down the center of her chest. The urge
to open her eyes and watch was overwhelming, but she squeezed
them tighter, keeping her promise. His nibbling lips quickly
descended her body until he replaced his lips with his fingers
and slipped them under the elastic waistband of her panties,
tugging them down.. She lifted her ass as his other hand
slid under and curled over the elastic at her back. Then
he took them off, sliding them down over her thighs as she
lifted one leg, then the other to free herself of them. He
knelt down, his underarms over her thighs. She resisted
the urge to open her legs, letting Richard set the pace of
his own fantasy.

His warm breath was moist and whipsered thru her damp curls;
his breath coming quickly. She opened her fingers and gathered
the bedspread in her palms anticipating his next move.
She was panting, as was Richard. He lifted his arms and pushed
them between her thighs, between their bodies Turning
his hands outward, he slipped them behind and under Jude's
knees, lifted his arms, broadened his shoulders, until
the underside of her thighs lay on his shoulders, thus spreading
her thighs wide. Her lungs were bursting as Richard's
fingers pulled her pussy lips open, then exploded when
his mouth covered her wet pink flesh, his tongue depressing
her swollen clit flat.


She tilted her chin against her chest and looked down her
body. Between her rising and falling mounds of soft flesh
with the dark brown nippled peaks, was Richard's tousled
blonde hair. His face buried in her cunt.

"Ooohhh fuckkk.. oohhh Godddd Richard", Jude
moaned, punctuating each word with the lift and fall of
her hips.

Richard's moan was muffled against her wet slippery
cunt, her labia swollen around his lips. He licked and sucked
and teased her clit and vagina with his tongue. Stiffening
it to slide it into her tight muscled entrance, relaxing
it as her muscle contractions pushed it out. Over and over
he fucked her with his tongue, He fucked in, she expelled
him with spasms. Her juices were slowly dripping between
her ass cheeks.. each droplet growing as a new one rolled
to enlarge it, until they dripped onto the spread, soaking
it. He replaced his tongue with a finger, turning and twisting
it inside her ridged tunnel while his lips clamped unto
her clit and sucked without mercy.

"Oh My God.. Ooohhh my Godd I'm gonna cumm.."
Jude panted.
The warmth started behind her belly button and spread outward
quickly as she came. Her belly heaved, her sphincter muscle
spasmed and her cunt muscles milked Richard's fingers.
She slipped her fingers between Richard's lips and
her clit to break the suction and she felt him rise away from
her body. She had no energy to move. She felt him crawl over
her body , felt his cock slide against her swollen pussy
lips. He lifted her legs, pulled her body toward him until
her ass was nestled between his spread thighs.

"Open your eyes Jude, " Richard said.

Jude dragged her eyes open, fully open for the first time.
There, was the handsome face of her lover, chin and cheeks
wet from her juices. His red lips glistened and begged to
be licked and kissed. She lifted her hands and cradled his
face to bring his lips closer to hers. Her tongue trailed
across his lips and she tasted herself. Richard leaned
back and looked into her eyes, smiled and drove his cock
all the way into her.

"Yeeeessssssss.. Oh God yesss, " she cried,
falling back unto the bed and arching her body upward to
meet his thrusting cock. His hard cock squelched into her
wet body and she again lifted her head and drew Richard's
face close to hers. While they humped and fucked, she licked
his face clean, then kissed him passionately as he drilled
her body deep. Their position mashed their pubic bones
together over and over, her swollen electrified bud of
flesh sliding the length of his cock with every thrust..
with every withdrawal.

"Fuck me Richard, " Jude moaned.

"I am.. Oh God I ammm, " Richard groaned.

With her ankles locked behind Richard's waist, her
fingers clutching his head, Jude matched Richard's
thrust with her own. She strived to reach the peak again
with Richard prodding her on. She looked into Richard's
mature face and his blue eyes twinkled as he smiled back.

"Nervous now?" He asked as his cock slid in and
out slowly.

"No." She smiled back, then moaned as Richard's
hands circled her breasts, squeezing the mountains of
soft flesh. He moaned and leaned forward, his mouth opening.
She tilted her head to watch as his lips neared her hard nipples.
They were stretching out to meet his mouth.

"Fuuuccckkkk, " she hissed thru clenched
teeth as his mouth took one entire nipple in and sucked hard.
Her cunt responded to the suction by clamping hard around
Richard's sliding cock. His head turned and he tugged
her other nipple with his teeth. She raised her hips hard,
fucking him back.

Richard sat up on his haunches, leaned back and looked down,
watching his cock slide into her and moaning as he withdrew
it, her juices clinging to his veined tool. He tightened
his ass cheeks and drove forward again, moaning loud as
his mushroomed head buried into the hot silky neck of her
cervix. He withdrew and rammed forward.. withdrew and
rammed, faster and faster. Her fingers moved down and spread
her cunt lips wider. She anchored each lip with a little
finger as her fore finger and index of her right hand moved
over her clit. Rubbing it back and forth.. faster and faster
as he fucked her faster and harder.

"Jude.. Ooofuck baby.. Oh yeah Ooohh yeahh Im gonna
cum baby.. ooohfuck.."

Jude made little whimpering noises and Richard felt her
body stiffen. He felt his own sphincter tighten, gently
summoning his testicles home as he plowed into her. Her
moan came forward on a rush of pent up breath and Richard
felt his balls plop home beneath his cock. For a brief second,
his body stiffened. Hot, liquidy flames seared his inner
thighs, his testicles contracted, tugging the puckered
silk surrounding his anus, as his cum shot up his rod, out
the gaping hole on his cock head, depositing it into her
body, over and over and over.

Drained, he fell to the bed beside her.. His muscles quivering,
his body wet. He draped an arm across her stomach, smiling
as he felt the aftershocks of her orgasm ripple thru her
as she came back to earth..

Recovering before she did, Richard went and filled two
glasses with water. Laying on his side beside her, they
drank the cool water.. replenshing their drained fluids.

They looked into each others eyes and smiled. Jude reached
out hand and touched Richard's face. Stroke her fingers
across his handsome face, traced his wet lips with one finger.

"Jeez Richard. Such stamina mmmmm, " she moaned
as Richard sucked her finger between his cool lips.

"I'm glad I came Richard." She said as she
pushed her finger into his mouth.

They both drank again from their glasses, letting the cool
liquid trickle down their throats. Richard placed his
glass on the night table and spooned against Jude's
body. Her naked flesh was damp but cool and felt good against
his own. He pulled her body against his, his limp cock nestling
against the crack of her ass. Jude moaned when he arched
against her and nuzzled her neck and shoulder. He took the
curve of her shoulder where it met her neck, into his mouth
and suckled softly. His hand cupped her breast, kneading
it softly. Her nipples wound tight, poking straight out,
searching for his fingers. He brushed them across the tip
of her brown bud before tweaking it, twisting it, making
her moan. He was moulding her tender flesh into silky hard
structures, every tug and pull caused her vagina muscles
to contract and her diaphram to push air from her lungs.
His lips kissed her shoulder harder, his hand gently pulled
her toward him so she lay on her back. His lips latched onto
her throat and he suckled every part, eventually her chest
and and her jiggly mounds. His lips replaced his fingers
on her right nipple, but they instantly claimed ownership
of her left.

Jude shifted her lower body more comfortably, resting
her hip on a cool wet spot. She giggled against his hair.

"I never thought I would say this but, I'm glad
the wet spot is on my side of the bed."

Richard mumbled around a mouth full of flesh, "I don't
think there's a dry spot on this bed."

They both laughed, relaxed and contented.

Richard chewed her hardening nipple softly, flicking
the tip with his tongue before sucking it.

Jude moaned. "I'm so glad I came Richard."

"I am so glad you came too Jude, " Richard said
and then sucked half of her breast into his mouth. She melted
under the weight of his upper body, moaning as she felt his
cock nudging her right hip.

Richard reached for the glass of water and slowly tilted
the glass over her. She held her breath as she watched the
clear liquid reach the lip of the glass and drop unto her
hot nipple. He then trickled a line around her breasts and
down the center of her belly and over her hairy pubes. She
gasped as the coolness invaded between her hot cunt lips
and trickled between her ass cheeks. The cool water felt
good against her flaming inner and outer pussy lips. She
parted her thighs and let the water cool her asshole as well.
Richard again lowered his mouth to her nipples and drank
from them. Fresh spasms rippled up her spine and back down,
spreading warmth thru her body. Richard lips followed
the trail of water, lapping it up like the water was the last
of its kind.

His lips felt hot against her cool cunt and she squirmed
with pleasure. His tongue slipped between her fleshy folds
and he continued to drink. He then flipped her unto her back
and slipped an arm under her lower belly, raising her ass
high. Her moan was a long cry of pleasure when his tongue
touched the tip of her achy clit and and continued on that
forbidden journey between her wet pink folds of flesh and
beyond. His wet muscle swiped over her asshole and she cried

"OMG Richard.. Ooohhh fuck .. mmmmm Yesssssss!!"

He darted the tip of his tongue against the softness of her
asshole. She was as liquidy as the water that had trickled
over her body earlier. Richard's tongue slowly pushed
forward. Jude pushed back. Richard strengthened his wet
muscle into a spear and slid it inside her body. Jude whimperd
softly. His tongue slowly slid in and out of her ass and she
rocked against him, meeting his thrusting tongue. She
felt his fingers probing her gaping cunt lips. Then felt
his fingers twist and enter her. His tongue was fucking
her ass and his fingers matched the rythem inside her cunt.
Faster and faster he fucked both her holes and Jude's
moans got louder.. longer.. until she stopped.. stiffened
and came with a loud groan that resembled his name. Her spasming
vagina muscles and sphincter pushed his tongue and fingers
from her body. She dropped to the bed, again exhausted.
Richard slumped onto the bed beside her.

She rolled unto her hip and felt his cock against her fleshy
cheeks. Rolling completely to her side she arched her back
and pressed her ass against him. He grew hard against her

"My God is this man for real?" Jude wondered
as his erection slipped between her wet thighs and nestled
against her swollen lips. She was loving every wave of pleasure
that he was sending across and thru her body. "And
so quickly! MMMMMMM!" She afforded a quick glance
at her watch and inhaled sharply. 2 hours had passed so quickly!

She moaned long.. both from the knowledge that their time
was almost up and from the cool liquid that Richard had again
started drizzling over her hot flesh. She was tired but
didn't want this day to end just yet.

Richard's cock was hard as a rock. His slowly thrusting
hips kept his shaft and her pussy wet. His fingers were playing
with both her nipples at once, tugging them outward and
twisting them, gently rebuilding the fleshy structures.
His lips and teeth were nibbling and chewing her shoulders,
her back and neck. His cock kept sliding in and out between
her thighs. Jude reached behind her and wrapped her fingers
around his sticky cock, gently pulling upward.. dragging
the spongy head against her wet flesh until it connected
with her puckered asshole. She arched her back and Richard
thrust his hips forward slowly. Jude's hand massaged
and squeezed and pushed Richard's cock as she pressed
her ass back against him.

Richard stopped chewing. He held his breath.

"Thats it Richard.. Nice and slow."

She seesawed her bottom back against him over and over,
whispering words of encouragement to him.

"Ohh yess.. Feels so good Richard.. MMMM The head
against my asshole.." She thrust her ass back at the
same time she pulled his cock against her.. Moaning as her
taut sphincter slowly.. slowly stretched around Richards
thick mushroom. He had leaned back, his hands on her waist,
pushing her forward; watching his cock inch by inch by inch,
slowly work its way into her ass.

Jude pushed and pulled his cock slowly in and out.. VERY
slowly working the wet tip into her tightest hole.

"VERY slowly Richard.. very slow.. You want my ass,
don't you Richard?"

Richard's reply was a feeble groan moan. "yess.."

His fingers tightened on her waist and Jude knew it was now,
or Richard would cum before he got his cock in. She knew the
feeling of, pushing his cock into a resisting asshole,
plus the visual, was working him into a frenzy that he would
not be able to control soon. Arching her back and thrusting
back against his hips, Richard's cock head popped
inside her hot ass. They both gasped .. not moving.. letting
the invader and the invaded, adjust.

"Richard.. Fuck me, " Jude whispered.

Richard clenched his ass cheeks as he slid his cock into
her hot tight body..

"Ohh fuckk.." Richard mewled. "Sooo
hot.. and TIGHT!"

Grunting and moaning Richard got a rythem worked as Jude
doubled herself in half, her knees drawn up to her chest
as she lay on her side.

"Ohh fuck Jude.." Richard moaned, his hips
pistoning his cock deep into her. "I'm gonna
cum.. GAWD!!! I'm cumming!!!!!" Richard's
balls squeezed tight as he shot his steamy load deep into
her bowels.

"Yessss Richard.. Ohh fuck baby.. Sooo good.. Yessss
Cumm.. Fill my ass with your spunk.. " Jude loved the
feel of his spasming cock inside her. She squeezed her sphinter
muscle tight causing Richard to groan and shiver.

And yet.. Another fall to the bed in exhaustion.

They recooperated slowly.. both using the bathroom to
freshen up and replenish their liquid intake. Richard
again brought two glasses of water to the bed, offering
her one, while he drank some of his and replaced the glass
on the night table..

They were both very touchy feely and altho they were relaxing,
their fingers never stopped their blind exploration of
each others bodies. Richard's fingers found her pussy
lips..Feeling that she had been greedy she turned to Richard
and said,

"No Richard.. let me.. It's time I pleasured

"You already are Jude, " Richard said.

"Here lay down.. On your belly, " She said as
she patted the bed.

Richard turned onto his belly on the bed. Jude crouched,
spreading his legs with both her hand, kneeling between
them. She reached under Richard and dragged his hard cock
down so that his cock lay underside up to her and each testicle
drapped to either side over his cock.

"Beautiful, " Jude moaned and lay on her stomach
between Richard's thighs.

She licked the purple head, wiggling the tip of her tongue
along the cleft. Richard's hips moved up and down slowly.
His moans were muffled against the pillow. Jude licked
the length of his cock then lapped at his balls. She loved
the way the little contractions tightened the sac around
his hard plums. Opening her mouth she sucked one smooth
plum thru the sac, then the other. She sucked and lifted
her head until his testical stretched away from its mate
and then plopped back against his shaft. Then she sucked
the other. Richard lifted his hips to allow his hardening
cock room to grow. When he did, Jude knelt behind him and
placed both hands on either cheek, spreading them wide.


"Oh God Richard, " she moaned, the rest of what
she said was muffled as she buried her face between his cheeks.
Her outstretched wet tongue licked over his asshole and
Richard's moans got louder, even tho his face was still
buried in the pillow. He lifted his ass higher and Jude complied
by placing her thumbs together over his asshole and pulled
gently. Hardening her tongue she leaned against him, his
tight sphincter muscle too tense to allow her entry. She
probed and licked and sucked and kissed until Richard slowly
relaxed and she eased the tip of her tongue into his brown
starred center.

"Ooooohhhhh fuckkk Jude, " Richard gasped,
bucking his ass against her face.

Jude wrapped her hand around Richard's hard cock,
stroking the tight skin over the shaft as her tongue gathered
speed, darting in and out of his silky asshole. His heavy
nuts slapped her chin and then her hand as she tongue fucked
him and stroked his cock faster. She loved it when his muscle
spasms expelled her tongue from his body and she rewarded
him over and over with a long, deep wet probe and lick. His
hard cock was flexing in her hand, the veins popping.

Richard pulled away from her tongue, his cock slipping
from her hand. He cradled her face in his hands and kissed
her mouth hard. Jude moaned, partly from the pain of having
her tender lips cruushed, but mostly from the pleasure
Richard's moaning gave her.

Richard's cock didn't waver as he hurried behind
Jude's upturned ass. His left hand gripped her hip
as his right hand gripped his hard cock, pushing it down
against the hardness, aiming it straight into her wet cunt.
With his spongy wet helmut nestled against her throbbing
muscled entrance, Richard grasped both her hips and drove
the entire length of his cock into her. Their sharp gasps
sounded as one as he plummetted his tool into, and out of
her body, over and over.

"This is what you want, isn't it Jude?"


"Yesssss mmmm yessss.." She cried as her fingertips
found her throbbing clit and roughly rubbed it in time with
Richard's pounding cock. His swinging balls rapped
her knuckles as they both continued the climb for that ultimate
orgasm. Richard was close but he wanted to wait for her to
cum. It was getting more and more difficult to hold back.

"Ri-i-i-cha-a-rd-d-dddd.. I'm gonna cum, "
Jude screeched. "Geeeeezzzuzzzz yesssssss."

Tremors tightened her every muscle and Richard's
nuts were sucked inside his body for a split second before
his cock erupted, spewing warm creamy sperm into her hot
tunnel. Each flex of his cock was met with a spasm from her
cunt walls.. squeezing his shaft. As he tried to ease his
cock out, the vacuum inside her pussy sucked his cock. He
withdrew slowly, then pushed back in.. easing slowly out
a little further, then pushing his cock back inside her
again. He finally withdrew his cock amid a long wet, slurping
as her cunt walls refused to let go. He fell atop her body
and they both collapsed on the bed. Their only movement
was the rapid rise and fall of their chests; an occassional
shudder thru their bodies as each nerve ending unattached
itself from another, was the only sound.

Richard groaned as he rolled and slid off Jude's sweaty
body. Wrapping his arms around her, he drew her close and
kissed her wet shoulder. His fingertips found her soft
nipple and tweaked. Jude moaned softly as the pressure
on her nipple caused her vaginal muscles to contract, squeezing
his cum out. The warmth spread slowly over the front and
back of her thigh as his creamy goo trickled out of her body.


He slipped his hand around her face, cupped her chin and
turned her face toward his.. He kissed her lips softly.

"I'm glad you came too Jude."

They smiled at each other, each knowing the secret that
this was the first time, but not the last of their fantasy

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A note to Richard.. I ended the story not exactly as it ended
in the room.. They wouldn't have believed me anyway..
lol.. Thanks hun for making this story possible.. Jude


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Hmmmm...what a wonderfully teasing I
can't help wondering how this story really ended!