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Traveling…… Day 1

We have been planning a getaway now for several weeks. We
are going to take the motor home and just wander around with
no schedule to keep.

Today is our first day; we have packed most everything we
want to take into the motor home already. We are relaxed
and teasing each other this morning. We made love about
4 a.m. and fell back asleep until about 7 a.m. It’s almost
9 now. You have been teasing me since we got up at 7, getting
me hard then leaving me. I enjoy it very much and know I will
get even later lol. Your dressed in a mid thigh full skirt
and a slinky soft blouse which you haven’t buttoned up
which reveals plenty of cleavage to tease me thoroughly
while I drive.

We start out and head East on I-4 towards I-95. We get to the
Sanford exit and decide to take a lunch break at the Cracker
Barrel. I pull into one of the RV spaces and look over and
you have your feet on the dash with your legs spread, your
hands rubbing your inner thighs. I am excited by seeing
you; head back, mouth partly open, obviously breathing
more rapid than normal, your breasts rising and falling
with each breath. My cock is aching from the teasing this
morning and is hard watching you.

I take you by the hand and lead you back to the bed. You follow
along like a child with that innocent look you get that teases
the hell out of me. I strip your clothes off of you and lay
you on the bed. I haven’t closed any of the blinds, just
wanting to add a little extra spice with the thought someone
might see us. Your teasing earlier has my cock so hard it
hurts. You moisten the tip with your fingers and look at
me and say “my pussy needs to be fucked”. I raise your
feet and put them on my shoulders and look down and guide
my cock onto your opening. My cock is hanging there poised
to drive deep into you with all my weight. I can feel the wetness
and warmth on the tip of my cock as I tease you. I can see the
tip is wet from dipping into you, your lips are now wet and
your juices are flowing down your cheeks as I hold you spread
open for me. I rub my hard dick in the flowing juices, letting
it rub up and down in your crack, teasing you. I align my dick
with your opening again and look you in the eyes, I see a smile
come on your face and hear you say “do it to me please do
it now”. My cock is aching as it is poised for your pussy,
my balls are aching and tight against me, wanting to unload
the extra cum you have created within me from the teasing.

You are moving your hips, wanting my hard throbbing dick
in you. I am looking you in the eyes and you looking at me with
that question, why aren’t you fucking me. I push forward
on you raising your ass off the bed even more, my cock head
just resting on your opening, I drop suddenly very deep
into you and you scream, I think mostly with delight at the
feeling of my cock so deep in you. I press hard into you and
hold it. I feel your pussy almost like sucking on my cock
so deep in you. I draw it out of you and plunge again deep into
you. Then I begin to move in and out of you building the motion
of a good hard deep fuck. I can feel my balls being drawn into
me as I near orgasm. With the teasing this morning I was ready
to explode and feel it deep within me, building. I hear you
say “cum for me baby, fill me with your hot jism”. The
talk has me beyond that point of control and I feel that first
throb deep in me and the release of cum into my cock and then
the pleasure of it spurting deep into your pussy. My motion
builds as I cum in you. I want it so bad I drive hard and deeper
into you with each intense pulse of pleasure in the head
of my cock.

My cock pumps you full of cum and I feel it on my balls as I piston
in and out of you. After a nice long hard fuck I get beside
you and lie on my side and slip my cock into your soaking wet
cum filled pussy. I laid my head on your arm and am sucking
on a nipple when I realize someone is watching us. Another
motor home has pulled along side and his driver’s window
is about 3 feet from our window and he is looking in on us smiling.
I smile and get back to you. My cock is feeling the cum in you.
I use my cock to rub cum all over your clit then reinsert my
cock fully into you. My fingers on your clit, I massage gently
and very slowly teasing the tip of your clit. As I work your
clit I feel your hips moving on my cock. I lay still and let
you move on my still hard dick. I can feel your orgasm building.
Your clit has swollen so I take my cock and rub the head on
your clit until I get you to orgasm then shove my dick back
into your pussy. Both of us are in that totally satisfied
state and enjoy feeling each other. You roll over onto your
side and then realize your looking at the guy in the motor
home next to us. You ask “how long has he been watching
us”. I laugh and not sure how long, I say “long before
I unloaded into you” and you say “oh nice”. The guy
smiles and gives us the thumbs up.

We go inside and have lunch and enjoy sitting out on the porch
in one of the rockers after lunch.

There are friends having a party North of Jacksonville,
so it’s time to hit the road again. I am looking forward
to tonight as I expect to share you with friends. They have
a home on a lake in the middle of about 200 acres so no one to
bother us. The friends are expecting about 20 people at
the party. They have a hook up for the motor home so we are
welcome to stay as long as we like. It’s been several years
since we have partied with these friends. They are really
nice down to earth people. Married for about 25 years, they
enjoy sharing as much as we do. They have a dock with a screened
gazebo near the end of the dock.

When we arrive at our friends, I will write part 2… maybe
you have some suggestions on where we should go after leaving
our friends. I am thinking the Charleston area, maybe Folly
Beach and enjoy the beach some, what do u think.


Traveling…..part 2

We arrive north of Jacksonville about 3:30 and our friends
are waiting to show us where to park the motor home. Our friends
moved there several years ago and we have been invited several
times to join them for some play. They have a nice place,
pool, Jacuzzi, a lake all out in the middle of woods. The
pool is right in front of the motor home and as soon as we get
the slide outs in position and the awnings out, you strip
and run and jump into the pool. I am a little more reserved
however it doesn’t take me long to be there with you.

The water is really nice, a little warm but enjoyable. I
grab you and feel your body next to me, feeling your breasts
in the water makes me hard very quickly. We kiss and hold
each other while you wrap your legs around my waist and lower
yourself on my hard dick. Our friends sit beside the pool
and watch us together. Soon they are with us, gathered around
us feeling each of us. The couple are Bev (yes a guy) and Carole.
Carole has reached between my legs from behind and has my
balls in her hand, feeling them. You feel my cock harden
as Carole teases me. I can feel Bev feeling around your pussy
that has my cock buried in it. Bev was never one to ask about
joining, I feel as he is trying to put his cock in your pussy
with mine. I feel you draw your knees closer to your chest
as Bev presses rather hard into you. I feel him slip into
you and hear you moan deeply. I have been still since going
in you however Bev is fucking you pretty hard from behind.
I can tell you’re enjoying it from your sounds and the
feel of your pussy juices flowing out of you and into the

Bev wants some of you on the pool deck and asks if it’s ok.
Carole moves in and tells you she will take care of me. I watch
as Bev takes you to the pool deck and takes a mat and spreads
it on the deck then has you lay face down on it. Carole backs
up to me and moves her pussy onto my cock and it slowly moves
deep into her. Carole straightens some and I hold her titties,
feeling her nipples which are very hard and extended. I
rub them between my fingers hard and she moans and pushes
back against me. Bev has you now face down and he is straddled
your ass trying to align his cock with your pussy. I hear
you when he slips into your love box. Bev pushes hard forward
and down and you let out a loud moan and then a “oh fuck”.
Carole turns her head to look at me and smiles and tells me
Bev has been extra horny thinking about us visiting them.
Carole says you are going to get a really good fuck from Bev.

I remember Bev was always the guy who had two speeds, full
stopped and full go, no speeds in between. This was obvious
as he developed a real fast pace fuck with you. I was watching
as your ass cheeks rippled each time Bev slammed into you.
Bev looked like a jack hammer fucking your pussy. Carole
turned to look at me and smiled, and said “you know I am
enjoying just feeling a cock in me without it hammering
me like he is doing”. You turned your head so I could watch
your face as Bev was hammering your pussy silly. I watch
as he brings you to orgasm with the fucking then just keeps
pounding you. I see the expression on your face from the
orgasm and his continued pounding you. I can feel Carole’s
pussy juices flowing as she watches Bev fucking you so hard,
she moves her hips some on me and I give her a slight jab with
my cock. She moves off of me and goes and gets a mat and puts
it on the deck and asks me to lay on it. Then she straddles
my hard cock backwards and leans slightly forward so I can
watch my cock slipping in and out of her. I can see her pussy
hugging my cock as she moves on it. Then I hear her tell Bev
to give her the load of cum. I am not sure what she is planning
however I begin to push up into her and then I can feel her
juices on my balls then feel her fingers spreading the juices
around on my balls. I hear a very loud moan from Bev and he
jumps off of you and moves to Carole and she takes his cock
into her mouth. I can’t see it but it appears she is taking
all of it down into her throat then Bev’s entire body stiffens
and I notice Carole swallowing hard. Soon Carole tells
Bev “fuck me now”. Carole is off of me in a heart beat
and I move to you, roll you onto your right side and move your
left leg up to your chest and straddle your leg and slide
my cock into you. Your pussy is very warm from the hard fucking
and the more I think about it my orgasm begins and I pump you
full of cum. We lay on the mat for a while while Bev and Carole
play in the pool some, sort of looked like he as fucking Carole’s

We are going to take a nap and Bev and Carole tell us they have
a few guys coming by later to party. A supper about 7:30 is
planned by the pool followed by any play that we might like
to participate in with them or the guys.

We snuggle up on the bed in the motor home and go a sleep rather

Part 3 to follow ….

Traveling part 3

The exercise with Bev and Carole was tiring and we slept
until 7:30 when we heard knocking on the motor home door
that awoke us. Supper was ready and from the sounds of it
the party had started.

We take our time getting ready. I was enjoying feeling you
and kissing you. My cock sprang to life with the kissing.
The warmth of you was fantastic as I felt of you and then you
feeling my balls and cock, just holding my cock in your hand
was so exciting. Bev and Carole rarely wear much clothing
around home so we dress lightly, you’re wearing a cover
up for a bathing suit which doesn’t hide much, I wrap a
towel around me and we step out of the motor home.

Carole is in the pool with three guys which at first glance
appear to be very young. Closer we get they look like early
20’s. Carole enjoys younger guys; she thinks it makes
her feel younger to know they want her. You have never shown
a preference of age; rather you enjoy the attitude of the
guys and how they make you feel. We sit beside the pool and
close to Bev. Bev is chatting with a lady that appears to
be in her mid 30’s. After Bev and the lady finish their
conversation, Bev introduces us to her. Her name is Patsy,
she is married, hubby is out of town on business, this is
Patsies first time other than one other experience with
just Bev and Carole. Bev explains that you, Patsy and Carole
will be the only ladies there tonight. We are introduced
to the guys in the pool; however the names were forgotten
for storing the events that happened that night. Bev explains
there are 25 guys other than us invited.

Bev and Carole graciously have prepared steak, potatoes,
corn and lots of desserts for energy. We eat very well and
by the time it’s about 9 p.m. there are 17 guys there other
than Bev and I. Patsy is showing how nervous she is and begins
to cry. You and Carole take Patsy inside for a few minutes
and then you all return. Patsy is faking a smile and sits
next to me. We begin to chat about small things and she seems
to relax. Soon I have her agree to accept a blindfold and
ask Carole for one and Carole hands it to me smiling. I place
the blindfold on Patsy and we chat some about what she enjoys
or how she enjoys sex. She is non committal about much she
enjoys about sex other than she doesn’t get it at home.
There is a guy standing near us, guessing he is about 40 or
so, semi hard so I ask him to step over in front of Patsy. Patsy
is sitting in a chair and this guy, lets call him Paul since
I don’t remember his name now, I have Paul move right in
front of Patsy. I tell Patsy that Paul is standing in front
of her and she needs to get acquainted with Paul by feeling
of him. Patsy reaches our reluctantly and feels Paul’s
hips slowing working into his cock and balls. She takes
a very quick feel and then moves away. I ask her to spend more
time feeling Paul, to feel each of his nuts, then feel the
shape of his cock, learn what he feels like and think about
how he will use his dick with her. Patsy soon is into feeling
Paul and comments she has never done that before and begins
asking questions about his balls. By now Paul is very hard
and Patsy begins feeling his hardness. There are several
other guys standing around watching Patsy and Paul and
I ask Patsy to stand and a guy to suckle one of her breasts.
She begins feeling the sucking and I have another guy join
on the other breast. I ask Paul to stand behind her and hold
her and I watch as Paul wraps his arms around her and his hard
dick slips between her legs. You come over and watch and
I see that smile on your face. Patsy has gotten to that point
when she doesn’t give a shit about anything other than
feeling the sex she is going to be getting from these guys.
One of the guys is feeling between her legs and tells her
how wet and hot she is and that she is ready to fuck. These
three guys take her to a table and I hear her when that first
cock disappears into her. I am now holding you and you look
at me and say “I need some of that now, please fix it for

Carole is in the pool with a whole bunch of guys, appears
she is teasing them but not giving them anything. I spot
a large couch on the lanai and take you to it and lay you out
on it. I raise your legs and begin eating you. Within a couple
of minutes I notice a guy kneeling next to you sucking your
nipples, alternating back and forth between them... I
watch as you arch your back enjoying the feelings. I feel
your body quiver as a light orgasm sends trembles throughout
your body. I know your ready to fuck and have you get into
a swing they have hanging from the ceiling. I put your feet
in the stirrups and immediately a line forms for you. I slip
my dick into you and lean forward to kiss you, knowing these
guys are going to enjoy you as much as I do. You are very wet
and ready so I back away and invite the guys to take turns
with you. I go sit on the couch and watch. I notice there are
three other guys with Patsy now and I hear her taking the
pounding from a rather large dick in her.

I hear you taking the fucking and turn to see a guy withdrawing
his dick and slamming back into you repeatedly, something
you enjoy very much as long as he is aligned right when he
goes in. This guy is doing it right and the sound of his body
slamming against your body is exciting. My cock is hard
listening to and watching the action. Carole sits beside
me and feels me, then moves down onto her knees and begins
sucking me. Oh fuck it feels good and after a few minutes
of sucking straddles me and lowers herself onto my stiff
manhood. She is very wet and moves her hips so that it feels
like her pussy is sucking on my cock. One of the other guys
wants to know if it is ok to join us and Carole says “sure”.
I hadn’t noticed but it was Bev and then I feel his cock
slip into her along with mine. Carole begins moaning and
drops her head onto my chest and I feel her squeezing my arms
as both of us fuck her cunt. I stay still while Bev moves in
and out of her, stretching her pussy with each thrust into
her. Soon I feel Bev pull out and realize he has slipped into
her ass. Carole doesn’t protest in fact she begins to
move on both of us, faster and faster until I feel her orgasm
very deep from within her and feel the juices flowing around
my cock and onto my balls, then without warning, my cock
explodes deep in her, the head throbbing as she continues
to move on both of us, the pleasure turns to pain as her pussy
is rubbing on the tip of my cock making it super sensitive
deep in her…my body tenses until she stops moving on me.

I turn to see about you and find you’re not in the swing
anymore. I look around and find they have taken you to a mat
on the floor and there are two guys, each sucking your breasts,
holding your legs back against your chest while another
guy is driving deep into you and behind him is a line. I hear
one of the guys sucking your breasts, yell “change”
and the guy in you jumps off and goes to the back of the line
and the next guy is in you pumping… about a minute later
the guy yells “change” and then another guy in you….
Now this is something you very much enjoy and I move to watch
as these guys fuck you as hard as they can for a minute then
the next guy gets his turn. I see Patsy still has two guys
with her and Carole and Bev are on the couch with a guy…
not sure how many are in line but you are certainly enjoying
the attention.

About 11 we take a break and everyone is in the pool cooling
off and rejuvenating. Patsy comes next to me and touches
me almost like a child, very timid and shy. She tells me she
is enjoying the attention immensely and thanked me for
getting her started earlier. Patsy asks us if she can join
us when we go to bed later. You look rather surprised but
answer her with an “of course”. For almost an hour we
play in the pool, the gals teasing us guys, we move back and
forth between the Jacuzzi and the pool as the night air is
getting cool on bare bodies.

We are in the Jacuzzi; I am holding you with my arms around
you, your back to me. I move your legs apart and hold you open
and invite the guys to take some more of you. You resist however
I know you are teasing the guys and invite them to fuck you.
One by one they get between your legs and fill you with load
after load of hot cum that spills into the water. As I hold
you for these guys, Patsy watches intently and Carole and
Bev encourage the guys to get more of you. Each of the guys
had you at least once and I hear Patsy say “can I try that”.
Bev takes my place and holds Patsy for the guys. I get the
first piece of her and enjoy it very much. You are watching
in fact you get behind me and feel my balls and cock while
I fuck Patsy. I don’t want to cum in her and stop just short
of cumming in her pussy. I notice you look at me rather like
what the hell are you doing as I have this hard dick that didn’t
cum in her. We move away and let the guys at Patsy and we go
sit on the couch. You ask if I want you to take care of my cock
and I answer no, not right now. I want to enjoy you later and
want to give you a full load of cum.

About 1 a.m. both of us are exhausted, all the guys have cum
a number of times although about half of them are hard enough
to fuck on. Three of the young guys are in the living room
with Carole and Bev, fucking Carole, Bev is taking pictures
and video. We excuse ourselves and tell the guys we have
enjoyed them. Patsy joins us and we go to the motor home.

Patsy is rather nervous about the situation. You and I are
going to take a shower and invite Patsy to join us. Have you
ever been in a shower in a motor home… well there ain’t
no room for play lol. I put you in the shower and wash you,
wash your hair and get you squeaky clean, top to bottom.
I dry you and send you to bed. Patsy is next but is reluctant
however ends up in the shower and I give her the top to bottom
and wash her hair. I must say when I was washing between her
legs; she had an orgasm which was delightful for me. I sent
her to bed and I got into the shower. The next thing I know
both are washing me and give me the same attention I gave

All three of us ended up in bed, me in the middle. Quite frankly,
I was exhausted and Patsy wanted to fuck and I know you always
enjoy snuggling with me in you after a good fuck with other
guys. I had you snuggle up against me on our sides as usual
and my cock slipped easily into you. Patsy was behind me
snuggled up to me, I could feel her breasts pressed against
my back as I fell asleep.

About 5a m I awoke to your touching me as usual, touching
my cock and balls, feeling my ass cheeks which drives me
wild and gets me hard quickly. Patsy is curled up with her
back to me. You lay your head on my chest while holding my
hard cock in your hand. I hear you say “why don’t you
give that load you were holding for me to Patsy”. We don’t
usually have another lady in bed with us, although it is
intriguing and exciting. You tell me to snuggle up behind
her and I roll over onto my side and begin to kiss her ear and
neck, my cock pressing between her legs. The kissing on
her neck and ear had the desired affect and soon she was pressing
back against my cock as it slipped further between her legs.
I could feel you behind me, with your arms around me, breasts
pressed against my back. My cock kept rubbing back and forth
across Patsy’s pussy opening and I could feel her juices
flowing onto my cock head. I heard Patsy say “oh yes that
feels good”. Patsy would change her angle a little each
time and my cock would begin to enter her opening but push
across it and onto her clit until finally my cock head popped
into her. Rather loudly she says “oh fuck yes”. Patsy
moves some more and I let my cock ride in and out of her making
her open each time it goes back into her. I am enjoying feeling
you behind me and your whispering into my ear as my cock repeatedly
enters Patsy.

I give Patsy a hard jab into her pussy and pull out and roll
over onto my back. I tell Patsy to ride my dick and have you
straddle my face. I enjoy eating your wet pussy and as you
settle down on my face my tongue finds your clit and begins
teasing it. I feel Patsy slip down onto my cock and feel her
moving on it. Your hips are moving to my tongue licking at
your clit and opening. I hear the drawer open next to the
bed and then hear the sound of a vibrator then realize you
have the g spot vib on Patsy’s clit while she rides me.
I can feel the flow of juices from Patsy around my cock as
I feel the tip of the vibrator tease her clit. I hear you gasp
as I suck your clit into my mouth and tease it with my tongue.
I hear Patsy rambling on about fucking as she nears orgasm.
I have been so involved in eating your pussy I didn’t realize
my cock was about to explode very deep in Patsy. I thrust
up into her and I hear her scream and moan and then her orgasm
begins and I begin pumping cum deep into her. Patsy has such
a deep orgasm she just collapses next to me. My cock is covered
with cum and I turn to you, you look at me and move quickly
to the corner of the bed doggie and I step up behind you and
shove my dick hard into you watching as the cum blends into
your juices. I fuck you hard as I can, your body jerking with
each thrust into you and soon I give you a load of cum. We snuggle
together on the bed and fall asleep again.

Part 4 is next…. If you enjoy, let me know.

Traveling part 4

I awoke about 9 a.m. to smell coffee and breakfast. Boy was
I hungry. Your eyes opened and you smiled. Patsy was moving,
my hand reached around her and I squeezed her breast and
I heard her say “oh god yes”. I got up and went outside
to find Bev and Carole putting breakfast on the table by
the pool. There were two guys in the pool and another sitting beside
the pool. Carole asked how we got along with Patsy last night
and I just smiled. Carole went on to tell me Patsy’s hubby
would be home later that day, late afternoon. Soon I notice
you and Patsy headed towards the pool and sit at the table
with the rest of us. Patsy soon starts talking about yesterday,
how much she enjoyed it and how great it was to be the center
of attention for a few guys. She admitted she is feeling
the fucking she got yesterday and expects her hubby might
want some of it when he gets home since he has been gone for
10 days. She laughs and says it won’t take him long to get
what he wants. We lay around the pool some and Bev starts telling us that
the guys that are there are going to NJ and wanted to know
if we were going that far. We hadn’t made up our minds although
we had talked about going to the Baltimore area to see friends
who had moved there. We had tried to get them into swapping
before they left Florida however it never happened and
we wanted to try again. We told Bev we would think about taking
them as far as Maryland. We went inside and you lay on Bev and Carole’s bed. Patsy
was taking a shower. Bev asked if you would accept some oral
from him and you spread your legs. Bev was really giving
you a good eating. Carole comes out with a breast suction
device and places it on one of your nipples. I see you look
at me as it sucks your breast slowly into the cup. Bev has
you near orgasm and I bend and suck the other nipple. As you
begin thrashing about on the bed with an orgasm, Bev takes
the cup and places it on your clit and holds it there. I hear
you say “omg no fucking way”. Bev holds the cup in place
and straddles you and shoves his hard dick deep into you.
At first Bev is going slow but begins fucking you harder
and faster, very fast. He is fucking you so hard you are moving
across the bed and soon both of you are on the floor as he continues
to fuck you hard. I watch as Carole gets down on the floor
and lays her head on your tummy. Bev puts his hand on Carole’s
face and moves his cock from you to Carole’s mouth where
she sucks on it really hard. Back into you with a few thrusts
and back to Carole. Soon he cums on Carole’s face and your
tummy, clit and pussy with a load that he must have been saving
for months although we know better than that don’t we.
I lay on the floor with you for a while and we get up and go out
to the pool. We sit around for a while, it’s about 11 or
so and Patsy is getting ready to leave to go home. Patsy is
dressed in a nice full rather short skirt, button down blouse.
Patsy has had a shower and is nice and clean. I went to each
of the guys and have them meet us out front where the cars
are parked when Patsy gets ready to leave.

We all wander out to the front of the house and Patsy puts
her bag in her car. I asked her if she got enough and she smiled.
She turned to open the door of her car and I stopped her and
turned her around and pushed her back onto the car. The guys
moved in and two guys took a leg each and spread her open.
She was wearing black panties and Bev moved them aside and
finger fucked her some. Patsy wasn’t saying much, wasn’t
resisting either. Bev put his cock in her and fucked her
until he filled her with cum, then each of the other guys
took turns filling her with cum. When it was my turn, she
was sloppy wet with cum; her panties were soaking with cum.
I didn’t bother to move the panties aside, my cock pushed
her panties into her as I fucked her. My cum filled her panties
while they were deep in her. We massaged the cum into the
panties and let her down and had her get into her car. She
smelled of sex from top to bottom as she drove off.

All of us went out by the lake and decided to go for a ride on
the pontoon boat. Bev hadn’t come with us, Carole and
5 guys were with us as we cruised around the lake. There was
a sandbar near the center of the lake so we stopped and got
on the bar playing around. I took a cushion from one of the
chaise lounges and put it on the deck of the pontoon boat
and we laid down on it. I wanted some time to hold you and enjoy
feeling of you. For a long time we kissed and teased each
other, then you straddled me and slipped my dick into you.
You stretched out on me and put your head on my chest. Your
pussy felt so warm and wet, I wanted to move in you but kept
still as I enjoy this as much as you do. We talked about where
to go next on our trip and if we wanted to take several of the
guys as far as Baltimore with us. I expressed my feelings
about it would be exciting to have a few extra guys along
with us for that trip. You raised your head and looked at
me and smiled and said “yes I know you get as much enjoyment
out of extra guys as I do”. For a long time we just lay there
enjoying feeling each other, not really fucking, enjoying
being a part of each other for that quiet time together.
I hear Carole out in the water and try to look out but the sides
are blocking the view. You sit up and raise off of me, my cock
glistening with your juices all over it and my balls. I stand
and see Bev holding Carole and one of the guys between her
legs fucking her good. One of the other guys appears to be
finger fucking her while she is fucking the other guy. I
hear the guy in her let out a muffled scream as he shot his
load deep into her, his body shaking and his thrusts into
her hard and deep. We play in the water for a while and then
head back to the house for lunch. It’s late and everyone
is hungry. While we are eating, we talk to Bev and Carole and the guys
that want a ride north. At first there was one now there are
3, all college students wanting to ride with us. You and
I agree to take them with us with the understanding we will
be stopping along the way where the mood strikes. After lunch, you and I slip off to bed and fall asleep quickly.
We wake about 5 p.m. or so and wander out by the pool. No one
is around so we wander into the house. In the living room
are Bev, Carole and one of the guys that are going to ride
with us. Bev is video taping this guy fucking Carole on the
couch. We sit and watch for some time and then go out by the
pool. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else there but the
3 in the house and us. Bev comes out and tells us there is food
in the kitchen, to help ourselves; they will be done in a
few minutes. The kitchen has shrimp, oysters, clams and crab legs piled
up on the island. Corn, potatoes and what looks like greens
on the stove warming. There are several bottles of wine
and we help ourselves to the food and wine. Soon Bev, Carole
and the guy show up and join us eating supper. Carole makes
a comment about not having dessert. I ask if they have a few
things and she gathers them up. I pick you up and place you
on the counter. You smile because you know what I have in
mind. Honey goes on first making sure it fits in all your
nooks and crannies, like between your lips and into your
pussy and ass. Two bananas into you for the split. Ice cream
placed onto the bananas and clit. Then lots of whipped cream.
The cold on that warm spot then a good licking makes for a
fantastic orgasm. Some nuts sprinkled all over and cherries
on each nipple and on the bananas and one snuggled firmly
against your clit for good measure. The ice cream is melting
as we begin. Carole gets the first cherry off of one of your
nipples. Your nipples are standing erect, like a miniature
dick, wanting to be sucked on. The young guy bends and goes
for the cherry nestled against your clit. His tongue laps
at your clit which is very cold and you moan from the warmth
of his licking. He begins eating the bananas and when they
are gone begins tongue fucking your pussy and sucking on
your clit. I watch as your orgasm builds then bursts into
spasms shaking your entire body. Bev, I and this guy take turns with you while Carole prepares
each of us for you. I get our g spot vibrator and mini from
the motor home and use them on you. The g spot inserted just
right into you then the mini just under your clit, barely
touching, mostly on and off of you like pulses and occasionally
onto to the tip of your clit. As you begin to cum for me, I move
the g spot firmly against you and press the mini into you.
Your body thrashing about on the counter, Carole and Bev
hold you as you move your hips onto the g spot then one of the
loudest orgasms I have ever heard from you as you squirt
all over my arms and the counter top. Your body is super sensitive
and all of us back away for a few minutes as you lay there catching
your breath. After a few minutes we all go out into the pool. You don’t
want to be touched right now; we swim and enjoy the evening
air. We retire to the motor home with plans to leave about
9 the next morning. This is the end of Part 4…… Part 5 will come along soon……….

Traveling part 5

Both of us overslept this morning. You have your back to
me and I reach out and feel the cheeks of your ass. My finger
tracing the creases of your legs and ass. I can feel the goose
bumps on you as my fingers play and tease you. You don’t
turn and look at me I just hear you say very softly, “good
morning luv”. I snuggle close and feel the shivers up
and down my spine from feeling you, so warm and inviting.
You get up and take a shower and return to bed, lying on your
back, legs spread, tell me you want to receive oral this
morning. As I crawl between your legs and kiss them up to
your pussy, my cock stiffens thinking about you. My tongue
gently parts your lips further then my fingers spread you
open. My lips touch your clit while my tongue darts around
on the tip of your clit. I place a pillow under your ass and
you hold your legs up while my face dives into your pussy.
My tongue darting around, in and out of you, licking all
over your pussy and as deep into it as I can push my face. My
tongue licking between your pussy opening and backdoor,
teasing you. Down across your backdoor my tongue licking
at you, rimming you then quickly back to your clit, sucking
it into my mouth, my tongue massaging it. Two fingers slipped
into your wet love pit and curled up to touch your g spot stretches
your clit for my tongue to lash out at it. I back away some
and use a finger to gently tap on you clit, very gently touching
it, tap tap tap tap, your clit stands up for me, enjoying
the feeling of the gentle tapping on it. I know this will
bring you to orgasm very soon if I keep it up. My fingers in
you are so wet; I withdraw them and massage your clitty with
them, lubricating you.

I reach into a drawer next to the bed and get the beads. Some
oil on them, I hang them down across your tummy, across your
clit, across your pussy opening with the very bottom bead
right at your backdoor. My fingers tease your clit some
more, my fingers silky with the oil, you come almost to orgasm
and I stop. My fingers take the last bead and gently press
it against your opening. I feel your hips move and then the
bead disappears into you, with a slight moan from you, breathing
is faster and I feel you holding my arm with your hand. The
next bead pops right in and the next 6 follow. I hold your
hips in my hands and raise you from the pillow, my tongue
working on your clit. Now I want that orgasm and work for
it. My cock is so hard it hurts as I lay on it on the bed. I have
you get doggie and lick at you some getting you closer and
closer, wanting to build the orgasm slowly I bring you closer
each time. I take the bead ring in my fingers and pull the
string up onto your back and put some pressure on it. I can
see the bead wanting to escape from you. I use a finger to
fuck you and massage your clit each time my finger slips
back into you. That first spasm begins, you’re making
guttural sounds from deep within you, my fingers jerk that
first bead from you and I hear you scream, muffled with your
head in the pillow. I hear you say “omg fuck yes fuck fuck
fuck” as the next spasm hits you. My fingers jerk two beads
this time and you scream at me “fuck me, you fucking tease”.
You roll over onto your side and close your legs, my fingers
still on your clit, I move them and feel yet another spasm
and then I jerk all the remaining beads from you and I hear
“oh fuck oh fuck” drawn out with your voice quivering.
I have to have some of you and straddle your leg and hold the
other straight up and my cock and balls slide up your leg
and slip deep into you. My hips move my cock in and out of you
fast and I press hard into you. I look down and see your pussy
stretching each time I thrust into you. My balls are rubbing
on your inner thigh teasing me. I am not far away from cumming
in you and pound you hard as I can then feel that feeling deep
in me, that little tinge of pleasure, knowing it is happening,
I press hard into you. I feel the cum traveling through my
cock and out of the head into you. I watch my cock pressed
so deep in you knowing my cum is flooding your cunt with jism,
hot sticky jism. I pull out almost all the way and slam back
into you for that last spurt of pleasure flooding your pussy.
For what seems like a long time I hold my dick hard and deep
in you, my body has released the sexual tension into your
body. I roll over onto my side, still in you, feeling you
moving on me. For a long time I just lay there enjoying the
feelings, enjoying feeling you moving on me so slowly,
enjoying feeling your body and your kisses. We fall asleep

About 9:30, I am awakened by knocking on the door. It’s
Carole, wanting to know if we are going to get up today. Breakfast
is ready and I smell it. I look back and see you moving around
and tell Carole we will be along in a few minutes. We walk
across to the pool and Bev and Carole are sitting at the table
drinking coffee and we join them. Carole tells us the guys
have decided to go north on their own. I was thinking that
was ok because I have something planned an assignment for
you in Charleston SC. We chat with Bev and Carole some and
say our good byes and prepare the motor home for the road.

By 11 we are underway and headed north on I-95. A few miles
and we pull into a truck stop for fuel because it is the cheapest
diesel fuel in the Southeast. While I am fueling up, you
are showing off to a couple of guys in a motor home at the next
fuel island. I give you an assignment to go inside the truck
stop and show off some for me. You smile and change your clothes
to a short denim skirt and a very sexy very low cut blouse.
When you step out of the motor home, the guys in the motor
home at the next fuel island follow you into the building.
Several truckers follow you too. My cock is getting hard
thinking about you showing off for these guys. After I fuel
the motor home, I go into the rest room inside and wash my
hands. Diesel fuel isn’t very appetizing and I am getting
hungry. As I step out of the rest room I spot you down the isle
bent over pretending to look at something. Your pussy is
exposed; your legs are wider than they normally would be
which opens your pussy for a few guys looking. I stand and
look at you bent over like I don’t know you. The two guys
from the motor home and 3 truckers are looking into your
pussy. The guys are making fucking comments about you,
talking about how good you would be to fuck and what they
would like to do with you. I listened, my cock got so hard
I couldn’t walk. Then I walked up to you and slapped your
ass hard, you could hear the smack all over the building.
You straightened up and smiled and said “hi luv, are you
ready to go”. The guys standing around quickly disappeared.

We went into the restaurant part of the truck stop and sat
at a table in the rear of the restaurant. I had you sit facing
the main part of the seating area. I had you pull your skirt
up so pretty much you were sitting with your bare tush on
the chair. You squirmed around some because the chair was
cool. One of the truckers that were looking before was the
first to notice you. I had you drop a napkin on the floor beside
your chair and then bend to pick it up. Your entire bottom
was exposed when you rocked over on one cheek to pick up the
napkin. When you sat back up, you said to me “I am so fucking
hot, I need a fuck. These guys looking at me wanting to fuck
me are making me wild”. I smiled and kissed you passionately
and felt of your breasts. I had forgotten to move the motor
home from the fuel island so I told you to pick those that
you wanted to fuck and bring them out to the motor home. I
would make the final decision on who would cock fucked my
luv. I paid for lunch and stepped out of the building with
a fantastic hard cock.

I moved the motor home into a truck parking lane and waited.
It wasn’t long I saw you walking towards me, a guy in tow
and others following. I didn’t want all of them in the
motor home so I met them outside. There were 7 there including
the 2 guys from the other motor home. There was a trucker
that that knelt on one knee and had you sit on his leg which
I thought was intriguing. Clean cut, rather thin built,
obviously had a hard on for you. I told him to take you to his
truck and I would be along in a minute. I told the other guys
to hang around for a few and we would see about each of them.
When I get around to the truck, you are standing outside
talking. I tell him to put his sun deflector on the windshield
and sit in the seat. He removes his pants and sits in the seat
and I have you climb up into the cab, your bare ass exposed
to me as you climb up, you’re very obviously wet. I close
the door and go around and get in and sit in the other seat.
You are facing him actually sitting on the steering wheel
waiting for me to give you instructions. Your legs are spread
very wide and I can see your clit protruding. The guy reaches
between your legs and I watch as you take his fingers into
you. His cock is pulsing with each heartbeat, very ready
to fill you with his hard hot meat. I tell you to take his meat
and fuck him. As you slide down on his swollen dick I watch
as your eyes roll back into your head. You put your arms around
his neck and begin pumping up and down on him. It isn’t
long and I can tell he is going to cum so I have you lift off
of him and you take his cock in your hands and as his cum spurts
out of his dick you rub it up and down his cock and balls.

When we return to the motor home, I have the guys stand around
one of the tires in a semi circle and have you lean against
the motor home. I pick one of the guys to raise your legs so
he can walk into you and fuck you. He needs some help with
your legs so I have two other guys hold you for him. His cock
disappears into you and I hear you sigh and a deep moan comes
from deep within you. This guy is somewhat larger than most
and I watch as his cock spreads you to take all of it. He fucks
until he cums all over your clit and rubs it with his cock
head until you cum for him. We move inside with the rest of
the guys and one by one you fuck them until they have shot
their load of hot jism, mostly on your tummy or clit.

After you have taken care of all the guys, you are exhausted
and go back and lie down on the bed and fall asleep. I drive
and head north to Charleston arriving there about 6 p.m.
I had planned to give you an assignment tonight however
you are still fast asleep so I let you sleep and do some maintenance
on the motor home.

This ends part 5

You might want to look forward to part 6

Traveling part 6

This morning was a lazy morning. We are in a RV park and parked
on the oceans edge. We sit in the front seats and watch others
on the beach. This morning you have on a pair of old raggedy
exercise shorts and a tee shirt tied up under your breasts.
Not your usual neat and tidy attire. The past few days have
been rather busy and we are enjoying just chilling and watching
others on the beach.

I had something planned for today. An assignment, in Charleston
tonight, however after yesterday, I have decided to let
you guide me to your pleasures. We take a mat and blanket
out onto the beach and stretch out enjoying the sun. I enjoy
rubbing suntan lotion onto you and get a few “feels”
of your breasts and inner thighs. You rub the lotion on me
and my cock stiffens. You smile and ask if we need to go inside
and take care of my condition. I smile and kiss you passionately.
We rest on the beach for some time, enjoying the relaxing
and people watching.

After getting the sun and watching the other people we walk
up the beach hand in hand. You have those baggy shorts on
and that tee shirt, your breasts are driving me wild, hell
I just want to rip the tee shirt off and suck your nipples
like crazy. We have walked almost 3 miles down the beach
and turn to head back. I kneel down pretending to tie my shoe
lace and as you stand in front of me, I run my hand up your leg
and inner thigh and find no panties, which is no surprise,
my thumb disappears easily into you, You’re very wet
and I begin to feel your juices flowing into my hand. I look
up and smile as you look down on me with a frown. I ask if everything
is ok as it is rare that you frown. “Yes” you say… “I
am fucking pissed off at you”. I am shocked and ask what
I have done. You look at me in one of your serious looks and
say “I need to be fucked with your hard dick and I’m not
getting it.” I look around and don’t see many people.
I stretch out on the beach and unzip my shorts and you take
out my hard cock and immediately sit on it moving your shorts
to one side. We act like we are playing when actually you
are humping my cock pushing down on it hard and moving your
hips milking it. You spot a woman walking her dog coming
towards us a couple of hundred yards away. You pump me hard
until my cock explodes deep in you. You get off of me and my
still hard cock is dripping our cum and I have to get it back
into my shorts quickly. As you turn to start walking I notice
my cum is running down your legs. You don’t seem to mind
and turn and smile.

We get some lunch and take a nap for most of the afternoon.
We wander out about sunset and take a walk for a mile or so
and return to the motor home and take a shower. We are dressing
for supper, not sure where we will go. You put your arms around
my neck and rub your breasts into my chest and snuggle into
my neck and ask “how would you enjoy taking me out for supper
and some drinks and let me show off for you, maybe even find
a guy or two.” I smiled and slapped your ass and then pulled
you tight to me and kissed you.

We take the Jeep into town, put the top back and you put your
feet on the dash. Dressed in your short skirt it blows up
into your lap and you show off all the way into town. We arrive
at a local restaurant which also has a bar and dance floor.
We are seated in a booth and when the waiter stops to bring
water and ask what we would like to drink, you say to him “Do
you have fresh cock on the menu tonight”? The waiter is
stunned by your question and responds with “no mam”.
You tell me that you want to leave since they have no fresh
cock on the menu. The waiter doesn’t know what to do and
turns and leaves. We move into the bar area and sit in a corner.
A waitress stops by and asks if we would like to order drinks
and we tell her we want drinks and supper. She gives you the
twice over as we order drinks. Our supper is great and we
have had a few drinks. You are feeling me and rubbing my balls
so I would get hard for you.

We dance some, feeling each other and getting hornier.
Several guys at the bar have been watching us dance and you
flirt with them. I go to the rest room and you go to see what
they have. As I am about the leave the rest room, you are standing
in the doorway with these two guys and push past me with them
right behind you. You introduce me to Nick and Dan and tell
them you and I are a couple. They kind of back away a little.
You move around the corner and pull up your skirt and ask
Nick and Dan if they would like some of you. They started
towards you and you dropped the skirt and told them to back
off. You tell them if they want some of you, they will have
to dance with you first then if you think they can fuck you
right then they can go get a room at the motel next door.

We go back to the dance floor and each of these guys take turns
dancing with you. Neither of them tries to feel you during
the dance so when they are done you tell them they failed.
You sit with me in the booth then we dance the next dance.
I squeeze your ass cheeks even get my fingers into your pussy
while we dance. Nick and Dan sit on the bar stools with their
mouths open watching us. The next dance I feel of your breasts
as we dance and most everyone in the bar is watching us. A
couple of times I take your titties out and show them off.
We go back to the booth and sit and get another drink, the
waitress tells us the drinks are on the house. The room has
become crowded watching us. Nick and Dan walk over and ask
if they can have another chance. You look at me and ask me
if I think you should give them another chance. I tell you
“Yes please do”. Nick sits at the booth with me while
Dan takes the first dance. Dan immediately takes out a breast
and begins sucking on it while dancing with you. His hands
feeling your ass and hips, he is obviously hard. When the
dance ends you walk over to the booth and tell me Dan passes.
Nick is next and he unbuttons your blouse when the dance
starts and lets your breasts out to swing while you dance
with him. He is playing with your nipples while you dance
and everyone watches. When the dance ends you tell me Nick
passes. You tell me to make arrangements with Dan and Nick so I walk
out with them and instruct them to get a room next door. Then
I give them instructions on how to treat you when I bring
you over. I return to you at the booth and we dance several
dances. You hold me tight and ask me what will happen with
Nick and Dan. I say “I’m not sure do you want to go back
to the motor home”. You tell me “fuck no”.

I take you to the motel room and as the door opens, both Dan
and Nick grab you and strip your clothes off of you. They
put Velcro around your wrists and take you to the shelf where
you hang clothes next to the sink in the bathroom and hook
your wrists to the hook on the shelf. I sit down in a chair
and watch. They come over and sit by me and we discuss what
they should do with you. I look at them and tell them they
should do what they like with you. Nick goes over and forces
your legs open rather wide and kneels in front of you and
begins licking your clit. Dan begins licking you from behind.
They are treating you like a slut whore and as I watch I can
tell you want to fuck. Dan and Nick take you down and take
you to the bed and put you on it face down, strapping your
legs so they are open for them. I am not sure what they have
in mind so I watch as they play with you. Finger fucking you
and pressing most of their hand into you. They tease your
ass then Nick straddles your ass and I watch as his dick slips
into your pussy. He really has you stretched open as he fucks
you slowly at first then building to a hard deep fuck then
his orgasm fills you with his really large load of hot jism.
Dan moves in and fingers you then mounts you and fucks for
a few minutes then takes you loose and takes you to the counter
next to the sink where he sits you on the counter and raises
your feet onto his shoulders and lets his swollen cock slide
deep into you. Dan fucks you so hard you begin to squeal as
his pounding is stretching your pussy with each thrust
deep into you. Soon Dan cums in your cunt and backs away.

Dan and Nick are lying on the bed and you go begin sucking
them wanting more fucking. Dan gets behind you while you
suck Nick and begins pumping you with his hard dick. Nick’s
dick has gotten really hard again and you move forward away
from Dan and sit on Nick’s dick. You lean forward and Dan
moves up behind you and I think he is going to shove it into
your ass but he goes into your pussy with Nick. I hear you
moan deeply and begin to move on the two dicks in you. I watch
as Nick and Dan finally decide to let you move on them and
I watch as you move back and forth on them. It isn’t long
and both of them unload deep in you at almost the same time.

While everyone is taking a break, I get the oil and begin
massaging your body, paying attention to provide a soothing
sexual massage. Soon Nick and Dan are helping me give you
a massage and soon they are hard for you again. You have Nick
lay on the floor and you straddle him backwards and begin
riding his swollen cock. Then you have Dan stand in front
of you and you suck him while you are riding Nicks cock up
and down. My cock is hard so I stand next to Dan and you begin
sucking on us moving back and forth between us. I usually
like to watch you being fucked however tonight I need some
of you. After you suck me some I lay beside Nick and you move
onto me. Your pussy is hot from the fucking and your very
wet from the cum in you and I enjoy thrusting up into you while
you suck both of these guys so I can watch. Soon I unload my
cum into you and while I watch you sucking them my dick hardens
again while still in you. I pull you back against me and invite
Dan to move into you with me. I feel Dan’s hard cock slipping
in you along with my cock. I watch as Nick begins to massage
your clit with his fingers while Dan and I fuck you. Your
orgasm builds to the edge and Nick backs away for a couple
of minutes then go back to massaging your clit. Your orgasm
follows soon and the jerking and spasms makes me cum in you
again. Dan isn’t far behind me and shoots his load deep
into you.

Everyone is exhausted and we hang around for a few minutes
and then decide to go back to the motor home for the rest of
the night. We get in bed about 3 a.m. and quickly fall asleep.
The next morning I am awakened by you dripping water on my
face. You have your bathing suit on and want to go into the
ocean. You go ahead while I get my suit on and I join you. We
play some in the waves then swim out a little and stand on
a sand bar while the waves rock us back and forth.

You’re holding onto me, rubbing against me, my cock is
hard, you pull down my suit and dive under water and suck
me briefly. I take the bottoms off of you and you straddle
my waist with your legs and take my cock into you with one
thrust. OMG I can feel the balls tighten as the warmth of
you overcomes me. The water has us rocking about and without
warning; my cock shoots a load into you. That uncontrollable
motion took over and I lost control. You hang onto my neck
and we move with the waves building yet another hard dick
to fuck you with and cum for you again.

After my second orgasm, we move into the motor home and shower
and I lay you on the couch up front. For about an hour, I tease
you and massage your pussy and ass. I get 2 really deep orgasms
and 3-4 small tremors from you. You fall asleep for the tension
release and I go out and lay in the chaise under the umbrella.
There is a couple from a motor home just next to us and they
start up a conversation with me. Seems they had been watching
us in the water earlier this morning. She was asking more
then he was, she seemed to be turned on however didn’t
come out and ask if we were fucking in the water. I was almost
ready to start cooking some hamburgers on the grill and
invited them to join us. That was funny, I didn’t even
know if you would be awake to eat lunch.

The couples name is Henry and Diane. They accept my invitation
to have lunch with us. I get up to go see about you when the
door opens and you step out with the hamburgers prepared
on a tray. I start the fire and you say hi to Henry and Diane.
You didn’t put your bathing suit top back on. You now have
a tee shirt on tied up under your breasts; you know that turns
me on. I notice both Henry and Diane looking you over. After
I get the fire going good, I take my bottle of water and walk
up behind you and pour it on your shoulders so it will run
down onto your breast, which will show off your nipples.
You smile at me, don’t say anything and return talking
to Henry and Diane. Henry is obviously getting aroused
looking you over, your shirt clinging to your breasts,
your nipples firm and standing out into the shirt. I reach
around in the front of you and feel your breasts, both Henry
and Diane watching intently as I pinch your nipples through
the shirt. I finish cooking while you chat with Diane and
Henry. When the burgers are cooked, we eat and talk. Diane
gets up enough nerve to ask about us in the water earlier
and you smile, and tell them yes, you had your legs wrapped
around my waist and were riding my cock. One thing led to
another and soon we were telling them about last night.
Diane just listened intently and when it was all over, she
asks what it is like to have several guys at the same time.
Well, you made it sound so good it seems Diane lost her inhibitions
and looked at Henry and asked if he would permit her to do
it sometime. I think Henry was very interested but didn’t
want to let on that he was and just kind of nodded his head

We started chatting about something else when Diane busted
into the conversation with “can you and Henry do me now,
is it ok with you”. You smiled and said “oh yes but once
you do it you will have to have more of it”. Diane heads
off to their motor home to get a shower and prepare herself.
Henry asks some questions about last night then asks if
we would mind taking them to the same bar to see if we can get
guys to do Diane that night. You and I agree in fact we are
delighted to help.

This ends part 6

Part 7 should be good.

Traveling part 7

We have found some new friends, Henry and Diane. We have
quickly moved to discussions that Diane wants to be banged
and she wants to do it now. She has disappeared into their
motor home to prepare as we talked to Henry about last night.

Henry confides that they have talked about swapping, swinging
and gang bangs for Diane for years, but never knew how they
would start such an event. Henry was nervous, his hands
were shaking. You move next to him and begin talking sex
to him, asking him things like what position he likes, where
is the most thought about places he would like to fuck Diane.
Soon, you have him fondling your breasts out in plain view
on the beach in front of the motor homes.

Diane appears in the doorway wearing a towel. We convince
her to step out where we are sitting. She is very nervous
as she sits next to Henry. We talk some and find out Diane
is having second thoughts about actually having Henry
and I bang her. She tells us she has thought about what it
would feel like for years but never got this close to it actually
happening. You and I say no problem and we talk for a few minutes
and we decide we are going to get something to eat and drink
and get up and tell them we will see them later. We go inside
our motor home and I notice Henry and Diane sitting outside,
Henry is holding Diane and they are kissing. We fix us a sandwich
and sit at the kitchen dining table and watch as they have
a serious conversation or what appears to be a serious conversation.

After what seemed like forever, Henry and Diane both walk
to our door and knocked. We let them in and they sit on the
couch and we chat some. Diane tells us she is ready to follow
through and wants to know how to start. I tell them to start
making love to each other on the couch. They begin kissing,
fondling as Henry kisses her breasts and she lies over onto
the couch. Henry removes the towel and works his way down
her body and finally between her legs. It isn’t long and
Henry gets on her and dry humps her some. He drops his pants
onto the floor and his cock springs out, rather large, probably
at least 8” and full sized around he presses it into Diane
without much other play. I watch as you move to behind Henry
and reach between his legs and take his balls in your hand,
pulling them down and back stretching the skin on his dick
tight. Henry moans and I hear you tell him to get off. Diane
has her eyes closed and I hear you ask Henry why he would want
to go from kissing her to fucking her in less than 5 minutes.
Henry’s hard dick withers to nothing in seconds as you
scold him for not being more interested in Diane’s pleasure.

You get a blindfold from the bedroom and put it on Diane.
We lead her to the bedroom and Henry follows. With Diane
stretched out on the bed, legs slightly spread, all of us
begin to touch her all over. Both, Henry and Diane begin
enjoying the sensations as Henry is sucking on Diane’s
breasts and I watch as you begin sucking his large cock.
I begin kissing on Diane’s tummy, teasing her, and trying
to watch as you suck on Henry. Diane has obviously is freshly
shaved and very soft to touch. My fingers begin tracing
the joints of her legs, and wandering in towards her lips.
Her hips are telling her story as she moves towards my fingers,
wanting that touch, the feeling of the pleasure of having
those sexual places touched and teased. I move my head closer
to her pussy and begin breathing on her. Letting her feel
my breath on her clit, I hear her moan deeply as I blow gently
on her clit. I have Henry lay face up on the bed and have Diane
straddle him facing his feet and lean back slightly. She
is enjoying the cock in her as Henry begins thrusting up
into her and she moves on him. I have you begin licking on
Diane’s clit and I present her with my cock to suck. Henry
is now thrusting hard up into Diane and I watch as Diane sucks
my dick and you are eating her while she is fucked.

Henry doesn’t last long, that feeling of pumping cum
deep into Diane, he wants to get out from under her and you
hold onto him, taking his shrinking dick into your mouth
and sucking it back to life. Diane is into sucking me big
time and is letting me know how much she is enjoying it. I
watch as you guide Henry’s now hard again cock back into
Diane and go back to eating her pussy. Soon Henry is back
to pushing hard up into Diane and I hear Diane building to
an orgasm. I let go of her head and she puts her head back and
bears down on Henry as her body begins shaking from the orgasm
deep within her.

Diane is enjoying the glow of the feeling she has just experienced,
talking about it as we lay and enjoy it with her. One of the
things that stand out is her continuing remarks about wishing
she had done it years before and not waited so long.

Henry asks about tonight and Diane wants to know what’s
going on. Henry explains he has asked if we would help take
Diane out tonight and have her experience a few guys. We
talk about it some and agree to meet later for supper and
maybe some play. At 8 p.m. we meet for supper at a place called
Charleston Lobster House on the river. I have been there
before for a meeting upstairs in a more or less private dining
room. All the waiters and waitresses are young, early twenties
age group. One of the guys who I recognize is like a manager
of the waiters and I get him off to the side and ask if we can
have a private party upstairs and invite the waiters and
waitresses to join us. He is turned on by the idea and we are
taken upstairs and seated. I notice that Diane’s face
is blushing as we sit and enjoy our drinks. Diane is wearing
a very sexy dress, thin straps hold up the top, her breasts
rising and falling with each breath. Diane is fiddling
with her glass, hands shaking as she stares down into the
glass. I get up and walk around behind her chair and put my
hands over her eyes and pull her head back against me. I have
you and Henry begin touching her breasts through the silky
dress. I hear Diane say “oh yes, feel me, feel my body please”.
While we are doing it, our waiter walks in with an appetizer
and set it on the table and pretend he doesn’t see anything
and begins to turn to leave. I stop him and ask if he would
like to participate. He looks at me and smiles and says “let
me go clock out, I will be right back.” He is back in a flash
and I have him stand next to Diane and have her begin feeling
his cock and balls. I had you put the blindfold in your purse
so I get it out and put it on Diane. I sit in a chair next to her
and tell her I have a group of young guys who want to fuck her
until she begs for mercy. I see her squirm in her chair, however
doesn’t answer me. I can see 3 faces looking around the
corner and motion them to join us. 2 guys and a gal, all early
20’s, they have learned of what is going on from the other
waiters and waitresses and come to join us.

Our food is set out on the table and each of us takes turns
feeding Diane. We fold the top of her dress down so we can
rub her food onto her breasts, teasing her. Diane begins
saying very softly, “oh my I need to be fucked please”.
Everyone is having a great time. Diane is seething hot,
her nipples firm and erect, her face is flushed, her breathing
is rapid and with each touch she builds to what will be an
overwhelming orgasm for her. I turn to find you behind me
and I reach back and put my arm around your back and draw you
to me. My hands runs over your back and down across your ass.
My cock stiffens as I feel your firm ass cheeks. I feel you
press against me and understand you want some attention.
My hand runs down your leg and up under your skirt. Your pussy
is soaking wet so I stand and let someone else take over with
Diane. I take you across the room to a table and lay you on
the table. You close your eyes as my hands begin undressing

The manager, Tad sees me and walks over to us. He watches
as I strip all your clothes off of you and I lay my hand on your
mound and hear you moan deeply. Tad leaves but returns soon
holding a jar of peanut butter and a bottle of honey. I thought,
wow where did this guy come from, he must have read my mind.
I scooped the peanut butter out of the jar with my fingers
and spread it over your breasts, mounding it onto your nipples.
Tad begins sucking one of your nipples as I dig more peanut
butter out of the jar and begin rubbing it into your pussy
and most especially around your clit, making sure it fills
all the nooks and crannies. The honey is next and I put on
a nice thick layer of honey on your breasts and then let it
run between your legs, massaging it into you. Your hips
are moving, in that fucking motion wanting the feeling
of a nice hard cock in you.

I look over and see they have moved Diane to the end of the
table and she is taking cock one after another, looks like
they are chain fucking her. From the sound of it they are
doing a good job of filling her. She is sucking Henry as these
young guys are fucking her.

I turn back and find 3 guys with you, eating your pussy, licking
that peanut butter from your pussy and breasts. I know you
need to feel cock in you and move you to the end of the table,
draw your legs up onto my shoulders and drive my cock deep
into you. I stand there and you move on my cock, milking it,
fucking it, making your pussy suck it. Two of the guys are
still sucking your breasts and the third is now kissing
you. I am turned on and drive hard into you, fucking you so
hard the table moves with each thrust into you. With each
thrust into you I can feel my cock stretching your cunt open
for me. I keep at you until I feel you cumming for me which
sets me off, pumping cum deep into you, I feel you taking
all of it, the very last drop of cum deep in your pussy.

I back away and each of those three guys take turns with you.
They each fuck you hard and deep, one of them cums in your
pussy; one of them puts his hot load of cum on your tummy and
the third, the holdout, cums on your titties. I look over
and see Tad sitting in a chair stroking his cock watching
Diane still taking a pounding from several guys. Tad is
hard and I point him out to you and watch as you sit up on the
table and slip off of it and stand in front of Tad. You don’t
say anything, straddle him and slip right down onto his
hard throbbing cock. I hear your delight as it disappears
deep into you, then watch as you hips move on him. I watch
as his cock is milked by your pussy, almost like your pussy
is sucking on his cock, at least hugging on his cock as you
pull up and push down on him. For awhile your facing him then
you turn around and sit on him, bending forward. I stand
in front of you and you suck my hard cock. Tad is moving behind
you, driving into you. I have you stand and bend over and
Tad moves back into you, taking your hips and driving deep
into you until he fills you with his hot load of cum.

I lost count of the guys with Diane but it must have been at
least 9. She is just lying on the table, not moving. Henry
is getting a bj from a young lady as he sits in a chair. Most
of the guys are just sitting around, it appears each of them
has used up several loads of cum with either you or Diane.
I hear you sigh and then see you smile. We clean up and head
back to the motor home.

Diane and Henry arrive soon after we get to the motor home.
Diane is talking non stop about her experience. We all sit
outside enjoying the breeze and the ocean smell. Diane
is hugging on and kissing on Henry. We watch them for a while
then decide to take a shower together using the outside
shower. The shower has a curtain that is on a loop which covers
us. It is under the awning and sometimes we put up the walls
on the awning however tonight it isn’t there. We take
our towels and enjoy the warm and cold shower together.
Both of us are tired and head to our bed together. We snuggle
and kiss and end up curled up spooning with my cock slipped
into you. We fall asleep together.

The next morning we say our good byes to Henry and Diane and
exchange contact information. We are headed north to the
Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland.

Traveling part 8

It’s early and we have everything packed up and the Jeep
hooked up behind the motor home. We make our way through
Charleston and onto I-95 headed north. We are headed to
the Baltimore area, we have reservations at the Bar Harbour
RV Park on the Chesapeake Bay at Abingdon, MD. It’s a most
of the day drive so not much time to play along the way.

We arrive at the RV park late afternoon and park in our space
facing the water. You have teased me all day while I drove
and now I need some of you. After we get set up we come together
and hold each other. My dick stiffens as I feel you close
to me. I need to take a shower and you suggest we use the family
shower that the park has for us. We like this park because
it has the normal men and ladies restroom and then has a few
“family” rooms that have showers etc and they are relative
large. These family rooms have a large shower head that
hangs down in the middle of the shower area which is an area
of about 6 ft sq. It has a curtain that can be pulled around
it however we don’t seem to use it. I strip your clothes
off of you and we take some time to kiss and feel each other.
There is a bench to sit on to change clothes so I drag it under
the shower head and get the water just right and have you
lay on the bench. Every time I get close to you, you feel my
balls and cock which is driving me wild with desire.

Part of me wants to make slow love to you, the other part,
my cock which controls most of me, wants to fuck you and right
now. I put a special soap we use on you and you in turn soap
up my balls and cock, stroking my cock until I can’t stand
it any more and raise your legs and drive my hardened dick
into you with one thrust. The silky warm feeling of your
pussy surrounding my cock is overwhelming and I repeatedly
plow into you, harder and deeper with each thrust. After
a few minutes of some hard fucking you want to be on top and
I stretch out on the bench and you straddle me. You have always
taken pleasure in watching me as you lower yourself onto
my hard dick. That feeling of my dick slipping deep into
you has such a pleasurable feeling, you get turned on by
my responses to the feeling and we feed off of each others
lust. With your hips gyrating on my manhood, it isn’t
long and my cock pumps my load of cum deep into you. You keep
pumping up and down on my cock creating a painful pleasurable
feeling in the head of my cock until my body goes limp from

You direct the water onto me and soap me up and give me the
best most relaxing bath a guy could ever ask for. While you
washed me I soaped your pussy and played with you bringing
you up but not into orgasm several times. You lay on top of
me while I hold your cheeks open and let the shower run between
your legs. Not long and you slip up and straddle my face with
your pussy. My hungry tongue darts out and licks at your
clit. I hear you gasp and moan as my tongue lashing out at
your clit. My hands take your hips and hold you tightly as
my tongue explores between your legs. Moving back and forth
between your legs, each time I get back to your clit you moan
deeply and each time I sense the rise to the peak of your orgasm.
Deliberately, delaying your orgasm, I can no longer hold
you still and you squat on my face and bury it into your pussy.
My tongue lashing out, I feel the first spasm and jerk as
the guttural sounds grow louder as you near orgasm. My mouth
latches onto your clit and sucks, two fingers into your
pussy stretching your pussy and clit; I feel your orgasm
take over your body, the juices flowing onto my face as my
tongue fucks you along with my fingers. I notice as your
body jerks, your titties bouncing with the jerks, your
head back, your hands have my arms in a death grip, the deep
moaning from you, my cock is hard again and I guide you back
onto it. When you settle down on my cock I can feel the remaining
spasms in your pussy. You lay out on top of me and we just enjoy
each other for a long time.

After what must have been almost 2 hours of shower, we return
to the motor home. Both of us are tired so we have a quick supper
and sit out and look across the Chesapeake Bay. From the
touches while we sit, I know you need more action between
your legs. As we sit there the phone rings, it’s one of
the guys from Carole and Bev’s. They had decided to drive
themselves to MD instead of riding with us. I know they want
some more of you and are looking for an invite to participate
with you. I don’t let onto you that it is the guys and you
pay little attention to the call. I make arrangements for
them to call me the next day and we can plan something. They
have told some friends about you and wanted to know if they
might be invited also. I told them we could talk about it

Later we closed everything up and got ready for bed. A few
minutes of holding each other and kissing have both of us
aroused as we climb into bed. Our favorite position is spooning
and we go straight there. My cock slips easily between your
legs and I feel the warm juices already flowing from you.
I can smell our sex which turns me on, my cock hard between
your legs. You arch your back and move onto my hard dick,
you legs tight together, my cock forces your pussy open
to accept all of it. I get a mini vibrator out of the drawer
and raise your leg and place it on your clit or just under
it and gently place it on and take it off repeatedly. I can
feel the vibrations on my cock as the vibrator is working
your clit. My cock is moving in and out of you at a moderate
pace, the vib is teasing the hell out of your clit and then
I feel you push back against me, that warning sign that you
are near orgasm. I hear you say “oh fuck yes, don’t stop,
please don’t stop, fuck me baby, fuck my pussy harder”.
My cock takes the requests seriously and fucks you very
hard with very hard thrusts into you, almost like jabs deep
into your cunt. Then that burst of moaning and the feeling
of you cumming on my cock gets me off, spurting cum deep into
you, both of us take those last minute thrusts and the pleasure
of releasing that sexual tension with the enjoyment meant
for us. We fall asleep together.

Tomorrow in part 9 I already have some plans for you. Some
plans that will have your pussy twitching with pleasure
when it is over.

Traveling Part 9

I awaken about 6 a.m. and find you still asleep. This time
of morning we are usually making love to each other however
yesterday was a very busy day and both of us were tired last

I lay there thinking about today. I know the guys are supposed
to contact us today about going out tonight. I am not really
sure how many guys are going to show up so I have made some
plans of my own. I have hired a limo to pick us up at the RV park
at 5 p.m. and stay with us until 2 a.m.

I keep thinking about the possibilities later today and
my dick hardens laying there in bed next to you. As I am kind
of day dreaming about you I feel you reach over and take my
hard dick in your hand and then you turn and look at me and
smile and say “oh my, nice dirty thoughts this morning,
am I involved in those thoughts?” Your touch sends chills
up and down my back and my dick throbs with excitement. You
push me over onto my back and lay your head on my chest and
tease me with your fingers. My hips begin to move to the teasing
and you move your head closer to my dick, teasing me with
your hair.

It is so hard to hold still, I want to feel my dick deep in your
pussy and fuck you until I release that tension and let it
flow into your body. I feel your head move down onto my stomach
and now can feel you breathing on my dick so you must be close
to it. I hear you say very softly “oh baby do you want me
to suck you.” Oh fuck, I can’t stand it and thrust my
hips up without saying anything. Then I hear you say “oh
baby, I think you want to fuck my hot wet pussy, would you
want to do it to me?” I can feel you with my dick in your hand,
I know your looking at it, then I hear you say “oh baby,
precum, I love it, how did you know what I wanted?” OH FUCK
YES, my hips thrust up and I feel you moving your head over
my dick then that feeling of the warmth and your tongue,
my hips thrust upward and deep into your mouth catching
you off guard somewhat.

The way you have been touching and teasing me, I know it won’t
be long and I will cum for you. My hips thrust deeper into
your mouth, then I feel both of your hands around my dick
and hear you say “oh sweetie, I want you to cum for me this
morning, I want to feel you cum deep in my pussy.” Before
I can make a move to get to you, you have straddled me and guided
my hard dick into you. I watch as you sit up on my cock, knowing
and feeling you surround my dick, I feel you arch your back
and lean back on me taking more of me into you. I can’t move
with your weight on me and feel you grinding your pussy onto
my dick. There is something so deep in you massaging the
head of my dick that I know it won’t be long. Your hips are
moving, your pussy is milking my hard dick, I reach up and
take your nipples between my fingers and hear you moan deeply.
I want you to cum for me and I try to thrust up into you.

You lean your head forward and look at me and smile, then
say “cum for me please, I want to feel it this morning.
You can make me cum after I feel it down deep inside of me.”
OH FUCK, YES, the way you talk dirty to me sets me on fire and
then I realize no matter what I do, I can’t stop the cum
from happening down deep in you. My body shutters with the
first pulse of pleasure. I hear you say “oh god yes, let
me feel some more of it so deep in me.” Your hips move on
me and that second pulse sends my body into a reaction to
the intense pleasure on the head of my dick. You take delight
in moving on it and causing additional pleasure which is
almost pain which I have no control over.

You smile as you take the last of my cum down deep inside of
you. Then you kiss me deeply and very passionately. I feel
your breasts on my chest and then a nice warm feeling of you
being so close to me. Then I look into your eyes and say “now
it’s my turn to have you cum for me.” A big smile from
you and you say “oh yes, I need you to get me off this morning,
please take your time and make it rise slowly.”

I want so much to just take you and make you cum quickly, but
then, I enjoy so much the teasing and touching of your body,
exploring all the naughty places and feeling your reactions.
I move you onto your back and begin kissing you. Kissing
you is something that turns me on so much, especially when
I feel your heartbeat and your breathing as we kiss. My tongue
teases your lips, then I cup a breast in my hand and kiss your
nipple. I hear you gasp and your chest rises and wants more
kissing. Again, I kiss your mouth, then your ear and whisper
“I love you” and hear your deep breath and your body
move at the hips.

I place a hand on your mound and at first just let it rest there.
I feel your hips moving wanting my touch between your legs.
I use one finger on your mound to trace an outline, teasing
you much the way you teased me earlier. I prop my head up on
my hand and look at you and ask “may I kiss your clit and
pussy?” You say “oh fuck yes please please do it.”
I kiss your mouth, taking my time, teasing your lips with
my tongue, feeling your breasts with my hands and fingers,
then kissing both nipples. You hips moving wanting that
touch promised on your clit and pussy by my lips. You legs
open wide with anticipation, your hips moving, your breathing
rapid and you say “oh sweetie, please do it now, don’t
make me wait any longer, please.”

My dick has gotten hard again and I want to just get on you
and fuck you hard until you had an orgasm on my dick fucking
you. I get on my knees and slip between your legs and then
I hear you say “oh yes your going to fuck me again aren’t
you?” I lightly kiss your mound, being careful not to
touch between your legs. Then moving up, kissing until
I kiss both nipples and fondle them. You hips moving, feeling
my body, my stomach pressed down on your mound, I know you
want to feel my dick between your legs but withhold it from

As I move up and begin kissing your lips, then teasing your
lips with my tongue, I can feel my dick probing your pussy
lips. I feel you moving trying to take it into you but each
time I move it away. You raise your legs up and wrap them around
me and try to press me down into you and each time I move my
cock so it won’t go into you. Your body is now jerking about
on the bed wanting that feeling between your legs. I bend
my head down and suck your nipples hard this time which makes
you move that much more trying to get my dick into your pussy.
I begin kissing under your breasts then up onto the nipples
slowly moving my kissing lower and lower down your body,
returning to your mouth quite often to tease it with my tongue.

I sit up and look down between your legs and see your juices
flowing onto the cheek of your ass, like a little river flowing,
I know I need to move now to fulfill your needs. I rub the head
of my dick in the river of your juices and spread it all between
your legs, onto your clit and all around your pussy opening.
You are very hot and wet, your clit is standing up begging
for attention, your pussy lips are swollen from the fuck
earlier and now the sounds you are making tell me you are
ready to cum all you need is a little attention.

I get up and get a large butt plug and a mini vibrator from
the drawer. You don’t say anything as I return with them.
I begin kissing on your mound slowly moving closer into
your slit with my tongue. My hands spread your lips further
open and I see how wet you are for me. I take the butt plug and
rub it around in your juices which have started flowing
in their river again and press the plug against your opening.
Slowly, you open for me and your pussy takes the plug and
closes on it. I hear you say “oh sweetie please” Now
I want you so bad it hurts, I want to fill your cunt with my
cock and fuck you so bad, but I need to wait.

I haven’t touched your clit now, wanting to withhold
touching to build that need for a touch. Your body is now
writhing about on the bed, your sobbing off and on and the
sounds you’re making have me so turned on I am shaking.
The plug is doing what it is supposed to do, make you hotter
and more wanton. That feeling of that large bulb just inside
of you rubbing on your g spot is what I wanted.

I use my fingers to spread your lips open and I move beside
you and look down on your clit, standing so erect, like a
little cock. I bend and cover your entire clit with my mouth
then slowly begin sucking it into my mouth, using my tongue
to tease it as I suck it. You taste very good and I suck harder,
feeling you moving and jerking about as my tongue massages
your clit. I take the mini vibrator and place it just under
your clit, your body goes into convulsions as the mini is
pressed against you and upwards under the bottom of your
clit. My mouth feels your response and my tongue finds the
tip of your clit and begins massaging it slowly.

Your body is thrashing about so much it is hard to hold onto
you. You close your legs on my head but my mouth is attached
to your clit and I suck that much harder. The vibrator is
humming, pressed hard under your clit, I can feel the vibrations
on my mouth. Now I know you’re going to cum for me and nothing
will stop it now. I feel your clit getting harder in my mouth.
I begin to suck more softly, letting your clit slip in and
out of my mouth as I suck, then that first jerk of pleasure,
and your guttural sounds of pleasure coming from so deep
within you. I feel the spasms on your clit and then I reach
down and pull on the plug. At first it doesn’t want to move,
I think because you have clamped down on it, another tug
and I feel it move then a hard tug and it pops out and a gush
of your cum flows out onto the bed.

My mouth is still sucking on your clit and your body is now
in convulsions. I push the plug back into you and you scream
and you move so violently your clit is pulled out of my mouth.
I hold you down and use the plug to fuck you, making you open
and close on it with each thrust into you. Then I drop the
plug and slip two fingers into you and feel your g spot. It
is pulsing with spasms as I run my fingers across it. I use
some of the juices to touch your clit. Those juices make
it so silky to the touch, you scream at me. I know what you’re

I manage to get your legs apart again and again suck your
clit into my mouth. You protest and try to get away. My tongue
is lashing at your clit then down into your opening and then
you stop fighting it and open your legs open and all of a sudden
another orgasm this one more violent than the first one.
I hear you sobbing and look up to see tears in your eyes. I
move up on the bed beside you and take you in my arms. You lay
your head on my chest and I can feel the tears dropping onto
my chest. I hear you say “I love you.”

We fall asleep like that to awake at almost noon to the phone
ringing. It’s the guys calling about tonight. I tell
them to stop by about 4:30 and that we are going to the Riverfront
in Baltimore tonight.

Part 10 coming soon.

Traveling Part 10

This morning was very enjoyable with you. After lunch we
sit around outside the RV and enjoy the breeze and chat.
One thing we chat about and joke about is going to Intercourse
PA directly north of us. I wonder if they would approve of
me sharing you with other guys… I bet not lol.

At 4 p.m., two guys show up, Brent and Gary, both young and
very nice looking. We sit around and chat some; Brent makes
several attempts to move the conversation to sex. You seem
to be cool to him so I don’t press it.

At 4:30, we excuse ourselves to get dressed for tonight.
You model several skirts and blouses for me and we settle
for a short full skirt (oh I love those because you are so
available when you wear them) and a rather sheer, low cut
blouse. I take a bag and put a few things in it like a lace bra,
panties, a few toys, oil, condoms, vibrators and a couple
of plugs and dildos.

Right at 5, our limo arrives. The guys are looking over the
long, white limo and wondering how he is going to get it turned
around in the RV park with all the traffic. I talk to the driver
and tell him where we would like to go tonight and some of
the things we would like to do. He has been recommended by
a friend and understands I enjoy sharing you and knows all
the good places to go in the Baltimore area.

The limo is very spacious and has these neat pillows in it.
The drivers name is Stan, a VERY large guy, about 6’7”,
300. Stan knows we would like to go someplace nice and romantic
to eat supper and I leave it to him to see we go to a nice place.

We begin to leave and you and I sit up in the front against
the driver’s compartment facing backwards and I have
Brent and Gary sit across the back seat. Looking at you dressed
the way you are is driving me wild with desire and soon I am
sucking your nipples by moving the blouse to one side. The
guys are watching and I noticed you have spread your legs
so they can see your bare pussy. We are on I-95 moving towards
Baltimore and all these cars are next to us in the adjacent
lanes and I am sucking your nipples looking out and they
can’t see in and see what we are doing. My dick gets hard
thinking about it.

The guys have been watching us and it is obvious they want
some of you from the bulges in their pants. I send you back
to them and have you kiss them and tease and if they try to
touch you I stop them. Mean ain’t I? You look at me with
that curious look, the look that asks what do you expect
from me. You move back next to me on the seat and begin rubbing
my dick through my pants. I was already hard watching you
with Brent and Gary. I want to wait and get some of you later
but the next thing I know you have unzipped my pants and are
on your knees sucking my cock. Oh god it feels so good but
I have to stop you and take your head and guide you to my face
and kiss you. I see you look into my eyes and mouth the words;
“I need to be fucked” I take your face in my hands and
kiss you and then say “ok”.

You turn and straddle me and sit on my swollen cock. I can
tell very quickly you’re very wet as my dick slips easily
down into you. Your hips are rocking back and forth and I
notice we have pulled into the portico of a restaurant.
I am almost ready to fill you with cum when the door opens
next to Brent and Gary. They smile and begin getting out
as I watch you reach for your small purse and then you just
get off of me and exit the limo. I quickly have to get my hard
dick into my pants, fortunately we were to far forward in
the limo for them to look in and see anything. My dick was
throbbing and dripping cum as I zipped up and had to get out
and join the others at the entrance.

I stand behind you waiting for us to be taken to our table,
holding you with my hands on your hips, trying to bury my
hard dick into your backside. You turn and look at me and
smile. I am so horny right now, you standing there, I just
had my dick in your cunt less than 5 minutes ago, and I can
imagine how wet and hot you are right now, your pussy must
be dripping, I stand back and look at your legs to see if you
have cum running down them. Brent and Gary are smiling at

I invite Stan to join us for supper, at first he refuses and
I insist he join us and finally he agrees to join us for supper.
We are on our way to our table when Stan catches up to us after
parking the limo. This is a nice restaurant, in an old warehouse
near the water. We are taken to a back corner with a large
semi circle booth. Stan is so large they bring him a chair
to sit at the table on the outside of the circle.

A very sexy redheaded waitress comes to wait on us and Stan
knows her. We start joking around with her and learn Stan
has dated her before. We order some drinks, except for Stan,
he’s driving, it’s iced tea for him. Stan asks where
we would like to go after supper. We hadn’t really talked
about where to go after supper so it was an open discussion.
I, frankly, told him I would like to go someplace where we
could find guys to play with you. Brent and Gary looked rather
shocked and Stan just smiled. Stan said, “I know just
the place”.

We had a great supper and I notice that Brent kept looking
at your breasts all during supper. The blouse didn’t
hide everything and I think you kept moving so Brent could
see more which I enjoyed. Brent was sitting next to you in
the booth and I was next to you on the other side of you and
on the outside. When our waitress had taken away all the
dishes, I turned to Brent and said “Brent, would you like
to suck her nipples”. Brent was caught totally off guard
and then didn’t know what to do when I reached across you
and opened your blouse and held a breast for Brent to suck
on. Stan said “go for it boy”. At first Brent was hesitant,
but then after finding how soft you are and how your respond
to having your nipples sucked and caressed, Brent got into
it. Our waitress came back during the sucking and just stood
and watched. She looked at me and said “oh god I wish I could
find a guy willing to share me like that”. Stan said, “I
never knew you were interested”. Her face turned almost
the color of her hair, bright red.

Brent got into sucking you and Gary and Stan both watched
and it was obvious both wanted some of the same. You had closed
your eyes and were enjoying the attention. When I noticed
we had attracted some attention, I told the guys we better
be going before they call the law on us. I asked Lori, our
redheaded waitress if she would like to join us later and
she told me she got off at 10:30. I told her we were going to
find some more guys for you and she didn’t hesitate to
want to join us.

It’s about 7:30 now and Stan tells me it’s just about
15 minutes drive to a place where we can have some fun and
there are guys there we would like and they would love to
join us. We arrive and it looks like some kind of horse farm,
it has white fences and a big house with a barn out back. The
limo we are in is so long it is difficult to get it around the
circle drive in front. Stan parks the limo on the grass and
goes into the house. While he is gone, I have you sit on my
knees and lean back. I pull your skirt up and spread your
legs to show Gary and Brent what you have to offer. I ask Gary
if he would like to eat you and without hesitation, has his
face buried in your pussy. I unbutton your blouse and ask
Brent if he would like some more of your breasts and in a heartbeat
he is sucking your nipples. I am holding your breasts for
Brent to suck and Gary is tongue fucking your pussy.

I notice Stan walking towards the car and opens the door
to see what the guys are doing to you. Stan says “want me
to leave you alone?” I tell Stan to come on in and join us
and he sits on the back seat. I have Brent and Gary move away
and have you get doggie. I want to hold your breasts while
they fuck you from behind. A fetish I have is holding you
while your fucked, feeling your breasts bounce from the

I have Brent mount you first and when his dick goes into you,
you gasp and bury your face in my lap then I feel your hand
on my dick and balls as he begins fucking you hard. I have
Brent fuck you some then invite Gary to fuck you. Then I want
to kiss you while your fucked so I slip down onto the floor
and have you sit on me, your pussy is hot and wet and I give
you several deep thrusts up into you. We kiss passionately
while we fuck and the guys watch us.

Then I slip out and invite the guys to fuck you. You don’t
stop kissing me and when Gary slips into you I feel your response
through your kiss. Both Gary and Brent fuck you really good
and I notice Stan sitting on the back seat and ask him if he
wants some of you. When Stan drops his pants, it reveals
his huge dick. Stan is 6’7” 300 lbs but I would not have
expected what looked like 10” of fat dick hanging between
his legs. I tell you you need to look at Stan before he participates
with you.

Your response is “OMG”. Then you say to Stan, you better
stay on the back seat and let me come to you, I don’t want
you doggie right now, maybe later. Stan slips down on the
seat and you go straddle him. That dick looks like it would
split you in half and certainly you couldn’t take it all
inside of you. At first you just rub the head up and down you.
I give you some oil and you rub it up and down Stan’s shaft.
Then you begin taking the head into you slowly and little
by little it begins disappearing into you until I hear you
say “oh fuck enough, no deeper”. It looked like you
had about 8” of it in you and Stan was trying to move up into
you and you kept moving away from him. It was obvious from
your responses to his moving, you had enough in you.

I wanted to fuck you so bad right now, it hurt. Watching that
huge dick in you had me so turned on, it was wild. I watched
as you began to move up and down on that huge rod, then I heard
Stan grunt and his body stiffen and knew he was going to fill
you with cum. Stan says “I’m going to cum, get off if
you want too, but do it quick.” I watch as you pressed down
on him and then his body stiffened and I knew he was filling
your cunt with his huge load of hot jism. I could tell when
it was flowing into you and then you screamed as he thrust
up into you.

You weren’t saying much, but I noticed you slowly moving
on him then all of a sudden you rose up on him and slammed down
hard and then your body began to shake and jerk about on his
huge dick and I knew you were cumming on him. You went limp
and slipped down onto the floor and curled up in the fetal
position. Your pussy was so full of cum it was leaking out
of you, all over your legs and ass. Brent looked at me and
asked if it was ok if he participated with you and I nodded
yes. He lay behind you and slipped his dick into you and began
pumping your pussy with his regular sized dick until he
filled you with his load of cum. Gary was next and surprisingly,
Gary fucked you hard at first then filled you with his load
of cum.

You looked at me and smiled and said “Now I want you”.
I had you lay on your right side and draw up your left leg so
I could straddle your right leg and fuck you. You were dripping
cum and my dick slipped into you very easy. You were very
full of cum and as my dick slipped down into you my fingers
rubbed the cum all over your clit and ass and as I began to
move in and out of you my fingers were working on your clit
and the other was finger fucking your ass in rhythm with
my dick. Soon I could feel you ready to cum for me and both
of us had our orgasms together, something I enjoy very much.

I haven’t paid much attention, however we are sitting
in this front yard fucking in the limo with people walking
past us to go into the house. After we all get presentable,
we go inside. It’s a beautiful home, most everyone there
is out by the pool and Stan introduces us to the host and hostess.
It is a private home and the owners are swingers and we are
formally invited to join them for the evening. It is a pretty
large house so it is hard to tell how many people are there
however there are about 20 around the pool while we are outside.
There appears to be about twice as many guys as gals at this

All of us go into the pool and enjoy horsing around with each
other. One of the ladies who were already in the pool takes
a liking to Stan and soon he has his huge dick in her, fucking
her pussy. You and I are holding each other, just enjoying
the water and each other. Brent comes over and begins to
rub his dick into your ass. You have your arms around my neck
and your head on my shoulder. Very softly, you say “Is
it ok if I let Brent in?” I look down and say “oh yes, please
do if you want it?” I feel you drawing your legs up and putting
your knees against my stomach making your pussy available
to Brent to fuck. I watch as Brent is playing with you at first,
playing with his fingers in you. You know listening to you
telling me about what your feeling turns me on so much and
tonight you seem to be in one of those moods. Brent has slipped
his thumb into your ass and several fingers into your pussy.
I can tell by the look on your face, you’re enjoying it
very much.

You move your head next to my neck and begin to kiss it while
Brent is fingering you. I hear you say “oh fuck that feels
good.” My dick is hard watching Brent fingering you and
your responses in my ear. I watch as Brent moves closer to
you, his dick is hard and I can see it in the water as he presses
it against you and it begins to slide down into you. Your
breasts are pressed against me and I feel Brent’s hands
take them and begin squeezing them, rolling your nipples
in his fingers. You have begun to kiss my ear and tell me about
what Brent is doing to you and now my dick is so hard it hurts.
You say “oh shit, I can feel the head of his dick buried
in the bottom of my pussy.” I take your face in my hands
and begin kissing you very passionately, sucking your
lips into my mouth and teasing them with my tongue. You look
at me and say “do you want to fuck me baby?” I moan with
lust for you and tell you yes after Brent finishes with you.

I notice Stan getting dressed and wonder what is going on
and then remember he is supposed to pick up Lori at work.
The lady Stan has been playing with comes over to us and moves
around behind me and snuggles against me. She is soft and
inviting and is rubbing her breasts against my back. At
first I am distracted because Brent is grinding his dick
into you and you are biting my ear in response. Then I realize
she has slipped down and is rubbing her titties on my lower
back and has my balls in one hand and my dick in the other hand.
Then I hear her say “oh honey, you need to fuck her with
this hard dick or do you want me to take care of it.” Neither
of us answers her because we are so involved in what Brent
is doing to you. Then I feel her hand slipping back and forth
on my cock shaft. I am already very close to orgasm and her
stroking my dick isn’t helping anything at all. You realize
I need to fuck or I am going to cum in the water and move your
legs down causing Brent’s dick to slip out of you. I feel
your legs wrap around me and then while she still holds my
dick at the correct angle to slip into you, you slide down
on me. She still has my balls in one hand and squeezes them
gently. I am totally overwhelmed by the feelings, my dick
so deep in you and her with my balls in her hand teasing them,
I thrust up into you and I hear you “oh fuck baby yes, god
that feels good.” With only two or three thrusts into
you, I am going to cum. She says “get ready for his load
in you because I feel it in his balls.” I hear you say “oh
shit yes, give it to me.” It seems like all my senses are
now in the head of my dick as that first pulse of pleasure
releases deep in your cunt, then a second and a third. I know
you’re kissing, biting my ear and talking to me but I must
have missed it entirely during the intense pleasure.

Then I realize Brent is behind you and I feel his dick slipping
into your pussy along with mine. I hear you “oh fuck yesssssssssssssssssss.”
With both of us in you, and now Brent is moving in and out of
you fast, you’re arms tighten around my neck and you’re
repeatedly saying “oh god yes fuck me, both of you fuck
me.” I begin to move at the same time as Brent, then I hear
Brent “yes, yes, yes now” and I feel his dick filling
you with his cum and then realize your cumming on both of
us. Your body is jerking to the spasms and I hear Brent say
“oh fuck do you feel that.”

Your body goes limp so I hold you tight to me as both Brent
and I slip out of you. The other lady is still behind me and
I turn to look at her, she smiles and says “my name is Micca”.
Then I realize there are a number of people around us, I guess
they had been watching us.

I help you to a chaise lounge on the pool deck and go back and
sit on the edge of the pool with my legs hanging in the water.
Micca moves over to me and smiles and says I can tell you enjoy
sharing her with other guys. We chat some and Micca begins
to rub my leg, then begins to rub her titties on my knees.
She moves my legs apart and takes my soft dick in her hand
and smiles at me. She says “would you like to fuck your
sweetie again?” I nod yes and she spreads my legs more
and takes my soft dick in her mouth. At first she doesn’t
suck, just holds it in her mouth and soon I feel it getting
hard. Then she begins to suck it until I feel the head of it
against her throat. She backs away and looks at it and then
goes all the way down it several times then looks at me and
says “go fuck your sweetie.”

I get up and turn around to find you with your legs spread
open lying on the chaise, you had been watching her suck
me and get me hard for you. I wanted something other than
to just fuck you. I slipped between your legs and guided
my dick into you. I laid my head on your shoulder and without
moving in you, held it tightly against you for a few minutes.
You look at me and ask “do you want us to go back to the RV
alone?” Both of us enjoy sharing each other however there
are times when we get into a mood to be alone together.

I don’t really answer you but I do get off of you and take
you by the hand and lead you towards the house. Along the
way, our hostess points towards a bedroom where we can be
alone. Once in the room and the door is closed, I lead you
to the bed and we lay on it, me snuggled behind you, holding
you tightly to me. You don’t say much but do snuggle back
against me and again you ask if I want to go back to the RV.
I am in one of those soft moments and just need to be alone
with you for a few minutes. We spend about 30 minutes together
in the bedroom and then decide to rejoin the group. Stan
has returned with Lori and there is a group standing around
them as we exit the bedroom. Brent and Gary come to us and
ask if everything is ok. There are no problems, just times
when both of us need to be together without others around.
This was one of those times and they usually occur after
a very intense encounter with others. Both of us care about
each other very much and this is our way of expressing it.

We still have about 3 hours until 2 a.m. and our bewitching

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After the first 2 parts it started to get boring.

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