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Trisha and Scott


Trisha relaxed in a nice warm bubblebath as she reflected
back on the past three months. She found it hard to beleive
that she and Scott had only been dating that long. She had
thought of herself as a prim and proper lady, so some of the
stuff she had allowed Scott to do with her had really taken
her by surprise. Her sexual awakening had been a real eye-opener
for her, and she found that she was spending almost all of
her time thinking about it, in her dreams and all day at work.
She just couldn't wait to be with Scott again to see
what new adventures he would come up with. Well, today it
was going to be her turn to be creative.
A few days ago Trisha and Scott had been cuddled up on the
couch watching movies. The afternoon had been spent at
the beach enjoying a very warm and sexy day at the lake. They
always enjoyed people watching and seeing what other couples
were up to at the beach, but the most enjoyable part for Trisha
was seeing what they could get away with themselves. Some
days there were just too many people around to get really
adventurous, and on those days things didn't usually
progress much beyond teasing each other and copping a feel
once in a while. Other days they did get braver.
One day not long after they started to go out together, Scott
had suggested to Trisha that she put on a little show. Trisha
wasn't sure what he meant, but soon found out what he
had in mind. Scott told her just to lay down on her stomach
while he put some suntan lotion on her back. She had no sooner
laid down than Scott pulled at the strings of her bikini
top and laid her back bare. As he massaged some suntan lotion
in he casually looked around to see who might be watching.
When he found a guy paying attention to what was going on,
he leaned over and whispered "OK, show time".
Trisha glanced back over her shoulder to ask Scott what
he was talking about. Scott encouraged her by saying "that's
right, lift your shoulder a bit more and turn back towards
me to ask what I'm doing". As she did that Trisha
remembered that her top was unfastened, and quickly returned
to laying down. Scott laughed and said that he didn't
think she'd turned enough for their audience to see
very much. Trisha blushed as she realized that Scott was
intentionally trying to get her to flash her breasts so
someone else could see them. They didn't go any further
that day, but in the days that followed Scott encouraged
Trisha to lighten up and have some fun.
Since that first day, Trisha certainly had loosened up
quite a bit. Most days Trisha would 'accidently'
flash some skin at an unsuspecting target. They both got
a charge out of watching the reactions they got from their
'victims'. A glimpse at a bare nipple was usually
enough to cause some interest from their target. Trisha
found that she actually got a charge out of being a bit of
an exhibitionist. She watched from behind her dark sunglasses
as men tried to position themselves for a better view, and
she smiled at the way they tried to pretend they weren't
watching as Trisha 'accidently' brought her
breast into view again. With Scott's encouragement
she became braver as she realized there were no adverse
reactions from any of the gawkers. Sometimes she even 'accidently'
turned on her side while she 'napped' in the sun,
putting her breasts on open view of whomever was parked
on that side of her. She got a charge out of watching the bulge
in some guy's swimsuit as he enjoyed the view. Of course,
Scott got a charge out of all this as well, and they often
discussed the day's adventures as they drove home.

The last time they were at the beach Trisha had experienced
something new. Lately Scott had been getting her to position
herself so that her legs were pointed directly at the 'target'
on a blanket not very far from them. As Scott rubbed the lotion
into her legs he would gradually spread her legs apart so
that he could make sure the lotion covered her exposed skin.
He encouraged Trisha to go along with this, and spread her
legs ever wider for the audience. The new experience this
time was that Scott 'accidently' moved the fabric
of her bikini to one side as he rubbed on the lotion. Not only
had this almost completely exposed one side of her bottom,
but she could feel the material slide over her pussy lips
as Scott's fingers slid over them and up over her cheek.
Scott had warned her beforehand that it was his intention
to expose her pussy to view, but she wasn't quite ready
for how naked it made her feel. She thought she'd die
of embarrasment, but didn't reach down to cover herself
as she really wanted to push the envelope and experience
this next step. She quietly laid there with her legs spread
knowing that someone was getting a view of more than what
he would be expecting.
Scott laid beside her and whispered that it was OK. He told
her that she did indeed have an appreciative audience and
that nothing bad was going to happen. Trisha was encouraged
by this news and slowly spread her legs even more as she turned
to talk to Scott. After about ten minutes, she couldn't
stand it any longer and turned enough to get a quick look
at her audience. She had discovered that seeing the look
on her target's face gave her an added thrill. She almost
choked as she glanced around and saw a couple on the blanket
watching her. The only thing that stopped her from slamming
her legs together and putting an end to the show was the smile
on the woman's face. Scott chuckled as Trisha blushed
at the discovery. He told her everything was going to be
just fine, and that he wanted her to sit up and face the couple.
As she reached behind her and retied her bikini top, Scott
sat up and faced the couple, and shortly after, Trisha did
the same. She was concious that she was still exposed, but
couldn't tell how much the other couple could see.
Scott told her to pull her heels up and keep her legs spread
enough to make sure the audience could see. Nothing much
else happend at the beach that day. Trisha kept herself
on display a while longer as she tried not to let on that she
was watching the bulge in the other guy's shorts. She
glanced over at the other woman a couple of times to make
sure she wasn't upset, and was intrigued that the other
woman seemed to be actually enjoying this teasing of her
husband or boyfriend. She had spread her legs a little as
well to give Scott something to look at, but she wasn't
nearly as exposed as Trisha.
Eventually the other couple left without saying anything
other than what a nice day it was and that maybe they'd
see more of them another day. All the way home Scott and Trisha
talked about this adventure and how much fun it had been.
Scott teased her about the other woman enjoying the view
as much as the guy did. Trisha tried to brush off those comments
as being more teasing on Scott's part ... but secretly
she wondered if it was true.

Half the time when they had a movie night, Scott would include
an 'adult' film in with the evening's selections.
He usually picked a 'couples' movie which had
a story to it. Trisha was somewhat shocked the first time
she watched one of these movies. It started innocently
enough, although she didn't recognize any of the actors.
When the love scene started a few minutes into the movie,
Trisha was interested - she always liked love stories and
cuddled up closer to Scott while they were playing.
She wasn't surprised as the actors got naked because
that was quite common in the movies they normally watched.
She wasn't really surprised to see the guy's cock
either as there were more actors doing the full monty lately.
What did catch her off-guard was when the woman reached
over and put her hand around his penis and then proceeded
to give him a blow job. She turned to say something to Scott
but before she could say anything her gave her a long kiss
and cupped his hand over her breast. They were soon in the
throes of passion and she forgot about the movie as they
fucked right there on the couch. Soon they were almost always
including an 'adult' movie in their movie nights.

The last movie they had watched was called 'Threesomes'
and it had generated quite a discussion between them. This
wasn't a movie with much of a story, but a series of unrealted
scenes. For fifteen minutes two guys would fuck a woman
in various ways, then a different trio would be featured.
During the first three scenes Scott kept commenting about
the action, hinting that maybe they should try a threesome.
He knew a few guys, etc, etc, etc. Trisha didn't say
she would, but she kept wondering what it would be like to
have two guys at once - it certainly looked like a lot of fun.
Deep down she figured it would never happen - sure Scott
seemed to really enjoy getting Trisha to show off her assets,
and the shows had been getting more hard-core lately, but
would he really want to share her with another person? She
didn't want to appear too eager about the idea, although
privately it did get her pretty wet.
Well, the fourth little scene in the movie was what turned
the tide. Trisha was giving Scott a nice blowjob when she
glanced up at the screen and noticed that it had changed
to one with two women and one guy. She found that this threesome
really turned her on. She found herself torn between confusion
and real lust. She had found it interesting in previous
scenes when the woman had a cock in her pussy and another
one in her mouth, but the scene she was watching now blew
her away. They had pushed the guy down on his back and one
woman had impaled herself on his cock and was having a great
ride. The other woman lowered herself over his face and
was obviously enjoying a good licking. Trisha almost came
when the one riding the cock reached around and cupped her
hands over the other woman's breasts and they rocked
back and forth together. She was confused that watching
these two women cuddled together was having such an effect
on her, but she really did find it very exciting. Scott slid
a finger inside her and commented that the movie seemed
to be making her wet, then teased her about trying a threesome
with another woman. Trisha didn't say anything, but
her eyes were glued to the screen as she sucked on Scott's
cock - trying not to betray the fact that she was now more
interested in watching the movie than before. As the action
on the screen changed to one where the guy fucked one woman
from behind as she licked at the other woman's pussy,
Trisha couldn't contain herself. She quickly pulled
Scott's face down to her pussy so he could eat her, but
she wasn't moaning because of his actions as her attention
remained glued to the action on the screen.
After the movie, and a great fuck session of their own, Scott
teased Trisha that she seemed to be on fire tonight and that
it was probably the thought of having a threesome with two
horny guys that did it. After some good natured ribbing,
Trisha admitted that the idea of a threesome did kind of
turn her on, but she didn't mention that the threesome
with two women had been what really got her hot.
Scott kept trying to convince her that they should try it
some time, although she wasn't sure if he was serious.
Sure, he got a charge out of exposing her on the beach, but
would he really be OK with a third person fucking her? She
wasn't really sure. She didn't seem to be resisting
the idea too much, so Scott kept hinting at it, asking her
how she'd like some of the stuff she had seen in the movie.

He talked about how she loved having her nipples sucked,
so she'd probably really like having both sucked at
once ... how she liked being fucked from behind as well as
sucking cock, so she would really like both at once ... how
full she would feel during a double penetration, and on
and on about the possibilities. Trisha went along with
the talk, murmuring agreement about how various combinations
might feel and how she might like them. As much as she tried,
she couldn't get the vision of the woman at the beach
the last time - the one smiling at her as she put on a show for
her husband / boyfriend - out of her mind. Maybe she wasn't
smiling because her husband / boyfriend was getting a free
show, maybe she was smiling because she was enjoying the
show and imagining what she would like to do with Trisha.
The daydream continued with Trisha and the other woman
in a sixty-nine right there on the beach in front of the two
flabbergasted men. Her reverie was broken by Scott commenting
on what a horny little bitch she was tonight and that she
better lay off him for a while or she'd wear out his tired
cock. They stayed in bed and sucked and fucked all weekend,
not bothering with the beach at all.
Since then Scott had continued his teasing about a threesome,
and Trisha had replied back that she certainly wouldn't
have a problem with it but that she didn't think Scott
could handle it. Scott didn't have an immediate answer
to that. Trisha though that might put an end to the teasing,
and Scott silently wondered if Trisha really was interested.
Neither one of them wanted to back down, and both wondered
if the other was bluffing.
Well, tonight Trisha was going to find out. Scott was coming
over in a few hours and Trisha had already picked out the
movie they were going to watch. She had previewed it this
morning, and it was perfect for what she had planned. Now,
as she soaked in her bubblebath she ran through the plan
in her head a few more times. She was so excited by it that
she had fingerfucked herself to several orgasms, and now
the water was getting too cool. She got out and began getting
everything ready for that evening.
When Scott arrived she met him at the door and smothered
him in kisses. Then she broke the sad news to him. "We're
having company for dinner. An old friend called this afternoon.
She's only in town for tonight and wanted to get together
to talk about old times, so I invited her over for the evening.
I hope you don't mind." Scott was a little disappointed
because all day he had been daydreaming about doing nothing
this evening except watching a couple of movies and making
love to Trisha. He hid his disappointment and smiled as
he replied that it wasn't a problem at all. It wasn't
really a problem, they'd just pospone their lovemaking
until later, and maybe Trisha's friend would be as
good looking as her - how could he compalin about an evening
of watching two beautiful ladies catch up on old times as
he sat watching TV and fanticising about them doing more
than talking. Trisha hugged him and gave him a kiss as she
said "Thanks for understanding. I'll make it
up to you later." as she groped his crotch and gave
him a squeeze.
Trisha's friend turned out to be quite a hot little
number and bubbled with enthusiasm as she gave Trisha a
hug and kiss, then gave Scott a longer hug than he had been
expecting as Trisha introduced him to her former co-worker,
Lee. During dinner the two women chatted back and forth
about when they worked together and about who still worked
with Trisha, etc, etc, etc. Scott tuned out most of the talk
and indulged in his fantacies. Occasionally one of them
would say something to Scott and he'd fumble to come
up with an appropriate response to the question he hadn't
really heard, but mostly they ignored him and kept talking.
After dinner they adjourned to the living room, and the
endless conversation continued. Trisha and Lee were sitting
together on the couch and Scott sat in the recliner. Scott
turned on the TV to catch the evening news and tuned out the
conversation. Trisha said "Oh, Scott, I know you're
not interested in any of this girl-talk so why don't
you watch the movie I rented today - it's supposed to
be pretty good." Scott mumbled "OK",
and got up to get the DVD. He might as well watch a movie, there
was never anything good on TV. Well, at least she picked
a good movie - one he'd been wanting to see but one which
she hadn't been interested in. He guessed that when
she found out that her friend was coming over she decided
to compensate him by getting him something to watch that
she would not normally have rented.
Scott put the DVD in and sat back to enjoy the action adventure
movie, but as it began to play he realized that the wrong
disc was in the conainer. This wasn't his movie at all,
but instead was a porn movie. He glanced over at Tricia and
Lee, but neither one of them was paying any attention to
him or the TV, they were off in their own little world. He
turned back to the TV and watched as the action unfolded
on the screen. A minute later he glanced back at the girls
and they were both quietly sitting there looking at him.
Lee smiled and said "What are you watching?"
with a hint of amusement in her voice. Trisha replied for
him "Oh, he's always watching porn - can't
get enough of it." Lee giggled and asked Scott if he
enjoyed the scene that was currently playing. Scott looked
at the screen and saw that two naked girls were kissing as
thier hands ran over each others bodies. Trisha exclaimed
: "Of course he does - he's always hinting that
he'd like to see me with another woman". Lee replied:
"Is that so? Do you really want to watch your girlfriend
with another woman?", but before Scott could reply
Lee turned to Trisha and planted a kiss on her lips, then
turned back to him and asked "Does that really do anything
for you?". Scott didn't know what to say, and
didn't actually have time to say anything before Trisha
put her hand on Lee's cheek, turned her head back towards
her, and planted a long kiss full on her mouth. Lee's
arms came up to give Trisha a hug and before Scott knew it
both girls were running their hands over each other - not
some simple little innocent friendly kiss, but a full passionate
Trisha broke the embrace and looked at Scott "Well,
lover, is that what you wanted to see?" Scott quietly
nodded, but didn't know what to say. He glanced back
at the TV to see the two girls in a sixty-nine, and then glanced
back over at the couch. Lee said "Maybe our kiss was
too tame for him - he doesn't seem to be too enthusiastic
about watching us instead of the TV". Lee reached
down and grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it
up over her head to reveal that she wasn't wearing a
bra. Trisha looked over at Scott to see his reaction, and
as she did Lee lifted her sweater over her head to reveal
to Scott that his girlfriend was also bra-less. Neither
Trisha nor Scott said anything before Lee leaned over and
licked at one of Trisha's nipples, causing it to instantly
harden. Then Lee returned her mouth to Trisha's and
gave her a long, wet, open-mouthed kiss as she pressed her
breasts into Trisha's. Scott didn't know what
to say or do, but he was pleased to see that Trisha wasn't
backing away from this at all - she seemed to be getting right
into it. Lee broke the kiss and as she massaged Trisha's
breasts with her hands, she asked Scott if he'd like
to watch her make love to his girlfriend.
Scott couldn't beleive that this was happening. Sure,
he had suggested lots of things to Trisha, but he didn't
really believe she'd ever go along with most of them.
He looked at Trisha, and although he thought he detected
a slight blush, he didn't sense that she was about to
back out of this. He slowly nodded to reply to Lee's
question. Lee said, "See, I told you Trisha, men are
always interested in seeing women fuck". Trisha
half smiled and replied that she thought that Scott would
love it. Lee told Scott to sit there and get comfortable
while she showed him how it was done.
As her girlfriend sucked on her erect nipple, Trisha glanced
over at Scott to see what his reaction to this development
might be. She was pleased to see that it didn't seem
to be bothering him - at least not in a bad way. Scott had unzipped
his jeans and pulled out his swelling cock - he looked directly
into her eyes as he mouthed the words "I love you"
and began slowly stroking himself. Trisha shuddered with
expectation as she reached out to cup her hand over another
woman's breast for the first time. She was surprised
to find that this all seemed perfectly normal to her. Sure,
she had seen the movies, but she had never thought that she'd
ever make out with a woman. Trisha squeezed Lee's breast
and then lowered her face and licked around one nipple and
then the other. As she sucked one into her mouth she glanced
at Scott before running her hands down Lee's bare back.

Lee was holding the back of Trisha's head, pressing
it into her chest and verbally encouraging her to suck harder.
Trisha sucked and enjoyed the feel of the erect nipple on
her tongue. After alternating from one nipple to another
a few times, Lee put her hands under Trisha's arms and
gently pulled her up. After a brief kiss she raised Trisha
to a standing position and latched her mouth on one of Trisha's
breasts as her fingers found the button on her jeans. Trisha
stood there looking over at Scott stroking his cock as Lee
finished unbuttoning and then slid Trisha's jeans
to the floor. Trisha absently stepped with one foot and
then the other to allow Lee to remove the jeans, and then
the panties. Trisha felt that she was just an observer standing
there watching Scott, not really aware that she was being
stripped. She didn't seem to notice Lee's hands
tighteneing on her buttocks and squeezing as she was pulled
forward. In fact she didn't seem to realize what was
going to happen next until she shuddered as a wet tongue
flicked against her hot pussy lips. She looked down to see
Lee's tongue moving around and then suddenly seemed
to understand what was causing such a wonderful sensation
in her.

Trisha always loved being eaten, but this was a totally
new experience. A female licking at her pussy semeed so
different than when Scott did it. Somehow it was much more
gentle, and less rushed. Trisha was sure that she actually
came before Lee advanced as far as sliding her tongue inside
her. She didn't want this feeling to ever stop, but
before she knew it Lee was standing in front of her giving
her another tongue duelling kiss as she ran her hands up
and down her back and over her cheeks. Lee told her to lay
down on the couch and get comfortable and Trisha immediately
complied. Lee knelt on the floor beside her and began gving
her kisses on her face and neck - some short kisses and some
lingering, with the tongue flicking out and licking her
tenderly. As the kisses progressed from the neck to the
shoulders and down her side, Lee's hands made themselves
busy with massaging, tweaking, rubbing and exploring
Trisha's breasts, tummy and legs. Trisha just laid
there and enjoyed this intimate attention, occassionally
glancing over to look at Scott. Scott sat transfixed, not
wanting to say or do anything to interrupt the show he was
enjoying so much.
Lee sucked and licked at Trisha's nipples, but also
licked at almost every part of her body, causing shudder
after shudder. Scott was a good lover, always trying to
ensure that Trisha enjoyed as much pleasure as possible,
but he had never spent as much time as Lee was spending now
in exploring every inch of her body with her tongue and fingers.
Trisha was in a state of almost constant orgasm, even before
Lee's fingers found the wet pussy lips that longed
for her touch. Lee spread Trisha's legs and turned
her to a semi-sitting position such that Scott could see
what she was doing. Lee knelt on the couch beside Trisha
and put her hand on Trisha's cheek and turned her head,
encouraging her to lick and suck on her erect nipples. Trisha
was eagerly sucking on Lee's tit as Lee gently massaged
Trisha's cunt and slowly slid one, then two, then three
fingers in as far as she could. Trisha was bucking against
Lee's hand but still managed to keep her oral grip on
Lee's breast with the assistance of her two arms which
were wrapped tightly around Lee's waist and holding
on for all they were worth.
After several minutes, and some very intense orgasms,
Trisha released her grip and sprawled backwards on the
couch. She was really spent after some of the most enjoyable
explosions she'd felt in her life. Lee looked over
at Scott with a smile and said "See, Trisha doesn't
need you anymore - you just keep jerking off". Scott
stopped stroking and was just about to say something when
Lee burst out laughing and said "Relax, stud. I'm
just jerking you around. Trisha wouldn't give up the
opportunity to suck and fuck that huge cock of yours - she
just wanted me to show you that she's not as afraid of
trying new things as you thought. Isn't that right
little miss slut?" Trisha smiled up at her through
a haze and nodded silently as she enjoyed the after-glow
of her first lesbain sex.
Scott slowly resumed stroking his hard cock as Lee looked
down at Trisha and said "Well, don't get too comfortable
- it's time for act two", and while saying that
Lee slid down her own jeans and panties in one smooth motion
before sitting down beside Trisha and giving her another
kiss. Trisha smiled over at Scott, then began kissing Lee's
neck and shoulders as her hands found Lee's breasts
and began their exploration of another woman. Trisha had
talked herself though this several times, and watched
several girl-girl movies in preparation for this adventure,
but she was still a bit reluctant and nervous about going
through with it. She was unsure about Scott's real
feelings about lesbian sex, but glances over at him seemed
to reassure her that he was OK with watching her fuck with
another woman. He had seemed to be OK with Lee doing all that
stuff to her, in fact he seemed to enjoy it a lot - he couldn't
have enjoyed it nearly as much as she enjoyed it herself,
but he had certainly semed to be quite pleased. Trisha's
nervousness faded as her tongue, lips and fingers explored
more of Lee's wonderful landscape. Lee's shuddering
and moans encouraged Trisha to continue, and before she
knew it she seemed to have covered everything there was
to explore except for the deep cavern of love. Trisha was
still hesitant about licking pussy, and almost found herself
backing out of doing it - up to now she has been able to go along
with everything, almost seeming to forget that she would
have this one final step to go through.
Trisha took one last look at Scott and saw him mouth the words
"Do it honey, I love you". She glanced up at Lee
and saw her smile back down at her. Tentatively she flicked
out her tongue and touched briefly on the swollen pink pussy
lips that seemed to be reaching up to her mouth. Lee lifted
her lips up to Trisha, causing her to get more contact that
she had been expecting .. but other than that, nothing bad
happened. Trisha thought briefly that it wasn't much
different that the first time she licked a cock. She hadn't
really known what to expect, but the taste of warm skin on
her tongue was quite pleasant. She moved her tongue up and
down the length of Lee's pussy spreading the lips a
bit wider apart with each pass. Trisha was encouraged by
Lee's soft moaning, and licked deeper - savouring
her first taste of pussy. She found Lee's stiff clit
poking up into her tongue, and slowly circled it several
times before closing her lips around it and gently sucking.
Without realizing what she was doing, Trisha found that
her finger was sliding easily in and out of Lee's wet
cunt. As the speed increased, Lee's moans grew louder
and Trisha's tongue and lips vigorously devouverd
Lee's warm cunt and lapped at the flowing juices. Lee
grabbed Trish's hair and ground her face into her hot
pussy as she was engulfed in wave after wave of violent orgasms.
As her ecstacy wound down a little she pulled Trisha's
head up and leaned forward to hug her close and they shared
a lingering kiss.
Trisha took the lead as she stood up and tugged on Lee's
hand to encourage her to follow. As they walked hand in hand
towards the bedroom, Trish looked over her shoulder at
Scott and asked "Are you going to share that big hunk
of meat with two starving women, or are you going to just
sit there and jack off to your movie?', then she turned
and raced Lee to the bedroom as the two of them giggled.
Scott didn't have to be asked a second time. His clothes
were off as he ran through the door and joined the two ladies
on the bed. Trisha kissed him and told him that he had to fuck
Lee in order to thank her for being so nice to his girlfriend.
Before he knew it he was pounding hard into Lee as she moaned
and Trisha spoke words of encouragement. Scott couldn't
hold back very long - not after witnessing the excellent
show the girls had put on followed by fucking this new pussy
while his girlfriend knelt behind him and tried to lick
his balls as he did it. When he shot his load deep into Lee
she asked him to move up on the bed so she could taste his cock.
As Lee sucked in as much as she could, Trisha immediately
set to work trying to lick Scott's cum out of Lee.
Over the next several hours the three of them tried all the
positions they could dream up for three horny people, and
when Scott had to rest for a while the girls treated him to
the sight of a very sexy sixty-nine. It didn't surprise
any of them when Scott was ready to resume after a short rest.

While they were all relaxing afterwards, Lee whispered
to Trisha that Scott had one of the biggest cocks she had
ever seen, and that she was astonished at how long he could
keep going. She literally begged Trisha to invite her back
for another sexy adventure as soon as possible. Trisha
smiled and promised Lee that she would certianly be invited
back again.
The next two days Scott and Trisha never left the apartment
- they fucked and then they fucked again, and then again
... they both agreed that it was the best sex they had ever
had. Scott was ecstatic to learn that Lee asked if she could
join them again, and that Trisha had practically insisted
on it.

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