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Trip to Destin, FL


Trip to Destin, FL Day 1

It’s early morning, it’s going to be one of those busy
days, we had sex earlier, but not our usual enjoyable at
least an hour making love to each other, we are heading out
today going to Destin and a condo we have there. It’s a
7 hour drive, I have a business appointment early this morning
and you have agreed to get everything ready for us to leave.

You were unusually submissive this morning, however,
you were unusually hot this morning, and as I left the house
for my appointment I was thinking about how hot you were
and my cock was stiffening thinking about our sex this morning.
By 9 a.m. I returned home and found you had everything packed
and sitting in the garage door ready to be put into the car.
I can tell it’s going to be a long drive, your dressed in
“pheasant” clothes, full skirt and a pheasant blouse
revealing your breast cleavage. A quick feel tells me you
have no panties on and you obviously don’t have a bra on.
I want to take you into the garage, off to the side and fuck
you before we leave but you have other ideas so we load up
and leave home.

You’re a tease all the way to Destin and my balls are aching
from the teasing. It’s about 5 p.m. as we arrive in Destin.
Our condo is located on the third floor of a fairly new building.
Looking out over the Gulf, the waves breaking on the beach
below, I take you in my arms and hold you close, oh I want to
fuck you so bad, I know you will want to walk on the beach first.
We head straight to the beach and begin walking down the
beach holding hands. You start pretending to find shells
on the beach and run ahead bending over, raising your full
skirt up enough so your pussy is exposed to me, teasing me.
I want so much to just take you to one of the tables and bend
you over it and fuck you roughly. I can’t stand it much
longer and you know it and stop teasing.

Both of us are hungry and we go to one of the restaurants next
to the condo, choosing to sit outside by the condo pool to
eat. There is a guy there who is obviously watching you as
we eat. I smile when you say something about it, enjoying
knowing what he is thinking about you, or what he would enjoy
doing with you. We enjoy our supper, taking our time to eat.
We are relaxing following the meal with coffee. He is still
looking at you and finally gets up and walks over to our table.
He introduces himself as Jere and explains he has been noticing
how beautiful you are and apologizes for staring at you
while we ate supper. He jokingly asks if I ever leave you
alone. I invite him to sit with us; you blush and don’t
look at him. You are blushing because it is obvious he has
a hard on as he stood in front of us.

We learn from him he is from Atlanta and owns a condo in the
same building as our condo. He is a businessman and is here
for some relaxation. My mind is fantasizing about him joining
us…my hand is rubbing up and down your leg…your looking
at me half smiling, half puzzled. He is watching my hand
finding its way further up your leg each time and exposing
more of your legs to him. You will let me do whatever I want
and you put your head back as my fingers get closer and closer
to your pussy. Our waiter stops to see if we need anything
and notices what I am doing and keeps on going without stopping.
Jere is watching closely as you slump back in the chair and
my fingers have moved the skirt high enough so Jere can see
that you have no panties on. One of your legs is trembling
as the cool air brushes across your open legs. I slowly return
your skirt to your knees and look at Jere and ask if he likes
what he saw. At first he was speechless but responded with
hell yes I love it.

By now you have realized that I might invite this guy to join
us and you bend over to me and kiss me with one of your sexual
kisses that indicate your approval. I explain to him that
we have driven 7 hours and are tired and we are going to retire
for the night. I told him we would love to have him meet us
for lunch tomorrow. He was disappointed he wasn’t going
to be able to fuck you right away, but was happy after you
planted a kiss on his cheek and hugged him.

We normally use the elevator but you insisted we take the
stairs up to our 3rd floor condo. As soon as you started up
the stairs I realized what you were up to …. And as we passed
the second floor landing, I reached up under your skirt
and plunged two fingers into your sopping wet pussy…
you froze right there and bent over grabbing the steps in
front of you. Softly, yet very pronounced, as my hand fucked
you… you were saying “do you want to see Jere fuck me,
do you want to watch as his hard cock fucks me?”... my response
was “hell yes, he wants you, he wants to fuck you until
you scream”… my hand now forcing its way deeper and
deeper into you, forcing your pussy to take more and more…
you have difficulty remaining quiet… I jerk the snaps
on your skirt and it falls to the floor… my cock wants you
so bad, it wants to fuck your wet pussy until you cry for mercy…
I have you kneel on the steps and I drop my pants and shove
my cock into you hard… usually I take time to lube my cock
head and shaft but this time I couldn’t wait and from your
response, you accepted all of me with that one thrust with
a loud guttural sound from deep within you. I was grinding
into you, feeling you push back against me. I could feel
your pussy stretching to accept me as I changed angles,
pushing it in you at an extreme angle; my cock explodes from
all the teasing today… I pump all my cum very deep into
you, slowly fucking you as the last cum is pumped into you,
I feel you nearing orgasm then hear you telling me to keep
up what I am doing…OMG the intense pleasure/pain in the
head of my cock brings tears to my eyes but at the same time
I feel you cumming as your hips begin jerking my cock. Oh
my, that was like pulling my entire body through the head
of my cock… I couldn’t move, I just was there then I realized
you were asking me if I was ok. OK hell, damn that was fantastic.
We didn’t bother to dress we just headed to the condo and
quickly disappeared inside.

I was tired but something was stirring inside of me. We showered
together and teased each other. We were standing in the
bathroom drying each other… you looked at me and smiled,
“I would like some more… are you interested” Hell
yes, I am interested. We begin kissing and feeling each
other standing there in the bathroom, I am thinking about
the bed and taking you there when the next thing I know you’re
sucking my cock. I was soft from the recent fuck but within
a couple of minutes was hard… I am thinking of the bed again
when you sit on the edge of the counter and raise your legs
up to your chest…you pussy gapping open, all clean and
obviously very hot and wet. You say to me “well fuck it”.
OMG, I just walked up to it and my cock slipped so deep into
you I could feel my balls resting on your ass. I gasped as
the intense feeling registered in my brain, the warmth
of your pussy surrounding my cock. I am fucking your pussy
with all my might and you say “would you like to watch Jere
fuck me like this”… oh fuck I drove so hard into you,
you screamed and said “oh my god, yes…get Jere now…get
Jere to fuck me NOW… “I was wild and pounded you like
never before just repeatedly fucking you hard and as deep
as I could shove my cock into you. After sometime, not sure
how long but you had gotten fucked good, must have been at
least 30 minutes I had you put your arms around my neck and
I lifted you off the counter and with my cock deep in you walked
to the bed, falling on top of you, ramming my cock so deep
you screamed.

After fucking 3 or 4 different ways, I got the bottle of oil
and began to give you a massage…. Getting you to cum for
me at least 4 times, some of them continuous, I didn’t
stop during orgasm and just forced the next orgasm on top
of the first, at some point, we both fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning, I got some fruit and coffee for breakfast
and fed you in bed. Usually we have sex first thing in the
morning. While we didn’t fuck…we did enjoy each other
by just touching and feeling. Just a slow warm time spent
together. We fall asleep again about 9 a.m. and sleep until
after 11. We hold each other for a few minutes and then shower
together, that’s always exciting, feeling each other
all wet… usually results in sex but both of us are hungry.

Not thinking much about Jere we head down to the poolside
restaurant. We are seated and order a light lunch. Then
we both notice Jere coming towards us. We invite him to join
us for lunch and during lunch and lots of small talk, we invite
him to join us in a walk on the beach. We walk a mile out and
the mile back and sit at one of the tables with umbrella on
the beach in front of the condos. After some small talk,
Jere asks about last night… you look at me and smile, and
then say to Jere “well, we fucked on the stairs between
the 2nd and 3rd floors on the way home last night. Jere’s
mouth just dropped open and after a pause asked “well
tell me about it” so you did. Then you tell Jere, well there’s
more…he did me again on the bathroom counter for a long
time… well, now Jere’s face is flushed and he is VERY
obviously stiff as a board. You seem to take pleasure in
his predicament.

Suddenly, Jere stands, hard on and all, and explains he
has to go relieve his sexual tension since we have teased
him until he can’t stand it any longer. As Jere begins
to walk off, you tell him return. He looks rather puzzled
but sits. You say to him “would you like to fuck me in front
of him”… Jere is taken back by the question but has the
right answer. We all immediately head up to our condo. We
get inside and you immediately strip completely naked.
Jere is just looking at you. You ask Jere if he would like
to see where I had fucked you last night…Jere just nodded.
You took Jere’s hand and led him to the bathroom and I followed…
you sat on the edge of the counter like last night and leaned
back and raised your legs like last night, your pussy wide
open for us to see…Jere begins moving towards you, his
shorts hitting the floor…his cock very hard and straight…aimed
right at you like I fucked you last night… before Jere
can get to you, you are off the counter and behind Jere….
You tell Jere to use his imagination and fuck you on the counter…
you take oil and pour plenty onto your hand…standing
behind Jere and watching him in the mirror you rub the oil
all over his cock and balls…holding his balls in one hand,
you begin to stroke his cock with the other…. A couple
of strokes and you say to Jere “oh my honey, your going
to cum I feel your tip swelling” then I noticed his cock
head swelling unusually large flaring out, I watch as your
hand trying to circle his cock… a few strokes later, Jere
releases what seemed like a quart of jism all over the counter…
soon as the last drops are milked out of him, you run your
hand over the counter and cum back with a handful of cum which
you rub all over his cock and balls.

You wash your hands and look at me and tell me “now I want
you to fuck me” and we go to the bed where you kneel on the
edge of the bed and put your face down on the bed… my cock
finds your pussy very wet as it slides into you, Jere is making
his way to the door quietly and you spot him telling him to
kneel in front of you, OMG, yes as Jere kneels in front of
you and you take his cock in your mouth. My cock swells watching
you sucking him, his cock becomes hard again very quickly,
I want to watch him fuck you and we swap places, I watch as
his cock spreads your lips open and then begins to disappear
into you. I can hear your moans of appreciation for his hard
cock deep in you, my cock wanting you, I kneel in front of
you and you suck my cock as Jere is fucking your pussy. I can
feel your body jerk each time Jere slams into you, I can feel
your titties jerk; oh I love to watch as your titties hang
down and bounce with each thrust into you my fingers find
your nipples and tease them as Jere fucks your pussy. Having
recently cum in the bathroom, Jere is fucking you rather
fast and deep at a constant pace. The sound of your bodies
slamming together is fantastic and from your sounds, you’re
not far away from cumming for Jere. Sure enough with a few
strokes, you release my cock and bear down on Jeres cock
as you cum, Jere thinks he is hurting you as you cum and pulls
out, I immediately take Jere’s position and fuck you
as hard as I can while you scream at me, Jere is puzzled so
just stands there.

I asked Jere to lie on the floor and I had you straddle him
facing his feet. You were getting into riding his cock as
I walked up and held your head and slipped my cock into your
mouth. Oh shit yes….I could imagine Jere’s cock so
deep in you as you bounced up and down on him, sucking my cock
at the same time I began thinking about wanting to watch
as Jere shot his load into you… I sensed Jere was ready
to unload his cum so I had you kneel on the edge of the bed doggie…
I had you spread your legs wider than normal and then asked
Jere to fuck you until he filled you with cum. I was still
lying on the floor looking up as Jere mounted you from behind,
sliding his cock into you until is balls met your clit. I
could hear your gasp as he slammed deep into you. Jere has
your hips in his hands and draws you against him with each
thrust…your clit is swelling as his balls hit you…
I see you arch your back so your pussy is more accessible
for him, pushing your pussy opening back to meet Jere’s
thrusts. Jere is now wildly driving his swollen cock into
you, fucking you harder and harder, grinding his cock into
you… I can see your clitoris swelling even more and suspect
you will cum…then Jere lunges hard into you and his cum
is being pumped into you as I watch. You begin to cum on Jere’s
cock and I watch as the two of you get off on each other. Then
as I watch, Jere’s cum begins to leak out of you around
his cock, dripping off your clit onto the bed. OMG I wanted
some of you and as Jere withdrew after filling you with cum,
I replaced him. There is something that turns me on about
fucking you after you have been fucked and had cum filling
your pussy… I get like an animal and I fuck you like that,
an animal, rough and hard until I too fill you with cum.

You and I fall forward on the bed and curl together, me behind.
Jere watches us some then excuses himself and leaves. I
feel you, your body having been fucked so much, I feel you
draw your legs to your chest and push back against me. I align
my cock and let it gently slip into you, you relax and we fall


After last night with Jere, we have slept late. I awake to
find your head on my chest and you’re snuggled to me. My
hand moves to touch your back, just touching your spine
and counting the vertebrae, you stir and I hear you say,
“good morning”. We make it down to the restaurant for
breakfast about 9 a.m. and after breakfast, take a walk
on the beach.

While you have gotten me hard several times this morning
before breakfast, we both are spent from yesterday. As
we start walking the beach, I am thinking about the sex on
the stairs yesterday. My cock stiffens as I think about
it and I say to you… “stairs” and you smile and squeeze
my hand. For some reason, maybe on purpose, you’re wearing
a loose sweatshirt today, my hand sneaks under the sweat
shirt and feel your naked breasts. You turn towards me and
both my hands cup your breasts feeling you.

After our walk, we sit under an umbrella and tease each other.
All the teasing, I need some of you. It’s about 11 a.m.
now, and we see Jere sitting out on his balcony reading a
paper. I ask how you would like some more of the two of us and
get a quick positive response. I mention some light bondage,
your response is yes. Tying you to the bed or between the
couch and chair in the living room would be so exciting.
When should we do this, tonight, now or sometime this afternoon?
Your nipples are hard from just thinking about the possibilities.
I ask if you would like to experience 3 guys instead of 2.
The only answer from you is YES. Maybe you would like to find
the guy this time; your response is “surprise me”.

We get some sandwiches from the restaurant and take them
up to our condo. We sit out on the balcony overlooking the
Gulf of Mexico and enjoy the sun and breeze. You are reading
a book and I am just fantasizing about the possibilities
of a later encounter. There is a guy who teaches tennis at
the condos who is very athletic and is always hitting on
the ladies.

I leave you for awhile to see if I can find the tennis instructor.
At the tennis courts, I find him in between lessons and start
up a conversation with him. His name is Chad. After a few
short exchanges, I tell him I am working on a few guys to help
with you and he smiles and says he is definitely interested
so I got his cell phone number and found out when we would
be available. He said he would make himself available when
I called. I returned to the room, you asked no questions,
I gave no answers about Chad.

I called Jere on the phone and asked if he would be interested
in some more of you later that afternoon, his response was
“hell yes, count me in anytime”. So, now I had two other
guys available. By now I wanted to just shove my cock into
you and fuck but I wanted to make it last awhile for both of
us. I invited you to join me in the shower and we washed each
other… I did stick my hard cock into you a couple of times
but they were brief cock fucks.

I took you to the dining room and put you on the table on a pad.
I shaved your pussy and teased you, bringing you to the edge
of orgasm several times then letting you down slowly. Then
we went to the bedroom where I blindfolded you and then I
took some stockings and tied your legs and arms to the bed,
stretching you for sexual fun. You are into it because you
are dripping wet and your nipples are erect. I gag you so
you can’t make to much noise.

I lay face down between your legs and begin licking you.
Probing with my tongue, again I bring you almost to orgasm.
Then I leave to call Jere and Chad. When they arrive I ask
them to not speak so you won’t know who is fucking you.
Both of them are turned on when they see you spread out on
the bed. All three of us begin kissing you, one on each nipple
sucking and another eating you…. You cum for us almost
immediately and being spread open as you are during the
orgasm, you struggle to close your legs, we can hear you
whining through the gag as we change positions and again
we get you off licking you and having your nipples sucked
and played with.

I get two pillows and we pick your ass up off the bed and place
the pillows under you raising you to a good fucking height
off the bed. You are bent backwards over the pillows making
your pussy protrude for us. I get between your legs and slowly
let my cock fill you. The guys are watching and teasing your
nipples and ass. I take several strokes and back away. Chad
is on you immediately and he grinding his cock into you,
once he is good and wet, begins a pussy pounding like I have
never seen before. You are turning and twisting your hips
as Chad plows deep into you. I am watching his cock force
open your pussy followed by a very healthy, large shaft.
I can tell he is stretching you and I know if he will keep it
up just a little longer you will cum on his cock. Your eyes
are wild, trying to scream into the gag. You look at me with
that poor little girl look that you get. Chad sees the exchange
between us and pounds you even harder, if that was possible.

I untie your legs and straddle your face, letting my cock
hang down so if you wanted to suck you could. I remove the
gag and I hear you saying over and over again… “Oh fuck
yes, oh fuck yes”. I get a sense of how turned on you are
when you take my cock in your mouth, you put a suction lock
on it and use your tongue. I take your legs and pull them up
to me and spreading you open more for Chad. I watch as Chad
is fucking you really hard, your hand grabs my arm and squeezes
so hard I later have black and blue marks from it.

Chad bangs and bangs you for quite a while, so much that I
drip Astrolube onto your clit for lube for your pussy. Soon
Chad is ready to cum for you and asks where you want it, you’re
screaming at him, wanting him to fill your pussy with his
hot jism. Chad stiffens and lets the first stream of cum
shoot deep into you, and then he pulls out and lets the rest
cum on your clitoris, rubbing it in with the head of his cock
until you have another orgasm.

Jere has untied your arms and he picks you up and flips your
over onto your knees. Your head goes back down on my cock
and your hand finds my balls and squeezes them gently. Jere
mounts you and fucks wildly from behind. Chad is lying beside
you and reaches down under you and begins to massage your
clitoris with his fingers while Jere bangs your pussy with
his cock. I hear you say “oh fuck me, fuck my pussy”.
I can tell you are going to cum again and when it happens,
your body is shaking and quivering as Jere drives that much
harder into you.

My cock is throbbing and actually hurts it is so hard. Jere
fills you with cum and it just starts running out of you even
with him in you…when he withdraws, your wide open pussy
is covered with cum and it is dripping off of your clit onto
the bed. My turn as I mount you, my cock slips deep into you.
There is something about fucking your after the guys have
cum in you that turns me on so much, I just go wild and fuck
you until my cock burst a load of hot cum deep into your cunt.

I asked Jere and Chad to leave before I remove the blindfold.
Once the blindfold is removed you look at me and smile and
say “damn, I just thought I had been fucked before, that
was absolutely fantastic, who were they?” I just smiled
and said, “A couple of new friends”.

Destin Day 3

After the hours with Jere and Chad, yesterday, we had supper
together at a very nice restaurant just down the street
from the condo. We walked both ways to the restaurant, enjoying
the evening, and each other. As usual you had teased me during
supper and I certainly wanted some more of you. We joined
in a little party at the condos, out on the beach. We had a
drink or two and just mingled. We met several couples who
were really nice and in fact, we got invited to a small get
together at one of the couple’s condo today.

We were up at about 2 a.m., having awoken from a sleep to make
love to each other. We enjoy waking during the night and
enjoying at least an hour of making love to each other. Most
of the time it is slow love making because you cum more for
me like that. This morning we awoke about 8 a.m. starved
to death. Must have been the exercise with Chad and Jere
yesterday, or could it have been early this morning play

We eat breakfast out on the beach, nice breeze this morning.
You are so sexy looking this morning, your hair, you’re
face seem to glow. During our breakfast, I take the liberty
to feel your breasts. Your response is sexual and you feel
me, making my cock hard, you back away and smile. Then you
ask who the two guys were yesterday. I smiled and asked if
you enjoyed it. Your answer was “fuck yes I loved it”.
My cock got rock hard and you noticed it. As we finished breakfast,
you asked if I would like to take a few minutes for a quickie
for my hard cock. This morning I wasn’t in the mood for
a quickie but rather would enjoy spending a few hours seeing
that you are well taken care of. You smile that understanding
smile that tells me you enjoy the time for you. You move your
chair around next to me and throw a towel on the table. The
umbrella is behind us. You unzip my shorts and take my cock
out. It is still very hard as you begin to stroke it with your
hand. You stand and bend over and suck the head into your
mouth and tease me then sit back down.

I am thinking about fucking you on the stairs the first night
here as you stroke me. Feeling your warm wet pussy fucking
my cock on those stairs, then my cock bursts with cum all
over, you rubbing it all over my cock and balls. You look
at me and smile and say “now would you like to go upstairs
and spend the rest of the morning in bed. Hell yes I responded
and we made our way up to our condo. On the way up we decided
to use the Jacuzzi which is out on our balcony so when we got
there I turned it on.

You didn’t go to the bedroom to undress, rather undressing
in the living room leaving your clothes scattered all over
the floor. I undressed with your help and we stood together
holding each other. I bent slightly and kissed your nipples
and felt you all over. Your nipples gave a quick response
to the teasing. We moved to the Jacuzzi and settled into
it. The water felt great with the jets streaming all around
us. For a long time we just enjoyed relaxing in the water
then I began touching you all over…just very light touches.
Soon you turned and straddled my legs and put your arms around
my neck and pressed your titties against me. My cock hardened
and you took it between your legs, letting it rub back and
forth. I quickly wrapped my arms around your chest and pressed
you hard against me moving so you were to my side. Your legs
were spread open and my hand slipped between your legs and
I pressed the palm of my hand against your lower back and
drew you to me. I could feel the warmth of your pussy on my
arm. Slowly, with my hand flat and open, I moved it very slowly
down your cheeks, across your pussy and then your clit.
I moved it back but this time I used my middle finger and let
it protrude some so when I moved my hand across your ass cheeks
and pussy, my finger was teasing you. I did this several
times until my finger was exploring you from your tailbone
all the way to your mound in front. Oh god this made you hot,
different than usual. You wanted to fuck and told me so.
My hand now is resting on your mound and I am using my center
finger to gently tap on the tip of your clit. Your legs close
as the tapping is getting to you, and I tell you if you do that
again, I shall have to tie your legs open so you can’t close
them. I return to the gentle tapping on your clit. I see the
expression on you face, that tells me you enjoy it. I can
feel your clitoris getting firm and protruding as I tap.
I am tapping about 1 once each second. About every 10th tap,
I tap on either side of the clit, not directly on the tip of
the clit. This is having the affect I want, and your hips
and pussy are beginning to try to fuck my finger that is tapping.
I bring you right to the edge of orgasm and let you slip down
and then relax. I have you sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi and
I begin eating you. With the teasing and tapping, you cum
for me within minutes and both of us just slip into the water
and relax. We couple together in the water and just float
for a long time enjoying the sensations of the closeness.

We enjoy the Jacuzzi until lunch and have a small lunch at
home and stretch out on the couch and enjoy a small break.
My mind is already going, wanting more of you, but more than
that, I want to watch you with other guys or a gal, there is
something about it that turns me on very much.

About 1 p.m., the phone rings. It is Jere wanting to know
if we would like to go out into the Gulf fishing. We learn
he has a 40’ cruiser at a marina close by. Sounds like fun
and we meet Jere downstairs at 1:30. You bring along some
shorts, blouse and a bathing suit along with a cover up wrap
and some towels. Jere says he has food and drink on the boat
or yacht whatever you would call it. Jere makes several
comments about yesterday, basically trying to get you
to let him fuck you before we get to the marina. You are cool
to the idea and it passes.

We find Jere has a very nice boat, should call it a yacht,
which it is. We get underway quickly; apparently Jere has
been working on the yacht all morning. We are just out of
the inlet in the Gulf when you strip and lay on the tanning
deck. You have gotten me off once by hand this morning, but
my cock stiffens as I watch you lay there. Jere asks if I think
you will let him fuck you. You have been quiet, usually that
means you are in a submissive mood so I sit next to you and
rub your back. Feeling you makes my cock rock hard, your
ass, cheeks and lower back I am playing with. I don’t say
anything to you and just strip my shorts off and straddle
your ass. I rub my cock up and down you, dipping the head into
your pussy opening and getting it wet until you are totally
wet from front to back. I lean forward and press my cock into
you. I get in the right position above you so just the head
of my cock is going into you and begin a slow in and out causing
the head of my cock to open your pussy and then close with
each movement in and out. You’re not saying much but begin
to moan from your pussy opening and closing on my cock each
time. I keep it up for quite a while until you orgasm for me
and the contractions of your pussy during the orgasm causes
me to cum in you, just inside your opening I release a full
load of hot cum. I keep moving on you even though the intense
pleasure/pain is almost unbearable. I move off of you and
see the cum between your legs. I have noticed that we are
just idling and then notice Jere climbing the ladder to
the tanning deck.

Jere asks if it is ok if he participates with you and I tell
him yes. Jere wants to fuck you like I fucked you but you have
another idea. You end up on top of Jere riding his cock. I
enjoy this because I enjoy watching the cock slip in and
out of you. Jere is rising up to meet you as you ride his cock.
The sound of the two of you slamming together is intriguing.
I begin feeling your cheeks and then spreading them open
watching your pussy being fucked by Jere’s hard cock.
Jere gets quite a bit of you in about 45 minutes of fucking.
He cums in you and you rolled off of him onto the deck pad with
a smile.

The afternoon was fantastic, great sex for both of us. We
talked while Jere got us back into the docks. During our
talk you let me know that you would be interested in 4 guys
if we could find another as good as Chad and Jere. I am pleased
that you enjoy what I enjoy and the subject drops.

After we are docked, Jere asks if we would like to stay aboard
for supper. The dock is right at the back or front side of
the restaurants where the boat is. You want a shower and
Jere tells us use the one below. We find the shower and head
and you take a shower, feeling much cleaner after the afternoon
fucking Jere and I gave you.

We sat around and had a couple of drinks and began feeling
great. Jere had one of the restaurants bring a variety of
food to us and we ate very well. It is now dark and the night
life is beginning to show on the docks. The three of us just
sit around for a while and Jere calls Chad and invites him
to join us. I see the smile on your face when you learn Jere
has invited Chad. Chad shows and we sit around for a few minutes.
I suggest you and I go back to the condo and shower and change.
We leave the guys and walk down to the condo which is only
about ¼ mile away. We head to the shower and wash each other
thoroughly. After I washed you, you turn towards the wall
and put your hands on the wall and spread your legs inviting
me to fuck you. I can never turn down pussy offered like that,
spread open and oh so willing. Your legs spread more and
I walk in between them, letting my cock probe your pussy
until it is totally wet then begin stroking your pussy with
it. You are in heat, so wet I feel you melting on my cock, which
makes me wild with lust. My cock cums so deep in you, I feel
your pussy stretching as I change angles and hear you moan
and push back against me. My cock begins pumping hot cum
into you until the very last drop. Then you turn and rub soap
all over my cock and balls and stroke my cock….oh the pleasure
sensations… I have to pull away… you smile that little
devil smile which I enjoy so much.

You are dressing sexy I notice, black panties, black lacy
see through bra, and a black spaghetti strap dress… oh
my it will be a long night with you wearing those sexy things.
We walk back to the marina and Jere and Chad are waiting for
us. Chad and Jere make comments about your dress and it is
obvious they are undressing you with their eyes, even though
they have already seen ALL of you.

We are sitting around on the dock just behind Jere’s boat,
when a lady stops to talk to Jere. He knew her and invited
her to join us for a drink. She is very attractive and dressed
to seduce any guy. After a few minutes, I take your hand and
excuse us. We go into the bar and look around, finding a table
off to the side next to the wall.

We dance some, enjoying several slow hip grinding songs.
You’re teasing me, kissing my ears and neck as we dance
with your arms around my neck you’re breasts pressing
against me. After the second dance a guy comes over to our
table and introduces himself as Roger. Seems like a nice
guy and you are agreeable to having him join us for a drink,
which he buys for us. We learn he is married and her name is
Marge. She has stayed home tonight and home is just a couple
of blocks away in the opposite direction of our condo.

You have had several drinks and blurt out “so Roger, are
you out trolling for pussy tonight while Marge stays home”.
At first Roger is caught off guard by your directness but
quickly responds, “yes, but if I find a couple of guys
for her that would be ok too”. We tell him about Chad and
Jere and our conversation quickly turns sexual. Our table
has two chairs on each side and I have us seated with Roger
against the wall and you next to him and I have moved a chair
to the end of the table, to block the view of what I have planned
for you.

I tell you to remove your panties and put them on the table.
You immediately stand and remove your panties and drop
them in the middle of the table. You sit and squirm noticeably
in the chair without panties. I ask Roger how he likes you
without panties and quickly responds, “OMG, what a sexy
lady, can I take her temperature”. Then I tell you to take
off your bra and you quickly unsnap it in the front, and it
falls away from your breasts and you pull it out from under
your dress and place it on the table.

Then I have you take the straps out of your arms so they are
hanging down. Roger is watching. I have you move your chair
back some and put your head on the table. Then I pull down
the top of the dress and let your breasts hang freely. Roger
says “fuck, she is hot, does she always obey like this”.
I respond “yes, but only when she wants to”, and then
laugh. I invite Roger to feel your breast on his side and
it is obvious he is doing so from your reaction to the touching
and feeling. I put my hand on your knee and gently keep pressure
on it letting you know I want you to spread your legs. You
spread them until they reach maximum then I have you arch
your back so your clitoris and pussy would be open so you
could move on the chair and maybe cause you to cum while Roger
and I play with you. Your skirt is now almost up to your waist,
since your legs are spread so far apart.

Your hips are moving, causing pleasure on your clit as we
tease your breasts. Roger is kissing your ear on his side
and I notice you rubbing his cock through his pants. I get
up and go to the bathroom, checking it out to see if we can
take you into it. It’s to busy but down the hall I spot a
door that says “employees only” and open the door to
find a storeroom. I go back to our table and all of us go to
the storeroom. I had noticed a bar running across the ceiling,
either an exercise bar or a bar to hang clothes on. I have
you grab the bar and I offer Roger a position in front of you
to eat you and I take the rear position. We get two whisky
boxes down from a stack and put your feet on them and spread
you as much as we can get you spread for us. Roger immediately
dives into your clit and you let out a loud “OMG yes”.
I begin kissing your waist and then your cheeks, feeling
your cheeks and spreading them open for me to kiss and tongue
you. I keep pushing forward until my tongue finds your pussy
opening. Your soaking wet as my tongue laps at you. You want
to push forward for Roger and at the same time push back and
bend for me. I shove several fingers into your pussy from
the rear and pull back. I hear Roger say “oh yes, do that
it stretches her clit tight and I bet she will cum for us”.
Roger sucks on your tightened clitoris and you cum for us
screaming and thrashing about, thank goodness the music
is loud. Roger takes a moment to ask if it is ok to hang in with
you and I say hell yes do her good she enjoys it and Roger renews
his attack on your pussy. You have several orgasms one of
top of another and finally just collapse on the boxes.

Roger drops his pants and his hard cock pops out, obviously
ready to cum for you. You are exposed and Roger could fuck
you very easily just the way you are laying there with your
eyes closed. As much as I would love to watch Roger shove
that hard cock in you, I stop him. He looks at me like I am his
worst enemy but complies. I have you stand and get your dress
straightened and we return to the table which still has
your panties and bra in the middle of it. Roger takes care
of the tab and we go outside where Chad and Jere are still
sitting in the chairs by the boat.

We introduce everyone and you are standing in the middle
of us, oh so damn sexy, my cock is hard and I am thinking we
now have 4 guys. Instead, you tell us you want to fuck all
of us with the understanding, when you say enough, the action
stops right then. Well, that is a given but just the way you
say it is turning the guys on. You head down to the cabin and
I tell the guys to give us just a few minutes, I will call them
when you are ready.

When we get to the cabin, you drop the dress to the floor,
turn and put your arms around my neck and kiss me deeply.
Then ask if this is ok with me. Hell yes I respond, as long
as you’re comfortable. Your response is, I would like
to find out how much cock I can take and I think you four will
do it for me. You look me in the eyes and say do you mind me being
a cock slut? My cock stiffens with her dirty talk and we hug
and kiss. I get a washcloth with cool water and have you lie
back on the bed and wash your inner thighs and pussy from
the earlier action.

You enjoy doggie so I have you kneel at the corner of the bed
and then invite the guys to join us. I shove my cock into you
with one hard thrust, letting it just hang deep in you getting
your juices all over it really good. Then I begin fucking
you, my hands have your hips and I draw you against me with
each thrust. Chad and Jere have a tit each and are either
sucking your nipple or have it between their fingers rolling
and pinching the nipple. I can feel the flow of juices within
you as all of us work you. Roger has been kissing your ears
and shoulders but has worked his way down your body. His
fingers are teasing you between your pussy which I am fucking
and your ass. I can see how wet he has you as I fuck you. He is
teasing you with his fingers as I cum in you. I don’t stop
fucking you even though my cock is pumping cum in you, the
pleasure of the continuing fucking is fantastic and I feel
the cum on my cock and now on my balls, dripping off onto the

Roger is begging to get you and I back off and Roger is in you
in the blink of an eye, fucking you rough and hard. Roger
fucks you longer than I thought he would considering the
teasing earlier, unloading a huge load of cum in you. Chad
is kissing you and seems to be very involved in it so I invite
Jere to be next to fuck you which he takes up very seriously.
Jere is like the energizer bunny, just keeps fucking and
fucking and fucking and fucking making you cum in the process.
Jere cums, some on your ass as you jerk it around for him,
the rest on your clit. Chad jumps up and immediately rolls
you over on your back. He grabs your waist and raises you
off the bed and sticks his dick into you. I straddle your
face and grab your legs and pull them up and spread them so
Chad can get maximum penetration. I watch as Roger puts
some oil on his fingers and begins to massage your clit as
Chad is pounding your pussy with his very hard cock. I notice
Roger is working your clit varying where he touches you,
sometimes his fingers are going across your clitoris and
then he changes to up and down, then he changes to massaging
the sides of your clitty between his fingers….obviously,
this brings you to orgasm fairly quickly and Chad continues
to fuck you but the spasms of your orgasm makes him cum in

Roger wants seconds and takes you to a table and sets you
on it and shoves his dick deep into you. Roger is rocking
back and forth really giving you a great fuck and just keeps
fucking you over and over. Jere talks Roger into sharing
and Roger and Jere begin swapping places every 3-4 minutes…wow
they are fucking you over baby. Chad joins them and then
I do and we rotate about every five minutes fucking you.
The cum has kept you lubed, Roger and Jere both cum in you
again but don’t drop out of the circle. We have been at
it now for 4 hours and I wonder how much more you can take.
I cum again, the pleasure so intense for me and then Chad
cums in you, holding you tight against him while he gives
you every last drop of cum. Roger is the only one left fucking
you when I hear you say “enough”. You said it very quietly
but Roger stopped immediately. You ask Roger if he would
like for you to finish it by sucking him off. Roger smiles
and says…can I take a rain check on that offer…everyone

I am exhausted as I am sure you are exhausted also so we excuse
ourselves after Roger gives us his phone number and the
understanding we will all meet for lunch tomorrow.

When we arrive back at the condo, we shower together and
you ask if I need to fuck you. I smile, draw you close to me,
and in response say to you, I would like to spoon with you
in bed. You kiss and hug me and we land in bed, spooning…feeling
your pussy that has been fucked so much, so warm and wet on
my cock….we both fall asleep looking forward to day 4
at Destin…..

Destin Day 4

After the action from yesterday, both of us are exhausted
and sleep until about 10 a.m.

You lay your head on my chest and ask if everything is ok with
last night. My response is “of course, I loved it, how
about you”. I feel your fingers on my tummy, your quiet
and I sense a problem. You say “are you sure your ok with
last night”. I take your face in my hands and kiss you passionately
several times, exploring your mouth with my tongue, teasing
your lips with my tongue. I say to you “I am extremely happy
with how you handled the guys last night and would very much
like to see it happen again.”

You look me in the eyes and ask “am I your cum slut bitch
now”. My cock starts stirring with your dirty talk. Caught
a little off guard, I respond by telling you how much I love
you and care about you. I don’t judge your sexual needs
nor do I think less of you if you enjoy sex. I want you to be
fulfilled within reason and I would love to see that you
fulfill your fantasies. You ask how I feel when I see you
being fucked by the other guys. My cock is standing straight
up and very hard and I say to you, look at my cock, that’s
how I feel. I’ve never asked you for oral sex, you always
offer it before I can ask. You ask me if I need to have several
ladies to take care of me or would I enjoy it. I have more enjoyment
seeing that you are well taken care of sexually than I would
if I had any number of women to have sex with all together
or one on one.

Your fingers have teased me and now are on my balls and shaft
teasing them. You are in a mellow mood for some reason, rather
quiet, obviously thinking. I roll you over on the bed and
look you in the eyes. Your eyes are tearing and those tears
are running down your cheeks. I am hurt, my heart actually
hurts thinking you have a problem. I kiss you long and hard
and ask what’s wrong. You jump out of bed and sit in a chair
across the room. Tears are flowing and you are sobbing.
I go stand beside you and just hold you until you calm down.
Then the problem comes out. You want more of what happened
last night, not more guys but just more of the same and think
I won’t enjoy it or won’t allow you to do it and you are
concerned about how I will feel about you.

We have a long heart to heart talk and when we are finished,
you smile and kiss me passionately. You reach out and take
my cock in your hand and guide it to your mouth, touching
the tip with your tongue, sending that fantastic feeling
through my body. You move out of the chair and kneel in front
of me on the floor. I feel your hand between my legs and your
hand on my backside pulling me closer as you stretch open
your mouth and take my cock completely. OMG I didn’t think
I would need sex for a week after last night but my cock is
already to explode as you suck it hard. My cock is going to
explode soon with your attention. You have your fingers
on the base of my cock to control the cum as it flows out my
shaft and you feel the orgasm coming and I feel you press
against me taking all my cock partially into your throat
as the cum fills your throat. Sucking the last drop out of
me, you look up and smile.

We shower and get ready for our lunch meeting with Chad,
Jere and Roger at the restaurant next door. We arrive right
on time and find Jere is already there and has a large table
for us outside. Soon Chad arrives then we see Roger coming
with a lady. He hasn’t said much about his wife and didn’t
really know what to expect so we were quiet. Roger introduced
his wife, Margie. A very attractive lady, classy too, Roger
explains that he has told Margie about last night and Margie
smiles a very big smile. She then explains she would have
liked to have been there but got to much sun yesterday morning
and didn’t feel like going out last night.

You’re wearing a pair of shorts and a knit blouse, rather
low cut revealing your cleavage and Margie is looking you
over as we chat. We order a drink for each of us then lunch.
Afterwards we are just sitting around and begin to talk
about last night. Roger brings up taking you into the storage
room, hanging you from the ceiling and him and I eating you
until you orgasm for us. The conversation turns to talking
about your mood this morning and you telling me about being
my cum slut bitch. Margie laughs and tells us she has been
a cum slut bitch for years and enjoys every minute of it.

We talk about your dress that you wore last night, slinky,
soft and not much of it with spaghetti straps. Margie comments
that she has similar dresses and Roger nods yes she does.
Margie invites us to go to their house so she can model her
dresses for us. A short walk and we are standing in front
of a house on the beach, rather large house 3 stories high.
We went through a security gate and into the house. Wide
open living area looking out onto the beach and Gulf. Margie
invites us to sit and Roger offers each of us a drink. Roger
asks how your pussy is feeling after last night and you tell
him you want some more of the same…Roger smiles and sits
down. You don’t say anything, get up and kneel in front
of the chair I am sitting in and unzip my fly and pull my cock
out and begin sucking me. Not sure what brought that on but
after the experience earlier before lunch, I didn’t
care it felt so damned good.

Margie appears in a very sexy short dark dress. Obviously,
not wearing panties or bra because the sides of the dress
were open from top to bottom, we all enjoy what we see. Margie
sees you sucking me and smiles, makes a comment about she
might like some of that and kneels beside you and you give
up my cock and Margie immediately goes all the way down on
it. After almost making me cum, Margie stops and smiles
and asks how we like her dress. Her ass is exposed as she is
bent over when she was sucking me. Margie explains that
Roger has never brought home more than one other guy for
her and asks you how you enjoyed yesterday. You start telling
Margie about how much we fucked you over and over again.
Margie looks at Roger and asks if its ok if we all fuck her
over like we did you yesterday. Roger smiles and says go
for it. Roger comes over and strips and sits on the chair
next to you, his cock obviously very hard. You stand and
straddle his legs facing his feet and settle down on his
cock and lean back against him. He is playing/feeling your
titties. I look around and Chad is fucking Margie on the

Roger tells me to go look in the closet, that there is a toy
chest in there. I find a chest, rather large filled with
sex toys. I find a g spot vibrator and a mini and bring them
out along with the rest of the toys that are in the box. I wait
until Chad takes a break with Margie and insert the g spot
into her aligning it with her spot. Her hips begin moving
immediately, feeling the tip of the vibrator on her spot.
The mini I place just under her clit and touch very lightly.
I am holding her lips open as I gently move the mini onto the
tip of her clit. She jerks and I remove the mini but keep the
g spot tightly pressed against her spot. I begin touching
her clitoris slightly with the mini then up on her mound
letting her come down some then back to her pussy opening
I press the mini gently into her along with the g spot. Then
moving the mini back to just under her clit she starts her
first orgasm for us. She is thrashing about wildly and the
guys grab her legs and finally you help by holding her arms.
My hands are soaking wet with her cum and I hold onto the toys
keeping them in place, she is screaming at us. I hear Roger
say “somebody fuck her right now”. I beat Chad to between
her legs and my cock sank so far into her, she let out another
burst and I fucked her as hard as I could for a while then told
Chad to get ready. You sucked Chad some to get him ready which
wasn’t long. All of us took turns with Margie and then
each of us filled her with cum. Once each of us had cum in her
Roger took her face down on the floor, fucking her very rough,
even fucking her ass without preparation. She didn’t

I had a very warm sensation that felt that I needed to have
you alone and we excused ourselves and headed out onto the
beach. Your hair shining in the moonlight and the softness
of touching you, feeling your body walking next to me, we
stop and kiss passionately. The kiss is so passionate both
of us just stand and hold each other, then kiss again. We
talk some as we walk to our condo, both of us want to make slow
love to each other and decide on starting in the Jacuzzi.
Our Jacuzzi is outside on our balcony so standing up and
making love there would probably create quite a sensation
along the beach, however, in the Jacuzzi no one knows what
we are doing, they can guess and use their imagination,
nice thoughts of entertaining others.

At home we get into the Jacuzzi and kiss and feel each other.
I love sex in the water but I also enjoy the warm feeling of
your pussy surrounding my cock so we tease each other, I
get you near orgasm several times and then let you down slowly.
I love to tease. After a while in the water we sit on the balcony
naked and watch those walking the beach in the dark. Down
the beach in the shadows we both spot two people, we assume
are a couple getting ready to fuck on the beach. You go get
the infrared telescope and sure enough she is standing
he is kneeling and eating her. After a short period he lays
on a towel or blanket on the beach and she straddles him.
We watch until she rolls off of him, assuming he has shot
his load deep into her as she rode him. Then he rolls her over
on her tummy and spreads her legs and lifts her ass up to the
doggie position and begins to go at her hard and fast.

I am hard from watching the couple on the beach, however,
you started it, and they just kept me hard. I reach out and
touch your breasts and tease your arm with my fingers. Then
I take your hand and lead you inside to the couch and have
you sit on the edge and lean back. I put your feet on my shoulders
and begin slowly kissing your thighs and eventually my
mouth finds your wet slit. My tongue opens your lips and
licks at your clit. You grab my head and pull it hard against
you. My mouth takes your clit into it by slowly and gently
sucking your clit then my tongue teasing the clit until
you cum, your whole body shaking with pleasure.

I have you take your ankles with your hands and spread you
open for me. I am still on my knees and move into you until
my cock presses into you. You are soaking wet as I grind deep
into you. You say to me, fuck my sweet pussy and fill me with
hot cum, as I move in and out of you. I take my cock in my hand
and rub the head firmly on your clit until you cum again for
me then plunge hard into you, feeling my balls banging against
your ass. Soon, oh to soon, my cock fills you with cum and
I just press hard into you and hold it enjoying feeling you,
and kissing you passionately.

We lie still for a few minutes, and then take a shower and
then bed, falling asleep almost immediately….

Day 5 at Destin will bring something special, something
we have done before but not lately. I have an assignment
for you tomorrow…. We will see how you measure up.

Destin Day 5

We were up early this morning and spent our normal, well
maybe a little longer, 1 hour making love to each other then
going back to sleep for an hour or so. I have been thinking
about something we did several years ago while on vacation
at Daytona Beach. I am giving you the assignment for today.
You seem to enjoy seeing that assignments are completed

Today your assignment is to seduce as many guys on the beach
as you can. You can do it any way you can, you must service
them in our condo, or at least on the property, you have a
time limit on how much time you spend with them and you have
from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. to get as much as you can get.

By 8 a.m. your showered, shaved, dressed in your bathing
suit and nervous about your adventure. You look beautiful
in the suit, hair is sexy looking, and yes I want to jump you
right now, however, I know you will be busy today getting
laid by strange men and I will have to watch from the balcony
and keep count.

You are out on the beach before 9, stretched out on a chaise;
face down, top removed, legs spread slightly. It isn’t
long before a guy is watching you from a distance and moves
closer and closer to you. You notice but seem to not pay attention
to him. I am hard just thinking about the possibilities
as I watch you. The guy watching from a distance finally
gets up the nerve to sit next to you in a chair. He is trying
to get a better look at your titties and you take a look at
him and smile. He pretends he was looking at something else.

You ask him if he would put sun block on your back and he moves
quickly to fulfill your request. He rubs it all over your
back and you must tell him to put some lower and he begins
rubbing the lotion around your waist. Then you must tell
him to rub the back of your legs because he starts at your
feet and gets as high as your knees. I see you slightly turn
on your side towards him exposing your titties to him. You
must tell him to rub the lotion high on your legs and he does.
You spread your legs and then he starts rubbing between
your legs and you’re talking him into rubbing the lotion
up to your suit. I see you saying something to him and then
“accidentally” sit up without your top on then cover
with a towel. I watch as you bend towards him and kiss him.

You get up and head towards the condo and he follows. Your
doing great, the first one before 9:30 a.m... It’s going
to be a good day. I am sitting out on the balcony out of sight
and I hear the door open and close. You have him sit on the
couch, which is facing away from me so he has his back to me.
You quickly strip what clothes you do have on off. You help
him take his suit off and have him sit back on the couch and
you kneel in front of him. I watch as you take his cock in your
hands and begin kissing it all over then sucking just the
head into your mouth. He takes your head in his hands and
thrusts his cock into your mouth, something you enjoy especially

You suck him a while sensing he is going to cum then reach
under the cushion and take out a condom and quickly slip
it on him. You stand and bend to kiss him, while your legs
are straddling his legs, I watch as his cock disappears
into you. You sit back on him and rock your hips, riding his
cock to the fullest. With the sucking you gave him, he cums
quickly and you take pleasure in riding him long after he
has cum causing those intense sensations in the tip of his

25 minutes it took you to get him in the house, get him to cum
for you and say goodbye on the beach with you returning to
the chaise. Again you stretch out on the chaise face down.
It isn’t long two guys about 25 walk by and whistle at you.
They stop and talk. I don’t know what you are saying to
them however you get up and head towards the condo with them
following. This time you make them strip for you in the foyer
and have them sit on the couch, their cocks standing rigid
for you as you do a strip tease for them. You suck both of them
alternating back and forth and they don’t notice you
have put condoms on each of them with your mouth as you have
sucked them. I am enjoying watching this. I hear you tell
them to sit still you are going to ride both of them, just
sit still. You straddled one like the first guy you did earlier
and you bend over to kiss the other guy. Both are feeling
you up, playing and pinching your nipples which really
turns you on. The guy in you cums and you quickly move onto
the second guy. You have been stroking his cock while you
fucked the first guy so he cums for you quickly also. They
want seconds and start pressing you for more. You ignore
them and move towards the door. As you try to open the door
one of them pushes the door closed and puts you against the
wall holding your hands above your head. They don’t see
me as they remove your suit. You seem to be resisting but
I know if you wanted out of the situation you would say so
and I would be there in a heartbeat.

One of them takes your arms and puts them behind your back
holding you while the other is obviously hand fucking you.
The one in front of you drops his pants and his hard cock pops
out, rather large around he pushes it against you. Your
not saying anything, and not making any moves to get away
from them so I watch. The guy in the back forces your legs
apart and the guy in front grabs your ass and draws you onto
his swollen cock. I hear you say “oh fuck” as he pushes
it deep into you. He makes you wrap your legs around his waist.
The guy behind you drops his pants and I watch as he takes
your hips in his hands and shoves his cock between your cheeks
from behind. He must not be penetrating you or I would hear
some response from you. He keeps pushing his cock between
your cheeks until I hear you say “oh god”. I am just ready
to move in and stop the action when I hear you say “oh fuck
two cocks in my pussy……OMG easy please”.

The guy in the back is going to cum and moves to much and pops
out of you just as he starts pumping his hot jism and he cums
between your ass cheeks. The guy in front pushes you against
the wall, I hear you gasp as his cock rams deep into you when
you hit the wall. He is going to cum and wants to fuck you on
the floor and tries to get you in doggie position but cums
all over your ass before he can get back into you.

I know you enjoyed it but you take these guys down several
notches as you lay on the floor in front of the door. Telling
them they are assholes and to get out. As soon as the door
closes you come back to where I am and laugh and tell me that
was very hot for you. We kiss and play some, your body is warm
to the touch as I feel you and turn on the shower for you. I
want to fuck you so bad as I wash your body, my cock hard and
throbbing as I soap you body then rinse you. I know you would
take care of me if I wanted but our agreement is that I wait
until the end, your part of the tease.

It seems like just a heartbeat and your back on the beach.
This time there is a volley ball game going on just a few yards
away from your chaise. You’re watching when one of the
guys falls face down into the sand and now can’t see from
the sand in his eyes. You run to help him and guide him to the
shower at the corner of our building. The shower is enclosed
by clump grass about 7’ high and from the outside you can’t
see into it. The condos straight up over it can see down into
it and ours is one of them. You turn on the water and hold his
head washing the sand out of his eyes. He looks to be about
30, very athletic. I notice you’re rubbing against him
as you let the water flow over both of you. He tries to kiss
you and you back away. It looks like you say to him “I don’t
kiss, however I do fuck and suck”. Funny, because you
love to kiss and fucking and sucking naturally comes next.
Within seconds, you are on your knees pulling his suit down
to reveal a hard cock. Your mouth takes it and he grabs your
head in his hands and begins fucking your mouth. I watch
as your hand grasps his cock limiting to how much cock he
can force into your mouth. Then you look up at him and it looks
like you say to him, “fuck me”. He lets go of your head
and you stand, dropping your suit and removing it. You grab
the shower pipe and bend over, he grabs your hips and moves
his hard cock up and down your crack and then thrusts it deep
into you. I see the reaction on your face as that stiff cock
rod slams deep into you. The shower doesn’t seem to bother
either of you as he fucks you hard and fast. I can see the reaction
of your body as he repeatedly slams against you. His hands
holding your hips, he starts slamming into you harder and
harder and then he pulls out and his cum is shooting his hot
load of cum all over your ass and back. When the last drip
has dripped, he returns his cock to your pussy and gives
you about 10 really hard deep thrusts. Puts his suit back
on and turns and leaves.

I am now so hard it hurts, having watched you fuck these guys.
You know that and look up at me and smile. I see you turn and
head upstairs and soon you are standing beside me. My cock
is hard as you touch it and I think, wow don’t do to much
of that it will explode. You lean against the outside wall
of our balcony and stretch one leg up, opening your pussy
for me and seemingly inviting me to fuck you. I move to you
and you take my cock and rub it between your legs getting
my cock soaking wet from the juices running from your pussy.
You keep my cock pressed against your wet dripping pussy
as I hump you, trying to get my cock aligned to enter you,
then you move away and smile. You smile and say “you can’t
fuck me right now, I have an assignment and I am wasting time”
as you turn and leave. My cock is dripping both your cum and
my pre-cum.

There is about an hour left for your assignment and I can’t
wait to fuck you, I am so horny from watching you and then
you teasing me. You are a natural tease anyway, and then
you add the additional excitement, wow very nice.

As you return to the beach, instead of using the chaise or
chairs for bait, you walk the beach some in front of the condo.
Just down the beach about a hundred yards is an older man
sitting reading the paper. You pace the beach a few times,
apparently not seeing anything of interest to you so you
walk over to the older man and strike up a conversation.
I get bored watching as you talk to him however after about
30 minutes he gets up and starts following you to the condo.
I again return to the balcony as you lead him to the couch
and he sits down. My curiosity is getting the best of me as
to why you would pick on a guy about 65 to fuck. You strip for
him and tease him with a lap dance. Then you move to remove
his swim suit. You seem to struggle with it for a bit and when
you finally get them off of him, your eyes roll and you look
at me and smile. I move close enough to get a look and this
guy has a huge cock, rock hard and ready to fuck. You drop
to your knees and try to suck him…all you can get in your
mouth is part of the head of it.

You straddle him and slowly try to take his cock. God I wish
I could go around the other side and watch as his cock to forcing
your pussy open. I can tell from the expression on your face
what his cock is doing to you as you take it slowly. He takes
a jab at you, thrusting his hips up and you scream with delight.
I hope he doesn’t ruin you for me with this huge tool. You
take a while to take as much of it as you can and then begin
to slowly rock back and forth on it. He wants you to lie on
the couch but that would expose me watching so you invite
him to fuck you on the floor so you lay down with your feet
towards me and spread your legs and he immediately drops
and eats you some then puts your feet on his shoulders. He
is gentle as he raises your ass off the floor. OMG then I realize
just how big he is as his cock hangs and begins to press against
you. You’re very wet as I watch him guide his very hard
huge cock up and down your slit, getting it wet and with each
pass over your pussy pressing harder until your pussy lips
are forced open and his cock is spreading your pussy open
to take the rest of him. I watch as the head disappears and
slowly most of the rest of him snakes its way into you. Your
responses tell me he has a bit more in you than is comfortable
but at the same time I see your hips moving on it in slow circular
motions. He is still for the most part except for a sharp
jab at you from time to time in which your response is a slight
scream and then a moan.

After about 10 minutes he begins to get into fucking you.
His motion is building until he is slamming into you with
such force you are holding a pillow over your face and screaming
into it. He gives you such a hard fuck that you try to move
away from him several times. He keeps grinding away at you,
and then begins to cum in you. His cum immediately begins
running out of you but as I watch this guys keeps cumming
and cumming in you until it is all over your legs, ass, clit
and is just running out of you with each thrust into you.
He withdraws his cock and he looks at your pussy filled with
his cum and plunges back into you, very hard and deep, you
scream. He fucks you very hard for what seems like forever,
then pulls his cock out and shoots cum all over your clit
and pussy. Damn this guy is a keeper. He rubs all the cum into
your pussy and clit and ass, gets up and smiles and thanks
you and turns and leaves. I look at the clock and see it’s
a few minutes before 3 p.m., the assignment is over. You
are laying on the floor, legs spread, pussy full of cum…
oh so inviting, I drop my pants and begin fucking you and
cum in you almost immediately. You smile at me, kiss me and
we lay facing each other on the floor.

We are supposed to go home tomorrow, however we have had
so much fun maybe we should stay at least one more day, what
do you think.

Destin Day 5 and a half

We were only supposed to stay through today, day 5. After
your assignment today, we showered and slept curled together
for several hours. About 6 p.m. we awoke and decided to go
out for supper, nothing special, just a quiet dinner. We
dressed in what ever would cover us and went downstairs
to the restaurant. We always enjoy eating out by the pool
and selected a table close to the pool. When I sat down, I
realized I had forgotten my wallet and went back upstairs
to get it.

When I returned, I found the two young guys talking to you
so I walked around the other side of the table so I could hear
what was going on. You saw me standing behind them but made
no indication there was a problem. I over heard them telling
you they wanted to apologize for how they treated you earlier
in the day. They went on to say they got so turned on with you
that it went to far when they forced themselves on you. You
smiled, not saying much other than to ask them where they
lived. Some small talk and they gave you their phone number.

They left and I returned to you. You looked at me and said,
“I would love to stay at least one more day”. I smiled
with understanding.

We ate supper, taking our time and enjoying the summer breeze.
As we were leaving, I noticed the old man sitting alone in
the corner and pointed him out to you. You didn’t hesitate
walking directly to him and smiling and saying “hi, again.
How are you tonight?” I was standing directly behind you as he looked up surprised
and bewildered, wondering about me. We both sat down. He
didn’t say anything. You told him you enjoyed him this
morning and wondered if he would be interested in maybe
getting together again. You introduced me to him and told
him I know all about today as I watched him fuck you. His face
turned red and he just said “oh”. I asked if he were married
and he told us his wife had passed away several years ago.
We chatted for a while and we exchanged phone numbers.

We went for a walk on the beach and talked about the day. You
were excited, reviewing the events and the amount of cock
you had gotten during the day.

During our time together, we change our sexual roles with
each other. Sometimes you are passive, sometimes you are
aggressive and I respond to those moods you have. You have
been somewhat passive this trip, not completely passive
as you get sometimes. You enjoyed the assignment I gave
you, certainly with enthusiasm. Our conversation turned
to the two young guys who forced themselves on you after
the first round. It was noticeable that you were excited
about the experience, even though we have done it before,
this was not planned.

We discussed finding a couple to join us for the woman experience
for you. You smiled and the excitement of the thoughts filled
your voice as you spoke. My hand is rubbing your back and
slips down across the cheeks of your ass as we walk on the
beach. At first you don’t respond to the touch but my fingers
teasing you make it impossible for you to ignore it for long.
You stop and turn and kiss me deeply for a long time. My hands
feeling your body as we kiss, I draw you closer and grind
my cock against you. You say into my ear, “I want you to
fuck my hot wet pussy until it quivers with delight and overflows
with cum.” Again we kiss passionately. We return quickly
to our condo and strip each other in the foyer where the two
guys had forced themselves on you this morning. Should
I take you like they took you or should I make love to you in
the bed, making it slow and deliberate? My cock is so fucking
hard and it hurts, having only cum in you once today and after
all that watching you being fucked I need to fill you with

You make the move by telling me no not here, you can’t fuck
me here. You tell me I can’t have any now I will have to wait
until tomorrow and if I do get it I will have to take it from
you. You are already naked as I push you against the door
and force myself between your legs. You say to me “so you
want to fuck me, you will have to take it if you can”. I press
you harder against the door and position my legs to force
your legs apart. You struggle against me, trying to keep
you legs closed, but I am in a position to keep you spread
open for me. I feel the heat between your legs and as we struggle
together my cock is probing for your pussy. I realize my
cock is soaking wet from rubbing against your slit. I have
your feet off the floor and you move to wrap your legs around
me. I slam you against the door, wanting to shove my cock
deep into you. Your lock around my waist keeps my cock from
actually entering you, the tip gets wet probing you but
I get no closer. Again, I push hard against you and I feel
the tip of my cock head just making you open for me, the tip
now soaking wet. Oh, I want to fuck you so bad now my cock is

I make a move by dropping quickly which takes you off guard
and as I come up my cock finds your pussy vulnerable and the
entire cock sinks deep into you. You let down your struggle
to enjoy feeling me so deep in you then twist sideways making
my cock slide out of you. I lose my hold on you and I get you
face down on the floor, holding your arms behind you, I straddle
your legs and you close your legs tightly. My cock slips
between the cheeks of your ass and finds first your asshole.
I stop and let the head tease you then push deeper and find
your pussy, hot, wet and ready to fuck. I push slightly and
the head of my cock forces you open and I put my weight on my
cock and force it into you deep. I hold your hands together,
not that you are now struggling, but just for the fun of it
as I get a rhythm going fucking your pussy with my oh so hard
cock. Oh god it feels so good deep in you. I notice your hips
pushing up against me as I fuck you so I drive harder and deeper
into you. You have me so turned on I am like in a trance, fucking
your pussy, watching your body shake and shutter as I fuck
you. Listening to you take my cock, listening to the sounds
coming from within you as my cock fills your cunt, repeatedly
slamming into you. I let go of your hands and spank your ass
cheeks as I ram deep into you. I see you cheeks turning a light
shade of pink as I spank you and fuck you. Suddenly, you cum
for me, jerking violently, each time you jerk, I spank.
Your orgasm is obviously consuming your body. Your yelling
at me not to stop as you say “don’t stop, don’t stop,
oh fuck please don’t stop fucking me like that”. My
cock now has a mind of its own and fucks you like a machine
gone wild. I am going to cum in you when I realize you’re
into another orgasm. Your body is twisting and turning
as I press all my weight on my cock driving even deeper into
you, stretching your pussy as I fuck you. I can’t slow
my orgasm now, I feel the throbbing deep in me and then feel
the pleasure sensations as the cum is pumped deep into your
cunt. Another stroke and I see the cum leaking out around
my cock. I move off of you and grab your hips raising your
body into the doggie position. I immediately get behind
you and shove my cock into your pussy which is dripping my
cum down onto your clit and onto the floor. I stoke you a few
times and take out my cock, it is covered with our cum and
I shove it back into you and I fuck you hard as much as I can
then roll over onto the floor exhausted.

My eyes are closed and I feel your head on my chest and your
hand feeling the cum on my cock, rubbing it all over my cock
and balls. We spend a few minutes just enjoying feeling
each other there on the floor then we shower together.

The bed feels good as we both snuggle together, feeling
the warm glow that engulfs us, we fall asleep looking forward
to Day 6 at Destin.

Destin Day 6

I awake before you this morning. You’re laying with your
back to me. I snuggle close up behind you and place my hand
on your hip. I am enjoying the sound of your breathing and
the warmth of being close to you.

You were excited about staying another day beyond what
we had planned. The excitement of the sexual encounters
has you wanting more and more sex. I enjoy this in you. You
were a virgin our first time. I had some experience with
an older girl a few years earlier. Your parents were gone
for the day, a Saturday. We had been dating for about a month,
both of us were naked, you were laying on the couch in the
living room and I was kneeling touching and exploring you.
My cock was so hard it hurt as I felt of you. You were obviously
hot. You got up from the couch and took my hand and led me to
your parents bedroom, where you lay on the bed and spread
your legs, looked at me and told me to fuck you, only I couldn’t
cum in you, you didn’t want to get knocked up. Well, that
first time wasn’t the best in the world as compared to
now, but it was fantastic.

Over the years we have tried most things that are sexual.
When I touch you I get hard, I can just touch or rub your back
and my cock gets stiff. Part of the reason is that I know you
are getting wet when I touch you. This morning, curled up
behind you, my cock is hard, poking at your behind. I feel
you beginning to wake as you move back against my cock. I
see you turn your head and smile, and say to me, “I see you
have started without me”. You turn to face me and we kiss
a long passionate kiss. Then you tell me you want me to take
care of the plans for the day. I had hoped you would want to
be aggressive today since the entire week you have been
passive. I love either mood so now it’s up to me to see about
sexual spice for the day. For right now, I have this sex kitten
in bed with me, purring, wanting my attention. My cock is
throbbing and is damp with pre-cum as I feel you reach down
between my legs and tease me. I hear you say to me “wow,
you must be thinking about something special this morning,
your cock is so hard, have you been using me this morning,
you bad boy, have you been thinking about fucking me this
morning, you want some of my hot wet sweet pussy.”

That dirty talk turns me on and I begin to move to get some
of you when you push me back on the bed face up, my cock straight
up. I am hoping you will straddle me and fuck my cock, instead
you lay your head on my chest and stroke my cock with your
hand, moving your head closer and closer to my cock with
each stroke until you have the head in your mouth. Several
strokes and you turn to look into my eyes my hand is playing
in your pussy, my fingers fucking you, moving between my
legs and again take my cock in your mouth, looking at me as
you suck it. You enjoy watching the pleasure on my face as
I love to watch you when you cum for me. You’re hand holding
my balls, squeezing them gently; you’re mouth sucking
my cock as I watch you. I really want to cum in your pussy but
know you will not give up until my cock cums in your mouth.
I can’t take much of your sucking and just as I begin my
orgasm you press down and take the entire shaft into your
mouth. The head feels like it is slipping into your throat
as it pumps hot cum into you. You don’t miss a beat and continue
to suck my cock is experiencing the painful sensations
of you sucking while the head is pumping the last drops of
cum into your mouth.

You kiss me passionately, your tongue teasing my lips,
I look into your face and you smile. My hand spreads your
legs slightly my fingers find your pussy wet and warm. I
get a small bottle of oil and roll you over onto your back.
I kneel beside you and let drops of oil drip onto your pubic
mound, the oil running between your legs. My hands spread
your legs and I watch the oil disappearing between your
lips. I squeeze some oil onto my hands and begin rubbing
the insides of your legs. Your skin is soft to the touch my
cock is hard again just touching you. I want to get you to
cum for me without actually touching your pussy or clit.
My hands begin massaging between your legs, one rubbing
up the other rubbing down causing your clit to be massaged
within the folds of your pussy lips. I watch as my hands stretch
you back and forth and it’s very obvious I am having the
desired effect on you, your lips are filling with your juices
and running down onto your ass, then I rub it into your skin,
teasing your ass at the same time. I use my hand to squeeze
your lips together and rub them on your clit, it works and
you begin cumming for me. Just as you peak, my fingers invade
your lips and massage your clit and into your pussy, back
and forth my fingers probe you causing your orgasm to be

While I watch you squirm around on the bed enjoying the orgasm,
my mind is working on your sex for the day. We could just have
a party and invite some of the people we have met this time
to attend and see what happens. We could go out to a bar and
encourage some guys to make a move on you. I could tie you
to the bed and invite whoever walks by to take advantage
of you. The opportunities are pretty much unlimited.

We fall asleep and awake again about 7:30 a.m. We shower
and spend a few minutes at home, then go down for breakfast.
We eat out by the pool, our usual place. While we are eating,
the two guys from the other day walk up to us. We have some
small talk and I ask if they would like to stop by later for
drinks and maybe a late lunch. They are ready to party now
but accept the invitation for later. You are smiling. You
ask me “so you have something in mind for me today”.
I smile and tell you it will be a surprise. You smile and your
hand grabs my cock and squeezes tightly, this is your approval
method. While we are sitting by the pool, I call the older
guy who is hung like a horse and ask if he would like to get
together maybe at lunch or a little later. He tells me he
would love to and that he will be home until I call.

Before we leave the restaurant, Tim, the older guy, calls
and tells me he has a couple who he has been trying to get to
let him join them and is wondering if he can invite them,
if only to watch. I tell him sure, let them stop by to see what
it’s all about.

A couple who lives on the floor above us has arrived today
and they see us out by the pool and stop to say hello. We invite
them to have breakfast with us even though we are finished.
They accept and we stay and chat with them while they have
breakfast. We have talked to them before about swapping
and they were interested but didn’t want to do it the last
time we were here. She seems more interested than he does.
I told them I was going to have a little party for you later
this morning, about lunchtime and if they would like to
stop by to participate or just watch, they were welcome.

You enjoy being vulnerable and today I think I will use that
to add excitement to the sex for today. You enjoy anal play,
although we don’t do it on a regular basis. When you are
vulnerable, you get nasty and want to experience more than
usual. I go up to our condo for something before we leave
the restaurant. We go for a walk on the beach for about an
hour, enjoying teasing each other. We are down the beach
about a mile and we stop and hold each other, kissing and
fondling each other. Both of us wanted to fuck right there.
Although there are few people out on the beach, we would
most likely create a riot if we dropped and fucked right

I have gotten a piece of yarn from our condo before we left
and I put my arms around you and asked if you were ready to
start. Your response was “OMG yes please, will I be your
slut whore for the day, what are you going to do with me”.
I smiled and took your arms behind your back and tied your
hands together. You are wearing a simple button down blouse
and I unbutton most of the buttons exposing everything
between your titties and barely covering them.

We walk back to the condo, my arm around your back covering
your hands tied, your breasts sometimes exposed as we walked.
Several couples watched us as we walked and some teenage
boys. As we walked up the stairs at the condo, I remembered
fucking you on the stairs several days before and wanted
to do it again but decided I had better get you into our condo
since your tits are now hanging out of your blouse.

As soon as we got into the room I had you turn and stand in the
corner with your face right in the corner. I went to our bedroom
and got a blindfold and put it on you. Blindfolds turn you
on quicker than anything I know of. I take you to the living
room and hook the yarn onto the hook in the ceiling for a hanging
planter. We have a riding crop in our closet and I get it.
A slap on each cheek with the crop has you excited. I make
calls to all the people we have talked to this morning. Then
I go to you and put my arms around you and kiss you, feeling,
fondling and holding you. You tell me your unusually hot
today and hope I have something good in mind for you. I have
our string of beads and lube them and begin inserting them
into your behind. You’re telling me I am a fucking tease
and you love it.

I no sooner get the beads in place, the doorbell rings. Seems
all of them showed up at one time and I invite them into the
living room. The couples seem to be surprised that I have
you hanging in the corner naked. I invite everyone to sit
on the couches facing you. The ladies are obviously very
nervous. One by one I invite each of the guys to come with
me and touch and explore you. It’s very obvious each of
them is ready to fuck you. After the guys all take turns with
you, I ask the lady of one of the couples to join me with you.
At first she refuses but hubby finally talks her into it.
I stand behind you and offer your breasts to her. She is reluctant
to touch you at first but after some coaching she finally
reaches out and touches your nipples. Your hips are moving
in the fucking motion as she touches you. She turns and returns
to her seat. The other lady steps up and looks you over but
doesn’t touch you. I take the riding crop and run it over
your cheeks. I notice between your legs is wet. I run the
crop between your legs and I see and hear you gasp as it teases
your clitoris and pussy. I give your ass a quick pop on one
cheek with the crop, a loud pop is heard when it hits your
skin and one of the ladies gasps out loud. I turn to see her
moving on the couch, rocking from side to side. We are not
into pain and even though the crop made a loud pop when it
hit your cheek, it isn’t exactly pain even though now
there is a light pink on your cheek where the crop landed.

You are now so wet it is running down your legs and you tell
me “oh fuck, I need to be cock fucked please oh fuck please
fuck me anybody fuck me”. I take you from the hook and lead
you to the back of the couch and have you bend over onto it.
I spread your legs leaving your pussy gaping open. Both
of the ladies are squirming in their seats as I invite the
two young guys to join us. They strip and one of them kneels
behind you, spreading your cheeks with his thumbs, he begins
to lick you from front to back. I see he has the ring that is
attached to the beads in his hand and has it stretched to
put pressure on the beads from inside you. I know what this
does to you; the heat is now turned up on high. One of your
titties is hanging down on the backside of the couch and
the other guy is sucking and fondling it.

One of the things I enjoy most about having at least one other
guy with us is holding your head and kissing you while your
fucked. When we are kissing I get the feeling of you taking
cock in your pussy and of course your reactions.

I invite our older friend, Tim, to join us and as he strips
and the other ladies see his huge cock they both gasp at the
same time. Tim stands beside me and I notice when you see
him, even partially hard, you smile. I motion to Shaun,
oh, the young guy’s names are Shaun and Tony, to fuck you
and he stands, rubs his cock up and down your pussy some and
lets it slip into you slowly. Shaun grinds his cock deep
into you and then begins fucking you with that deliberate
in and out that builds in speed and depth with each stroke.
I can feel Shaun slamming into you with each thrust while
I hold your face in my hands. I kiss you and feel your breath
escape each time he bangs into you deep.

After just a few minutes I have Tim take his turn. Tim gets
behind you and aligns his huge cock and presses until most
of it is in you. I hear you moaning as his cock fills you, he
begins to pump you. You begin whimpering as his cock forces
your tight pussy open enough to take all of him. Tim is getting
into fucking you hard and your responses are telling me
he is getting to you so I have him back off and get Tony to take
his turn. I hear one of the other ladies telling her husband,
“My god, how does she take that cock”. Her husband says
to her, “would you like to try it when he finishes with
her”. I don’t hear an answer but I am too busy right now
to worry about her.

Tony is working you really good. Tony is not large around
but is rather long with a very large cock head. Tony is the
one that fucked you against the wall in the foyer the other
day. My cock is throbbing as I kneel beside you. I feel your
hand grasp my cock and stroke it while Tony is banging you.
Tim and Shaun are standing on both sides of Tony. They have
your cheeks spread open for Tony, making it easier to see
as Tony fucks your pussy hard and deep. Tony has a good rhythm
for getting you to cum and I let him continue until I notice
the signs that you are going to cum. I stand and take the ring
for the beads and put a little pressure on them by pulling
the string back towards your back. I can see you bulging
as the bead is pressed against you on the inside. This pressure
brings your orgasm on quicker and as you jerk with the first
spasm, I jerk the first bead out of you and you scream. Tony
slams even harder into you as your body jerks around and
I jerk yet another bead and you scream again. I tell Tim to
get ready and have Tony back away and Tim is right there and
in you. I can see the spasms as Tim fills you and begins fucking
you hard. Another good spasm and I jerk another bead. Your
legs are flailing around with the intense feelings. I hear
one of the other ladies saying, “Oh my god, they aren’t
going to stop”.

I still have three beads in you as Tim is fucking you. He is
stuffing all his cock deep into you with each thrust. I feel
you building to yet another orgasm or I should say a continuation
of the first one. I bend and kiss you feeling the cock filling
you each time he thrust deep into you and I jerk the rest of
the beads all at once. You burst into an orgasm pushing back
against Tim until you are no longer on the couch back but
bent over. Tim has your hips and continues to thrust hard
into you like a machine. Tim has your feet off the floor and
is fucking you like a wild man.

I hear one of the ladies say she couldn’t stand to watch
anymore and later I noticed she had gone out on the balcony.
I was busy and didn’t notice the other couple had disappeared.
Tim filled you with cum, seems like quarts of the stuff all
over you and in you. Tim backs away and Shaun wants more but
I have you stretch out on the floor and he pulls your legs
up and shoves his swollen cock into you. Then I notice the
couple on the other side of the couch on the floor, she is
riding him. Tim is standing cleaning his cock and she motions
him to step over to where they are fucking. She begins kissing
Tim’s cock then trying to take the head in her mouth. Isn’t
long, Tim is hard and she has him lay beside her hubby on the
floor and she slowly mounts him. She goes wild riding Tim’s
huge cock; her hubby just lays there and watches.

You disappear into our bathroom for a few minutes to get
a shower. When you return, you get into the Jacuzzi that’s
out on the balcony. Shaun and Tony follow you out on the balcony.
I looked out on the balcony after just a few minutes and all
of you are in the Jacuzzi enjoying the pulsating water jets.
The couple on the floor, oh their names are Bev and Carol.
Bev is the guy. Funny name for a guy huh, Tim was getting the
best of her so she rolled off and is now laying face up on the
floor. Her hubby, Bev gets on her and fucks her some then
asks me if I would like some of her. Bev throws a towel over
Carol’s face and spreads her legs for me. I enjoy fucking
her for awhile then I tell Bev we need to put Carol on the table
so we all can fuck her. Carol is quiet and still has the towel
over her head. Bev picks her up and takes her to the table
and lays her out on it.

The other couple, oh their names are Tom and Linda, have
left the balcony. Bev offers Carol to Tom to fuck. Tom looks
at Linda and Linda nods ok with her. Tom is on Carol in a heartbeat.
We have Carol at the edge of the table with her legs pulled
up. Bev has one leg on the other side of the table, I have the
other leg and we have her pulled up and spread open just right
for good fucking. I notice Linda watching intently. I ask
Linda to help me with Carol and she steps over and takes Carols
leg. Linda is watching intently as Tom lines up his cock
with Carol’s pussy and plunges deep into her. I am standing
behind Linda, my cock hard and probing her ass, which she
doesn’t seem to mind.

Tom is having a ball with Carol and Linda has gotten turned
on watching him fuck her, or it might be the fact that she
is holding Carol for Tom to fuck. It isn’t long and Tom
cums all over Carol’s tummy. Linda rubs it into her soft
skin, even venturing so far as to rub it into Carol’s titties.

We all take a break and go get into the Jacuzzi with Tony,
Shaun and you. With all of us in the Jacuzzi, it is full but
fun. We can’t help but feel the others in the water with
all of us in it.

I’m not sure if we will stay for a day 7 at Destin. I do know
you want to stay so wanting to see you happy we will most likely
stay. One thing that makes me smile is the fact that the more
you get, the more you want. That means when we get home, I
will have to either fuck you more than 2-3 times a day or get
help. Which should it be……..

Destin Day 7

Yesterday went very well. By 6 p.m. everyone had pretty
much worn them selves out. After everyone left, I took you
to the shower and washed you, enjoying holding you and washing
you all over. Then I took you to the Jacuzzi and we relaxed
for at least an hour. Both of us were very hungry, so we dressed
and went out for supper.

After we ate, we moved into the bar and danced some, sat around
for a while. I had you approach guys several times. All the
guys wanted to take you home with them and fuck you all night.
About 10 p.m. we went home, yes alone. Both of us were tired
from the day’s activities.

At home it didn’t take long for both of us to be in bed. You
lay beside me and rolled over on your side and begin to talk
to me about the experiences. You tell me how hot you got when
Shaun and Tony forced themselves on you a few days before.
My cock stiffened listening to you. You notice and tease
me with your fingers, feeling my balls and shaft. You straddle
me and lower yourself on my cock, then stretch out on my body.
The feeling of my cock squeezed tight between your legs
and warm in your pussy is fantastic.

Your head is next to mine. I feel your warm breath on my shoulder
and you tell me about your inner feelings. My cock gets harder
as you tell me your needs. Tomorrow you want to be totally
taken as you pretend to protest and once the guys have their
way with you, you want to become totally submissive. You
want to experience nasty sex and leave it to me to find the
boundaries for tomorrow. You slowly become quiet and then
I realize you have fallen asleep. My cock is hard in you as
I run my hands down your sides and onto your ass cheeks. I
squeeze lightly, not wanting to awake you, just wanting
to feel you. I fall asleep after some naughty thoughts of
taking care of you tomorrow.

I wake about 4 a.m.; our usual making love time is between
4 and 6 a.m. One of our favorite positions is facing each
other on our sides, your legs pulled up as I lay between them.
This is our time to talk about sex as this is usually our slow
love making time. Today you express your feelings about
feeling out of control sexually, wanting more sex and wanting
to explore and widen the boundaries of sex. Some of the things
we talk about we have not done as of yet. Some have been restricted
to just between you and I. For almost 2 hours we make love
to each other, nothing ball banging, just enjoyable slow
fucking, sucking, licking, fingering and of course teasing.

We are out for breakfast early, enjoying the sun and slight
breeze this morning. A few miles walk on the beach helps
get us started. You go upstairs and put on a two-piece suit
to stretch out on one of the chaise lounges on the beach.
I am going to be close by watching.

At some point in time I am going to need to see that you enjoy
your being submissive today. You have expressed a desire
to be “taken” today, forcibly taken like Shaun and
Tony did a few days ago. How do I do that again with Tony and
Shaun? Should I find other guys? Should I take you home and
tie you to the bed or couch and invite guys in to service you?
I would like to recreate the action that caused Shaun and
Tony to want more of you and take it even though you protest
and resist. Last time you didn’t protest or resist, you
just let them have their way with you, while I watched. My
cock is hard and throbbing just thinking about the possibilities
for the day.

I notice that you have turned your head to watch me as I think
about how to please you for the day. You have a smile on your
face, one of those, oh god yes I am ready to fuck smiles that
you get. I get up and go to you and have you roll over face down
on the chaise. Then I have you spread your legs enough so
your feet are on the ground next to the chaise. Not a position
you would find a lady on a chaise, but rather a fuck position.
I could easily move aside your suit and slip my hard cock
into you, right there in public.

Tim walks up the beach and sees us. He walks closer and is
looking at you spread out on the chaise, and comments, god
I would love to fuck that pussy right there on that chair.
Tim asks what’s up for the day. I told Tim we were going
to “take” you today as soon as I figure out whom, where
and when. Tim quickly replies he wants in the action. Both
Tim and I can see your suit is wet between your legs as we talk
about you. This is something you have always enjoyed, being
talked about and submissive.

Tim suggests that we call Bev and Carol and see if we can take
you out on the boat, or should I say yacht. Tim has some good
ideas about how to restrain you on the tanning deck so all
of us could have our way with you. Tim agrees to call Bev and
to make some other calls to people he knows. I am going to
call Shaun and Tony and the other couple upstairs.

By 10:30 we have a plan for you. Tim stops by and he is obviously
excited about all of it. You’re not saying much, you have
that sultry look and touch me with approval. I have you dress
in shorts and a halter-top and we leave for the boat after
Tim tells me Bev and Carol are ready. We arrive at the boat
and Shaun and Tony are already there with Bev and Carol.
Bev has ordered food for us to take out on our cruise. Tim
arrives and shortly after that the other couple, Tom and
Linda arrive.

Everyone is eager to get underway so Bev wastes no time getting
us moving out of the marina. I take you into the cabin and
the others follow as Bev negotiates the channel out into
the Gulf of Mexico. I take out a blindfold and place it over
your eyes, feeling your breasts as I do so. Linda makes a
comment about that feeling good. Tom reaches over and roughly
pinches one of Linda’s nipples, she protests and Shaun
walks over and begins caressing her nipple then kissing
it finally suckling it gently. Linda is obviously turned
on by the attention.

I strip your clothes off of you and have you lie on the couch
and offer you to everyone to chain a feel, explore and kiss
you. The line forms and each of them gets to kiss you from
head to toe, or they can explore you with fingers or otherwise
play or tease you. No fucking yet. I haven’t shaved you
in the past few days so I get gel and a razor, oil and a soft
cloth. Everyone stops as I shave you and just watches. Warm
water on the cloth makes your hair soft and easy to shave.
I start to put the gel on you and Linda steps up and says she
wants to do that. My cock is throbbing so it hurts as I hand
Linda the tube of gel. She put some on her fingers and begins
to spread it over your lips and onto your mound. This is the
first time Linda has made contact with a lady and is very
nervous as she spreads the gel around your pussy lips. She
does a pretty good job and takes her time doing it, then hands
me the tube. I notice she went to Tom and kissed him deeply,
when she finished helping me.

You are very wet after Linda got through with you. I have
Tony and Linda take each of your legs and spread you open
for me, making sure they hold you. As I shave you, Linda is
like in a trance as I shave your pussy lips and your mound.
I asked Linda to hold your lips open so I can better shave
them. I noticed that Linda’s fingers are working their
way onto the tip of your clit which is swollen and excited.
When you move your hips as Linda’s fingers touch your
clit, Linda moves away, seemingly embarrassed at what
she had done.

When I finish shaving you I have Linda take the soft cloth
and get some warm water on it to clean the gel from you. She
returns and hands me the cloth and I hand it back to her and
tell her to do it. She protests but I insist that she do it.
She is reluctant to really get down with you and clean all
the neat places you have so I take her hand and have the cloth
clean the sides of your clit and in the folds. Linda is embarrassed
but doesn’t pull away.

I take some oil and let it drip onto your mound and run down
into your pussy and some gets by and runs down the crack to
your ass. You are more turned on feeling the warm oil finding
all the hiding places between your legs. Then I take my thumb
and begin rubbing it into you. I am careful to bring you to
the edge of orgasm and not over the edge for the time being.
Linda and Carol are carefully watching, thinking you are
going to orgasm for me.

Once I get the oil into your skin and you’re soft and smooth,
I place the warm cloth between you legs and let everyone
resume exploring you. All the guys want to fuck you; the
ladies want to just touch you. I see Bev coming to join us
and I notice we are sitting still a few miles offshore.

Your nipples are firm and protruding from the touching,
your pussy is wet and running. I snap restraints on your
ankles and you protest by saying, “no, don’t do that”.
I tell Shaun and Tony to each take a leg and I have Carol take
an arm and I take the other. You begin to twist and kick to
get away and I tell everyone to hold on and not let you loose.
We are going to spread you across the tanning pad on the deck
then pull the shade over so we don’t get sunburned. Sunburned
cock doesn’t feel very good.

You protest as we tie you across the pad, twisting and turning
like you really wanted to get away. I get a cloth and gag you
as you protest. Everyone helps me put a pillow under your
ass, pushing your pussy up, your spread open, gapping open
for us. I take a few drops of oil onto one finger and touch
your clit with it then slowly begin rubbing into your pussy.
I bring you right to the edge of orgasm and again stop to let
you down. Everyone wants to do that and Bev is first, bringing
you right to the edge again like I did. Tony is next but Tony
doesn’t know when to stop and you begin to shake violently
as you cum. I shove several fingers into your cunt as you
thrash around as much as you can on the pad. I feel you pussy
muscles massaging my fingers and the spasms of your muscles
as I push my hand hard into you.

Linda steps up with the damp cloth and I move away. Linda
is cleaning you like I showed her earlier, very thoroughly.
When she is finished I watch as she bends and her tongue darts
out onto your clit, massaging it slowly until her face is
pushed deep into your pussy. I grab Linda by the hair and
pull her away, I don’t want you cumming again right now.

I take the restraints from you ankles and move them up above
your knees and tie you so your legs are pulled open and back
raising your ass off the pillow. The guys are in line to fuck
you. Your pussy is flowing juices, you’re protesting.
I drop my shorts and move up between your legs and rub my cock
up and down your pussy, teasing your ass and clit and getting
my cock soaking wet rubbing it into your pussy. You’re
not sure who is doing it to you. My cock is lined up, just hanging
there in line with your pussy waiting for something, waiting
for that feeling of fucking a wet hot pussy, my cock is throbbing
and moves with each heartbeat. I can no longer hold it there
and ram it deep into you with one hard thrust with all my weight.
You scream and twist your body as my cock grinds deep into
you. I withdraw it, now covered with your hot juices, the
cool breeze makes the feeling even more exciting as I watch
my cock and again align it with your pussy for another thrust
deep into you. Again, I plunge deep into you and you scream
and twist to get away. I begin fucking you as hard as I can
and soon I fill your pussy with my load of hot cum, deep in
you, so deep it feels like the head of my cock is pressed hard
against the inside of your cunt.

As I move away, Shaun jumps on you, the large cock head spreads
your pussy then closes around his slim shaft. Shaun fucks
you like he has never had pussy before, he just goes wild
and you scream and protest, telling him to stop to get off
of you. This talk turns Shaun on and he fucks even that much
harder. Tony wants some so Shaun gets off and Tony starts
banging you. Tim steps up and Tony moves away. When Tim’s
huge swollen cock fills you, you begin to move on his cock,
fucking Tim. Tim’s huge cock has you stretched and Linda
moves in and puts some oil on her fingers and begins to massage
your clit while Tim is fucking you. You begin to turn and
twist as the two of them are having sex with you.

I get some oil and lube your ass and slip a finger into you
while they are working on you. You are no longer protesting
but rather your energy has turned to sexual energy and soon
you cum for us, screaming, jerking around, Tim cums in you
and Linda has trouble keeping her finger on your clit. I
press even deeper into you. Shaun takes Tim’s place and
fucks until he cums in you too. I can feel the spasms deep
in you. I notice Carol is kissing your mouth, ears and neck.

Bev wants you in a different position so we release you and
you try to get away from us. Bev grabs your hips and pulls
you back against him. Bev backs until he is against a chair
and sits down taking you with him, forcing his swollen cock
into you as he pulls you down on him. Tony and Shaun pull you
back against him. The rest of us watch as Bev’s cock fucks
your pussy. Bev has your legs pulled over the outside of
his legs which spread you open a lot. Tony kneels between
Bev’s legs and puts his cock on your pussy opening where
Bev is already filling you. Tony keeps pressure on you until
his cock slips into you along with Bev’s cock. Two cocks
in you, a first and at first you protest but then quickly
start telling the guys to fuck your pussy. Oh yes, I watch
as these two guys fuck you, stretching you open, I can just
imagine how much your filled with cock.

Both Bev and Tony cum in you, both fuck your pussy at the same
time. I have Linda clean you when they finish with you and
then I sit in the chair and have you sit on me. You pussy is
sloppy wet with cum and I fuck you some, then you raise and
I slip into your ass. I have already lubed you with oil and
you slip right down on me. As soon as you are comfortable
with me in you I invite Tom to fuck your pussy. I hold your
legs close to you and Tom is quick to slip into you. I can feel
Tom fucking your pussy and it isn’t long I fill you with
cum and then Tom cums in you. Once Tom moves away, I make a
move to raise you off of me and you resist, wanting me to stay
in you. You turn your face and we kiss deeply. Carol has gotten
a massager and puts it on your clit. While I kiss you, I can
feel the results of the massager as you kiss me until you
suck the breath out of me when you cum. As soon as your orgasm
subsides, I remove the blindfold and you smile. For a while
you don’t want to get off of me and we just sit there enjoying
each other.

The guys have turned to Carol and Linda now. The guys have
Carol and Linda on the pad and are fucking them. The guys
are rotating fucking each of them, then the ladies decide
they want to be on top and the guys stretch out on the pad and
the ladies move from one to the other while you and I watch.
You slowly move off of me and turn and straddle my lap, wrapping
your arms around my neck, we kiss. Then you tell me you enjoyed
my planned activities for the day and that fantastic smile
that you have when you enjoy our sharing.

It seems like hours, the guys fucking Linda and Carol until
the ladies beg for mercy and go for a swim. Shaun wants more
and finally convinces Linda to give him some more on the
dive platform with the water lapping at them while they
fuck. When Shaun finishes with Linda, Tom, her husband
wants some of her and boy does he fuck her like a wild man until
they fall into the water.

We return to the marina and end up back at the condo. Both
of us are exhausted. We have said our good byes to everyone
since we have to return home for a meeting tomorrow afternoon.
We clean up the condo and after supper we find ourselves
cuddling on the couch. I must say you have been exceptionally
hot the past week and I for one have certainly enjoyed it.
Your smile tells me your content and then the kiss reinforces

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Loved the story.But would haved loved to read more about
the women getting fucked up the "ARSE"!! And
guys fucking each other too, while the women watched.Keep
the stories cumming!!