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Tom, Diane and Margaret.


Tom went to the room as Diane finished registering at the
desk. He deposited their luggage took a shower and would
take a little nap after unpacking. Diane was waiting patiently
at the desk and struck up a conversation with a woman named
Margaret. Margaret was a little younger than Diane, shorter
and with a more buxom build. They became fast friends over
the chitchat that women do when meeting for the first time.
Margaret asked Diane if she would like to have drinks in
an hour or so after she freshened up. Diane thought for a
moment and said yes her husband was probably going to nap
after the long drive.

Diane went to the room to find Tom sleeping. She left him
a note that she was going to have a drink with her new friend
Margaret at the bar. Diane was happy with the way she had
worded it, she did not ask for permission. In the beginning
of their relationship she did, he explained that he’s not
like her ex-husband and she didn’t have to ask his permission.
They would talk about things and it took time for Diane to
get used to being treated as an equal.

Diane showered, changed her clothes, put on make up and
was early so she sat and had a drink at the bar waiting for
Margaret. When Diane entered the bar all eyes were on her.
She was an attractive woman for her age and looked younger.
It happened a lot but still made her feel uneasy. Diane worked
out now, something she never did before she met Tom. A little
taller than average with longer limps and a short torso
Diane looked athletic but wasn’t really, her breasts were
full and firm but not really big. They were capped by medium
sized areola that shrunk when she was aroused making her
nipples stick out. Tom said it give him a real woody when
that happened. Diane was happy with that part of her anatomy
but thought she could use a little more butt.

Margaret showed up a little late, when she entered all the
men scoped her out visually undressing her. I’m sure the
free drinks will be coming at any moment she thought. Diane
gestured to the bartender, do me a favor she asked. Please
decline any drinks for us from anybody and slipped him a
twenty-dollar bill. Sure, whatever you want, the next
round is on the house, it’s rare we get a classy lady like
yourself in here. Margaret was the opposite of Diane. She
was short but propositioned with large firm breasts and
a large round butt. A little plain and over weight with a
very pretty face, Diane thought if she lost a few pounds,
updated her makeup and clothes Margaret would be a total

Margaret sat down and said I have a cell phone if my husband
needs me. He’ll probably sleep till well after dinner and
stay up late working on his laptop. As soon as I got to the
room he was already asleep so I left him a note. Diane laughed
and said the same here. What does he do? He’s a financial
adviser and he lives on that thing when we’re away? What
does your husband do Margaret asked? He was retired and
writes for a magazine now, they had already talked about
were they lived and what they were doing on the road. Margaret
looked perplexed and asked why he was retired since he was
so young. Diane said how old do you think he is? Forty Margaret
said, Diane busted out laughing almost spiting her drink
out, he’s 53. Wow said Margaret he’s only a year younger
than my husband, people think he’s my father sometimes,
it’s embarrassing. I thought you were about early forties
and he was younger. No I am 50, again Margaret went wow, I’m
38 but most people think I’m 25. I’m only five feet two and
I know my build attracts attention. I tried to hide it but
I feel more comfortable in tight clothes, I guess that makes
me look younger. I don’t know, I really don’t pay attention
to anybody. That’s good; fuckem all Diane said. They both
laughed and made a toast; fuckem if they don’t like’em.
They chatted for a while bonding quickly.

Diane reached her limit on the drinks and slowed down, Margaret
doubled what she drank. Hey do you smoke, no not anymore
Diane answered, how about other things Margaret asked,
sometimes why? I’m in the mood for a joint do you want to smoke
one? Ok, where, I don’t want to get caught. Maybe if we’re
quiet we can do it in the bathroom of my room Diane said. Great
idea lets go, they got up Diane paid the bill and Margaret
left a generous tip, which impressed Diane.

They quietly snuck into the bathroom and lit one up. Diane
was already a little bombed and Margaret more so. Diane
can I ask you a few personal questions? That depends what
they are. Well, it’s about men; you seem to understand them
better than I do. Your husband is about the same age as mine,
ya know, being a little younger maybe I could learn something.
The mother hen instinct took over and Diane welcomed the
task. What is it about she asked Diane, sex she answered?

Diane said go for it. Margaret asked if they had a good sex
life. Wonderful, it’s never been better, he’s an amazing
lover and we have really made it a big part of our life together.
Wow that’s great, I wish I could say that. Margaret then
started to sob, Diane thought the booze got the best of her
and felt bad. She hugged Margaret and then held her he hands
together in hers. What can I help you with, tell me all about
it. When we were first married everything was fine, we had
sex all the time but after a while it got a little boring.
But over the last few years it seemed like he was less and
less interested in me, I thought that he was having an affair
but he wasn’t, I checked it out. Over the last year he started
getting verbally abusive. He would say things like you
suck at sucking, things like that Margaret went on. He said
if it wasn’t for him there would never be any sex and I was
like a little cow and would just lie there. He said sometimes
I reminded him of a little pig. These things hurt me terribly.
I went on our computer to look up some things about sex to
help me. I found he was looking at all this porn. He also was
having trouble getting an erection and blamed me, that’s
when he said I was terrible at giving head and I suck at sucking.

She started to sob again and Diane hugged and petted her
head. So what can I do for you dear? Maybe you can give me some
pointers on sex, especially giving head, I’m sure I am terrible
at it. Sure what do you want to know? Does your husband’s
cum taste bad and does he smell funny? No, he is very clean
and his cum tastes good, in fact he says the same about me.
Margaret does he drink and eat a lot of red meat? Yes he does
drink a bit too much but the whole bad tasting cum started
around the time he went on that diet were all you eat is protein.
Yes that sounds right, the protein especially red meat
can make his cum taste very bitter and the drinking can make
you smell bad. OK, that answers those questions but what
about me? Maybe I’m bad in bed, I thought about having an
affair but you know how men are they will tell you anything
to get what they want. Yes Margaret you are right about that,
they will say anything for a piece of ass. That broke the
sad tone of the conversation and they both laughed.

He wants me to suck his cock and some other things but he won’t
do that for me, it figures Diane said, there are a lot of guys
like that. Margaret pouted her lips and said maybe I smell
bad or funny or something like he does. I’m very confused
about the whole thing and some of the things I saw on the computer
I didn’t even know existed. I wasn’t that experienced before
we were married, a few boy friends and a fling or two in college
and that was it.

So tell me what can I do Diane repeated. Margaret thought
for a moment and said show me how to give good head and maybe
some other things. I feel like such a failure and my self-esteem
is shot. I need to feel good about myself and at least try
to get my marriage back on track. Show me what you do Diane
said, on what Margaret asked. They both were stymied for
a moment until Margaret said to give her two of Diane’s fingers.
She took them and proceeds to suck them as though they were
a cock. Diane watched and noted that she was doing it fine
and became a little turned on by this. I don’t think you’re
the problem honey she said. Are you sure, yes Diane answered?
But how can I be sure, she paused and said I know this is going
to sound weird but can I watch you do it to your husband or
even do it to him while you watch and give me pointers? Diane
was shocked and had no response. Margaret said I knew that
was a bad idea I’m sorry and stared down at the floor pouting.
This tugged at Diane’s heart so she said it’s all right with
me if Tom agrees. Diane could not believe she said those
words and hoped she would not regret them. Margaret’s face
lit up and she thanked her profusely. How do we go about doing
this Margaret asked, well I will have to ask Tom or better
I will have to convince him Diane said with doubt in her voice.

Tom knocked on the bathroom door and opened it. He was surprised
to find his beautiful wife sitting on the toilet smoking
a joint with an unknown woman he figured was Margaret. She
reminded him a little of Betty Boop. Diane stood up and introduced
them. Tom said nice to meet you but I have to pee. They both
went into the room and sat at the table. I will go talk with
him and let you know. She went into the bathroom as Tom was
washing his hand and said I have something to ask you. She
explained the whole situation and why she thought it was
a good idea. He looked at her in amazement and said are you
fucking kidding me, what are we sex therapists now? No really
Tom, I’m serious. Hey babe the only person I want sucking
my dick is you. Well maybe she could just watch me do it.

This is crazy babe; it could be a disastrous situation.
But I trust your judgment, I’ll tell you what let me talk
with her and then I’ll make up my mind, but this is not a good
idea baby. He walked out of the bathroom and looked over
at Margaret, she was sitting there clutching her handbag
and had that deer in the headlights look to her. Her eyes
were wide open and face frozen, she looked like she was being
led to the gas chamber. He knew that this was no ruse, she
was legitimate and somewhat terrified at what she was doing,
an act of desperation.

He sat down and spoke with her for a few moments. Tom tried
to be supportive and talked in a very kindly soft voice.
He looked at his wife and nodded yes. Margaret said in a shaky
voice; that means you’ll do it? Yes. Diane opened her big
mouth and said maybe we can show you some other things to
do with your tits and his cock since they are pretty big;
Tom gave her a dirty look. Oh, you can do something with your
tits to a man’s cock. Tom and Diane both looked at each other
and knew that they were doing the right thing and they had
to approach it clinically and not sexually. Diane though
to herself that it was both Margaret and her husband who
shared the blame for their woeful sex life.

They both said at the same time to Tom; what should I do? Tom
said; I think you should remove your top in case any fluids
gets on them. They both took of their tops including their
bras, he meant Margaret but thought; hey what the hell I
always enjoy looking at my wife’s gorgeous tits. The sight
of his semi nude wife and her erect nipples excited Tom;
he paid little attention to Betty Boop or Margaret he thought.
He removed his shorts and lay down in the middle of the bed.
Each one of you get on either side of me facing the other way.
They did so but Margaret asked if she could remove her pants
because they were a little tight. Tom said to both of them
get comfortable with an air of resignation to his voice.
Diane took off all her clothes, she didn’t want Tom to see
the growing wet spot on her pants, she was so fucking horny
her pussy was leaking like a sieve. Diane lay down on her
left side with her head near his left hip with her right leg
up; he had a full view of her pussy and knew she was very aroused,
he knew every inch of her body. Margaret removed all but
her pink panties and lay on her stomach with her head on his
right thigh and body just slightly touching his. He could
feel her warm flesh and was getting aroused. He could smell
clean women, he could feel the warm flesh around him and
he could see his wife’s beautiful naked body in full arousal,
he tried very hard to keep it clinical but he was only a man.

OK Tom said were do we start, his cock was semi erect and he
was trying not to be a beast and just jump into a full ménage
a trois. He really wanted to help this woman yet not do anything
to hurt his relationship. Margaret noted that his cock
was bigger and thicker than her husbands and said so. Diane
said that it’s not fully erect yet. It’s not? Margaret said,
no Diane returned. Why don’t you put it in your mouth and
show me how you do it Diane said. Margaret moved slightly
over and hooked her arm around Tom’s waist; he could feel
her big breasts against his body and tried to ignore the
feeling. He put some pillows under his head so he could watch
her. She took his cock in her mouth and slowly sucked on it.
After a few seconds she stopped and said wow it’s getting
a lot bigger, she looked at Diane and asked if he came. Why
Diane answered, I can taste his cum, it does taste good,
so does his cock and I like the way his hairless pubic area
feels I noticed you too shaved your pubic hair, I have seen
pictures of men like this and thought it was really sexy.
I knew I had done the right thing by asking you guys to help
me. Diane said that’s precum, its just lubrication. Oh
she said and started sucking on his now almost fully erect
cock again. She was getting into it and started getting
really horny, her pussy was wet and her clit was hard as were
her nipples. She didn’t think she would get this aroused;
she certainly didn’t when she sucked her husband’s cock.

That’s good Margaret but wrap your lips tighter around
Tom’s cock and suck just a little harder Diane said. Watch
the teeth baby Tom added, good that’s better Margaret.
Her head was bobbing up and down and Tom tried hard not to
make any sounds to show he was enjoying it. Margaret tried
to get more of his cock in her mouth and gagged, she backed
off and coughed a little. Diane said to her you have to take
a deep breath through your nose and fight the gag reflex
if you want to deep throat him, watch me. She took his cock
in her mouth and worked it like a pro until her face was buried
in his crotch. She could feel his balls against her face
and this was driving her crazy, she wished Margaret would
thank them and leave so she could go to town on Tom.

Tom let out a moan, which excited Margaret; she asked if
she could try that now. Diane stopped and said sure go for
it. Margaret took her place on Tom’s now hard throbbing
cock and in an amazed sounding voice; wow it’s really big
and thick and he had big balls too. She started sucking the
head and slowly working the shaft down until her face was
planted firmly in his pubic area. She worked it really hard
for a few moments and popped her head up with a look of triumph
on her face. She rolled to her right side and mimicked Diane’s
pose, he could see her huge tits capped by erect nipples
and a wet spot on the middle of her panties. He thought this
should end now so he could fuck his wife for the rest of the
night. Well you did really well Margaret, I’m proud of you
Tom said thinking she would get the hint, she sure did Diane
agreed. What about the tit thing Margaret asked. Margaret
reached over and started stroking Tom’s cock, he has such
a nice cock could I practice more on it Diane? All right,
Margaret went right back to sucking it making slurping
sounds and thoroughly enjoying herself, secretly Diane
was getting turned on by watching someone else having sex
with her husband.

Tom couldn’t hold back and reached over and put a finger
in Diane’s pussy and rubbed her clit. Her pussy was soaking
wet and she moaned out loud as he finger fucked her and massaged
her clit in little round circular motions. She started
rocking her body and slamming it against him reaching over
to cup his balls while Margaret sucked his cock.

Diane moved into position and licked his balls while Margaret
continued to suck on his cock. Wow she said I never though
of that, licking his balls, can I try that. Sure Diane said,
Margaret licked his balls and Diane started licking the
head of Tom’s cock as he finger fucked her. Diane started
moaning and bucking and exploded into an orgasm making
Margaret look up, hey did you cum she asked Diane, Oh yeah!
Diane said and laughed. Cool she said and again mimicked
Diane licking the head of his cock as she stroked it. Why
don’t you show me how to do the tit thing and I’ll watch said
Margaret. Diane moved towards Tom’s head and said baby
lick and suck my tits, she thought to herself she’d really
give her a show she won’t soon forget. Tom could feel a little
competition going on between them and thought that Diane
would win, which would be a good thing.

Tom licked and sucked on her nipples while squeezing her
big breasts for a few minutes making sure they were wet with
his saliva; Diane was really getting into this and moved
down towards his cock. Margaret was still licking, sucking
and stroking it but moved away when Diane claimed her territory.
Diane spit in her hand and rubbed it all over her big tits
than positioned herself between his legs and wrapped her
tits around his cock rubbing it between them as she said
fuck my tits baby, that cock feels so good there. She said
to Margaret you can do all this on your knees with him sitting
or lying off the edge of the bed, Margaret nodded her head
that she understood. He started thrusting his hips into
her as she licked the head of his cock whenever it peeked
out from between her tits. Margaret was watching this action
on all fours with her ass pointing at Tom not far from his
face, he noticed her full round bottom and wet panties,
he looked away. Margaret removed her panties mentioning
out loud they were soaking wet and returned to her position.
Now Tom hand a full view of her wet pussy and round ass as she
reached down and started rubbing her clit. He couldn’t
help himself and reached over and inserted his finger into
her pussy, she pushed against his hand and let out a moan
as his finger moved in and out of her very tight wet hole,
his finger was covered in her slick sticky lubrication.

Do you want to take my place Diane said to Margaret, she just
about jumped to it at the suggestion? She took Diane’s place
and again mimicked everything Diane did. Diane Straddled
Tom’s face and said eat me baby, lick my fucking pussy. He
did as she asked and licked and sucked on her pussy as she
pumped it into his face. Margaret was mesmerized at the
show Diane was putting on but continued to slide his cock
between her large breasts. Tom took his hands and cupped
her ass as her slurped his way around her pussy and licked
her ass than back to her pussy. Diane exploded again in orgasm
this time much stronger and longer. She slid down to his
side as if on cue Margaret took her place. Diane said go ahead
Tom eat her, I want to watch you eat her fucking pussy she
stroked his cock at the base staying away from behind the
head, that’s his spot she thought. Again he did as she asked,
he spent a bit of time licking and sucking Margaret’s pussy
and asshole just as he did with Diane’s while his hands held
her ample ass cheeks. That’s it Diane said, lick her fucking
pussy, do you like the way she tastes? Stick your fucking
tongue in her hole, Diane was enjoying the show and that
surprised her, she was getting into it. Margaret came like
she never did before, Oh yes, oh yes she chanted over and
over again I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming, eat my pussy,
yeah there, oh shit, oh fucking god yes, yes, she too exploded
in orgasm and shook as she climaxed. She slid down and lay
next to him looking into Diane’s eyes she asked in a voice
Diane hadn’t heard before; were do I get one of these type
guys? My husband and I never ever talked while having sex
let alone did anything like this, this is great. Instead
of being mad Diane actually laughed and felt proud of her
man and lucky to have him.

Margaret asked Tom if he would suck and lick her breast like
he did to Diane, he took on of her big breasts, he licked and
sucked on her nipple squeezing her tits and pinching her
nipples while going from one back to the other. Diane went
back to licking and sucking on Tom’s cock and balls lifting
his leg to lick his ass. Margaret looked over at what Diane
was doing and took a mental note. Tom explored Margaret’s
body with his hands as he sucked her nipples and gently bit
them, he slid his finger in her pussy again and took some
of the lube from it and rubbed it onto her ass. He licked his
finger tasting her and making it wet than went back to her
ass and slid his finger in it. He finger fucked her ass and
did the same to her pussy with his thumb while he continued
to lick and suck on her large breasts. Margaret had never
experienced anything like this and liked the feeling of
his finger in her ass as much as his tongue from before. Margaret
whispered in Tom’s ear that she was really enjoying what
he was doing and she wanted him to fuck her in both places,
do you think Diane would mind? Before he could answer Margaret
asked Diane, what’s next. Well Diane said I think it’s time
to let Tom cum don’t you, oh yes she answered, I’m looking
forward to it.

At this point the idea of it being a clinical sex lesson for
Margaret was gone from the minds of all of them. Any distinction
of gender and purpose was replaced with a hedonistic passion
for sexual gratification. My cock is numb right now Tom
said, let me get up and walk around a bit. He got up and stretched
out, his cock still erect, he looked down and could see two
beautiful naked women in the bed and said to himself this
is a day I won’t forget.

Diane was sitting on the right side arms behind her head
and legs crossed in a pose that showed off her big firm breasts.
Margaret was lying on her elbows across the bed with her
legs open, a subliminal invitation, with one leg over Diane’s
thighs. They both looked at him with a sexual hunger he recognized.
He walked over to his wife and she grabbed his cock and started
gently sucking it cupping his balls and holding the base
with the other hand. Margaret moved over to join them. They
both took turns licking and sucking his cock eventually
licking it at the same time, tongues sometimes touching.
It wasn’t lost to Tom that they were making body contact
and that their tits were rubbing and bouncing against each
other’s as their mouths embraced and tongues intertwined
along his cock.

He motioned over to Diane to get in a doggy position and for
Margaret to do the same. She mimicked whatever Diane did
and paid attention to everything. He spit into his hand
and rubbed it all over his cock positioning himself behind
Diane. He slowly guided his cock inside her, she tilted
her head back and let out a long sigh as he buried his cock
deep into her vagina. He fucked her in slow long strokes
as she lost herself in the feeling of pure sexual gratification.
Margaret was on her knees right next to her, their bodies
pressed against each other’s, her left arm intertwined
with Margaret’s right one. One of Tom’s hands held Diane
on the hip and the other was squeezing Margaret’s ass. He
slid his middle finger into Margaret’s pussy and he could
hear her moan as he palmed her ass and moved his finger in
circular motions inside her using his palm to make her move
her hips in sympathy, she picked up on what he wanted her
to do and did it. He heard he say, oh god that feels so good.
Diane was oblivious to everything, she was totally into
the steady movement of his cock in and out of her pussy, she
was not close to cumming but it was an overwhelmingly pleasurable
feeling, she unconsciously nuzzled Margaret’s neck.
He took some of the lubrication from Margaret’s pussy and
rubbed it on her clit. This slow sensual dance lasted some

He decided to switch and pulled his cock out of Diane, he
replaced it with his finger doing the same to her as he did
to Margaret. She didn’t miss a beat and accepted his fingers
inside her and on her clit enjoying that almost as much as
his cock. It felt good and that’s all that counted. He slowly
inserted his cock into Margaret, she was tight but it slid
in easily because of her thick slippery cum, he could feel
his cock fill her up. He slowly moved his hips making his
cock slid in and out of her pussy. When he was all the way in
he ground his hips into her full round ass. She whimpered
and made guttural little animal like noises whenever he
did that. After a few of those strokes and a little pump of
his cock she yelled out oh my god, this feels so fucking good,
you could fuck me like that forever. Margaret was a little
surprised at the language she was using but it seemed appropriate
and heightened the intensity of the sex.

Diane lay down beside her to watch the action, she found
herself extremely turned on watching her husband fuck
Margaret and she started to rub her own clit. Diane reached
underneath Margaret and cupped Tom’s balls pressing them
against Margaret’s clit. Tom started moving a little faster
and harder, she took her hand off his balls and rubbed Margaret’s
clit with the tip of her finger. Diane put that finger to
her mouth and licked Margaret’s creamy cum off of it and
returned it to Margaret’s clit. Diane got a little more
brazen and involved herself into the action. Removing
her finger she got up and put it in Tom’s mouth, he sucked
and licked it, Diane returned the finger to Margaret’s
clit and deeply tongue kissed Tom. She slid her tongue across
his chin and down to his chest and started to lick and suck
his nipples with her other hand she squeezed his ass. Diane
got on her knees behind Tom and squeezed his ass cheeks,
one in each hand. She was getting off on watching his ass
moving in and out and his big balls hanging between his legs.
Like a hungry animal she buried her face between his ass
cheeks and licked his anus working her tongue down to his
balls and back up. Margaret asked Tom were Diane was in a
dreamy sleepy voice, Tom answered; she’s on her knees licking
my ass and balls from behind me. Upon Margaret hearing that
she came in a little climax.

Diane stood up behind Tom and embraced him and went for the
ride moving with Tom’s slow hard trusts into Margaret.
It was as though all thought and inhibition was gone from
Diane and she was acting on sexual instinct alone. She slid
herself down so she could get a clear view of Tom’s cock going
in and out of Margaret’s pussy. She spread Margaret’s ass
cheeks to get a better view and could see his cock disappear
right below Margaret’s tight puckered asshole. Tom pulled
out his cock and placed it between Margaret’s cheeks so
that Diane could suck on it. Her hungry mouth sucked on the
head of his cock. Diane liked the away Margaret’s creamy
lubrication from his cock and loved the way it tasted. Tom
returned his cock to her pussy and repeatedly removed his
cock so Diane could suck it. He said yeah baby suck on that
cock, do you like the way Margaret’s pussy tastes, oh yeah
give me more of that fucking cock she said, he pulled it out
of Margaret’s pussy again for Diane to suck on. Margaret
could feel his wet cock slid between her ass cheeks and liked
the way it felt especially when it rubbed against her puckered
asshole. The knowledge of what Diane was doing only heightened
the fantastic feeling she was experiencing.

Tom was finally getting closer to orgasm and started ramming
his cock inside Margaret. Oh yeah now fuck her baby Diane
shouted, Diane held Margaret around the waste with one
arm and squeezed one of her tits pinching her nipple between
two of her fingers. Fuck this little slut, she wants that
cock, ram it in her fucking pussy. Margaret screamed; fuck
me, oh yes fuck my pussy, oh you bastard you fucking bastard.
He slapped her ass hard as he rammed his cock inside her tight
wet hole Tom was going at her like a freight train at full
speed with his hands now gripped tightly on her hips. Margaret
screamed oh my fucking god I’m cumming and let loose a stream
of fluid from her pussy, she fell forward and lay there face
down not moving. Diane went quickly to his cock and started
sucking on it pulling Margaret up to join her. Margaret
moved into place next to her. Diane said suck his fucking
cock, she did as she was told and started sucking it. Diane
worked the base of his cock while Margaret sucked on the
head. Tom was thrusting his hips and grunting like an animal.
Diane knew he was ready to cum and told Margaret to back off
and open her mouth; again she did as she was told. Lick the
fucking head of his cock Margaret, lick it said Diane as
she stroked his hard slippery wet cock. Cum baby, shoot
that hot fucking cum in her mouth. With that Tom came with
hard long spurts of hot semen into Margaret’s mouth and
all over her face, it dripped down and covered her tits.
Now swallow it all Diane ordered Margaret and she did. Diane
sucked the rest of his cum from his cock then turned to Margaret
and rubbed his cum all over her big heaving breasts. Diane
kissed her, their tongues mingling exchanging the remaining
cum in their mouths.

I’m so embarrassed Margaret said, I can’t believe I peed.
He looked down and said you didn’t pee, you ejaculated.
She looked at him in astonishment. Look he said it’s clear,
that’s not piss you came and ejaculated. Diane checked
it out too and was impressed. Wow Diane said that’s a very
rare thing, I’ve only done that a few times myself. Margaret
laughed and tried to get up but her legs were wobbly. Diane
also laughed and said stay there, what do you want? To go
to the bathroom, Diane took Margaret by the hand and led
her into the bathroom. She turned to Tom and said they’ll
be right back. Tom lay down to rest a bit and thought to himself
that this was an amazing experience. Little did he know
it wasn’t over.

That was totally awesome Margaret said to Diane, have you
done that before? No, never, we have wild sex together but
only as a couple Diane said as she leaned against the sink.
Margaret said I never even did it as a couple; it was like
one of those porn movies I saw on my husband’s computer.
Margaret sat on the toilet and wiped her still wet pussy.
Did you ever do that with another woman? No answered Diane.
Margaret got up and stood in front of Diane and cupped one
of her breasts then leaned over to lick and suck on her nipple
with the other hand she explored Diane’s pussy and said
I did. Diane leaned her head back and moaned than Margaret
got on her knees and started to eat Diane. Diane braced herself
on the sink and took the other hand and pushed softly on Margaret’s
head. She could feel Margaret’s tongue explore her pussy
and was really getting into it and had a mellow orgasm. Were
did you learn that Diane asked? I had a little affair in college
with a female teacher. She pulled Margaret up and kissed
her deeply than said I have an idea.

They went back into the room and lay on the bed next to Tom.
They ended up in various positions of legs and arms all over
each other as they smoked pot and shared champagne from
the bottle while still naked. After a few hits and some gulps
of champagne they were all pretty high and Diane said; hey
baby you want to cum again, I know you can. Yeah that would
be great Margaret injected, what could we do about that
Diane? Well she answered his wonderful cock isn’t hard
how can we make it hard? I know we’ll put on a show for him.
Tom looked at them like they were nuts but played along.
Diane got up and went to her luggage; Margaret put her head
over his cock and said this cock gave me so much pleasure
I have to do the same for it. She started licking his balls
and remembered what Diane did so she moved his leg up to get
her face behind his balls. She licked his balls and worked
her way to his ass, licking as she went up and down from his
balls to his ass. Tom moaned and just let himself go, he was
usually in control of himself but knew they were going to
give him the treatment so he relaxed and let it happen. Margaret
was back to sucking his cock slow and hard making it grow
to the size it was before. Diane returned with two vibrators
and some lotion. Tom was lying down in the middle of the bed
with Margaret on her knees straddling his ankles while
she sucked his cock. She could taste his cum and really liked
the slimly feeling in her mouth as well as the taste. She
let some drip out of her mouth and on to the head of his cock
than licked it off.

Diane came up behind her and put her arms under Margaret’s
lifting her body up she got behind her in the same position.
Diane cupped her breast and kissed and licked her neck in
full view of Tom. She slowly massaged her breasts and pinches
her nipples than reached down to Margaret’s pussy and started
rubbing her clit. Diane reached down and turned on one of
the vibrators and put it on Margaret’s clit. Margaret never
felt anything like it and cried out in pleasure. Diane pushed
her down on the bed next to Tom and spread her legs. Tom was
in reach of Margaret’s breast and started playing with
them while he watched his wife make love to another woman.
Diane inserted the vibrator into Margaret’s pussy and
positioned herself so that she could suck on her nipples.
She sucked and licked her nipples and slowly moved down
her breast to her stomach moving slowly further down to
her pubic area and finally her pussy. She licked her clit
while fucking her with the vibrator. Margaret was in a place
she never knew existed, total sexual pleasure. Tom turned
to his side and put his rock hard cock into Margaret’s mouth.
She instinctively sucked it while she wrapped one arm around
his leg. This went on for some time as Margaret came over
and over again.

Diane motioned to Margaret that she wanted to switch places.
Diane lies there and started to suck his cock as Margaret
licked Diane’s pussy. She put the Vibrator inside her and
went to her clit licking in long slow licks of her tongue
moving a little faster as she went. Diane squeezed Tom’s
cock and stopped sucking it to instruct Margaret. You’re
my little slut right, yes Diane Margaret answered. Turn
on the other vibrator and put it on my clit, she did as instructed.
Diane rolled over and got into a doggie position and told
Margaret to fuck her with the vibrator. She slid the vibrator
into Diane’s pussy again and slowly fucked her with it then
put the other one on her clit. She increased her speed and
was really ramming it in Diane’s pussy, Diane yelled out,
fuck me, oh yeah fuck my pussy you little slut. Margaret
was really getting into it and buried her face between Diane’s
ass cheeks and licked her there.

Diane had a firm grasp around Tom’s cock and knew he was getting
closer to cumming again. She climaxed and told Margaret
to stop. She got up and positioned Margaret on her knees
facing away from Tom. She took Tom’s hard throbbing cock
and moved Margaret in a position to put it inside her. She
put it in her and positioned her so all of his cock was inside.
Diane separated her ass cheeks and poured the lube so that
it dripped down the crack of her ass. Diane worked the lube
all over her ass cheeks and into her anus. She finger fucked
her ass with a one finger than put two in there. She took one
of the vibrators and poured some lube on it than slowly inserted
into her ass. Margaret started bucking and grabbed on to
Tom’s ankles as she moved her ass up and down on top of Tom’s
cock. That’s it little slut fuck my husband, she had the
vibrator buried to the hilt in Margaret’s ass buzzing at
full power. Diane started to slap Margaret’s ass; fuck
him you little slut Diane yelled than slapped her ass again.
Take that in your ass slut and slapped her ass again. Oh my
fucking god Margaret yelled and climaxed.

She pulled Margaret up and repositioned her in so that she
was sitting on top of him now facing him. Margaret didn’t
need any help as she sat down on his cock and leaned forward
her big ass up in the air. Tom held and squeezed her tits as
she rode him. Diane slapped Margaret’s ass and again inserted
the vibrator in it. Diane had an idea, she could feel the
vibrator buzzing even at the disc shaped on off switch at
the back and mounted Margaret putting her pussy on the end
of the vibrator. She could feel it right on her clit if she
moved into the right position. She mimicked fucking Margaret’s
ass as the vibrator worked it’s magic on Diane too. Tom got
into it too and started saying take that fucking cock you
little whore, you want it, fuck her ass he shouted to Diane.
Margaret was cumming in ripples of orgasms making her body
convulse and spasm. Diane slapped Margaret’s ass hard
as they both came, Diane squirting a little fluid and Margaret
covering Tom with it.

Diane had clearly turned into the dominant force and became
the orchestrator of this sex play. She was getting everybody
in position for the final act of her masterpiece. She got
on all fours in a doggy position and told Tom it’s time to
fuck her. Margaret rolled off Tom and lay there completely
spent watching as Tom went behind Diane. He was standing
next to the edge of the bed and Diane back up to meet him. He
slid his Bulging pulsating cock into her pussy and fucked
her harder than he ever did while putting his hands on her
shoulder so he could get maximum leverage. He grunted and
Diane cried out as he rammed that cock into like a mad bull.
Margaret just watched them as they fucked like animals
in heat. Tom pulled her hair and slapped her ass as he came
in spasms filling her pussy up with the rest of his cum. They
both feel forward, all three of them lay there motionless,
spent, sore and exhausted. Unable to even speak they just
looked at each other for some time. Tom finally got up and
got some bottled water for everybody and returned to the
bed and passed out. Margaret said in a soft voice thank you
to Diane than went down on her. She licked Tom’s cum from
Diane’s pussy spreading it all over her clit with her tongue
until Diane came. They all slept for a few hours. Diane woke
up and shook Margaret; she said to her; shouldn’t you call
your husband. Fuck it Margaret said, I’m calling a lawyer
and getting a divorce. They both fell back to sleep.

Diane went back to her normal life when they got home, they
didn’t even talk about during the ride, but something had
changed. She discovered a part of her she hadn’t known to
exist before. Diane knew she was submissive to a man yet
did not know she was dominant over a woman. The experience
with Margaret had opened a door to the dark unseen, unknown
places of her consciousness. Her confusion over whether
she wanted to turn on the light and explore it consumed her.
Diane had always told Tom her deepest darkest feelings
without hesitation. Diane wondered was this something
she could not confide in him about. Tom had always supplanted
the need for a therapist; he was her best friend.

Tom looked at Diane and knew there was something weighing
heavily on her mind. He knew that it had to do with the ménage
a trios with Margaret. From his personal experiences things
like that had ramifications that could not be ignored.
It was a bad idea, he knew it then and that he would have some
emotional issues to deal with later concerning Diane since
this was such a new experience for her. Tom was never a man
to hide from life and had learned to sometimes let things
find it’s own way. The question on his mind was how to turn
this into a positive life experience not a negative one.
He would broach the subject with her at the right time and
they will work it out. They loved each other too much to let
it interfere with the life they had made. He might have to
back off on this on and let Diane work it out for herself.

Diane come here love; Tom said in his kind soft voice meant
to sooth and prepare someone for a serious conversation.
I know something has been bothering you, would you like
to discuss it? Yes dear Diane answered; I do have something
that has been on my mind. I can’t work it out; I need to talk
with you about it. It was about what happened with Margaret,
I have feelings that I never knew I had. It was like unlocking
a door and I’m not sure I want to go in. I don’t know what to
do. Tom looked deeply into her eyes and said; whatever your
decision is you know I will be supportive a

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