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Tom's mum - descent into depravity.


Tom’s mum, Lynn, lay on the bed. Her hand’s now untied but
the blindfold still covering her eyes. The ‘mist’ was starting
to clear, her senses starting to come back to her. She lay
face down on the bed, her body starting to recover from her
orgasm. Just a single orgasm, she would have to do something
about that. If only she could get it to three orgasms she
knew that she would be in such ecstasy that she would practically
pass out.

She was aware of the sperm splashed over her back and buttocks
and could feel it dripping down the crack of her ass to mingle
with her own juices. It had been a good orgasm, good enough
to send her mind to distant places ‒ she had known it would
be good, it always was as long as the cock inside her was big
enough. The fact that it had been her son’s cock that had
provided her orgasm troubled her, but she had known for
some time that it would happen. She was thankful for the
blindfold but she knew that it could only have been her son
fucking her. His two friends had already had their fun so
she knew that their cocks were of only average proportions.

What had happened to her? She used to be a good wife and mother,
when had it all started to change? She knew the answer of

She’d been good for at least 18 months now, although truth
be told, as soon as she realised that her son was in possession
of a perfectly formed 8 inch cock, that it would only be a
matter of time and circumstance before it was inside her,
fucking her, bringing her to orgasm.

She had tried, of course she’d tried, she’d bought that
large black vibrator, that had helped over the last year
or so but it just wasn’t the same as a good solid fucking.

Her thoughts turned to her son again. Was she cursed by having
a son with such a good cock on him? Probably. He’d obviously
inherited it from his grandfather, it’s a pity the genes
must have skipped his father she thought. If they hadn’t,
maybe she wouldn’t be in the position she was in.

How did she know her husband’s father possessed such a cock?
Well, that’s another story.

How could shy and retiring Lynn have got herself into such
a position? and what a position to be in, face down, spread
eagled on her own bed, her sons cum dripping down her ass.
His friends were still around somewhere too, were they
still fucking her daughter Jenny? Would they want to come
back and have another session with mum? The thought was
not unappealing but their cocks were just not big enough
to give her the orgasms’ she craved.

She couldn’t blame Tom, he was young, just 17, obviously
horny and blessed with a solid 8 inches of prime, young cock.
Neither could she blame Jenny, they were just experimenting.
It had been a shock when she first saw her son and daughter
fucking each other but she wasn’t really surprised, not
after having previously caught Tom and his elder sister
‘playing’ with each other. Lynn knew more than most just
how easy it was to find yourself sexually driven to places
you shouldn’t really go.

Should she blame Debbie, her oldest daughter? Debbie had
since left home to go to University. Certainly if Debbie
had not been so wild when she was younger Lynn thought that
she might never have arrived at her present situation.
Did that make it her fault? No, deep down Lynn new that she
had been crying out for some sort of sexual release all her
married life.

Debbie had matured at a young age, at 14 she already had a
figure to rival her mothers. Slim waist, rounded ass and
large round but very firm breasts. It was little wonder
that she always attracted the attentions of older boys.
It had always worried Lynn and her husband that Debbie might
have been getting led astray.

Truth be told, Debbie was being led astray. She had lost
her virginity to a teacher, several weeks shy of her 15th
birthday, although she was by no means sexually inexperienced
at that time. The next year was spent with a series of older
boy friends who all had one thing on their minds. Increasing
their own sexual experience with Debbie’s young and very
willing body. Debbie herself had thought herself mature
to be doing all these ‘things’ with her older boyfriends
‒ only later would she realise that she had been used, willingly

It was with some relief then, especially to Lynn and her
husband, when Debbie started dating a boy less than a year
older than herself. They were surprised but delighted,
as he was clearly quite inexperienced himself. Lynn and
her husband would laugh and giggle to themselves as they
thought about how Debbie must be doing some teaching of
her own. They were happy though, it seemed much more natural.
They didn’t really care what the kids got up to sexually
any more, as they viewed it as healthy experimentation.
When Debbie had been with her older boyfriends things had
always seemed quite sinister.

Lynn recalled how both her and her husband frequently had
sex after conversing about Debbie’s sex-life. ‘He’ had
never admitted that it turned him on to think about Debbie
having sex but Lynn was aware that he was always a lot more
vigorous after such conversations. Lynn herself now realised
that she too had been turned on at the thought of her eldest
daughter and her cute young boyfriend ‘doing it’.

Lynn’s mind was wandering again ‒ back to France, back to
that holiday where it all started, it wasn’t even that long
ago that her life had changed for ever, the start of her decent
into depravity.

It was going to be the last family holiday that all the kids
would go on together. They were going camping, they had
hired a wonderful big tent near the town of Montpellier
in France. The tent had a large central area and three separate
sleeping areas off it. Tom and young Jenny were sharing
one room in the tent, Lynn and her husband another, Debbie,
as the oldest, had one to herself.

Debbie had fallen in with a crowd of older boys on her first
night there, much to Lynn’s distress. Lynn had hoped that
Debbie would be respectful of her boyfriend at home, she
clearly liked him, to have stayed with him so long, but it
wasn’t to be. On her second night there, 16 year old Debbie
came back at 02:00 am, dishevelled and slightly the worse
for drink. Lynn was up and out of the tent just in time to see
two young men, one black, one white, screeching away in
an open topped car, they waved as they departed. Lynn recognised
them as the two young men who had been hanging around the
campsite earlier in the day.

Lynn was too angry with Debbie to shout at her, she didn’t
want to wake the other kids. When inside the tent she could
smell the sex off her daughter, a heady smell of sweat and
juices and sperm. Lynn may not have been very sexually experienced
herself but she was married with three kids, she could certainly
recognise the smell of a man’s ejaculate. Lynn couldn’t
even vocalise her disappointment as angry as she was, she
sent Debbie to bed determined to more disciplined in the

Lynn didn’t sleep well. She tried to share her concerns
with her husband but he was soon asleep, too much beer having
been drunk whilst watching the football earlier. She lay
awake wondering where she had gone wrong. Her daughter
had a very cute young boyfriend at home, he clearly held
her interest as they had been together for over a year. Why-oh-why
did she feel the need to fuck around whilst on holiday! Lynn
immediately chastised herself for even thinking about
such a word. Why couldn’t her daughter be more like herself?
Lynn had only ever known one man, her husband. She was not
a virgin when she married, having had sex with her fiancé
a month before the ceremony but still, she had only ever
had sex with the one man. That’s how it should be, she thought.
One man, one woman, for life.

All that would change dramatically the next day.

In the morning Debbie was up early enough, trying to avoid
her mothers wrath. Lynn only just managed to catch her before
she ran off to the pool. Lynn was completely dismayed with
her daughter ‒ even the bikini she was wearing sent out the
wrong signs. It was tiny, way too small for her daughter’s
rather voluptuous body. The ties at either side of the thong
even, would only spark the desire in every man to pull at
the knots. In Lynn’s opinion, Debbie just didn’t know when
to stop.

Lynn’s admonishment was falling on deaf ears though.

“Just make sure you’re back by 9:00 tonight” was her last
attempt at exerting her authority.

Alas: it wasn’t to be, 9:30 came and there was still no sign
of Debbie. Lynn was apoplectic with rage. She tried pulling
her husband away from the bar and the football to go find
her but he didn’t seem too concerned. Lynn decided to go
and find her daughter herself. The village nearest to the
campsite wasn’t that large, a few café’s and bars ‒ she would
walk into town and bring her daughter home.

This was a big step for Lynn, she was a quiet and shy woman.
Having got married at 19 she had not had too much experience
of bars and cafes. She was in a determined frame of mind though.

On arriving in town she sighted two café’s, Debbie was not
sitting at any of the tables outside so she decided to check
the inside of the one nearest. Lynn nervously stepped into
the foreign environment, the French voices and the smoke
were almost too much for her, she felt a mild panic rising,
just as she was about to turn and leave she spotted a large,
lone, black man sitting at a table in the corner. It was one
of the men who had dropped off her daughter the night before,
she was sure of it. Lynn’s maternal instincts were stronger
than her fears, so she made her way to the corner table.

“Excuse me, excuse me, I’m looking for my daughter Debbie.”

The man in the corner was clearly quite drunk

“Debbee??? Debbee? Ah, the beautiful Debbee! She is with
Didier tonight. Come, come sit down.”

Lynn found his French accent almost comical, as if Inspector
Clouseau was in the room. She realised she was very nervous
in this foreign environment, but she had to find her daughter.
It was her motherly duty.

“Ah, you are Mrs Debbee, you are Debbee’s mother, Non? Come
sit with me, I am Benoit”.

Lynn rather nervously squeezed into the corner table.
Benoit immediately poured her a glass of wine. Lynn surprised
herself by not just accepting it but downing half the glass
of wine. She was aware that she was out of her usual comfort
zone. The wine was helping to calm her.

“I need to find Debbie, she should have been home at 9:30.”

Benoit laughed, “9:30! This is France, we don’t eat until
after 10:00. Debbee is good, she is with Didier, he will
look after her.”

Lynn did her best to express her concerns to Benoit, stating
how Debbie had a boyfriend at home and that she was only 16
years old. Benoit seemed to find this amusing.

“She is only 16? She told us she was 19.” He said with a smirk.

“She thinks she is more mature than she is, I’m worried that
she will get herself into trouble”, Lynn said.

“Do not worry, she may be only 16 but she knows exactly what
she is doing. I’m not sure that you should be worried about
Debbee. Maybee I should be worried about Didier?”

Lynn continued to gulp the wine, only vaguely aware that
Benoit was refilling it.

“Where do you think they are?” Lynn enquired.

“Probably having sex somewhere.” was Benoit’s mischievous

Lynn was shocked, she had had her suspicions but she didn’t
need to hear it so blatantly put.

“How do you know?”

“Well that’s what we did last night.” Benoit smiled.

“I beg your pardon?” was Lynn indignantly reply.

“We fucked your Debbee last night, I assume that they are
fucking again tonight.”

Lynn’s mind was reeling, had she just heard correctly?
She had smelt the sex and cum off her daughter the previous
night; deep down she knew that Debbie had had sex; but now,
was she hearing that 16 year old Debbie, her eldest and most
precious daughter, had sex with two men?

“What… what are you saying.” Lynn asked feebly.

Benoit took a deep slug of wine and rather lasciviously

“Last night, both Didier and myself fucked your daughter
‒ for some strange reason she seemed to prefer Didier’s
small prick to mine ‒ so tonight, I left them alone.”

Lynn grabbed for her full glass of wine and drank deeply.
She needed something to ease the shock, she had just heard
that her sweet 16 year old daughter had been with two men
the previous night. One of them a large black man that seemed
to take delight in boasting about it.

Vaguely, somewhere buried deep inside, Lynn was aware
‒ in fact, not even consciously aware ‒ but deep, deep down,
something inside was tingling. Lynn ignored it, trying
her hardest to sound indignant she asked.

“What do you mean she preferred Didier.”

“I am used to women being more appreciative of my size. Debbee
seemed to prefer Didiers small cock to mine. She said she
was well used to having a big cock inside her as her boyfriend
at home is even bigger.”

Lynn’s rather tipsy mind was reeling. Alongside the outrage
she was feeling, images of Debbie’s cute boyfriend kept
cutting in ‒ she shouldn’t be thinking about this but images
of the skinny hipped, slim young man with a big hard cock
kept pushing into her mind.

Confused by the wine and the images appearing inside her
head, Lynn asked.

“So why are you not with them tonight?”

“Debbee seems quite taken with having a cock in her ass.
Last night Didier introduced Debbee to anal sex. Me? I was
too big too fit in her ass, I try but it’s too big. Besides,
I prefer older, more experienced women.”

With that Benoit’s large, black hand moved over and rested
on Lynn’s knee.

“But….. but, she has a boyfriend at home.” was Lynn’s only

“She is on holiday, this is France, everyone has affairs
‒ oui?”

With that Benoit’s hand moved upwards from Lynn’s knee.

Lynn was in shock, the wine was clearly having an effect
‒ just how much had she drunk? The thought didn’t stop her
from reaching for another slug. She was aware of the hand
sneaking up her thigh. It was now creeping under the hem
of her light summer dress. All the time Benoit was regaling
her with a description of how much Didier and himself had
enjoyed her daughter the night before.

She knew she should stop it, his hand was now dangerously
near the point where it could go no further. Lynn wanted
to stop it ‒ but how could she without causing a fuss in the
café?. At least no one could really see what was happening
at the moment. If she moved at all, if she shouted out, everyone
would be aware that she had been getting touched up by the
young man.

Lynn kept silent and felt fingers gently press on her panties
‒ a shiver shot through her body. Lynn was thinking that
she was now in completely over her head, that this should
stop, this had to stop!

Yet, she said nothing. Her worst fears were confirmed when
the young mans fingers, magically, seemed to find her clitoris.
Lynn was feeling light headed now, was it the wine or the
fingers expertly probing between her legs? She was scared
that some of the other customers might be able to tell what
was happening.

She felt her panties being pulled aside, suddenly a finger
was stroking along her labia, it took very little probing
to cause a torrent of Lynn’s juices to flow from her pussy.

What was she doing? She asked herself. Yet she knew just
how turned on she was. Getting touched up by a young man in
public. Even the fact that this young man had fucked her
precious daughter the night before was starting to turn
Lynn on. What was happening to her?

He was working his fingers inside her, two fingers pushing
her open, his thumb circling around her clitoris. Lynn’s
mind was reeling, she was feeling light headed, it was like
a mist had risen, fogging her brain. It was almost as if she
was looking down on herself, that the woman in the corner
of the café with the fingers buried in her pussy was not herself
but some other wanton hussy.

Lynn was feeling conflicted as Benoit pulled his fingers
from her pussy. A small, motherly part of her was relieved
but something had been awakened. She watched as Benoit
raised his glistening fingers to his mouth and licked his

“Ah, oui, I prefer a more experienced woman.”

“Come, we shall go to my room. It is not far.”

Lynn’s head was starting to clear. Part of her wanted to
go but she knew she shouldn’t.

“Why, why would I do that?”

Benoit clearly had not drunk over much as he realised that
Lynn was not fully compliant.

“Because Didier and Debbee might be there.” Was his clever

Lynn allowed herself to be led from the café. They walked
a few short streets, Benoit guiding Lynn along with a firm
hand around her waist. He directed her into a small close
and up some stairs. Lynn could feel his large hands on her
buttocks as she climbed the stairs. She knew Debbie wasn’t
in the flat, so why didn’t she stop herself?

At the top of the stairs they entered a large studio. Lynn
walked to the centre of the room, she took in the small kitchen
area, the settee and chaise longue, the large bed over in
the corner. One thing was missing though ‒ Debbie.

Lynn heard the door close, she wanted to flee but something
kept her glued to the spot.

“Lift your arms.” Benoit instructed.

Lynn surprised herself by raising her hands over her head.
She felt her light summer dress being lifted, getting caught
briefly around her chin and then getting thrown across
the room. She felt a slight chill as she stood there in just
her bra and panties, it wasn’t cold but her nipples began
to stiffen just the same.

Benoit pulled off his own t-shirt revealing his well-defined
torso. He kissed her roughly, his large hand descending
to her right breast, he squeezed it, catching the raised
nipple with his thumb.

The mist had risen again and Lynn seemed powerless to stop
him. She felt her bra being unclipped and her breasts falling
free. Benoit’s mouth descended to suck on her left nipple,
her right breast still being crudely groped by his hand.

Lynn could no longer understand Benoit as he was now muttering
in French. His had slipped down to cup her pubic mound, the
fingers pushing through Lynn’s panties until she could
feel them damp with her wetness. His hand now pushed down
inside the waistband of her underwear, fingers tracking
down through her pubic hair until they found her clitoris
again. He circled it with two fingers, rubbing harder than

Suddenly Benoit slipped to his knees in front of Lynn. The
married mother of three felt her underwear being tugged
down revealing her soft, ginger curls to Benoit’s gaze.
His hands grasped her buttocks and pulled Lynn towards
him burying his mouth and tongue in her most private parts.
Lynn was aware of his lips fastening around her swollen
clitoris. It felt heavenly, it had been a long time since
her husband had been down there. Well that’s his own fault,
she thought, abandoning herself to the expert tonguing
she was receiving.

Benoit stood and kissed Lynn with his messy mouth, transferring
Lynn’s own taste between them. Then he pushed her to her
knees. A moment of lucidity passed through Lynn’s mind
as she realised that she had not given oral sex for many years
‒ would she be any good at it?

She watched as Benoit unfastened himself and pulled down
his zip, he reached inside his pants and pulled out a huge
solid, black cock. Lynn didn’t know whether to be excited
or terrified. It was at least two inches longer than her
husbands and oh so much thicker. She couldn’t believe how
black and solid it looked. She shuddered with excitement,
or was it fear, as she reached out and grasped the young man’s
cock. She pulled it down, lining it up with her mouth. It
crossed her mind that this very cock had been inside her
daughter the night before. Lynn had developed a new found
respect for her daughter, maybe she did know exactly what
she was doing.

Lynn stretched her mouth open and took the head of his cock
inside. At first she thought that, that would be all she
could fit, but her throat started to relax a bit and soon
she found that she could accommodate more. She hadn’t sucked
a cock in ages, in fact she had only ever sucked one other
cock in her life ‒ her husbands. Lynn smiled to herself thinking
about her husband watching the football whilst she sucked
on a young, black cock.

She found herself wanting to impress the Frenchman, she
had never swallowed her husband’s sperm before but she
was determined to swallow some tonight. She thought that
if she could make him come then perhaps he would be satisfied.
In truth, she was scared of his size ‒ how could she possibly
fit that huge cock in her vagina?

Lynn was about to find out.

Benoit pulled his cock from the eager, older mouth and picked
Lynn up. He pushed her over towards the bed. He spun her round
and Lynn climbed onto the bed. He pushed her face down burying
it in the folds of the bed.

Lynn felt her buttocks being spread apart and before she
had too much time to worry about it she felt his cock stretch
into her pussy. My god he felt huge, he wasted no time in sinking
inch after inch of his cock into her pussy.

Lynn felt his hands fasten around her hips and she was pulled
hard back onto his cock. Something happened as Lynn bounced
down hard on the Frenchman’s cock ‒ at his deepest thrust,
something sparked within Lynn’s body. It was as if someone
had pressed a switch that was connected to every nerve in
her body. Lynn squealed, she was aware of her nipples tingling.
Tingling? No they were on fire, they felt like someone was
sucking hard on each one. Never before had they felt so hard.
And that was just her nipples. Lynn’s skin felt as if it was
burning, as if she was being slapped all over, even her anus
was tingling ‒ all of a sudden she wanted something in her
ass too!

She pushed back hard trying to get his cock as deep into her
as possible, at the deepest stroke Lynn’s body exploded
with delight. Never had she know that such pleasure was
possible. The Frenchman was fucking harder now, Lynn was
only just aware that she was screaming at him to fuck her.
Fuck her as hard and as fast as he could. Words that she would
previously never even think about were escaping her lips.
She could feel him about ready to come ‒ No! not yet, she was
nearly there, she was ready to have her first deep orgasm
‒ if only he could hold on a few seconds more.

“Not yet.” Cried Lynn.

“I’m nearly there, Fuck me harder! Harder! HARDER!”


The Frenchman was cumming, filling Lynn with his young
sperm. She wasn’t even worried about the possibility of
getting pregnant, it was the orgasm that had just escaped
her that concerned Lynn.

The Frenchman fell over on the bed, laughing and panting,
trying to get his breath back. Sweat glistened all over
his muscular body.

“Fuck, you are SO much better than your daughter.” He laughed.

Lynn didn’t care for his compliments, the only thing she
wanted at the moment was his cock hard again. He was going
to fuck her again. Now that she knew that it was possible
to have such pleasure, she wasn’t going to leave until she
had had her fill.

Lynn grasped his tumescent cock, her hand slipped easily
along it’s length, her own juices acting as lubricant.
She relished just how darkly handsome it looked, all wet
and glistening. She took him in her mouth ‒ all of him. Her
excitement began to rise as she felt a slight stirring in
his cock. Lynn was only just beginning to realise the value
of horny young cock, how easy it was for young, virile men
to recover their erections.

Lynn sucked harder and was rewarded with a growing erection.
Soon he was at full length again. Lynn immediately clambered
on top of him and slid him into her slick hole.

Ah! This was even better! At this angle she could use all
her own weight to get him as deep into her as she could, and
YES! There, just there! ‒ she could feel his cock pressing
her magical button ‒ OH GOD YES!

The Frenchman tried to say something but got a slap in the
face as a result.

“Just lie there and keep quiet.” Lynn now commanded.

She positioned herself a little more and then began to rock
her hips. Her orgasm was almost instant, she had literally
exploded with pleasure. She felt as if a thousand mouths
were biting at her skin, as if a thousand hands were stroking
her, slapping her.

Lynn bucked and fucked for as long as she could stand it and
then relaxed, slumping forward. The second his cock slipped
back down her hole she began to come to her senses. Where
had she been, Lynn was aware that for a few seconds she had
been transported somewhere else ‒ to a place where the only
thing that mattered was her pleasure.

Lynn was aware of the big hard cock still inside her. She
slid herself slowly up and down it, she looked at the Frenchman
below her. He looked slightly shocked, his chest was covered
in scratches. Had she done that? Lynn didn’t care.

She continued to slip up and down his big cock, as her breath
came back to her she began to realise that she could do it
again ‒ that she wanted it again ‒ and so she had it again,
she wasn’t sure how long she had been ‘gone’ for this time,
she wasn’t sure where she’d been. When she came back she
was only aware of a desire for more.

She kept working at keeping his cock hard, getting him ready
so she could have her third orgasm.

Lynn had been in some sort of ‘pleasure heaven’, she must
have passed out after her third orgasm. As she drifted back
from that glorious place she found herself lying on the
bed. As sensation began to return to her body she was aware
of the Frenchman humping away at her ‒ he was in her ass! The
cheeky Frenchman was fucking Lynn in the ass. She didn’t
care, after the pleasure that his huge cock had provided,
Lynn reckoned he could take what he wanted. It was the least
he deserved ‒ she would literally do ANYTHING that this
young man wanted.

Lynn was the one who stumbled home that night, completely
dishevelled, smelling of sweat and spunk, she could feel
the sperm dribbling from her pussy and anus. What would
her husband think?

She didn’t care anymore ‒ Lynn’s only thought was ‒ where
can I get another big cock!

Lynn woke from her dream aware of a burning desire - she had
been masterbating in her sleep but was not satisfied.

There was only one thing in the house that could make her
feel right.

She rose from the bed and out into the hall, she turned and
walked towards her son's room.........

Ok, it's not easy to keep this stuff original. So, the
more people vote and in particular leave comments, the
more inclined I will be to write more about this kinky family.

The idea's are flooding in:

For example:
Mums descent continues, her search for a large cock to satisfy
her has her fucking the builder - getting caught fucking
the builder by his boss who decides he wants some too. Eventually
she goes to where she knows there is a big cock - her eldest
daughter Deddie's boyfriend.

We have Debbie's realisation (and eventually her
mothers) that her younger brother Tom possesses a big,
thick cock - and that he is just as kinky as she is.

We have Dads' problems with trying to deal with his
changing family which has him disciplining Debbie with
unexpected results.

Jenny takes her new found sexual experiences to school
and traps one of her teachers. She get's caught sucking
his cock by the 60yr old head-teacher. It takes both Jenny
and her mother at their most persausive to avoid Jenny getting
kicked out of school.

What do you reckon?

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has me hard image all three girls on big cock at once


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Oh cut to the chase, put all the ideas together and put it
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