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Trick Or Treat


It's this time of year where thoughts turn toward Holloween. It's an odd holiday where Christmas, The Fourth etc. always hold charm. Holloween is loved when young, all that candy! But as your sweet tooth lessons its appeal does also.

Later in life you refind it, it hasn't changed but you did. You see something you never seen before, even if it was there right in front of your face. Now it's a chance to be a little dirty or if you're already it's a pass to take it further.

This goes back a few years ago but remains stuck in my fond memories bank, called upon sometimes in quiet moments. It was after the passing of my dear husband, I've yet to stop missing him but back then it was almost life ending. That same time, just the year before a very close friend lost her husband too. They were not only dear friends but play friends too, our regular romps never ended without plans set for the next go at it.

So this one holiday marks the first without both of our beloved husbands and the first with my gal Betty and her new friend Ben. I had been with the couple once or twice by then but we were still at the walking on rice paper part, still finding boundries etc.. Betty brought up the want of a Holloween party and Ben's place would be perfect for it.

First rule, adults only. But within these adults there were lifestyle and non mixed in. So being playful was fine and expected but lines of too far were fixed in our heads. The day arrives and things are set so we climb the stairs to change into our costumes, I was doing my best to pull off Wonder Woman "sorry Linda" and my friends chosen Batman and fittingly so called Cat Woman.

The party was a blast and fun found by all who attended. As November raised its head the party goers started to peel off, heading for home. And it was about 1:30 AM when we found ourselves there alone. After tending to things that demanded so we dropped our bodies in a row on the couch.

I can't speak for the other but I was split, tired due to the hour and activity but also very worked up after hours of flirting. A bit of time was spent talking about the highlights of the evening, which was many. Then in a playful way I wrapped my lasso around Ben, reminding him it makes you tell only the truth. Then the question, what do you want right now?

It took a moment and the blush on his cheeks lead me to think this is going to be good. He did not disappoint when he answered, I want you to fuck me.

Now just maybe Betty had confided with him that my husband enjoyed it, which was just fine. Or a desire long held but whichever now seemed to be the right time. Not drunk but feeling no pain, well worked up and ready to go.

Betty must of been good with it as she was the first up, pulling on his arm to get up. Both offered hands to help me and away we went. A personal thing with me is always wanting to bathe before sex, even if it's not needed. But their large shower was plenty big enough for three or even more. After the shower and House Rules where it's the girls kicked things off. Like normal Ben was more then happy to watch as he stroked himself.

Reluctantly I pulled my face away from Betty's sweet pussy. Their eyes were upon me when I reached in the drawer where I knew the harness is kept, it's even still sized to my body from the last time I was with Betty alone. Ben's stroke quickened as I stepped into the contraption and his eyes grew large as I snapped my tool in place.

Lube in one hand and my other pointing to the bed "get up and on all fours I instructed." Like he's still under my power he follows without question. Betty dips her head under Ben and begins to suck upon his large cock. Lost in that moment he jumps when I press a good amout of cold lube directly on his manhole.

Taking my thumb in small circles I trace around it, soon thereafter it begins to loosen up. I hold strong against it, letting him take my finger at his speed. First one and then a second enters his opening, I spread them inside widening for entry.

Now I slowly pull away, his hips trying to catch up. Then like before but this time I hold the firm head of my rubber cock against him, just like before then I watched as inch by inch is gobbled up until pad of the harness is felt. I placed my palm to the small of his back coaxing him to ride the toy. And easy sale and soon I'm holding still letting him ride me plunging over and over.

Betty by this time has a good grip of his ears, grinding his face into her sticky box. He's all but chanting, a work per plunge I'm going to cum he screams just before blasting a load on to the bedding below. Spent he falls a top his sticky load not careing in the least. Betty helps me from the harness then kindly brings me to climax.

We rested a bit then once again to the shower, walls still wet from the time before. Bed cover cast aside we crawled between the sheet together for a well needed sleep.

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Most intriguing way to have sex with to women. Thumbs up or in for that matter


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It's imperative that a costume is chosen not only for an effect but
moreover for it's ease of extrication for whatever the night may permit.
Wonder woman speaks for itself.

Using more than all the road!


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wooooow debes ser interesante dormir junto a ti


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Wonderful story. I've never had the pleasure.


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Very good enjoyed it x


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MMMM I'd love to be Ben. That would be amazing


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well done hope to see more


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each story has me returning to the list of your stories to pick the next one


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Awesome time you had - would love to meet someone with your enthusiasm