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I. Manipulated by Another Woman

She lay on the bed looking up at the biggest, hairiest balls
she had ever seen on a man. "Open your mouth!",
his voice was gruff with excitement. As she opened her mouth
to accept his huge organ into her warm, wet cavity, she felt
a touch on her thighs. She started to turn her head, but his
hands caught and held her still.

Her heart pumping faster with excitement, she took his
stiffened cock into her mouth and waited for the next assault
on her exposed and vulnerable cunt. She had no idea who was
kneeling between her spread legs. The man's balls
swinging in her face blocked her view. Nothing happened.
She started to concentrate on giving the man above her the
best blowjob of his life. Her tongue made wet circles on
the sides of his shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked
and slurped to create a strong suction on his cock. Saliva
dribbled on her chin as she strove to give him satisfaction.
She moved her head to bring the tip of his cock between her
cheek and teeth, all the while massaging his dick with her

That touch on her thighs again!? This time it was a little
oily. Hands, not his, began to explore her cunt. Carefully
the folds of her outer cuntlips were spread and a finger
gently circled the outer edge of her cunthole. Then her
clit was touched and pinched lightly. Two hands spread
her legs even farther apart and lifted her ass to expose
her asshole. An oily finger rubbed and pressed against
the puckered opening. She was totally exposed to this unknown
person's eyes. She could feel them visually exploring
her cunt and ass. She shivered as the hands of the man she
was supposed to be sucking off slapped the inside of her
thigh. "Pay attention! Don't stop sucking!"

Her attention recalled, she tried to keep from wondering
what the next assault on her exposed cunt and ass would bring.
She licked at the Cock in her mouth and pressed it firmly
with her lips. The head of the Cock felt smooth against the
roof of her mouth. The feel of Cock in her mouth made her cunt
slick with juice. She couldn't admit yet that she wanted
the unknown person to invade her cunt too. She was getting
more and more excited by the unknown. Suddenly, over the
sounds of her slurping and sucking she heard a buzzing noise.
It sounded, no, it couldn't be. He had never tried to
use a vibrator on her before.

She tried to move the man from her face to see what was about
to happen to her. Panic began to rise in her. He captured
her hands and began to tell her how watching her pussy and
asshole being stretched by a vibrator and a womans fingers
was going to turn him on almost as much as having her sucking
cock was turning him on. Woman? Her eyes flew open wider.
Another woman was going to put things in her cunt and ass?
She began to shake her head no. With care to keep her from
seeing who was between her legs, her lover repositioned
himself to get the best view of her cunt and ass and still
get his Cock sucked. This was a fantasy they had discussed
many times. It turned her on, in theory, but now she was a
little frightened. "Trust me, " he whispered.

The buzzing noise began again. The smooth tip of the vibrator
was pressed against the closed pucker of her asshole. The
gentle motion sent shivers of delight radiating into her
cunt and ass. She felt warm oil being dripped into the crack
of her ass. It slid down until it reached her closed hole
and the vibrating toy was moved to massage the oil into the
tight pucker. The better the actions on her captive body
made her feel, the more intensely she sucked on the cock
in her mouth. The tip of the vibrator slipped into her ass.
The warm oil again started to slide down her crack. A hand
with long feminine nails rubbed the oil into her ass crack.
Then it stroked upward to push oil into her cunt hair and
around her clit. Two fingers slipped into her cunt and the
vibrator was shoved farther into her ass. The fingers massaged
the inner walls of her cunt. She could feel the vibrator
on one side and the fingers on the other of the delicate membrane
separating her cunt from her rectum. She began to rotate
her hips seeking the pressure where she needed it most to

The unknown woman chose that moment to place her mouth squarely
over her clit and suck. She could feel soft, long hair brushing
her legs as the wet, warm, raspy tongue flicked her clit.
It was enough! Just as she released the Cock by opening her
mouth wide to pant her orgasm, the man above her released
his own flood of come into her waiting mouth. Desperately
she swallowed his offering as wave after wave of hot fire
coursed from her cunt to her ass and made her tits feel sensitive
to the air around her. Even as her orgasm peaked and began
to subside, the unknown woman kept sucking on her clit.
Her expertise kept tides of orgasm surging through the
captive body below. Finally, the mouth and tongue ceased
their action. The vibrator was left in place. A blindfold
was gently placed over her eyes and she was left to rest for
a bit.

II. Enemas

She lay on the bed, droplets of sweat beading the flesh of
her forehead. Her legs were splayed wide and the end of a
vibrator was visible where it was shoved high up into her
ass. The black blindfold contrasted boldly with her pale
skin. He stood in the door way gazing at her. She could have
removed the blindfold, but somehow, she felt him there
and preferred the safe anonymity of the darkness. He admired
how her cunt lips glistened where his female accomplice
had licked and sucked the succulent skin. He could hear
the gentle buzz of the vibrator she had left rammed into
his wife's ass. All in all his wife made a lovely picture.

Quietly he moved into their bedroom. On their dresser were
two long pieces of silk he had placed there earlier. Taking
them in his hand he tied one loop securely in one end of each
length of silk. Carefully approaching the bed he looped
the ends over the bedposts. Working rapidly, not giving
her a chance to struggle he then tied one wrist to each post.
Now she couldn't change her mind about the blindfold.
The vibrator was also beyond her control. Reaching down
between her legs he softly drew one finger across the soft
skin between her pussy and anus. She stiffened at his touch.
As he touched the end of the vibrator, he dialed it to it's
highest setting and then silently left the room.

Her hips bucked as the quivering of the shaft in her asshole
became a more insistent vibration. She strained her hands
against the restraining silk. He had tied her well. An ex-Navy
man, she expected nothing less of him. Behind her blindfold,
she could envision herself as she must appear to anyone
in their bedroom. The covering on her eyes and restraining
silk, allowed her the luxury of enjoying the sensations
in her body without requiring her conscious submission.

The vibrator sent pulses of pleasure throughout her body.
She could feel the shaft deep in her anal passage. It stretched
the previously unopened sphincter until it was almost
painful. The slick walls of her rectum answered the pulses
of the vibrator with a tightening and loosening massage.
She couldn't judge well the passage of time. All her
attention was focused on the building force of sensation
in her captive body. The resonance in her ass was building
a wet, empty feeling in her pussy. Soon, she knew, she would
start to writhe with her need to have a something in her pussy
to hump against. Soon, she would do anything to be allowed
to have a mega-orgasm.

The sensations in her lower body heighted the senses she
was still allowed to use. Her nipples could feel each air
current that brushed across her chest not air, hair! Long
hair! "Who are you?" she tried to whisper. As
she opened her mouth, a cloth gag was quickly and smoothly
put in place. Her question came out as a mumbled noise. A
woman's voice whispered in her ear "Do you like
the taste of your panties? I love to take a helpless woman
who has never been with another woman before. I like to shove
all kinds of things into every hole she's got. I will
open your ass as wide as your muscles can stand it. I will
accustom you to enemas, spankings, and moving around with
a dildo in your ass or your cunt. When I am through with you,
your husband will be able to do anything to you he chooses,
and you will learn to like it. You will never know what I will
do next, but you will always know that your husband will
either be helping me or watching what I do to you. Believe

With a sob, she turned her head away from the voice. Her pussy
was dripping! With a moan, she began rubbing her ass against
the bed. More more more more more more more more more more
beat against her brain. More pressure, more movement,
more sensation. The vibrator was enough to arouse her almost
beyond bearing, but not quite enough to tip her over the
edge into orgasm. Frantically she began bearing down trying
to push the pulsating shaft deeper into her ass. She could
feel the rounded tip pressing against the walls of her rectum.
It hurt a little as she stretched the interior membranes.
The woman straddled her waist. She could feel the unknown
female's pussy hairs on her skin. A sharp smack on her
thigh made her stop all movement. The woman grasped the
humming vibrator and began twisting it in her asshole.
Each revolution of the shaft made her hips lift from the
bed. With a slurping pop, the vibrator was jerked from her
ass. She moaned and her pelvis tilted to try and follow it.

Long-nailed fingers opened her ass-cheeks. A finger began
working into her rosette. Then a second and a third joined
it. The woman opened and closed her fingers in a scissor
motion. " Feel it stretch? I want to get a dildo with
a 2-2 1/2 inch diameter into your ass. Eventually I will.
We'll work up to it. But for now we'll just add some
more oil and massage it into your sphincter muscle."
On those words, the captive felt warm oil being worked into
her asshole. She could feel the long nails as the unseen
woman worked the oil into her skin, her asshole, and the
crack of her ass. Her cunt was ignored. The hands left her
and the woman got off the bed. She could hear water running
in the bathroom. Then silence a moment.

"Hello, sweetheart. Having fun?" it was her
husband! He put her legs together tenderly. Then taking
a firm grasp on her ankles he pushed her legs up until her
knees touched her chest. Her ass cheeks were spread wide
and her glistening, oily rosette was vulnerable to whatever
torment was next on the list. She could hear footsteps coming
from the bathroom. "I love you, babe. I am totally
turned on by having this done to you. After this weekend,
I will do all this to you myself." He stopped talking
and she could feel his eyes on her asshole. A slender, smooth
shaft was inserted. It was pushed DEEP into her hole. What
...? Then, with gurgle, hot water was forced into her rectum
and on into her lower intestine. It was HOT. Tears started
to leak from her eyes and her hips strained to get away from
this painful invasion of her body. Her arousal was forgotten.
The water was forced into her with pressure. Her legs were
allowed to drop and hang open. Too late, she realized this
allowed more water to be forced into her already distended
abdomen. The spout was removed and the tip of another shaft
centered on her rosy little hole. It was pressed deeper
and deeper. Her asshole started to hurt. It has never been
stretched so much! Her pelvis was tilted and she felt her
husband place himself between her legs. He put his hand
on the shaft entering her and shoved it HARD into her. The
base widened her hole even more and then her sphincter tightened
around a groove in the base. She moaned. She couldn't
get it out with muscle movement, and no water could leak
out of her rectum either. Her asshole stung and burned with
the unusual stretching. She knew getting the butt-plug
out would sting.

She was sweating from the heat of the water in her body. It
no longer hurt her rectum or intestines, but it was still
warm. "Look, she's a secret slut. That had to
have hurt, but her pussy is still dripping wet! Do you want
to fuck her? The heat from the water will make her cunt feel
like a furnace!" He positioned himself over her.
The woman took his hard cock between her hands. "Here,
let me get it nice and wet for you. My mouth on your cock into
her cunt..." Slurping sounds. Then she felt the woman's
hands spreading her cunt lips and the head of her cock at
the entrance to her passage. With one long push, she felt
her pussy filled with cock.

"God, so hot, so hot! Unnn, God that's good!"
Her husband's voice was above her. At the same time
lips and a tongue were working on her tits. Her nipples were
bitten and sucked and licked. The woman squeezed her breasts
and nibbled on her nipples. The woman paused and said "Here,
shove your fingers into my cunt. Try to get your fist into
my pussy." Then her mouth returned to the captive
nipples. The woman's head lifted again, "Don't
move your cock. When the cramps from the enema start, she
will milk your cock for you." A minute later, the truth
of that statement was proved. The cramps in her gut made
her twist and buck her hips. She was unable to pay attention
to anything but the conflicting sensations overwhelming
her body. Some pain, but mostly intense pleasure. Just
as pressure, friction, and visual stimulation in her brain
exploded into orgasm, she felt her husband’s come explode
into her dripping wet sheath.

Seconds later he withdrew and the woman helped her off the
bed. The silk had been loosed from the posts but was still
attached to her wrists. The blindfold was still in place.
She was led to the bathroom and bent over the tub. The woman
took a secure hold of the ring set into the base of the butt-plug
and jerked! Her asshole stung and burned as it was swiftly
stretched by the exit of the enormous base of the plug. She
was spun quickly and set on the toilet just as a huge gush
of water emptied itself from her body. She was allowed to
sit and recover her balance as the water flowed out of her.
When she was through, she was bent back over the tub and a
second enema of warm soapy water was delivered. The plug
was reinserted. As she knelt on the floor the panties were
removed from her mouth. A hand on her hair guided her mouth
to a hair covered mound. "Lick my pussy." With
tentative strokes she licked what she couldn't see
until the cramps started again. She moaned as she was bent
back over the tub to have the plug jerked out again. A yelp
accompanied the burning sensation and then she was on the

After her insides had drained, a third enema, smaller in
content, but with clear water was forced deep into her.
She was placed in position and the long nozzle was inserted
into her rectum. Then it was pushed deeper and deeper into
her until she felt some of the rubber hose enter her hole.
Her asshole was so loose from the abuse of the butt plug and
vibrator that she couldn't clamp it shut on the hose.
It closed around the hose, but without enough force to shut
off the flow of COLD water this time. The woman must have
squeezed the bag because the entire flow of cold, clear
water was inside her in seconds. Then with no warning the
nozzle was yanked from her. She was placed on the toilet
and with no warning or ceremony, a douche nozzle was inserted
into her pussy. While waiting for the clear water to drain
from her ass, her pussy was treated to three douches.

Finally as clean as she could get inside, she was led back
to bed and placed on her stomach. Her wrists were reattached
to the bed posts and her blindfold removed. It was dark in
the bedroom, the lights had been turned off. She couldn't
see her tormenter. Then footsteps sounded and the door
was closed as the woman left the room.

III. Anal Taming

Exhausted by the rigorous, sexual manipulation to which
she had been subjected, she fell asleep. Care had been taken
that she was retied to the four-poster bed on her stomach.
This was her favored sleeping position. The only discomfort
was her arms tied to the bed posts with silk. The blindfold
had been removed and the gag (panties?) was whereever the
woman had dropped it.

Sometime later, the door to the bedroom opened on silent
hinges. The woman slept on. She had not moved. Still on her
belly with legs slightly parted, it left both pussy and
ass available for any who chose to use them. Still present
in the house were the captive's husband, and his female
accomplice in this weekend of sexual enslavement. The
man's captive wife was learning total sexual submission
and a willingness to try anything. By the end of the weekend,
anything he required, she would provide.

The white moon of her ass glimmered in the dark of the master
bedroom. Making no noise, a figure entered the room and
set something on the floor by the bed. A second figure entered
the room and quietly shut the door. The woman quickly mounted
the sleeping figure facing the feet of the supine female.
She jerked and a muffled cry escaped her as she realized
more was to come. She was unable to move very much
with the woman on her back. She knew it was a woman, she could
feel the pubic hairs and pussy lips pressed into her spine.
It was still dark in the bedroom and her face was pressed
into the pillow. She could turn her head from side to side,
but could not see the face of the woman on her back.

Her husband came to the head of the bed. In his hand was a powerful
flashlight. He flipped it on and shone the bright light
on the pillow near her head. "I brought this in so we
could see what we are doing to you. I will focus it only on
your cunt, ass, and maybe tits. You may moan, cry, and express
sounds of pleasure. If you scream or yell, you will be spanked, "
he placed a thin switch where she could see it. It was a long,
whippy switch, tightly wrapped in black leather. It would
sting and burn and leave raised welts. Surely he wouldn't
hit her with it! She turned her face to the other side in time
to see a woman's arm lift a heavy leather strap from
the floor beside the bed. The woman and her husband fitted
the strap around her waist and buckled it snugly in back.
A second strap attached at the front of the first was pulled
straight down towards her knees.

The woman leaned towards her feet and buried all ten fingers
in the crack of the pale white ass before her. Then she pulled
the two halves wide apart showing off the clean, tight pucker
in the center. The long, red nails against the snowy skin
presented an erotic image to the entranced male who knelt
facing his wife's ass. He poured some oil from the bottle
in his hand into the open crack and massaged it into the exposed
puckered rosette. The prone woman stiffened and clamped
her hole as he dipped one finger into her asshole to moisten
it with the oil. He withdrew his finger and slapped on full
cheek. "Loosen up!" She tried to relax and only
partially succeeded as he poured more oil and this time
used two fingers to fuck her asshole. Then he used more oil
and thoroughly coated her pussy. When both holes were slick
and three of his fingers could be inserted with minimal
effort, the woman released the globes of her butt-cheeks
and reached again for something on the floor. She bit her
lips in apprehension as a double-headed dildo was pulled
up onto the bed with her. It was flexible and looked to be
the promised two inches in diameter. "Oh, no, no,
please don't put that in me. Please, please, I can't
take it, it won't fit, don't make me, it won't
... Oh!"

Her ass was tilted by placing a pillow under her belly. This
opened her legs a little wider and made her snatch more available.
Then while the woman held her pussy lips open with both hands,
her husband shone the light directly on her snatch and inserted
one end of the dildo into her twat. Both the man and the woman
watched closely as the dildo stretched her pussy lips.
She could feel both of them staring at her pussy and the fake
cock that was invading her body. The slickness of the oil
made it easier to put it into her sheath, but it still required
some effort. Her walls stretched to accommodate the width
of it. Then her husband began to work it deeper into her.
He watched at the lips of her pussy thinned and clasped tight
around the shaft he was s-l-o-w-l-y pushing into her unwilling,
but excited body. Centimeter by centimeter he watched
the shaft go in. The pussy hair quivered, the oil shone,
the dildo went farther in. When he had pressed six inches
of pseudo cock into his wife's cunt, he stopped. The
woman, mesmerized by the scene, looked up into his face,
"Now her ass, " she whispered.

He took the other end of the dildo in his hand. She pulled
the full globes of her butt apart and stretched them open
to their widest. Both of them again watched as he placed
the second head against her tight, brown, little pucker.
"It doesn't look like it will fit, does it?"
she asked. "We'll make it fit. Push!" The
woman on the bed moaned into her pillow as the man put the
first pressure against her asshole. After all the abuse
her back hole had endured, this hurt! She tried to strain
away from him. He just pushed more forward. The man and woman
could see the hole starting to open. The muscle began to
give as the dildo head pressed inward. The head was finally
lodged inside the sphincter. The woman continued to hold
the white cheeks open so they both could see the cock's
progress into the ass. With a steady pressure, he forced
six inches into her ass. The skin around her hole stretched
and thinned. She could feel the dildo rub against the membrane
between her cunt and rectum, touching the other half of

The man drew the strap up between her legs and fitted it over
the tiny portion of the two-headed monster still outside
her body. Then he fed the end through the buckle on the waist
strap, and pulled! Every possible part of the two headed
cock jammed into her holes. She jumped and moaned again.
Tears began to slid down her face as she sobbed in pain. Her
husband buckled the strap tightly in place. Cuffs were
fitted to her wrists and the silk removed. Then her wrists
were fastened to her waist and she was turned onto her back.
Her husband mounted her chest and placed his hard, thick
cock into her mouth.

The woman stood over her head and pushed her magnificent
pussy towards the mans lips. She saw him open his mouth and
take the foreign clit into his mouth before she shut her
eyes and concentrated on the blow job. The more she thought
about the cock in her mouth, the easier it was to have the
cocks in her other holes. Both parties above her were moaning
close to orgasm ... Her husband shot his load into her mouth
and the woman above her stiffened and shouted in her own
release. The captive was left to fall asleep as best she
could. It was a long night.

IV. Peaceful Womanly Love

She lay on her back looking up at the darkened ceiling. Her
tender pussy and ass were filled with the double headed
monster her husband and some unknown female had firmly
inserted into her body. Her hands were clipped to the leather
belt at her waist by rings set in the leather cuffs around
her wrists. The vertical strap ran from her belly in front,
between her legs, and securely up the crack of her ass to
attach to the leather belt at the small of her back. It held
the shafts filling her holes firmly in place.

Her body had been thoroughly manipulated into orgasm.
She had been used to generate passion in her husband, that
was all right, but she had also been used by another woman!
That had sounded fun in fantasy, but now she wasn't
so sure. Her insecurities were showing. How could her husband
do this to her, and still love her? When she woke, sunlight
was streaming into the room through the curtains that were
only half drawn. Somehow, in the gently light of morning,
what had been fun if unusual, was kinky. She was more conscious
than ever of the inserts and attachments to her body. She
was also aware of an almost overpowering need to urinate.

The door opened. A woman (THE woman? or another?) entered.
She was naked. "It continues..!" flashed through
the bound woman's brain. She had hoped (feared?) it
was over. She watched the new female with interest. More
interest than she could have shown last weekend! The woman
was a natural red head. Her furry bush was a deep mahogany,
slightly darker than the burnished curls that framed her
face. She had a full, sensuous mouth which hinted at pleasures
as yet unknown. Her breasts were pale, with full aureola.
The nipples were crinkled up, a reaction to the sight on
the bed and the air around them. The furry bush hiding her
pussy looked soft and set off her long legs to perfection.

Without words, the woman came and sat on the bed. She released
the strap from the front of the leather belt and gently grasped
the half of the dildo inserted in the woman's asshole.
Slowly, she began to pull it out. The rim of the stretched
hole followed the progress of the shaft outward. Finally,
with at POP! and a sigh, the head was removed from the well-used
back chute. Then, never lifting her eyes from the captive
cunt before her, the red head began to withdraw the other
end. The pussy lips were held wide open by the fake cock crammed
into the body on the bed. Drops of oil were visible in the
pussy hair. She seemed mesmerized by the sight of the huge
pseudo cock disappearing into the pussy before her.

The red head sat staring at the crotch of the bound woman.
"please, " she whispered, " I have to
go to the bathroom ..." The seated woman looked up.
"In a minute, you may. But first I want to get this dildo
out of you." She began to rotate the dildo inserted
into the pussy. The captive woman arched her back, bringing
her hips off the bed. Her hands, still attached to the belt
at her waist, clenched and unclenched in a futile effort
to stop the motion. "No more, please, I have to ...
I need to go to the, oh, stop, please ..." the woman
had placed her mouth over the clit just above the latex monster
inside the pliant female. She began to suck hard! Without
warning, with one smooth motion she quickly extracted
the fake cock from the captive cunt. Again the bound female's
hips tried to follow the cock as it withdrew from her pleasure
ravaged body. Then she was helped to her feet and guided
to the toilet. She gingerly lowered herself onto the porcelain
throne and with relief felt the rush of liquid into the bowl.
She closed her eyes and sighed with the release of tension.
Her eyes snapped open as the red head leaned close and with
some soft toilet paper gently dried her pussy. The commercial
douche box was removed from underneath the sink. She could
see that it had a musk scent to it. The redhead opened the
box and removed the disposable douche still in it's
plastic wrapper. The plastic crackled and snapped as she
opened it and removed the bottle. She firmly took the nozzle
in her left hand and pulled it open. Then she leaned over
and played the nozzle over the pussy lips and clit of the
woman on the pot. Carefully the spout was inserted and she
watched as the other woman squeezed the liquid out of the
bottle and into her vagina. The solution was cold! It was
a strange feeling to watch another woman give her a douche.
Always before it had been a perfunctory task prior to sex
with her husband. She had never realized how g-o-o-d it
could feel!

After her morning ablutions(!), she was taken back to the
bedroom. Her wrists were released and the leather strap
at her waist removed. A short robe was handed to her. She
put it on, and immediately started tugging at the hem! The
edge of the robe just covered her pubic area. The lower part
of her ass cheeks were visible and flashed enticingly as
she walked. She hadn't felt so free in ten years.

The redhead directed her to the kitchen with a smile. "I
will join you in a moment." She entered the kitchen
and saw the table already set for a breakfast for two. Coffee
was dripping and the sun poured into the corner of the room
used for eating. All in all it was a pleasant morning scene.
Two? Where was her husband? She jumped as the woman came
up behind her and placed a hand on one naked globe under the
robe. "Come eat, or should I say eat and come?"
The redhead grinned, and she allowed a faint smile in appreciation
of the pun. "It is all ready. You have been such a good
sport, your husband and I have planned a special day for
you. My name is Robin. Why don't you sit down?"

The woman sat down at the table, and Robin placed a large
steaming mug of coffee in front of her. It was black, just
as she liked it. Her husband had been doing some talking.
"Did he tell you my name?" she asked a little
hesitantly. "No, last night we were both strangers.
Equals, so to speak. Would you like to tell me your name?"
"My name, my name is Joanna. I've never played
games like that before. I have fantasized about playing
them, to be honest even WANTED to, but I never got up the courage
to ask him to play. Where is he?" "Gone. He won't
be back until dark. We have the entire day to ourselves.
We are going to have fun today. Have you ever made love woman
to woman?" Robin asked.

"No, " Joanna's answer was short, and
the slight frown spoke volumes. Robin could see that a slow
and careful introduction was in order. It was one thing
to have it done to her when Joanna was bound, but Robin wanted
Joanna to crave a woman's touch almost as much as Joanna
craved a man's touch. Robin set the plates down on the
table, sat down and began to eat. Joanna looked at the food
on her plate and pushed it around listlessly with her fork.
"How does my husband know you? Robin, are you having
an affair with him?" "No, but I'd like to
have one with you! The only time your husband and I have touched,
has been in your presence, we were both touching you at the
time! I approached him, because I wanted you. Believe me,
he is secondary to this. I want to be your friend and lover,
and this seems to be his fantasy. Will you let me?"
Robin turned on the charm. She really was looking forward
to introducing this woman to the delights of sexual play
from a woman's point of view. It was also true that she
had approached the husband in hopes of "getting the
girl". "Maybe." Joanna finished her
coffee and stood up. "I am going to get dressed."
"Why? We aren't going anywhere. I'll come
with you." Robin rose and followed Joanna back to
the bedroom. On entering the room, Robin closed the door
behind her and rested with her back against it. Joanna stood
in the center of the room and looked at the bed. Robin dropped
her robe and walked over to stand just behind Joanna. Robin
placed her hands on Joanna's shoulders and gently
started to rub in a circular motion. Joanna jumped, and
then closed her eyes as she willed herself to relax. She
had fantasized about this, now was her chance. She would
deny this woman nothing. If, after today, she chose not
to repeat the experience, at least she had tried it. "If
you take your robe off, I can rub your back and legs with lotion,
" Robin's breath was warm in her ear. "lie
down on the bed. I'll be right back."

Joanna moved to the bed and took off her robe. She laid the
robe at the foot of the bed and stretched out face down. She
lay with her head pillowed on her crossed arms and her face
towards the bathroom door. She could see Robin looking
over the various lotions she kept on the vanity. Robin selected
a jasmine scented lotion and returned to the bedroom. She
warmed some in her hands and began to smooth it on Joanna's
back. Joanna relaxed as she felt the wonderful sensations
emanating from Robin's practiced hands. She could
feel the fingers working the muscles and finding knots
Joanna didn't even know she had. Robin's hands
gently brushed the sides of her breasts and stopped just
short of her exposed derriere. As Robin worked on her, Joanna
allowed her eyes to close. Robin shifted and started the
process on Joanna's legs. Working close to Joanna's
bush, but never actually touching the soft hair or the folds
it enclosed. Robin patiently worked each leg thoroughly,
and massaged Joanna's feet and toes. She poured more
lotion into her hands and began to work her way back to the
top of Joanna's thighs.

Robin watched Joanna closely for her reaction to the hands
rubbing to enticingly close to her ass and pussy. Robin
had yet to touch the most sensitive places on her. As her
hands got closer and her fingertips brushed the fold where
the pale white ass joined Joanna's leg, Joanna murmured
and shifted her legs wider. Robin lightened her touch and
began stroking softly along the crease at the top of each
thigh. Joanna felt her pussy juices start as Robin expertly
relaxed her muscles. This felt WONDERFUL. She allowed
herself to totally forget that this was a woman. It just
felt good. As Robin worked on her, a slow heat began to spread
itself out from her pussy. She wanted to feel Robin touch
her moist wetness. She wanted to feel fingers in her snatch,
and tickling at her asshole. She wanted to feel a tongue
invade her pussy and tease her nether lips. Joanna murmured
again and spread her legs a little more. She felt Robin move
to position herself in the vee of her opened legs. Fingertips
gently pulled her outer cunt lips apart and traced the outline
of the more delicate, inner lips. Long, feminine nails
lightly scratched the soft skin between her anus and pussy.
Fingers gently massaged the area around her pussy entrance,
spreading the juices that were starting to leak from her
hot hole. Softly they traced up and down over the few stray
hairs. Then the fingers gently, so gently, opened her inner
cunt lips. She felt Robin's breath as the other woman
blew softly on the sensitive moist, inner parts. Joanna
felt a tongue lightly lick around the outside of her sheath.
Then the tongue laved the area between her inner and outer
lips. Her hips were starting to wriggle. She wanted that
tongue inside her pussy. She wanted to come! Robin stopped.

"Turn over, Joanna. Let me do your front now."
she said. "Oh, no, don't stop now, Robin, please,
not now!" "Turn over, Joanna." Implacable.
Joanna turned to expose her breasts, belly and pussy to
Robin. Robin hadn't moved and she was forced to spread
her legs or lie in an uncomfortable position. She watched
as Robin poured an oil into the palm of her hand. After warming
it, Robin began to spread it on her belly and work her way
up to Joanna's breasts. She rubbed it around each breast
never actually advancing onto the breast. Finally when
almost all the oil had been worked into the supple skin,
Robin dragged her fingertip across first one nipple and
then the other. Joanna felt the flick on each tit. Then she
felt the skin around her nipples lightly pinched. Her pale
globes were cupped by moist, warm palms. Joanna looked
up into Robin's eyes. Passion simmered in their green
depths. She looked back down and followed Robin's
motions as she felt the crinkly skin around her nipples.
Her breasts were kneaded and rubbed in ever widening circles
until the whole breast had been worked. Robin took the tip
of each nipple between thumb and forefinger and stretched
her tits away from her chest. Joanna felt sparks start to
flicker in her nipples. Her breasts had never been very
sensitive, except when she was pregnant. The prolonged
attention was building a matching need for attention between
her legs. She could feel Robin's amused gaze as she
gasped with delight when her left tit was allowed to snap
back. The right was released and her hips jerked. Robin
grinned and said, "I think I should hold you down!
If you buck for that, it'll be a wild ride when I start
to lick and suck your tits!" Joanna grinned back.
"Whatever you feel you need to do, Robin. Anything
you want!"

Robin pressed her tits between Joanna's legs and took
one nipple into her mouth. Her left fingers rolled the free
nipple and stretched and pinched it. Electric sparks shot
through Joanna as Robin's teeth grazed the tit tip
in her mouth. The mouth on her tit started sucking hard,
pulling her nipple deep into the other's mouth. The
other tongue laved the crinkly aureola and pushed at the
nipple. Then the process was reversed. Robin's mouth
came down on the other nipple and her hand worked on the one
still wet where her mouth had been fastened. Joanna could
feel Robin's tits pressed tight into the vee of her
crotch. She spread her thighs a little wider and pressed
lightly upward. Then she started a fucking motion to rub
Robin's breasts with her pussy mound. As good as that
felt to Robin, Joanna got the best of it. Her motions stimulated
her clit and soon she was gasping with delight. Robin slid
down Joanna's body, never lifting her fingers from
contact with Joanna's skin. Her fingers played through
the curls of the brunette bush covering the pussy she had
every intention of tasting. Joanna felt fingers push her
hair aside from the folds of her outer lips. She felt wet,
and empty! She felt lips fasten onto her clit and begin to
suck. The hard little button quivered as teeth grazed it
and a tongue pressed it back into her pubic bone. The tongue
swirled around the clit and flicked at it playfully. Fingers
gently parted the outer pussy lips and massaged the inner
ones. One finger dipped into the dripping wet hole in the
center and spread the moisture among the inner folds. Then
a second time, and the wetness was spread around her brown
rosette. Her asshole started to bloom with the attention.
A third time, this time the wetness on Robin's finger
was thrust into Joanna's open mouth. Joanna sucked
a little tentatively. She had never tasted her own juice
before. Again, and this time when it was offered, Joanna
tasted eagerly.

Satisfied with her progress, Robin turned her attention
more closely to the pussy and clit under her mouth. She inserted
her middle and index fingers into Joanna's pussy and
sucked hard on the darling little clit in her mouth. Joanna
felt the invasion of the two fingers and started to rotate
her hips. She wanted more! She wanted to be filled, she wanted
to come! The mouth on her clit was exciting her more and more.
It sent pulsing waves through her pelvis and radiating
into her ass. Robin worked her fourth fingertip until it
was against the puckered rosette that was Joanna's
anus. Gently she pressed against the hole that had been
so stretched and abused last night. Her fingertip met little
resistance. Joanna felt the tip slide into her anus. Then
pressure, as a little more of Robin's finger entered
her puckered hole. She couldn't concentrate. Robin's
tongue and fingers in her pussy, a finger in her ass. Joanna
closed her eyes. The tongue on her clit was replaced with
the thumb of her other hand, and Robin began to taste the
juices dripping from Joanna's pussy. She withdrew
her fingers and stuck her tongue as far into Joanna's
cunt as possible. Making a point, she rubbed the sheath
walls with the tiny little cock that was her tongue. Joanna
gasped and wriggled with pleased surprise. "Oh!
That's so, ummmmmm, good! Deeper!" Robin responded
by pressing her face into Joanna's cunt and sticking
her tongue as far as it would go into the quivering depths
of pussy. Then she began to push it in and out in imitation
of a tiny cock. Joanna felt pressure on her sphincter. Then
a second finger joined the one working it's way into
her ass. Pressure as they were pressed deeply in, stretching
as they were pulled slowly out. In, out, in, out, in, out,
in, out, in rythm with the tongue in her cunt. She felt her
orgasm building, filling her with the need to cascade over
the edge and follow wherever the sensations took her. Her
thighs quivered and shook. Her belly rippled with the effects
of the thumb on her clit. The fingers were removed from her

A small round object was pressed against her asshole. Pressure,
and then it slipped inside. A string trailed out her hole.
Another small round object, slightly larger than the first
held against her anus. Pressure, and then it also entered
her anal passage. More string. Again, this smooth object
a bit larger than the second. This one took more pressure,
but the tongue inside her cunt encouraged cooperation,
and it too went in with no problem. A fourth one, and then
a fifth. A tug on the string snugged that last ball inside
her rectum against the sphincter. The tongue in her pussy
kept moving and licking. Teeth came down around her pussy
just her orgasm finally exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure
coursed through her muscles. Timed perfectly, just as
she started coming, Robin began pulling the beads out of
her ass. Each one came out with a popping sound, increasing
the intensity of Joanna's pleasure. Spent, Joanna
looked at Robin with new eyes. "Teach me to do that
to you, " she whispered.

V. Loving the Other Woman

"Teach me, " Joanna whispered. Beads of sweat
glistened between her breasts adding a luminescent sheen
to her sun bathed skin. Robin knelt between her splayed
legs and smiled down at her. "Oh I will! Believe me,
you WILL be taught, but I think your husband wants to watch
that part. Besides, just do to me what I do to you! It's
easy." "Come on, Jo, let's get a shower."

The two women headed for the large glassed in shower in the
master bath. Soon, only shapes were visible in the fog generated
by the hot water. The steam covered the mirrors and swirled
under the closed bathroom door. The glass enclosing the
tiled shower was opaque except where drops of water clung
to it and traced outlines as they rolled down the shielding
surface. Joanna took the bar of soap and knelt in front of
Robin. A shy smile illuminated her face. "Let me wash
you first, " she said.

Carefully Joanna soaped the tops and sides of Robin's
feet. Then one at a time she took them into her hands and tenderly
washed between the toes and the soles. Solemnly she started
on Robin's legs, working the soap into a rich lather.
First the left, then the right. Joanna admired Robin's
legs. The soft flesh of her thighs felt like silk to Joanna's
wet fingers. When she reached the tops of Robin's thighs,
Joanna rose and started on Robin's arms, back, and
shoulders. As much as she wanted to touch the curly, red
pubic hair and explore the perky tits on Robin's chest,
Joanna was also enjoying the slow buildup to sexual heat.
And heat is exactly where both women knew it was going!

Joanna rubbed both her hands on the bar of soap and then placed
it on the shelf. Tentatively, she placed both palms lightly
against the pointed nipples in front of her. Then she looked
up, deep into Robin's eyes. Slowly she started to rotate
her palms counter-clockwise. Robin's lovely green
eyes widened just a little as the circular motion stimulated
her tits. Encouraged, Joanna took the tip of one nipple
between thumb and forefinger and squeezed. Her other hand
kept massaging the other nipple. Joanna stroked and caressed
each breast. Carefully she weighed each breast in her hands.
She cupped her palms over the aureola, and allowed the nipples
to peak out between her fingers. Breaking eye-contact,
she allowed the water to rinse the soap off her hands and
Robin's chest.

Joanna retrieved the bar of soap and began stroking it like
a man's cock. Then she leaned forward and very carefully
and a little shyly, took one tit into her mouth. Joanna took
her time, enjoying her first taste of female tit flesh.
Then, never releasing the tit on which she was sucking,
she began to rub the bar of soap between Robin's legs.
Robin spread her legs wider and leaned against the shower
wall. Water played warmly on Joanna's back as she worked
the soap into the folds of Robin's cunt. First the outer
lips, then the tender inner lips were parted and laved by
the large bar of soap. Robin felt a thumb working on her already
slightly extended clit. Joanna pressed the bar of soap
towards the pussy opening and stopped just at the entrance.
Tenderly she licked the nipple in her mouth and rubbed her
tongue around the aureola. Then she started to graze it
lightly with her teeth. Robin gasped and wiggled a little.
The combined sensations of slippery soap on her pussy,
the fingers on her clit, and the wet suction on her nipples
was arousing her quite thoroughly. Just as Joanna brought
her teeth across the bud in her mouth with a little more force,
she abruptly shoved the bar of soap deep into Robin's
pussy! Robin lurched and moaned.

Joanna smiled around the nipple she was suckling. Keeping
the slick bar of soap deep in the redhead's cunt, Joanna
switched her attention to Robin's other breast. She
held the soap in with her fingers and used her thumb to stimulate
the stiff, little clit. Robin moaned again as Joanna flicked
her clit, and pressed the soap deeper at the same time. Robin's
hips started to buck in time to the sucking motion on her
tit. Joanna placed her free hand between her own legs and
shoved two fingers into her own twat just as the shower door
swung open. The man stood in the swirling steam, eyes riveted
to the panting, wriggling females before him. Joanna was
too busy to notice the arrival of her husband. Robin stared
at him with eyes glazed with lust, but he was sure she didn't
see him. Her pelvis was bucking against his wife's
hand and he could see Joanna's thumb working on Robin's

Joanna twisted the fingers in her pussy and frantically
pumped them in and out, matching her motions to Robin's.
She pressed the soap into Robin's sopping wet cunt
and bit down on the nipple she was sucking. With a frantic
moan Robin began bearing down with her hips, trying to drive
the soap bar where she needed it most. As Joanna increased
the light pressure on the nipple between her teeth, Robin
squealed and bit her lips. Great shudders of orgasmic pleasure
rippled through her body. Spent, she sagged into the corner
of the shower, eyes closed. Joanna jumped at the sound of
her husband's voice, "That was quite a show ladies.
Get rinsed off and join me in the bedroom. I have some surprises
for you."

VI. Public Abuse

Joanna and Robin followed him into the bedroom. Laid out
on the bed were some coiled, leather straps and two large
boxes. Joanna bit her lip. Robin just watched him expectantly.
"Sit, Joanna, " her husband commanded. When
she complied, Robin took one of the piles of coiled leather
and walked around the bed until she was behind Joanna. Joanna
jumped as two horizontal pieces of leather were fitted
over her breasts. One band ran just above her nipples. The
other paralleled it just below them. She shivered as the
buckles were fastened between her shoulder blades. The
metal was cold! A dividing strap ran vertically in the slight
valley between her breasts. Joanna watched apprehensively
as a third strap was fitted to her slender waist. She had
an idea what that was for. Two slender chains were clipped
to a small 'D' ring set into the leather at the small
of her back. She could feel the cool links as they hung, freely
caressing her naked buttocks.

Robin returned to face Joanna. She took each strapped-in,
rosy nipple between thumb and forefinger and pinched hard
enough to make Joanna wince. Then placing her hands so that
they fully covered the captive tits, she pushed hard enough
to flop Joanna onto her back. "Stay like that, "
Robin instructed. Joanna stared up at the ceiling and listened
to the conversation between her husband and Robin. "Shall
we fill her asshole, pussy, or both?" asked Robin.
"Not both, we may want to stuff something into her
body while we are out, " came the reply from her husband.
"The question is which hole would make the most impression
on her?" "Well, " Robin said slowly,
"unless we strap it in, anything we put in her pussy
might fall out if she moves around much. If we fill her pussy
now, we can make sure it stays filled. We can leave her panties
off and then if we decide to stuff her ass all we have to do
is bend her over any cunt-high surface and lift her skirt.
Sound good?"

Joanna's eyes shut tightly in horror as she listened
to them. "Oh, no, no, you won't humiliate me in
public. I won't let you. I refuse! This has gone far
..., " her angry cries trailed off as she saw her husband
lift the leather wrapped switch from the night stand. "Refusal,
Joanna? Turn over, " he said. "NO!" Robin
grabbed Joanna's wrists and wrestled her over onto
her belly. Bracing herself against the far side of the bed,
Robin stretched Joanna taut. Joanna heard a swish and then
THWACK! the switch landed squarely across the pale moon
of her ass.

"OUCH!" Swish, THWACK! "Oh, cut it out!
Owwwww!" Joanna began to struggle. The harder she
struggled, the harder the switch came down on her bare ass.
She stopped struggling and just writhed as the stinging
of the crop on her as became more pronounced. "Ohhhhh,
please, stop, I'll do anything, any, ow, thing just
stop, OW! Ah, ow!" Joanna's hips bucked and flinched
with each stripe laid across her buttocks by the whippy
crop. Her husband wielded it firmly, laying 10 welts across
her pale globes. Tears streamed down Joanna's face
as the stinging ache grew and penetrated deeply into her
lower body. She twisted and writhed, straining to clasp
her captive hands to her butt and rub her reddened ass cheeks.

Robin released her grip and Joanna clapped her hands to
her well warmed ass and moaned. She rolled to her back and
rubbed her buttocks trying to assuage the stinging pain.
"Joanna! Look at me, " it was her husband. "Each
refusal will cost you 5 stripes. From now on compliance
is the only acceptable course of action. Do you understand?"
Joanna nodded. Upon instruction, she released her hold
on her ass and placed her clasped hands behind her neck.
She lifted her knees and placed her heels on the edge of the
bed. Then, reluctantly, slowly, she spread her knees as
wide as possible to allow free access to her vulnerable
pussy. Joanna felt her face flush with embarrassment.
She was required to keep her eyes open and observe each move
Robin and her husband made. She saw Robin hold the mirror
and angle it to give her an excellent view as her husband
spread her pussy lips to check for lubrication. She could
feel his hands spreading her cunt lips and see the same action
in the mirror. She watched him dip one finger in her hole
and jumped as she felt it at the same time.

Joanna watched as he opened the tube of K-Y jelly and smeared
some on the ends of three fingers. She saw (felt!) her pussy
lips spread, and felt (saw!) the fingers enter her and smear
her hole with the lubricant. Round and round the K-Y was
rubbed, all three of his fingers disappearing full length
into her hole. She watched him add a fourth and squirmed
as he tried to fit his thumb inside her as well. She moaned
and wriggled as he formed a fist and pushed against her opening.
Her hole stretched "Unnn, " she moaned. It
stung! She sighed with relief as he removed his hand. Her
eyes widened when she saw him pick up a thick dildo and set
it's head against the opening to her cunt. It was the
thickest fake cock she had ever seen! It was ribbed to simulate
the real thing, but nothing that thick had ever been attached
to real man, had it? He began to push it into her cunt and she
watched it disappear into her own pussy, feeling every
inch! She could see her nether lips thin as they stretched
to accommodate the intruder. She could feel the tightening
as the dildo was twisted and shoved deeper into her body.
Finally, all 7 inches were securely inside her and Joanna
could see the small ring set into the otherwise flat base
of the dildo. Both light chains were pulled up and through
the ring in the base of the dildo and fastened to the 'D'
on the front of the strap. On command she rolled over onto
her belly.

Joanna felt the chains detached from the 'D' ring
on her back. One at a time they were pulled tighter, forcing
the dildo higher and deeper into her twat. Then they were
refastened, one each side of her waist. She could feel the
split chains framing her punished ass cheeks. It left easy
access to her asshole for whatever amusement her tormentors
could devise. She felt her ass cheeks parted and a generous
glob of jelly massaged into her puckered rosette. A smooth
cylinder was inserted and pressed deeply into her rectum.
She felt it slide into her greased anal passage and then
it was yanked out. A second huge blob of K-Y was squeezed
onto her asshole and a second, larger, smooth cylinder
was shoved into her rectum, taking the greasy jelly with
it. Both lubrications were done quickly, stretching her
asshole and ensuring that it was well-greased and opened
for the evening.

She stood on command, the larger cylinder still in her ass,
and tears came to her eyes as small nipple clamps were applied
to her tits. Looking down at her tits and the torturous little
devices causing a dull ache in her nipples, she could see
the end of the crop trailing between her feet. They had shoved
the handle of the switch up her ass! She stood there, humiliated,
with her feet apart and her knees slightly bent. "Bend
your knees a little farther and try to sit on the switch.
Use the floor to shove it deeper into your asshole."
It didn't matter who gave the order. Joanna couldn't
tell who told her to do it. All that mattered was that she
comply. She took a deep breath and bent her knees a little.
The tip of the switch flexed against the floor. She squatted
a little more, and felt the handle shoved into her ass stretch
her membranes and slide a little farther in. With her knees
bent and her legs spread she could see both her pussy and
ass in the mirror that Robin held for her. Her face was red
and the rosy blush extended clear to the tops of her aching
breasts. She could see the leather wrapped switch hanging
out of her like an obscene tail. She could see the fake cock
forced so deeply into her cunt. Even so, she knew that when
she sat, it would be shoved even deeper into her twat.

"Now, reach back and jerk the whip out of your ass."
Joanna did as she was told. "Kiss the handle and lay
it on the bed." Joanna complied and turned to lay the
instrument of pain and humiliation on the bed. When she
turned around to face the pair watching her, Robin pulled
a red dress over her head and dressed her like she was a child.
High-heeled shoes completed the summer outfit. The top
of the dress was a loose, blousy style which effectively
hid the tit-clamps on her nipples. The skirt was full and
belted at the waist. It would be very easy to lift it to gain
access to her ass or pussy as required. Joanna was instructed
to go into the bathroom and wash her face, apply her makeup
and then go to the living room. She was to sit on the couch,
making sure she did *NOT* sit on her skirt. While she waited,
she was to try and force the dildo as deeply as she could into
her cunt without making herself cry. As she was told, Joanna
gingerly, carefully walked to the bathroom, and then to
the living room. Carefully, oh so carefully, she bent and
seated herself on the couch. She sat on the edge and spread
her legs to ensure the dildo touched the couch. Then she
began to rock her hips, fucking the dildo against the edge
of the couch. Soon the moist motion aroused her clit and
almost against her will a mini-orgasm rocked her just as
her husband and Robin entered.

They motioned her to stand, and as she did so, she gasped
when the tit clamps caught on the material of her dress.
They caused a spasm of pain to lance across her chest. The
three of them went out to the car. Joanna was made to climb
into the back seat. The motions of her body made the dildo
slide out of her cunt a little, and Joanna gasped and moaned
as it slammed back into her cunt when she dropped into the
seat. Tears sprang to her eyes. They drove to a well known
restaurant in town. At the entrance the valet took the car
and the three of them made their way into the crowded, dimly
lit building. Joanna blushed. Surely everyone who looked
at them could tell her bound, sexual, humiliation. Couldn't
they tell?

There was a wait for a table and the trio went to wait in the
bar. Robin led them to a tall table with three stools partially
hidden by bushy plants in one corner of the bar. It was some
distance from the lights and cloaked in shadows. Few people
in the busy bar would be able to see what happened at that
table. Joanna looked around her with trepidation. Surely
not here! Yes, here! Immediately, behind the bush she was
bent over the thigh high table and her skirt was lifted.
Questing fingers shoved themselves into her prepared
anal passage and worked back and forth in her hole. The buzz
of conversation continued as though nothing was happening
to her. Someone would come, a waitress would be here soon
to get their drinks and still those fingers worked in her
backdoor. A second set of fingers joined them. Both of them
were working on her asshole, displaying her pale, welted
ass and bound state to anyone who walked by. She felt her
pussy begin to drip. Four fingers were in her hole. She was
pulled upright, at least two fingers still in her asshole
just as the waitress walked up to their table. Joanna stood,
knees bent, her back to Robin, and gave her order in a quavering
voice. All the while Robin's fingers were busy in her
asshole, working in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in time
with the flow of conversation.

The waitress gave Joanna a strange look as her eyes glazed
over, and she blushed. The full skirt and Joanna's
position against Robin and the bush hid most of the activity,
but the girl knew something was going on with the woman in
red. The waitress left and Robin jerked her fingers from
Joanna's pucker. "Join me in the ladies room,
Joanna." Robin phrased it as a demand. Joanna followed
her tormentress to the women's bathroom. Fascinated,
she gazed at herself in the mirror. At Robin's instruction
she braced herself against the counter and leaned forward.
Robin took something out of her purse and lifted Joanna's
skirt. Joanna saw the door open and a woman's shocked
face as it fell shut again. Robin continued as though inserting
something into a sex-slave's ass was normal in a ritzy
dining establishment's restrooms. Joanna felt a
rounded tip pressed against her anal opening. Obviously
she was going to be plugged. Firm pressure was applied.
Her anus stretched and stung. This was the first, huge plug
they had used on her at home. In, in, in, in, slowly in. Harsher
and harsher stung her sphincter as it stretched. Then Joanna
felt it close around the groove she knew to be in the base
of the plug. Robin dropped the red skirt back in place. The
two women returned to the waiting man.

They were led to their table and Joanna was seated first.
Smiles told her that both her husband and Robin knew what
caused her soft moan as the Maitre d' seated her. Her
dinner was ordered for her and both her husband and Robin
kept her wine glass filled. Joanna knew she was drinking
far more than usual. She ate mechanically, more because
she knew she had to eat than because she actually could taste
the food. All she wanted was an end to the evening. Joanna
could feel the two fake cocks rubbing back and forth against
her thin membranes separating her cunt from her rectum.
She was highly uncomfortable from too much rubber shoved
into her lower body. She fidgeted and shifted, trying to
find a comfortable position. She could feel other patrons
in the restaurant staring. Her husband and Robin watched
her, with smiles on their faces.

Finally, her ordeal in the restaurant was over. He paid,
and the three of them left. In the car, Joanna was made to
kneel facing the back window. Her skirt was thrown over
her head to expose her plugged, bound ass. Both windows
on her side of the car were rolled down as the car stopped
at a red light. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see
Robin motioning at the man in the car next to them. When she
had his attention, she pointed at Joanna's ass. "Get
your ass closer to the window, " she hissed. Blushing
with shame, Joanna did. The man's eyes opened wide
and he licked his lips. "Look at him, Joanna."
Joanna twisted until her eyes met the strangers. He rolled
down his window. Robin said, "If you want to see more,
follow us." He nodded and did. They pulled into a darkened
parking lot and parked side by side. The stranger stayed
in his car, but Robin and Joanna got out. Robin paraded Joanna
in her heels in front of him. Then she was bent over the side
of the car. Her face was turned and she was told to watch him
watching her. Joanna could see him stroking what had to
be a raging erection. Her red skirt was lifted and the man
licked his lips at the sight of her bound, punished and plugged
asshole. Robin grasped the ring in the base of the plug filling
her ass and began to pull outward. He could see the base stretch
her hole out. Joanna's head came up and she moaned loudly
as the base of the plug stretched her asshole. She clenched
and unclenched her fists, but stood as she had been placed.
Slowly the big plug was extracted from her ass, until with
a POP it was reluctantly released by her sphincter. The
man gasped. Joanna was turned over.

She lay on her back on the hood of the car, legs splayed open.
She could see the man eyeing the dildo chained into her pussy.
Robin undid the chains, and began pumping the dildo in and
out. Joanna became aware of her husband standing on the
other side of her. He pulled out his cock and began masturbating
as he watched Robin work on her. The stranger got out of his
car and stood between her splayed legs. He pulled out his
huge erection and began stroking it in rythm with Robin's
pumping motion. Both men kept their eyes glued to Joanna's
crotch and the feminine hand working in it. As the dildo
pumped in and out, come started spouting on her legs, first
from the stranger's cock and then from her husbands.
As the white sticky stuff dripped in Joanna's cunt
hair and down her legs, Robin roughly jerked the dildo from
her twat. Joanna's hips jerked and she gasped. Finished,
the man got into his car, and left. Joanna, Robin, and her
husband returned to their car and drove quietly home. Joanna
was allowed to shower, pee, and shit. Then her husband fucked
her driving his cock into her pussy while Robin watched.
All the leather and clamps were removed from her body and
she slept.

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